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Spanish 2 - Curriculum Pacing Chart

Horizon High School Stacy Muenzenmayer

Month Skill Focus (Scope and Sequence) Vocabulary Focus (S & S)
Repaso 5A-7B House and Rooms
Conjugating: present, progressive, & preterite Furniture and Electronics
Number and Gender of nouns & adjectives (agreement) Shopping and Clothing
Sentence structure + some Direct Object Pronouns All other forgotten Words

September Para Empezar (Level 2 Book) ¿Cómo eres tú?/¿Qué haces?

Review how to describe people and things Descriptions in Spanish
Adj. agreement and placement in a sentence Where people are from
Activities (Conjugating vers in the present tense) Nationalities
Tema 1A - ¿Qué haces en la escuela? 1A-las reglas de la escuela
Describe classroom objects and activities Classroom Vocabulary
Talk about classroom rules using: Hay que
"Hay que . . " / "Se prohíbe. . ." se prohibe
Affirmative and Negative ideas / expressions descriptions of items in
Stem-Changing Verb review and practice the classroom
Tema 1B - ¿Qué haces después de las clases? 1B - Act. Extracurriculares
Compare/Contrast people and things EX Cur. Activities / clubs
hace que time expressions and frequency Frequency words
Review the verb IR comparisons
Repaso 1A-1B (See October) Review Vocab
present tense verbs (activities) w/ frequency (See vocab focus from
Expressions (+/-, Hace que, Hay que, Se prohíbe) October)
Tema 2A - ¿Cómo te preparas? 2A - Daily Routines
November Describe getting ready for a special event schedules
Daily Routines of people and things personal hygiene items
Possession (articles and adjectives) special events
Reflexive verbs!! (reflexive pronouns w/ placement) feelings
ser vs. estar - When to use which verb adjectives
Tema 2B - ¿Qué ropa compraste? Past Shopping Experiences
Preterite Verbs to talk about what you did Shopping
Explanations/Excuses (why can't do things) Clothing
Demonstrative Adjectives Purchases
Using Adjectives as nouns
Repaso 2A-2B (See November and December) Review Vocab
Preterite tense and reflexive verbs (present/past) (See vocab focus from
ser vs. estar with descriptions of things & feelings November & December)
Adjectives: demonstratives & as nouns
Spanish 2 - Curriculum Pacing Chart
Horizon High School Stacy Muenzenmayer
Month Skill Focus (Scope and Sequence) Vocabulary Focus (S & S)
Finish 2A-2B Review and TEST 2A-2B ICA

Tema 3A - ¿Qué hiciste ayer? Preterite Expressions

Irregular preterite verbs: Ser and Ir places in a community
Irregular preterite verbs: hacer, tener,estar, poder running errands
January Direct Object Pronouns (w/ placement) sporting-goods
Sentence structure in the past pharmacy products

Tema 3B - ¿Cómo se va . . . ? Directions

Direct Object Pronouns (me, te, nos) Places in a city
Irregular affirmative tú commands words related to driving
present progressive (irregular forms) directions

Repaso 2A-2B (See November and December) Review Vocab
Irregular preterite verbs (See vocab focus from
Direct Object Pronouns January)
Present Progressive forms
Tema 4A - Cuando éramos niños Childhood items
imperfect tense (regular and some irregular) toys and games
discuss childhood activities and routines activities
preterite vs. imperfect imperfect phrases

March Tema 4B - Celebrando los días festivos (Start) Holidays

imperfect tense (describing situations) special events
reciprocal actions manners
preterite vs. imperfect customs

Repaso 4A-4B Review Vocab

Finish Cpt. 4A and review both chapters (See vocab focus from
(See March for skill focus) March)

April Tema 5A - Un acto heroico News Stories

imperfect tense (all uses) vs. preterite Natural disasters / crisis
irregular preterite verbs: oír, leer, creer, destruir emergencies and rescues
news broadcasts and stories (past tense) heroes
news stories
Spanish 2 - Curriculum Pacing Chart
Horizon High School Stacy Muenzenmayer
Month Skill Focus (Scope and Sequence) Vocabulary Focus (S & S)
Tema 5B - Un accidente Emergency Room
irregular preterites: venir, poner, decir, traer parts of the body
imperfect progressive words related to injury
situation/interruption sentences accident vocabulary
imperfect vs. preterite emergency room
May Repaso 5A-5B
(See April and May for skill focus) (See April and May for
vocabulary sets)
District End-of Year Assessments EOY Asmts
(Reading/Writing/Speaking in Spanish)
Review year Level 2 Vocab Packet
Curriculum check off (scope and sequence) handed out to help for
prep for next year (summer activities) next year (sp. 3 prep)

MORE TPRS stories (if time)