screenplay by Jason Reitman Sheldon Turner

from the novel by Walter Kirn

There is no “I” in team. - Common Business Axiom

Secure your own mask before assisting others.

- Common Pre-Flight Instruction

1. A SPOTLIGHT reveals RYAN BINGHAM standing at a PODIUM. He unzips a BACKPACK and sets it down beside him. RYAN How much does your life weigh? Ryan pauses to let us consider this. RYAN (CONT’D) Imagine for a second that you’re carrying a backpack... I want you to feel the straps on your shoulders... You feel them? (gives us a beat) Now, I want you to pack it with all the stuff you have in your life. Start with the little things. The stuff in drawers and on shelves. The collectables and knick-knacks. Feel the weight as it adds up. Now, start adding the larger stuff. Your clothes, table top appliances, lamps, linens, your TV. That backpack should be getting pretty heavy at this point - Go Bigger. Your couch, your bed, your kitchen table. Stuff it all in... Your car, get it in there... Your home, whether you have a studio apartment or a two story house, I want you to stuff it into that backpack. Ryan takes a beat to let the weight sink in. RYAN (CONT’D) Now try to walk. We hear people around us chuckling. Ryan smiles. Reveal: INT. HOTEL CONFERENCE ROOM - AFTERNOON The kind that shifts between lower income corporate retreats and lower income weddings. The few dozen people seem to be visualizing as told. RYAN (CONT’D) Kinda hard, isn’t it? This is what we do to ourselves on a daily basis. We weigh ourselves down until we can’t even move. And make no mistake - Moving is living.

Confused. A titter through the crowd. (a beat of emphasis) It’s kind of exhilarating isn’t it? That is how I approach every day.2. BOEING 757 . Drink some gingko and let the photos burn. No. People’s gears turning.. Um. then returns to his work. SMALL CONFERENCE ROOM. Right now . FEMALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT The can.Subordinate chic. INT. Anonymous. FEMALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT Do you want the cancer? Turn to see RYAN looking back. We see nodding. The flight attendant moves to the next aisle. Excuse me? RYAN FEMALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT (same delivery) Do you want the cancer? Ryan furrows . INT.What the hell is going on here? The flight attendant raises her hand to reveal a CAN OF SODA. sir? RYAN Oh. RYAN (CONT’D) Now. .DAY A FEMALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT is looking directly at us.DAY Two words . SUN CASUALTY . In fact let everything burn and imagine waking up tomorrow with nothing. no thank you. I’m going to set your backpack on fire. Handsome. What do you want to take out of it? Photos? Photos are for people who can’t remember. Ryan takes a beat..

. Who the fuck am I? Poor Steve has worked here for seven years.) Excellent question. They should be non-actors (actual victims of recent layoffs) that can react organically to the news with authenticity. BREAK ROOM .DAY RYAN (V..) . who’s on the verge of tears. ELEVATOR BRIDGE . or told me a story in the break room.O. INT. Others are upset and even abusive.DAY Steve laughs at a coworker’s story.. Some are hurt. STEVE’S CUBICLE .) He’s never had a meeting with me before. FLASH IMAGES: INT. INT....DAY Steve passes a female coworker.. RYAN (V. Seated at a tiny table is RYAN.3. RYAN (V.. We see a series of REAL PEOPLE react to the news of being fired.. CONFERENCE ROOM . INT..O..) . STEVE (AN ACTOR) . The Grim Reaper in a suit...O...O. STEVE Who the fuck are you? FREEZE on Ryan.or passed me in the hall.DAY Steve in a small meeting.. RYAN (V. The series concludes with.

RYAN (V. BACK TO: INT. Ryan slides Steve a PACKET.. . I work for another company that lends me out to pussies like Steve’s boss. STEVE What did I. He stands up to get a view of his coworkers on a coffee break. Steve loads an assault rifle. STEVE’S BOSS’S OFFICE . Subtitle reads .DAY Steve is trying to hold it together.4..) And that’s where I come in. who don’t have the balls to sack their own employees. And in some cases. Steve pours bleach into the communal coffee pot.O.) ... people do crazy shit when they get fired. FLASH IMAGES: Steve wipes off his boss’s desk. SMALL CONFERENCE ROOM . Steve shreds sensitive documents. It’s important not to personalize this.O. Steve scoffs at this..) And that’s because I don’t work here. do? What could I have done differently here? RYAN This is not an assessment of your productivity.“A Big Pussy” RYAN (V. for good reason.O.DAY Steve’s BOSS sits at his desk.. Because. RYAN (V. INT.

Give yourself routines and pretty soon you’ll find your legs. This is just the beginning. he stops and turns back. go out and get some exercise. Tomorrow. RYAN (CONT’D) Look. Steve looks hopeful.5. Take it seriously. Right. sat where you are now. Talk to your coworkers.. Go for a jog. STEVE (dismissive) Oh. RYAN Take the day. I’m sure it’s going be really helpful. or changed the world. anybody who ever built an empire. And just for a moment.. Steve nods and gets up to leave. how do I get in touch with you? RYAN Don’t worry. Just as he’s about to walk out. RYAN (V.) I’ll never see Steve again. STEVE Wait. I think you’re going to find a lot of answers in there. And it’s because they sat there that they were able to do it. We’ll be in touch soon.O. I want you to review this packet. Put together your personal things. STEVE Steve begins removing it from his wallet. RYAN (CONT’D) Steve. . RYAN (CONT’D) I’m going to need your key card. Steve nods and exits the room.

PHOENIX HILTON .O.DAY Ryan is at the check out desk.. MAIN CONCOURSE. INT...) This is where I live. CHECKOUT GIRL Do you have your Hilton Honors Card with you? Ryan smiles.DAY The automated GLASS DOORS slide open.... Ryan pulls out his HERTZ PRESIDENTS CLUB CARD and places it nice and close to lens so we can see it. INT..DAY Ryan pulls up to one of the spaces marked with the #1 GOLD PRESIDENTS CLUB emblem.. The card slides through the handheld device and we see the DIGITAL NUMBER increase by a few thousand points. A briefcase clicks onto a rollaway bag. close enough to camera. CHECKOUT GIRL Oh my God. at the Hilton? Ryan nods in faux modesty. “Do I?” He hands it to her. HERTZ RENT-A-CAR .DAY The choreography of Ryan’s packing is worthy of Tchaikovsky.“Airworld” . RYAN’S ROOM . A hand flips a light switch without looking. that we get a nice big close up of it.. EXT. He has arrived. OUTDOOR CAR RETURN. Subtitles .6. LOBBY. He hops out and a uniformed man with a handheld device begins to punch in the license plate number. A travel toothbrush folds closed like a switchblade. RYAN (V. live. She runs the card and the screen pops up with information that makes her blush. PHOENIX SKY HARBOR INTL AIRPORT . INT. A coat slides off a hanger..PHOENIX HILTON . Do you like. Ryan enters the concourse and takes a deep breath of the temperately controlled air.

RYAN (V. Mr. Glorious close-up of Ryan’s AAdvantage Executive Platinum CARD sliding through the AUTOMATED MACHINE.O. the AIRPORT CLERK registers and perks up. A ticket begins printing. I might have gotten a hello or a smile. SECURITY .SAME Ryan steps up and observes his line choices. silver. He finds a few Asian businessmen and hops in behind them. Mr. Ryan skips the long lines and steps directly into the AAdvantage Executive Platinum line. Ryan continues to hit buttons..) When I run my card. Maybe. Immediately. Maybe we even do. RYAN (V.. RYAN (V.. We see it again. JUMP CUT TO: ..PHOENIX SKY HARBOR INTL AIRPORT . Ryan snaps it up. the system automatically prompts the desk clerk to greet me with this exact statement.) Had my status simply been gold or God-forbid. Bingham.O. swiftly checking in. AIRPORT CLERK Pleasure to see you again. INT.) Loyalty is earned and rewarded with these small touches.7. Bingham. It’s these kinds of systemized friendly touches that keep my world in orbit. Ryan nods back to the clerk. Were it any sexier. we’d hear a moan. AIRPORT CLERK Pleasure to see you again.O.

8. ADMIRALS CLUB HOSTESS Welcome back.. He scans it.. a laptop going in a separate tray. Mr. It has a hologram.. both hands always moving. shoes coming off. RYAN MOVING THROUGH THE SECURITY SCREENING It’s a beautiful choreographed ballet of a bag handle collapsing. wallet and watch sliding into a shoe.The recycled air. The digital juice dispensers and mini pizzas stacked to their heat lamps are the warm reminders that I am home.DAY Ryan’s assistant. The artificial lighting. and stays at Hitons. With that comment. AMERICAN ADMIRALS CLUB . car rentals. RYAN (V. INT. The ADMIRALS CLUB HOSTESS immediately smiles. is not happy to be there. He pulls out his cell phone and dials.. Bingham. KEVIN They are completely out of all full sized sedans.SAME Ryan enters and presents his ADMIRALS CLUB CARD. We see a string of flights. a boarding card sliding into a back pocket.) All the things you probably hate about travelling .. ASSISTANT’S DESK. A DIGITAL DISPLAY reads: “Thank You For Your Loyalty”. CTC . Kevin. KEVIN Ryan Bingham’s office. Ryan slides into a leather club seat.. INTERCUT WITH: INT. RYAN You have me in a Dodge Stratus in Kansas City.. Ryan walks past a stack of newspapers on the way to the buffet. performing separate actions.O. . It really is gorgeous. He opens his briefcase and pulls out his ITINERARY.. something makes him frown. Then. the whole time framed by an enormous window overlooking the tarmac.

But GoalQuest.NIGHT We push in on an EASEL with a SIGN that features RYAN’S HEADSHOT. Well done. They are moving mountains to see you in a Sebring. Underneath his name. HOTEL . I told her you were midair and not even I knew your final destination.. RYAN Fair enough. We’re talking major Tony Robbins shit. Motivational kind of stuff. Any other messages? KEVIN Your sister Kara called. HOTEL CORRIDOR .NIGHT Ryan delivers his speech with a smile.9. SMALL CONFERENCE ROOM. it reads: “What’s In Your Backpack?” INT.O. RYAN KEVIN And you got an invitation to speak at GoalQuest in Vegas. Ryan pauses..) Every once in a while I do speaking engagements. RYAN (V. KEVIN (not the first time) Yes. RYAN GoalQuest twenty? FLASH IMAGE: INT.. I reminded them of your remarkable #1 Gold Club status and years in the program.. Needs to speak urgently about your sister’s wedding. . RYAN (interrupts) Did you?.

(exhales) I’ll check in when. I need you back in Omaha by the end of the week.Store-bought sports memorabilia. I have Craig Gregory for you.. . RYAN Talk about burying the lead.10. RYAN No kidding? CRAIG GREGORY Yeah. ADMIRALS CLUB . They’re calling it Dos Equis. That’s some pretty major Tony Robbins shit there. CRAIG GREGORY’S OFFICE. Wish I could have you in five places at once. RYAN I thought you needed me everywhere. You know Big Auto is going to drop another 10K this month. ah..DAY Four words . Christmas came early.. CRAIG GREGORY Great numbers out of Phoenix.SAME Kevin examines the invitation emblazoned with a big “XX”.. CTC . INTERCUT WITH: INT. KEVIN Hold on.. fuck.. CRAIG GREGORY How’s the road warrior? RYAN Twenty minutes from boarding into a world of bliss.. KEVIN It’s got a hologram. INT.. RYAN I.

) We start chatting.O. Craig checks out a CUTE INTERN. Some BUSINESSMAN between cities. Our moderate politics. our sinking opinions on the American service industry. RYAN I don’t know why you ever bring me in. you’re the window . (changes directions) Today.trapped. the money follows. Wherever I go. impersonally at first. they’ll grow to Oaks. I love that sound. I’m the aisle.11. I took my first crap in two weeks. He talks. but we don’t hear him.Game changer.DAY Ryan sits one row behind the bulkhead. INT. Hallelujah. drink in hand. CRAIG GREGORY Good.A man next to Ryan. CRAIG GREGORY (CONT’D) We got something big . . RYAN (V. CRAIG GREGORY I’m thinking of planting seeds right now. RYAN (V. hanging up on you.O. BOEING 757 . RYAN What are we talking about here? CRAIG GREGORY You’ll see. Left side. Aisle. Reveal . RYAN That’s me. Let me plant seeds.) To know me is to fly with me.

DALLAS FORT WORTH AIRPORT .O. both Ryan and the Businessman pull out their cards.) Your wife just went back to work but you can’t intervene because you sure could use the extra paycheck and besides.) You tell me your best joke. INT.O. you’d quit and spend the rest of your days restoring vintage speedboats. THE MAN LEANS BACK. That’s where you belong. THE BUSINESSMAN TIGHTENS HIS SEAT BELT. BUSINESSMAN AND RYAN MAKING SUGGESTIONS RYAN (V.) You recommend a hotel in Tulsa.O.DAY Their PLANE LANDS.O. I’ve heard it before. I tip you off to a rib joint in Fort Worth. RYAN (V. Soon you’re telling me about family.DAY As the plane begins to taxi to the gate.12. ARMS CROSSED. TURBULENCE. THE MAN SPEAKS ABOUT SOMETHING THAT OBVIOUSLY DISTURBS HIM. but listen anyway. (saying it with him) The water. BUSINESSMAN TELLS A JOKE. . RYAN (V. WITH A FAR OFF LOOK. BOEING 757 . TARMAC.) And that if your windfall ever came through. Ryan laughs out loud. RYAN (V. last June she read some book and woke up one morning a feminist. RYAN (V. EXT.O. HIS HANDS GESTURE.) Nothing like turbulence to cement a bond.

INTERCUT WITH: INT. I’m in my element here.13. He weighs it for a second. DALLAS FORT WORTH AIRPORT . KARA’S KITCHEN . RYAN (V. I live between the margins of my itineraries. We’re a busy bunch. Her home overflows with books.C. RYAN (V. RYAN (V.O. I suppose I’m a sort of mutation. RYAN (picks up) Hello? Hi Ryan. family collectables. CONCOURSE.UNAVAILABLE. photos. The dull bell “dings” to let us know it’s safe to stand. They share an awkward smile with a nod. now completely ignoring each other as if they never shared a word. then head in their separate directions. INT.) Ryan mouths a silent “fuck”. but my best friends.DAY Ryan and the Businessman walk next to each. a new species.O.NIGHT Kara is Ryan’s sister. He checks the I. Ryan and the Businessman get up and open the overheads.) Sad? Not really.O. INT. .DAY Ryan is checking out TIES when his cell phone rings. DALLAS FORT WORTH AIRPORT .D. BROOKS BROTHERS. KARA (O. and kid’s artwork. Ryan and the Businessman reach a point that separates CONNECTING FLIGHTS go left / LONG TERM PARKING goes right.) Fast friends aren’t my only friends.) We exchange cards and slot them next to countless others. I’m peaceful..

