MUX 118: THE HISTORY AND CRITICAL ISSUES OF MUSEUMS Smith College, Fall 2011, M 2:40-4 p.m.

, Graham Hall, Brown Fine Arts Center, September 12 through December 12, 2010 Jessica Nicoll, course director and Director of the Smith College Museum of Art; office hours Monday, 45pm or by appointment, or 585-2762 COURSE DESCRIPTION: Through readings and a series of lectures by Smith faculty and guests, we will examine institutions that shape knowledge and understanding through the collection, preservation, interpretation, and display of material culture. We will look at the emergence and history of museums and the evolution of architecture to house them. We will consider the role of museums in preserving and elucidating our cultural heritage and such critical issues as the ethics of collection and display and the importance of cultural property rights. We will examine different types of museums, using the Smith College Museum of Art and the Smith Botanic Garden as case studies. ASSESSMENT: Three response papers of 2-3 pages. Papers are due on: October 17, November 14, and December 5. Each student will be expected to attend the weekly lecture and to keep up with the weekly reading schedule. Two or more unexcused absences will be grounds for a grade of unsatisfactory. For tracking attendance, students will take an index card at the beginning of each class. During the lecture, students should write their name on the card and write down an issue or question the speaker raised that they would like to explore further. These cards will be collected at the end of each class. Students are expected to visit the Smith College Museum of Art, the Botanic Garden of Smith College, and other museums within the Five College area.

CLASS SCHEDULE Week 1, September 12:   Museums Before There Were Museums: Collections from Ancient Rome to the Renaissance, Barbara Kellum, Professor of Art Readings: o Stephen Greenblatt "Resonance and Wonder" from Exhibiting Cultures: the Poetics and Politics of Museum Display. I Karp and S.D. Lavine eds. Washington, D.C., 1991, pp. 4256.

Week 2, September 19:   From Princely Collection to Public Museum in Enlightenment Europe, Andrew McClellan, Dean of Academic Affairs for Arts & Sciences and Professor of Art History, Tufts University Readings:

Mead Art Museum. 1750-1850 (Deerfield. 32-47. o Week 5. pp. Philip Zea." The New Yorker (June 27. 2002). Captors and Captives: The 1704 French and Indian Raid on Deerfield (Amherst. P a g e | 2 o McClellan. President. Linda Muehlig. Elizabeth Stillinger. Week 4. pp. October 17:   The History of the Smith College Museum of Art. MA: Historic Deerfield. Mead. Historic Deerfield: A Portrait of Early America (New York: Dutton." Pennsylvania History. Week 3. pp. SCMA Readings: . 95-124. “Louvre Museum. 1-57. Massachusetts.Museums Course Syllabus. 11-33. pp. Palace of the People. 2011). October 3:   Furnishing the Frontier: Mayhem. vol 29. Randall Griffey. Paris: Art for All. Associate Director for Curatorial Affairs/Curator of Paintings and Sculpture. Innumerable Temptations: Pursuing Refinement in Rural New England. Philip Zea. 1992). o Recommended: o Suzanne L. 3 (July 1962). 1998). 2003). "Charles Willson Peale and the Philadelphia Museum. Rebecca. pp. 11-45. Andrew. Memory and Museums in Old Deerfield. September 26:   From Philadelphia to Bentonville: A Short History of Public Collections in the United States. Irwin.” To be published in 2012. "Alice's Wonderland: A Walmart heiress builds a museum in the Ozarks. Historic Deerfield Readings: Required: o Evan Haefeli and Kevin Sweeney. Curator of American Art. no. The Allen Sister: Pictorial Photographers (Deerfield. Use Improvements. Inc. 28-34. 257-277. Amherst College Readings: o o Richman. Flynt. MA: Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association. pp. MA: University of Massachusetts Press.

27-39. "The Function of the Studio. 17. Professor and Director of the Smith College Botanic Garden Readings: o Leadlay. May 11. Michael Marcotrigiano. 10 (Fall 1979). October 31:   Battling Entropy: A Brief History of Conservation in Museums. Etelka and Jane Geene. 51-58. London: Botanic Gardens Conservation International. P a g e | 3 o Image and Word: Art and Art History at Smith College. November 7:   Living Museum Collections. 15. Northampton. 1998. with their European precedents. 2009. 40. 13. 11. MA: Smith College. 72. Onward and Upward with the Arts. "Museums.S." Metropolitan Museum Journal. managers of consciousness. Haacke. Week 6. The Darwin Technical Manual for Botanic Gardens. How has the understanding of the social or cultural value of museums changed over time? 2. 58-65. Dianne Dwyer Modestini. Associate Director for Museum Services. “The Art Doctor. 115-142. pp. Essays in Memory of John M. Associate Professor. SCMA Readings: o o Rebecca Mead. Art History." Art in America vol. . pp. pp. 9. Week 7. Compare and contrast the history of museums in the U. Vol. "John Brealey and the Cleaning of Paintings. Brealey (2005). October 24:   The Art of Institutional Critique. David Dempsey. pp. Hans. October 17: First response paper due: reflecting on one or more of the lectures and related readings address one of the following questions: 1." October vol.” The New Yorker.Museums Course Syllabus. 27-36 Week 8. no. Daniel. Smith College Readings o o Buren. Frazer Ward. 89-99. p. 2 (Feb 1984). 2003. pp.

