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October / november 2011

tishri / heshvan 5771

Building Torat Yisraels Future

Our new High Holiday prayerbook, Mahzor Lev Hadash, enhanced our High Holiday services immensely. Those who worshipped with us commented on how much easier they found it to follow along with the service, how interesting the marginal notes were and how creative and inspiring the supplementary readings were. So many more of us were able to sing along thanks to the well-placed transliterations right on the page. We are deeply grateful to the entire Sholes Family for bringing this invaluable resource to our congregation. This new Mahzor is one of the finest new efforts of the Rabbinical Assembly of the Conservative Movement and this gift to our congregation transformed our experience. We were delighted to welcome Hazzan Devin Goldenberg back to Torat Yisraels bimah for these Days of Awe. Hazzan Goldenberg was so inspired by our new Mahzor that he composed an entirely new and spiritually profound melody for the opening words of the Rosh Hashanah service that reverberated throughout our services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Hazzan Goldenberg shared this melody with his colleagues in the Cantors Assembly and Cantors around the country inspired their congregation with our Hazzans composition this year. Our Hazzans voice, spirit, and neshamah / soul, profoundly touched us this year. A delightful new element of our High Holiday service was Karen Goldenbergs beautiful Torah reading for the first day of Rosh Hashanah. Roberta Arsac grew up at Torat Yisrael. Therefore, it is a particular source of pride to have Roberta lead us in Psukei Dizimra (the Preliminary Service) both mornings of Rosh Hashanah. Robertas musicality and excellent Hebrew set the mood for the entire day. David Wassers mellifluous voice and fluent Hebrew turned Shacharit into a new spiritual journey for us on both mornings of Rosh Hashanah and on Yom Kippur as well. David also did his typically excellent job reading Torah on Yom Kippur afternoon at Minchah. Whenever Herb Spivack takes the bimah to lead a service, we are aware of being led by one of our congregations most highly regarded and treasured leaders. Herb has been leading us in prayer for the Yom Kippur Preliminary Service for many years. This was the second year Herb led us in the Maariv Service at the end of Yom Kippur as well, a position that has always been reserved for our most revered leaders. Adult members of Torat Yisrael remember well the demanding and informative classes Herb taught in our Religious School when they were children, making his presence on our bimah even more meaningful. Frank Prosnitz continued to serve as our congregations Baal Tekiah / Master Shofar Blower. There is something really awesome about the aplomb with which Frank delivers his never-ending tekiah gdolah time after time! Rabbi Amy Levin coordinated and led this extraordinary team to create High Holiday Services for 5772 / 2011 that we will long remember. After a number of requests, Rabbi Levin has posted her sermons on our Torat Yisrael website. Youll find a link to these sermons right on our Home Page: 1

High Holidays 5772 . . . An Unprecedentedly Moving Experience

Greetings from Susan Smoller, President

Shalom Fellow Congregants, As we are enjoying the high holidays, I appreciate the opportunity for us to spend time with our family and friends and to enjoy the company of our fellow congregants. It is during this season that we relax together, eat together and converse. We will be breaking the Yom Kippur fast together soon and then spending time eating together in the Sukkah on October 16th. We will enjoy a relaxing Friday evening service in East Greenwich on October 14th starting at 7:30 pm followed by chocolate in many forms from chocolate martinis, to covered fruit to brownies and some healthier food too! The common denominator to all these activities is communication! The opportunity for us to share ideas and information in order to ensure that each of us is aware of what is happening in the congregation and of course with our friends and family. The leadership has been preparing for this year and has held leadership meetings that were facilitated by Billy Mencow and Marion Gribetz of Gribetz Mencow Consultants. We discussed the opportunities for improved communication, for definition of the needs of our Cohen Religious School and for leadership training. I look forward to continued discussions with the temple leadership and Billy and Marion as the year progresses. We will be discussing Torat Yisrael opportunities and ensure that we will all support each other in whatever manner possible to ensure our continued success. As the sale of the building continues, I will keep you informed and let everyone know the status of the new building. I hope that you have had a chance to see the new sign on Middle Road a big Thank You to Sharon and Michael Field for donating it. Please contact me at any time with any comments or questions. BShalom, Susan

