A Gift of Literacy... Opening Doors to Opportunities
Education is fundamental to the fight against poverty and the socio-economic betterment of individuals and communities. However the literacy figures in Nigeria are not encouraging when we look at statistics and undeniably not surprising drawing from the available access to basic education. Drawing on statistics reveals the peculiar nature of illiteracy in Nigeria, which is about forty-two percent (42%) of the entire 150million population out of which about 60% are women ((National Bureau of Statistics, 2010). The study also revealed that only 30.2 per cent of the adult population was aware of the existence of any literacy programme. About the same small proportion (32.5 per cent) of the adult population was aware of the existence of any literacy centers. This is a huge population of people (63million) missing out of the wider benefits education can unlock for them and means in itself undermines the human capacity we require as a nation to attain our development goals. This crisis may not be in the headlines nevertheless the severity of the situation is undeniable, a reality in people's daily lives and demanding an urgent action. GIFT OF LITERACY: OPENING DOORS TO OPPORTUNITIES Your organization can give a gift of literacy to individuals and communities who has missed a chance at formal education but are eager to learn and ready to seek enlightenment through the Adopt-A-Center; Educate-A-Community Literacy Support Initiative. Through your gift of literacy you not only increase the chances and improve the capacity of learners to fight poverty, broaden their participat ion in the society, you also help to facilitate the accomplishment of the Education For All objective of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) because
illiterate people have difficulties comprehendi ng development initiatives.

THE WONDERS OF YOUR GIFT With a contribution of N70,000 Monthly your organisation can adopt a community literacy center which can conveniently make literacy training accessible to no fewer than 50 adult learners. OTHER WAYS TO GIVE A GIFT    Adopt a Learner at the price of N1,200 per month Donate Items Volunteer as a literacy facilitator

In addition to contributions listed above, there are many other ways you can help support this initiative. For example, you could write/talk about us to a local media or friend, sign on our Literacy Declaration Bill, Start a Literacy charity remittance etc. We would also welcome other forms of contribution. The first phase of the center adoption would be implemented in Five (5) selected communities in Lagos state (vulnerable to il literacy) from January - September 2012 and would help local men and women receive valuable education in basic business and literacy training in local languages and English as well as raise awareness regarding the MDGs. The program would also be linked to a business grant fac ility for outstanding learners at the completion of the literacy program. The generosity of your gifts would ensure the adoption of community literacy centers, the provision of micro business grants, and help transform the lives of millions of men and women. Give a Gift today! To contribute a gift of literacy: contact +2348062920147, 8029970423 or, "We cannot hold a touch to light another path without brightening our own"

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Lagos State Governme nt Agency for Mass Educatio n