Spanish 1 - Curriculum Pacing Chart

Horizon High School Month Skill Focus (Scope and Sequence) Para Empezar Asking and Answering conversational questions Commands (TPR as well as classroom commands) Masculine vs. Femanine and Plural vs. Singular Stacy Muenzenmayer Vocabulary Focus (S & S) P.E. Basic conversations Greetings & Good-Byes Classroom Commands Numbers and Time Body Parts Tema 1A - ¿Qué te gusta hacer? Talk about likes and dislikes (positive/negative) Verb + infinitive constructions like vs. love and adverbs (all forms) Tema 1B - Y tú, ¿Cómo eres) Continue work with number and gender and adj. ser + adjectives (sub/vb/ agreement) adjective placement and agreement TPR Commands and stories (Cuentos 1A- 1B) Repaso 1A-1B (Review of two temas) likes/dislikes and descriptions Tema 2A - Tu día escolar begin work with vocabulary some work with subject pronouns Tema 2A - Tu día escolar Continue working with vocab (school and numbers) Continue working with subject pronouns TPR Commands and stories (2A) starting -AR verb conjugations Tema 2B - Tu sala de clases describing a classroom including prepositions comparisons (with verb conjugations and number) Tema 3A - ¿Desayuno o almuerzo? Start working with food vocabulary Tema 3A - ¿Desayuno o almuerzo? more work with regular verb conjugation asking and answering questions comparing foods and cultural perspectives 3B - Para mantener la salud Start working with the vocabuarly discuss food pyramid (new pyramid = online) Verb + infinitive constructions number and gender with adjectives Classroom Objects Date (Months/Days) Weather 1A - Activities (Vbs) Likes/Dislikes 1A- Descriptions adjectives for people definite articles indefinite articles Basic Q & A w/ interrogatives Review conversations Review likes/dislikes 2A - classes and school schedules ordenal numbers 2A - la escuela classes time ordenal numbers adjectives for classes 2B - classroom objects prepositions possession 3A - food interrogative pronouns 3A - Breakfast and lunch foods interrogatives comparisons 3B- dinner foods healthy activities quantity creo que/debo constructions





Spanish 1 - Curriculum Pacing Chart
Horizon High School Month Skill Focus (Scope and Sequence) Tema 3B - Para mantener la salud Review all foods (breakfast-dinner) continue working with adjective agreement (#/gender) descriptions using ser and adjectives TPR Commands and stories (3A - 3B) Tema 4A - ¿Adónde vas? talk aboutlocations in the community (estar) discuss leisure activities (using IR) More work with interrogatives you do there 4B - ¿Quieres ir conmigo? activities outside of school (irregular vb. conjugations) invitations (extend, accept, decline) talk about when something takes place Review all of 4A - 4B (include TPRS stories) 5A - Una fiesta de cumpleaños more irregular verbs (tener) possession (number and gender!) cultural perspectives - parties 5B - ¡Vamos a un restaurante! family celebrations (cultural perspectives) describe family members / friends order a meal (formal vs. informal) ser vs. estar and describing people REPASO de 5A - 5B (review all) 5B - restaurant words on the table descriptions of people ser and estar ordering foods REPASO all vocabulary for Tema 5 (parties and family) 5A - birthday words family activities at parties Stacy Muenzenmayer Vocabulary Focus (S & S) 3B - dinner foods healthy activities plural / singular adj. quantity interjections 4A - leisure activities locations in the city cultural perspectives prepositions interrogatives 4B - leisure activities descriptions of feelings time (when?) interjections




Tema 6A - En mi dormitorio more work with irregular verb conjugations describing a bedroom using adj. and prepositions comparing and using superlatives Tema 6B - ¿Cómo es tu casa? Other parts of the house 9rooms) household chores tell where a place is located give directions for getting to a place present progressive tense

6A - bedroom items colors adjectives for objects comparisons 6B - household items chores commands locations present participles


Spanish 1 - Curriculum Pacing Chart
Horizon High School Month Skill Focus (Scope and Sequence) REPASO de 6A -6B (houses and rooms) present progressive & irregular verb conjugations adjective placement and usage END OF YEAR ASSESSMENTS Prep for test 7A - 7B vocab only Where people live help in the community numbers over 100 clothing Level 1 Vocab Packet handed out to help for next year (sp. 2 prep) given during 7A-7B overview Tema 7A - 7B Quick overview location and types of housing help around the community clothing preterite verb conjugations Review year Curriculum check off (scope and sequence) prep for next year (summer activities) MORE TPRS stories (if time) Stacy Muenzenmayer Vocabulary Focus (S & S) 6A-6B - review words