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The Italian Language: Ancient, Expressive, Passionate
While the Spanish language is certainly the most prominent descendent of Latin today, Italian perhaps stirs thoughts of the bygone era of Roman history most often. Today Italian, is spoken by approximately 63 million people, mostly in Italy. But Italian reaches beyond the borders of Italay. Italian is one of the four official languages of Switzerland, and is also the official language of Vatican City as well as of San Marino. The standard Italian known today is derived from the Tuscan dialect and is in many ways an intermediate between the Italian dialects of the north and the ItaloDalmatian languages of southern Italy. Comparatively recent events have altered the Italian language. The earliest extant “Italian: texts date from the years 960 to 963 CE. Dante Alighieri, in the fourteenth century, formalized what would later come to be known as the Italian language, by blending the southern Italian languages such as Sicilian with his own native Tuscan in the epic poem known as the Divina Commedia . Dante’s works proved extremely popular all over Italy and the dialect he wrote it came to be accepted as the standard form of Italian which everyone would be able to understand. For many people, the Italian language lends itself easily for expressing love and passion by a quality that might be termed fluidity and inherent expressiveness. One possible reason for this is Italian culture. Due to its rich cultural heritage and ancient stories connected with the history of Italy, it is not surprising that subconsciously romance is associated with the country, and by extension, the language. Italian culture is imbued with imagery of romance and an all pervading atmosphere of passion. The art work and architectural masterpieces present all over in Italy is example www.ultimatelanguagestore.com

Jacob Lumbroso www.ultimatelanguagestore.com enough to prove the point. Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci’s works of art have their roots in the classical school but everyone, even laymen, can feel all the love and passion for their art that they poured into them. Among all the Romance languages, Italian is one which is very popular as a language to be studied and it is also spoken by a lot of people who are not Italian. Irrespective of the native language of a person who wants to learn a new language, Italian is always the first, second or third choice of language to learn. This might be because there is large number of Italian speakers in mainland USA and besides that, Italian culture has properly penetrated into American culture with the popularity of pizzas and pastas. While you love ordering those pizzas, why don’t you go a step further and learn the language as well? There are many reasons which might make a person want to learn the Italian language, which make people produce a lot of learning material for prospective students. People of all ages can easily learn the Italian language if they can give some dedication and hard work to the course. You have to consistently practice whatever you learn and be determined to keep at it even though you keep forgetting the new words you learn. You might make mistakes at the beginning, but you’re sure to learn from them. Constant practice is sure to bring about a great improvement. Make sure you always keep a positive attitude about learning the language. Everyone who is learning the Italian language will usually give a different reason as to why they took it up. By learning a language you don’t just increase your foreign vocabulary and sense of grammar, but you also get to know a whole new cultural background of the country whose language you are studying. You can use this knowledge for practical purposes too apart from being able to converse fluently if you visit the country, in this case, Italy. No knowledge can be wasted. Stating that you are fluent in Italian on your CV might help you get a job which you might not otherwise have got. A good chance to use the Italian language which you learned with such dedication is to speak it confidently when you do have to speak it. Do not stammer and stutter while www.ultimatelanguagestore.com

Jacob Lumbroso www.ultimatelanguagestore.com feeling self-conscious all the time. Italians are bold people who say whatever they have to with power. You should be able to do the same. When you go to Italy, the Italian salespeople in shops cannot cheat you in any way because you can haggle your way out – and with confidence. Even though you might find the start of learning the Italian language a bit strange, once you understand the basics, learning the more difficult tenses and grammar will be quite easy. Even if you are elderly, it won’t be a problem for you to learn the Italian language. Pronunciation is completely phonetical and the grammar is also easy to understand. You do not have to start off speaking Italian as fast as native Italians do – take your time and stress your vowels and consonants till your pronunciation is perfect before you try to reach fast speeds. As a student of foreign languages I encourage to consider Pimsleur courses as a starting point in your quest to learn Italian.