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Manifesto Mondo 2000 is here to cover the leading edge in hyperculture.

We'll bring you the latest in human/technological interactive mutational forms as they happen. We're talking Cyber-Chautauqua: bringing cyberculture to the people! Artificial awareness modules. Visual music. Vidscan Magazines. Brain-boosting technologies. William Gibson's Cyberspace Matrix-fully realized! Our scouts are out there on the frontier sniffing the breeze and guess what? All the old warhorses are dead. Eco-fundamentalism is out, conspiracy theory is dmod; drugs are obsolete. There's a new whiff of apocalypticism across the land. A general sense that we are living at a very special juncture in the evolution of the species. Back in the sixties, Carly Simon's brother wrote a book called What to Do Until the Apocalypse Comes. It was about going back to the land, growing tubers and soybeans, reading by oil lamps. Finite possibilities and small is beautiful. It was boring! Yet the pagan innocence and idealism that was the sixties remains and continues to exert its fascination on today's kids. Look at old footage of Woodstock and you wonder: where have all those wide-eyed, ecstatic, orgasm-slurping kids gone? They're all across the land, dormant like deeply buried perennials. But their mutated nucleotides have given us a whole new generation of sharpies, mutants and superb rights and in them we must put our faith--and power. The cybernet is in place. If fusion is real, we'll find out about it fast. The old information lites are crumbling. The kids are at the controls. This magazine is about what to do until the millennium comes. We're talking about Total Possibilities. Radical assaults on the limits of biology, gravity and time. The end of Artificial Scarcity. The dawn of a new humanism High-jacking technology for personal empowerment, fun and games. Flexing those synapses! Stoking those neuropeptides! Making Bliss States our normal waking consciousness. Becoming the Bionic Angel. But things are going to get weirder before they get better. The Rupture before the Rapture. Social and economic dislocations that will make the Cracked 80s look like summer camp. So, in the words of the immortal Rudy Rucker, "Hang ten on the edge" because the 90's are going to be quite a ride!

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