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Spanish 2 - Curriculum Pacing Chart

Horizon High School Month Skill Focus (Scope and Sequence) Repaso 5A-7B Conjugating: present, progressive, & preterite Number and Gender of nouns & adjectives (agreement) Sentence structure + some Direct Object Pronouns Stacy Muenzenmayer Vocabulary Focus (S & S) House and Rooms Furniture and Electronics Shopping and Clothing All other forgotten Words ¿Cómo eres tú?/¿Qué haces? Descriptions in Spanish Where people are from Nationalities Activities Tema 1A - ¿Qué haces en la escuela? Describe classroom objects and activities Talk about classroom rules using: "Hay que . . " / "Se prohíbe. . ." Affirmative and Negative ideas / expressions Stem-Changing Verb review and practice Tema 1B - ¿Qué haces después de las clases? Compare/Contrast people and things hace que time expressions and frequency Review the verb IR Repaso 1A-1B (See October) present tense verbs (activities) w/ frequency Expressions (+/-, Hace que, Hay que, Se prohíbe) Compare/Contrast Tema 2A - ¿Cómo te preparas? Describe getting ready for a special event Daily Routines of people and things Possession (articles and adjectives) Reflexive verbs!! (reflexive pronouns w/ placement) ser vs. estar - When to use which verb Tema 2B - ¿Qué ropa compraste? Preterite Verbs to talk about what you did Explanations/Excuses (why can't do things) Demonstrative Adjectives Using Adjectives as nouns Repaso 2A-2B (See November and December) Preterite tense and reflexive verbs (present/past) ser vs. estar with descriptions of things & feelings Adjectives: demonstratives & as nouns Review Vocab (See vocab focus from November & December) 1A-las reglas de la escuela Classroom Vocabulary Hay que se prohibe descriptions of items in the classroom 1B - Act. Extracurriculares EX Cur. Activities / clubs Frequency words comparisons Review Vocab (See vocab focus from October) 2A - Daily Routines schedules personal hygiene items special events feelings adjectives Past Shopping Experiences Shopping Clothing Purchases


Para Empezar (Level 2 Book) Review how to describe people and things Adj. agreement and placement in a sentence

Activities (Conjugating vers in the present tense)




Spanish 2 - Curriculum Pacing Chart
Horizon High School Month Skill Focus (Scope and Sequence) Finish 2A-2B Review and TEST Tema 3A - ¿Qué hiciste ayer? Irregular preterite verbs: Ser and Ir Irregular preterite verbs: hacer, tener,estar, poder Direct Object Pronouns (w/ placement) Sentence structure in the past Stacy Muenzenmayer Vocabulary Focus (S & S) 2A-2B ICA Preterite Expressions places in a community running errands sporting-goods pharmacy products


Tema 3B - ¿Cómo se va . . . ? Direct Object Pronouns (me, te, nos) Irregular affirmative tú commands present progressive (irregular forms)

Directions Places in a city words related to driving directions

Repaso 2A-2B (See November and December) Irregular preterite verbs Direct Object Pronouns Present Progressive forms Tema 4A - Cuando éramos niños imperfect tense (regular and some irregular) discuss childhood activities and routines preterite vs. imperfect Childhood items toys and games activities imperfect phrases Holidays special events manners customs Review Vocab (See vocab focus from March) Review Vocab (See vocab focus from January)


Tema 4B - Celebrando los días festivos (Start) imperfect tense (describing situations) reciprocal actions preterite vs. imperfect Repaso 4A-4B Finish Cpt. 4A and review both chapters (See March for skill focus)


Tema 5A - Un acto heroico imperfect tense (all uses) vs. preterite irregular preterite verbs: oír, leer, creer, destruir news broadcasts and stories (past tense)

News Stories Natural disasters / crisis emergencies and rescues heroes news stories

Spanish 2 - Curriculum Pacing Chart
Horizon High School Month Skill Focus (Scope and Sequence) Stacy Muenzenmayer Vocabulary Focus (S & S)

Tema 5B - Un accidente irregular preterites: venir, poner, decir, traer imperfect progressive situation/interruption sentences imperfect vs. preterite Repaso 5A-5B (See April and May for skill focus) District End-of Year Assessments (Reading/Writing/Speaking in Spanish) Review year Curriculum check off (scope and sequence) prep for next year (summer activities) MORE TPRS stories (if time)

Emergency Room parts of the body words related to injury accident vocabulary emergency room (See April and May for vocabulary sets) EOY Asmts Level 2 Vocab Packet handed out to help for next year (sp. 3 prep)