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Breast Cancer Takes Toll on Black Women Breast Cancer: Black Women Less Likely
By Bob Small sons or paddling a canoe
off the shores of the Ashley
she waited and it got big-
ger. She waited three to Get It, More Likely to Die from It
Saadeka Joyner-Chandler River. So two years ago months before going to a
has always been someone she was surprised when she doctor. She was told the organizations like the more likely to die from it.
who enjoys getting the found a lump on her breast lump was cancerous and By. Julianne Malveaux Susan G. Komen The morbidity rate for
most out of life. Whether it that came back positive for NNPA Columnist Foundation fundraise and White women is 9.4 per
See pg 2 galvanize people around
be riding horses in the cancer just two months
country, taking flying les- after a mammogram came October is Breast Cancer the quest for a cure for
back negative. Awareness Month. breast cancer. They are See pg 2

Afraid, she waited two Millions of women are right to raise awareness ñ
months before going to get sporting pink ribbon pins more than 184,000 women
it checked out. After the in support of a month when
diagnosis Joyner-Chandler will be diagnosed
had radiation treatments with breast cancer in
and was declared cancer the United States in
free. She went back to her 2008, and more than
active lifestyle while jug- 40,000 will die from
gling careers as a real breast cancer.
estate agent and massage While African-
therapists. American women
Her ordeal was not over. are less likely than
Two years later she noticed White women to get
another lump and again Saadeka Joyner-Chandler breast cancer, we are Julianne Malveaux



VOLUME XXXVII NUMBER 8 •1111 King St. •Charleston, SC 29403• October 15, 2008 • .50

Elder Johnson: “Churches Must Address Obama Does Great in Polls –But
Problems of Youths in North Charleston” Don’t Believe Them
heavy police presence.
On Monday, he By. George E Curry
By Bob Small said the community needs NNPA Columnist
job training, drug preven-
Elder James tion programs, education According to the polls,
Johnson is not impressed and a multicultural center Barack Obama is steadily
with North Charleston’s 10 to change the attitude of widening his lead over
year plan for residents in youth and began to build Republican rival John
the black community of pride in themselves. McCain to become the
Cherokee-Chicora. He He said the churches in the next president of the
said since the Noisette black community have United States. A
Project has been around it been silent, ”opening for Washington Post-ABC
has spent over $60 million service but doing little to News poll released
in revitalization efforts and Monday shows Obama
the only thing the black with a 53 percent to 43 per-
community has seen is a Elder Johnson See pg 2 cent lead among likely vot- Senators McCain and Obama
There is only one problem points. to become governor of
Congresswoman African-American – don’t believe the polls.
As the Washington Post
When the issue of race is
added to the mix, conven-
California in 1982. Even

Eleanor-Holmes Contractors Come Up Short noted in a story on its poll, tional wisdom – which is
last-minute polls showed
him leading by a wide mar-

Norton To on Promises Made to Them at this stage in 1992, Bill

Clinton held a 14-point
often neither conventional
nor wise – goes out of the
gin of victory. Yet, Bradley
narrowly lost the election
lead over President George window. to Republican George
Keynote North depressed because I
wasn’t allowed to partic-
H.W. Bush yet he won by
only 6 percent. In mid-
Uppermost in the minds of
African-Americans is the
Deukmejian. Many say it
was because White voters
Charleston ipate in [the project],''
Shelmon told the board.
October 1976, Jimmy
Carter held a 13-point lead
Bradley effect, named after lied to pollsters about their
former Los Angeles Mayor willingness to vote for an
NAACP ''I knew that I was qual-
ified to do the work. All
over incumbent Gerald
Ford but won by only two
Tom Bradley, who sought African-American.
Freedom Fund I needed was a break ...''
He asked the board to
See pg 2
Banquet demand that prime con-
tractors begin using
minority subcontractors
Delta Museum is a Tribute to
She is now in her ninth term
as congresswoman for the
instead of using white
subs ''over and over
Bluesman B.B. King
District of Columbia. Ms. again.'' much a tribute to ``It's going to be and black as Riley
Norton is considered an icon By Shelia Byrd him and his blues educational to peo- B. King in 1925.
among American Women in ''I’m still believing that Associated Press Writer music as the culture ple, young and old, His parents split,
the country. President Jimmy there’s hope here in this that inspired it. because it's going leaving his grand-
Carter named her the first city,'' Shelmon said. INDIANOLA, Miss. to talk about the mother to raise him
woman to Chair the Equal ''We’re not asking for a (AP) _ Translucent King's museum is origins of the before she died
Employment Opportunity handout but just the images of long ago, of the latest attraction blues. I'm just one while he was still a
Commission. She is a Civil opportunity to come to black men and women, for the state's blues who carried the young boy. He
rights and Feminist leader. the table and be able to backs bent, picking cot- tourism industry, baton because it grew up, and as
She will keynote the 24th get involved.'' ton under an unforgiv- which ironically was started long most blacks did in
Annual Freedom Banquet for Records compiled by an ing sun, are artistically thrives because so before me,'' he the Delta, he got a
- As nearly anyone in the
the North Charleston Branch outside monitor indicate displayed on standing little has changed in says. string of plantation
central city who’s watched
on Friday October 31, 2008 at there’s little chance of glass panels in a muse- the predominantly jobs. His last was
neighborhood schools
7 pm Sheraton Convention that happening. During um carved out of an old black Delta since The details may be at the cotton gin in
being built could have
Center in North Charleston. a ninth-month period brick gin mill in the King, Muddy different, but the I n d i a n o l a .
guessed, very little of hun-
Mary W. Ward is the ending in June, compa- Mississippi Delta. Waters, John Lee narrative of his life Somewhere in
dreds of millions of taxpay-
President and Sam Holmes is nies owned by Blacks, Hooker and Robert is similar to blues between, he began
er dollars are going to
the Banquet Chair. For More Latinos and other non- They're a reminder of Johnson got their musicians who developing his play-
minority-owned companies
Information on Tickets and Whites – collectively those who labored by start there. came before him. ing style, described
or non-White workers –
Sponsorship please call the known as Minority day in a segregated soci- Enthusiasts from by some as a mix of
about a nickel for every
Branch number hotline 843- Business Enterprises or ety. But at night they across the nation He was born poor
dollar spent. See pg 2
225-6086. MBEs – received less escaped to Indianola's
than 5 percent of the Church Street to be and overseas vacation
The Toledo Public in the flatland region,
Schools Board of construction money. entertained by a young
TPS began Building for man later known as known for fertile soil,
Education heard again last its past racial strife
week from African- Success six years ago B.B. King, who would
with a pledge to the throw his hat on the and its lingering,
American contractors who unfathomable pover-
said they and other non- community to try to ground to catch coins as
reach 20 percent minori- he conjured devil's ty.
whites would like a share
of the ''Building for ty participation. music from his guitar.
King, an 83-year-old
Success'' construction multiple Grammy
project. Lance Sims and ''It’s worse than it’s ever More than a half-centu-
been,'' said Doni Miller, ry after King left winner who still plays
Theodis Shelmon about 120 gigs a year,
addressed the board at its chairwoman of the Indianola in search of
MBE Subcommittee of fame, the $15 million says he's honored the
regular monthly meeting. story of the blues is
''Over the years as I’ve the Citizen Oversight B.B. King Museum and
Committee appointed Delta Interpretative being told through
watched the schools being the prism of his life.
built, I kind of got six years ago to keep Center has opened in
Cong. Norton his hometown and is as
See pg 2 B.B. King

Why 8 Million (or More) African-Americans are Unregistered

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson may be much higher. males. They make up fought and in some cases vote wont change any-
campaign was alarmed at another three million
the high number of unreg- died for the right of blacks thing.
The recent report that 8 According to Census fig- potential black voters. to vote. This guilt laden In the mid 1960s, a majori-
istered voters because of That means an estimated
million African-Americans the potentially damaging ures there were 28 million reprimand is much too sim- ty of eligible voters did
are unregistered to vote African-American adults 12 million African- plistic. vote. Two things changed
affect it could have on American adults who are
brought gasps of disbe- Obama in a close contest. aged 18 or over in 2006. In In most state and local that. One is the absolute
lieve, cries of shame, and a the 2004 presidential elec- either officially barred elections only a tiny frac- dominance of corporate
Bushs razor thin victories from voting or decline to
lot of head shaking in Florida in 2000 and tion they made up 12 per- tion of eligible voters of and labor Political Action
reproach. It also stirred a cent of the voters, or about vote. any race vote. With the Committees in bankrolling
Ohio in 2004 underscore
mild soul search among the importance of a maxi- 13 million voters. That exception of the hotly con- politicians. Soaring elec-
blacks about how and why means an estimated 15 mil- The reason that so many tested 2004 presidential tion costs have turned
mum black voter turnout. blacks dont vote is chalked
the numbers are so But the problem of getting lion voting age blacks did contest between Bush and races for even the smallest
appallingly high. The fig- not vote. The ban on ex up to apathy, laziness, John Kerry, the number of state and local offices into
blacks to the polls may be ignorance and cynicism
ure was cited in September even greater than the felon voting in 15 states fur- non-voters in presidential a millionaires derby. The
by Rick Wade, who han- ther ramps up the number toward politicians. By not contests has steadily second thing that changed
Obama campaign realizes voting, the critics say, they
dles African-American and that starts with the fig- of ineligible blacks. 40 per- dropped during the past things is the subtle and at
voter outreach for the cent of ex-felons banned betray the struggle and half century. Many say they times overt suppression of
ure of 8 million unregis- sacrifice of those who
Obama campaign. The tered voters. The number from the polls are black dont vote because their See pg 2
2-October 15, 2008 The Chronicle

Breast cancer --------------------------------------------- Delta Museum -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