. KARA (CONT’D) But we’re coming in on three weeks to go for Julie’s wedding and there’s something we could really use your help on.. RYAN (V. So. RYAN KARA How are you holding up? RYAN Just fine. doing things for others.14. Ryan rolls his eyes. Hey Kara... KARA That’s good. . because I know how you are about.The glue. Matthew made varsity. Ryan? RYAN (cautious) Yeah? KARA I didn’t even want to have to ask you for this.DAY Ryan hops onto a PEOPLE MOVER.) Every family has one person who is the glue.O. That’s my sister Kara . It just so happens that Kara is GLUING her daughter’s school project mobile together. RYAN Couldn’t be better.. You? The kids? KARA (lying) Missy’s outstanding. How’s the road? Ryan exits the store and we realize we are in. The one who keeps the genealogy in check. CONCOURSE. DALLAS FORT WORTH AIRPORT . INT..

. KARA Jesus. and she thinks it’s fun. No one stays there. Ryan. RYAN Isolated? I’m surrounded. and take photos of them in interesting places kind of like that gnome in the French movie. You’re awfully isolated. I’m not asking you to check in. the way you live. Can you just take a stupid photo? RYAN I’m going to try my best. thank you for trying your best. RYAN Yeah. . Did he? RYAN KARA Can you get a photo of the cut-out in front of the Luxor Pyramid? RYAN That place is a shit hole. KARA Well..15. Why? RYAN KARA (sighs) Because it’s Julie’s wedding. KARA Your assistant told me you’re going to be in Vegas. KARA We’ve been sending people these kits so they can print out photos of Julie and Jim on cardboard. Does it matter why? RYAN How is Julie? KARA Would you call her? She thinks you’ve turned to butter Disappeared.

That’s why I get a Nav. ALEX I hate asking for directions. I won’t drive it. INT.HOUSTON HILTON . ALEX.EVENING Ryan sits at one of the couch & table set-ups. sifting through her purse. Yes. I like to park and go. Ryan is intrigued. She sets a pair of car keys with a MAESTRO TAG on the table. RYAN Maestro doesn’t instant check out. I am. isn’t bad. you don’t seem like a girl who needs directions. He notices an attractive professionally dressed woman.16. RYAN ALEX Their kiosk placement is a joke. ALEX Hertz keeps its vehicles too long. RYAN They’re stingy with their miles. I like Hertz. Colonial. He’s going over some paperwork. BAR LOUNGE . RYAN Funny. ALEX Hertz doesn’t guarantee Navigation. RYAN The new outfit. ALEX Is that a joke? After a beat. . RYAN You’re satisfied with Maestro? ALEX Yeah. If a car’s over twenty-thousand miles.

It’s faumey.17.LATER THAT EVENING Empty glasses litter the table. ALEX (passionate) It’s basically a fleet of shit boxes . RYAN There’s actually an industry term for that. Alex grabs Ryan’s AMERICAN CONCIERGE KEY CARD. ALEX RYAN So are you going to join me? She breaks into a smile. RYAN They got you with the cookies? ALEX I’m a sucker for simulated hospitality. JUMP CUT TO: INT.But the Maplewood gives out warm cookies at check in. RYAN Never have available upgrades. Alex. It’s a mixture of faux and homey. ALEX Hilton offers equal value and better food .HOUSTON HILTON . BAR LOUNGE .Don’t know how they’re still in business. . RYAN (grabs one of Alex’s cards) Maplewood Card? How dare you bring that into this palace. RYAN (I love you) I’m Ryan. Ryan and Alex have taken over a couch and have the contents of their wallets spread out All MEMBERSHIP CARDS.

18.. ALEX Come on. ALEX Oh please. What’s your total? RYAN That’s a personal question. RYAN (playful) I hardly know you. ALEX Show some hubris. domestic. Sixty thou a year. I was pretty excited the day that puppy came in. Yeah. RYAN (trying) That’s not bad. ALEX I’ll say. (suggestive) I bet it’s huge.... Is this a.? RYAN Concierge Key... ALEX I love the weight.. this big? . ALEX Don’t patronize me. but never seen one in person. RYAN You have no idea. (holds her hands eight inches apart) Is it this big? (extends a few inches) . ALEX Oh my God.. RYAN Graphite. I put up pretty pedestrian numbers. Impress me. I’ve heard about these.

INT. Alex looks into Ryan’s eyes and gives him unspoken permission to take her right there and then. ALEX We’re two people who get turned on by elite status. INT. RYAN I hope it doesn’t cheapen our relationship. sprawled out on their backs like murder victims. Admires the CONCIERGE KEY CARD. He reaches into his pocket and comes up with five other key cards from recent trips. suppressing laughter. Ryan tries his KEY CARD. HOUSTON HILTON . ALEX This is pretty fucking sexy.19. We may have to settle for cheap. . Once at the door. RYAN Let’s just say I’ve got a number in mind and I haven’t hit it yet.NIGHT Ryan and Alex walk down a curved corridor. He tries a couple. RYAN’S SUITE. ALEX We can always use that room with the ice machine. RYAN I really have to start throwing these out. but it doesn’t work. There’s no adult way to go back to somebody’s hotel room. HOTEL HALLWAY . fair enough. He finds the right key and opens the door. Ryan and Alex are laying on the bed. Alex smiles. RYAN There’s nothing cheap about loyalty.LATER THAT NIGHT Everything is scattered from a marathon Fuck. Ryan chuckles.

JUMP CUT TO: TWO LAPTOPS SIDE BY SIDE RYAN I’m in Newark on the 12th. Madesto on the 13th. They simultaneously type each other into their calendars. RYAN Good call on the towel rack. Oklahoma City on the 15th. ALEX That’s nothing.20. Lauderdale. ALEX Any Southwest? I’m swinging through Albuquerque the week of the 16th? RYAN No. ALEX I should probably go back to my room so I can wake up in my bed. RYAN We got to do this again. RYAN Forty minutes. RYAN I was improvising. ALEX Too bad we didn’t make it to the closet. I liked how you burritoed me in the sofa cushions. but I’ll be in Florida by the 20th. Miami? ALEX RYAN Ft. ALEX Thanks. .

21. RYAN I think that’s the lady like thing to do. INT. HOTEL CORRIDOR - NIGHT Ryan drops Alex off at her door. She flips the “do not disturb” on her door handle and kisses Ryan good night. The door closes. Ryan smiles to himself. EXT. HOUSTON HILTON - NEXT MORNING Sprinklers doing their job. One’s broken. EXT. HOUSTON HILTON - MORNING Looking through the first floor window, we see Ryan doing laps in the pool. INT. LOBBY, HOUSTON HILTON - MORNING Ryan gets a shoe shine. INT. LOBBY, HOUSTON HILTON - DAY The CLERK swipes Ryan card. EXT. CAR DROP OFF - MAESTRO RENT-A-CAR - DAY A CAR RETURN CLERK slides Ryan’s card through a device. INT. CHECK IN DESK, BUSH INTERCONTINENTAL AIRPORT - DAY Ryan SWIPES his FREQUENT FLIER CARD through the automated machine. A FEMALE DESK ASSISTANT notices the number, looks up at Ryan, and has a tiny orgasm right there. INT. BOEING 757 - DAY Ryan looks out the OVAL WINDOW to the landscape of Omaha.

22. RYAN (V.O.) Last year, I spent three hundred twenty two days on the road. INT. KISS-N-FLY, EPPLEY AIRFIELD - DAY Ryan wheels passed a couple that leaps into each other’s arms. RYAN (V.O.) Which means that I had to spend forty three miserable days at home. EXT. RYAN’S APARTMENT BUILDING, OMAHA - DAY Ryan steps up to an upscale building with little character, searching for his keys at the bottom of his bag. Finally finds them and opens the front door. INT. ELEVATOR, RYAN’S APARTMENT BUILDING - DAY Ryan presses his floor, when a NOSEY NEIGHBOR slides in. Ryan? NOSEY NEIGHBOR

RYAN (doesn’t know his name) Hi... NOSEY NEIGHBOR Feels like it’s been months, busy man. We missed you at our Summer party. RYAN Yeah, sorry I couldn’t be there. NOSEY NEIGHBOR We’ve been trying to get a vote on the new landscaping. Can I e-mail you the plans...? We’d love to get a final tally. RYAN It’s fine. Really. I’ll go with the majority. NOSEY NEIGHBOR Sometimes I forget that you even live here. You could probably save money and move into a hotel.

23. RYAN (dead serious) I looked into it, but the IRS requires a permanent address for employment. Otherwise, they classify you as a vagrant. Ding! - Ryan gets off at his floor. Oh. NOSEY NEIGHBOR

INT. RYAN’S APARTMENT, OMAHA - DAY Ryan walks in and sets his bag down. Reveal - the place is empty... Like empty, empty. Ryan opens the fridge - Chinese take out. Pizza box. Bottle of Vodka. Takes a whiff of something - not good. WOMAN’S VOICE Hey neighbor. Ryan turns to find Dianne, a pretty woman just shy of forty. RYAN Hey yourself. They hug - It’s just intimate enough to know they’ve violated the rules of sleeping with your neighbors. DIANNE (hands over a package) I signed for this while you were gone. RYAN Thanks. Hope it wasn’t a bother. Ryan opens it and finds the CUT-OUT of his sister Julie and her fiance Jim. It’s an eighteen inch card stock photo of Jim hugging Julie from behind. DIANNE (re: photo) They seem happy. RYAN It’s my sister. She’s getting married. Haven’t met the guy yet. DIANNE Lots of luck.

Dianne goes to leave. Craig addresses the group including his own superiors. Feels like a while this time. Ryan take another long look at the CUT-OUT. He shakes his head. CONFERENCE ROOM . that’s.. Dianne gives a smile/nod and exits.DAY The company has piled in. RYAN Hey. CTC . you want to come over tonight? Dianne gets a little uncomfortable. that’s great. CTC HEADQUARTERS. RYAN I know. EXT. we’re having drinks tonight if you want to come over. CRAIG GREGORY (CONT’D) I know there’s are lot of whispering about why we’re all here. I kind of started seeing somebody. DIANNE It’s good to see you. DIANNE Yeah. I’ think I’ll settle in. (MORE) .24. CRAIG GREGORY Just thrilled to have everyone under one roof. right? They share a smile. DIANNE Actually. RYAN That’s okay. Then. Welcome home boys. standing room only. A couple odd looks from road warriors a decade his senior.. RYAN Oh.. INT.MORNING A downtown midsize high rise. Assistants and interns watch through the windows..

(MORE) .. She challenged us with some big ideas. and I don’t want to be standing here two years from now. last Summer we received a dynamite young woman by way of Cornell. Housing market doesn’t have a heartbeat. CRAIG GREGORY (CONT’D) Now. This is our moment. My first reaction was.. at least two hundred fifty days a year. Natalie clicks on her POWER POINT PRESENTATION. and quite astutely .. It’s one of the worst times on record for America. POWER POINT SLIDE: “GLOCAL” Everyone including Ryan attempts to pronounce it. Glocal.25.it’s only a problem if you have a solution. NATALIE (CONT’D) This company keeps twenty three people on the road. it’s this. CRAIG GREGORY (CONT’D) Retailers are down twenty percent. A strangely encouraged response from the group. he told me. with a little peek into our future . When I came to Craig three months ago with this.Natalie Keener.. NATALIE If there’s one word I want to leave you with today. So now. who does this kid think she is? But when I started to give a listen. Auto industry is in the dump. POWER POINT SLIDE: A slide shows PEOPLE X 250. It’s expensive and it’s inefficient. I was pretty knocked out. NATALIE (CONT’D) POWER POINT SLIDE: “GLOBAL ---> LOCAL” NATALIE (CONT’D) Our global must become local. Natalie stands up. wondering how we missed this window of opportunity.

And it’s because they sat there that they were able to do it. Strategy packets would be shipped in advance. People chuckle in the conference room. But consider the following (using Ryan’s line) Anybody who ever built an empire. or changed the world. will hire you back this afternoon. I’m going to fire Ned. RYAN (quietly) That’s my fucking line. NATALIE (CONT’D) Today. . Laskin.” NATALIE (CONT’D) Ned could be any employee in any one of our client’s locations worldwide. Change is always scary. Ned. I’m sure H. Natalie turns to the monitor and proceeds to fire Ned. One guy jokes “Don’t count on it. NATALIE (CONT’D) Well.26. Ned smiles. NED (from a script) I don’t understand. It is a pretty dry process and lacks Ryan’s charm. (aside) Sorry. She turns around and fires up her monitor. sat where you are now. Sitting in a video conference session is a young man in a suit. Ned would be given a seat and find one of our transition specialists waiting for him. today I stand before you with jus that. NATALIE (CONT’D) You all know Ned in reception. the reason we’re having this conversation today is your position is no longer available.R. I’m fired? NATALIE Hearing the words “You’ve been let go” is never easy. Various people say hello to Ned. NATALIE (CONT’D) Mr.

I’m going to need you to go back to your desk and start putting together your things. what happens now? NATALIE This is the first step of a process that will end with you in a new job that fulfills you. Ned starts to peruse the packet with fake interest. Start filling out the necessary information and before you know it. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t spread the news just yet. Thank you. Mr. but. NED Ned gets up and goes to leave. NED I understand. NATALIE (CONT’D) Now Ned. Ned picks up the packet. NATALIE Give it up for Ned. . NED Yeah. you’ll be on your way to new opportunities. NATALIE (CONT’D) Review it. Laskin and good luck with your future. NATALIE Have a good day. NED Well. All the answers you’re looking for are inside. Panic doesn’t help anybody.27. People clap and tease him a little. how does it work? NATALIE I want you to take that packet in front of you. As a favor to me.

