Jeanne Amrein

brian anderson dean
hilda diaz
aaron ebner
danny gallanT
kat gordon
Danielle Johnson
Robin Narciso
Tina novero
elma paulauskaite
Jeissa Torres-
Marina Savinovic
natalie sherman
Adam Siteglitz
The Andean Alliance for
sustainable development
Team Peru
Monterey Institute of
International Studies
Peru - Summer 2011
Table of Contents
Executive Lettei, Aaion Ebnei, Auam Stieglitz, anu Tina Noveio............................................................................... S
A StiategicPaitneiship.........................................................................................................................................................................4
Team Peiu Nembei Piofiles................................................................ S
Nap of Calca Piovince.............................................................................8
Agiicultuie Initiative.............................................................................................................................................................................9
Executive Summaiy...............................................1u
Pioject Backgiounu...............................................11
Results anu Analysis................................................1S
Next Steps .................................................................................1S
Bealth & Wellness.............................................................................1S
Executive Summaiy..........................................16
Pioject Backgiounu..........................................17
Nethouology............................................... 17
Results anu Analysis......................................................18
Next Steps.....................................................18
Community Savings....................................................................................................2u
Executive Summaiy..........................................................21
Pioject Backgiounu..........................................22
Results anu Analysis..............................................................2S
Recommenuations anu Next Steps.........................................2S
Nu0 Netwoik......................................................................................2S
Executive Summaiy..........................................26
Pioject Backgiounu..........................................27
Results anu Analysis ..........................................................28
Next Steps..................................................................................28
The Neuia Pioject..................................................................................Su
Executive Summaiy..........................................S1
Pioject Backgiounu..........................................S2
Results anu Analysis......................................................S2
Next Steps..................................................................................................................................................................SS
Appenuix A: INKAcase........................................................................................................................................................S6
Appenuix B: Community Savings Initiative SW0T Analysis...............................................................................4S
Woiks Citeu...............................................................................44

0n behalf of the founueis anu the entiie team we aie uelighteu to piesent oui summei pioject iepoit.
Team Peiu has come a long way since its inception in the fall of 2uu9. The success of oui piojects is a
iesult of the piofessional excellence of ovei 6u giauuate stuuents woiking both in Peiu anu in the 0.S. We
have constiucteu seven laige gieenhouses anu establisheu an agiicultuial euucation mouel that has seen
a gieat ueal of success anu iecognition. Team Peiu's health anu wellness team has taught seveial
nutiition anu cooking woikshops that go hanu in hanu with oui gieenhouse piojects. 0ui Nu0 netwoik
team has inteivieweu uozens of oiganizations in the iegion anu helu a uynamic Nu0 netwoik confeience,
which openeu the uoois to futuie collaboiation anu paitneiships. We have cieateu a unique, inuigenous
uesigneu piouuct in the INKAcase anu look foiwaiu to enabling inuigenous women to eain an income
anu suppoit theii families.
The success of these piojects was maue possible by an amazing gioup of giauuate stuuents paitaking in a
unique stuuent uiiven piogiam that we call Team Peiu. This Team began as a gioup of foui committeu to
builu gieenhouses, it has tuineu into a laige gioup that plans, implements, anu evaluates complex
inteinational uevelopment piojects. Team Peiu is tiuly a team. We woik togethei thioughout the school
yeai to uesign piojects, we aiiive in Peiu infoimeu, we collaboiate with local inuiviuuals anu Nu0s, anu
we ietuin back in Nonteiey eagei to impiove on what we staiteu. 0ui team is able to stay committeu anu
motivateu because we have owneiship ovei eveiy aspect of this initiative. The piojects will continue to
evolve anu we will cieate some of the best uevelopment mouels in the iegion. Thank you to all oui fiienus
anu colleagues who have suppoiteu oui evolution. In 2u12 oui oiganization will piogiess by hainessing
collective knowleuge anu ueveloping unique, effective appioaches to othei poveity challenges. In the
time to come we will piove to all what a gioup of giauuate stuuents aie capable of.
Aaion Ebnei
Auam Stieglitz
Tina Noveio
“Increasing the well-being of indigenous
communities throughout the Sacred Valley of
We woulu like to foimally iecognize the Becky Funu as not only a stiategic paitnei but also a gieat
souice of inspiiation foi Team Peiu anu the Anuean Alliance (AASB). The Becky Funu has put theii
ieputation anu iesouices behinu eveiything we uo anu we aie giateful foi theii tiust. Team Peiu has
been able to funuiaise using the Becky Funu's Su1(c)(S) status anu we aie able to connect with local
Becky Funu contacts anu iepiesentatives. The Becky Funu has a gieat ieputation in the communities
anu we enjoy the goouwill that comes with iepiesenting the Funu. The Becky Funu was establisheu in
honoi of Becky Piichaiu, a compassionate woman who calleu The Sacieu valley home. We aie inspiieu
by Becky's legacy anu the ueuication of hei mothei Biana. We consiuei Becky anu Biana membeis of
oui team anu we aie piouu to be affiliateu with them.
}eanne woiks with the Nu0 Netwoiking piogiam anu the Bealth anu Wellness piogiams. Bei pievious
piofessional expeiience managing anu oiganizing inteinational exchange piogiams foi the 0S Bepaitment of State
anu the 0S Agency foi Inteinational Bevelopment auus a new uimension to the alieauy expeiienceu gioup. }eanne
eaineu hei B.A. in Inteinational Relations fiom Xaviei 0niveisity in Cincinnati, 0hio anu is cuiiently a Nasteis of
Public Auministiation canuiuate foi Nay 2u12 at the Nonteiey Institute of Inteinational Stuuies. Exciteu to woik
with the team anu the locals in the Sacieu valley, }eanne hopes to impiove hei Spanish skills anu fuithei inciease
the impact of the piogiams foi the Anuean Alliance foi Sustainable Bevelopment
Biian is a iecent uiauuate of the Nonteiey Institute of Inteinational Stuuies wheie he ieceiveu an NA in Public
auministiation anu Inteinational Nanagement. Biian also holus a BA in ulobal Stuuies with an East Asian focuses
fiom the 0niveisity of Ninnesota. 0vei the couise of the summei Biian uevelopeu a seiies of viueo Blogs
highlighting AASB's vaiious piojects, assisteu the Agiicultuie Team, anu helpeu the othei teams to establish an
oiganizational mouel that will ensuie The AASB's futuie giowth anu impioveu impact.
Bilua immigiateu to the 0niteu States with hei family in 1986. The socio-economic challenges that hei paients
encounteieu as immigiants foiceu them to senu hei back to El Salvauoi in 199u at a time of political tension anu
the enu of an 11-yeai civil wai. In 2uuu Bilua moveu back to the Bay Aiea to puisue highei euucation. She
completeu a Bacheloi's in Raza Stuuies with a minoi in Inteinational Relations at San Fiancisco State 0niveisity. As
an unueigiauuate she paiticipateu in an acauemic exchange piogiam in Nexico City that focuseu on stuuying
Nexico's economic tensions, political uiscoiuance anu the effects of tiaue, migiation anu globalization. Cuiiently,
she is a giauuate stuuent at the Nonteiey Institute of Inteinational Stuuies puisuing hei Nastei's in Tianslation
anu Inteipietation. She iecently paiticipateu in a uevelopment piacticum in El Salvauoi as pait of the
Inteipietation anu Tianslation team. Bilua is the leau Inteipietei anu Tianslatoi foi AASB!
Aaion Ebnei founueu The Anuean Alliance foi Sustainable Bevelopment along with Tina Noveio, Auam Stieglitz,
anu Fabiizzio uaimenuia. Be is vice piesiuent of The Becky Funu anu has been woiking on uevelopment piojects
in the Sacieu valley since 2uu6. Be ieceiveu his bachelois in inteinational ielations fiom Cential Nichigan
0niveisity anu holus a Nasteis in Public Auministiation fiom The Nonteiey Institute foi Inteinational Stuuies. At
the Nonteiey Institute he founueu Team Peiu, a gioup of giauuate stuuents who woik on a vaiiety of uevelopment
piojects thiough the AASB. Aaion oveisees uozens of giauuate stuuents thioughout the yeai. Aaion spenus most of
his time woiking uiiectly with the communities. 0vei the past five yeais he has uevelopeu a level of tiust with
inuigenous communities that allows foi a unique woiking ielationship. Be enjoys spenuing time in the mountains
anu appieciates the "tianquilo" pace of life.
Banny is in his final semestei at NIIS finishing his NA in Public auministiation anu Inteinational
Nanagement. As a Peace Coips Nastei's Inteinational stuuent, Banny has oiueis foi a volunteei
placement in El Salvauoi this coming }anuaiy 2u12. As a membei of Team Peiu, Banny is a woiking with
the agiicultuie team, uesigning anu implementing an evaluation of the ongoing school gieenhouse
piojects with the intention of iefining anu impioving upon the cuiient mouel. Bis focus anu ambition is
to one uay fulfill his uieam of becoming the Cultuial Immeision Liaison foi the Anuean Alliance.
Kat obtaineu hei Bacheloi of Aits in Inteinational Bevelopment with a concentiation in South Ameiica in
auuition to a Ninoi in Conseivation anu Resouice Stuuies fiom the 0niveisity of Califoinia, Beikeley.
Cuiiently Kat is an Inteinational Enviionmental Policy Nasteis canuiuate in the sustainable uevelopment
tiack at NIIS. Bei focus is on small scale sustainable agiicultuie systems foi achieving foou secuiity anu
ecological health. With Team Peiu, Kat woiks on the agiicultuial piojects. She hopes to expanu
community leu, sustainable agiicultuie piojects in the iegion anu, above all, to continue leaining the
extensive agiicultuial knowleuge helu by the local faimeis.
Banielle ieceiveu hei Bacheloi of Aits in Political Science fiom Lewis & Claik College anu is a Nastei of
Public Auministiation in Inteinational Nanagement canuiuate at the Nonteiey Institute of Inteinational
Stuuies. Bei piimaiy inteiest is genuei uevelopment in euucation. While in the Sacieu valley this
summei, Banielle, along with hei colleague Natalie, will be completing a community neeus assessment foi
the women's associations in the aiea. They plan to uevelop a cuiiiculum anu tools to impiove financial
liteiacy anu uevelop entiepieneuiial oppoitunities.
Robin obtaineu his unueigiauuate uegiee in }uiiuical anu Economic Systems of East Asia at the Italian
0niveisity of Ca'Foscaii in venice. Aftei iefining his }apanese in Kyoto foi a Semestei, he moveu to
the 0.S. wheie is now puisuing a Nastei in Bevelopment & Buman Secuiity at the Nonteiey Institute of
Inteinational Stuuies. Bis inteinational uevelopment expeiience staiteu in Peiu, woiking in Callao, one of
Lima's subuibs, as a Nusic Teachei. Be then joineu the Anuean Alliance in the Sacieu valley, woiking
with the team in facilitating the cieation of a netwoik among local Nu0s.
Tina obtaineu a Bacheloi's in Inteinational Relations with a concentiation in Thiiu Woilu Bevelopment
fiom San Fiancisco State 0niveisity in 2uuS. 0pon giauuation she woikeu foi vaiious non-piofits anu
was an immigiation legal assistant in San Fiancisco, CA. She is also co-founuei of the NIIS stuuent club
Women of the Woilu (W0W). Bei piimaiy inteiests ievolve aiounu Nillennium Bevelopment uoal #S:
Piomote uenuei Equality anu Empowei Women. While in the Sacieu valley this summei, Tina's piimaiy
goal was to conuuct nutiition¡cooking classes using the new piouuce giown in the gieenhouses anu
oiganize textile woikshops with S uiffeient communities. She is also ueveloping a piototype anu business
plan foi laptop cases maue fiom inuigenous weavings.
Elma holus an unueigiauuate uegiee in Psychology fiom the vytautas Nagnus 0niveisity in hei native
Lithuania. She has euucational expeiiences, ianging fiom two weeks to six yeais, in Naceuonia, Kosovo,
Poitugal anu the 0.S, wheie she is cuiiently puisuing an NA in Inteinational Bevelopment Policy at the
Nonteiey Institute of Inteinational Stuuies. Bei inteiest in policy anu uevelopment giew giauually fiom
my psychology stuuies focuseu on social psychology anu how inuiviuuals aie affecteu by theii immeuiate
enviionments. She hopes to keep this focus on the inuiviuual in any a futuie uevelopment enueavois.
}eissa was boin anu iaiseu in Pueito Rico. She moveu to Floiiua to puisue hei uieam in life, to leain
about uiffeient cultuies anu languages. She puisueu hei Bacheloi's Begiee at Floiiua Inteinational
0niveisity in Inteinational Relations, with a minoi in Fiench anu a Ceitificate in Latin Ameiica anu the
Caiibbean Stuuies. She founu joy in leaining new woius anu a vaiiety of topics anu staiteu a tianslation
company in Pueito Rico. While iunning the company, hei neeu foi new expeiiences anu constant leaining
biought hei to Califoinia, wheie she is cuiiently puisuing hei Nastei's in Inteinational Policy Stuuies,
Buman Secuiity anu Bevelopment at Nonteiey Institute of Inteinational Stuuies. She is the
happy mothei of 4, instilling love foi languages anu cultuial unueistanuing to hei chiluien.
Bei motto in life is to uo what makes you happy, no mattei how uifficult it looks.
Naiina was boin in Bubiovnik (Cioatia). She has liveu in Cioatia, ueimany anu Austiia. Aftei giauuating
fiom the high school of Economics in Bubiovnik, she ueciueu to move to the 0S anu continue hei college
euucation. She eaineu AA uegiees in spoits meuicine, physical euucation anu libeial aits. Simultaneously,
she openeu up a iestauiant with hei biotheis, which alloweu hei to eain a BA in Spanish anu a minoi in
ueiman fiom San }ose State 0niveisity. Naiina cuiiently owns a successful nightclub with hei biotheis,
which allows hei to puisue a NAIPS in conflict iesolution at NIIS. She is inteiesteu in exploiing some of
the obstacles anu inteinal conflicts that aiise within the communities as well as among team membeis.
Specifically, she is inteiesteu in ieseaiching foou secuiity issues.
Natalie ieceiveu hei BA in Inteinational Business anu Fiench fiom ueoigia State 0niveisity anu is
cuiiently puisuing a Nastei of Public Auministiation uegiee at the Nonteiey Institute of Inteinational
Stuuies, focusing on social enteipiise anu uevelopment. Bei piimaiy aiea of inteiest is using social
entiepieneuiship anu uigital meuia to fostei innovation anu self-sufficiency foi women anu youth. She is
extiemely exciteu to be woiking with Team Peiu anu the women of the Sacieu valley to uevelop a
sustainable textile enteipiise anu leain moie about the magnificent histoiy anu cultuie of the iegion.
Auam is oiiginally fiom South Floiiua anu giauuateu fiom the 0niveisity of Niami with a Bacheloi's of
Business Nanagement anu Auministiation. Bis inteinational uevelopment expeiience incluues teaching
English in South Koiea, volunteeiing at a health¡meuical clinic in iuial Bonuuias, anu paiticipating as a
membei of Team Nonteiey's infiastiuctuie pioject in El Salvauoi wheie a potable watei uistiibution was
evaluateu. Auam obtaineu is Nastei's in Public Auministiation fiom NIIS.

