KUMAR Double Diamond Day Peter Island EDC/Diamond Club Kauai, Hawaii

... another incredible Peter Island experience

EDCs Rocky Covington (l) & David Taylor

“Unforgettable” Peter Island
Unforgettable, that’s what you are Unforgettable though near or far
Crown Ambassadors Bill & Peggy Britt celebrate good times, good friends, and Bill’s return to good health!

Unforgettable in every way And forever more, that’s how you’ll stay...
sparkling clear blue water make Peter Island the bull’s eye of favorite places to be! This was what Bill and Peggy Britt were thinking when they enjoyed a recent visit to Peter Island. Who knows how many times they’ve already been there. It’s possible they don’t even remember! However, when it came time to really relax and celebrate Bill’s recovery from some health challenges – well, how can you top Peter Island? And

Straight from a love song, these words can equally describe one of the most unforgettable places on earth. Nat King Cole could have written the same words for the feeling most people come away with after a trip to “unforgettable” Peter Island. Where would you go if you needed to totally relax; to be pampered beyond belief by a staff dedicated to seeing that all of your needs are met; to enjoy delectable meals prepared especially for you – when and where you want them; a spa where you can enjoy massage after massage until you feel your body melt into a state of relaxation impossible to describe? Without a doubt, Peter Island is one destination about which everyone agrees – it is absolutely incredible. The beautiful private beaches, luxurious accommodations, magnificent weather, and

what could be better than sharing this utopian paradise with people you love?


Buying a Hummer was some experience! As a matter of fact, we bought our Hummer over the phone (what’s there to test drive in a 2006). Kaajal loves the twilight maroon metallic color; the kids love the double headrest DVD; and I just love the drive. It was fun to get it fully loaded with all kinds of luxury upgrade packages, navigation, sunroof, etc., etc. We still aren’t familiar with all the features yet, but it sure is a head-turner on the road! Pallavi and Saloni sure think now that all the other cars are flat cars, even though we have to let them know its vice versa! Thank you upline, BWW, & Quixtar! Our New Hummer H2 2006 SUV

Summer Conferences 2006
June 2 - 4
BWW Orlando Summer Conference Orlando Marriott Downtown Hotel Orlando, Florida

June 16 - 18
Gala/Shah Summer Conference Buffalo Convention Center Buffalo, New York

June 30 - July 2
Kumar Summer Conference Empire State Plaza Convention Hall Albany, New York

Sugeet & Kaajal Ajmani, EDC

Families United

June 30 - July 2
BWW California Summer Conference Palm Springs Convention Center Palm Springs, California

The Gala and Desai families are not only

business associates, next-door neighbors, and great friends – they will soon be relatives! The Lamplighter is proud to help announce the engagement of Anjali Gala and Kavin

July 7 - 9
BWW Dallas Summer Conference Hilton Anatole Dallas Hotel Dallas, Texas

July 14 - 16
A tender moment ... no cake smashing here!
Britt/Miller/Covington Summer Conference Koury Convention Center Greensboro, North Carolina

Desai! A grand engagement party with a
star-studded guest list formally introduced the couple-to-be!

July 21 - 23
Nardone-Melillo Summer Conference Radisson Valley Forge Hotel & Convention Center King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Kavin & Anjali
greet Double Diamond guests,

July 28 - 30
BWW Canada Summer Conference Hamilton Convention Centre Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Anjali & Shivaram Kumar

12 13 14 18 10 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 23

(l/r) Neil, Sirisha, Kanti, Lata, & Anjali Gala; Kavin, Mina, Kulin, & Mona Desai

Bill & Peggy Britt Summer Conference Schedule Peter Island – Trip 1 Peter Island – Trip 2 EDC / Diamond Club Kumar Double Diamond Day Better Life Institute Tribute from a Diamond Child International Business Mentorship: The Key to Success IBO Accounting Tips Ladies in Leadership Pin Winners


Peter Island

... still the one!

In this special “Island Edition” of the Lamplighter, you’re invited along to share the memories of not one, but two fantastic Peter Island trips. Earlier this year, Crown Ambassadors, Bill and Peggy Britt; along with Crowns, Paul and Leslie Miller; EDCs, John and Cathy Merris, David Taylor, and Rocky Covington; and Diamonds, Hal and Michele Newball and Terral and Margaret Hardy headed for the island. Then... like another wave upon the sand... a second group of very special visitors took over the island, as Double Diamonds John and Jennie Belle Crowe introduced the island to their daughter and son-in-law, new Diamonds, David and Kristin Dussault, along with good friends, Diamonds Jack and Magee Spencer. PLUS... check out the action at EDC/Diamond Club in Kauai, Hawaii. If you never get your fill of peeking at paradise... keep turning the pages!

Crown Ambassador Peggy Britt takes a quiet stroll on Peter Island. Crown Ambassador Bill Britt (l) & EDC David Taylor check out their

temporary home in paradise!