.28. NATALIE (CONT’D) You can start the morning in Boston... RYAN Who are you taking off the road? . Our inflated travel budget is eviscerated by eighty-five percent. there’s a few months of transition. It’s. RYAN It doesn’t make any sense. Coke and IBM have been doing it for years. that’s why we brought the entire company in from the road Because we’re not taking this seriously.MOMENTS LATER Ryan enters and stops short. CRAIG GREGORY’S OFFICE.... but everyone settles in. Ryan is in a state of silent panic. CRAIG GREGORY Yeah.. completely impersonal. No more hours lost to weather delays... stop in Dallas over lunch and finish the day in San Francisco. No more Christmases in a hotel in Tulsa. all tied into a central switch board in the middle of a map of the country. INT. A reason why it works.. Just like anything. You get to come home. (searching) . All for the price of a T1 line. CRAIG GREGORY Who am I even talking to? RYAN There’s a methodology to what I do. RYAN Tell me you’re not taking this seriously. POWER POINT: An animation of one monitor becoming multiple monitors. CRAIG GREGORY Ryan. CTC .. And most importantly to you guys on the road..

You’re grounded. I appreciate your. It’s done. NATALIE Thank you. RYAN Yeah. RYAN Okay. NATALIE You wanted to see me? Craig goes to wave her off. CRAIG GREGORY Great job in there. Nat. Natalie is confused but takes the chair next to Ryan.29.. But you know nothing of the realities of my job. Craig’s door opens and Natalie pops her head in. CRAIG GREGORY RYAN (to Natalie) Okay kiddo. How’s everyone taking it? Natalie and Ryan hold a look for a second. A beat. what we do here is brutal and leaves people devastated. Ryan. but you don’t know how people think. And you have some good ideas. Sure. CRAIG GREGORY You don’t get it. RYAN (to Natalie) Look. Nice. why don’t you come in. but there’s a dignity to the way I do it. .. you can set up an iChat. zeal. I minored in psychology. Everyone is.. CRAIG GREGORY Stabbing people in the chest instead of the back? Ryan rolls his eyes. fire me. NATALIE Actually..

CRAIG GREGORY Ryan. Gregory hired me and he’s the only one who can fire me. RYAN My future? I don’t know you. Ryan and Natalie turn to face each other. Gregory hired me to handle this for him. NATALIE Mr. Ryan gets up. You don’t want to know if she can fire somebody? CRAIG GREGORY She just fired Ned. RYAN Who the hell are you? NATALIE My name is Miss Keener and I’m here today to discuss your future.30. NATALIE Mr. I got this. I’m going to talk to him. RYAN She’s going to be doing this on a regular basis.. NATALIE (CONT’D) Mr. stop it. RYAN My dog could fire Ned. I regret to inform you that your position is no longer available. RYAN Handle what? Handle me? Mr. Natalie gets up too. Bingham. . The only person who can fire me is Craig Gregory. Ryan. Bingham. (to Natalie) Fire me.. CRAIG GREGORY NATALIE It’s okay.

Ryan. RYAN Try again. Bingham. Fire me. Ryan sits back down. RYAN (aside) Never say fired. . Now..31. NATALIE I just did. You’re on a computer screen.. I’m fired? RYAN NATALIE Yes. you didn’t. How could I possibly know why? RYAN You never know why. RYAN Actually. Why doesn’t matter. CRAIG GREGORY Stop it. RYAN You can’t follow me. you’re fired. I’m here today to inform you that your position is no longer available. NATALIE (ignores Craig) Mr. fire me. NATALIE You’ve been let go. Remember? NATALIE (frustrated) Ryan.. Why? RYAN NATALIE (breaks the moment) This is a mythical situation..

so you’re firing me without grounds. So before you try to revolutionize my business.32. Bingham. (to Craig) Now. I think we know what you’re trying to say. NATALIE (back on track) It’s important not to focus on the “why” and rather to spend your energy thinking about your future.DAY Ryan is staring out his window watching a plane take flight. Ryan stops. Mr. Craig enters. Bingham... CRAIG GREGORY Hell-of-a-way to welcome her to the team. NATALIE Mr. RYAN I’m going to spend my energy on suing you if you don’t give me a reason that you’re firing me. RYAN Oh. I’d like to know that you actually know my business. I really have a lawsuit. CRAIG GREGORY Ryan. RYAN’S OFFICE. RYAN Personally? (quiet and calm) This is the most personal situation you will ever enter. INT. the reason is not important. . CTC . NATALIE (still in character) Don’t take this personally.

.. CRAIG GREGORY I’m not talking about here. I’m not a dinosaur.) No. RYAN CRAIG GREGORY Hey.. RYAN I’m not a fucking tour guide. No. Show her the magic.. don’t blame me. CRAIG GREGORY (frankly. CRAIG GREGORY I want you to show her the ropes.. CRAIG GREGORY (CONT’D) Hey. Ryan. you seem pretty confident that this girl doesn’t know what she’s doing. Blame fuel costs. RYAN I’m not. here’s your chance. A beat as Ryan registers what Craig means: The Road... Blame insurance premiums. . We’re making you irrelevant. CRAIG GREGORY Great.. Blame technology.33. (a beat) Watch yourself. RYAN What do I know about what happens around here? Have Ferguson do it. RYAN Excuse me. You’re too young to be a dinosaur. I just don’t think a MySpace page qualifies you to rewire an entire company. we’re making ourselves irrelevant.. Take her through the paces. RYAN Am I the only one who sees that by automating our own business.. Well. Ryan shoots a look.

RYAN Ryan centers the cut-out again and tries to ZIP around it. but that doesn’t help. you can. CRAIG GREGORY Ryan. He tries putting it on an angle.DAY Ryan is packing his ROLL-AWAY BAG. RYAN’S APARTMENT . when he notices the CUTOUT of his sister’s engagement photo.34. Craig cups one of his hands and places a FOLDED POST-IT between his fingers like a ship’s sail. Rounding everybody up. CRAIG GREGORY (re: his hand) This is the boat. For a moment. (begins to leave) Let me know. But you’re not going to be on your own. Craig raises his other finger far away. but it is immediately clear that the photo is two inches to long. If you want to stay out there a little longer. Ryan churns. It is practiced and systematic. Huh. but he can’t get the zipper around the HEADS of the photo. it almost seems like he’s assaulting their tiny head with the zipper handle. Doesn’t help. INT. CUT TO: . CRAIG GREGORY (CONT’D) (re: his finger) This is you. CRAIG GREGORY (CONT’D) Do you want to be in the boat? RYAN Yes. Alone. He tries placing it in the open bag. A moment of silent frustration. A beat of Ryan taking in this ridiculous illustration. He’s just about finished. we’re ringing the bell.

LUGGAGE STORE. they break and he exits. Luggage. maybe five minutes waiting for. The little heads of Ryan’s sister and her fiance are poking out the top of the bag. (off of Natalie’s look) You know how much time you lose by checking in? NATALIE I don’t know.. RYAN That’s exactly what it is. Ryan stops when he notices NATALIE saying goodbye to her BOYFRIEND . She arrives and sets the heavy bag down with a CLUNK. INT. .a kind of Hollister looking guy in his midtwenties.MORNING Ryan cuts right through the crowd. The SCRAPING against the terrazzo sends a shiver up Ryan’s spine. THE ROLL-AWAY Being pulled through an airport. OMAHA .MORNING Ryan pulls one out and tests the action. After a beat. EPPLEY AIRFIELD.35. The two zippers have been closed on either side of them as though they were tiny passengers peeking out the sunroof. Natalie sees Ryan and starts dragging her LARGE SUITCASE towards him. He’s not thrilled by the public affection. NATALIE I really like my luggage. What? NATALIE CUT TO: A ROW OF ROLL AWAY BAGS INT. Ryan stares at her travel case for a beat then up to her. wheeling his carry-on towards the automatic check-in machines. EPPLEY AIRFIELD ..

MORNING Ryan spots various “bad lines”. Their bodies are littered with hidden metal and they never seem to appreciate how little time they have left on Earth.. I travel two hundred seventy days a year. RYAN Never get behind people travelling with infants. EPPLEY AIRFIELD . Ryan starts walking. INT.A FAMILY OF SIX. RYAN Thirty five minutes per flight.. SECURITY. That makes one hundred fifty seven hours. (points to her luggage) You ready to throw away a whole week on that? INT. then sees a group of Asians. Third Line . .36. RYAN (CONT’D) Five words. As they pass the first line . I’ve never seen a stroller collapse in less than twenty minutes.AN ELDERLY COUPLE RYAN (CONT’D) Old people are worse. RYAN Bingo. They enter the fourth line behind the Asians. Asians. NATALIE You can’t be serious.A COUPLE MIDDLE EASTERN GUYS. TERMINAL FLOOR.MORNING Natalie is attempting to repack her new bag in the middle of the airport. Randomly selected for additional screening. That’s Seven Days. Second Line . EPPLEY AIRFIELD. Ryan helps by throwing a couple things out.

Hitting the keys with violent strokes. RYAN What are you working on so furiously? NATALIE I’m building a work flow of firing techniques. A script that works kind of like a tributary. INT. Questions & responses. INT. RYAN I’m like my mother. treasure efficiency. SECURITY. BOEING 757 .She’s a loud tapper. She also has forgotten to take her laptop out of her bag. and have a thing for slip-on shoes.MID FLIGHT Ryan is sketching a theoretical book cover for “The Backback”. They’re light packers. It’s faster.. NATALIE That’s racist. Why? NATALIE RYAN Fats Domino had a lighter touch. having just gone through security. I stereotype. RYAN Are you upset at your laptop? No. NATALIE I type with purpose. RYAN Who is it for? . RYAN (CONT’D) Asians. when we hear a beeping go off. taking you through the steps of firing someone. It’s a mess. EPPLEY AIRFIELD MOMENTS LATER Ryan is just fastening his belt.37. God love’em.. Natalie is working on an Excel Document on her laptop . Actions & reactions. It draws Ryan’s attention and a raised eyebrow. Natalie is trying to find the metal on her body that has set off the machine.

38. you think we do here? NATALIE We prepare the newly unemployed for the emotional and physical hurdles of job hunting while. you could put it in the hands of anybody and they could be downsizing immediately.. I’ll meet you at the rental lot. But it’s not what we’re doing. (frankly) And then to stop the boat. All they have to do is follow the steps. Smiles. and make them swim while we row back to the palace of their banishment to present the employers with our bills. ST. RYAN Natalie. shove’em in the water. what are we doing? RYAN Our job is to make limbo tolerable To ferry wounded souls across the river of dread and humiliation to the point at which hope’s bright shore is dimly visible. NATALIE Theoretically. . MAIN TERMINAL.. You rehearse that? Natalie smiles and goes back to her work. what is it. Ryan’s phone rings. LOUIS INT’L AIRPORT . Minimizing potential legal blowback? RYAN That’s what we’re selling.. but holds back for now. RYAN (to Natalie) I got to grab this. NATALIE Okay. He sees the caller ID. NATALIE That was really impressive.. INT. Ryan goes to say something.DAY Ryan zips through the wandering types as Natalie tries to keep up.

Call. RYAN Hey..Don’t. ALEX Next time you’re worried about manners . She moves to a quieter place. Ryan lights up. only with a vagina. RYAN When am I going to see you? .39. Just think of me as yourself.. This woman fucking rocks.. RYAN (smiles) Fat Matt’s. I’m not some waitress you banged in a snow storm. ALEX I’m in Hotlanta. ALEX Ryan. Then recovers. The word “Appropriate” has no place in our collective vocabulary. Ryan turns into an elevator well to talk. Alex stops. I didn’t know what was appropriate. I was hoping I’d hear from you. I need a rib joint recommend bad. Ryan picks up.. HOTEL CONFERENCE ROOM .. If you want to call . I’m the woman you don’t have to worry about.DAY Alex is on her cell phone as a junior behind her folds a portable projector screen. RYAN You know. RYAN This sounds like a trick. Bring a bib. INTERCUT WITH: INT. Natalie nods and keeps moving. ALEX You haven’t called..

Natalie accidentally makes eye contact with one guy. BOTTLING COMPANY . ALEX Tell me about it. INT. then quickly shifts her gaze forward. INT. A few desks in one corner are still manned.. RYAN (compassionate) Oh..The elevator door opens.DAY Ryan and Natalie ride. Is she nervous? Excited? Ding . then a connection at ORD into SDF. INT. Ryan notices. Scattered telephones sit on the ground where desks used to be. She knows who they are. briefcases in hand. . RECEPTION. RYAN (to desk girl) Ryan Bingham. Think you could push? ALEX (smiles) I can push.DAY Ryan and Natalie pass rows of cubicles. Joy. BOTTLING COMPANY . into IAD. The desk girl looks up from her work.. ALEX I’m out of Hartsfield. Natalie is swaying back and forth.40.DAY Ryan and Natalie enter the door to find a reception desk on an empty floor. Heads begin to pop up to see their arrival. sorry.. from CTC. BOTTLING COMPANY . CUBICLE CITY. RYAN How long is your layover in O’Hare? They’ve got multiples into SDF. Natalie tries not to show: It’s all becoming very real. ELEVATOR.

Ryan points to a stack of packets. RYAN All you have to do today is watch and listen. When I talk about the strategy packet. WINDOWLESS CONFERENCE ROOM. One is even grateful. REAL PEOPLE respond further. RYAN Everything important in life comes with a packet. INT.DAY Ryan and Natalie sit next to each other at a polyurethane conference table. NATALIE You ever find it strange that termination comes with a packet. the reason you and I are meeting is this is your final week of employment here. REAL PEOPLE tighten up as they begin to catch on. REAL PEOPLE blame all sorts of people and situations that they personally hold responsible.41.. RYAN This is not a time to look for blame. You hand them one of these. RYAN I understand why you are saying these things. RYAN While I wish I was here with better news. (MORE) . As you’re probably well aware. Some are polite. MONTAGE OF MORE REAL PEOPLE REACTING TO BEING FIRED A SERIES OF REAL PEOPLE sit down across from Ryan and Natalie RYAN Thank you for coming by. Some are enraged. Your position simply no longer exists. this is a tough economic climate and your company is not immune.. BOTTLING COMPANY .