cont. from pg 1 cont. from pg 1

that radiation alone would not do the job. She had a mas-
tectomy and after a regiment of radiation and chemothera- Delta, Memphis and Texas puter program with King Sinatra or Willie Nelson,''
sounds. instructing on a video as Camarigg says. ``Because ably the most important
py she is now cancer-free. person in blues music.''
After the operation she was placed on medication which visitors finger chords on a of his age, it's a great way
she took monthly until recently. “I had my last treatment King started with gospel, guitar. for people to get a connec-
on Oct. 11,” she said with pride. but he noticed the spiritu- tion to him. Other than
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the num- als drew more pats than Elsewhere, vinyl blues Robert Johnson, he's prob-
ber of African American women contracting breast cancer tips at his perch on Church records by Bobby Blue
continues to rise. In South Carolina low income and Street. Bland and Blind Lemon,
are hung near decades-old, Obama Does ---------------------------------------------
minority women are three times more likely to to die from
the disease. White women in south Carolina account for 11 ``I made more Saturday yellowing contracts signed cont. from pg 1
percent of the deaths while African American women evening than I did all week by musicians, who are now
account for nearly 35 percent. driving a tractor,'' King largely forgotten. A But it wasn’t just, as John McCain would say, that one.
Cherry Seabrook, director of Rise Sister Rise, a support says. Panoram Soundies nearby Pre-election poll also overstated the margin of victory for
group for Black women affected with the disease said the broadcasts a Cab Calloway Harold Washington in Chicago, David Dinkins in New
number of black women under the age of 35 who are get- He became known as the performance. York City and Doug Wilder in Virginia.
ting cancer is growing at an alarming rate. “We need to Beale Street Blues Boy But Bradley’s race predated the Internet and cell phones
have more research done to see why that is happening,’ she and then had the nickname The museum also houses and before Black music did more to erase racial barriers
said. Blues Boy, which he short- rare photos of Elvis than any presidential speech. In fact, there are an increas-
She said one reason black women of all ages are dying of ened to B.B. His career Presley, King's draft card ing number of people questioning the premise of the
breast cancer is because they don’t get treatment early took off in 1948 after per- and, of course, Lucille, the Bradley effect.
enough. She said most of the women don’t get diagnosed forming on a radio pro- storied guitar King used
until they are in the later stages of the disease. She said gram in West Memphis, on such hits as ``The In a story headlined, “Do Polls Lie About Race?” New
many don’t have any or adequate health insurance, and not leading him on a path that Thrill Is Gone,'' ``To York Times reporter Kate Zernike wrote: “But pollsters
having insurance makes it even harder to get help. would make him an inter- Know You Is to Love You'' and political scientists say concern about a Bradley effect –
Seabrook said it costs between $250-$300 for a mammo- national icon and put him and ``Sneakin' Around.'' some call it a Wilder effect or a Dinkins effect, and plenty
gram and that is just the beginning of the process for those in a class by himself as the The significance of the call it a theory in search of data – is misplaced. It obscures
who test positive. only living blues artist with museum in the blues world what they argue is the more important point: there are
“We need to have funds available to test and treat the his own museum. cannot be overstated, says plenty of ways that race complicates polling.
growing number of black women contracting cancer,” she Mark Camarigg, publica- “Considered alone or in combination, these factors could
said. With its sleek, linear tions manager of Living produce an unforeseen Obama landslide with surprise vic-
Seabrook said the American Cancer Society, the Susan design, the 20,000-square- Blues Magazine, believed tories in the South, a stunningly large Obama loss, or a
Komen Foundation and Hollings Cancer Institute offer foot museum carved out of to be one of the oldest recount-thin margin. In a year that has already turned
special programs to help Black and poor women but more the old cotton gin is a con- blues magazines in the expectations upside down, it is hard to completely reas-
needs to be done to find the reasons black women cancer vergence of old and new. A United States. sure the fretters.”
rates are growing. touch-screen interactive Looking back, some observers say pollsters got it wrong
Seabrook estimates that statewide 125 black women are allows visitors to choose ``You can't overestimate with Bradley not because White voters lied to pollsters,
affected by the disease. topics of interest, ranging his impact and what he but because they failed to factor in the absentee ballots.
Dr. Marvella Ford, Associate Professor at the Hollings from King's childhood to represents. He's virtually Whatever the reason, some researchers think that’s less
Cancer Institute said more emphasis needs to be put on facts about the Delta transcended blues music in likely to happen today.
preventative measures to combat the disease. “We need to Flood of 1927. Music les- a lot of people's minds. According to the New York Times: “In a new study,
shift more attention to prevention in combating the can- sons are given through He's on the level of a Daniel J. Hopkins, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard, con-
cer.” She said obesity, alcoholism, breast density, late another interactive com- sidered 133 elections between 1989 and 2006 and found
menopause and family history are factors that contribute that blacks running for office before 1996 suffered a medi-
to contracting cancer. an Bradley effect of 3 percentage points. Blacks running
Breast Cancer: Black ---------------------------------- after 1996, however, performed about 3 percentage points
Debbie Chatman-Bryant, Director of Resources and cont. from pg 1 better than their polls predicted.”
Support Services at the Hollings Cancer Institute said a As the debate continues about whether the Bradley effect
program called the Best Chance Network provides screen- is valid, the McCain camp continues to exploit the issue of
ing and diagnostic, treatment and referrals to income eligi- 100,000, compared to 15.4 many are silent about this race.
ble women over the age of 40. She said the program per 100,000 for African- disease, unless they are When Obama’s name has been mentioned at McCain-Palin
places special emphasis on racial minorities, low income American women. talking about the interna- rallies, there have been cries of “Kill him!” and “Off with
and underserved women. Additionally, African- tional incidence of his head!”
American women often are HIV/AIDS. It has gotten so bad that McCain has urged his followers
diagnosed with breast can- It is not clear why our to tone down the rhetoric. Away from rallies, however, his
cer when they are younger, nation has not galvanized attack ads use code words to argue, as Palin put it, that
Why 8 million --------------------------------------------- and when African- Obama is “not one of us.”
around the health care
cont. from pg 1 American women under 55 issue. To be sure, both But observers have been able to see past the code words.
are diagnosed with breast presidential candidates “From the start, there have always been two separate but
cancer; it is more likely to have ideas about health equal questions about race in this election,” Frank Rich
minority voters. This includes stringent drivers license or have deadlier effects. wrote in the New York Times. “Is there still enough
other ID checks, rigid time lines for filing voter applica- insurance and health care;
Researchers are studying their plans are divergent. racism in America to prevent a black man from being elect-
tions, the lack of information or misinformation about the reasons why African- ed president no matter what? And, will Republicans play
voter registration forms and materials, and non-existent or In my humble opinion,
American women are so Hillary Rodham Clinton the race card? The jury is still out on the first question
feeble voter registration campaigns. This reinforces the much more vulnerable than until Nov. 4. But we now have the unambiguous answer to
deep suspicion that politicians are for sale and the buyers had one of the best health
other women are to breast care plans weíve seen in a the second: Yes.”
are well-heeled special interests. As politicians became cancer. Rich explained, “McCain, who is no racist, turned to this
more dependent on corporate and union dollars they long time, reflective of the
work she has spent on desperate strategy only as Obama started to pull ahead.”
appeared even more remote, inaccessible, and unrespon- But the findings make it He isn’t the only person who feels McCain is playing to
sive to voter needs. Elected officials made little or no effort health care since she
important for African- worked on it as First Lady racial fears.
to inform and engage their constituents on legislative American women to get “Obama has been running as a post-racial candidate from
actions, initiatives, and policy positions. This has further in the Clinton
regular mammograms and Administration. the start, and he has been doing it very well,” David
estranged millions of potential voters. to deal with other aspects Brinkley, a noted presidential historian told the New York
of our health. Senators Obama and Times. “But the fact of the matter is that some voters – we
Whenever there are health McCain would be advised can’t know yet how many – will not get past his race. And
awareness weeks or to review her plan and I very much believe that the McCain-Palin ticket is tap-
African-Americans -------------------------------------- ping into that.”
months, whether they are incorporate aspects of it
cont. from pg 1 for breast cancer, muscular into their own work. And there is plenty to tap into. In that same New York
dystrophy, diabetes, or Somehow, every American Times article, John Schuster, a Republican from
another cause, I crave must have access to preven- Wheeling, W.Va., said,”What you hear around here is,
tabs on TPS spending pat- over the years.'' attention to the broader would you rather have a black friend in the White House,
terns. ''It’s extraordinarily tive health care, and pro-
issue of health care and tection from bankruptcy or a white enemy?” He explained, “Most guys I know are
frustrating. Unfortunately, The most recent dismal health access. We can take for McCain, and a lot of it’s because of race.”
not that much has changed when they are diagnosed
numbers: a slice out of the health with expensive diseases.
- From October through care challenge by focusing, And somehow, as we raise George E. Curry, former editor-in-chief of Emerge maga-
December 2007, when in October, on breast can- awareness bout breast can- zine and the NNPA News Service, is a keynote speaker,
$118.4 million in construc- cer, but the fact is that part cer, we must also raise moderator, and media coach. He can be reached through
THE CHRONICLE tion contracts were in play, of African-American wom- awareness about the ways his Web site,
MBEs received only a 4.55 enís increased vulnerability breast cancer incidence is
1111 King Street percent share. to breast cancer is a result intertwined with the status
Charleston, SC 29403 of differential access to of our health care system.
•••• - From January to March, health care and health serv- Breast cancer awareness
when $104.8 million in con- ices. has an international dimen- Elder Johnson --------------------------------------------
(843) 723-2785
tract were in effect, MBEs sion. Hala Moddelmog, cont. from pg 1
Fax: (843) 577-6099 received only 4.86 percent. Too many African- President of the Susan G.
Americans lack health Komen for the Cure, indi-
- From April through June, insurance. Too many wear cates that 10 million people
J. JOHN FRENCH, SR. when $108.7 million in con- the stress of racism in poor will die in the next 25 years change the conditions of the people who live around the
President - Editor//Publisher tracts were in play, compa- eating and living habits, absent intervention around church.”
nies owned by Blacks and and it shows up with obesi- breast cancer. Johnson proposed a town meeting in which the area
NANETTE FRENCH-SMALLS other non-Whites received ty, high blood pressure, churches step up a plan to provide assistance in the neigh-
CEO/ADVERTISING only 5.14 percent. and the higher incidence of Last year, the Komen borhoods they are in.
other diseases in our com- organization held a global He said what the mayor is touting as affordable is not
VALENTINA SMALLS TPS also pledged years munity. affordable in many black neighborhoods. “Rents and mort-
advocacy summit in
Operations-Business Mgr./ ago to try to give at least 5 Hungary, and announced gages are high and not many black families can afford
Comptroller-Advertising percent of the overall work African-American women pilot programs in Eastern them. Many landlords who don’t live in our community
to women-owned compa- are more likely than any Europe, Latin America, don’t fix up the homes while many of the residents live. He
SIMONA A. FRENCH nies, or WBEs. It’s fallen other population, in 2008, said as a result the residents don’t complain because they
Africa, and the Middle
Receptionist- far short of that goal as to be diagnosed with East. This month, they fear if they do the landlord will raise the rent.
Traffic/Photographer well. HIV/AIDS. When another sent delegations to Ghana Johnson feels the churches have to become more involved
Marketing population was most likely and Tanzania. if the condition blacks are currently living in is to change.
Tolbert Smalls, Jr. to be diagnosed, “There is more to serving God than a Jesus sermon on
Contributing Writers- HIV/AIDS awareness gar- It is important to note that Sunday. The churches need to open their doors to the
nered headlines. Now, too for all the challenges community and host programs that will help our youth,
Hakim Abdul-Ali they have the resources,” he said.
women face with breast
Beverly Birch cancer in the United Johnson said if the city and the community worked togeth-
Bob Small States, health care access is er then positive change could take place in many run down
even more limited in devel- neighobrhoods but he is optimistic about that happening.
oping countries. The He said the black community cannot wait for the mayor to
PUBLIC SERVICES Komen organization is to step in and stop the violence and negative conditions in
FRIDAY PRIOR TO be commended for their the black community. “As long as those blacks stay in the
work in taking breast can- black community the mayor doesn’t care what they do,” he
cer global.
Member: Johnson alluded to the current violence to youth fighting
National Newspaper Publishers, Assoc. Back at home, though, the over an overcrowded drug trade. “We have a 50 percent
health care disparities that unemployment rate. I have youth tell me all the time that
South Carolina Press Assoc.
riddle our system are as there are no jobs out there. So they go out there and make
Amalgamated Publishers
present in the realm of money selling drugs. When they start crossing into other
S.C. Chamber of Commerce breast cancer and in other neighborhoods the violence escalates.” He said the heavy
NO REFUNDS ON SUBSCRIPTIONS areas. police presence has not lessened crime, it has only changed
Published Wednesday the methods. “As long those blacks don’t go into white
Sisters must be among neighborhoods little will be done.”
TRI State Printing- Recently, in Dorchester Terrace six shootings were
North Charleston those sporting pink rib-
bons, but beyond the pink reported in one week, where Johnson said the youths were
ribbons, we must all be fighting over drug territory.
Credo of The Black Press Johnson said his proposal will address the problem from
passionate advocates for
The Black Press believes that
increased health care many different prospectives. “We have to educate our
America can best lead the world
from racial and national antago- access, especially in the youth, provide meaningful job training and job opportuni-
nism when it accords to every African-American commu- ties and teach them about themselves and help them instill
person, regardless of race, creed nity. pride in themselves and their communities.
or color, his or her human and He feels that if the youth were given positive things to do
legal rights. Hating no person,
Julianne Malveaux is then crime would go down. “They need to learn about
fearing no person, the Black
President of Bennett their culture. That they can succeed, right now all they
Press strives to help every person
College for Women. She know is bling bling, spinning car rims and a false security
in the firm belief that all persons
can be reached at presof- of selling drugs because that’s what they see in their com-
are hurt as long as anyone is
held back munities.
The Chronicle October 15, 2008- 3