To all my friends on the BWW Team...
This was truly one of the greatest trips I have ever taken anywhere in the world, and I have been everywhere! Of course Peter Island is World Class, and anytime you go you will come back a changed person. But what made this trip so awesome was the people. First, Bill and Peggy were there, and I have never seen them so relaxed and having so much fun! To see Bill recovered from his surgery, laughing so much, it was just great for all of us to witness. Bill is back and getting stronger every day!! We had such a great group that I loved being with: Rocky, Paul and Leslie, John and Cathy, Hal and Michelle, and Terral and Margaret. Me and my boy Rocky were in our prime element – he's a nut just like me! You have got to go to Peter Island with people like this. We were off the chart! I think we were all inspired by how much fun Bill and Peggy had with us.

We island-hopped; we danced; and we jumped off the William Thornton, fondly known as the "Willie T." We were constantly pulling pranks and teasing each other. Bill was “Boss Hog” and the quote of the week was "Well... I TELL YOU WHAT." You gotta hear Rocky impersonate Bill on the quote of the week! We were just silly, and that’s a good thing for grownups to do now and then. I guess you had to be there to truly understand how great it was. We basked in the sun and witnessed the most amazing sunsets. We partied, we played, and we ate – oh how we ate! And the best part was that the Corporation flipped the entire bill. We came back with savage tans and a boatload of memories. This is the reason I built the business, gang – to go play on the Beaches of the World together. Come join us, everyone. It's worth the price and I know you can do it. We all believe in you. Make the decision and come join the party! Love you and God Bless, David Taylor, EDC


Bill Britt & Hal Newball
cast off, heading for the clear blue waters of Peter Island. There are places where the grasp of time simply cannot reach. At the heart of success in your Quixtar business, there is a place where you can live and enjoy your dream; where the peak of your achievement will take a totally new dimension. Peter Island is an experience, not just a trip. It is a menu of Caribbean beauty, friendship, and colorful spirits of fun and excitement. When Hal and I were selected to be part of this elite team of winners, we were totally ecstatic. You cannot imagine what it means to be with our heroes in this business and in our lives. Peter Island is about relaxation; it’s about heartfelt warmth; and it’s about reaching your ultimate goal and living the dream. It is about LIVING. The gastronomic delights; the ocean breeze splashing the blue water; the luxurious spa treatments; the excitement of sailing and island hopping; and the live Caribbean music, all blended in the most enchanting tropical setting and shared with a “dream team, makes ” it a true Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous. Pictures captivate the moments, but the emotions can only be experienced by being there. Each sunny, clear, gorgeous day at our table We set a place for surprise We serve sweet dreams and delicious memories We simmer good conversation and great laughter For Hal and me, every year when we go to Peter Island, We’re not just living the Dream, we’re living a Belief. Thanks, Rich and Jay for making the dream come alive.

Michele, Peggy, & Cathy – ready
for some deep-water action themselves.

Watch out for those tropical breezes, Peggy!

Bill joins Terral & Margaret Hardy
down by the sea!

Precious Cargo! EDCs John & Cathy Merris, with Crown Ambassador, Peggy Britt.

Guess Who? Diamond

Michele Newball
finds a way to relax AND have fun!

Paul & Leslie, loving that Peter Island sunshine!
Peter Island – Day One

John & Cathy Merris, EDC

Hal and Michele Newball
Totally enchanted Diamonds! We’ll be back!!


Margaret & Terral Hardy
EDC Cathy Merris Looking radiant on Peter Island reflect that Peter Island feeling!

EDCs Rocky Covington & David Taylor, soaking up Peter Island suntans!

Paul & Leslie Miller...
still on their honeymoon!

Peggy Britt, resting
up for the next Peter Island adventure.

Rocky Covington, Michele Newball, & David Taylor, just plain having fun!!

EDCs Rocky Covington & David Taylor,

having a blast with Crowns Paul & Leslie Miller take on the links at Peter Island Crown Leslie Miller analyzes her shot!

Bill Britt (center)
EDC John Merris found the perfect spot to watch the world go by.

Hal & Michele Newball
enjoy the ever-present alfresco dining experience on Peter Island.



Rocky Covington
This is the life, folks! Until next time ... Crowns Paul & Leslie Miller

Just the way you look tonight...

Diamond The Next American Idol? Cathy Merris & Bill Britt square off with their karaoke renditions!

Michele Newball,
having a blast!

EDC John Merris, loving every minute of it!

Do you suppose

Bill’s Rocky Covington, John Merris, & Hal Newball,
making plans for the next trip! See you next time! having a good time?

May I have this dance? Always & forever...