Natalie can’t hold back any longer...42. And the tree of aspirations.. Ryan looks at Natalie like she’s out of her mind.. RYAN (cont'd) It’s perfectly natural to feel this way.. BOB Positive effect? .. (another person) . NATALIE (a suggestion) Perhaps you’re underestimating the positive effect your career transition may have on your children. RYAN (with emphasis) The answers are all in there.. RYAN Fill out the skill set work sheet. RYAN The answers are all in there. (another person) The answers. Ryan nods to Natalie who we now see begrudgingly HANDING PACKETS to all of the REAL PEOPLE we’ve already met... Use the hopes and dreams diagram... We see more packets getting handed out as Ryan repeats.. We SEE the “TREE OF ASPIRATIONS” sheet. (another person) The answers. I want you to take the next week to explore this strategy packet.. are-all-in-there. CUT TO: BOB (AN ACTOR) PRESENTING A PHOTO OF HIS CHILDREN BOB And what do you suggest I tell them? BOB. Dry red eyes from tears of rage stare down the lens..

Bob looks up shocked and pissed. NATALIE Well. I’m a wake up call. BOB Yeah.43. Bob.Where is he going with this? BOB What are you talking about? . tests have shown that children under moderate trauma have a tendency to apply themselves academically as a method of coping. RYAN Your children’s admiration is important to you? BOB Yeah. Kids love them because they follow their dreams. Natalie shrinks. It was. Natalie looks to Ryan . That’s what my kids’ll think. RYAN No. RYAN But you can cook. BOB Go fuck yourself. that’s why we love athletes. I doubt they ever admired you. BOB Hey asshole. You know why kids love athletes? BOB Because they screw lingerie models. Ryan immediately covers. aren’t you here to console me? RYAN I’m not a shrink. RYAN (frankly) Well. well I can’t dunk. Bob.

RYAN Do you believe in fate. Never a moment of happiness. I think fate is telling you to do something. Clock in. RYAN (CONT’D) I see guys who work for the same company their entire lives. (looks up at Bob) How much did they first pay you to give up on your dreams? BOB (flat) Twenty seven thousand a year. BOB (offering) I met my wife at a gas station. Most students work the frier at KFC. Bob looks up and meets eyes with Ryan. Then you got out of college and started working here. You bussed tables at Il Picatorre to support yourself. Clock out. (pauses for effect) Not everyone gets this kind of opportunity. (MORE) .44. Bob. You know. the mysterious ways in which we wind up doing the things we were meant to do. Bob? Fate? BOB RYAN Yeah. RYAN Your resume says you minored in French Culinary Arts. Ryan picks up Bob’s resume. RYAN Exactly. Well. RYAN At what point were you going to stop and go back to what made you happy? Bob simply shrugs.

NIGHT There’s a BUSINESS WOMAN waiting in the regular line. . The woman bats it out of Ryan’s hand onto the floor. Fuck off. the woman lifts her hand in outrage. LOUIS HILTON . Ryan begins wheeling his bag forward. Bob’s eyes begin to water again. Natalie jumps to attention and hands Bob a packet. Natalie holds back. LOUIS HILTON .. ST.EVENING Natalie is washing her hands. They are now both first in their respective lines for the counter. Ryan’s DIGITAL NUMBER bumps up another thousand points.The promotions are great. ST. INT..45. He’s a changed man. Ryan walks right past her and gets into the ELITE LINE. INT. PUBLIC BATHROOM.Hand over the packet. BUSINESS WOMAN I’ve been waiting ten minutes. confused by Ryan’s actions and wanting to avoid confrontation. Ryan grabs a BROCHURE for ELITE MEMBERSHIP off the desk and hands it to the business woman. He just waltzes in and gets to cut in line. when she stops to look at herself in the mirror. DESK CLERK We reserve priority assistance for our Hilton Honors members. The woman looks over at Ryan and sighs. Meanwhile.. The DESK CLERK frees up and gestures for Ryan to step forward. RYAN (CONT’D) The chance for rebirth. If not for yourself. The desk clerk swipes his card. Do it for your kids. BUSINESS WOMAN Ryan looks back at the desk clerk and smiles. RYAN You should look into it .. LOBBY. Ryan shoots Natalie a look .

I shop them according to the miles they pay and I pit them against each other for the most value. What’s that all about? Are you talking like frequent flier miles? Ryan gives Natalie a look . teleflorists. NATALIE Hungry. The works. She goes to see if the woman is okay.Is she ready for this information? RYAN Your really want to know? NATALIE (mock serious) I’m dying to know. I plan on grabbing every mile I can.. then stops herself Maybe I fired her. You okay? RYAN NATALIE (covers quickly) Yeah. unless it somehow profits my mileage account. She grabs a paper towel. Fine. And there’s a lot of food. NATALIE Okay. . Natalie’s eyes move back and forth trying to figure out why there seems to be three main courses and a bunch of sides. dries off her hands. but internet services. ST. and leaves. music downloads. INT. much? RYAN Our expense account allots for forty dollars each on dinner. I’m not talking hotel rooms and rental cars either.EVENING Natalie sits back down at the table a little visibly shaken. you got to fill me in on this mile business. RYAN I don’t spend a nickel. she hears someone CRYING in one of the stalls.. RESTAURANT BAR.46. if I can help it. Just then. cell phone. LOUIS HILTON . their food arrives. After a beat.

RYAN I’d be the seventh person to do it. NATALIE Wow. What’s your target? RYAN I’d rather not. it’s not like that. NATALIE (teasing) It’s a secret target? RYAN It’s ten million miles. Ryan looks back at Natalie . I get it... Sounds cool. Seems a little abstract. The miles are the goal. NATALIE Do they give you a parade or something? . NATALIE That’s it? You’re saving to save? RYAN Let’s just say I’ve got a number in mind and haven’t hit it yet. I didn’t mean to belittle your collection. NATALIE Huh.47. NATALIE I guess we all need a hobby. what are you saving up for? Hawaii? South of France? RYAN No. More people have walked on the moon. NATALIE So. Isn’t ten million just a number? RYAN Pi is just a number.Hobby? NATALIE (CONT’D) Oh hey.

NATALIE (CONT’D) If I had that many miles.” Ryan types back: Ryan: “Me too. RYAN’S ROOM.48. Maynard Finch. This idea sinks in for a second with both of them. RYAN Lifetime Exec Platinum status.. NATALIE Men get such a hard-on from putting their name on stuff. RYAN And why do you suppose that’s singular to men? NATALIE Probably cause you can’t have babies. You get to meet the Chief Pilot.You just need to pee on everything. RYAN Now. He’s reviewing his sister’s wedding invite when his BLACKBERRY BUZZES on the night stand. pick a place and go. who’s stereotyping? NANCY Fear of mortality. They put your name on the side of a plane. Just laying here.” INTERCUT WITH: . He reaches over to check it. You guys don’t grow up . It’s a text message: Alex: “Can’t fall asleep. I’d just show up at the airport. you’re going to die one day.NIGHT Ryan is laying in bed wearing a Hilton bathrobe. INT. And... It’s like Yes. LOUIS HILTON . Ryan can’t help but laugh a little.. look up at one of those big destination boards. ST.

DAY Natalie is standing with a camera in her hands. left.) Have sweet dreams about me.” Ryan smiles. LOUIS . and stop.. Alex: “You should rub one out. He stares at the message for a second. LAMBERT FIELD. giving directions.49.” BLACKBERRY BUZZES again.” Alex: “. The camera POV makes it look like Julie and Jim are standing in front of St. left. She types away at her BLACKBERRY and presses SEND.” Man alive. lying in bed. left... . EXT. Alex: “Way ahead of you. Like the gnome thing. NATALIE Left. Louis International Airport.NIGHT Alex is in a t-shirt.. ST.” RYAN (chuckles) Thanks for the advice. Reveal: Ryan is placing the CUT-OUT of Julie and Jim. RYAN Ryan: “Call me next time so I can listen. Types back. ALEX’S HOTEL ROOM . Ryan: “Only fair if you do too. NATALIE I don’t get it. one more inch. She thinks this is charming. Ryan’s BLACKBERRY BUZZES again. INT. then sets the blackberry down and turns off the light.. RYAN My sister is cooky..

Ever wondered why they call it the Spirit of St. (MORE) .. Pretty sweet.Before Lindbergh could cross the Atlantic. I mean. RYAN Why she wants dozens of reminders of all the places she hasn’t been is beyond me. YOUNG ASIAN GUY . Louis Airport? RYAN She should be so lucky to visit Lambert Field. NATALIE No. CONFERENCE ROOM. Louis? NATALIE (quickly) No.DAY Ryan and Natalie sit stoically as a YOUNG ASIAN GUY rants about why they are idiots to fire him.. INT. Natalie takes the photo... A precursor to everything from JFK to DeGualle. RYAN Look . The Wright Brothers flew through there... NATALIE Well.. WICHITA SECURITIES COMPANY . NATALIE (lame) Wow. man... (points out the conical main terminal) The domed main terminal was the first of its kind. Ryan goes to say something. he took off from one of those runways.. And another thing.? You know how fucked this place is without me? You know how fucked this place is without me? Fucked in the ass.50. I’m sure she’s going to be crushed for having missed this airport. why would your sister want a fake photo in front of the St. but Natalie is already gone.

CUT TO: INT. The young asian guy snaps up one of the PACKETS and leaves. can I fire the next one? Ryan gives it some thought. Natalie sits up. right? NATALIE We’re here to talk about your future. they just need to vent.51. CTC. KAREN I’m here to be fired. WICHITA SECURITIES COMPANY . CONFERENCE ROOM. I get the drill. for the love of God.LATER A professional African-American woman wearing a smart suit sits down at the conference table. YOUNG ASIAN GUY (cont'd) I am the one thing preventing this place from being totally fucked in the ass. What are they offering? NATALIE Inside the packet you’ll find a clearly worked out severance package. . A full year of placement services through our company. NATALIE Three months pay. RYAN Sometimes. KAREN Give me the bullet points. NATALIE Please. Six months medical. KAREN You don’t have to sugar coat it. KAREN Placement services? How generous. slamming the door behind himself.

KAREN So I could be looking for a while. NATALIE Not necessarily. RYAN People say these things all the time.. They do? NATALIE RYAN Sure. He puts a hand on her shoulder. . WICHITA SECURITIES COMPANY COURTYARD . NATALIE (spirits lifted) Oh yeah? KAREN Yeah. Why? KAREN There’s this beautiful bridge by my apartment. KAREN Oh. I’m pretty confident about my plans. Ryan is five steps behind her. it takes one month of searching for every ten thousand dollars you expect to earn in salary. People are always saying crazy stuff. Can you tell me? Is high tide in the morning or the evening? NATALIE I don’t know. NATALIE Commonly. NATALIE She was so calm. EXT. don’t sweat it.52. It comes with the trade. She’s freaked out.DAY Natalie bursts out the doors and sits on a bench. Natalie begins to tremble.. I need to figure out what time to jump off it. They get worked up.

. nothing good can come of that. BEGIN MONTAGE A PLANE PULLING BACK ITS GATE AND TAKING OFF WHITE COLLAR PEOPLE ARE HANDED PACKETS RYAN AND ALEX ENTERING A NEW HOTEL ROOM.DAY Looking out the window at the passing landscape. .. no. RYAN (not quite sure) I think that’s a good sign. we see GRAPHIC WHITE LINES AND NUMBERS denoting each mile as they click by. HILTON HOTEL LOBBY . GARDENER DRIVES A RIDER MOWER ACROSS A TINY STRETCH OF GRASS INT. Ryan tears a page out of AMERICAN WAY MAGAZINE outlining their mileage program and hands it to Natalie. Taking people at their most fragile moment and setting them adrift.53. but I don’t think you should worry about it. it’s just talk. RYAN (CONT’D) This is the job. THEY’RE BECOMING MORE COMFORTABLE WITH EACH OTHER INT. Over the pastures and roads. NATALIE How do you know? Do you follow up? RYAN I mean. NATALIE So they don’t actually ever do it? RYAN No.EARLY MORNING Ryan turns a corner to find Natalie talking to her computer screen with headphones on. Natalie is clearly still worried. BOEING 757 .

MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT . She’s having an iChat with someone..DAY A 757 touches down on the runway.. Not really sure how long this whole exercise is supposed to last. Ryan decides to listen in for a second. Checks a mirror.. aunts. Start with casual acquaintances.. You have a new backpack. (listens. No. INT. Get your sisters and your brothers and you parents.54..MORE EMPLOYEES REACT TO BEING LAID OFF WE SEE SHOTS OF VARIOUS SLICES OF THE AMERICAN LANDSCAPE FROM THOUSANDS OF FEET IN THE AIR EXT. A NEW OFFICE . And finally your husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend.AFTERNOON Ryan stands before a similar crowd as the opening of the film. He’s fine.. WICHITA HOTEL . but we only hear her side of the conversation. Get them in their too. CONFERENCE ROOM.sitting on an EASLE... He’s old. rolls eyes) I. NATALIE I’ll be back soon. people around the office. Now move into family members cousins.. friends of friends and work your way to the people you trust with your most intimate secrets. RYAN Okay.. . I can’t even think of him that way. I want you to fill it with people. RYAN’S HEADSHOT . This is where it gets a little difficult. Ryan frowns. you know. It’s hard for these guys to accept change... MUSIC BEGINS TO FADE AS THE MONTAGE COMES TO A CLOSE ON. but stay with me. but this time. and uncles. I’m not even going to answer that. Get them all in that backpack.

INT. your relationships are the heaviest components of your life. Light laughter. RYAN (CONT’D) Now set that bag down. Noticeable agreement. WICHITA HOTEL . Star-crossed lovers. Ryan lets the weight sink in.55. We’re sharks.AFTERNOON Ryan has finished his session and is talking to eager stragglers. watching. RYAN (CONT’D) Some animals were meant to carry each other. For the first time. we see Natalie near the side. You can feel the relief in the room. A titter through the crowd. RYAN (CONT’D) You don’t need to carry all that weight. RYAN (CONT’D) Feel the weight of that bag. All those negotiations and arguments and secrets and compromises. Ryan focuses towards his conclusion. Make no mistake. RYAN (CONT’D) The slower we move. Feel the straps cutting into your shoulders. the faster we die. I’m not going to ask you to light it on fire. We are not one of those animals. Ryan accepts a business card and elaborates on one of his theories. We are not swans. To live symbiotically over a lifetime. Monogamous swans. ANNEX. RYAN (CONT’D) Don’t worry. .