- Get Motivated to Graduate -

stalling out. have begun to incorporate which speaks to the rela- obstacles to degree com- complete his degree.
CLEs into their academic tively unlimited capacity of pletion. John Kowalczyk, a
By Kara Wahlgren Flexible Scheduling programs. One online schools to maximize credit program coordinator at “One must be self-motivat-
Completing a traditional school, Western Governors efficiency.” Many non-tra- University of Michigan- ed, dedicated, and organ-
Losing steam to forge full degree requires a consider- University, offers a unique ditional schools, especially Duluth, knows this first- ized,” he says. “But the doc-
speed ahead on your educa- able time investment, espe- competency-based degree those geared toward adult hand. Twenty years after toral degree has given me
tional journey? Schools are cially for adult students program which allows stu- learners, tend to be more dropping out of a tradi- more creditability, and it
coming up with innovative who are often balancing a dents to earn their degree liberal in their acceptance tional Ph.D. program, he did help me to secure my
ways to prevent you from full-time career while con- solely through a combina- of transfer credits in order realized that finishing his dream job of being a full-
taking a pit stop and help tinuing their education. tion of CLEs, assessments, to facilitate degree comple- doctorate would help him time professor.” And with
you complete your degree. But many colleges have and projects. Excelsior tion. advance his career. both online and traditional
begun offering programs College offers more than Juggling a family and a full- schools getting involved in
Earning a degree takes a designed to minimize the 50 exams that allow stu- By easing the time time job, he enrolled at this trend, more students
significant amount of time, amount of time spent in a dents to earn credit for demands and financial bur- Walden University to take may find it easier to reap
money, and determina- classroom. Online courses prior knowledge. Even tra- den of a college education, advantage of the online the rewards of an accredit-
tion—which may explain are a major component of ditional schools like these initiatives can help school’s flexible schedul- ed college degree.
why only 55 percent of first- this trend, with more than Fordham College and the offset the most common ing, which helped him
year, full-time students fin- 60 percent of traditional City University of New
ish their bachelor’s pro- schools offering under- York have begun offering
gram within six years. And graduate courses online. limited credits for life
according to the Southern Schools are also helping to experience. According to
Regional Education expedite degree comple- Garrett, many schools are
Board, 20 million adult tion by offering fast-track beginning to realize the
students in Southern states programs, weekend-only value of real-world experi-
have enrolled in a college ence. “Essentially, it’s a
or university but left with- matter of recognizing that
out earning a degree. you can achieve college-
level outcomes outside of
Completing your degree college,” he says. “And it
earns you more than mere seems hard to justify why
bragging rights; a college students shouldn’t have
degree can drastically their knowledge or skills
improve your odds in a validated.”
competitive job market.
“Aside from a personal Financial Assistance
sense of completion, it just Federal aid and scholar-
clearly has a currency in the ship opportunities aren’t
marketplace,” says Richard courses, and shortened the only ways students can
Garrett, program director schedules. Northcentral ease the financial burden of
and senior research analyst University, for example, a college education. Many
at Eduventures, an educa- offers eight-week courses schools have begun offer-
tion consulting firm. A that start monthly, while ing unique monetary incen-
degree also carries far Bellevue University offers tives as well. Lebanon
more weight than an unfin- an accelerated program Valley College in
ished education. that allows students with Pennsylvania, for example,
“Credentials are counted, 60 credit hours to com- pledges that students will
and credits are not,” plete a bachelor’s degree in complete their degree
Garrett adds. “The creden- 15 months. Many tradition- within four years or the col-
tial clearly has a certain al schools offer a Weekend lege will subsidize tuition
status…and accumulated College division, where for additional courses, pro-
credits imply that you did- students can complete vided the students adhere
n’t finish something, that their degree by attending to the guidelines of their
you quit early, that you Saturday-only courses. degree program. Clark
didn’t have the stamina.” “There’s certainly been a University in
significant move toward a Massachusetts offers an
Luckily, your school wants language of acceleration,” accelerated B.A./Master’s
you to graduate. “An aca- Garrett notes. “And partic- program in which eligible
demic degree is an ularly for adult students, students receive a full-
extremely personal accom- having them really focus on tuition scholarship for
plishment,” says Jacqueline a course at a time can make their fifth year. Concordia
Mounce, director of learn- a big difference in terms of University in Texas offers
er success at Northcentral getting them to concen- free textbooks—an expense
University in Arizona. “Yet trate, given all the other that more than 80 percent
a single individual’s dedica- things going on in their of college students say they
tion to learn can have far- lives.” underestimated, according
reaching impacts.” Higher to a survey by the educa-
graduation rates improve a Credits for Life tion planning and finance
school’s reputation, help to Experience company Nelnet.
allay recruitment costs, For students with exten-
and even benefit the econo- sive work experience in a Streamlined Transfers
my; Mounce notes that this particular field, some When students transfer
“ripple effect” can greatly schools are offering between colleges, the time
increase the value of a col- Credits for Life it takes to complete their
lege degree. And as a Experience (CLEs), which degree can increase by
degree becomes increas- allow adult learners to more than a year.
ingly vital in the work- apply on-the-job experi- According to Garrett, that
place, many schools are ence toward fulfilling the has led some schools to
pioneering programs that requirements for their lobby for a simplified trans-
make those degrees easier degree. Although these fer process. “You hear sto-
to attain. Here are four ini- programs have commonly ries of students being
tiatives designed to pre- been associated with diplo- forced to retake the same
vent your education from ma mills, several fully program because the
accredited universities provider wasn’t accredited
by the same organization,
or it was just judged that
3,000 Ex-Offenders Meet Voter the program wasn’t compa-
rable,” he says. “It’s an issue
Registration Deadline in
Nation's Capital
press conference outside of
By. Joseph Young One Judiciary Square
Special to the NNPA from where the Board of
the Washington Informer Elections is located, that
the Peaceoholics reached
W A S H I N G T O N its goal of registering to
(NNPA) - District of vote more than 3,000 ex-
Columbia residents flood- offenders.
ed the D.C. Board of
Elections and Ethics in a The ultimate goal of the
last minute effort to regis- Peaceoholics is to register
ter to vote in the upcoming the more than 60,000 ex-
presidential election, offenders residing in the
including people who had District registered to vote
previously been incarcerat- within the next two years.
ed for felony convictions.

The deadline to register “Once we do that nobody

for all D.C. residents and can stop our agenda, which
in most states was Mon., is to make sure we are
Oct. 6. treated as citizens,” Moten
said. “We want to have an
Five hundred voter regis- equal playing field like
tration applications of ex- everyone else.”
offenders were hand- car-
ried into the office of the Many ex-offenders who live
Board of Elections by in the District are unaware
Peaceoholics founder that they can vote.
Ronald “Mo” Moten, who According to Dan Murphy,
spearheaded the drive to spokesperson for the D.C.
get ex-offenders registered Board of Elections and
to vote. Ethics, ex-offenders have a
legal right to vote in the
“Our voices will be heard District, even if they have
from this day on,’” said been previously incarcerat-
Moten who is an ex-offend- ed for a felony or under
er. court supervision.
There are more than A person awaiting trial
60,000 ex-offenders living while in jail also has a right
in the District, according to vote by absentee ballot
to Moten. Twenty-five as well as a person who
hundred are returned to was convicted on misde-
the District each year from meanor charges.
federal prisons, and 19,000
are in and out of the DC Forty-eight states, and
Jail each year. the District, prohibit
inmates from voting while
“You can’t stop crime if you incarcerated for a felony
don’t help change the offense, according to the
social ills that caused the Sentencing Project, an
criminal activity,” Moten advocacy group for reform
said. “A lot of these crimes in sentencing laws.
are poverty crimes.”
Moten announced at a
4-October 15, 2008 The Chronicle

Black America 2008 Election: Who

‘Gets Pneumonia’
in Cold Economic Historic,Whether Asked
Obama Wins or
Climate Loses Me?
Hazel Trice Edney By Ron Walters
NNPA by Beverly Gadson-Birch

