Splice  Review       A  story  of  two  modern  scientists  that  create  a  new  form  of  species  divided  by

 many  sub  species   such  as  a  horse  rat  and  other  animals  when  eventually  they  get  too  happy  with  there  work  they   decide  to  push  the  hyrbrid  one  step  further  and  add  the  human  dna  to  it,  to  which  a  lifeform  of   great  mischeavousness  is  born,  going  through  all  the  changes  of  humans  in  a  timeframe  of  one   year  per  day.    

fig.1  Dren  


Sci-­‐fi  horror  at  its  finest  is  supposed  to  not  only  stimulate  our  minds,  but  take  us  to  disturbing   places  in  order  to  do  so(Goldberg,2010)  which  i  feel  this  film  does  not  do,  i  feel  the  storyline  of   splice  is  based  upon  human  emotion  and  reaction,  rather  than  the  sci-­‐fi  horror  that  it  planned   otu  to  be,  for  example  during  the  film  when  the  splice  goes  through  a  human  like  puberty,  her   urges  become  apparent,  and  with  the  dna  of  the  female  scientist  her  feelings  towards  men  are   increased  and  with  her  animalistic  side  she  pounces  and  seduces.  this  moment  in  the  film  is   borderline  incest  in  a  sense  that  they  have  "adopted"  dren(splice)  yet  he  continues  to  go  ahead   in  sexual  intercourse,  i  feel  this  does  not  show  the  sci-­‐fi  horror  that  people  want  to  see  but  only   the  emotional  content  of  the  animal  itself  falling  into  the  line  of  a  documentary  of  sorts.        

  fig.2  scientists  create  splice     Yet  the  fusing  of  two  distinct  types  of  films  with  the  emphasis  on  emotional  evolution  over   character  or  plot  put  the  film  in  a  strange  middle  ground  (Halfyard,2010)  for  example  when   dren(splice)  begins  its  life  as  this  small  deformed  rat  like  creature  the  scientists  are  so  happy   that  they  proved  there  superiors  wrong  however  so  scared  of  getting  caught  and  throwing  there   careers  away,however  this  motion  quickly  snaps  aways  as  the  two  scientists  take  the  role  of   parenthood  in  a  sense  where  they  decide  to  examine  the  short  lifespan  that  they  predict.Really   the  first  two-­‐thirds  to  three-­‐quarters  of  the  film  outshine  what  comes  after.  It’s  not  that  what   comes  towards  the  end  is  bad  –  it’s  just  that  the  film  goes  from  unique  and  engrossing  Sci-­‐Fi  to   more  of  a  conventional  horror  film(Holtreman)which  really  shows  the  emotional  evolution  over   the  splice  and  the  plot  is  quickly  being  defferred  from  the  audience  and  inevitably  helping  them   to  loose  track.    


  fig.3  poster  art,  dren(  horror  convention  )     in  fig.3  the  horror  convention  is  portrayed  as  dark  and  not  for  the  light  hearted  the  darkness  on   the  left  side  of  the  image  is  a  feeling  that  is  disturbing  however  with  the  blue  (  sci-­‐fi)  lights   shining  down  shows  that  there  is  a  different  side  to  this  film  and  that  there  is  a  hint  of  alienism   within  it.  I  believe  this  poster  is  as  false  advertising  due  to  showing  you  nothing  but  a  slightly   deformed  human  and  the  words  the  future  is  born  on  ...  shows  the  virus  of  sorts  along  with  the   pupils  being  an  abnormal  shape  and  the  shape  of  a  cross  would  represent  health  and  a  better   future.  therefore  the  contradictions  between  the  darkness  of  the  left  side  of  the  face  and  the   healing  aspect  of  the  face  is  completely  confusing,  much  alike  the  stories  plot  and  aims.     Really  the  first  two-­‐thirds  to  three-­‐quarters  of  the  film  outshine  what  comes  after.  It’s  not  that   what  comes  towards  the  end  is  bad  –  it’s  just  that  the  film  goes  from  unique  and  engrossing  Sci-­‐ Fi  to  more  of  a  conventional  horror  film(Holtreman)       Bibliography   Sci-­‐fi  horror  at  its  finest  is  supposed  to  not  only  stimulate  our  minds,  but  take  us  to  disturbing   places  in  order  to  do  so,Matt  Goldberg,2010   http://collider.com/splice-­‐review/30455/     Yet  the  fusing  of  two  distinct  types  of  films  with  the  emphasis  on  emotional  evolution  over   character  or  plot  put  the  film  in  a  strange  middle  ground,Kurt  Halfyard,  2010   http://twitchfilm.com/reviews/2010/01/sundance-­‐2010-­‐splice-­‐review.php  

  Really  the  first  two-­‐thirds  to  three-­‐quarters  of  the  film  outshine  what  comes  after.  It’s  not  that   what  comes  towards  the  end  is  bad  –  it’s  just  that  the  film  goes  from  unique  and  engrossing  Sci-­‐ Fi  to  more  of  a  conventional  horror  film,  Vic  Holtreman,   http://screenrant.com/splice-­‐reviews-­‐vic-­‐63162/       Illustration  list     fig.1  Dren     http://screenrant.com/splice-­‐reviews-­‐vic-­‐63162/   accessed  18/10/2011     fig.2  Scientists  create  splice   http://collider.com/splice-­‐review/30455/accessed     18/10/2011     fig.3  poster  art,  dren(  horror  convention  )   http://screencrave.com/2010-­‐05-­‐04/new-­‐splice-­‐poster-­‐introduces-­‐dren/   accessed  18/10/2011