o M. "Insight Versus Entertainment: Untimely Meditations on the Architecture of Twentieth Century Art Museums. Tzortzi K. Label Analysis Exercise: This assignment asks you to critique and analyze interpretative labels at SCMA. V. S.223-244. November 14:   Cultural Property. Lampugnani." in A Companion to Museum Studies Ed S Macdonald (Blackwell Publications. 185-210 o Week 11. Mount Holyoke College. “The Whole World in our Hands. July 24.. Hood Museum of Art. Oxford) Psarra. P a g e | 4 Week 9. 2006. November 14: Second response paper due. M. Oxford) pp. in A Companion to Museum Studies Ed S Macdonald (Blackwell Publications. Visiting Assistant Professor of Art and Art History. Ipek Kaynar-Rohloff. Dartmouth College .** Week 10. November 21   Museums. Architecture and Visitor Experience. Lesley Wellman. "Space Syntax: The Language of Museum Space". **See the detailed assignment posted on Moodle. New York)pp. M. Assistant Director. Five College Mellon Fellow Readings: Choose one of these 2 readings to read: o Giebelhausen. Oxford). "Museum Architecture: A Brief History. Elizabeth Marlowe '94. o And choose one of these 2 readings to read: o Hillier B. "Tracing the Modern: space. November 28  Making Museums Matter in the 21st Century.” The Guardian. Visiting Assistant Professor of Art & Art History." in A Companion to Museum Studies Ed S Macdonald (Blackwell Publications.pp. 2004): 192-202.245-262.Museums Course Syllabus. display and exploration in the Museum of Modern Art" in Architecture and Narrative: The Formation of Space and Cultural Meaning (Routledge. 2009. “Enlightenment museums: universal or merely global?” Museum and Society 2:3 (November. 2006. Curator of Education. Art History and the Museum: From “Whose?” to “How?”. 2004. O’Neill. 2006. Colgate University Readings: o Neil MacGregor.

2000. so the information they offer is quickly accessible.imls. Selected pages to focus on are indicated for each." in The Routledge Companion to Museum Ethics: Redefining Ethics for the Twenty-First Century Museum. headers. McDannel '22 Professor of Art History and Director of Museum Studies. 25-28 for definitions of skills. 3-6 for an introduction to the project and pp. a 40-page report by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and available on their web site. introductions. See pp. http://www. John and Lynn Dierking. "Museum Censorship. Chapter 10. and/or recommendation sections. 229-258. and 21st Century Skills. Christopher New York: Routledge.Museums Course Syllabus. December 5   Museum Censorship 2. “From Being about Something to Being for Somebody: The Ongoing Transformation of the American Museum. Lucy C. No.” pp. Libraries. http://www. Weil. http://www. pp.0. Steiner. 28 – 31 for research recommendations and a call to action. P a g e | 5  Required Readings: o Falk. See pp. and pp. CA: AltaMira . http://www. a 42-page report by the Center for the Future of Museums. 393-413 . a program of The New Media Consortium. 177-204. Connecticut College Readings: o Christopher B. 2011.” Daedalus o  Recommended online perusals: NOTE: These three reports include clear executive summaries. available on the web site of the American Association of o o Week 12. “Making Museums Better Learning Experiences. Learning from Museums: Visitor Experiences and the Making of Meaning. edited by Janet Marstine.jstor.pdf Museums. Stephen E.nmc. a publication of The Marcus Institute for Digital Education in the Arts. o Demographic Transformation and the Future of Museums. 128. 30-31 for recommendations. 3 (Summer. 1999). See the 5-page Executive Summary for a quick overview.pdf The 2010 Horizons Report: Museum Edition. pp.

Museums Course Syllabus. P a g e | 6 o Daniel Spock. or Following a Long Trend Line. December 12  Thelma Golden ‘87. Write a critical analysis of the exhibition. focusing on the institution’s presentation of objects and information. Week 13. 6-10. Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum in Harlem . "Museum Authority Up for Grabs: The Latest Thing. Take time to experience the exhibition/display yourself and observe the behavior patterns of other visitors within the space. December 5: Third and final response paper due: Visit an exhibition or collection display at a local museum or collecting institution." Exhibitionist 28:2 (2009): pp.

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