We may be about to witness what political scientists call a

By. Natalie A. Thompson and Hazel Trice Edney "critical election" which promotes a realignment of RACE TO THE FINISH LINE
NNPA Special Correspondent and NNPA Editor-in- American politics - in this case, from Republican to
Chief Democrat. It was just last week that people from all walks of life
were out in record numbers registering folks before the October
WASHINGTON (NNPA) - As the Black unemployment But more important than that, it may signal a realignment 4th deadline. It was such an exhilarating experience. It was truly
rate leaped another eight percentage points last month – from the conservative politics that has gripped this coun- a new day—young, old, black, white, Republicans and
from 10.6 percent to 11.4 percent, the White unemployment try for the past 30 years to a more liberal version going for- Democrats—all had a sense of urgency to register and vote in one
rate actually remained the same – at 5.4 percent, less than ward. For the racially disadvantaged and economically of the most important and breathtaking elections ever.
half the rate for Blacks. needy, who need government most, it may signal a return While the process has been full of excitement, at times it has been
In addition to that in every economic category, from the to policies that emphasize investment in human develop- negative and darn right racist. It’s been a long haul leading up to
poverty rate to housing loss African-Americans remain his- ment since the evidence is that the lack of such investment the Primary and now the General Election. I don’t know about
torically and consistently at rock bottom – a condition has been the major factor in the fading middle class. y’all but I am worn out with the highs and lows of the nominating
exacerbated by the national housing and Wall Street finan- process coupled with the decline of the stock market and the over-
cial crisis that forced Congress to reluctantly pass a $700 This signals that if there is a difference in the previous all state of the economy.
billion bailout last week. administration and what is coming, it will be measured by At times, I had to remind myself that this is America and each of
how the new leaders see the role of government. I'm sure us have an opinion; although vehemently as that opinion may be,
''We're in a weaker financial position related to the main- from what he has said, that Barack Obama wants to it is important that we respect the opinion of others. Now, I don’t
stream in the first place,'' said Alfred A. Edmond, Jr., edi- emphasize personal responsibility, but I am just as sure usually lose my cool but I lost it Saturday night while watching a
tor-in-chief of, in an interview with that he understands the decisive role of government in brother on CNN pledge his support to McCain. I am sure y’all
the NNPA News Service. “The saying goes, 'when the rest making sure the opportunities exist that enable people to know which brother I am referring to. He supported McCain
of America gets a cold, Black America gets pneumonia.'' exercise it. because he said he is a “conservative”. He said he could not sup-
Edmond is just one among Black economic experts across port Senator Obama because he is the “most liberal” Senator in the
the nation who say as America observes the economic fall McCain, however, has followed an ideology which sug- Senate. My mother used to say if you don’t have anything good to
out even after Congress' recent bailout of lending and gests that government does not have much of a role in this, say, keep your mouth closed. So, can anyone tell me why the
investment agencies, African-Americans must establish that people should try to exercise their personal responsi- brother even bothered to open his mouth except to get some air
creative ways to stay afloat. bility and if they don't succeed - tough. time? His appearance was controversial. When given the oppor-
tunity to explain his position, he did not have anything substantive
“In every relevant economic number, Black people are While that ideology may have been a weapon begun by to say? The brother’s argument was he cannot support liberal
worse off today than they were in 2000,” says Natioal Ronald Reagan, blunt the force of the Civil Rights move- spending.
Urban League President and CEO Marc Morial, in an ment and to return to the unchallenged supremacy of Well, let’s take a look at the Republicans spending since
interview following a Black Leadership Forum telephone whites to the racial hierarchy, the record shows that it has President Bush took office. In surfing the internet, I came across
conference pertaining to get out to vote efforts as well as also damaged whites, especially, white middle class enor- a very interesting article written by Steve McGourty on the US
the economic bailout. “We’ve lost ground in home owner- mously. So, the issue becomes what kind of change voters National Debt. It was an analysis of Democrats as well as
ship, we’ve lost ground in employment, we’ve lost ground really want and which of the candidates they believe can Republicans borrowing that is responsible for America’s debt.
in wage verses inflation, we have just lost ground econom- produce it. McGourty compiled his last revision to the US Debt Analysis in
ically in the last eight years.” September 2008 and this is what he wrote. “Since 1938, the
After the Oct. 7 conference, Morial said the bailout was If Barack Obama wins, it will undoubtedly be an historic Democrats have held the White House for 35 years, the
not a rescue but just something to help stop the bleeding. event because of his race and because it may create in Republicans for 36. Over that time the national debt has increased
“The ramifications of not doing it were worse than the some, the idea that America has moved beyond racial eval- at an average annual rate of 8.5%. In years where Democrats were
ramification of doing it. For there not to be any credit, uations in its determination of what things are important. in the White House there was an average increase of 8.3%. In years
obviously, when it hurts big businesses, it hurts small busi- But race has not always been the determining factor, for if where the Republicans ran the White House the debt increased
ness and it hurts the average consumer, automobile loans, it had, Clarence Thomas would not be sitting on the high- an average 9.2% per year. Those averages are not that far apart but
personal finance loans, credit cards, that kind of thing,” est court in the land. they do show a bias toward more borrowing by Republicans than
said Morial. “My position would have been that we have to Democrats even including World War II. McGourty also wrote
hold our noses and go forth.” Those who sponsored him did so not only because he was that “prior to the Neo-Conservative takeover of the Republican
black in succeeding Justice Thurgood Marshall, but more Party there was not much difference between the two parties’ debt
Morial, who predicted the mortgage crisis in the spring importantly because he believed in the same things and philosophy. They both worked together to minimize it.
of last year, said the bailout will not be enough for Black they could trust him to deliver policy based on that belief. However, the debt has been on a steady incline ever since the
people and will take many months to execute. Reagan presidency. The only exception to the steep increase over
“We have taken the position consistently for six months Obama's win would signal a generational change, depart- the last 30 thirty years was during the Clinton presidency, when he
now that the country needs a jobs stimulous program. We ing from the influence of the "baby boomer" generation brought spending under control and the debt growth down to
have offered extensive ideas for such a jobs stimulous pro- moving into post modern America, an America more at almost zero.” According to McGourty, Republican Presidents
gram – to focus on infrastructure, to focus on an extension ease with race, more comfortable with global culture and outspent Democratic Presidents by a three to one ratio.
of unemployment benefits, to focus on the kinds of things the electronic and visual technologies that unites it. Will Someone just needs to educate the lip smacking, flapping broth-
like summer jobs and youth jobs that will put some people he be post-racial in his leadership of public policy? er. A little bit of education is a dangerous thing. So, the brother
to work because the underlying issue is that we lost really thinks that voting for McCain will bring spending under
159,000 jobs last year.” I don't think so, because of his pledges to carry the legacy control? Wrong!! It hasn’t happened in the past and there is very
The economic climate is hurting Black people from the of the Civil Rights movement into the 21st century, his little evidence to support that it is even a remote possibility. The
grassroots to Wall Street. understanding of racial problems and the fact that presi- debt has climbed over $14,000,000,000,000 under the Bush
The credit crisis came to a head when two of Wall Street’s dents also have to respond to problems in the political cul- Administration and that is as of September 21. And, that figure
largest investment firms folded. As top companies are ture that they didn't create. does not represent the $85 billion bail-out of AIG, Lehman
feeling the pressure to survive in a changing marketplace, So, he will have to respond to the on-going saga of racism Brothers and mortgage giants Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.
some Black-owned investment firms are finding them- which has taken over 400 years to invest in the culture. Since the brother feels he must find an excuse not to support
selves in the red. The caveat one sees, is that his decision will also be based Obama, will someone just tell him that this present administra-
In 12 months the Black-owned, Chicago-based Ariel on those around him. tion—the Republican Administration—has spent over $400 tril-
Investments LLC has suffered more then $1.6 billion in lion dollars on an unprovoked, unnecessary war. If that is conser-
losses. The once leading firm totals $2 billion in assets, a He is in a position to be the leader of an era changing vative I hush my mouth. Then add to that the number of lives lost.
decrease from $21 billion four years ago. movement, the true characteristics of which are not yet I am sure the over 4,000 American military men and women (not
The company's poor performance has lead to a 20 percent clear, but the seeds of which he has proposed in this cam- to mention those who lost their lives from other countries) could
downsize in staff and the sale of holdings in several compa- paign, such as more emphasis on environmentalism, con- hardly amount to a conservative figure. And, let’s not forget those
nies. cern with domestic productivity and security, promotion soldiers who have been disfigured physically and mentally and will
“The financial sector has been in trouble for the last year of diversity, and collaborative decision making here and require government assistance for the rest of their lives. That can
and a half,'' said William E. Spriggs, Chairmen of the abroad. hardly be called conservative. Then, don’t Gov. Sarah Palin, a
Department of Economics at Howard University. loose cannon, running around trying to incite a riot calling
''African-Americans lost a disproportionate share of the However, if Barack Obama loses, it will take us in a famil- Senator Obama a terrorist. Her action has uncovered the dark
jobs as financial managers over the last eight months. A lot iar direction, defined by a primary concern with narrow side of America. These incendiary encounters seen at some of the
of the fallout occurred over the issue of the mortgage cri- racial privilege and competition and radical nationalism. Senator McCain rallies are raging out of control. His failure to act
sis.'' The difference between the political parties on issues has on these outrageous attacks on Senator Obama sends out the
Since the 2007 mortgage fallout the market has consis- favored the Democrats during this election season by an wrong message.
tently struggled. But, as usual, Black-owned businesses average of as many as 10-15 points on what Americans We, the people, have been running a very swift and methodical
are doubly hurt. regard as "most important" issues - war in Iraq, economy, race. We are almost to the finish line. We can’t afford to stumble
''Minority-owned firms will suffer in this environment. health care, education, terrorism, and etc. in various sur- or be blindsided. We are rounding the last curve and our eyes are
They're already under capitalized; they have difficult times veys. fixed on the finish line. The only way that we are going to get
getting extensions of credit, in any capacity. To get the there is through your positive energies. Your vote does count. You
capital to perform is going to be extremely difficult,'' said The difference between candidates Obama and McCain, vote makes the difference and you should share that enthusiasm
Shawn Baldwin, Chairmen and CEO of Capital however, has rarely been in this range, more like 3-7 points with other registered voters. We have the chance to elect the first
Management Group, a Chicago-based firm. with Obama leading most of the time. African American President not because he is black but because
Leading White-owned companies who traditional had the he is ready to lead this country out of this mess we find ourselves
capital to aggressively perform in a stringent environment Analysts have suggested that given this relative small dif- in. It’s not about the blackness but about the exactness. It is that
have also seen their shares plummet. Lehman Brothers, ference, he will need a greater lead going into the time America.
Inc. and American International Group, Inc. (AIG) have November election if he is to win, because the racial vote Let’s not seize the opportunity to get in the spotlight. We are
lost more then $163 million in the wake of the mortgage will more than likely reduce his numbers. going all the way to the finish line. If we don’t make it, it is not
collapse. going to be because we have not given it our all. Although
Thus, there has arisen a debate over whether the so-called America has an open door policy for those seeking to become a
''This is a loss of capital in the financial sector. When the "Bradley factor" is alive and well, that is, whether white part of the American Dream, I say to all of you good hearted
financial sector has capitol they leverage that to make Americans say they will support a black candidate in polls, White Americans, get past the issue of race and look at who can
loans, which gives liquidity to the system,'' Spriggs said. but deny him or her support when they cast their vote. best restore balance to this country. If you can do that, then vote
''If you take a trillion dollars out of the system, that's not a your conscience; restore the confidence of the American people
trillion dollars worth of loans, that's like eight trillion dol- Some believe that because the US Senate race of Harold back to the days of wine and roses.
lars worth of loan. That means for at least the next two or Ford, Jr. turned out close to the poll predictions in 2006
three years, as firms try to find capital, there's going to be that the Bradley factor no longer exists. We will see.
a time period where unless your firm is on very solid
ground you're going to have a hard time getting credit.'' Black Americans most assuredly will be disheartened if NAACP WATCHING, READY FOR WOES
Not all minority-owned investment firms are struggling in Barack Obama loses, given the heights that he has ascend-
the current market. Atlanta-based Earnest Partners is ed thus far in winning the Democratic nomination for The NAACP will have lawyers targeting 750 precincts
ranked number one on the 2008 Black Enterprise List of president. But their expectations of an historic outcome around the nation on Election Day to help address com-
100 Asset Managers. have been increased as he recovered his lead that McCain plaints about possible voter disenfranchisement, the orga-
had achieved after the Republican Convention with the nization's new president said in San Antonio, Texas
The company totals more then $27 million in assets under gloss being removed from his VP pick, Sara Palin, and the Saturday.
management, and was selected by Hancock Horizon Fund "perfect storm" of the economic crisis that is pushing Benjamin Jealous, who took the helm of the National
to help manage an international funds project set to open Obama at this very moment into a lead beyond anything he Association for the Advancement of Colored People on
September 30. has experienced over McCain. Sept. 15, said volunteer lawyers have already been address-
ing complaints about voter registration problems. On
''Their disciplined investment strategy and proven results For many, the question has become, "how can he lose?" Election Day, lawyers will be sent to the 750 precincts
truly set them apart from the rest of the competition,'' said Others have formulated various versions of the "October where there has been a history of voter discrimination,
John Portwood, Chief Economic Strategist and Fund surprise" that appeared from time-to-time in elections. Jealous said at the state NAACP convention.
Manager for Hancock Horizon Funds in a press release. Underneath it all, there is the tortuous feeling of many
However, according to a study by Ariel and asset manage- African-Americans that America is not quite "America to Jealous also said he hopes that Democratic nominee
ment firm Charles Schwab, African-American stock mar- me" yet, that the use of race will triumph and spoil the Barack Obama's growing popularity will aid the civil
ket participation fell to 57 percent from a high of 74 per- dream. rights organization. Obama's background as a community
cent five years ago. organizer and civil rights attorney could help as the
NAACP targets quality education and other equality
''We see the the short term effect has been very negative, issues, he said.
it's certainly shaking the confidence of all Americans in CASTRO ON AMERICA'S 'PROFOUND RACISM' But Jealous said Obama's rise has also occasionally led
regard to economic security,'' said Edmond of people to question whether the 99-year-old organization is HAVANA - Fidel Castro says a "profound racism" in the still relevant.
United States will stop millions from voting for Barack
The 2007 study, which surveyed the investment habits of Obama in next month's presidential election. "If Obama is elected, won't colored people have advanced
500 African-Americans also reported 50 percent of African- The ailing, 82-year-old former Cuban president says it is as far as they can advance?" Jealous recalled being asked.
Americans said real estate was the ''best investment over- "a miracle that the Democratic candidate hasn't suffered "The condition of the grassroots" will determine whether
all'' in 2003. That number dropped to 45 percent in 2007. the same luck as (assassinated leaders) Martin Luther the NAACP can shut its doors, not the advancement of a
Despite hard times for the firm, Ariel's president John King, Malcolm X and others who harbored dreams of single man, said Jealous, the youngest-ever leader of the
Rogers was named one of's second- equality and justice." group at age 35.
quarter all star managers last month for not abandoning Castro's written comments were published by state media
his ''value approach''. The company that has lost 23 per- Saturday. In them, he insists a "profound racism" exists in The presidential primary campaign highlighted the dif-
cent in the last 12 months is up 1.64 percent in the market. the U.S. and that millions of whites "cannot reconcile ference between many Hispanic voters and black voters.
Still Black Wall Street firms and the Black community in themselves to the idea that a black person ... could occupy Hispanic voters helped give Democrat Hillary Rodham
general will feel the crunch most. The bottom line, says the White House, which is called just that: white." Clinton a win in Texas, temporarily stalling the Obama
Spriggs, ''There's just not going to be as much money out Castro also described Republican presidential candidate campaign's momentum before he eventually secured the
there as there was over the last eight years.” John McCain as "bellicose." nomination.
By Associated Press
The Chronicle October 15, 2008-5