T h e Ne x t W a v e H i t s P eter I sland!
In this special edition of the Lamplighter, we are fortunate to have two incredible Peter Island adventures to report back to you! Twice the fun... twice the motivation!! John and Jennie Belle Crowe, Double Diamonds; their daughter Kristin and son-in-law David Dussault; and their great friends Diamonds Jack and Magee Spencer experienced an extraordinary, very exclusive Peter Island adventure. These three couples perched atop the Crow’s Nest and conquered the island… at least for the duration of a trip they will cherish for the rest of their lives. One of many, many trips for John and Jennie Belle, and Jack and Magee, this was the first for David and Kristin – brand new Diamonds! “OUR” island!

Come on, folks – you’ve got to do this!
David Dussault, new Diamond, & father-in-law, Double Diamond John Crowe, chopper to the island.
The first, but not the last trip to Peter Island for new Diamonds, David & Kristin Dussault.

We’re here!! (l/r) Magee, Jennie Belle, & Kristin

Got (coconut) milk? With John Crowe around, you can be sure the laughs aren’t far behind!


We are going to do EVERYTHING!

Are they having fun yet?

A moment of contemplation

(... a penny for their thoughts…!)

David & Kristin Dussault
New Diamonds Is this a golf course, or what? David & Kristin check out tropical links!

Even though we have been to Peter Island many times, the first glimpse of this absolute paradise always takes our breath away. I’m not sure if it is really just that beautiful, or if it is the fact that you are about to spend a luxurious week with wonderful friends, that makes it all so amazing. I suspect it is a combination of both. This trip rates right up there with the best of them! We were fortunate to spend the week with our sponsors, John and Jennie Belle Crowe, and first-timers, David and Kristin Dussault. It was thrilling to watch these brand new young Diamonds enthusiastically participating in all that was available! Highlights, of course, included the amazing, state of the art spa; sunset at the Loop; exciting helicopter rides; snorkeling and a delicious lunch at Treasure Island; deep sea fishing (Jack caught a dolphin which the chef prepared for dinner!); and of course, lots of relaxing on the breath-taking beach at Dead Man’s Bay. But, possibly the most memorable, were the early mornings on the terrace of the Crow’s Next, having coffee with your best friends, and thanking God for this most amazing business. Peter Island regulars...

Jack & Magee Spencer

Magee Spencer


New EDCs,

Sugeet & Kaajal Ajmani

For Kaajal and I, along with our kids, this year’s trip to Kauai was our first EDC Club. It was an incredibly memorable trip, especially since the last time we came to Kauai was for our first Diamond Club! Nine days of fun, sun, food, and laughter – we highly recommend it! It was precious time with our upline and the whole team. EDC Club is very relaxing and gave us a chance to really have that quiet family time. Pallavi, Saloni, and Mahika enjoyed the beach and the pool thoroughly. We got the much needed tan!! The food was phenomenal and the company was great. We’re looking forward to many more trips in the future, with many people from our team joining us at EDC/Diamond Club. Thanks, Quixtar & BWW... Sugeet & Kaajal Ajmani, EDC

Raj & Sangita Shah, EDC

TD Dutta “tastes” Hawaii!!

The Ajmani’s first EDC Club

New Diamonds Nick & Parul Soni introduce Sunny (r) & Sarika to Diamond Club!

Wayne & Suzanne Callender, EDC

Kankan & Samina Bhattacharyya
enjoy a family morning in Hawaii

More beautiful each time...

John & Cathy Merris, EDC


Weeeeee’re heeeeeere !!!!
Hawaii... again! EDCs

Lata & Kanti Gala

(l/r) John & Jennie Belle Crowe, with their “very” special downline, new Diamonds, daughter Kristin and son-in-law David Dussault

Peggy Britt (l)
welcomes new Diamond

Parul Soni
to Diamond Club!

Another EDC Club for

Taking a closer look.

Manipal & Renuka Reddy Jack & Magee Spencer –
island regulars!

Kulin & Mina Desai TD & Suparna Dutta –
that tropical feeling!

New Diamond Nick Soni & Quixtar legend, John Crowe

Sugeet Ajmani, new EDC, & Kumar, new Double
Diamond, treat the kids to the rewards of success!

(l/r) John Crowe, Double Diamond; David Dussault, New Diamond; & Wayne Callender, EDC


Cheton & Vineeta Rastogi
share the beauty of Hawaii with their son, Anish. EDCs Angelo & Claudia Nardone enjoying the most recent of many, many trips to EDC Club!

EDCs Raj & Sangita Shah... what a view.

Sanjiv & Shauna Sahay,
soaking up that warm Hawaiian sunshine!

Hawaii 5.... Oh!
(l/r) New EDC, Sugeet Ajmani, EDC Manipal Reddy, Diamond Kankan Bhattacharyya, Double Diamond Kumar, & Diamond Ramesh

(l/r) New Diamonds,

Kristin & David Dussault,
New Diamond Kristin Dussault, ready to hit the Hawaiian links! getting the royal treatment from the president of Alticor, Doug DeVos

Anjali Kumar,
New Double Diamond !!

