Consequences of Ecotourism

When I hear the word „eco‟, the first thing that comes to my mind is “go green”, but it is a prefix used when concerned with living things in relation to environment. So, “ecotourism” is tourism which is designed to contribute to the protection of the environment or at least minimize damage to it, often involving travel to areas of natural interest in developing countries or participation in environmental projects.

Although, the concept has presently become very popular starting from early 00‟s , but we can say it existed since the time of Charles Darwin. Ecotourism is encouraged to travellers and tourists because it is assumed that if people saw the beauty, and felt the charisma, they will care more. The important thing is to find out whether it has served its purpose? During the 1900, people visited Africa to enjoy adventure tours. Wild life safari was considered as ecotourism, but tourists were more temped into local wildlife hunting. From 50‟s & 60‟s onwards, environmentalist noticed that the animal population was decreasing and that

something had to be done to prevent many more animals went extinct. So, they came up with the concept of ecotourism, with the objectives to stop hunting activities, prevent damage to the environment and conservation of endangered living species and trees. During the 80‟s and 90‟s, campaigns were held to teach people and influence them into taking on their responsibilities to save the world. After mid 90‟s, ecotourism became very popular that soon it took upon the face of „good business‟ from a „non-profitable organisation‟. People began taking more interest in learning different cultures, natural history, witnessing miracles of Mother Nature. In 00‟s, people began to perceive it as the new trend of travelling and highly in demand. Developing countries saw

Causing changes in the weather. And it did. hoteliers claim that they are eco-friendly. inviting in thousands of tourists could . differences in ethics and beliefs and many more. enabling scope for exchanges of knowledge. air born diseases. that they should make hay while the sun shone. Facilitating shelters and roads for transportation is only possible through deforestation to acquire space. The East could finally meet the West. Furthermore. locals and residents found more job opportunities. their business is not harming the environment. resulting animal and species and thousands of trees to extinct. They are getting infected by new diseases which then spread on to us through air or water. With so many visitors per annum.„ecotourism‟ as a ray of sunshine. imbalance in the eco system are sickening the wild and marine life. once only read in books could now be experienced by oneself. What we knowingly ignore is deforestation intervenes in the circular flow of nature of wildlife. Developing countries often face food deficit consequences anyway. it needs to consider three very important effective factors. Mysteries about the different regions of the world. such as hotel businesses began to grow. thirdly that the prices of commodities and food should stay stable and there shouldn‟t be any shortage in the food. to the Government‟s income and expenditure. at such circumstances. Well. communication/transportation and. It also opened doors to enlighten. In order for a country to permit ecotourism and host it. It also contributed to the countries‟ Balance of Payment. There are some developing countries that use fertilizers to pace the growth of the harvest to meet the demands of the market. secondly. explore the world. Ecotourism brought along economic advancements. ideology and human behavioural differences. helped deal with inflation. facilitating accommodation. what about excessive amount of waste they dump every day? It does damage the environment. Firstly. car rental agencies and so on.

All the initiatives are being taken to protect what is left. He explains that it‟s a normal phenomena for species to extinct. Levin whose a botany professor at the university of Texas at Austin. Pulau Payar. Lack of proper enforcement of ecotourism guidelines and enforcing securities made easier for diving agents to take innumerable tourist to the island ignoring the carrying capacity of the island.000 birds had been inhabitant of Delaware Bay. If the purpose of ecotourism was conserving our ecology. then why is it that it‟s not preventing extinction or slow down the rate of extinction of the living species . the island‟s environment began degrading. if the country is poor there is exploitation of the local tribes. that is. whereas figures of 2007 stated that the population decreased to only around 15000. Then in 2007. Soon. Donald A. There could be absence of duty of care. The earth‟s ecosystem is very vulnerable at present situation. The beaches got overcrowded and many diver and snorkelers accidently stepped onto many on the corals. but the rate of extinction is as many as 100 to 1000times greater than the normal. It contributes about 10% of the total tourism revenue. Dr.damage the economy. . 100. In 2006. it was reported that during the 80‟s. an island near Langkawi is famous for diving and snorkelling. Also tourists can be reckless and cause damage to the attractions. Ecotourism may also create social damage. There are high chances for exploitation of social cultures. I don‟t think that its the time to take risks anymore. Sometimes. Marine parks have always been a great attraction of ecotourism in Malaysia. ecotourists take advantage of the local residents for cheap labour. in a January-February issue of American scientist magazine said that the imbalance of the ecosystem would cause half of all the living bird and mammal species to extinct within 200 to 300 years.

Similarly. But it didn‟t. There are those who are giving all their effort to prevent a mass extinction. the increasing rate of extinction has been complementing equally with the increasing rate of ecotourism. He says that it happens due to excessive deforestation. after risking to be wretched by tourist. I don‟t know which one of them is positive: An ecology professor from The University of Minnesota. It helps the locals to preserve endangered species of their countries. I see 3 perspectives here. and fishing to such extend that it even wipes off the bottom of the ocean. the island in Terengganu and Sabah is almost near to extinct due to overcrowding of the beaches. But the locals don‟t benefit anything. its suggestible that increase rate of human activity means increasing the rate at which resources would finish. Here. It was assumed that ecotourism would work like a speed breaker to slow down the sky rocketing rate of all wild and marine life. Ecotourism aids you with knowledge. . In fact. they go to places and teach people about wild and marine life conservation. David Tilman reasons that human activity is the cause for increasing rate of extinction. there were concern of conserving the island after the environment had started detoriating. So. If we reason with David Tilman. then the locals are calling drought upon them.

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