.. Natalie sighs.. NATALIE I.. Natalie is finishing a phone call.DAY AN AMERICAN AIRLINES PLANE touches down. Meanwhile. What? NATALIE RYAN Sell me marriage. NATALIE (CONT’D) You never want to get married? Never want kids? RYAN Is that so bizarre? NATALIE Yes. Yes it is. INT.DAY We’re following a HILTON SHUTTLE down a street of PALM TREES.. TARMAC... MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT .? NATALIE Ryan smiles to the few other riders as if apologizing. How how about love? Pff. She closes her phone and pockets it in silence. She looks shell shocked. down the hall. MIAMI BOULEVARD . RYAN (CONT’D) Sell it to me.56. Never. RYAN I don’t see the value.AFTERNOON Natalie and Ryan ride back to the airport. EXT. Uh. EXT.. We catch them midconversation as Natalie drills Ryan on his theory. HILTON AIRPORT SHUTTLE . RYAN .

My parents went the same way. NATALIE Okay. spend your life with? RYAN I’m surrounded by people to talk to. then turns back. Natalie looks steamed. We all die alone. (a beat) Make no mistake. I doubt that will change. NATALIE How about just not dying alone? Ryan stops to address this. we moved each one of my grandparents into a nursing facility. still having the same conversation.DAY Ryan and Natalie enter. RYAN (CONT’D) (adding) Those cult members down in San Diego with the white sneakers and little Dixie cups of Kool-Aid. thinks of something.57. LOBBY. RYAN (CONT’D) Just saying . . MIAMI HILTON . RYAN Starting when I was twelve. The shuttle stops and everyone goes to grab their bags. INT. RYAN (almost silent) Oh fuck. Out of nowhere. Ryan turns. They didn’t die alone. Natalie starts crying.There’s options. Stability? RYAN How many stabile marriages do you know? NATALIE Someone to talk to.

ALEX Maybe a drink? Ryan goes to challenge the idea.MIAMI HILTON . Natalie is now balling in the middle of the lobby.58. I’m fine. Alex. it’s fine. he finds..Who gives a questioning look to the young sobbing girl. Natalie is sipping a drink.. BAR LOUNGE ... Just stupid emotions... . friend. Natalie gives Alex a firm handshake. Natalie attempts a recovery... I.. RYAN Hi. CUT TO: THE SCREEN OF NATALIE’S CELL PHONE TEXT READS: “I Think it’s time we c other people” INT.MOMENTS LATER The three share a booth. when. Instead. NATALIE Brian left me. RYAN Oh.. It’s not graceful. NATALIE Now we’re talking. ALEX I should give you both a moment. Natalie. hey. Ryan looks around for a place to set her down. She seems to have settled a little. Ryan goes to hug Natalie and she simply folds into his arms A mop of tears. Alex this is Natalie. ALEX . Natalie leads the way. NATALIE No. this is my. Alex and Ryan exchange quick hellos.

You did? RYAN NATALIE I had a job waiting for me in San Fran. RYAN To Nebraska. (catches herself) No offense. NATALIE I look in the mirror and I just see compromise. He told me we could start a life together. ALEX He broke up with you over text message? RYAN (soft dig) That’s kind of like firing people over the internet.. and fun. .. I thought I’d be engaged by now. NATALIE I followed him to Omaha.. unpredictable.. ALEX (re: the ex-boyfriend) What a weasely prick. ALEX You’ll do plenty. NATALIE Yeah.59. I’m supposed to do something. So I followed him. when he got an offer from ConAgra. Both Natalie and Alex shoot Ryan a look. NATALIE I just can’t. And then we’re surprised when they turn out to be pricks. but what does that make me? Someone who falls for a prick? ALEX We all fall for them. Pricks are spontaneous.

Corner office by day. maybe have a kid. I mean.. Well done...60. ALEX You really thought this guy was the one. RYAN At a certain point. ALEX It doesn’t work that way. NATALIE When I was sixteen. I was supposed to be driving a Grand Cherokee by now. apocalyptic. .. you stop with the deadlines. RYAN NATALIE But sometimes it feels like no matter how much success I have. because thirty is just way too. RYAN None taken. where did you think you’d be by.. ALEX (my generation?) It was our pleasure. anti-feminist. I really appreciate everything your generation did for me. I thought by twenty three.. ALEX Life can underwhelm you that way. it all won’t matter until I find the right guy. I would be married. having no idea how old Alex is. NATALIE I don’t want to say anything that’s. I mean. Natalie catches herself. entertaining at night.. ALEX It’s alright. ALEX They can be a little counterproductive. NATALIE Now I have my sights on twenty nine..

. you know.. Ryan smiles. Brown hair. all the physical requirements are pretty much out the window. (thinking) Wants kids. Six foot one. Comes from a good family . by the time you’re thirty four. Likes kids. white collar. and a nice smile. Loves dogs. RYAN ALEX Huh. Right. Oh.....You don’t think about that when you’re younger. You know. I guess. In a perfect world. The bill? RYAN NATALIE My type. Works in finance but is Outdoorsy. let me think for a sec. RYAN I’m not sure if. on the weekends. ALEX (CONT’D) Not an asshole would be nice? Just someone who enjoys my company. I mean you secretly prey he’ll be taller than you. I could have made it work. (mulls it over) Well.. Dave. (we think she’s done) I always imagined he’d have a single syllable name like Matt or John or.... Kind eyes. he drives a Four Runner and the only thing he loves more than me is his golden lab. (MORE) .. (back to Alex and Ryan) How about you? This catches both Alex and Ryan off guard.. Likes funny movies. College grad.61. NATALIE Yeah. NATALIE I meant Alex. He just really fit the bill. I don’t know.

. And the only person left to judge you will be the twenty four year old girl with a target on your back. by the time someone is right for you.. ALEX You’re young. Alex and Ryan react . Nice smile. ALEX (CONT’D) Please let him earn more than I do. NATALIE (CONT’D) I should just date lesbians. ALEX Tried it.62. but believe me. NATALIE I don’t mind being married to my career. Natalie looks worse than when the conversation started. .. ALEX (CONT’D) Wants kids. We’re no picnic ourselves.. Yep. Alex looks to Ryan. a nice smile just might do it. (looks up) I just don’t want to settle.. That doesn’t make sense now. That was depressing. We can tell Ryan is taking a serious interest in this. it won’t feel like settling. Healthy enough to play catch with his future son one day. Right now you see settling as some sort of failure. it will one day. ALEX Don’t worry. NATALIE It is. He has a nice smile.. (reaching) Hopefully some hair on his head.It’s not that bad. By definition. Otherwise it’s just a recipe for disaster. and I don’t expect it to hold me in bed as I fall asleep. NATALIE Wow.? But it’s not exactly a deal-breaker anymore.

. Ryan looks to Alex. and Natalie wheel their ROLL-AWAYS towards the elevator. NATALIE I didn’t know you could just attend those. I mean. NATALIE So. Alex.? Oh.. NATALIE What.. Natalie cracks a smile. ALEX Well...63... .. They’ve grown closer.. NATALIE We are in Miami. I don’t know if. MIAMI HILTON .. I get it.... RYAN . Natalie notices a group of SOFTWARE TYPES mingling with badges around their necks. INT. I’m in! ALEX More money than they know what to do with... what’s the plan for this evening? Ryan and Alex share an uncomfortable silence. NATALIE No. ALEX It’s nothing like that. LOBBY LOUNGE.. These guy put on a quite a party.DAY Ryan. We were going to hit that party for the tech conference in the hotel. is it illicit? RYAN (quickly) No. NATALIE (eyes widen) You’re going to crash it? RYAN I mean.

SOFTWARE CONVENTION PARTY. Alex. and particularly Natalie. They turn the corner.. Natalie is pretty tipsy at this point.. So do Ryan. Alex. We find Ryan. (to Alex) You are so pretty. Lots of guys in LOGO POLOS. MIAMI HILTON . INT.. C! The opening beats of the 90’s jam “Bust-A-Move” blast over the speakers and sure enough. now-40-year-old rapper. and Natalie at a stand up table. That great hip hop song from 1998 is playing over the PA. M. . They’re now wearing badges. MIAMI HILTON . CONFERENCE LEADER I’m going to need you to all put your hands together for a very special guest .. ALEX Jennifer Chu? Oh shit! NATALIE RYAN It’s going to be fine.NIGHT Ryan. CONFERENCE LEADER How’s everyone doing out there?! People cheer. A CONFERENCE LEADER steps up to an on stage MIC.NIGHT Corporate color balloons. This was a great idea.64. You’re exactly what I want to look like in fifteen years. CONFERENCE CORRIDOR. RYAN (to Natalie) You okay there? NATALIE Oh yeah. ALEX Thank you. INT. and Natalie confidently walk up to the CHECK-IN TABLE and take BADGES. Alex reads Natalie’s badge.. Alex. Natalie..YOUNG. Young MC steps out and starts rapping.

wearing BADGES like Mardi Gras beads..NIGHT A nice two story yacht that was obviously purchased before the bubble popped. “Mr.. a group is playing karaoke. Empty Back Pack”. but they’re having fun. TRY TO DO WHAT THOSE LADIES TELL US. RYAN That’s why I don’t have a “back home”. GET SHOT DOWN CAUSE YOU’RE OVERZEALOUS. ALEX Natalie has already found a dancing partner. RYAN Think she’ll be okay? Look. Ryan and Alex make it out to the dance floor. Inside the galley.. Ryan emotionally stumbles. You’re so cool. FEMALES GET JEALOUS.. ALEX I know. NATALIE. Everyone goes crazy and starts dancing. Ryan smiles. They’re awful dancers. Meanwhile. She’s all over him. PLAY HARD TO GET. You did? RYAN ..65.. EXT. YOUNG MC THIS HERE’S A TALE FOR ALL THE FELLAS. Ryan and Alex sit with their legs hanging off the back of the hull. near the back.. is singing “Time After Time”. I don’t get to act the way I do with you.. who can’t believe his luck.. RYAN You know about the back pack? ALEX I googled you. BOAT . ALEX Back home..

laying on a stretcher. out of nowhere.. Then. Jesus. ALEX RYAN I literally started to drown. Oh my God.66. that depends. so we piled into my car and hit the ice to do donuts. First time I ever flew. This guy in a uniform is telling me I was minutes away from dying. I’m in a helicopter. I black out. I hit a soft spot and the hood of my car tilted up and I was sinking backwards into the water. ALEX You just don’t want to be tied down? The whole responsibility thing. ALEX It’s what us modern girls do when we have a crush... I wake up in the sky.. continues story) It was January and I had just gotten my driver’s license. I was sixteen. Within a few seconds. RYAN Did it bother you? ALEX Well. RYAN I don’t think it’s even that.. I. The lakes were frozen over. When.. I’m not exactly a hermit. ALEX . Is the bag empty because you hate people or just the baggage they bring along? RYAN I don’t hate people. ALEX You’re not going to answer? You’re just going to tell me a story? RYAN (smiles.

Ryan returns to the point. but now I could see the world was really just one place and comparing didn’t make much sense. The idea settles in. and smiling.67. still kissing. PONTOON BOAT . Now.. the lights go out on the boat. Ryan and Alex look out to shore. And I remember thinking . when they lock lips.. I’ve been thinking that maybe I needed to empty the bag before I knew what to put back in. And from there. Recently. I probably needed to be alone. a foreign capital. halfway across the state.. I think we’re out of gas. It’s notably different from their previous kisses. soaked. RYAN Right? (relives it for a second) So just as we’re hovering over the hospital. Then. Ryan and Alex look back to find the software dude stepping out of the galley. (A beat) My parents had taught me we lived in the best place on Earth..Don’t tell me this isn’t an age of miracles. I could see the whole western horizon. they just start cracking up. Don’t tell me we can’t be everywhere at once. .. drunk. Twenty minutes to reach a city I’d thought of as remote. RYAN I don’t know what originally sparked the back pack...NIGHT Ryan and Alex are huddled under a blanket in the corner of the rubber boat as it putters its way to shore. EXT. The motor has stopped. all of a sudden. And now they kiss.. Natalie and David are there too. Cold. SOFTWARE DUDE Hey. we are reminded why people kiss in the first place. We’d been flying twenty minutes. about 500 yards away. I sit up. For whatever reason.

RYAN I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed spending time with someone as much as you. INT. Okay.. scamper into the hotel on the balls of their feet. Ryan takes her wrist so she can’t leave. teasing) Oh. MIAMI HILTON . MIAMI HILTON . ALEX Got to fly stand-by and make a meeting in Milwaukee. you’re up.NEXT MORNING Ryan’s eyes flutter awake to see Alex getting dressed. RYAN Yeah. holding their shoes. RYAN Hey. ALEX Neither can I.. They kiss again and he lets go. no. . EXT. LOBBY. Alex gives him a peck. BEACH ..NIGHT Everyone gets out of the boat in the cold knee deep water and splashes up to shore.. all right. Alex leaves and the door closes. I made you feel cheap.68. RYAN’S HOTEL ROOM.NIGHT Ryan and Alex followed by Natalie and her make-out buddy. INT. Just leave the money on the dresser... ALEX (notices. Ryan just lays in bed for a moment. ALEX (sweetly) I’ll text you later so we can swap schedules. soaked from the knee down. RYAN (disappointed) Oh.

. Did you wake him for an awkward good bye or just slip out so he could feel like a whore. In the background is a TRAVELING SALESMAN rolling calls.MIAMI HILTON . did you wake him up or slip out? What? NATALIE RYAN This morning. Meanwhile. He perks up for each message then goes back to being miserable.. MIAMI . RYAN Sometimes there really is no right thing to do. .. CAFE . It was nice to see you cut loose. Your new friend.DAY The walkway overlooks a large MARINA filled with giant YACHTS.. just left. INT... This doesn’t comfort her. Natalie looks pretty worse for wear. OCEAN BOARDWALK. Ryan and Natalie are doing the photo thing with the CUT OUT of the engagement portrait again.. NATALIE I didn’t know what was right. I said things. EXT. I just didn’t want you to think. NATALIE Last night got a little out of hand..69. RYAN Protocol is always tricky. after a little silent eating.. I don’t remember everything I said. So.MORNING Ryan and Natalie have a quiet breakfast.. NATALIE (not proud) I. RYAN Just relax.