(l/r) Magee EDC Kanti Gala & Diamond TD Dutta... just hangin’ out!

Spencer & Suzanne Callender,
having a blast at Diamond Club

Walking the beaches of the world... Diamonds


Tissa & Maithree Samaratunga

(l/r) Parul Soni, Smita Joytiprakash, Neha Shenoy,

Sangita Shah, Uma Kakani, Vineeta Rastogi Kumar gives his best – as always!

Ramaa Ramesh, Anjali Kumar, Shauna Sahay, Kaajal Ajmani

Go ahead, hit me with your best shot! Santhana Ramesh, getting serious! Long-time love affair… A thinking man’s game – backed up with a lot of action!

Kristin Dussault
finds a new equine friend at Diamond Club!

Manipal Reddy
...READY for anything!

Chetan Rastogi

EDC Wayne Callender with his picture-perfect form

Sunny Soni finds a new friend, too!

EDC Renuka Reddy shows the guys how it’s done!

All it takes is SIX... so come join us! (l/r) New Diamond Nick Parul, Diamond Rashmi Jyotiprakash, EDC Raj Shah, & Diamonds Chak Kakani, Chetan Rastogi, & Ganesh Shenoy

Always room for more!
Shivaram Kumar,
new Double Diamond


Double Diamond Day!

Kumar & Anjali – New Double Diamonds

MAY 9, 2006 was an overwhelmingly for Anjali, the kids (Devika-7, Tarika-6 and Ritika-3) and myself!
A stretch limo picked us up from home and drove us to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. We had about 40 leaders from the Gala team at the airport to see us off. All the Emeralds and Diamonds came. Kanti was there.

awesome day

Private jet travel means YOUR plane has arrived!

Private jet travel means:
• • • • • • • • • • • • No check in, no boarding pass, no security checks, no removing laptops and shoes! One pilot, one co-pilot, one stewardess, and the Kumar family! Comfortable couches and seats that can covert to proper beds! Proper dining tables and silverware! Proper food, not peanuts or pretzels! Meals served at your table, not thrown at you from a cart! Movies and music when you want them! Food when you want it! (We had a buffet in the plane!). You can access your luggage whenever you want – no overhead bins! Kids running around and being kids without co-passengers showing bad attitudes! Total luxury with the whole family! You will never lose your luggage!

• • • • Plane goes straight into hangar. Camera crew outside the aircraft like paparazzi. Straight to limo and drive away with Quixtar staff. Spaulding Plaza – Quixtar headquarters. There are hundreds of employees huddled around the entrance. Is this a fire drill? No. It is a red carpet welcome for our family. Huge banners with our pictures all over the place. EVERY employee is wearing a sticker with Anjali’s and my picture on it. Jim Payne is leading the welcome. He is wearing two stickers! There are banners everywhere that read: “Shivaram & Anjali Kumar, Double Diamond Day, May 9, 2006” TV monitors alternate our picture with the words “Double Diamond Day”! More Quixtar staff is lined up cheering for us all along the lobby, stairs, and upstairs foyer. Special speech by Jim Payne, followed by special time with Jim Payne in his office!

Private... means PRIVATE.

Grand greeting in ADA!

• •


Making sure the Kumars feel EXTRA welcome!

Feeling like royalty!

• • •

• • • • • •

Lavish lunch in the Executive Boardroom. Anjali and I sit where Rich and Jay would normally sit! The kids sit wherever they want to. There are gifts for the kids and for us! We receive a beautiful globe and special gifts from Doug and Steve. We receive a copy of “Hope from the Heart” from Shivaram & Anjali Kumar Rich DeVos, with a personal note written by Rich! Truly a worldwide business! We tour the Artistry production line, and also the skin analysis lab. The kids had a ball, asking questions that were surprisingly insightful! Back at the Spaulding, a special reception – complete with chocolate fountains! A camera crew follows you everywhere (still and video), so you can enjoy the event without having to worry about photos. A Mercedes Limo is assigned to us and is at our disposal for the entire trip. Our luxurious hotel suite is complete with two bedrooms and a huge sitting room. Jill from Special Events takes care of the kids. They get fed and are ready to wind down for the night. Lee and Campbell take us to the beautiful CIGNUS rooftop restaurant of the Grand Plaza Hotel to celebrate our anniversary.

Great meal, great atmosphere! MAY 10 2006:

This is only day one!
Fascinated by the science behind the products.

• •

• •

Room service breakfast! At 9:00 am we go to the Artistry Beauty Institute where facials and massages are awaiting us. The kids will also get some special treatment and have a chance to get some more questions answered. Around 11:00 am we head for the airport in the limo and take the Gulf Stream G4 back to New Jersey. We arrive home around 1:00 pm!

So, there you have it, folks. If you want to be

treated like royalty
…… get busy!
Thank you Manipal and Renuka, Sudhir and Sulbha, Pravin and Madhu, Kanti and Lata!


