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It deals with the Introduction, Need for the Study, and Objectives of the Study and Limitations of the study. We can understand the opinion of the investigator on that project and the interest he paid on the project, we can know the over view of the soft drinks industry an the Pepsi Company in a very detailed manner. In the Introduction the details of the soft drinks industry i.e. origin of the soft drink industry, growth of the industry and the major players of the industry and the total details of the Pepsi Company and the position of Pepsi Company in India and some other details pertaining to the Company has been given. After the introduction the Need for the study has been explained briefly. In this, why the investigator has chosen that topic and what can he get from that study and how it is useful to him is explained briefly. Because without any need the study will not be conducted. After explaining the need of the study the Objectives of the Study was given. In this part, what information the investigator wanted collect and why he wanted to do the project in that particular company and what goal he wanted to reach through this project has been clearly explained. Finally the limitations of the study were given in the first chapter. All these functions are explained. In Genesis and Growth of the Company, the origin of the soft drinks industry and Pepsi Company and its gradual growth of the Company has been explained. The growth of the Company has shown year by year. After the explanation Genesis and Growth of the Company the Organization Structure of the Company and its importance and the use has been explained with the Organization Chart of the Company. By using the Organization Chart we can understand the position of the management in that Company and the relation between the superiors and the subordinates in the Company. In the marketing strategies of the Company and the technique of the Company has been explained. In this the Comparison between the Pepsis and Cokes marketing functions has also been provided like comparison between the Slogans of the Companys, Logos of the Companys and the Comparison of the Advertisements of the Companys.

After the marketing function the HR functions of Pepsi Company has been explained. In this the code of conduct of the company and the respect the company is giving to the employees and the facilities provided and the precautionary steps taken for the health and safety of employees has been explained in this portion. After completion of the HR function the Finance functions was given. In this the details of the capita used for the establishment of the Company in India have been given. In this the Protection and the Proper utilization of the resources and how to keep the records and company accounts has also been explained. The total financial comparison of Pepsi and Coke was given in this portion. This chapter gives the clear picture of the total study to the observer. A specified questionnaire was prepared to collect the information from the retailers regarding their opinions on the soft drink companies. The questionnaires were given to the retailers and asked them to fill them. The total data collected from the retailers has been summed up carefully using a specified format. The total data was entered in that format and some calculations were made. Finally some required data was extracted and tabulated to give a clear picture. From that tabulated data the graphs have been prepared.. Based on the interpretation the comparative study between Pepsi and Coke was done. From this interpreted information we can understand the position of the Pepsi Company and Coke Company Comparatively in the three surveyed clusters. This chapter is very useful to the investigator to do the comparative Analysis between the Pepsi and Coke Companies.