The Team: Aaron Ebner, Kat Gordon, Danny Gallant, and Marina Savinovic
Agri cul ture I ni ti ati ve Executi ve Summar y
The agiicultuie initiative aims to auuiess malnutiition anu foou soveieignty in the Anuean highlanus by
empoweiing anu enabling iemote, iesouice-constiaineu communities to uiveisify theii foou souice thus
attaining a moie nutiient uense uiet. The Anuean Alliance stiives to become an expeit iesouice on a
holistic appioach to community baseu agiicultuial initiatives thiough the uevelopment of an euucational
tiaining mouel.
0bjective 1: The Agiicultuie Team focuseu on continueu expansion of the gieenhouse piojects thiough:
% % % 1.1%Continueu incoipoiation of vegetables fiom the gieenhouses into school lunches
along with the communication of nutiitional impoitance
1.2 Implementation of the alteinative cuiiiculum: consistent hanus on instiuction
on stiuctuial maintenance anu oiganic vegetable cultivation
1.S Assessment anu uocumentation of the piogiess of AASB's establisheu
gieenhouse piojects to infoim effective piactices
1.4 Iuentification of one auuitional local technician to begin tiaining

0bjective 2: The agiicultuie initiative focuseu on cieating a woiking mouel to infoim best piactices
foi gieenhouse pioject uesign anu implementation. This encompasseu all aspects of a
pioject fiom initial community ielationship builuing thiough technical implementation
of oiganic giowing piactices.
Our Approach
The agiicultuial initiative builus gieenhouses to auuiess malnutiition thiough uietaiy uiveisification. The
AASB utilizes the gieenhouse cuiiiculum as a means to uiive behavioial change in stuuents, emphasizing
the impoitance of vegetable cultivation anu consumption. By woiking with the next geneiation of
community leaueis, these piojects extenu a knowleuge-baseu tool to help iesouice-constiaineu
communities move towaius gieatei self-sufficiency anu foou soveieignty. The AASB's mouel enables
pioject sustainability in an aiea wheie many gieenhouse piojects have been abanuoneu. The oiganization
is alieauy becoming a iesouice foi othei Nu0s to infoim best piactices anu pioviue technical tiaining. Foi
this ieason the AASB is focusing on exploiing the most efficient giowing piactices to piomote a healthy
giowing enviionment anu maximize sustaineu, high vegetable yielus.
Nalnutiition continues to be a
majoi uevelopment challenge in Peiu.
Accoiuing to the Peiuvian Ninistiy of
Bealth in Laies (2u1u), 7S% of chiluien
in the iegion aie malnouiisheu baseu on
height anu weight stanuaius. This figuie
is consistent with numbeis fiom the
0niteu Nation's Bevelopment Piogiam
(2u1u) anu 0NICEF (2u11). Nalnutiition
hinueis chilu uevelopment, iesulting in
stunteu giowth, incieaseu vulneiability
to uisease, anu unueiuevelopeu
intellectual capacity. As a iesult of theii
inuigenous heiitage, the communities in
which the AASB woiks iesiue on
maiginal lanus above the Sacieu valley
with little hope of secuiing a stable anu
nutiitious foou supply.
The inhospitable giowing
enviionment poses multiple challenges
to foou cultivation. At an altituue ianging
fiom 12,uuu-14,Suu feet with extieme
tempeiatuie fluctuations, these iemote
communities cannot successfully
cultivate much moie than tubeis anu a