NATALIE What kind of relationship do you have? RYAN It’s. NATALIE Think there’s any future there? RYAN Never thought about it. NATALIE What happened to Alex? RYAN Had to skip town early to make a meeting. What’s going on here? NATALIE Really never thought about it? RYAN (a good lie) No. NATALIE That’s too bad. RYAN NATALIE You thinking of going to see her? RYAN I don’t know. NATALIE How can you not think about these things? How does it not even cross your mind that you might want to have a future with somebody? . Casual. Where does she live? Chicago. We just don’t have that kind of relationship.70. you know. NATALIE Sounds pretty special. RYAN It works for us.

I’m just dicking around.. I need your help. RYAN Right. RYAN It’s simple. it’s simply a life choice. a break through) Yes.. NATALIE (finally. NATALIE Don’t you think it’s worth giving her a chance? RYAN A chance to what? NATALIE A chance at something real? RYAN Natalie. NATALIE Would you stop condescending for one second? Or is that one of the principles of your bullshit philosophy? RYAN Bullshit philosophy? NATALIE The isolation? The traveling? Is that supposed to be charming? RYAN No. Well. . Natalie knocks over the CUT OUT and stands up. I don’t.71. RYAN Oh come on. your definition of “real” is going to evolve as you get older.. NATALIE You’re an asshole.. and the whole world goes quiet for a second. you know that moment when you look into someone’s eyes and you feel them looking right into your soul.

MIAMI HILTON . BATHROOM... Ryan reaches. MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT . . which is beginning to sink in the filthy water. NATALIE RYAN Well. still damp from the ocean... is drying the CUTOUT with a hair dryer. FALLS IN. I need to grow up? You’re a twelve year old. CONCOURSE. screw you too. INT. and reaches. A GUST OF WIND suddenly blows the CUTOUT across the boardwalk into the OCEAN. only now they are slightly faded and bent from their trip in the harbor.. He climbs down a GANGWAY to a dock that is closest to the CUTOUT. Fuck! RYAN Ryan goes running after the cutout.. NATALIE You’ve set up a way of life that basically makes it impossible for you to make any human connections.DAY Ryan. Screw you. this woman runs the gauntlet of your ridiculous “life choice” and comes out the other end with a smile . and just as he’s got a finger tip on the photo. RYAN Wow. somehow.72.. NATALIE It’s a cocoon of self-banishment.. Natalie begins walking away. INT.DAY We’re following the CUTOUT HEADS popping out of the ROLL-AWAY like earlier. Now... RYAN I don’t have a gauntlet of. . Jesus. Big words.Just so you can call her casual.

There’s an inch of snow on the ground.DAY Ryan and Natalie drive in silence. Sitting on the conference table is a COMPUTER set up for a VIDEO CONFERENCE. DETROIT COMPANY .73.DAY Ryan and Natalie check in at the front desk. INT. DETROIT HIGHWAY . Natalie and Ryan exchange a look. DETROIT COMPANY . EXT. The weather is frigid. Get the packet in their hands and get them out the door. CRAIG GREGORY Welcome to Detroit. EXT. RYAN These Detroit guys can be tough. MIAMI INTERNATIONAL . Ryan and Natalie enter the building in silence. DETROIT INTERATIONAL . CONFERENCE ROOM. Stick to the simple stuff. DETROIT CAR PART COMPANY . TARMAC.DAY We’re watching Ryan through the window of the plane. when they both see something and immediately stop short. They’ve been getting hammered. Framed up in a WINDOW on the screen is CRAIG GREGORY. Don’t get distracted.DAY The plane lands amidst snow. TARMAC.DAY A one story brick building. EXT. INT. INT. RYAN What’s going on here? . RENTAL CAR.DAY The door opens. Ryan and Natalie enter. He almost looks trapped.

Natalie. Atta girl. RYAN This is a real company. now takes pause. RYAN She’s hardly ready for this. once confident. So let’s stop screwing around. RYAN We could use a little more time. CRAIG GREGORY I was thinking Natalie takes this one. Good thing we brought our best. CRAIG GREGORY Gotta leave the nest at some point. I’m game. Craig. She’s great. Natalie. you not up for it? NATALIE I’m. RYAN Just give me a minute to prepare and get my things together. CRAIG GREGORY I’ve been watching her.. CRAIG GREGORY I mean.. We’re here to do some damage. RYAN (re: the webcam) This is a whole other animal. Thought we should nut up and give this a try. CRAIG GREGORY I know. she created it.. CRAIG GREGORY I’ve been getting those great numbers over the last few days.74. CRAIG GREGORY . alright? Ryan sighs..

watching Natalie on his monitor. RYAN Just remember. SAMUELS (checking out the PC) What’s going on here? NATALIE I wish I was here with better news. CONFERENCE ROOM. You’re going to do fine. My name is Natalie Keener. NATALIE RYAN Just keep it professional.MOMENTS LATER Ryan and Natalie have a moment aside. . SAMUELS What are you talking about? NATALIE You’ve been let go. DETROIT COMPANY . Got it. CRAIG GREGORY’S OFFICE.DAY An unsuspecting man in his mid fifties enters the room and takes a seat at a COMPUTER TERMINAL. Mr. (for the remainder of the scene.) NATALIE Hello. ALTERNATE CONFERENCE ROOM. DETROIT COMPANY . Samuels.LATER Craig is leaning back in his office chair. we will intercut between Natalie’s room and the POV of the man’s iChat session. Don’t tell them how hard this is for you. CTC . however your position here at Deckers is no longer available. INT. INT.75. Today is one of the worst days they will ever have. INT. What we feel doesn’t even compare. don’t apologize.

76. SAMUELS What, just like that? I can’t believe... Who are you? NATALIE My name is Miss Keener. I am here to tell you about your options... SAMUELS I work here for seventeen years and they send some fourth grader in here to can me? What the fuck is this?! Ryan fights the urge to jump in. He is sitting next to Natalie, but just out of view of the camera. NATALIE It’s perfectly normal to be upset. However, the sooner you can tell yourself that there are greater opportunities waiting for you... SAMUELS Greater opportunities? I’m fiftyseven-fucking years old! Mr. Samuels is now on the verge of tears. Eyes red. NATALIE Anybody who ever built an or changed the world, sat are now. And it’s because there that they were able empire, where you they sat to do it.

We remain in the room with Natalie and Ryan, but we hear Mr. Samuels crying. It’s loud and embarrassing. It’s coming from the next room. He’s literally on the other side of the wall. NATALIE (CONT’D) There’s a packet in front of you. Samuels picks up the packet and opens it. NATALIE (CONT’D) I want you to take some time and review it. Samuels begins to leaf through. NATALIE (CONT’D) All the answers you’re looking for are inside those pages. (MORE)

77. NATALIE (CONT’D) The sooner you trust the process, the sooner your next step in life will unveil itself. Samuels puts down the packet. The tears still coming slowly. NATALIE (CONT’D) I need you to return to your office now and begin to put together your personal things. Samuels doesn’t move. He’s just sitting there in a daze. NATALIE (CONT’D) Thank you for your time, Mr. Samuels. No reaction. Just more silent tears. Natalie is getting nervous. NATALIE (CONT’D) Mr. Samuels? There’s nothing else we can discuss now. (and again) Thank you for your time. Ryan fights the urge to break in as Natalie continues to lose her composure. Craig leans into his computer, watching intently. NATALIE (CONT’D) Mr. Samuels... Mr. Samuels.... MR. SAMUELS... Finally, Samuels breaks from his daze. He looks up and around for a second, then gets up and leaves. Natalie catches her breath. A second later, Samuels passes their room, visible through the conference room windows. They watch as he walks away. RYAN You did good. Natalie nods. RYAN (CONT’D) You okay? Want me to take over. NATALIE No, I’m alright. Natalie pulls out a LIST OF FORTY NAMES. The amount of people is daunting. She crosses off the first name.

78. EXT. PARKING LOT, DETROIT CAR PART COMPANY - AFTERNOON We find Natalie standing next to the rental car. She’s staring into a snow drift. Her eyes say everything - She just grew up. Meanwhile, Ryan is on his CELL. We catch the end of his conversation with Craig. RYAN (CONT’D) ... We just got out here. That was one place. I think we need to try a few more... (listens) Maybe there isn’t a difference, but it’s comforting to know we’re in the next room. (listening) I know you don’t give a shit about my comfort. (listens) We could just use a little more time. That’s all I’m saying. (listens) Right... Right. (shakes his head) Yeah... Alright... Uh huh. Bye. Ryan hangs up. RYAN (CONT’D) He thought you did a great job. You did - I was real proud of you. Thanks. NATALIE

RYAN We’re being pulled off the road. (clarifying) We’re going home. For good? NATALIE

RYAN That’s what it looks like. A moment of mixed emotions. INT. RYAN’S ROOM, DETROIT HILTON - NIGHT Ryan is holding the LARGE EMBOSSED ENVELOPE of his sister’s WEDDING INVITATION.

I understand. DETROIT AIRPORT . NATALIE I mean. It looks inexpensive. RYAN NATALIE You going to be okay? RYAN What do you mean? In Omaha? NATALIE RYAN Oh. where are you going? RYAN Grabbing another flight. NATALIE It’s better than you’d think. . Pulls out his BLACKBERRY and dials. He pulls out the RESPONSE CARD.. looks at the line for extra guests. uh. Ryan disappears in the crowd. RYAN It’s alright. I’ll see you in. Something I need to take care of. NORTH TERMINAL. NATALIE I’m sorry about what I said about Alex. Sighs. at home... who am I to be dolling out relationship advice? It’s fine.. I was out of line. Something off screen grabs Ryan’s attention. I don’t know. then sets it down.MORNING Ryan and Natalie ride the MOVING WALKWAY.79. She speaks up. Something is on Natalie’s mind. INT. They get off the moving walkway and stop at a GATE that reads “Omaha”. NATALIE Ryan. Ryan begins to walk off. He pulls out the actual INVITATION.

maybe see one of those weird French Canadian circus shows. ALEX How do you feel about the wedding? RYAN I’m fine. Alex obliges. walk away.. I thought we’d gamble. Think so? RYAN ALEX Yeah.80. EXT. RYAN (O. PARKING LOT. carrying the engagement CUT OUT.DAY We’re looking at the LUXOR PYRAMID. start walking it in from the left. Alex picks up the engagement photo. (directing the photo) One more foot to the left. Ryan takes the photo. If they’re lucky.C. they’ll make cute kids. ALEX I have to admit.. maybe look a little like you. RYAN How do you like Wisconsin in February? ALEX Who doesn’t? (sweetly) (MORE) . She checks out the engagement photo. make out in a heart shaped jacuzzi. RYAN There’ll be plenty of time for all that. LAS VEGAS . I guess. ALEX enters frame. when you asked me to meet you in Vegas.) Okay. (directing the photo) Okay great... ALEX They’re a cute couple. Alex and Ryan look at the photo together for a second.

. ALEX You want me to be your date? RYAN Well. I want a dancing partner. I know a killer burger in Milwaukee. And if you can stomach it. ALEX (CONT’D) RYAN What? I haven’t even. I don’t want to be that guy. Your sister’s wedding? RYAN It’s not like I know her that well... Why not? ALEX RYAN ALEX I couldn’t. Besides.. You know.. I can’t... But for the first time in my life.. RYAN Northern Wisconsin.81. ALEX To a wedding. No. alone with his drink. I want a plus one. I’m not the wedding type.. Jesus. ALEX I’m just not sure if it’s appropriate for me to. RYAN Look. Ryan. He’s inviting me to the wedding.. I’d like it to be you... Yeah. .. ALEX (cont'd) I like it if you’re there.. RYAN I’m being serious. (clarifying) What are you doing this weekend? This quickly registers.

. CHALET SUITES .DAY Two ROLL-AWAYS side-by-side. but they can’t use it. BAGGAGE CAROUSEL. CHALET SUITES HOTEL . Ryan and Alex walk in unison. I’m in.” EXT. Okay. DRIVEWAY. Yeah. When is it? RYAN I feel like we should kiss or something.. Just a little sadder.DAY Ryan and Alex approach the check-in lines. Alex sighs. RYAN (to the CHECK-IN LADY) Are you available? . LOBBY. Really? ALEX RYAN ALEX Yeah. MILWAUKEE AIRPORT . A long thoughtful beat. Ryan is forced to stand in a queue of three people while a CHECK-IN LADY just stands at her computer at the elite line. Almost like they can’t believe they’re getting away with something. moving through the terminal. They pass a LARGE AIRLINE ADVERTISEMENT featuring MAYNARD FINCH in uniform. Of course. It’s halfway between a Swiss Lodge and a Best Western. I can’t believe I.DAY Ryan’s rental car pulls into the CHALET SUITES driveway. They share a smile. A yellow sign reads “Welcome Miller-Bingham Wedding Guests!” INT. “We Value Your Loyalty. ALEX Then kiss me. INT. They do.82. there’s an elite membership line.

this is my sister Kara. It’s been a while.. RYAN They hug..83. RYAN Kara. CORRIDOR. Awkward but heartfelt. They’ve been given a room at the end.. Hi.. uh. KARA Well.. hello. RYAN You’re not staying at the house? KARA There was an extra room on hold here.DAY Ryan and Alex walk down the long hallway.. what are you doing at a hotel? KARA Fuck. CHECK-IN LADY Sorry. Just as they’re entering their room. . INT. ALEX KARA (quite frankly. Frank and I are trying out a trial separation. CHALET SUITES .) Ryan has told me nothing about you. It’s a strange hug. Kara. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to. this line is for members of our Matterhorn program.. Ryan steams. so I just took it for the weekend. It’s Ryan’s sister KARA. Ryan? KARA Ryan turns and stops. Yeah. the door across the hall opens revealing a woman in her early forties with a basket of laundry. RYAN (CONT’D) Alex..

So. I’ll see you two there. ALEX What in life is worth doing that doesn’t have a packet.. the rehearsal dinner? KARA Yeah.84. RYAN There’s a packet. INT. They play it off as a joke.. Kara humps the laundry basket down the hall. .. you guys are dating? Ryan and Alex fumble over each other. I love you? Ryan is kidding. I remember when mom used to call Jack her boyfriend.DAY Ryan and Alex settle in. outlining the wedding weekend. There’s a cheap basket with a pink ribbon tied sloppily around some cellophane.. KARA Yup. RYAN ALEX It’s not exactly. HOTEL ROOM... It drove me up the wall. Boyfriends are for kids. RYAN So. but can’t help feel the weight of this “moment”. We’re all getting a little old to be calling someone girlfriend. KARA Hey. but not really. RYAN Oh. RYAN Um. (mock announcing) And I’m just a divorcee! An awkward beat in the corridor of the Chalet Suites. CHALET SUITES . Um.. In the basket is a packet. okay.. don’t worry about it.