As John Lewis Rebukes McCain-Palin: Civil Rights

I Icon Links McCain to 60's Segregationist
See It
Hakim Abdul-Ali By Sean Yoes president of the United public figures with the
Special to the NNPA from States.'' power to influence and per-
the Afro-American Nevertheless, McCain's suade, Sen. McCain and
Newspapers defense of Obama was met Gov. Palin are playing with
Looking For Answers (NNPA) - Civil Rights leg-
with boos and groans from
many members of the
fire, and if they are not
careful, that fire will con-
is one of my columns that require you to sit back and ponder end Rep. John Lewis, D- crowd. sume us all.''
some polemical things that may be nipping at your mind from Ga., said today that recent It was a scene that Lewis is The McCain campaign
moment-to-moment. Call it what you want, but for now I’ll just rowdy McCain-Palin ral- all too familiar with. He wasted little time refuting
label it “Looking For Answers.” lies in Wisconsin, compared McCain and the statements of Lewis,
As long as “hue-mans” exist in this phase of life they are always Pennsylvania, Ohio and Palin's antics to an infa- whom McCain once called
going to be in a debatable mood or doubtful frame of mind. Life is Minnesota spark ugly mous southern segrega- one of the ''wisest'' men he
a testing ground for the soul searchers of truth, and I consider memories of an America tionist from the 50's and knew and whose advice he
myself a traveler seeking truth while living in a paradoxical world that routinely advocated 60's ñGeorge Wallace, the would seek if he were to
of myth and reality. and practiced violence and late governor of Alabama become president.
It’s as though that I’m constantly “Looking For Answers” in all murder against Black Cong. John Lewis who defiantly stood at the ''Congressman John
the suspicious and ambivalent places in my desire to seek the Americans. door of the Univ. of Lewis' comments repre-
understanding of some things that have been on my mind since rival, Barack Obama. Alabama in an unsuccessful sent a character attack
early childhood. Being a student in life’s pursuit of indefeasible ''What I am seeing reminds Now, after spending most attempt to block the enroll- against Governor Palin
knowledge lets me know the importance of having valid informa- me too much of another of the week whipping their ment of Black students. and me that is shocking
tion. destructive period in supporters into a frenzy, and beyond the pale,'' read
I read a lot of educational material, etc., and I’m a serious collec- American history,'' Lewis McCain and Palin have Wallace vowed, ìsegrega- the statement from
tor of religious and ethnic material which provides me with in- said in a statement. ''Sen. toned down their fiery tion todayÖsegregation McCain who called for
depth information in the privacy of my home’s library at a McCain and Gov. Palin rhetoric. forever.î Still defiant and Obama to reject Lewis'
moment’s notice. It’s a wonderful feeling to be industriously alone are sowing the seeds of Last Saturday morning at a spewing hatred, Wallace statements as well.
in my mind’s eye and still seek renewed wisdom via the pursuit of hatred and division, and rally in Pennsylvania, Palin later ran an unsuccessful Obama seemed to shy away
knowledge and constantly “Looking For Answers,” even at my age there is no need for this shifted her focus to the campaign for president in from the comparison
in life. hostility in our political abortion issue. And in 1972 that ended with him between McCain and
I seemed possessed to want to seek the truth about questions of discourse.'' Minnesota last Friday, being shot in Laurel, Md., Wallace, but he acknowl-
my authentic religious heritage and African roots. Those are real- McCain went so far as to leaving him paralyzed. edged the escalating hostil-
ly very personal and stimulating questions for my mind’s eye and, Lewis comments came on defend Obama. ''George Wallace never ity and anger at McCain-
respectfully, your concern of inquiries may be on other topics or the heels of last weekís ral- ''I have to tell you, he is a threw a bomb,'' Lewis Palin rallies.
matters. lies for the Arizona senator decent person,'' said argued. ''He never fired a Said Obama in a state-
It doesn’t matter what interests your or my inquiring mind or and Alaska governor that McCain to a man at a gun but created the climate ment, ''John Lewis was
thoughts, because it all falls under the private radar screen of seek- heard members of the audi- Lakeville, Minn. rally who and the conditions that right to condemn some of
ing confirmations to and about things that make us wonder about ence shouting at different said he was ''afraid of an encouraged vicious attacks the hateful rhetoric that
a colonial tale or problematic relationship gone wild. Think, if you times ''kill him,'' ''off with Obama presidency.'' against innocent John McCain himself per-
can and dare, for a stone, cold moment in time about the sorted his head,'' ''treason'' and McCain continued, ''And a Americans who were sim- sonally rebuked just last
queries in your past and present worlds of existences that required ''terrorist'' -all in response person that you do not ply trying to exercise their night.''
immediate answers (or unknown wisdom) for mental relief from to remarks about McCain's have to be scared of as constitutional rights...As
depressing doubt. Democratic presidential
Wisdom has no doors that will not open for those “hue-mans,”
who aren’t afraid to get off their “rusty-dusty” and do something for
self in seeking answers to what ails them. That’s a constant theme Legislation Introduced to Restore Voting Rights
of mine of late as I scan my thoughts in trying to figure out what’s
in so many of my ethnic brothas and sistahs’ heads, hearts and
for People Who Have Finished Prison Sentence
Many of them are mis-educationally deaf, dump and blind to the
truth about so many things that govern and control their until it’s Federal legislation was intro- Maryland, Texas and Florida, political process as everyday victed of felony drug charges.
not funny.This bothers me, and I personally hate to say that about duced this week that would have reformed felony disen- Americans.”
some of “our” people, but some “colored” folk are just plain lost as permit individuals who have franchisement laws over the Upon introduction of the
hell, pardon my honest verbal assessment of the matter. been previously convicted of a last decade, increasing voter No group has been harder hit DRA, Sen. Feingold, address-
It’s a negative flow of a mental laziness, combined with an influx crime, have completed their participation through biparti- by disenfranchisement than ing the President, said “…the
of self-denial, that’s born of a diseased mind that cradles apathy prison term and are living in san reform efforts. These African Americans. After gain- practice of disenfranchising
and never spends time “Looking For Answers” that could help the community the right to reform efforts have set the ing the right to vote in 1965, people with felony convictions
alleviate some of the pain and problems in “our” communities. vote in federal elections. stage for Congress to act and, and overcoming the history of has an explicitly racist history.
What are the immediate and long-range answers to youthful although there is little time to slavery and racism that over- Like the grandfather clause,
Black-on-Black crime, disappearing family structures, poor and The Democracy Restoration enact this legislation this year, shadowed our country’s early the literacy test, and the poll
under achieving schools, soaring incarnation rates, rampant Act of 2008 (DRA, S. 6340, it lays the groundwork for history, African Americans suf- tax, civil death became a tool
unemployment and undeniable homelessness, just to name a few H.R. 7136) was introduced in restoration in the near future. fered a new form of Jim Crow of Jim Crow.”
issues that affect African-America immensely? both chambers of Congress by under the guise of the modern-
These issues are everywhere in Black America from Portland, Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) “Once passed, this bill will day war on drugs. “Unjust policing practices,
Oregon, to Raleigh, North Carolina, screaming for someone in and Rep. John Conyers (D- mean that people who are liv- misuse of prosecutorial power,
“our” communities to take a bold step and “take care of business” MI). ing in society and paying taxes Thirteen percent of African- and lack of judicial discretion
like we know we should to resolve these pressing concerns. Add to will no longer be second class American men have been all converge to create the judi-
that the questions of what are “our” kids learning in schools is The U.S. currently denies 5.3 citizens,” said Jasmine L. denied the right to vote cial system that African
enough to make you rise up and continue to look for all the million, or one in 41, citizens Tyler, deputy director of because of felony conviction, Americans experience, namely
answers. the right to vote due to felony national affairs for the Drug the majority of these convic- injustice, and it has led us to
Life is what you make it, and that’s no last second murmur. It is convictions and is the only Policy Alliance. “Regaining tions stem from drug law the newest installment of
what it is, and the beat goes on for the consciously aware among democracy that disenfranchis- the right to vote after prison enforcement. Although drug racialized community suppres-
us, and life presents more questions that challenge “our” inquiring es citizens who have complet- means formerly incarcerated use rates are similar for both sion: the war on drugs,” Tyler
minds on a daily basis. ed their prison sentence. individuals will have every African Americans and whites, said. “At least in federal elec-
I’m one of these inquiring souls who longs for answers to the many opportunity to be civically African Americans make up tions, this legislation will
questions of the profound mysteries of life. Some of my inquiries The DRA restores voting engaged and influence the more than half of those con- change that.”
you and others may share with me in mutual desires for solutions rights to individuals who have
to some of society’s more simple concerns. returned from prison or were
Others points of concern may become rather complex in applica- never sentenced to a prison
tion with no end to the final outcome. I guess only time will bring term. Because periods of
forth a better response to questions like, “Why did the Africans sell supervised release, probation
each other in the initial slave process?” or parole can last decades and
When true answers are given for that question, then maybe I can is part of a person’s sentence,
find a possible link to why this current and maddening sickness of reinfranchising individuals
young men Blacks killing each other is off the reasoning scope of after completing their sen-
intellectual comprehension? My mind and Black thoughts are tence would not ensure the
there now, because I’ve seen a few things in my lifetime, and I won- same access to the ballot box
der whether some of us are thinking about the present as we as this measure does by giving
destroy “our” futures while possibly “Looking For Answers” in all voting rights back to people
the wrong books and places. already living in our communi-
That’s why “Looking For Answers” is circulating in my head the ties.
way that it is. Simply, I’m a brother of soul who desires answers to
why some of us continue to do some of the idiotic things we do to This bill would also instruct
destroy “ourselves,” families and communities, some without officials in each state to notify
apparent sane effort. individuals of their restored
The truth may not be far from the roots of “our” collective pains right to ensure access to the
and sufferings about who we are and why we live in present day ballot.
colonial existences. As I said before I’m speaking of a need for the
truth about “our” maladies and solutions for them before we pass Nineteen states, including
on more of this hurtful misguidance to those yet unborn.
There are questions that have been asked of me from time-to-time
that, because of study and prior insight about that subject matter,
I’ve been able to, hopefully, give some valuable information. It’s
about getting at the truth.
I’d like to think that I was helpful to those who asked of me just as
I have asked of those who are and were more learned than me
when I needed answers to some things that were and are troubling
me. You probably feel the same way about that scenario because
I’m sure you’ve been in those simular situations a thousand times
in your worlds of continuing existences.
I want you to know that some questions have appeared on my
mental horizons over the decades, and I’ve been blessed by the
Creator Alone to have them answered in a reasonable short peri-
od of time. And then there are others, which if placed in a unique
category, they’d be classified as “bewildering,” have yet to be
resolved in my mind-set as I continue to patiently “Look For
Being a student of universal knowledge has taught that patience
is the key to the door of relief, and that motto definitely applies
when it comes to “Looking For Answers” in the many different
time sequences in which the confounding questions of life may
appear as they do and will in the unforeseen future. Never forget
that word called patience.
It’s the answer to all your questions about life, because if you seek
an answer to a difficult question, or situation, in life’s Universal
School of hard Knocks, it lies in being patient. If you are, by God
Alone’s permission, then in time your question may be answered
because the Most High Alone is All-Knowing.
Always look to God Alone for all the answers and for relief. For
today, that’s, “As I See It.”