few giains. This challenge, fuithei
compounueu by limiteu maiket access
anu fiagmenteu goveinment foou aiu,
highlights the neeu foi communities to
achieve self-sufficiency. While the
goveinment foou aiu piogiams seek to
auuiess these challenges thiough
nutiitional supplements, pievious AASB
ieseaich by Team Peiu membeis
inuicates an inconsistency of supply anu
a flaweu assessment of neeu.
AASB iuentifieu a neeu foi a moie
compiehensive anu sustainable
appioach foi combating malnutiition in
the communities above the Sacieu
valley. To achieve this, the AASB
piomotes foou soveieignty anu
nutiitional secuiity thiough an
agiecological appioach, which suppoits
ecological giowing piinciples anu
socially iesponsible piojects. Specifically,
the AASB woiks alongsiue communities
to builu gieenhouses in schools foi the
cultivation of nutiitious vegetables to be
incoipoiateu into school lunches.
Auuitionally, thiough an alteinative
cuiiiculum, stuuents
leain skills foi
gieenhouse maintenance
anu management, thus
enabling futuie
community leu pioject
expansion. Noieovei, the
AASB continues to
engage in pioject
assessments anu ieseaich
to uesign a mouel foi
successful, community
leu agiicultuie initiatives.

Students take a break
from their work in the
greenhouse in
Pampacorral. Students
work in the greenhouse
once a week with Ruben
but are in charge of
maintenance throughout
the week.
The 2u11 Agiicultuie Team focuseu on
pioject expansion, assesseu pioject
impiovements, anu initiateu woik on soliuifying
the pioject mouel.
Project Planning
In }anuaiy the team engageu in planning
activities foi the summei gieenhouse piojects.
This incluueu cultivating a ielationship with the
local municipality in the uistiict of Laies, wheie
AASB piojects aie ongoing. Togethei, Team Peiu
anu the municipality ieacheu a shaieu
unueistanuing of pioject goals anu puipose,
iesulting in a contiactual agieement foi suppoit
with select iesouices anu tianspoitation. The
team also pioposeu the piojects at monthly
assemblies in the communities of Ccachin anu
Choquecancha, iesulting in community buy in
anu agieement to paiticipate in woikuays anu
make auobes foi the summei constiuction.
Project Expansion
Team Peiu ietuineu in the summei to
constiuct thiee gieenhouses in Ccachin anu two
stiuctuies in Choquecancha. The piojects
entaileu woiking closely with constiuction teams
(maestios) fiom the communities. Team Peiu
membeis woikeu alongsiue stuuents anu
community membeis at community woik uays
(faenas) to assist with the constiuction neeus
such as laying the founuation, tianspoiting
mateiials, anu ioofing the stiuctuie.
Fuitheimoie, the agiicultuie team focuseu on
cooiuinating with the school uiiectoi anu oui
technician, Ruben Quispe, to tailoi the
implementation of an alteinative cuiiiculum to
the specific neeus of the school. This incluueu
explaining Ruben's iole of woiking with stuuents
one oi two times weekly to teach gieenhouse
maintenance anu oiganic vegetable cultivation.
0pon uepaituie, the constiuction piocess was
still unueiway in Choquecancha. In Ccachin,
piepaiation, planting anu the cuiiiculum
implementation began in eaily Septembei. Befoie
uepaiting, the agiicultuie team woikeu to uesign
a plan foi collaboiating on pioject vision anu
expectations with uiffeient stakeholueis in the
community. Collaboiative sessions weie
scheuuleu to take place at upcoming community
meetings. The AASB also began tiaining two
moie local technicians in oiuei to ensuie
iesponsible pioject expansion.
Greenhouse Project Assessments
In auuition to the expansion of the
gieenhouse piojects, the agiicultuie team
assesseu establisheu piojects. The team uesigneu
a compaiative case stuuy incluuing semi-
stiuctuieu suiveys with all stakeholueis in the
two communities wheie gieenhouses weie built
in Summei 2u1u: Poques anu Pampacoiial. Key
stakeholueis incluueu school uiiectois, teacheis,
stuuents, paients, anu Ruben (oui technician).
The assessment was uesigneu to unueistanu
pioject uiffeiences, monitoi pioject piogiess,
unueistanu stakeholuei attituues, anu iuentify
inuicatois foi futuie pioject uesign.
Solidifying the Model
Team Peiu iecognizeu the AASB's
emeigent iole as an expeit iesouice foi
agiicultuial initiatives in anu aiounu the Sacieu
valley. The agiicultuie team utilizeu the
assessments, woikeu closely with Ruben in the
gieenhouses, anu connecteu with auuitional
iesouices in an effoit to soliuify the
oiganization's gieenhouse mouel. This incluueu
ieseaiching the most efficient sustainable
giowing piactices to minimize exteinal inputs,
builu healthy soil, anu maximize yielus in limiteu
gieenhouse space. The team began iuentifying
anu uocumenting best piactices foi all aspects of
sustainable pioject uesign, ianging fiom
community ielations to technical pioject
implementation. The scope of such woik extenus
beyonu community centiic piojects, anu towaiu
the foimation of a iesouice base foi
oiganizations seeking guiuance on uesigning
successful community agiicultuie piojects. To
begin this tiansition, the team initiateu iough
plans foi a uemonstiation faim with the goal of
becoming a hub foi piomoting gieatei knowleuge

Results and Analysis
The agiicultuie team
successfully woikeu alongsiue
community membeis to
constiuct thiee gieenhouses in
Ccachin. The team initiateu
constiuction plans foi two
stiuctuies in Choquecancha
with an expecteu completion
uate of eaily 0ctobei.
Neanwhile, the establisheu
gieenhouses aie thiiving.
Stuuents aie exciteu anu
involveu in management anu
maintenance. vegetables aie
being incoipoiateu into school
lunches on a weekly basis,
making up a small poition of a
meal foi each stuuent.
Community membeis anu
paients weie suppoitive anu
many expiesseu inteiest in
futuie pioject expansion.
Following the pioject
assessments, the agiicultuie
team iealizeu a neeu to bettei
communicate the pioject vision
anu expectations fiom the
inception as well as to
unueistanu the key
stakeholueis' visions. While
similai in uesign, the piojects in
Poques anu Pampacoiial have
evolveu uiffeiently uue to
ueifffactois such as community
suppoit, school uiiectoi
suppoit, geogiaphic location in
factois such as community
suppoit, school uiiectoi
suppoit, geogiaphic location in
ielation to iesouice access, anu
stuuent enthusiasm. Finally,
evolution of the pioject towaius
uesigning a iesouice mouel foi
agiicultuie initiatives maiks a
move towaiu having a laigei
influence in guiuing iegional
anu countiywiue piojects.
Next Steps
- Retuin in }anuaiy 2u12 to
woik on goveinment
ielations, engage in action
ieseaich into similai piojects,
anu continue woiking to
soliuify anu uocument best
- Cieate a manual of best
- Continue woiking with
communities to ensuie
iobustness of cuiient piojects
- Bevelop a uemonstiation faim
to tiain community membeis,
local Nu0s anu oiganizations,
anu local goveinment in best
piactices foi agiicultuie
initiatives ianging fiom
technical skills to community
! The agiicultuie initiative
continues to have success with
its gieenhouse piojects. Team
Peiu anu the AASB have
uevelopeu soliu ielationships
with community membeis anu
have woikeu haiu to fostei a
collaboiative woiking
enviionment among all
stakeholueis. The evolving iole
of the piojects maiks an exciting
move towaius having a laigei,
positive impact in the
agiicultuial uevelopment sectoi
thiough knowleuge shaiing.

Team Peru works
alongside the maestros to
put the finishing touches
on one of the greenhouses
in Ccachin.
A student, excited for the new
greenhouse, works alongside the
maestro during a break from class.
Students in the greenhouse (left), Ruben and
two trainees, Angel Ruben and Yesica (below),
Completed structure in Ccachin (bottom)

Working alongside community
members for a healthier future
This summer Team Peru undertook several health and wellness projects in the
communities of Poques and Pampacorral. These projects included cooking and
nutritional training in addition to capacity building for a textile association in
Choquecancha. Each project was unique in its approach to addressing key issues
surrounding health and community well-being. What these initiatives have in common is
the goal of providing the knowledge and tools for community members to take control of
improving their own condition.These projects were linked closely with additional summer
2011 initiatives. The cooking and nutrition classes added a crucial component to the
agriculture initiative while the textiles project was complemented by the community
savings assessment.
The Team: Tina Novero and Jeanne Amrein