The Cohen School News

Shalom, As we begin our school year with the Yeladon Program and the Cohen School, I wanted to share with you our new direction and an outline of the new curriculum, which encompasses three core values: a) Being Jewish and identifying as a Jew. This includes understanding and appreciating the love of our tradition and who we are as Jews. b) Feeling comfortable in Services and with the structure of the Service. c) Recognizing that there is a place for me in my Jewish family, in Torat Yisrael, in the Rhode Island Jewish Community, in the Jewish Community in the United States and in the World Jewish Community. As the children are progressing from grade to grade, we will build out the concept of Israel in concentric circles of family, congregation, local, national and then international Jewish communities. Our curriculum is divided into 3 parts: God, Torah, and Israel. Each class will also focus on a value and create a special project based on that value. In kindergarten, the children will learn about God. They will learn about the mitzvot that help us build a connection with Godthis includes praying, celebrating Shabbat, and being mindful of what we eat, for example the basics of kashrut. In Torah, the children will learn the stories of Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah, The Tower of Babel. The value that they will focus on will be Tsaar Baalei Chaimnot causing pain to animals and caring for animals. The children will learn the meaning of doing mitzvot---that mitzvot are more than good deeds. Mitzvot are actions that the Torah teaches that we must do to make the world a better place. The children will learn that mitzvot are actions that bring holiness to the world. In Hebrew, the children will learn the names and the sounds of the letters through auditory and visual approaches and will begin to learn simple Hebrew words that will provide the foundation for Jewish life vocabulary. Grade 1: The children will learn about Gods House. In Torah they will learn about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Esau, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah. The children will learn about the concept of Israel by focusing on the family-how we can express honoring our parents-kivud av veim. Students will learn basic Hebrew vocabulary around family. The children will be engaged in a beginning reading program that provides exposure to the Hebrew letters and vowels. Students will increase their repertoire of Jewish life vocabulary. Grade 2: The children will become familiar with God as a loving presence. In Torah, they will learn the stories of Joseph, Moses, Miriam and Ruth. The children will learn what it means to help others and why we help those in need. They will learn about the mitzvot for protecting the environment. The students value that they will focus on will be gemilut hasadimActs of loving kindness and good deeds. In Hebrew, the students will learn how to decode words by blending letters and sounds. Students will complete learning to read the aleph-bet. The children will be able to read words in Hebrew that they are familiar with and continue to build on their Jewish life vocabulary.

Grades 3: The 3rd grade students will learn about the core values and structure of the Torah. They will learn the overview of the names of the books of the Torah. The students will begin learning about the structure of the prayer book and gain a deeper understanding of the Siddur (prayerbook). The students will explore their place in the spiritual community to Torat Yisrael. Grade 4: The students will study the Book of Exodus. They will learn about the role that Moses played in the leadership of the Jewish people. The value that the children will focus on is Shmirat Halashon- Taking Care of ones speech- not gossiping nor lying. The students will gain a richer understanding of peoplehood and their relationship with the communal life of the synagogue. The value that they will focus on will be vahavta lreacha kmocha- loving ones friend as oneself. The students will also learn the Parashat Hashavuathe Torah reading of the week. The students will be using the text Partners with God. This book uses Bible stories, folktales and art to engage students in thoughts about their spirituality and helps answer their questions about God. Grades 3 & 4: Hazzan Goldenberg will guide the students around the structure of the prayer book and the structure of the Shabbat Service and will help students explore the meanings of the prayers. Grade 5: The children will learn about the covenant with God and how students can honor their covenant with God. The value that they will focus on is Btzelem elohim in Gods image- knowing that we are all created in the image of God. They will be learning about the connection between God and the wisdom of the Torah and how to live as a holy people. The children will learn how they are connected to the Jewish Community of Rhode Island. They will learn about the history of the early Jewish colonial settlers of Rhode Island including Moses Seixas, the founder of the oldest Jewish Masonic Lodge. Hazzan Goldenberg will teach the theology of the Torah Service, How to lead the Torah Service and the brachot for an aliyah. In January they will begin to learn how to chant the Torah text (trop)

The students will be strengthening their fluency in Hebrew reading. They will learn additional vocabulary that will help in the comprehension of the prayers that they are reading. Grades 6 & 7: In 6th grade the value that the students will be focusing on is tzniut/avanah, modesty and humility, taking care not to be showoff in words and deeds. The 7th grade students will focus on savalnut and sovlanut---patience and tolerance for others who may be different from oneself. There will be a class on Jewish life cycle. Topics will include conversion, baby naming and Bar Mitzvah. The students will be studying modern day Israelthe text for the students will be Experiencing modern Israel- it just came out this year with an accompanying online site. They will learn about Israel todayculture, arts and everyday life in Israel. They will be continuing to learn to achieve Hebrew reading fluency. They will be introduced to more Hebrew vocabulary and be able to comprehend the meaning of the prayers. Hazzan Goldenberg will teach the students the portion of the week, the structure of the Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat Service and how to lead the Torah Service. We are fortunate to have Rabbi Levin teach a class on Tuesday called Torah People focusing on the insights into relationships we can learn from the family stories in Genesis/Breishit for 6th & 7th graders. Our teachers this year are David Wasser, Stacey Weisman, Megan Burdeshaw, Jenn Futterman, Itamar Futterman, Hazzan Goldenberg, and Rabbi Levin. Laura Steele, the Librarian will be meeting with the students at the Village Lower School, K-4 once a month. She will be engaging the children in hands on activities related to the specific Jewish value as outlined in the curriculum. If you have any questions about the Yeladon Program or the Cohen School, please call me. Lshalom, Donna Tarutz Education Director 785-1800 /