Human progress is neither automatic nor

inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice
requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the
tireless exertions and passionate concern of
dedicated individuals.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

6- October 15, 2008 The Chronicle


Taking Your Blood Pressure Correctly Tuskegee University Leader in

Producing Black Veterinarians
You may take blood pres- Of course, measuring and
assessing blood pressure is By KATHY SEALE The faculty, though, is not
sure readings every day- The Birmingham News ``Never have I felt uncom- as diverse as they'd like it
but just how accurate are easy-provided you know fortable being a white stu-
the three possible sources to be, Perry says, and
your findings? Make sure BIRMINGHAM, Ala. dent at a historically black budget constraints keep
you meet American Heart of error: the equipment, college,'' Hendershot says.
the patient and the opera- (AP) _ Ask any African- them from having as many
Association standards for American veterinarian _ ``Everybody has embraced faculty members as they'd
this key assessment proce- tor (you). Let's look at me.''
each one. anywhere in the country _ like.
dure by reviewing the where they attended veteri-
guidelines here. nary school. You'll find three Asian stu- ``We're losing faculty just
The equipment... dents on campus, too, as like everybody else,'' she
Breathless, Patty Smith Odds are they'll name a well as three from India says.
arrives for her clinic visit a Errors can arise from and 18 Hispanics. School
uncalibrated or damaged school in Alabama.
few minutes late. As you officials estimate that 10 Male students, too, are
prepare to take her blood equipment or from using percent of the country's
seems simple, taking a ``If you see a black face, becoming scarce, which
pressure, you learn that the wrong equipment. (See Hispanic veterinarians are
blood pressure reading that person probably came reflects a nationwide trend.
she's 39, single, and the Check for Problems before Tuskegee grads.
with a cuff is fraught with from Tuskegee There are 195 female stu-
mother of three preteen They Start.) Mercury
potential errors that can University,'' says Ruby dents at Tuskegee's veteri-
children. manometers, for example, It's no accident, either,
stand between you and a Perry, associate dean at the nary school and only 49
can yield inaccurate read- that they were there, or are
valid assessment of your School of Veterinary males. About 75 percent of
Her blood pressure by arm ings if the air vent at the there.
patient's condition. Medicine. entering students nation-
cuff is 140/94 mm Hg- not top of the column is
clogged or the mercury has wide are female, according
surprising, you think, con- These errors could leave a More than 70 percent of School officials actively to information from the
sidering her obesity and oxidized. You may not spot encourage a mix of stu-
hypertensive patient black veterinarians in the American Veterinary
her stressful life. You these problems by looking dents, Perry says.
untreated while a patient U.S. are Tuskegee grads, Medical Association.
report your findings to the at the manometer, but sus-
with normal blood pres- Perry says, and the school A stroll through campus
doctor, who schedules her pect them if the mercury They no longer have a
sure ends up on an expen- continues to train 50 to 60 reveals students of every
for a follow-up visit and column responds sluggish- Native American student
sive drug regimen he does- percent. persuasion, doing what
possible therapy for high ly. on campus, for example, so
n't need. Either way, the veterinary students do:
blood pressure. patient loses. You won't, however, stand they're working with a Listening to lectures, grab-
To prevent these prob- Native American graduate
lems, find out whether your out on campus if you're not bing a bite to eat between
But is this really such an What's more, keep in mind one of the 120 black veteri- to help recruit. classes, and, of course,
open-and-shut case? Or institution has a written
that a single measurement nary students. working with animals.
could the reading be falsely policy for regular assess- Tuskegee grads nation-
may not represent your
high because you used a ment and maintenance of wide encourage students
patient's true blood pres- ``We wouldn't be truthful At the small-animal hospi-
normal-size adult cuff mercury manometers - and to apply to their alma
sure. The American Heart to the ideals of diversity if tal, Mark Freeman, an
instead of one designed for make sure to follow it. mater, Perry says.
Association recommends we only had African- assistant professor of
larger persons? Perhaps this procedure: Take your American students,'' Perry small-animal internal medi-
Patty's blood pressure was With aneroid manometers, For example, Stefanie Clay
patient's blood pressure says. cine, coaches second-year
temporarily high because check before each use that left the Midwest to attend.
twice while he's standing, student Carl Southern on
she was harried and never the needle is on zero at
then record the average of Haylie Hendershot, for the art of examinations.
stopped chattering about baseline. If it isn't, recali- ``My mentor at the
the two; next, take it twice example, is one of 100 Freeman greets their
her trouble finding a sitter brate it to a mercury University of Minnesota,
while he's sitting and whites on campus. client, an American
and a parking space. manometer using a Y con- an alum at Tuskegee,
record the average of those Staffordshire terrier, with
nector attached to the tub- spoke to me about the
two. ``Haylie would not feel ``Hello, Chyna, darling.
Though the procedure ing on both manometers. school,'' says Clay, class of
comfortable if it was `just How are you?'' before rais-
Document which pressure her,''' Perry says. ``She 2010 and student body ing her to a stainless-steel
Compare pressures at sev- president of the vet school.
was taken with the patient needs to come in and see table. Slowly, he works his
eral points along the scale.
standing and which with someone like her.'' hands down and around
As with mercury mamome- She was intrigued with the
him sitting. Use the sitting her body, pausing at inter-
ters, be sure this equip- warm weather and the
measurement as your final Hendershot, who is presi- vals to explain.
ment is monitored and opportunity to become a
reading- the standing dent of the class of 2011,
maintained regularly. ``Southern belle,'' she
measurement is a reference concurs: ``I probably ``Keep your hands on the
point only. would not have come here says. animal as much as possi-
Incorrect cuff size is a
major source of equipment- if they didn't have another ble,'' Freeman says. ``If
Initially, take the blood white student.'' The No. 1 reason she chose you're not looking and
related errors. A cuff that's Tuskegee, though, was the
pressure in each arm and touching, you're going to
too small will produce a diversity.
document any difference in She's glad they do, she miss things.
falsely high reading; one
the reading. After that, use says, because she's glad she
Larry J. Ferguson, D.M.D that's too large, a falsely
the arm that gave the high- low reading.
“Anxiety er reading.
Using the wrong-size cuff
is a common problem with
obese patients. Taken with
• Relaxed, comfortable environment a regular cuff, their systolic
• Skilled dental care and diastolic pressures will
• Safe, comfortable, “one-hour” in-office be falsely elevated.
• Nitrous oxide gas- A similar potential for
• One pill conscious sedation error exists for patients
• Same day emergency care with extremely thin arms-
• Dental care credit financing available for them, a regular-size cuff
• Free Initial Consultation Appointment may be too big, leading to
• Exceptional Service Since 1980 falsely low blood pressure
Dental Medicine To check for proper cuff
Larry J. Ferguson, DMD size, the American Heart
1812 Wallace Rd. - Ste. 400 Association recommends
comparing the cuff with BROWN BAG LUNCH SERIES
Charleston, SC 29407 your patient's arm. The Sponsored by Mass Mutual and the Little Black Book for every busy woman
(843-) 571-4411 length of the bladder
should be at least 80% of Protecting and Repairing Your Credit the arm's circumference.
(See Using the Right Everything you need to know about improving your credit score.
50% off in office whitening with
Crown and Bridge work Cuff.) Andrea Davis, First Federal
(located West Ashley- directly behind The stethoscope you use Sheila Underwood, SunTrust
Office Depot & Barnes & Noble Bookstore) for auscultation should
have a shallow bell with a Thursday, October 9 at Noon • FREE
large diameter. This lets Call to reserve your seat.
you auscultate low-fre-
quency sounds. (See What
You're Measuring Isn't
What You're hearing.) Spending, Saving & Giving: How do We Form the Right
Habits in Our Children?
Most nurses use the
David L. Cole, Mass Mutual
diaphragm of the stetho- If you need help through
scope, but you should use Debbie Kidd, Family Services a difficult personal time,
the bell to auscultate indi-
rect arterial blood pres- Thursday, October 16 at Noon • FREE
low- cost counseling is
sures. Don't put too much Call to reserve your seat. available at the
pressure on the bell; you Center for Women.
may occlude arterial flow
and dampen out the low LEGAL CLINIC
frequencies. South Carolina Pro Bono Program attorneys discuss your rights and options.
Dr. Stewart Middleton Workers Comp
“A Learn about SC rules and regulations regarding work-related injuries or death
Caring Jessica ‘Tucker’ Cecil, Esq. Turner, Padget, Graham & Laney
Dental office
Tuesday, October 28 at 5:30pm to 7:00pm • FREE
for the
Call to reserve a seat.
Family and Cosmetic Sponsored by SunTrust, Legacy Wealth Mgt & Charleston Regional Business Journal
Do you, your chil- Are You Ready to Start a Business?
dren, Get a better understanding about working for yourself.
family members or
friends have Mary L. Dickerson, State Director, FastTrac Business Training
Medicaid Insurance?
Tuesday, October 21 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Our office accepts Advanced registration suggested: $20 CFW members; $25 Non-members
Medicaid Insurance
other insurance
(843) 763-3257 To register for an event, call (843) 763 - 7333
8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. or visit
Saturdays 9-5 pm
1605 B- Ashley River Rd.
Center for Women 129 Cannon Street (between Ashley Ave & President St.)
WEST ASHLEY Parking is free nights and weekends at 30 Bee Street.
The Chronicle October 15, 2008-7


Polls Rocketing for Obama, But, Could Pain in the Elderly:
Racism Undermine Results on Nov. 4 When Someone You Love Is in Pain
While arthritis is the most the pain is controlled. Your pain is to ask. A good way
astounding, but says longer unique for an common cause of pain for goals are to help evaluate of asking is to say, “How
By. Hazel Trice Edney Blacks should shave off at African-American to be people over age 65, circula- and relieve pain and to bad is your pain right now
NNPA Editor-in-Chief least five points to account running for public office. tory problems, shingles, keep health professionals on a scale from 0 to 10,
for the racial factor that Still, the Obama camp certain bowel diseases and informed about pain levels with 0 being no pain and 10
can go undetected until appears to not take polls cancer are other common and responses to pain being the worst pain you
W A S H I N G T O N after people vote. for granted, working vigor- reasons for pain in older treatments. ever had?” Don't contra-
(NNPA) – U. S. Sen. “I’m saying to myself, ‘Wait ously in so-called battle- people. Nerve damage can What You Can Do to dict or argue about these
Barack Obama has moved a minute, this is okay, but I ground – or unpredictable - also cause severe and con- Help ratings.
yet another step closer to don’t think it’s that high,’” states to now excite regis- stant pain. Evaluate pain: * Listen for words other
becoming America’s first Walters says. “You have to tered voters to go to the Some people think that * Ask about the pain. No than "pain." Older people
Black president after an respect the polling. But, polls Nov. 4. The outreach pain is natural with old age medical test can tell you may use different words to
arguably bland second you have to discount it a appears to be working. In or that when older people whether or not a person is describe their pain, such as
debate Oct. 6 that gave little.” states considered especial- are not clear in explaining in pain. The best way to “discomfort,” “soreness” or
him strong leads over Sen. ly hard for Democrats, the cause of their pain they find out if a person is in “ache.”
John McCain in several key For example, Walters says such as Virginia, Obama is are just complaining. Both
polls. although Gallup reports a ahead 49.9 to 45.1. In of these views are wrong.
more than 10 percent Florida, he us up 48.3 to There is almost always a
But, some political Obama lead, that should 45.3 and in Pennsylvania, real problem behind the
observers say the polls may be thought of as more like he is up a whopping 51.2 to aches and pains.
not reflect a racial under- five percent to account for 39.2, according to Pain can lead to other
current among Whites that racial and other prejudices problems. People with
could hurt Obama’s elec- that may factor in the vot- The key is economic wor- pain may lose the ability to
tion chances on Nov. 4. ing booth. ries, political observers move around and do every-
A National CNN poll at say. day activities. People with
the conclusion of the The so-called “Bradley pain also often have anxiety
debate – which focused effect”, recalls the 1982 “There are no issues. or depression. They may be
largely on the economy - gubernatorial race between There’s just the one issue. at greater risk for falls,
had 54 per cent of voters an African-American It’s the economy,” says weight loss, poor concen-
saying Obama won the Democrat, Tom Bradley, David Bositis, senior tration and difficulties
debate, versus McCain at and a White Republican, researcher for the Joint with relationships.
30 per cent. Likewise, a George Deukmejian. Center for Political and Most pain can be con-
CBS poll favored Obama Though major polls placed Economic Studies. “I’m not trolled, usually through a
at 39 percent to 27 percent Bradley well ahead of worried about the ‘Bradley combination of drug and
among uncommitted voters Deukmejian only days and effect.’” non-drug strategies, which
with 35 percent claiming hours before the election, should be discussed with a
the debate as a draw. Bradley narrowly lost. Even if attempts to deface healthcare provider.
This discrepancy between Obama or undermine his Caring for someone in pain
Moreover, Gallup, among how Whites say they will reputation with veiled or at risk for pain is often
the most credible polling vote and how they actually racial attacks in final days an ongoing process. As
agencies in the world, vote was also observed in of the campaign become various strategies are tried,
reports Obama actually the 1989 Virginia gover- prevalent, Bositis predicts it may help to keep in mind
leading McCain by more nor’s campaign between it won’t matter. two basic principles:
than 10 percentage points African-American candi- “If your house is on fire and * Believe the person you
in a national poll asking date L. Douglas Wilder Frankinstein is outside, are caring for. People with
voters who they favor. and White candidate you don’t worry about pain are the only ones who
Marshal Coleman. Wilder Frankenstein. You worry know how much pain they
“Barack Obama has won, but by less than a per- about you’re going to die in are feeling. Pain is whatev-
opened up a nine-point centage point – only a few the fire if you don’t do er the older person says it
lead over John McCain, days after polls gave him as something about it,” is and exists whenever he
51% to 42%, in the latest much as an eight point Bositis says. “This election or she says it does. If peo-
Gallup Poll Daily track- lead. is about the way people feel ple with pain feel that oth-
ing,” states an explanation about how things are going ers do not believe them,
on “That Walters says because the in the country right now. they become upset and may
matches Obama’s largest Bradley race was more And the way they feel stop reporting their pain
lead of the campaign to than 25 years ago and the about how things are going accurately. This makes
date.” Wilder race nearly 20 years in the country is that they controlling the pain more
ago, racial attitudes have stink. They stink bad.” difficult.
University of Maryland changed. Newer and * Every person has the
Political Scientist Dr. Ron younger voters must now right to good pain control.
Walters called the polls be factored in and it’s no Your job as a caregiver is
to make sure that good
pain control is provided.
Tell health professionals if
pain does not improve with
treatment and ask them to
try new treatments until
8- October 15, 2008 The Chronicle