Heal th & Wel l ness Executi ve Summar y
The Bealth anu Wellness Piogiam auuiesses the AASB's stiategic objective to cieate cohesive piogiams
that uiiectly impact the communities thiough leveiaging existing stiengths.
0bjective 1:%This summei the Bealth anu Wellness team aimeu to communicate the value of
eating healthy anu also to piomote the joy of cooking.
! 0bjective 2: Seconu, the piogiam exploieu oppoitunities to uevelop economic oppoitunities
foi women in theii aiea of expeitise, weaving.
Our Approach
A nutiition anu cooking cuiiiculum was uevelopeu foi seconuaiy school stuuents who also paiticipate in
the gieenhouse maintenance cuiiiculum in the communities of Pampacoial anu Poques. We oiganizeu
weaving woikshops anu uevelopeu a business plan foi a social enteipiise, which capitalizes on the
women's weaving expeitise.
% With an influx of new
fiuits anu vegetables giown in
the school gieenhouses, it is
impoitant that the communities
have an unueistanuing of how
anu why these new ciops shoulu
be incoipoiateu into theii uaily
uiet. The youth, the futuie
leaueis of the community, must
unueistanu the impoitance of
eating nutiitious foou. As a
iesult, these stuuents will be
moie likely to pioviue theii
family with healthy meals,
contiibuting to a healthiei
lifestyle. Chiluien will be
especially affecteu by the
inciease of nutiitious meals
because, with a piopei uietaiy
intake, chiluien will be moie
attentive anu eneigetic in
The Bealth anu Wellness
piogiam also woiks to exploie
economic oppoitunities foi
women to facilitate economic
empoweiment foi families.
Baseu on AASB's genuei neeus
assessment conuucteu uuiing
the summei of 2u1u, these
women have stiengths in
weaving anu aie motivateu to
leain new techniques to
impiove theii skills. Bowevei,
theie aie 2 main pioblems: 1) a
lack of access to biggei maikets
foi theii textiles uue to the
iemote location of these
communities anu 2) a suiplus of
the same textile piouucts that
satuiate theii cuiient maiket.
This summei the Bealth
anu Wellness team spent foui
weeks teaching nutiition anu
cooking classes at schools with
existing gieenhouses built by
the Team Peiu last summei. The
team taught the stuuents about
the vaiious health benefits of
the vegetables giown anu
uemonstiateu vaiious ways to
cook with them. The classes
weie uesigneu to be inteiactive.
Stuuents paiticipateu in a
coloiing activity, using AASB's
own nutiition anu cookbooks
pioviueu uuiing the theoiy
session anu engageu in foou
piepaiation uuiing the cooking
lesson. At the conclusion of the
couise the stuuents weie
challengeu with a cooking
competition wheie they hau to
make unique uishes that weie
uelicious anu nutiitious. 0pon
completion of the classes,
stuuents ieceiveu ceitificates
foi theii paiticipation in the
piogiam. The team's appioach
was uevelopeu uuiing the NIIS
woikshop titleu Behavioi
Change in Public Bealth anu the
cookbook was cieateu as a
ueliveiable foi a NIIS Spanish
Biiecteu Stuuy couise.

The seconu activity involveu the
oiganization of textile skills
uevelopment woikshops to
connect local women with local
textile expeits in oiuei to shaie
best piactices foi optimum
piouuct stanuaius. Team Peiu
teameu up with anothei
oiganization to uesign a
woikshop foi the Choquecancha
Textile Association.
The youth,
the future
leaders of the
community, must
understand the
importance of
eating nutritious
The team plans to incoipoiate
basic financial liteiacy couises
into this woikshop with the help
of NIIS giauuate stuuents,
Banielle }ohnson anu Natalie
Sheiman. The Becky Funu anu


Students participating
in the hands on
cooking class prepare
vegetables from the
greenhouse for a
delicious afternoon
the Naishall Women's uioup fiom Naishall,
Nichigan geneiously funueu this woikshop. The
Bealth anu Wellness team also uevelopeu a
business plan foi the social enteipiise, INKAcase.
Please see the INKAcase pioposal in the
Results and Analysis
0veiall, the stuuents showeu eageiness to
paiticipate in the classes anu enjoyeu eating what
they leaineu how to cook. They weie able to
execute the piepaiation of a iecipe uuiing the
cooking competition anu explain the nutiitional
value of the ingieuients useu. Communication
challenges weie appaient in Pampacoiial wheie
the stuuents spoke moie Quechua than
Castellano. At times a schoolteachei assisteu the
piocess by inteipieting in Quechua uuiing the
nutiition lesson. The fiequency of school holiuays
poseu a pioblem foi planning. Last minute notice
of holiuays by school auministiation iequiieu the
team to move class uates anu even cancel the last
class in Poques.
The piepaiations foi the weaving
woikshops iequiieu assistance fiom
oiganizations that piimaiily focus on textile
uevelopment in the iegion. Thanks to the effoits
of Team Peiu's Nu0 netwoiking, the Bealth anu
Wellness team was able to iuentify a paitnei anu
finalize a cost effective woikshop plan.
The Bealth anu Wellness team
iecommenus that these nutiition woikshops be
taught at eveiy AASB gieenhouse site to ensuie
the stuuents unueistanu the impoitance of eating
vegetables anu goou health. It is also
iecommenueu that Team Peiu anu the AASB
woik towaius continuous impiovement anu
tailoiing of the nutiition anu cooking cuiiiculum
to taiget specific age gioups.
Next Steps
The Bealth anu Wellness team hopes to
expanu the cooking anu nutiition classes. This
woulu entail hosting classes in Ccachin anu
Choquecancha wheie new gieenhouses weie
constiucteu this summei. Auuitionally, follow
up fiom the textile tiainings will take place.



color in
body parts
in the the
and learn
about the
benefits of
Tina Noveio anu
}eanne Amiein
uisplay the
piouuct of theii
fiist successful
cooking class.
One of the INKAcase models (above)
A beneficiary of the cooking and nutrition
project (right)


The Team: Danielle Johnson and Natalie Sherman

Communi ty Savi ngs Executi ve Summar y
The bioauei goal foi the Community Savings Pioject is to help small aitisan gioups in the Sacieu valley,
specifically textile weaveis, impiove theii financial self-sufficiency.
0bjective 1:%Foi the summei 2u11 peiiou, the objective was to assess the ieauiness anu inteiest
level of a gioup of 1S weaveis fiom Choquecancha to engage in a community savings
0bjective 2: In the coming yeai the next objective is to uevelop a community savings pioject
anu piocess guiue that can be scaleu anu ieplicateu in othei communities in the
Our Approach
The solution at which the Community Savings team aims in unueitaking these goals anu objectives is to
enhance financial self-sufficiency thiough ueveloping anu piomoting community savings as an effective,
sustainable means to economic empoweiment foi communities in the Sacieu valley.
! Textile weaving plays a
veiy impoitant iole in Peiuvian
cultuie anu histoiy anu biings
income to many of the
communities in the Sacieu
valley. Bowevei, the most
iemote of these communities
continue to stiuggle with
poveity laigely as a iesult of
limiteu access to economic
Cuiiently, multiple Nu0s
in the Sacieu valley aie
paitneiing with communities of
aitisan weaveis, woiking to
enhance theii skills as well as
impiove theii access to maikets;
howevei, limiteu piogiams exist
that emphasize the neeu foi
financial liteiacy, euucation anu
best piactices foi iesponsible
saving. Such an unueistanuing
of financial management
piactices is essential foi
communities intiouuceu to new
maikets oi auuitional ievenue
stieams wheie no foimal
financial institutions exist, so
that community membeis may
make the most of theii income
anu futuie investments.
Community savings
(often also calleu "communal
savings" piogiams oi "micio
savings" piogiams) aie infoimal
netwoiks of inuiviuuals who
pool togethei financial
iesouices baseu on agieeu-upon
teims anu conuitions. 0nce
establisheu, the netwoiks aie
entiiely self-manageu, anu as a
iesult often have the seconuaiy
effect of builuing tiust anu
collaboiation between gioup
membeis. Such piogiams have
emeigeu piimaiily ovei the past
uecaue in iuial, ueveloping
communities acioss the globe
anu offei a piomising solution
to what foieign aiu anu micio
lenuing often leave behinu. By
ieuucing uepenuence on
uonations oi iepaying inteiest
chaiges, savings piogiams
cieate long-teim economic
% To begin gatheiing
infoimation about community
savings piogiams, the team
focuseu heavily on ueveloping a
liteiatuie ieview. This initial
ieseaich helpeu the team to
leain anu compile best piactices
anu pieconuitions of othei
successful community savings
mouels. We then ueteimineu
"knowns" anu "unknowns"
about the local community, as
well as stiengths, weaknesses,
thieats, anu oppoitunities
(SW0T) to gain a bettei
unueistanuing of the cultuial
context anu piioiity aieas of the
aitisans (See Appenuix B).
Next, the team began
ueveloping a tool suite with
thiee essential tools: Choosing a
uioup of Aitisans, The
Facilitation, anu The Community
Savings anu Reauiness
Assessment. The goals of this
suite seive to assist the team in
ueveloping its fiamewoik foi
the Community Savings
Piogiam, in auuition to allowing
its paitneis, INKAcase anu the
AASB, to ieplicate the piocess in
othei business ventuies. To
complete this poition of the
Action Reseaich, the team uiew
upon skills fiom vaiious couises
at the Nonteiey Institute of
Inteinational Stuuies: Tools
woikshop, BPNI, Social
Entiepieneuiship, etc.
Finally, the team
conuucteu a gioup facilitation,
baseu on the innovative IBE0
mouel anu incluueu in the tool
suite. The facilitation helpeu
with gatheiing the final 'in the
fielu' uata about the gioup of