Better Life Institute Better Life Unlimited
by Pat Zifferblatt, Director

“Build It and They Will Come”
This phrase has been repeated many times since it was first used in the movie, Field Of Dreams. It means different things to many people, and today I want to utilize this wonderful phrase in a different context... selling Nutrilite. Selling? Retail? Yes, selling-retailing! Our Quixtar business was founded on the concept of helping people help themselves, and what better way to assist them (while making money) than by helping people achieve a better life? For a long time, IBOs have been asking for sample products that they could give to customer-clients so that they could introduce them to the number one vitamin and mineral company in the world - Nutrilite. Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s here…your box of sample supplements to help you help others while building your own business. So, what is this new and exciting package I’m so happy about?

Nutrilite Sampling Kit #10-3919
This kit contains 60 sample packs; 10 samples of each of the following six Nutrilite products in an easy-to-transport box: • 10 daily samples of Double XX (to share with 10 interested clients-prospects who want to learn about the best certified organic vitamin and mineral supplement in the world!) • 10 daily samples of Nutrilite Rhodiola (to share with 10 client-prospects who are looking for more energy and focusing ability! And who isn’t?) • 10 daily samples of Nutrilite Carb Blocker 2 (to introduce to any 10 people interested in better processing carbohydrates in their daily diets for weight and blood sugar control! Count me and her, and him, and them – in!) • 10 daily samples of Nutrilite Digestive Enzyme Complex (for 10 client-prospects who suffer from ingestionheartburn after eating a meal! Isn’t that about 75% of the general public?) • 10 daily samples of Nutrilite Chewable Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables (for 10 parents who know that their children do not always eat all the fruits and veggies they need every day to help keep their immune system strong all year long! And they taste good, too!) • 10 daily samples of Nutrilite Triple Guard Echinacea (for 10 sniffling, nose-blowing, aching people you meet who are fighting a virus or the flu. Each sample contains a daily supply of 9 tablets in every pack! Let’s see…that means you’ll get 90 tablets… 9x10=90….WOW to share with 10 clients or prospects!) Now dear Lamplighter, I’m not the smartest person in the world, but I didn’t just fall off the cabbage wagon, either. We get the questions at BLI; we call and email and voicemail thousands of IBOs each year. We know the difficulties and struggles of building an IBO Nutrilite business. We also share in the successes those businesses offer to families and communities alike. And this new Nutrilite Sampling Kit is a basic way for all of you to share with other people some of the great products you have in the Quixtar business. But, don’t forget to study your Nutrilite Supplement Catalog before promoting a product, so that you’ll be ready to answer questions about the Nutrilite line of products. “Build it and they will come.” Quixtar launched this great new SKU at your request, to help you in your Quixtar endeavors. So why not check it out and then have a brain-storming session and go out and do what you are the very best at… promoting the best business in the world! With love and best wishes for your Better Life, Here’s looking at you!

Momma Pat 16

A Touching Tribute From A “Diamond Child”
My name is Sunny Soni. I am 11 years old. I am the son of new Diamonds, Nitin (Nick) and Parul Soni. I live in Chicago, USA, with my parents and my younger sister, Sarika, who is four years old. I am very excited that my parents qualified as brand new BWW Diamonds in 2005! As my parents were building the business, my sister and I did not spend lots of time with them. We were taken care of by my aunt. But after they went Diamond, we spend a lot more time together: going to movies, playing games, and taking more vacations. We just came back from the Achiever’s trip to Dallas, Texas, and Diamond Club 2006 in Hawaii. Before the business, we only took one vacation per year, and now as a Diamond family, Sunny Soni, age 11 we take many vacations every year. We also visited India in January 2006; it was so nice to see my grandparents and cousins. I also read positive mental attitude books. My favorite book is Millionaire Mentor. Due to the books and positive association of IBOs, I have a lot of confidence. As a matter of fact, during the last Achiever’s trip to Dallas, I spoke to the president of Quixtar, Mr. Doug DeVos. Before, I was unable to talk in front of my class and teacher, but now, with all my confidence, I am able to give a speech in my classroom. I am very glad that I made the sacrifice of some time with my Sunny with cousin Ravi parents so they could build the business. Today I have absolutely no regrets, because the rewards are great. I have a lot more toys and video games. For Christmas, I received a nice gift of Fooseball and table tennis. I love to go out in our new The Soni family Infinity QX56 truck with with my dad. Doug DeVos I very much a p p re c i a t e my mom for giving me a hot lunch for school every d a y. M o s t importantly, my parents do not have to go to a job every morning, and they are home when I come back from school. My dream was to have a free dad, and I am very happy that my dad has been free for the last four years. I am looking forward to starting this business at the age of 18. One cannot be successful with a job. From what I know by listening to BWW CDs, jobs do not work. The only way to have time, money, and security is to own your own business. I do my positive self-talk and prayers every day. I would love to have all my friends and their parents build this business to Diamond level so they also can enjoy quality of life and time with their families. Little Sarika with her grandfather

Nick & Parul enjoy a visit with family in India.