Leave Obama T-Shirts at Home Nov. 4, Voting Rights Experts Advise

such as handing out campaign for denying his ballot because State Laws Prohibiting the
By. Pharoh Martin material,” Davis states. But he wore a sticker supporting a Wearing of Political Message
NNPA Special when asked if there are any specific mayoral candidate. Buttons” in 2006 that argued
Correspondent restrictions on the wearing of The court sided with the against the restrictions.
campaign paraphernalia she board citing a Supreme Court ''States cannot demonstrate a
WASHINGTON (NNPA) says, “Absolutely not. You can ruling that stated that polling “compelling state interest” in
- Don't wear campaign para- wear whatever you want. The places are not a forum to prohibiting the wearing of
phernalia to voting polls on only restriction is for the peo- engage in public discourse and political message buttons in
election day Nov. 4 or bring a ple working at the elections all such “view-point neutral” laws the polling place,” she wrote.
sweater to cover it up, experts day.” are a constitutional and neces- She also argued that the laws
say. She added, “I can't imagine sary means of ensuring orderly are far too broad and that the
''Whether or not they have a any restriction on that sort of election process. statutory language often per-
constitutional right to wear thing because of free speech Such laws have sparked wide- mits “arbitrary enforcement.''
[campaign memorabilia] we concerns.” spread debate, even among Because of the wide latitude,
tell them to leave it at home Some courts don’t see it that students. says Arnwine, the best way is
and avoid the hassle,” says way. the safe way: “What is correct
Laughlin McDonald, A 2001 Washington, DC American University law stu- is that you may have to cover
Director of ACLU Voting Circuit Court ruled against dent Kimberly Tucker pub- up and expose your Obama tee
Right Project. “There is a voter David Marlin, who had lished a legal paper entitled shirt once you go outside the
Supreme Court decision that taken the DC Board of “You Can’t Wear That to designated voting zone.”
prohibited campaigning Elections and Ethics to court Vote: The Constitutionality of
within 100 feet of a polling
place so we advise that if they
do wear a campaign button
that they follow that state's
law, unless they are trying to
challenge it.''
Barbara Arnwine, executive
director for Lawyers'
dress code per se. But, it still
has laws against “electioneer-
ing” or campaigning inside a
paign material is prohibited
but there has been some confu-
Orphan Aid Society, Inc.
Committee for Civil Rights sion among the voting popula-
Under the Law, a non-profit
voting poll.
It is a state’s decision how to
tion in recent weeks as far as Established 1891
legal organization that spe- the definition of excessive cam-
regulate elections so long as paigning at the polling place,”
cializes in election law, the elections are conducted
agrees. She says that there the Virginia State Board of
fairly, says Federal Elections
should be no open endorse-
ment of a candidate because
it helps voting sites remain
Commission spokesperson
Bob Biersack. Because there’s
no federal provision, elections
Elections said in a statement.
“As a result, the State Board of
Elections will meet on
Celebrates Its
neutral. October 14th to make a ruling
are administered by the states. on the draft policy.”
But, she says, “There needs to Therefore, depending on what
be more uniformity of the law voting jurisdiction a citizen
under local and state legisla- resides in, casting a ballot
Such states as Ohio, Annual Fundraising Banquet
tion.” Tennessee and Texas emphat-
while displaying any campaign ically ban the display of politi- “Through the Eyes of Our Children”
Thousands of voters have affiliations – including names
received emails and text mes- cal buttons, caps, stickers and
or images on a hat, t-shirt or other like items within 100 feet
sages informing them that button - could be classified as
they may have problems if of polls while they are open.
passive electioneering, a mis-
they show up to the voting
booths wearing buttons,
demeanor in some states,
Kevin Kidder, spokesman for
the Ohio Secretary of State's
International Longshoremen’s Hall
depending on how the attire is Office, says that while there
stickers and tee shirts with
the names of political candi-
interpreted by authorities. are restrictions against wear-
1142 Morrison Drive
The laws are meant to protect ing political paraphernalia, the
dates. In many states, that elections against voter intimi- Charleston, South Carolina 29403
could be true. right to vote comes first.
dation and swaying decisions. ''Voters are not allowed to
Maryland voter Alpatrick But the written definition of
Golphin, 39, thought the wear campaign parapherna-
electioneering is murky in lia,” Kidder said. “We'll ask
email he received was just
another unsubstantiated
some states. Virginia is a criti-
cal swing state in this year's
them to turn it inside out. Put Saturday, November 1, 2008
rumor. a jacket over it. The right to
presidential election but its vote is absolute so you'll be 7:00 PM
voters aren't the only ones con- allowed to vote but you can be
“I thought it was a joke like fused about the issue of what
Ashton [Kutcher] was trying charged later.''
constitutes electioneering.
to punk me,” he said. Golphin
has voted in other elections, Other states like Georgia and
but this was the first time he's
heard anything about this.
The state's board of elections
are even having a hard time
Florida have laws that are
more lax. According to
Tickets: $30.00
interpreting the law in a way Florida Department of State
He may not have heard about that they could definitively For More Information Email
not being allowed to wear his spokeswoman Jennifer Davis,
inform their voting public. her state's definition of elec-
candidate's tee shirt to the
voting polls because
“Section 24.2-604 of the Code
of Virginia creates a 40 foot
tioneering is reserved for more
Maryland does not have a obvious campaigning.
neutral zone in which cam- “There's no overt soliciting
A-58890 (G_LG) 10/16/08

Idaho Potatoes .79


Large or Extra Large, Perfect for Baking or Grilling,


High in Vitamin C and a Good Source of Potassium


Publix Large Eggs
Grade A, 12-ct. ctn.
Limit four.
SURPRISINGLY LOW PRICE Small Glazed Crème Cake ...............................
Choose From Lemon, Vanilla, Marble, or Chocolate, Moist and Delicious,
From the Publix Bakery, 16-oz size Limit four.

Gourmet Choice
Tuna Fillet ....................... B
Betty Crocker
Helper B
Kellogg’s Frosted
Cereal B
Natural Granola
Oats, Honey & Raisins

Solid White Albacore in Water, Or Chicken or Tuna Helper, Assorted Varieties, 16 to 20.4-oz box or 100% Natural Oats & Honey,
4-pk. 4.5-oz can Assorted Varieties, 5 to 9.2-oz box or Unfrosted Mini-Wheats, 18-oz box 28-oz box Quantity rights reserved.
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Prices effective Wednesday, October 15 through Tuesday, October 21, 2008. Select locations only.

Only in Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester, Lexington and Richland Counties. Quantity rights reserved.
The Chronicle-----
Lowcountry Connection -
Oct ob er 15 , 2008 1b

New Law Meant to Improve Stability in the

Foster Care System Hailed as Groundbreaking
By: David Crary, AP what we can do to improve adoption. Richard Wexler, adoption or foster care
National Writer it, rather than just Band- Other provisions will be executive director of the have the most noble
Aids," said Adam Pertman, optional for the states, National Coalition for motives," said Chuck
For many thousands of executive director of the notably participating in the Child Protection Reform, Johnson of the National
America's foster children, Evan B. Donaldson new guardianship program says this could aggravate Council for Adoption. "We
prospects for a permanent Adoption Institute. for relatives and extending an already worrisome phe- need to do a better job
home and stronger support foster-care support past nomenon. screening them."
will be brighter under a On any given day there are age 18. The level of state
new law that bridged more than 500,000 chil- activity may hinge part on "That means an even Despite its broad scope,
Washington's partisan dren in the U.S. foster care how their child welfare greater incentive for quick- the new act does not tackle
divide and is touted as the One example: federal adop- system, including about budgets weather the cur- and-dirty, slipshod place- the front end of the child-
most significant child-wel- tion assistance for special- 125,000 waiting to be rent economic turmoil. ments, for placements welfare problem -- it con-
fare reform in decades. needs children will no adopted. More than 25,000 more likely to disrupt, and tains no prevention initia-
longer be limited to those "age out" of foster care "We're going to have a for the creation of more tives to combat neglect and
Its title is a mouthful -- the who come from low- annually after turning 18 tougher time with imple- legal orphans, as states abuse so fewer children are
Fostering Connections to income families. without ever finding a per- mentation by the states rush even faster to termi- removed from their fami-
Success and Increasing * Allow use of federal manent family to support then if we didn't have this nate parental rights," lies in the first place.
Adoptions Act. And it has funds to assist children them. crisis," said Sen. Charles Wexler said in an e-mail.
raised some questions: who leave foster care to Grassley (R-Iowa), a key "Once again, America's
Will budget-strapped live as legal guardians of Under the bill, financial Senate backer of the bill. Adoption advocates child welfare establishment
states embrace some of the relatives -- a step which assistance could be avail- "It might add a couple of acknowledged that mis- has refused to put its
options it offers? Why did- will help an estimated able through age 21, pro- years to full implementa- takes can be made in place- money where its mouth is,"
n't it include initiatives to 15,000 children. In the vided the young person is tion." ment, and said the bill's Wexler said. "In this big
help curtail child neglect in past, such "kinship care" -- working or in school. new provisions should be new bill they're all cheer-
the first place? which experts view as Richard Barth, dean of the As encouragement to the accompanied by effective ing about, there is not one
preferable to foster care -- University of Maryland states, the bill calls for vetting of prospective new idea, not one new
Nonetheless, the bill -- was generally not eligible School of Social Work, doubling the per-child adoptive parents. word, and not one new
signed with little fanfare for federal aid. questioned this provision, bonuses they receive for penny for keeping families
last week by President * Allow direct federal suggesting that youths not placing foster children in "Not all who volunteer for together."
Bush -- is widely viewed foster care funding to trib- meeting these criteria
throughout the child-wel- al governments, so more might be in even greater
fare community as a American Indian and need of help.
remarkable achievement by Alaskan Native children
a Congress often incapaci- can receive services while The bill envisions about $3
tated by partisanship.
Click here to find out
remaining in their own
communities. Previously,
the tribes had to go
through state agencies to
billion in new costs over
the next 10 years, notably
for the enhanced adoption
incentives. It won biparti-
Celebrate the
seek this funding.
"This is a historic moment
for foster children and fam-
ilies," said James Brown,
president of the Child
* Allow states to provide
federally subsidized foster
care services to young peo-
san support in part because
congressional budget ana-
lysts determined that sav-
ings - for example, less
opening of our
ple up to age 21, instead of spending on foster-care
Welfare League
America, calling it the

most significant foster-care

legislation since 1980.
* Require child-welfare
agencies to make "reason-
casework - would offset the
added costs. newest Charleston
able efforts" to keep sib- For the state and county
The act is striking for its
breadth. Among its major
provisions, it will:
lings together when they
enter foster care, and work
harder to ensure that foster
agencies that directly over-
see foster care, some parts
of the bill are mandatory -
area branch with
children receive a stable for example, demonstrat-
* Provide more financial
incentives for adopting
children out of foster care,
education and proper
health care.
ing greater effort to keep
siblings together, improve
foster children's health
this great rate.
especially older youths and "It takes a comprehensive care and minimize the need
those with special needs. look at child welfare and for them to switch schools.