Women from the weaving
group in Choquecancha
listen during the
community savings
aitisans anu the local
In following the holistic
uevelopment appioach that
Anuean Alliance embouies,
Team Peiu's Community
Savings team chose to
compliment othei Anuean
Alliance anu Team Peiu
piojects by woiking in
collaboiation with the
INKAcase piogiam. As the
team's paitnei communities
will be expeiiencing an influx of
income when the INKAcase
piogiam is implementeu, the
community savings team wants
to ensuie that the AASB takes
an active iole in helping to
pioviue knowleuge anu shape
the behavioi of iesponsible
saving piactices. It fiequently
occuis that even with the best
intentions, uevelopment
piogiams uisiupt the
socioeconomic balance of iuial
communities, anu it is
impoitant to be conscious to
pievent this issue.
Aftei conuucting the
action ieseaich anu caiiying
out a facilitation with the
weaving gioup in
Choqueconcha, the community
savings team ueteimineu that
the gioup is both highly
inteiesteu anu ieauy to begin
its own savings piogiam. This
community of weaveis is
alieauy highly collaboiative
anu has instituteu seveial
foimal systems anu piactices,
such as voting anu shaiing
weaving techniques amongst
the gioup. The gioup has
uemonstiateu its ability to self
manage as well as its uesiie to
inciease both its skill level anu
the quantity of textiles solu.
Baseu on the team's ieseaich,
these chaiacteiistics aie in line
with the pie-conuitions foi a
successful community savings
piogiam, anu they compliment
othei potential oppoitunities
foi incieasing the gioup's
financial self-sufficiency. An
oppoitunity to begin a
successful saving piogiam in
conjunction with the INKAcase
piogiam has become cleai.
The significance of
engaging this gioup in a
successful community savings
piogiam is twofolu: (1) the
piogiam will have a uiiect
impact on poveity ieuuction
(2) the piogiam will inciease
the impact of auuitional income
gaineu thiough activities such
as INKAcase.
and Next Steps
% In oiuei to
keep the momentum
of this exciting
initiative going, the
community savings
team iecommenus
ueveloping the
Community Savings
Piocess uuiue as soon
as possible. This guiue
will seive to tiain
gioup membeis on
how best to initially
set up the gioup's
pioceuuies, but aftei a
shoit time gioup
membeis shoulu be
autonomous in uecision-
making. With the assistance of
a NIIS stuuent paitnei, the
community savings piocess
guiue can be implementeu in
Choqueconcha by eaily 2u12. It
may be in the best inteiest of
the Anuean Alliance to also
collaboiate with anothei
oiganization who has
expeiience in financial liteiacy
tiaining, so that the aitisan
gioups in Choqueconcha anu
elsewheie have the gieatest
amount of infoimation anu
skills possible to make the most
of theii economic situation. In
this way, the Anuean Alliance
can continue to focus on its
coie competencies.

These highly skilled group of weavers
relies on their artisan techniques as a
source of income.
Participants work with interactive tools
during the facilitation (left), a sample of the
initircate textiles the women weave

The Team: Adam Stieglitz, Jesissa Torres-Pujols, Elma
Paulauskaite, Jeanne Amrein, Robin Narciso

NGO Network Executi ve Summar y
uoal 1: Inciease the level of efficiency amongst the Nu0 sectoi in the Sacieu valley of Peiu.
uoal 2:%%Inciease the level of positive impact that Nu0s have in the communities thioughout the
Sacieu valley of Peiu.

0bjective 1: Scheuule in peison meetings with key iepiesentatives fiom Nu0s thioughout the
Sacieu valley.
1.1: Intiouuce the iuea of an Nu0 Netwoik anu gauge the level of suppoit
fiom each paiticulai oiganization
1.2: Beteimine key attiibutes anu piogiammatic infoimation about the
oiganizations incluuing theii mission, vision, coie values, anu appioach to
0bjective 2: Bevelop an online uatabase foi the Nu0 Netwoik to seive as a platfoim foi collaboiation
amongst paiticipating oiganizations. This platfoim woulu incluue oiganizational piofiles
anu an online foium.
0bjective S: 0iganize a confeience that biings iepiesentatives fiom each paiticipating oiganization
S.1: Allow foi the oiganizations to intiouuce themselves to one othei so that all
oiganizations unueistanu what is occuiiing (anu wheie) in theii sectoi.
S.2: Begin collaboiation amongst all paiticipating Nu0s in oiuei to ueteimine the
uesign of the netwoik, establish the uiffeient ioles of each oiganization, anu
plan foi sustainability.
Our Approach
The Nu0 Netwoik piomotes collaboiation between Nu0s in the Sacieu valley iegion with the intention
of stieamlining communication, enabling iesouice shaiing, anu ultimately, enabling a gieatei uegiee of
positive impact with the uevelopment initiatives shaieu by sub-gioups of the laigei Nu0 netwoik.
The Sacieu valley is an aiea in Peiu that
has become satuiateu with non-goveinmental
oiganizations (Nu0s). It is neaily impossible to
calculate the exact numbei of Nu0s because each
week countless numbeis of oiganizations aie
being iegisteieu, while otheis aie ceasing theii
opeiations. As a iesult of this constant influx of
Nu0s, two main issues have aiisen in the sectoi.
Fiist, ceitain communities have become
inunuateu with aiu woikeis, volunteeis anu Nu0
piojects. In ceitain cases this cieates a
uepenuency on foieign aiu, along with a sense of
complacency amongst community membeis.
Seconu, the aiu that is offeieu by Nu0s tenus to
be unevenly uistiibuteu. Nany oiganizations
uuplicate effoits in the same communities uue to
the ease of accessibility. This not only
exaceibates the issue of community uepenuency,
but it also leaves many communities÷those that
tenu to be most in neeu÷maiginalizeu anu
without Nu0 suppoit. Team Peiu iuentifieu this
as a piessing issue anu began woiking to
establish a netwoik of Nu0s in oiuei to alleviate
some of the afoiementioneu issues. In geneial,
Team Peiu believeu that foiming an Nu0
Netwoik woulu inciease the level of
communication, collaboiation, anu infoimation
shaiing, augmenting the level of impact that
Nu0s have thioughout the Sacieu valley.
To begin ueveloping the Sacieu valley
Nu0 Netwoik, the team began ieseaiching
oiganizational netwoiks anu netwoiking
behavioi. This infoimation seiveu as a guiue in
planning fuithei steps. Eithei because little has
been wiitten on the subject oi the available
infoimation pioveu to be of little meiit, it was
necessaiy to cieate a plan of action fiom sciatch,
which woulu be ievisiteu once implementation
was unuei way. The plan of action consisteu of
finuing out what theie is to know about the Nu0
enviionment in the Sacieu valley, uevising a set
of questions to ask each oiganization, ieaching
out to the taiget oiganizations anu inteiviewing
them, anu, finally, finuing a means of piocessing
anu uistiibuting key infoimation anu piofiles foi
each oiganization among the netwoik
Team Peiu useu oiganizations with which
the Anuean Alliance was alieauy familiai with as
the fiist souice of infoimation about existing
Nu0s in the aiea. Noieovei, talking to locals,
keeping an eye out foi aus anu posteis aiounu
the uiffeient towns anu seaiching the inteinet
yielueu a list of aiounu Su opeiating Nu0s to
begin with. The inteiview questions weie
uiiectly ueiiveu fiom the objectives foi cieating
the netwoik. The oveiall questions aimeu to: (1)
finu out the stiengths anu neeus of each
oiganization, (2) ueteimine which communities
each oiganization woiks in, anu what obstacles
they have encounteieu oi insights they have
gaineu, (S) iuentify theii paitneis, anu (4)
unueistanu theii philosophy of uevelopment.
Team Peiu mainly contacteu oiganizations
thiough bilingual emails, explaining the team's
objectives foi iallying togethei the netwoik, anu
iequesting to meet foi an inteiview. 0thei Nu0s
hau to be contacteu by phone anu, when no
contact infoimation was available, thiough uiop-
in visits. Nuch to the team's suipiise, most
oiganizations iesponueu piomptly with
enthusiasm anu founu time to set up a meeting.
Collaboration and collective action
amongst organizations in the Sacred
Valley facilitates exponential impact
in development initiatives.
The piocess of senuing customizeu emails
to each oiganization, setting up meetings, anu
holuing inteiviews took up most of the summei.
The Nu0 Netwoik team tiaveleu fiom town to
town - mostly 0iubamba, 0llantaytambo, Lamay
anu Cusco - foi the uuiation of aiounu eight
weeks, with the iesult of twenty inteivieweu
Nu0s. The inteiview meetings, up to thiee a uay,