BWW Basics

Fundamentals for Independent Business Owners Fundamentals for Independent Business Owners

The all new BWW Basics manual is now available!
BWW Basics Order Code: BBAS

Sunny Soni - Future CAM

A ride with Auntie!



nternational Business News

India Diamonds New
Kolkata, India


Debapi & Rina Roy, new downline Diamonds to TD & Suparna Dutta, U.S. Diamonds

IBOs from the Philippines and India gather in front of the BWW office in Austria in April 2006. Their journey also included a stop in Germany, another location for their businesses! Submitted by: Josef Mayerhofer BWW Austria



IBOs turn out in droves for Romanian Rally

The Key to Success

“ K R A KO O S H ”
2006 Team Britt Beach Leadership
EDC Rocky Covington shares his insight into the business with some very lucky IBOs!

(left, front, kneeling) Bobby & Jean Britt, having a blast with East Coast IBOs! New Pin Winners were the reason, Oak Island was the place, and Rocky Covington was the Main Man for Bobby & Jean Britt's Beach Leadership for their East Coast movers and shakers. Besides the fun in the sun on the beach, and Jean showing off her new “Krakoosh” surfboard she won at Achievers, everyone was fired up with Rocky Covington coming in to speak. Rocky's years of wisdom and experience came through in his incredible teaching on Saturday night. What an awesome night and weekend it was!

New Silvers, Tege & Trisha Lewis with Jean Britt’s new surfboard!

Life’s a

blast when your best friends are also your business associates!
FED Celebration

Bobby & Jean Britt, Diamonds

A Done Deal!
(l/r) Crowns Paul & Leslie Miller with Diamonds Charles & Martha Bradshaw, having a big time in Texas at Achievers!

(l/r) Charles & Martha Bradshaw and upline EDC

Rocky Covington,
framed by the Atlantic Ocean on the deck of Rocky’s oceanfront condo

Brand new 2006 Diamonds, Nanda & Sangeetha Sringari, (center) from Pennsylvania, with their upline Diamonds, Vishal & Sonika Jain.


In August of 2005 the Internal Revenue Service published an Audit Technique Guide (ATG) for Direct Sellers. An ATG is a guide published by IRS for its auditors to use when auditing a specific industry or issue. Just as this ATG is an important tool for IRS agents auditing Direct Seller businesses, it is also an important tool for IBOs to be able to determine what methods of business operation are necessary to be in compliance with IRS rules regarding Direct Seller businesses. Not-for-profit activity guidelines (IRS Code Section 183) are often applied to home based and Direct Seller businesses when the IRS is attempting to ascertain that the business in question is truly a business. These guidelines are covered in the ATG. In particular, there are nine factors that the IRS looks at when making this determination about a business activity. As a part of BWW’s continuing mission to provide you with all of the information and tools necessary to help you build a successful IBO business, this and future articles in the Lamplighter will dissect the ATG for you in a way that will be easy to understand. IBO Bookkeeping 101 (order code BK101) is also available to you through the tool system. While my articles will help you understand the ATG guidelines, the information contained in IBO Bookkeeping 101 will teach you how to comply with ATG guidelines. This article will analyze Factor 1, the most critical of the nine factors. Factor 1, Manner in which the taxpayer carries on the activity, deals with whether or not a business is being conducted in a businesslike manner. The following are not only proven business techniques necessary to build any successful business, but are also strong indicators to IRS that you truly

By Joe DePetris, Jr. CPA

are operating your business with the intent to make a profit. 1. Monthly bookkeeping: Regular book-keeping is necessary to be able to actively manage and make proper financial decisions regarding your business. Monthly bookkeeping at a minimum entails recording your income and expenses by category. The categories (or accounts) should then be totaled each month, thereby creating a monthly profit and loss statement. You should also maintain year to date or cumulative totals as well. Doing both of the above allows you to manage your business on a current and long-term basis. 2. Prepare a written business plan with future projected budgets for your business. Written business plans are an integral part of managing all businesses properly, large or small and that includes yours. GOING PLATINUM, THE ROAD TO PROFITABILITY has been provided for you in IBO Bookkeeping 101. Instructions for completing it have been written in such a way that you will be able to complete it without outside help. Once completed, sign and date a copy of it and put it in your tax records. Use another copy of it to compare to your monthly and cumulative profit and loss statements mentioned early in order to track your goals and rate progress compared to your projected success rate. 3. Maintain a separate bank account for your business. Conduct all business transactions through this account. THESE THREE BUSINESS PRACTICES ARE CRITICAL WHEN ATTEMPTING TO BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS AND DEMONSTRATING INTENT TO DO SO.