RYAN I brought those photos you were asking for. It’s not quite balanced and seems to favor quantity over quality.. Julie shows off her ring. waves wildly. Tammy waves. the bride. Ryan! She hops up and gives him a hug. you look so grown up. JULIE Tammy wrapped all of them. JULIE I know. CHALET SUITES . This is Julie’s husband-to-be and we can tell immediately that Ryan isn’t thrilled. JULIE Oh my God. Ryan thinks of something. Kara was right. You are so beautiful. JIM raises a hand. Did you get the basket? ALEX The basket was very lovely.85. . INT. JULIE (CONT’D) (proudly) Jim designed it.EVENING A group of tables have been slid together for the rehearsal dinner.. RYAN Me? You’re the one getting married. right? You haven’t even seen my ring. JULIE (CONT’D) You must be Alex. Ryan and Alex find the dinner in full swing. Ryan’s sister JULIE. He pulls out the 5X7 PHOTOS they took of the JIM & JULIE CUT OUT. JULIE (CONT’D) Ryan. CLUB ROOM FIRESIDE LOUNGE.

ALEX (helps) . Julie points to a table and Ryan walks over. a honeymoon just didn’t seem affordable this second.. Jim has a lot of our nest egg invested in this real estate venture right now. Ryan begins to pin his photos on the map over the cities where they were taken. ALEX It was a great idea. JULIE CUT TO: . Hey. isn’t it great how everyone chipped in? RYAN What gave you the idea to do something so.. Substantial? JULIE Well. It’s overwhelming.. we see almost a hundred photos pinned to a map of America.. his effort seems miniscule. All of a sudden.86... Thanks. RYAN There were quite a few already up there. So when we went over our finances. Ryan returns to the conversation with his sister and Alex. JULIE I know. So I thought.. He backs away to see it as a whole and his addition has already become invisible. The idea of this lands on Ryan pretty hard.. JULIE (lights up) Oh great! They go over there. Almost couldn’t find room. When he gets there. just because we can’t travel doesn’t mean we can’t have pictures.

. You buy a maintenance contract with the home. Jim makes an exhale noise that means “you bet your ass”. JIM It’s sixty acres up against the foothills. RYAN Ryan and Alex make eye contact. This is America. What? JIM RYAN That bit at the end about promise. We’ll whack your weeds.. This is what we were promised. . talking real estate.87. Furniture? You buy your own or choose a package. not a development. yet all the perks. I subdivided the old Lazy W Ranch and took a nice slice for myself. Seamless traditionalism. JIM We all need a place to call our own. JIM (correcting) It’s a community. Alex is having a chat with the brides maids about local relationship drama. AN HOUR LATER Ryan is stuck with Jim. RYAN Must be a nice development. I like it. RYAN That’s a nice touch. we’ll even change the light bulb. There’s a joy in their connection amongst the ramblings of their company. Nice. JIM Homes will go in the high fours. The concept is turn-key everything. RYAN Sounds nice.

DRIVEWAY. . That should do the trick. Jim comes walking by with a box of flower arrangements from the tables inside that are going to be reused at the wedding. (leading) So. you still renting that onebedroom? RYAN I gave it up. JIM (surprised) You own now? No. EXT.88. JULIE No. The conversation stalls out.. JIM (a little embarrassed) Thanks. CHALET SUITES . No. I’ll have some warm milk. RYAN JIM But you’re looking? RYAN Not really.. TAMMY Can you believe it’s tomorrow?! How are you going to sleep? JULIE I don’t know! TAMMY You want some Xanax? RYAN I don’t think that’s for sleeping. Tammy grabs Julie’s hands. JIM One more box.NIGHT Everyone is leaving. I’m good.

. RYAN Oh. Just the three of them. with dad not being. KARA (uncomfortable) He’s been really supportive.. around then. yeah.. Ryan. Julie. JULIE Guests are arriving around 5ish. RYAN Jim seems like a good guy. Alex comes out with the second box. Oh.. Alex steps back in and for the first time in who knows how many years. I didn’t know if you had someone to walk you down the aisle. Just come down the elevator.. yeah. It’s easy. and Julie are alone together. Isn’t he great? KARA He’s going to make a great husband... RYAN Hey. Kara. ALEX I’ll get it. There’s a moment where they just look at each other and giggle a little. I know.. Well.. Jim’s uncle is going to do it. Just wanted to make sure you were covered. You sure? RYAN ALEX Yeah. So I should get there at. . JULIE Oh. Ryan notices and grabs the flowers from her and sets them in Jim’s luxury pick-up truck. Things get going at 530.89. great. JULIE Yeah.... I was thinking.. So you know..

Alex. Hey Kara? Yeah. RYAN KARA RYAN Can you believe she’s getting married already? She’s just a kid. RYAN’S OLD HIGH SCHOOL . and Kara arrive at their adjacent rooms. INT. CORRIDOR. .90. RYAN KARA Yup. She slides her HOTEL HONORS CARD in and opens the latch. RYAN Are we really doing this? ALEX Give me a boost. Ryan shrugs. It’s cold. Key cards slide in simultaneously. Ryan stops. ALEX That’s all you got? Alex starts walking down the side of the building.NIGHT Ryan. Oh. CHALET SUITES . She’s barely squeaking by. FADE TO: EXT. looking for an open window. Alex heads in. KARA No Ryan. The third one opens a crack.it’s locked. Actually.NEXT MORNING The rental car pulls up into the empty lot. Snow on the ground. Ryan and Alex walk up the steps and try the door of the main building . she’s 37 years old. Sleep tight.

That’s me. WAUPACA HIGH SCHOOL . EXT. ALEX You played basketball? RYAN Point guard. Don’t act so surprised. Ryan climbs in after her. A TEAM PHOTO OF A HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL TEAM A finger reaches and points to a teenage face.91. HALLWAY. show me around. CLASSROOM. RYAN (O. They head for the door. ALEX I didn’t know you were such a jock. (pointing) That was my seat. RYAN My first fight. WAUPACA HIGH SCHOOL .C. WAUPACA HIGH SCHOOL . . Come on. He immediately recognizes his surroundings. You? RYAN ALEX Not until college.DAY Ryan and Alex walk passed a concrete ledge. LOADING DOCK. RYAN I took geography in here.) INT. INT.DAY Alex slowly wedges herself headfirst through the window. ALEX You ever fool around with one of your teachers? No.NEXT MORNING Ryan and Alex are huddled at the trophy case.

DAY Kara is on her cell phone. . CUT TO: RYAN AND ALEX KISSING UNDER THE STAIRWELL EXT. CHURCH . we see bridesmaids consoling Julie. The first thing we hear is crying in the background. RYAN (checks caller ID) It’s Kara.92. SOCCER FIELD. RYAN (to the team) Go Cougars! Players look back at him strangely.DAY Alex and Ryan sit tight like teenagers on the team bench. WAUPACA HIGH SCHOOL . RYAN This is where we used to go to make out. Behind her in the deep background. ALEX I’m really happy I came here. STAIRWELL. Ryan’s phone rings. The school soccer team takes the field for practice. INT.DAY Ryan shows an area behind the stairwell. ALEX Very romantic. INTERCUT WITH: INT. ALEX How’d it go? RYAN Got my ass kicked. WAUPACA HIGH SCHOOL .

93. CHURCH .DAY Ryan’s rental car pulls up in front. Can you get back here? We need your help. ALEX I’ll grab your suit. embarrassed and confused. RYAN What’s wrong? What happened? KARA It’s Jim. The groomsmen are huddled in another corner. (adding) Good luck. RYAN What happened? KARA Jim’s got cold feet. ENTRY. RYAN You want me to talk to him? . Kara splits from the brides maids and takes Ryan aside.. where are you? We’re having a meltdown here. EXT. KARA Ryan. Today? RYAN KARA That’s how cold feet work. RYAN Yeah. of course. CHURCH . RYAN What do you want me to do? KARA Talk to him.DAY Ryan immediately spots Julie sobbing and being consoled by her bride’s maids. INT.. He hops out and Alex takes the driver’s seat.

Well here it is.. I’ve already struck out once. Ryan takes a breath. I know you want to be there for her. Fuck. KARA Don’t you talk for a living? Motivational type stuff? RYAN I tell people how to avoid commitment. when. SUNDAY SCHOOL ROOM. KARA It’s stupid. Ryan.. You know my record. RYAN Hey.DAY Ryan quietly steps in to find Jim. This is your chance. KARA Hey. it might have helped you. half dressed in a tux reading the children’s book “The Velveteen Rabbit”. A beat of stalemate. Ryan? JIM RYAN Oh.. KARA What kind of fucked up message is that? RYAN It’s a philosophy. A beat. it’s either you or me.. you basically don’t exist to us.94. I haven’t been in the dugout. Jim sniffles. RYAN I haven’t been to bat. INT. . CHURCH . hey Jim. Ryan goes to leave. KARA Come on. You haven’t been around much.

all of a sudden they’re out of school.. JIM You ever read this? RYAN Yeah. what everyone aspires to.. (begins to snowball) . Us buying a house and moving in together. I’m retired. I was thinking about the wedding and the ceremony and all.. what am I starting here? RYAN (dancing) It’s marriage. .I’m dead.. Having a kid. getting jobs.. JIM (CONT’D) (now asking Ryan directly) I mean what is the point? The point? RYAN JIM Yeah. I mean. getting married. JIM I don’t think I can do this.. Having another kid... football games..95. thoughts? Jim puts down the book.. JIM RYAN Kara mentioned you were having some.. And then.... and I just kept thinking.. Fuck. Thanksgiving.. spring break.. I’ll say. Before you know it . Christmas. it’s pretty powerful stuff. it’s the most beautiful thing on Earth.. you know. “What’s the point?” Ryan gulps. RYAN Okay. you know.. I’m a grandparent.. What makes you say that today? JIM I was just laying there last night in bed and I couldn’t sleep.

. RYAN That’s true. Ryan takes a beat. it’s hard to define “try”. The greatest moments of your life? Were you alone? . JIM You seem happier than most of my married friends. (a beat) There isn’t a “point”. JIM You never got married. RYAN Jim. I’m not going to lie. Marriage can be a pain in the ass. Some guys leave marks that last beyond their own mortality.your favorite memories..96. And you’re kind of right .. Jim sinks a little.. But some.All of this is just stuff on the way to your eventual demise... JIM You never even tried. But think about it . Not guys like you and me. RYAN (CONT’D) I’m not the guy you’d normally want to talk to about all this stuff. RYAN Well. But even those footprints disappear. CUT TO: KARA EAVESDROPPING AT THE DOOR WITH A LOOK OF COLD FEAR BACK TO: RYAN (CONT’D) We are all on running clocks that cannot be slowed down or paused and they all lead to the same place.

. Jim chuckles to himself. Jim nods. RYAN I don’t want to sound like a Hallmark card.. RYAN (CONT’D) Come to think of it.. This resonates with Jim and he can’t help but smile.. JIM (thinks about it) No. Weren’t you two sleeping in separate rooms? JIM Yeah. Thanks. JIM That’s a nice touch.. RYAN JIM What’s the mood like out there? RYAN It’s not good.. but. when all this shit was circling through your head... Last night. Emotional.. Life? It’s better with company. . RYAN Kind of lonely? Yeah.97.. the night before your wedding. Everybody needs a copilot. JIM What should I do? RYAN (twinkle in his eye) Go get her. JIM RYAN Hey. Julie went back to the apartment and I was all alone in that big honeymoon suite. I guess not...

RYAN Hi. CHURCH Jim walks over to the huddle of bride’s maids. . who looks on proudly.Ryan and Alex dance like teenagers. KARA Welcome home... JIM I’m sorry I’m such a fuck up. They kiss.Ryan and Alex mingle with their table. They pass Ryan. Kara walks over to Ryan and pats him on the shoulder.. .Jim standing at the alter with the priest getting a pat on the back from his best man. Will you be my co-pilot? Julie gives him a perplexed look before smiling and falling into his arms. Harold.The priest gives his blessings. Tears and smiles spread amongst the girls. They part and let him in.Tammy has her tongue down a groomsmen’s throat. MONTAGE BEGINS AS A SERIES OF IMAGES: .98. INT. . WEDDING GUEST I’m your cousin. . .. . Oh. He kneels at Julie’s feet. . hey! RYAN .. He is not good at public speaking. but there’s a crooked joy in their faces.Wedding attendees file into the Chalet Suites Banquet Hall. . I’m Ryan. but the guests are generous with laughter.Jim makes a speech.The band does a cheesy choreographed dance step.. . ENTRY.Jim raises Julie’s veil. .Julie getting walked to the alter by Jim’s uncle. They’re in a hurry and a little sloppy.Ryan and Alex getting dressed in a little kitchen in the church.

ALEX Call me if you get lonely.. A beat. Ryan goes to say something. He walks over to the window.Ryan pulls Kara onto the dance floor. when the elevator door closes. Alex begins to step away to her gate. ALEX When am I going to see you? RYAN You’re just going to have to come and visit. OMAHA . but he finally ignores it and gets in line under the sign that reads “OMAHA”. . We hear a boarding announcement for Chicago. . INT. . RYAN Same guy. He has an impulse. Just one address. She’s wearing his jacket. The other sign reads CHICAGO.. She rests her head on his shoulder and they slow dance. RYAN’S APARTMENT. Alex turns for her gate and joins the crowd.. ALEX So settled down. RYAN . CONCOURSE.MORNING Ryan and Alex stand between their gates... .Jim and Julie make their farewell and run off.. We’re about to see them kiss. You’re not going to change on me. MILWAUKEE AIRPORT . And then.Ryan and Alex get into the elevator together.99. One sign reads OMAHA. ..Ryan and Alex help pick the center pieces off the tables.EARLY EVENING The door opens and Ryan wheels in his Roll-Away. I’m lonely.. parts the blinds and checks out his awful view. CUT TO: INT.

you’re running through the events too quickly.100. . It’s quiet. RYAN’S OFFICE. She is in her element and very proud of her work.DAY Ryan is sitting at his desk. We go live at the end of the month. He puts on a HEADSET. RYAN This is ridiculous.DAY Natalie is giving Ryan a tour of the new ONLINE FIRING AREA A series of cubicles with YOUNG GUYS ON HEADSETS. RYAN Are they actually on line. RYAN You don’t actually call them that. RYAN Really? I can’t imagine why. Ryan can only watch. they’re beta-testing. INT. right now? NATALIE No. It’s alone. but it bumped with legal. (catches one of the guys making a mistake) Kyle. Role-playing. We see Ryan opening some mail. CTC . INT. CTC HEADQUARTERS. NATALIE . Okay? It’s a legal thing. You have to give them time to acknowledge each statement. We see Ryan laying in bed. Some guy sits down in a conference room somewhere and a server routes their session to one of our termination engineers. NATALIE They follow a workflow that can take them through anything from a standard dismissal to a violent aggressor. NATALIE I prefer “terminators”.. CTC ..