Kesher Corner: Andrea Epstein, LICSW

Andrea is Temple Torat Yisrael's part time social worker funded by the Kesher Program, a joint project of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island, Jewish Family Service, and the synagogue. She can be reached at or (401) 369-0160

At a time of year when we are asked to reflect on ourselves I wanted to dedicate a column to gossip. I will not, in case there was any doubt, be gossiping but rather discussing the often caustic effects of gossip. Studies that have come out by social scientists about gossip sometimes make distinctions between "good gossip and "harmful" gossip. Good gossip is defined as useful information that orients people to current events in their group(s) and/or social norms. A timely example of this might be hearing that a neighbor has lost power and water. Community members, upon learning about this, can make decisions to inquiry with the neighbor and offer assistance. Overall this type of gossip aids in survival.

The type of gossip described as harmful is when what is shared changes the way we think or look at a person. It does not protect a person or community but rather sways the listener to alter their perception. A recent study out of Northeastern in fact reports that the brain registers persons described negatively as nefarious. This is whether or not the description was accurate! Certainly it gives a weight to what we choose to say or not say about others. Not surprising to many readers is that this new research echoes much of what Judaism has described historically of a code of conduct for speech. Paraphrasing as a lay person, lashon hara or the evil tongue, forbids gossip. It does not matter if the information is true that is being shared. Gossip, as many of us have experienced, can have exponential impact and once it is shared the impact cannot be

erased. The exceptions to gossip by the Jewish code of conduct seem to be similar to what the current research reflects - gossip is allowable in cases of where harm will be avoided by speaking up and/or in a court of law. We depend on each other in community and it is clear that every word can count whether you look to contemporary research or ancient teachings that reflect this important truth. Do you have a topic you are interested in hearing more about? Please contact me for this or other information, support, or community resources. All services are free and confidential. Ideas for monthly columns are always welcome! Andrea Epstein: (401) 369-0160 or

Librarians Corner by Laura Steele, Torat Yisrael Librarian

Heres a book I recently came across which is perfect for the upcoming holidays. High Holiday Stories: Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur Thoughts on Family, Faith and Food written by Nancy Rips would be a beautiful addition for anyone who wishes to add more stories and remembrances to their own celebrations. We all have our own memories of these special days. It's a time to remember, a time to be with families, and a time to tell stories about past generations. High Holiday Stories is filled with 101 heartfelt holiday remembrances, from famous people, and some only known in their own circle of family and friends. They recount varied Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur experiences, from observing the holiday in the Colorado Rockies to Army bases in Iraq, even online in L.A. The stories come from people of all ages, all professions, from New York to California, New Zealand to England. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!! Happy Holidays to all!! Laura Steele

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Supporting our Torat Yisrael community has become easier than ever. Youll find a link to a Donations page on the main menu on our Torat Yisrael website ( The links on the donation page will take you to the secure website. When you open a free account with Just Give you will be able to donate to Torat Yisrael on line and you will receive a summary of all the charitable donations you have made to Torat Yisrael during the course of the year to make your tax preparation easier.

In Our TY Family
Mazal tov to everyone celebrating a Birthday in October!
Gertrude Antin, Frank Antin, Lewis Antin, Leah Ross-Coke, Nathan Honig, Lyle Goncalves (17 years old), Herbert Spivack, Philip Greenberg, Linda Fink, Jake Evans (7 years old), Julia Stanger (9 years old), Angelo Bellini, Hannah Meharg (17 years old), Steve Shapiro, Judith Silverman, Barbara Zenofsky, Marcia Slobin, Sarah Osofsky and Nuriya Coke (16 years old)

Mazal tov to everyone celebrating an Anniversary in October!

Martin & Seena Dittelman (59 years), Seymour & Shirley Ladd (58 years), Zinovy & Lina Goikhman (40 years), David & Susan Smoller (28 years) and Raymond & Laurie Tessier (18 years)

Mazal tov to Frank and Allyson Antin on the birth of their son, Jacob Thomas! Jacob was born on August 28th.
Mazal tov to Jacobs proud grandmother, Trude Antin and to Jacobs aunts and uncles, Lewis and Jo-Ann Antin and Barry and Ellen Golden!