4. Other important practices that help to grow a successful business and demonstrate profit intent are: a. Maintaining proper travel and auto usage logs. (See IBO Bookkeeping 101) b. Setting reasonable goals. c. Making and documenting changes in the way you conduct your business to improve profitability on a regular basis. d. Reviewing and tracking downline growth and business activities. IBOs, each of you has the power to build a successful business if you use all of the tools made available to you to do so. The above tools are not the most appealing part of building a business, but are absolutely critical. If you have not done the above, GET BUSY and build your business properly.
Joe DePetris, author of IBO Bookkeeping 101, is a Certified Public Accountant with over 30 years of experience. He has been an IBO tax consultant to the IBOAI board for 13 years; provides accounting services to IBOs throughout North America, including many at the Diamond level and above; and is a veteran of over 700 IBO IRS audits.

IBO Bookkeeping 101 Order Code: BK101


The Key to Success

Ladies in Leadership
by Lata Gala, EDC

Many ladies ask me, “How do you keep balance in your life?” Balancing my role as a wife, mother, daughter-in-law, and businesswoman – all while managing my own home, building the business, and having fun at the same time – is not an easy task! However, irrespective of the difficulties, I simply believe in taking important steps in the right direction. My faith in God helps me maintain a proper balance, which can get very stressful at times, but it is only a temporary phase. In the long run, having a proper balance in life certainly pays off. Women contribute immensely to this business, and play a major role in portraying the right image of an uncomplicated business with a genuine concept suitable for the entire family. As mentors to several leaders in the BWW organization, Kanti and I are fascinated by the different roles women play. Every IBO couple experiences different phases in this business, and in every phase, the woman has a distinct and different role to play. In the start-up phase, women primarily play the role of an anchor, offering rock-solid support. As the business grows, women play very important and varied roles. Here’s how I look at it… At times, I have seen husbands, in order to increase the pace of their business, going full steam ahead with team meetings and motivating Downlines to be more aggressive in booking STP meetings. As a result, the team sees a frenzy of business activities. In such a scenario, a softer approach is required. Here, the wife’s role becomes to subtly monitor the business moves and to get the group to work as a team. Often, she strikes a rapport with fellow lady IBOs in the group in order to accomplish the business goals. A Balance is sought to keep the group together and focused. There comes a phase in the business when couples decide to constructively change their own pins, as well as those of IBOs in their group. This leads to a chain of events – including the building of Width and Depth, counseling sessions, team meetings, and increasing the sponsoring rate. The lady IBO ensures that the new IBOs remain enthusiastic and build their businesses based on the principles explained by her husband during the sign-up process. She also lends a patient ear to the challenges faced by existing IBOs. Again, she strikes the perfect Balance between being a mentor to new IBOs and being a business guide to existing IBOs who are seriously building the business. When my husband is busy working on Depth, I am right there with him, working equally as hard; I don’t sit on the sidelines and watch. Also, if he is out working each and every night, I am also out there with him. I am there whenever he needs my help. From the very beginning, we were taught GOD, family, and business. When it came to the family, we were always taught: husband and wife, and children. I always make sure that I am not giving all my attention to our children and none to my husband. There is some Balance there, as well. I teach our children to take responsibility and do their own school work. I spend time with them and still manage to go out every time to build the business with Kanti, because I want my children to have the best lifestyle in the world! It will take some time, but once you learn how to balance your business and your family, you will be able to build a big business that will benefit one and all.

Balance is a must in life.
Have you ever given it serious thought?

Lata & Kanti Gala
EDC Club Kauai, Hawaii, 2006

Best regards, EDC Lata Gala


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BWW Health and Wellness Winners!
The Nutrilite Experience hosted by Quixtar and BWW resulted in Tony and Alice Rodriguez going back to Atlanta on fire! While enjoying four days in California as their prize as Health & Wellness winners, Tony and Alice became a “product of the product”; understanding with greater clarity, how to live and promote the foundations for a healthy lifestyle through Nutrilite. Thus, began the inspiration to build a bridge between the science of Nutrilite and their daily lives. With an attitude of Nutri-Celebration, the Bell-Rodriguez Team sponsored a

Nutrilite XTreme Team Health & Wellness Expo on January 7, 2006. IBOs, Clients, and Members were invited to partner with the team to get their health and wellness needs met, with “high touch” in mind for each individual. Sixty people showed up for a Wellness Walk and Run at 7:00 a.m. in 35 degree weather. The cold did not matter because everybody was sizzling with excitement. There were power talks by IBO medical and non-medical professionals on everything from disease-proofing your body, to solutions for specific health problems. Professional chefs on the team prepared healthy fifteen-minute meals on site. Also, there were Nutrilite nutritional assessments, SAM skin analysis, massages, and chiropractic treatment. Over 200 people were in attendance, and the day was extremely $ucce$$ful. The best result, however, is the momentum created within the Rodriguez XTreme Team; the launch pad for all sorts of new endeavors: daily Nutri-Breaks via Kate; Health Café’s in homes; a Big BrotherSister Health Program; monthly sporting activities for the whole family… all while providing the product for purchase.


the best is yet to come!
* * * * * *

Tony and Alice are some of the best students in our business and are excellent and effective at applying and passing on to others what they have learned, in a dynamic manner. We are very proud of them and their accomplishments! Kevin & Beth Bell


P i n W i n n e r s!
s a p p h i r e
Tarun & Manjari Gupta
Cleveland OH (Shah)

Pruthbiraj & Sritapa (Ritta) Patnaik
Potomac Falls VA (Shenoy) Raj and Ritta are awesome dreamers with a strong work ethic. Their incredible focus and loyalty brings tremendous momentum to the team.

