“If we have no peace at the Workplace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other, that we are Each

other”. Sensitivity to self and others is Key Concern. Sensitive Employees are “Actively-Engaged” and therefore produce more and will Do Right Things Right First Time Every Time

Seminar Details: Date:8th September 2011

Kritarth Consulting Pvt. Ltd
Seminar on Workplace Sensitivity

Timings: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm Venue: India Corporate Centre, Mathura Road, New Delhi

Empowering Employees for Productivity
Making your Workplace the Best Place to Work

. How this Seminar would help Managers / Organizations This Program will raise “awareness” of Employees towards “Self” and “Others” The purpose of this seminar is: To raise Productivity and cut Costs To instill a sense of belongingness To instill a sense of commitment/ dedication to achieving the organization objectives. Sensitive Employees make their Workplace the Best Place to Work. Happy Employees Produce Better Results. Create and sustain a fear free workplace environment where employees of either gender are able to work with dignity and honor and where management has notified policies and procedure to prevent harassment mandated by the law. which is the “Key” to Sustainable Business Growth and happiness. To inculcate respect for self (heightened morale) and respect for others(Spirit of Collaboration).Workplace Sensitivity Program aims at increasing Organization’s chances of survival and Growth by empowering the employees to connect with the “Vision” & “Mission” and “Values” of the organization willingly so that they can use greater discretion at the workplace in the interest of the organization. To effectively deal with instances (Reported or Unreported) of harassment especially in the nature of sexual harassment in course of and arising out of employment.

Sales & Marketing. HR. Training.What Will Be Covered ü Getting to know each other-Expectations & Anxieties-To analyze perceptions and Understanding. Learning. ü Identify the different stereotypes associated with men and women-how these affect them. But we can always control what goes on inside. ER Team Leaders / Team Managers Entrepreneurs NGOs B-School Faculty & Students . ü Nothing will work unless you do. ü Analyze tissues of sexual harassment at workplace and its Bad Effect on Employees & Organization. Who Should Attend ü ü ü ü ü Managers in Operations. ü Understand the perception men and women have about each other. Other Stakeholders. ü How to create a Conducive Workplace for Optimum Output ü Harassment as an issue resulting in employee disengagement ü Power and power relations-gender relations as power relations ü Harassment / Conflicts cannot survive without participation. Causes of Misunderstandings. ü We may not always control what goes on outside.

Gender Sensitivity. ER & IR & Other Workplace issues ü Visiting Faculty to top B-Schools like IIT Bombay SJMSOM. As Management Faculty he trains MBA/Engineering Students in Workplace Discipline and Corporate Business Law. Train the Trainer certified) brings with him over 40 years of hands-on experience of working in Management positions in Tata Steel. NMIMS. He has directly supervised thousands of cases of disciplining. Delhi Chapter . Mumbai ü As a Personnel / IR Head. Chief Personnel Manager(Iron & Steel Division Head) – Tata Steel ü Former VP – Corporate HR at S.Know Your Training Facilitator Harsh Kumar Sharan (XLRI Alumnus. Kumar Nationwide. and Discipline Management to Fortune 500 companies. ITM. Thapar LMTSOM. He is a Practicing ü Executive Coach and Mentor-Trainer ü Founder-Director of Kritarth Consulting (P) Limited. managed HR. ü Worked as Advisor to President of All India Women’s Conference (AIWC) ü Former Asst. others ü NIPM Life Member ü Member of NHRD. a HR Productivity Improvement Firm ü He teaches finer points of Employee Engagement.

Per Participant + Service Tax (Total Fee: Rs.com . For further information.4964/-) Nomination will be accepted on first come first serve basis on receipt of registration fee. Mohan Cooperative Mathura Road. Life Coach) Program Coordinator Kritarth Consulting Private Limited New Delhi | Mumbai | Pune | Jamshedpur Mob: +91-9811272681 Email: shakti@kritarth.Seminar Details: Date: 8th September 2011 Timings: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm Venue: India Corporate Centre. New Delhi Registration Fee: Rs.4500/. J2 B1 Ext. please contact: Shakti Sharan (Certified Master Practitioner of NLP.