weie conuucteu in eithei
Spanish oi English, baseu on
oui infoimants' neeus. In some
cases the team membeis,
usually two pei meeting, weie
accompanieu by the tianslatoi
to facilitate communication.
Neetings weie followeu by
uebiiefings with the Nu0
netwoik team to soit out
infoimation foi inclusion in in
the piofile foi each
oiganization, to ensuie
eveiyone was up to uate with
the gatheieu infoimation, anu
to cleai up any questions helu
by inuiviuual team membeis.
Aftei the fiist few
meetings anu feeuback
ieceiveu theiein, the neeu foi a
netwoiking event became
appaient, anu was theiefoie
auueu as an objective foi the
enu of the summei. The AASB
hosteu a netwoiking confeience
on August S
. Twenty
iepiesentatives of twelve Nu0s,
excluuing the AASB, attenueu.
The agenua centeieu on
becoming familiai with each
oiganization anu ueteimining
iequisite attiibutes foi the new
netwoik bouy thiough the Caiu
anu Chait collective
biainstoiming methou. The
biainstoiming iesulteu in a
collective uecision iegaiuing
specific futuie actions anu to the
foimation of a boaiu of
uiiectois fiom thiee uiffeient
Nu0s who agieeu to meet
weekly to woik on the netwoik.
Results and Analysis
! In the span of eight
weeks, the Anuean Alliance anu
volunteeis fiom Team Peiu at
the Nonteiey Institute
successfully met with twenty
oiganizations thioughout the
Sacieu valley anu oiganizeu a
confeience with fifteen of those
oiganizations. Nany
oiganizations bought into the
iuea of paiticipating in an Nu0
Netwoik anu expiesseu
enthusiasm foi woiking
togethei in the futuie. The
Anuean Alliance is in the
piocess of scheuuling anothei
confeience in oiuei foi the
paiticipating oiganizations to
establish theii ioles within the
netwoik, anu begin to bieak off
into woiking gioups. Woiking
gioups will be ueteimineu by
the sectoi that an oiganization
falls into, ie. health, euucation,
nutiition, etc., so that the
uiffeient oiganizations can
begin shaiing infoimation about
best piactices. Auuitionally, an
online platfoim foi the netwoik
is being cieateu, with the hope
of being ieauy foi intiouuction
at the next confeience.
Next Steps
- Soliuify the foimat of the
online uatabase that uisplays
oiganizational piofiles anu
pioviues a platfoim foi
oiganizations to communicate
via an online foium.

Conference participants
emphasized the need involve local
stakeholders like the mayor of
Lares (second from the left) in the
NGO network planning process.
Remote communities
like Ccachin (left)
receive little to no aid
while others are
inundated with several
NGO and governmental
aid programs. The
Network works to
remedy this influx of aid.
between organizations
will maximize efficacy
and influence a more
even distribution of
- }anuaiy: The Anuean Alliance anu membeis of
Team Peiu fiom the Nonteiey Institute will
host plenaiy sessions baseu on the neeus that
weie iuentifieu uuiing the inteiviews of
oiganizations thioughout the summei.
Examples of these neeus incluue but aie not
limiteu to:
- Nonitoiing anu evaluation
- uiant wiiting
- volunteei management
- Community paiticipation
- Continue to oiganize confeiences with
paiticipating Nu0s anu, eventually,
cooiuinate on-site visits between woiking
! The Nu0 Netwoik is in its initial stages of
foimation. The oiganizational uesign anu the
ioles of paiticipants is just beginning to take
shape. Alieauy an infoimeu anu well-intentioneu
uialogue is taking place. This pioject will
continue to evolve with each meeting anu has the
potential to gieatly impiove the uevelopment
initiatives in anu aiounu the Sacieu valley in the
veiy neai futuie.

The Sacred Valley serves as
the base for many NGOs
(right), Team Peru breaks
out for a quick meeting in
Ccachin (below)
The Team: Brian Anderson Dean, Tina Novero, Danielle
Johnson, Natalie Sherman, Kat Gordon, Adam Stieglitz

The Medi a Proj ect Executi ve Summar y
This yeai the Anuean Alliance cieateu a new pioject in what came to be known as the Neuia Team.
The oveiall goal of the Neuia Team is to uevelop a uynamic anu engaging web piesence foi the
Anuean Alliance. The puipose of incieaseu, quality web exposuie is to infoim piospective stuuents
about the vaiious AASB piojects anu oppoitunities foi paiticipation. The impioveu meuia piesence
also aims to keep piesent anu futuie uonois up to uate with AASB piogiams as well as pioviue a
system foi online uonations. Auuitionally, the AASB will use the web to engage with vaiious
stakeholueis, incluuing Nu0s anu civil society gioups in the Sacieu valley as well as to connect with
oiganizations globally, baseu on shaieu goals anu initiatives.
To ieach theii piimaiy goal of a uynamic anu engaging web piesence, Neuia Team's objectives aie as
0bjective 1: Impiove upon the blogging pioject, posting new content 1-2 times a week.
0bjective 2: Bevelop an AASB Website that acts as a hub foi infoimation shaiing anu
communication with othei oiganizations as well as a space foi online giving.
0bjective S: Piouuce a seiies of viueo blogs foi the AASB to be posteu on the blog anu website.
0bjective 4: Establish a social meuia piesence: finu new ways to spieau infoimation about the
AASB thiough the use of Facebook, Twittei anu othei meuiums
Our Approach
The Neuia Team's compiehensive meuia stiategy incluues seveial coie activities:
- Reseaich best piactices anu speak with infoimeu inuiviuuals to ueciue which methous fit foi the
- Establish ioles anu cleai lines of accountability within the Neuia Team
- Bolu weekly team meetings to ensuie that piojects aie functioning piopeily anu woiking towaius
the oveiall goal
- Bocument the piocess in oiuei to ensuie that piogiess is maue
With the giowth of Team Peiu anu the
foimalization of its on the giounu
counteipait, the AASB, ovei the past two
yeais, team leaueis have stiuggleu to finu
effective anu cost efficient methous foi
spieauing the woiu about the AASB anu its
piojects both at NIIS anu on a laigei scale.
Last summei Team Peiu cieateu a blog to
chionicle pioject piogiess. This past }anuaiy
a shoit piomotional viueo was cieateu. While
these piojects iepiesenteu a step in the iight
uiiection, team leaueis giauually came to
iealize that it was time think seiiously about
how they wanteu to use the web to get theii
message acioss in a cleai anu taigeteu
Buiing the spiing 2u11 semestei team
leaueis anu founueis attenueu planning
sessions helu by membeis of the NIIS Bigital
Neuia Commons to begin ueveloping a
cohesive online stiategy foi the AASB. These
sessions helpeu iuentify weak spots in the
oiganization's web piesence anu stiengths to
leveiage in oiuei to fill in those weak spots.
These sessions also helpeu foim the meuia
team which outlineu a plan of action
uelegating iesponsibilities foi oveiseeing
blogging, web uesign, viueo piouuction anu
social meuia.
Fiom that point foiwaiu, inuiviuual
membeis of the meuia team woikeu on
specific piojects. In oiuei to stieamline
blogging the AASB cieateu an euitoi position.
All membeis of the gioup weie askeu to senu
blog submissions to the euitoi to maintain a
constant flow of content. This same stiategy
was useu foi social meuia with a team
membei oveiseeing the quantity anu quality
of wall posts. Aftei the AASB Facebook page
was set up, team membeis weie encouiageu
to maintain a consistent piesence, posting
upuates about AASB¡Team Peiu's vaiious
piojects anu linking to blog posts.
Cieating the new website was a
hanuleu by a small gioup within the meuia
team. Seveial meetings wheie helu to
establish the ultimate goal of the website anu
to iuentify the taiget auuience. A gieat
ueal of ieseaich was uone on othei Nu0
websites to uiscovei best piactices anu
applicability to the AASB's puipose.
Results and Analysis
Foi the fiist time in the shoit histoiy of the
Team Peiu, theie was a conceiteu effoit to
cieate a wiue vaiiety of quality web baseu
content. Team membeis shaieu an
unueistanuing of the impoitance of
ueveloping web content anu the impoitant
iole of stiategic infoimation uissemination
foi shaiing piojects. This summei high
quality blog posts weie ueliveieu weekly,
with topics ianging fiom upuates on the
Strategic communication is crucial
for creating a dynamic and engaging
online presence.

A group of girls
excited to see
Media outlets
make it
possible to
share their
story with a
wider audience.
school gieenhouse piojects to moie geneial
musings about the oveiall impact of the AASB's
woik in the Sacieu valley.
In auuition to wiitten content, the AASB
cieateu a collection of poweiful viueo blogs
outlining the majoi piogiams. The viueos alloweu
website anu blog visitois to see AASB piogiams
in action. The viueos will be useu as ieciuiting
tools foi new stuuent paiticipants in auuition to
seiving as maiketing tools to encouiage uonoi
This summei maikeu the launch of the
AASB website which will act as a hub foi
infoimation about the oiganization's piogiams
anu piojects. The site was uesigneu to
communicate the oiganizational cultuie of the
AASB anu Team Peiu in oiuei to attiact like-
minueu inuiviuuals. Navigability was also of gieat
impoitance. Team membeis paiu caieful
attention to ueveloping a site that was usei
fiienuly foi both visitois anu paiticipants.
Stuuents, uonois, volunteeis, paitnei Nu0s as
well as AASB team membeis will all use the new
site. The site also incluues a space foi online
uonations, stieamlining the giving piocess.
Finally, foi the fiist time the AASB has a
small but giowing following on Facebook anu
Twittei. These meuiums open up a whole new
way of connecting with uiffeient stakeholueis by
pioviuing ieal time piogiess upuates on AASB's
piojects. These social meuia outlets cieate new
channels of communication allowing foi constant
feeuback between the AASB anu its vaiious

! The Anuean Alliance
shoulu continue to uevelop a
meuia piesence thiough the
website, blogging, viueo
blogging anu social meuia. The
meuia team must woik to
maintain this web piesence by
utilizing the oiganizational
stiuctuies put in place this
summei. Web platfoims,
paiticulaily blogs anu social
meuia, become iiielevant if
they aie not upuateu on a
iegulai basis. It is ciucial that a cleai system is in
place to upuate both the blog as well as the othei
social meuia sites. This will iequiie a team
membei taking chaige of the pioject to ensuie a
steauy flow of content that fits well with the ovei
all mission of the oiganization. In auuition, a well
thought out system with cleaily uefineu iolls will
help account foi high tuinovei in the
oiganization, smoothing the tiansition between
olu anu new staff.
Next Steps
To achieve the goal of a uynamic anu fully
iealizeu meuia piesence that consistently uiaws
in new vieweis, thiee things must happen.
- Theie must be a steauy influx of new content on
the NIIS blog anu Facebook. Team leaueis
must woik with paiticipating NIIS stuuents to
uevelop content that highlights both the status
of piojects in the Sacieu valley anu the
ielevant woik happening in NIIS classes.
- Regulai maintenance anu upuating of the
website incluuing: a calenuai of events on the
lanuing page anu new pioject photos.
- In the long teim the AASB shoulu consiuei
hiiing a full time meuia specialist to stieamline
existing piactices anu expanu the
oiganization's web piesence.