RYAN Last year. Blue Banners hang from the ceiling. Digital projectors show Ryan’s Headshot . GOALQUEST HOST You ready to rock? Ryan nods and gets up. CONFERENCE ROOM.DAY One of the GIANT DIGITAL MARQUEES reads: “GOALQUEST XX” INT. He isn’t believable. Uncomfortable. The GOALQUEST XX stage is like nothing we’ve seen yet. You feel them? Ryan isn’t feeling them.ANOTHER DAY Craig is leading a meeting. CTC . EXT. INT. I want you to feel the straps on your shoulders. He takes a breath. Ryan seems focused on something on his laptop. holding his BACKPACK. The moon is only two fifty. We see his screen: An itinerary for GoalQuest. LAS VEGAS STRIP . A slick GOALQUEST HOST enters the room. INT. then steps out in front of a sea of people...DAY Ryan sits on a sofa. LAS VEGAS . I flew three hundred fifty thousand miles..DAY Ryan stands in the wings.101. .. He’s barely even there. A long beat. GREEN ROOM. CONVENTION HALL.What’s In Your Backpack? Ryan sets the BACK PACK on a table and quickly unzips it. He is not inspired. Ryan looks at the back pack. A breath. Large and professional. GOALQUEST . RYAN Imagine for a second that you’re carrying a backpack.

BOARDING GATE. INT.. EXT. we see Chicago below as the flight begins its descent. Handlers try to figure out what Ryan is doing. Start with the little things.DAY Ryan hustles past SLOT MACHINES until he is actually jogging. Ryan takes a beat.. Excuse me. MCCARRAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT .. through the window. Ryan leaves the stage. CORRIDOR OF LIGHT. We’ll have your next guest out in a sec. INT.. everyone just relax. RYAN Now..102. INT... Peaceful music emits from hidden speakers. RYAN The.NIGHT Ryan on the PEOPLE MOVER under the ceiling of NEON LIGHTS. The stuff in drawers and on shelves.. He’s the last one to board. MCCARRAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT . CONCOURSE. BOEING 757 . Ryan is trying. GOALQUEST HOST (to Ryan) What the fuck are you doing? (to crowd) Okay. Ryan walks briskly past idle riders. um.NIGHT Over Ryan’s shoulder.DAY Ryan runs up to a gate. The Host runs for the mic. . I want you to pack it with all the stuff you have in your life. RYAN And with that. CHICAGO O’HARE AIRPORT . He just stares at the backpack and thinks about all the things he has removed from it. And then. but he can’t find the will to do this.

you forgot to give me your Devotion Club card! EXT. Ryan stops. Emotionally bleeding to death. A man’s voice calls from inside. Ryan just stands there. A man chases after them. She’s at home. knocks. Alex’s husband becomes visible just as she’s shutting the door. The door unlocks and opens revealing ALEX.NIGHT Ryan hurriedly signs a hand-held device. She’s wearing sweatpants and glasses. hops into a SEDAN and speeds off.. RYAN But there’s something else.checking the address against a piece of HILTON STATIONARY. RENTAL CAR SATELLITE KIOSK..NIGHT Ryan steps out of his rental car and approaches the door of the townhouse . RENTAL CAR ASSISTANT Hey. He turns and heads for his car. Alex is still speechless. EXT.. CHICAGO . CHICAGO SUBURBS . Something’s wrong. ALEX’S HUSBAND Who was that? . She’s frozen. MAN’S VOICE (O. TOWNHOUSE. Ryan’s smile begins to melt. Surprise. dropping the flowers.C. The RENTAL CAR ASSISTANT suddenly realizes. She looks different.. giggling.103.) Honey. Alex is in shock. ALEX (almost inaudible) What are you doing here? Ryan begins to step away. Her eyes are angry and apologizing all at the same time. and puts on a smile. We hear Footsteps. who’s at the door? A couple kids run by through the background.

CHICAGO O’HARE AIRPORT . I thought we signed up for the same thing.. RYAN Try to help me understand.. Crappy little COFFEE MAKER crappily brewing. RYAN How could you lie to me? INTERCUT WITH: INT. EXT. I didn’t know you had a family . Crappy HAIR DRYER crappily blowing. CHICAGO HILTON . ALEX .Why didn’t you tell me that? ALEX Come on. INT. You’re. What is it you signed up for? ALEX I thought our relationship was perfectly clear. RYAN’S SUITE.NIGHT We’re watching Ryan through his window from far away.104. AIR TRAIN.Just showing up at my door like that? RYAN What do you mean? I wanted to see you. DOWNTOWN GARAGE . He sits on his bed. Ryan gets in his rental car and drives off.. Crappy hotel BAR OF SOAP crappily lathering.. ALEX’S CAR. EXT. holding a glass with an inch of scotch on his knee. tie undone. (MORE) . CHICAGO HILTON . ALEX What were you thinking .. almost as if looking through binoculars.SAME Alex sits in the car with the engine running.MORNING We see quick glimpses of Ryan getting ready. just some guy who was lost.MORNING Ryan is on the phone with Alex..

There’s only one thing he can do. That’s my real life. an escape. But you could have seriously screwed things up for me. ALEX (sighs) Look. PLUCKY TICKET AGENT Welcome back. A parenthesis.CHICAGO O’HAIRE . I’m a grown up.... ALEX (cont'd) (a long beat) . He checks the DISPLAY CTC Calling. That was my family. . I’m sorry that I ruined your night. EXT. RYAN I’m an escape? ALEX You know. There is something plucky about the TICKET AGENT. RYAN I’m a parenthesis? ALEX Seriously. INT. RYAN I thought I was a part of your real life.. What does he want? ALEX (CONT’D) You don’t even know what you want.. He is more lost than usual.MORNING Ryan is walking when his phone buzzes. CHICAGO O’HARE AIRPORT . Mr. a break from our normal lives. Ryan can’t quite believe what he’s hearing. He presses IGNORE. I don’t hold a grudge. Bingham..DAY Ryan walks up to the TICKET DESK. just give me a call.105. When you’re ready to be an adult and see me again. TICKET DESK . ESCALATOR. Ryan? I can’t believe we’re having this conversation. He hangs up. I mean what do you want? Ryan stumbles on this. Ryan.

work on laptops. Bingham. Ryan just stairs at the stitching on the seat in front of him. The flight attendants separate just enough for a man in a bomber jacket to squeeze through. MAYNARD FINCH (to Ryan) That seat taken? . PLUCKY TICKET AGENT Your boarding card.. Mr. nonbulkhead. right. then tries to recompose... Oh no. It’s Maynard Finch. RYAN The Gershwin theme song for the airline rains down from the overhead speakers.. Left side aisle. RYAN What’s got you so fucking happy? The plucky agent fades a bit. read trashy paperbacks.. Passengers clap. RYAN Yeah.. Just like you like it.. because he just hit TEN. Passengers look up. the Chief Pilot from the commercial. which might not mean much to most of you.. Flight attendants gather at Ryan’s seat with big smiles and champagne... When. Ryan doesn’t even react. but means a lot to one of our fliers today. MILLION. “Bing” PURSER Ladies and gentlemen.DAY Ryan sits doing nothing. Others around him play Sudoku.. you got me in 2C? PLUCKY TICKET AGENT Of course. BOEING 757 . PURSER (CONT’D) Our pilot has just informed me that we are passing over the city of Mesa. we have a special announcement to make. INT.. MILES.106. He’s just stunned. Ryan takes the ticket and exits.

Happens to all of us. Ryan holds it between his fingertips. RYAN You know. Catches his own reflection. We really appreciate your loyalty. He removes his new TEN MILLION MILE CARD and dials a number off the back. INT. here you go. AIRLINE OPERATOR Hello. I. MAYNARD FINCH (CONT’D) Seventh card we’ve made. It has a pair of wings around “Member Number 7”. RYAN You know how many times I’ve thought about this moment? Played out the conversation I’d have with you right here. MAYNARD FINCH You’re the youngest yet to hit twenty mil. MAYNARD FINCH Really? What did you want to say? A long beat. Small club. Mr.. I can’t remember.NEXT DAY Ryan picks up the phone at his desk.107. CTC .. . Bingham. RYAN’S OFFICE. MAYNARD FINCH That’s alright.. (attempts chit chat) So... Don’t know where you found the time. RYAN I’m from here.. Maynard gives a little salute to his flight attendants. It’s actually been stamped from platinum. Maynard pulls out a MEMBERSHIP CARD. then slides by Ryan to the window seat. (remembers) Oh right. where you from? Ryan looks at him straight in the face.

Can you open up an account under Jim and Julie Miller? AIRLINE OPERATOR Certainly.. RYAN Sounds perfect. I’d like to transfer some of my miles. CRAIG GREGORY What happened to you yesterday? I was trying to reach you all day. CRAIG GREGORY Got a second? RYAN (to the airline operator) I’m going to have to call you right back. Craig enters Ryan’s doorway.. RYAN I got tied up in. RYAN Oh. They’re five hundred thousand miles each. Craig takes a seat across from Ryan. how did you know it was me? AIRLINE OPERATOR This is your dedicated line. CRAIG GREGORY Do you remember Karen Barnes? Ryan doesn’t. RYAN Oh. personal stuff. How many miles would you like to transfer? RYAN How many miles would it take to circle the globe? AIRPORT OPERATOR We have our “around-the-world” tickets. We reserve them for our most loyal and dedicated fliers.108. . What’s going on? An uncomfortable beat.

Natalie fired her. I don’t remember anything. RYAN CRAIG GREGORY (agrees) Yeah. CRAIG GREGORY She killed herself. Fuck. CRAIG GREGORY Wasn’t any woman who gave you any indication. . We’re firing them. CRAIG GREGORY (CONT’D) She was part of a thirty person reduction a few weeks back in Wichita.. RYAN No. you know I have to ask.. CRAIG GREGORY Hey. You never think that. look.. RYAN Just like that? CRAIG GREGORY Text message. I fire dozens of people a day. RYAN No. Of course they’re upset. Ryan isn’t surprised. nothing that stands out. (formality) Do you remember anyone giving you any signals of anything? Depression? RYAN They’re all depressed. Jumped off a bridge.? Anything? Ryan remembers her. RYAN No.. (a thought) Is Natalie alright? Is she coming in? CRAIG GREGORY Natalie quit.109.

OFFICE. RYAN She say where she was going? CRAIG GREGORY Nah. What about video conferencing? CRAIG GREGORY CTC is pausing on the whole new media front for a moment. Getting our work horses back out doing what they do best. Giving it a little more thought. Send us a postcard if you ever get there. Ryan absorbs this. RYAN I should give her a call.110. RYAN How long are you sending me out? CRAIG GREGORY We’re going to let you sail and sail. real fucking nice. INT. Bay Area sports paraphernalia on the wall. Ryan doesn’t react. SAN FRANCISCO . Nods. what happened? We turn to reveal Natalie. She was pretty upset. CRAIG GREGORY (CONT’D) Did you hear me? I thought you’d be thrilled. CRAIG GREGORY (business) I need you back in the air. . MANAGER So. RYAN I’m fine. CRAIG GREGORY (CONT’D) Yeah.DAY A MANAGEMENT LEVEL GUY sits at his desk. Ryan stifles a laugh. right? No one has manners anymore.

Instead. Not in this climate. NATALIE How exactly do you mean? MANAGER You graduated top of your class.It’s Ryan’s letter. We’ve never met. My advice? Take her and don’t look back. MANAGER This guy says I’d be lucky to have you.DAY .O..111.. So many. MANAGER Everybody does at one point or another. CTC . INT. She’ll be the best decision you’ve made in a long time. to fire people for a living. that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to actually hire somebody.. You seemed to have your pick of employment. RYAN (V.. I can’t even count the number of people I’ve fired in my lifetime. you went to Omaha. NATALIE (obvious cover) It’s challenging work. INT.) To whom it may concern. Including right here. The manager raises a letter . SAN FRANCISCO . We hear what he’s writing. I followed a boy. MANAGER I can’t imagine doing that day-inday-out. RYAN’S OFFICE. The manager smiles to himself.DAY Ryan writing the letter.. but I know you’d be lucky to have Natalie Keener.. OFFICE... NATALIE (after a beat) .

RYAN (V.O. ROLL-AWAY in tow. He lets go of his ROLL-AWAY. Ryan stops and looks up at a GIANT BOARD OF DESTINATIONS. He looks like he did in the opening of the film. We look back at Ryan. RYAN (V. The manager puts down the letter and reaches out a hand. INT.) The stars will wheel forth from their daytime hiding places. Something is different though.DAY Ryan walks through the automated door.. passing over. MANAGER Hope he’s right.112. RYAN’S LOFT . A menu of new lives departing every five minutes.O. blessing them. INT. Their spouses will ask about their day and tonight they’ll sleep. Natalie breaks into a smile.DAY Ryan steps out his front door. Maybe even wearing the same clothes. slightly brighter than the rest. Ryan takes a step. CORRIDOR. An endless list of cities around the world. His eyes lock on one of the cities.) And one of those lights. then jumps back to professional.) Tonight. We don’t see which one. OMAHA AIRPORT . RYAN (V. most people will be welcomed home by jumping dogs and squealing kids.. will be my wingtip.O. He makes a mental decision and turns in the direction of the gate. but before his foot can land we. CUT TO CLOUDS .

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