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Before you start buring, read the following...

• You cannot create image files of your GD-ROM Dreamcast games... Only UTOPiA know how to
do that at the moment... When it finally is known, it will most likely not be easy, because as you
know, Dreamcast games are on 1 gigabyte GD-ROMs...
• Yes some ripped Dreamcast games DO fit on normal CD-Rs...
• You cannot do a GD-Rom to CD-R direct backup...
• Not all CD-R burners do NOT work with Disc Juggler, the CD-R program which is used to burn
the orignal 'Dreamcast CD Loader'...
• At the moment, Dead or Alive 2 is the only game available to download...
• The Gameshark CDX is a consumer Dreamcast peripheral that lets you play Dreamcast games
with cheats. It also lets you plays imports...
• The 'Dreamcast CD Loader' will boot 'backups' and imported games on a NON-chipped standard
consumer Dreamcast.
• Use Discjuggler for the 'Dreamcast CD Loader', and for games, CDRWin or any other CD-R
burning program that can process ".bin" files...

DISC JUGGLER Dreamcast CD Loader:

NOTE: If you burned the Dreamcast CD Loader with Disc Juggler and it failed and you only got a weird
German text file (and the thing don't work), chances are you have an old version. You MUST have version
2.00.419 in order to burn the Dreamcast CD Loader.

• Install Disc Juggler and put in the serial number

• At the first popup window, select CD Image to CD Recorder and press Ok
• In the Source box, type in the location of the cdloader.cdi file
• In the Action box, select Test and if OK Write, then Verify
• Under the Advanced tab, under Mode, select Mode 1. Change nothing else
• Click on Start. Click Ok when it asks you to start actual burn. Wait 15 minutes! If it looks like it's
suck at 2% or 65%, it's not. Wait!
• Check your Dreamcast CD Loader, you should have 3 text files on it. Put your Dreamcast CD
Loader in your Dreamcast and turn it on. Wait for the loading screen, open your Dreamcast and
put in your backup or import!
If you get a SCSI/APSI error, try leaving the Mode on Audio.

NERO Dreamcast CD Loader:

These instructions are from a guy on Efnet called Elway, you should find him in #dcisos

Elway's Nero Burning Instructions - Version 1.1

Programs you WILL need before proceeding:

ISOBuster -
NERO 5.0 -
WinRAR -

• Download the game and use Winrar to unrar the files to a folder of your liking. Use WinRAR kind
of like you would WinZip. Click on the first file of the Download (usually *.001 or *.r01) and it will
ask you to open the file with a program. If "WinRAR" is listed, simply double-click on it. Otherwise,
click the "OTHER" button and point to the "WinRAR.exe" file wherever it is located on your drive.
After you do this, WinRAR will open. Click the "Extract to" button and set the destination path to
whatever folder you want to store the .bin file in (you will need in the next step) then click OK.
When prompted, click on "Process All files in this volume" and WinRAR will proceed to "unrar" the
files to the destination path.

• Use the ISOBuster program to extract the .bin file (found in destination folder you chose in step 1)
to any COMPLETELY EMPTY folder using the ISOBuster program. We'll call this new, empty
folder the "BURN" folder throughout the rest of the instructions. To extract the .bin file, click FILE
> Open Image File. Then, change the "File Type" box to read "CDR-WIN (*.BIN Image)", point to
the BIN file, and click 'Open'. After you do this, you will see a list of files included in the bin on the
right window pane of ISOBuster. Highlight all these listed files then right-click on them and choose
"Extract Files" then point to the EMPTY "BURN" folder you created above.

• Use the setsize program to make the 000dummy.dat file however big you need it to be. First, find
out how big the game files are by right-click on the BURN folder and choosing Properties and it
will tell you how many MB that game is. Then, Do: ||640 - (game size)|| to figure out how big the
dummy file should be then start MS-DOS and type in: C:\path\setsize.exe 000dummy.dat XXXMB
where "path" (i.e., C:\Windows\Desktop) is the directory containing the setsize.exe program and
XXX is the number of MB you want the dummy file to be. So, if you wanted to make a 100 MB
dummy file, you would type in something like this: "C:\Windows\Desktop\setsize.exe
000dummy.dat 100MB" (without quotes of course). This will create the 000dummy.dat file in the
C:\ directory.

• Move the 000dummy.dat file from C:\ to the BURN folder.

• Open NERO, then click FILE > NEW. On the left bar, you will see a list of different types of CDs
you can make. Click the one at the top of the list-- "CD-ROM (ISO)"-- to begin creating the new
ISO burn and use the following settings for each tab. You only have to set these settings once! It
should save these settings for any subsequent burning, and you won't have to set them again!
• "Multisession" tab: Put the dot beside "No Multisession"

• "File Options" tab: Put dots beside "ISO Level 2", "Mode 1", and "ISO 9660" then check
the boxes "Joilet", Allow pathdepth of more than 8 directories", and "Allow more than 255
characters in path"

• "Volume Descriptor" tab: Make sure the drop-down box says "ISO9660" then change the
volume label to whatever the name of the game is. It doesn't matter at all what you enter
for the name, and this step isn't even necessary, but it is recommended so that you can
easily identify the game when you put it in a computer.

• "Date" tab: Put the dot on "Use the date and time from the original file"

• "Burn" tab: Check the boxes "Determine maximum speed", "Write", "Finalize CD", and
"Cache files smaller than" You should be fine setting the "Write Speed" to the maximum
setting. My CDR burns at 4X MAX and the games come out JUST as good as when I
burn the same games at 1x. The main reason some games come out corrupt at higher
speeds is that sometimes people have programs open when they're burning a CD. If you
use the computer while a CD is burning, it can cause some minor problems that can
make the games perform at a lower quality. After you've set all these settings, click the
"NEW" button.
• In the window that shows your computer's file, point to the path of the BURN folder and highlight
all the files inside of it. Then, drag all of these files into the empty window that shows you what
files will be placed on the CD. The files inside this BURN folder are the ONLY ones that need to
be burned. The BURN folder, if you followed the instructions correctly, includes only the files you
extracted from the original .BIN file and the 000dummy.dat dummy file. The original .bin you
extracted in step 1, any .cue, and .sfv files are not necessary when you burn.

• In the window containing the list of files that will be placed on the CD, you now need to set
priorities by right-clicking on the file or group of files and choose properties. You will then see a
box for the priority of the file which is set to "LOW" by default. Set the files as follows:

000dummy.dat - LOW
Files INSIDE of directories - MEDIUM
Root CD files (the ones NOT in any directories) - HIGH

• Click FILE, then WRITE CD, then click the WRITE button to burn the CD!!
If you did everything correctly, the game should run smoothly! I've used this procedure for 7 games now,
and not 1 coaster. I have tested all these settings numerous times and have come to the conclusion that
these are optimal. I've confirmed this procedure works with: Crazy Taxi, Evolution, F1 World Grand Prix,
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 USA, Street Fighter III Double Impact, Virtua Striker 2, PowerStone 1 and 2, Wacky
Races, Samba de Amigo, House of the Dead 2, Soul Reaver, NHL2k, Tokyo Highway Battle 2, and
hopefully it will work with all other games you try! Please direct any suggestions, corrections, questions,
or any other comments to and hopefully I will be able to reply! Of course, you can
always /msg Elway as well whenever you feel the need. :)

Good luck and Enjoy!