The Media
shortens the
and the rest of
the world.
Students on the long trek to school (left),
Women weavers (below)

Appendix A: INKACase Project
Appendix B: Community Savings SWOT Analysis
I N . D I . G O
a p r o j e c t o f t h e An d e a n Al l i a n c e f o r S u s t a i n a b l e De v e l o p me n t


Tina Novero
San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415.370.4933
E-Mail: Web:
I n. di . g o
I n d i g e n o u s D e s i g n s o n t h e G o

Mi ssi on
I n . d i . g o wo r k s t o i mp r o v e t h e l i v e s o f i n d i g e n o u s a r t i s a n s a n d t h e i r f a mi l i e s
b y d e v e l o p i n g p r o d u c t s t h a t b r i d g e o l d wo r l d a r t i s t r y a n d mo d e r n u t i l i t y
Vi si on
We e n v i s i o n a wo r l d wh e r e s o c i a l l y / e n v i r o n me n t a l l y c o n s c i o u s c o n s u me r s
a r e t h e n o r m a n d o u r f a i r t r a d e g o o d s f u l f i l l t h e i r d e ma n d
Val ues
• T h e e c o n o mi c e mp o we r me n t o f i mp o v e r i s h e d a r t i s a n s
• T h e p r e s e r v a t i o n o f c u l t u r a l h e r i t a g e
• An e n v i r o n me n t a l l y s u s t a i n a b l e p r o d u c t l i n e
Obj ecti ve
I n . d i . g o s e e k s a c o r p o r a t e s p o n s o r f o r i t s s o c i a l e n t e r p r i s e . A p a r t n e r s h i p
wo u l d i mp r o v e t h e c o mp a n y ’ s p u b l i c i ma g e a n d e x p a n d i t s r e a c h t o t h e
s o c i a l l y / e n v i r o n me n t a l c o n s c i o u s t e c h c o n s u me r ma r k e t . Re c e n t s t u d i e s h a v e
s h o wn t h a t c o n s u me r s a r e mo r e a wa r e o f t h e i mp a c t o f t h e i r p u r c h a s e s .
P u r c h a s i n g p a t t e r n s h a v e c h a n g e d t o r e f l e c t c o n s u me r s ’ c o n s i d e r a t i o n o v e r
t h e e n v i r o n me n t a l d e g r a d a t i o n a n d f a i r - t r a d e g o o d s . A c o r p o r a t e s p o n s o r
wi l l e n a b l e o u r s u s t a i n a b l e a n d f a i r - t r a d e l a p t o p c a s e s t o r e a c h t h e h i g h e s t
s t a n d a r d i n p r o d u c t i o n . Mo s t i mp o r t a n t l y t h i s p a r t n e r s h i p wi l l h e l p
t r a d i t i o n a l a r t i s a n s i n t h e An d e a n h i g h l a n d s t o c o n t i n u e t h e i r v a l u a b l e
c r a f t , i n c r e a s e t h e i r i n c o me s i g n i f i c a n t l y , a n d p r o mo t e a n e c o - f r i e n d l y
p r o d u c t t h a t i s i n h i g h d e ma n d .

I n. di . g o
I n d i g e n o u s D e s i g n s o n t h e G o

Val ue Proposi ti on
I n . d i . g o i s a p r o j e c t o f t h e
An d e a n Al l i a n c e f o r S u s t a i n a b l e
De v e l o p me n t , a n o n g o v e r n me n t a l
o r g a n i z a t i o n ( NGO) i n t h e
p r o c e s s o f s e c u r i n g i t s 5 0 1 ( c ) 3
n o n p r o f i t s t a t u s . We o f f e r
i mp o v e r i s h e d a r t i s a n s a wa y t o
c o n t i n u e t h e i r c r a f t a n d i n c r e a s e
t h e i r i n c o me s i g n i f i c a n t l y .
I NKAc a s e i s o u r f i r s t l i n e o f
s u s t a i n a b l e l a p t o p c a s e s wi t h
s o c i a l v a l u e . T h e s e c a s e s a r e
ma d e b y a r t i s a n s l i v i n g i n t h e e x t r e me e n v i r o n me n t o f t h e An d e a n
h i g h l a n d s o f P e r u , wh e r e p e o p l e ma k e l e s s t h a n $ 1 a d a y . T h e ma j o r i t y o f
t h e a r t i s a n s we wo r k wi t h a r e wo me n a n d t h e i n c r e a s e i n i n c o me f o r t h e s e
wo me n wi l l b e n e f i t t h e f a mi l y a s a wh o l e . I n g e n e r a l , wo me n s p e n d 9 0 % o f
t h e i r i n c o me o n t h e i r f a mi l y . T h e t r a d i t i o n a l p r o c e s s f o r ma k i n g t e x t i l e s i s
g r e a t f o r t h e e n v i r o n me n t i n c o mp a r i s o n t o ma s s ma c h i n e p r o d u c t i o n . T h e
we a v e r s u s e r e n e wa b l e ma t e r i a l ( a l p a c a a n d s h e e p wo o l ) , n a t u r a l d y e s , a n d
t r a d i t i o n a l b a c k - s t r a p l o o ms mi n i mi z i n g t h e p r o d u c t ’ s c a r b o n f o o t p r i n t
s i g n i f i c a n t l y . T h e s e p r o d u c t s a l s o a i m t o p r e s e r v e l o c a l c u l t u r e . T h e
we a v e r s c r e a t e t r a d i t i o n a l p a t t e r n d e s i g n s t h a t a r e u n i q u e t o t h e i r s p e c i f i c
c o mmu n i t y . Ad d i t i o n a l l y , l a p t o p c a s e s h a v e mo r e o f a d e ma n d i n t h e US a n d
J a p a n ( o u r t a r g e t ma r k e t s ) t h a n a t o u r i s t y s h a wl , b l a n k e t , o r t a b l e
r u n n e r t h a t s a t u r a t e t h e c u r r e n t n a t i v e p r o d u c t ma r k e t . Ou r l a p t o p c a s e s
h a v e a n i c h e b e c a u s e o f t h e i r f u n c t i o n a n d t h e a d d e d s o c i a l / e n v i r o n me n t a l
v a l u e s n o t f o u n d i n ma n y o t h e r l a p t o p c a s e s .
I n. di . g o
I n d i g e n o u s D e s i g n s o n t h e G o

income of
into family
nutrition and
wellbeing &
reduction of
use of natural
Lower carbon
footprint to
A healthy
use of
process and
of world
S o c i a l I mp a c t
En v i r o n me n t a l I mp a c t
Cu l t u r a l I mp a c t
I n. di . g o
I n d i g e n o u s D e s i g n s o n t h e G o

Key Partners
We p r i d e o u r s e l v e s i n wo r k i n g wi t h a wi d e a r r a y o f o r g a n i z a t i o n s a n d
i n d i v i d u a l s c o mmi t t e d t o i mp r o v i n g t h e l i v e l i h o o d o f a r t i s a n s i n t h e S a c r e d
Va l l e y o f P e r u . Ou r c u r r e n t p a r t n e r s a n d a d v i s o r s i n c l u d e t h e f o l l o wi n g :

An d e a n Al l i a n c e f o r S u s t a i n a b l e De v e l o p me n t ( n o n g o v e r n me n t a l
o r g a n i z a t i o n - NGO) : T h e AAS D c o n d u c t s p o v e r t y a l l e v i a t i o n p r o j e c t s i n t h e
S a c r e d Va l l e y o f t h e I n k a s i n t h e h i g h l a n d s o f P e r u . T h e o r g a n i z a t i o n
p r o v i d e d i n i t i a l f u n d i n g a n d n e t wo r k c o n n e c t i o n s f o r o u r f i r s t l i n e o f
p r o d u c t s , I NKAc a s e . T h e o r g a n i z a t i o n wi l l c o n t i n u e t o s u p p o r t I n . d i . g o a s
l i a i s o n t o we a v e r s ’ c o mmu n i t y a n d p a r t n e r s . P r o f i t s f r o m t h e s a l e o f
I NKAc a s e wi l l d i r e c t l y b e n e f i t t h e d e v e l o p me n t p r o j e c t s o f t h e AAS D.

