First 200 words England run out of space to hold convicts 200 words It was a new start They

wanted to populate there newly discovered land Industrial revolution Convict Essay 800 word In this essay I will be outlining some reasons why Australia was populated in 1788 My first point is about how England was running out of space to hold their convicts so they had to hold them on ships called the hulks which they often died on because of all the diseases. So even though they were making new prisons there still wasn’t enough space because crime rates were sky rocketing. So they had to sentence people to transportation sentences which are when they have to be taken to Australia and be a labourer for their sentence, if they were a hard worker they could be granted a ticket of leave or a conditional pardon. Or if they served their sentence out they could get an absolute pardon or a certificate of freedom. A ticket of leave is a document given to a convict after they have been given a pardon or have served their sentence out. It allowed them to do anything but they had to go to church and appear before a magistrate when required. A conditional pardon freed the convict but with the exception of being able to go back to England or Ireland. An absolute pardon allowed convicts to return to England as their sentences were totally
cleared. Certificates of freedom were introduced in 1810 and issued to convicts at the completion of their sentence.

My second point is about the free settlers. Many of them may have been criminals so that they wanted to get away from England and hopefully have a new start because it was likely that if they had of stayed in England that they would be sentenced to death or transportation. so they thought it would be wiser to go to New Holland (What is now known as Australia) on their own terms and be able to have free land and labourers. Although some of the free settlers may have been forced out of their job so they thought they might be able get a fresh start and but more about that later. They also had the offer of free land and labour for any free settler. Although most of the population was convicts there was also some officers that had been forced into coming because they had signed up for a certain amount of time and part of their contract was that they could be taken over seas. Another reason free settlers may have come is it would have been a massive adventure because imagine going overseas to a land that had no one you knew and had nothing there apart from a few houses and a port. My third point is about how England had only just discovered this new land and wanted to populate it. There were many new people wanting to go there to see things that they had never even dreamed of like a platypus because they had heard rumours of an

Many free settlers came because at the same time as Australia being discovered the industrial revolution was going on in England so people were losing their jobs and people were turning to crime so if they weren’t criminals now then they would end up having to steal/ break the law to survive. England was trying to get the land populated so that when the convicts came out of there sentences that there was a community and that there was work for them otherwise they may have just gone back to crime so many convicts and 99% of free settlers were given their own land and the free settlers got free convict labour.animal that had a duck bill. It would also mean in times of drought. Most likely be caught and if they were lucky they may have been sentenced to transportation but most people were sentenced to death so they might as well come over here on their own free will. In conclusion I hope in this article you have had a little insight into a convict’s life and found out a lot of information on why England populated Australia a newly discovered land . fur and a beaver’s tail and an animal that hoped with a long tail (a kangaroo). It would also help England in times of war because it would be an amazing strategic advantage because not many people knew about it and therefore they could mount surprise attacks and if they were smart it could win them a war as it did in World War 1. Because they would get free land and labour rather than getting forced and having nothing and having to work for free for a few years and often being mistreated. little rain and famine Australia could help them out by giving them food and water which could make a massive difference to the number of people surviving the drought.

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