Paul & Patty Iafelice
Troy MI (Shah)

Myrna Lim
San Leandro CA (Crowe)

Srinivas & Anitha Makam
Chicago IL (Desai)

Sam & Cheryl Randall
Hudsonville MI (Crowe)

Naz & Norma Mohamed
Fort Lauderdale FL (Sahay)

p l a t i n u m
Jose & Shiny Abraham
Houston TX (Desai) Jose owns a software consulting practice and Shiny is an attorney. Both of them are excited about financial freedom through this opportunity.

Bob & Kathryn Reynolds
Lebanon IL (Bell) After 30 years in the Air Force, Bob saw this business as an opportunity to continue his leadership role. He and Kathryn lead people with class, commitment, and loyalty.

Vikranthi & Aruna Otra
Atlanta GA (Shenoy)

Saeed & Aarti Rahman
Fort Lauderdale FL (Sahay)

Joshi Rohit Lem & Patty Robson
Huachuca City AZ (Mainor) Parents of six children, Lem is a retired USAF photojournalist, and Patty, a school teacher. As with the military, they serve their team with the same distinction. Sacramento CA (Sringari)

Farhad Billimoria
Vienna VA (Sringari) Farhad is a single IT professional who has built a large organization. An exceptional leader who leads from the front, he is passionate about earning his FREEDOM!

Mani & Kanchan Sarma
Hayward CA (Ajmani)

Kailasnath & Revati Vellore
Dallas TX (Shenoy)

Vinay & Mamta Shankar
Audobon PA (Sringari) This couple worked hard to reach Platinum, with an awesome team backing them up both here and internationally. Their motivation – their two kids!

Gil & Jen Carreon
Tucson AZ (Mainor) Representing the best of the BWW system with their work ethic and desire to be major players on the team, Gil and Jen have Q12 momentum!

s i l v e r
Raju & Teresa Anthony
Dallas TX (Desai)

Dale & Teresa Weidenhammer
Reading PA (Shannon) Dale is an electrician and Teresa is a marketing rep. Thanks to this business, they are able to send their three children to college!

Keith Asselmeier
Waterloo IL (Bell)

Coy & Teresa Chester
New Douglas IL (Bell) Coy and Teresa have always gone the extra mile for people and in business, and they know how to have fun building a team!

Gary & Hanna Clarke
Fort Lauderdale FL (Sahay)

Scott & Jane Criswell
St. Louis MO (Bell) Scott, a former Army officer, is currently a marketing vice president. Jane was formerly a CPA.

Prabodha Wijetunge, PhD & Samantha Doluweera
Columbus OH (Samaratunga) A scientist in biotechnology, Dr. Wijetunge dreams of building a non-profit hospital in his hometown, Sri Lanka. Samantha, a former school teacher, loves the arts, and working with people.

Richard & Deborah Knight
Savannah TX (Merris)

Prafullachandra & Vidya Naicken
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Ajmani)

Fred & Krista Odago
Lexington KY (Ajmani)

John & Debra Foley
Fayetteville NC (Bell) John is a pilot in the U.S. Army and Deb is a school counselor. They qualified Platinum while John was deployed to Iraq, serving our country!

g o l d
Troy & Hasanna Blackwell
Laurel MD (Erwin)

Joel Peterson
San Antonio TX (Merris)

Saeed & Aarti Rahman
Fort Lauderdale FL (Sahay)

Aneesh Goyal
Fremont CA (Sringari) A single IT professional, Aneesh displays the epitome of servant leadership and excellent work ethic. Aneesh has a great following and is passionate about earning his FREEDOM!

Palomar Soriano
Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada (Herosian)

Brian & Michelle Burzynski
Waco TX (Merris)

Gary & Hanna Clarke
Fort Lauderdale FL (Sahay)

Shrikant & Shridevi Vanaki
Pasadena CA (Desai)

Jamila Harris
St. Croix V.I. (Crowe) Jamila is a single lady who makes no excuses. She just gets the job done!

Danny & Carol D’Souza
Pleasanton CA (Bhattacharyya)

Andrew Yip
Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Jahnke)

Paul & Ashima Frederick
St. Croix V.I. (Crowe)


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