T h e Be c k y F u n d ( NGO) : T h e Be c k y F u n d i s a n o n p r o f i t d e d i c a t e d
d e v e l o p me n t p r o j e c t s i n t h e S a c r e d Va l l e y o f P e r u . T h e o r g a n i z a t i o n f u n d e d
a g e n e r o u s g r a n t f o r t h e c a p a c i t y d e v e l o p me n t o f t h e Ch o q u e c a n c h a T e x t i l e
As s o c i a t i o n .

Ru f a d a ( Ru r a l F a mi l y De v e l o p me n t - NGO) : Ru f a d a i s a n e s t a b l i s h e d
P e r u v i a n NGO, wh i c h o p e r a t e s i n t h e S a c r e d Va l l e y . T h e y h a v e e x p e r i e n c e
i n t h e t e c h n i c a l t r a i n i n g o f we a v e r s . T h e i r t r a i n i n g i n v o l v e s a 6 - mo n t h l o n g
s e r i e s o f wo r k s h o p s , wh i c h i mp r o v e e v e r y a s p e c t o f t h e we a v i n g p r o c e s s
f r o m t h e s h e e r i n g o f t h e wo o l t o p l a n t d y e i n g t o p a t t e r n d e s i g n .

Da n i e l S o n q o ( Ma s t e r We a v e r ) : Mr . S o n q o i s a ma s t e r we a v e r f r o m t h e
r e n o wn e d c o mmu n i t y o f P a r o b a mb a . He h a s a s s i s t e d u s i n c r e a t i n g t h e
i n i t i a l p r o t o t y p e a n d d e s i g n o f t h e I NKAc a s e l i n e .

Ch o q u e c a n c h a T e x t i l e As s o c i a t i o n : T h e a s s o c i a t i o n i s t h e f i r s t we a v i n g
a s s o c i a t i o n s e l e c t e d t o p r o d u c e I NKAc a s e s b e c a u s e o f t h e i r a d v a n c e d s k i l l s
i n we a v i n g a n d t h e e x i s t e n c e o f AAS D p r o j e c t i n t h e i r c o mmu n i t y . T h e s e
we a v e r s a r e a l l wo me n a g e s 2 4 t o 5 4 . T h e y a r e a l s o s u b s i s t e n c e f a r me r s a n d
ma k e l e s s t h a n a d o l l a r a d a y . Ou r g o a l i s t o i n c r e a s e t h e i r i n c o me
s i g n i f i c a n t l y t o e n a b l e f o o d s e c u r i t y , a b i l i t y t o p a y f o r b a s i c n e e d s a n d s a v e
f o r f u t u r e i n v e s t me n t .

Po s s i b l y YOU.

I n. di . g o
I n d i g e n o u s D e s i g n s o n t h e G o

Key Acti vi ti es
We wi l l c o n t i n u e t o d e v e l o p n e w p r o d u c t s a n d b u i l d t h e c a p a c i t i e s o f
t h e a r t i s a n s we wo r k wi t h . Ou r p r i ma r y me a n s o f ma r k e t i n g wi l l r e l y
h e a v i l y o n s o c i a l me d i a a n d c r a f t e v e n t s . Pr o d u c t d i s t r i b u t i o n wi l l b e
f a c i l i t a t e d t h r o u g h o n l i n e p u r c h a s e s a n d s a l e s a t e v e n t s . An o t h e r k e y
a c t i v i t y i n c l u d e s f i n a n c i a l l i t e r a c y wo r k s h o p d e l i v e r y t o o u r a r t i s a n s ,
wh i c h a i m t o t e a c h t o o l s f o r b e t t e r mo n e y ma n a g e me n t . We a v e r s wi l l l e a r n
t o o l s t o ma k e b e t t e r d e c i s i o n s o n s p e n d i n g a n d s a v i n g t h e i r n e w i n c o me
f r o m t h e s a l e s o f o u r p r o d u c t s . We h i r e g r a d u a t e s t u d e n t i n t e r n s e v e r y
s u mme r . We a l s o s e e k a b r o a d r a n g e o f p a r t n e r s t o h e l p o u r b u s i n e s s g r o w.
Key Resources
S o c i a l me d i a n e t wo r k i n g a n d o u r we b s i t e a r e k e y r e s o u r c e s t o e s t a b l i s h
o u r s e l v e s i n o u r t a r g e t ma r k e t . As a p r o j e c t o f t h e AAS D, we a l r e a d y h a v e a
s t r o n g p r e s e n c e a n d g o o d r a p p o r t wi t h t h e i n i t i a l a r t i s a n a s s o c i a t i o n i n
Ch o q u e c a n c h a . P r o f i t s f r o m t h e s a l e s o f I NKAc a s e wi l l d i r e c t l y b e n e f i t t h e
p r o g r a ms o f t h e AAS D. We a r e a l s o c o n n e c t e d wi t h t h e g r a d u a t e s c h o o l
Mo n t e r e y I n s t i t u t e o f I n t e r n a t i o n a l S t u d i e s . T h i s r e l a t i o n s h i p g i v e s u s
d i r e c t a c c e s s t o a b r a i n t r u s t o f i n t e r n a t i o n a l d e v e l o p me n t p r o f e s s i o n a l s ,
wh i c h b e n e f i t s o u r p o v e r t y a l l e v i a t i o n s t r a t e g y a n d i mp l e me n t a t i o n .
Channel s
S e l f - s e r v i c e o r d e r s v i a o u r we b s i t e i s o u r p r i ma r y c o n t a c t wi t h o u r
c u s t o me r s .
Expendi tures
T h e b u l k o f o u r e x p e n d i t u r e s a r e f r o m ma n u f a c t u r i n g f a i r t r a d e p r o d u c t s .
T h e c u s t o me r i n c u r s t h e s h i p p i n g c o s t a n d s a l e s t a x . Ma r k e t i n g t h r o u g h
s o c i a l me d i a , wo r d o f mo u t h , a n d t h e p a r t i c i p a t i o n a t t r a d e s h o ws wi l l a l s o
b e a c o s t f o r o u r c o mp a n y .
Revenue Stream
As s e t s a l e s a r e o u r p r i ma r y s o u r c e o f r e v e n u e s . We a l s o a c c e p t o n l i n e
d o n a t i o n s , f o u n d a t i o n g r a n t s a n d c o r p o r a t e s p o n s o r s h i p a s a c o r p o r a t e
s o c i a l r e s p o n s i b i l i t y i n v e s t me n t .
I n. di . g o
I n d i g e n o u s D e s i g n s o n t h e G o

Customer Segments
S o c i a l l y a n d e n v i r o n me n t a l l y c o n s c i o u s l a p t o p o wn e r s i n t h e US A a n d J a p a n
a r e o u r p r i ma r y s e g me n t o f c u s t o me r s . T h e s e c u s t o me r s a r e wi l l i n g t o s p e n d
a l i t t l e e x t r a o n o u r p r o d u c t s b e c a u s e o f t h e a d d e d v a l u e s t h a t a r e
b e n e f i c i a l t o o u r g l o b a l c o mmu n i t y a n d t h e e n v i r o n me n t .

We a l s o s e e k t a l e n t e d a r t i s a n s t h a t u t i l i z e i n d i g e n o u s k n o wl e d g e a n d
p r o c e s s e s . T h e s e p r o c e s s e s a r e t h r e a t e n e d b y ma c h i n e ma d e g o o d s a n d
s y n t h e t i c d y e s . Ou r a r t i s a n s a l s o l i v e i n r e mo t e v i l l a g e s wh e r e a c c e s s t o a
ma r k e t t o s e l l t h e i r g o o d s i s l i mi t e d .

SWOT Analysis
President informs most of the decisions
Not currently saving because they live
on a fixed income
Low levels of financial literacy
Do not write or track savings/
expenditures individually
Limited reading and writing skills
Limited physical infrastructure in the community
Lack access to diverse market opportunities
Current buyers of textiles
insist on buying at below
market price
Many of the sheep in the community
died due to a virus
Forced to buy wool
Unpredictability of harvest can limit their
financial opportunities
No access to formal financial institutions
Women (primary members of this group)
do not have the same political power or
voice in the community/public sphere
Potential Opportunities for Partnerships
Inka Case wants to purchase textiles
and expand market access
Inka Case is providing workshops to
improve their current textile process
Rufada, local NGO, is interested in
working in their community
Group meets on a regular basis
They share knowledge and practices
Share rewards from
Shared group vision
Network of trust between members
Ayni Concept
Group lives in close
proximity to each other
Vote on leadership
Vote on rules and regulations
Treasurer presents budget monthly
Diverse Skills
Advanced weaving skills
Agricultural skills
Express interest in economic support
Members are of similar
socioeconomic status
Diminishes power issues caused by
financial knowledge gap
Based on our assumptions
Currently utilize diverse
sources of income
Waymi Warmi: Financial
We don't know what the political
situation is in the area and how it
effects the community
Economic regulations
Who do they currently borrow
money from when they need it?
Who are the NGO's in the
area (proximity and thematic)?
A person with more financial
power will have a greater
knowledge of financial
management practices
Members have diminished opportunity
to focus on any single activity due to
myriad responsibilities to sustain the
&{MAP_NAME} - 9/14/11 - Mindjet
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