unlock satelite locked password(bell express vu only) -----------------------------------------------------title: how to get the adult channel-lock password

from your bell expressvu receivers so, if you are reading this, you most likely don't have access to the locked channels on your satellite. your parents probably locked out the porn channels and maybe even the ppv ones. well, thanks to good ol' bell...theres a little feature they built into the receivers that dumps the memory of the receiver, its called the memory dump screen. what a perfect name for it. anyway to get to the memory dump screen you have to press a series of buttons on your remote in a semi-quick fashion, press on menu, system setup, diagnostics. then press the info button, right, left you should now be at the memory dump screen...now if you have 1000 series....scroll down till you get to the line "1c0" (the memory dump is for hex) with a bunch of zeros infront of it....now look in the 3rd column of digits you should see 4 digits between 0 and 9...this is the password...but its mirrored...which means the first two digits and the last two digits are reversed. i'll give you an example to help you figure out what i mean. example: this is an example for my parents old reciever in their bedroom.. the 4 digit number in the 3rd column at line 1c0 was "6445"..now remember this is swapped, so all we gotta do is reverse the first two with the last two..so the porn password was... 4564...yippy it works another example: say you see 3869 in the 3rd column, well swap those first two and the last two, what do you have? 6938 would be the password...ok i think you can understand how to get the password for the 1000 series...now what about the 3100? for the 3100 series its a bit different, you still goto the memory dump screen using those combonation of buttons on your remote control, but this time instead of going to line 1c0, you goto line 320...and instead of the 3rd column look in the 2nd where you should 8 numbers..4 of these numbers hold the password to your viewing pleasure, but how can we tell which one it is? this time the numbers are not bitswapped, but they just have the number three (3) before them...i'll give you some examples so you understand...

example: this is an example for my reciever password i set in my downstairs living room... the 8 digit number in the 2nd column at line 320 was "31333337", and since theres a 3 before every number...that means just look at the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th number, so the password for 31323331 is 1337...the pattern is this "3#3#3#3#"...just take those 4 # and try them into the password box, and it should work....no need to swap the numbers just go from left to right.. another example: say you see 39363031 in the 2nd column at line 320..well just look at that "3#3#3#3#" pattern and voila, theres the porn password 9601.

i'm sorry but i don't know the line or the column or the method of getting the password for any other receiver, but i do know there is another way how to remove the password for those receiver irds. unfortunately it involves doing a master reset on the receiver which makes all the defaults reset to factory default. also you only get a limited amount of times you can do, you can do this by going to the memory dump screen then hittin the tv/video button on your remote control, but after all...you're writing to the eeprom of the reciever (just like writing to cmos). but theres a few millions times you can do this, so you dont have to worry that much

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