Mazal tov to Stephan and Laurie Goldman on the birth of their granddaughter, Annabel Sage Shindel Goldman!
Annabel was born on September 9th weighing in at 6 lb. 5 oz. The proud parents are Kevin & Sasha Goldman! Mazal tov to Michael and Sharon Field on the birth of their granddaughter, Madison Marie Kavanagh! Madison was born on September 22nd weighing in at 6 lb. 11 oz. The proud parents are Laura & Matthew Kavanagh! Mazal tov to Meredith Karetny on her engagement to Aaron Hefez. Meredith is the daughter of Billy and Barbara Karetny.

Mazal tov to Richard and Martha Sholes: their granddaughter, Kayla Anne Gillman, became a Bat Mitzvah on September 17th. Kayla is the daughter of Nancy and Ross Gillman, the great niece of Andrew and Trude Sholes and the great granddaughter of Lenny Sholes! Congratulations to the whole family!

May God who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, bring blessing and healing to: Trude Antin, Bella Foster, Pearl Gorden, Douglas and Barbara Greenberg (Diane
Greenbergs brother-in-law & sister-in-law), Myer Grossman, Harriet Landesberg, Peter Letendre (friend of Rochelle Ziegler), Bonnie Lury, Morton Paige, Bev Prosnitz, Ron Richter, Harold & Sylvia Roggen (Barbara Karetnys parents), Sylvia & Jimmy Shocket and Eileen Winkler (Rochelle Zieglers mother).

Welcome to our New Members!

Our Torat Yisrael family is delighted to embrace our newest members. Welcome to: Andrew Kalinsky and his daughter, Jordan Wayne & Roberta Wilfand and their son, Michael Alan & Bonnie Silverman and their children, Noah & Hope Gerrie Zettel and her son, Craig Aaron and Joy Weisbord, and their children, Eli, Liana & Coby

2012 Entertainment Books are here!

These make terrific gifts as well as providing great savings for you. You save and support Torat Yisrael at the same time. Thats a win-win! Call 785-1800 or email to order your 2012 Entertainment Books. $30 each.

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Rabbi Amy Levin: Hazzan Devin Goldenberg: Susan Smoller, President: Donna Tarutz, Education Director: Andrea Epstein, Social Worker: Anita Olinsky (Dues Committee): - Michael Field/Beth Salk (Membership Committee Chairs) and @ravlevin Sheryl Ponder, Bookkeeper/Office Manager: Stephanie Reinsant, Rabbis Secretary:

Are you raising Jewish children. . . . but youre not Jewish? Dont do it alone. Join us for Mothers Circle!

The Mothers Circle is a free educational and welcoming program empowering non-Jewish mothers to create Jewish homes. The eight-month, fifteen-session interactive curriculum explores Jewish holidays, practices, rituals, and ethics while providing resources and tools for enriching Jewish family life at home. Our fourth Rhode Island group will be starting in November. For more information please contact Kit Haspel, Mothers Circle Coordinator, at 401.331.0956 x184 or

TY is Part of the USCJ Come Home for the Holidays Program

Come Home for the Holidays 2011 will once again provide free High Holiday tickets to young adults who grew up in the Conservative Movement. Torat Yisrael, along with many other Conservative congregations, offer home hospitality, including holiday and break-the-fast meals. Conservative Movement Kehillot in North America, Israel, Europe, South America and Central America will open their doors to help guests from all over the world 'come home' during this most sacred time of the year. If you need further assistance or have questions about Come Home for the Holidays, please email Daniel at Project Reconnect is proud to work in partnership with NAASE (North American Association of Synagogue Executives), Women's League For Conservative Judaism and KOACH (USCJ's College Outreach Project) on this years program. If you have room around your holiday table for a few young Conservative Jews, please let Rabbi Levin know ( Thank you!

Hug Nhamah: Circle of Consolation

Bereavement Discussion Group meeting Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm providing emotional and spiritual support. Facilitated by Dr. Tom Broffman and Rabbi Amy Levin. TY members and non-members equally welcome. Meeting October 27th and November 10th

Sukkot/Simhat Torah 5772

Schedule of Services
Sukkot-Simhat Torah at TTY East Greenwich (1251 Middle Road)*
Wednesday, October 12th / 14 Tishrei: 6 pm Erev Sukkot Service Friday, October 14th / 16 Tishrei: 7:30 pm Erev Shabbat and Sukkot Service and CHOCOLATE ONEG SHABBAT TO FOLLOW! Saturday, October 15th / 17 Tishrei: 9:15 am Shabbat and Sukkot Morning Service Thursday, October 20th / 22 Tishrei: 9:00 am Shemini Atzeret and Yizkor 6:00 pm Family Simhat Torah Service

* There is a new, accessible walkway from the parking lot to the downstairs back door where services are held.

Pizza in the Hut in East Greenwich
Sunday, October 16th at 12:15 pm. We hope youll come celebrate Sukkot with our Torat Yisrael Family at our traditional Pizza in the Hut! Cost: $3 per person / $10 family maximum. Please RSVP:

East Greenwich Shabbat: October 21-22

Friday, October 21st - 6:00 pm early Shabbat Service for all. Enjoy an early Shabbat service and then arrange

for a relaxed Shabbat meal at home with your family and friends. Saturday, October 22nd Family Shabbat Celebration: 10:00 am interactive service; 11:00 am Kiddush brunch

Visit Touro Synagogue in Newport!

Join us on Sunday, October 23rd for a visit to Touro Synagogue in Newport. Car pooling is available. Were meeting at 9:30 am at two locations Golds Gym in East Greenwich and Temple Torat Yisrael in Cranston. Cost: $8 for adults and $4 for children. RSVP by October 13th on the enclosed flyer.

Our October Topic: Kippah and Tallit / Ill Show and Tell!! East Greenwich: Tuesday, October 25th Cranston/Warwick: Thursday, October 27th

Each participant orders from the menu and we study Jewish sources addressing current issues. Everyone is welcome, bring a friend! 12:00-1:30 p.m. Ts Restaurant, 5600 Post Road (in the Bennys Plaza), East Greenwich

12:00-1:30 p.m. The Cozy Grill Restaurant, 440 Warwick Avenue, Warwick

Shabbat in East Greenwich:
Friday Evening:, Shabbat Yachad: Guest Speaker, Kit Haspel/ Welcoming Interfaith Families Into the Jewish Community
Kit Haspel is the Mothers Circle Coordinator for Rhode Island, a mutual support and education program for nonJewish mothers raising Jewish children. Friday, November 4th: Shabbat Services at 6:00 pm. Dinner and speaker at 7:00 pm. Cost: $10 adult / $5 child 10-18/ Children under 10 Free / Family maximum $30. Please RSVP to the TY office; 785-1800 /

Saturday, November 5th: Shabbat Services at 9:15 am. 6

Shalom to Shabbat: Unwind and Nosh Before Shabbat Services in Cranston Mobile Blood Drive at the Swift Gym in East Greenwich

Friday, November 11th, 7:00 pm: wine, cheese and a nice schmooze before our 7:30 pm Shabbat Service.

Another opportunity to observe the mitzvah of Pikuach Nefesh (Saving a Life): a mobile blood drive will take place at the Holiday Gift Fair on Sunday, November 13th from 8:30 am 12:30 pm at the Swift Gym in East Greenwich (111 Pierce Street).

Holiday Gift Fair!

Were having our 2nd annual Holiday Gift Fair on Sunday, November 13th from 10:00 am 3:00 pm at the Swift Gym in East Greenwich (111 Pierce Street). Dont miss out on some great holiday gifts! Flyer enclosed.

Our November Topic: The Kosher Way to Visit the Sick East Greenwich: Tuesday, November 8th

Each participant orders from the menu and we study Jewish sources addressing current issues. Everyone is welcome, bring a friend! 12:00-1:30 p.m. Lunch & Learn at Ts Restaurant, 5600 Post Road (in the Bennys Plaza), East

Cranston/Warwick: Thursday, November 10th East Greenwich Shabbat: November 18-19

12:00-1:30 p.m. Lunch & Learn at the Cozy Grill Restaurant, 440 Warwick Avenue, Warwick

Friday, November 18th - 6:00 pm early Shabbat Service for all. Enjoy an early Shabbat service and then arrange

for a relaxed Shabbat meal at home with your family and friends. Saturday, November 19th Family Shabbat Celebration: 10:00 am: interactive service, 11:00 am Kiddush Lunch

Save the Date . . . . . December 4th :

Annual Galkin Concert Presents . . . . Celebrating the History of Jewish Music Bo & Bill Winiker
Join us on Sunday, December 4th at 3:00 pm at Archie R. Cole Junior High School (100 Cedar Avenue, East Greenwich) for this sensational ensemble! Free Admission. Refreshments will be served. Sponsored by the Ira S. and Anna Galkin Charitable Trust. Flyer enclosed.

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