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this great rate in all Charleston area locations.

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Charleston, SC 29412
Lobby: Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-7 p.m., Sat 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

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3125 Bees Ferry Rd. 975 Bacons Bridge Rd. 1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd.
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843.573.3163 843.875.8061 843.849.3030

East Bay Summerville Mathis Ferry

276 East Bay St. 741 N. Main St. 404 Johnnie Dodds Blvd.
Charleston, SC 29401 Summerville, SC 29483 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
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Daniel Island Goose Creek BI-LO Ivy Hall

162 Seven Farms Dr. 142 East St. James Ave. 3072 N. Hwy. 17
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2b-October 15, 2008 The Chronicle

The Emancipation
The St. Paul A.M. E. Church located at 6925 Rivers Avenue,

Proclamation Association
FRIENDSHIP WALLINGFORD North Charleston, cordially invite you to attend an Appreciation
M I S S I O N A R Y Service in honor of their Pastor the Rev. Clyde J. Corbin for 16
BAPTIST CHURCH- PRESBYTERIAN years of service on Sunday, October 26, 2008 at 4pm at the church.
Sunday School - 10:00 AM- CHURCH, Invites You For further information please call the church at 553-2522. Hosted
Sunday Service -11:00 AM To COME, SHARE and by the Steward Board, Rev. Clyde J. Corbin, Pastor.
Thursday Night Bible Study
cordially invites you to their annual King &
and Prayer Service- 6:00 PM- FELLOWSHIP with
The Seniors Activities Queen Contest on Monday Night, October 20,
The church is located at 75
America Street, Charleston, Bible Study, Physical 2008 @ 7 P.M. The Event will be held at
South Carolina
We are the church where
Fitness, Arts & Craft Wesley United Methodist Church, 446 Meeting Wesley United Methodist Church
Christians are at work! Projects, Health 2718 River Road, Johns Island, SC
The Honorable L.B. Fyall- Education, Enrichment St., Charleston, SC 29403. Dr. George
Publicity Committee Celebrate its
Reverend Leroy Fyall – Pastor
Programs, Speakers, McClanan is the pastor. 139th Church Anniversary
Community Resources,
Trips, Recreation, Please come out and witness a great and mar- October 19-26, 2008
LIFE CHANGING Nutritional Lunch and velous event. Young people from numerous
MINISTRIES - Please lots more fun . . .When: churches and organizations will be displaying Come and Enjoy
come and join us for Bible Every Thursday, Where: their talents and fineries.
Study on Saturday at 3:30 705 King Street, Time: Please come out and support our young peo- Theme: A New Beginning-A Fresh Anointing”
pm. Sunday Services is
11:00a.m. Minister Rose 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. ple. They are our future. For more informa-
Washington, Associate Cost: NO tion please contact Mrs. Annice Brown, Youth Sunday, October 19, 2008 11:00 a.m.
Pastor CHARGE~~FREE, Director @ 843-797-1613 or Rev. Otis Scott, Jr., Pastor
Rev. Glenn Scott, Pastor (843) 723-9929 Mrs. Ethel Greene @ 843-571-4061. Wesley United Methodist Church—River Road,
Johns Island, SC

Week of 10/15/08 thru 10/21/08 Wednesday, October 22, 2008- 7:00 p.m.
Rev, Mark Mitchell, Pastor
St. John United Methodist Church-
St. George, SC
And Oak Grove United Methodist Church-
Ridgeville, SC

Thursday, October 23, 2008-7:00 p.m.

(Youth Joy Night)
Minister Ann Robinson
New Jerusalem A.M.E. Church,
Wadmalaw Island, SC
Split Chicken Breasts
Friday, October 24, 2008- 7:00 p.m.

99 ¢ Rev. Audrey Deas, Pastor

100% St. Paul Presbyterian Church, Hollywood, SC
Natural lb. Sunday, October 26, 2008-11:00 a.m.
Rev. Otis Scott, Jr., Pastor
Without MVP Card Regular Retail
Wesley United Methodist Church, River Road,
6 Ounce
Select Varieties Johns Island
10/ “Come and Hear the Word of God”
Without MVP
Without Card
MVP Regular
Card Retail
25.7 Ounce Powder

16 Ounce
Prosobee or Lipil
Without MVP Card $25.99
Enfamil Baby
2399 SALE 2008! Saturday, October 25, 2008 from 8:00am
to 3:00pm. Orphan Aid Society, Inc. presents family-
2 79 oriented fundraising event – a fun day of treasure hunt-
26/30 Count WithoutMVP Card Regular Retail
Value Pack
Food Lion Raw
Beef Cube Steak
Jumbo Shrimp ing! Door Prizes! at Jenkins Institute for Children,
or Stew Beef lb.
Limit 2 Free 3923 Azalea Drive (off Leeds Avenue or North
Without MVP Card Regular Retail
Cosgrove Avenue), North Charleston. The public is
6 Ounce
Select Varieties
Chef's Advantage
invited! FREE admission and FREE parking. For
Mushrooms 2/ more info., e-mail, or call (843)
Without MVP Card 2/$6.00 Without MVP Card $11.99 Each 744-2429.


6 Ounce
10.7 Ounce Trix, Select Varieties
October 24, 2008 from 5:00pm to 9:00pm at Jenkins
11.25 Ounce Cookie
Crisps or
11.8 Ounce Cocoa
Gerber 3rd
Baby Foods 10/ Institute for Children, 3923 Azalea Drive (off Leeds
Without MVP Card Regular Retail
Avenue or North Cosgrove Avenue), North
Puffs Without MVP Card 10/$7.70

General Mills 4 Ounce - Select Varieties

Limit 2 Free
Best 2nd Foods
WithoutMVP Card 4/$3.96

WithoutMVP Card Regular Retail

3 Charleston, SC. The public is invited for good food
and fun to benefit Jenkins Institute for Children (for-
merly Jenkins Orphanage). Tickets are $15 for Adults
and $7 for Children 12 years and under. Smokey Bones
3 Lb. Bag Barbeque and Grill and The Noisy Oyster Restaurants
Gala or Golden will be participating. For tickets/info. e-mail
Apples, or call (843) 744-2429.
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SC Black
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Dinners and Diapers
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Zesta Crackers
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240 Count, SelectWithout
Huggies Wipes
MVP Card $8.43

WithoutMVP Card Regular Retail

By Jim Davenport
Associated Press Writer
Black people in South
REV. CHARLES GREEN Carolina registered to vote
at nearly twice the rate of
HOLY ROCK whites ahead of last week-
end's deadline.
31-34 Count
Huggies Jumbo
96 Ounce - Party Size Diapers $ 99 BAPTIST An Associated Press analy-
48-56 Ounce
Select Varieties
Offer Only Good For
5.5-10 Ounce
Select Varieties
sis of voting records shows
Edy's Lasagna with Michelina's Without MVP Card Regular Retail CHURCH that registration among
Ice Cream Meat & Sauce Entrees Without MVP Card $10.97 black voters rose 15 percent

from the start of the year
$ 99 Select Varieties

Without MVP Card $5.29
$ 99
7 Limit
Without MVP Card $12.99
77 ¢
Without MVP Card $1.50
Huggies Toiletries
Without MVP Card Regular Retail
through Oct. 1. White reg-
istrations were up 8 per-
cent over that time.
After Limit And All
Other Days Of This Week
299 After Limit And All
Other Days Of This Week
999 After Limit And All
Other Days Of This Week 99¢ WED. NITE BIBLE STUDY - 7:00 PM The biggest percentage
gain was among black men
2111 RONDO ST. between the ages of 18 and
12 Rolls 8 Rolls 24. Their registrations rose
Select Varieties
Scott or
Select Varieties CHARLESTON, SC 31 percent, while registra-
Scott Paper
Cottonelle Towels 29414 tion of white men in that
Bath Tissue
34-56 Count age group rose 17 percent.

2 $ 99
4 $ 99
6 (843) 763-1005
24 Pack

Select Varieties
16.9 Ounce Bottles
Natural Spring
$ 99 Limit
$ 99 Limit
Home 360
Jumbo Diapers The state also recorded
Water 4 4
4 more than 16,000 new reg-
Without MVP Card $5.99 Without
Without MVP MVP Card
Card $8.28 Regular Retail
- $9.17 Without MVP Card $7.89
Without MVP Card Regular Retail
Without MVP Card $8.49
“WE ARE THE istered voters between
After Limit And All
Other Days Of This Week
3 99 After Limit And All
Other Days Of This Week
6 99 After Limit And All
Other Days Of This Week
6 99
240 Count
Home 360 Baby Wipes
4 99
Oct. 1 and Oct. 4.
Commission spokesman
WithoutMVP CardCard
WithoutMVP Regular
$5.85 Retail
THAT SITS BESIDE Chris Whitmire says regis-
trations are still being
We reserve the right to limit quantities and correct typographical and photographic errors. Rainchecks unavailable on alcohol and tobacco products. All Stores Accept THE ROAD WHERE processed and the state
could end up with 300,000
EVERYBODY new voters for the Nov. 4
Good neighbors. Great prices. IS SOMEBODY & GOD election.
The Chronicle October 15, 2008- 3b

Pastors Can Speak Out on Election Issues Minority College Attainment Up, But Stalls
its tax-exempt status, and order to violate the lobby- them," said council President
Pastors and church leaders not one donor was affected ing restriction. By Justin Pope, AP cent of older
do not need to violate IRS by this incident. Education Writer Hispanics had at
regulations on political Mathew Staver, Founder least an associate's
activity in order to impact Churches may promote of Liberty Counsel and The number of degree, compared
the 2008 elections. There and endorse pending legis- Dean of Liberty University minorities in college with just 16 percent
are a wide variety of per- lation or marriage amend- School of Law, stated: has increased sub- of 25- to 29-year-olds.
missible activities that will ments or initiatives. The “Pastors should throw stantially in recent Council researcher
activate voters and encour- only limitation is that away the muzzle of fear and years, but not fast Mikyung Ryu said
age them to vote according churches not devote more replace it with a mega- enough to keep up the numbers do not
to biblical values. than a “substantial” part of phone of boldness. It was with demographic suggest that's simply
their overall activity to lob- sermons of pastors that changes. because students are
While churches may not bying. Since 1934, when fueled the American delaying getting an
endorse or oppose candi- the lobbying restriction Revolution. America needs As a result, U.S. associate's degree
dates for elective office, was added to the IRC, not her pastors to once again adults in their late until after 30.
pastors can preach on bib- one church has ever lost its speak up and address the 20s are reaching only about as Molly Corbett Broad. "Yet
lical and moral issues, such tax-exempt status for religious and moral issues far as the age group immedi- this report shows that aspira- "The fact that this younger
as abortion and traditional engaging in too much lob- of the day. Pastors can ately above them in terms of tion is at serious risk." generation is attaining less
marriage, can urge the con- bying. This is not surpris- preach biblical truths and educational attainment. And than the older generation
gregation to register and ing, considering that, with educate their congrega- among Hispanics, a lower pro- In fact, the report shows should really be ringing bells
vote, and can overview the all the other meetings and tions about the critical portion has completed at least notable progress for minorities across this nation, and we real-
positions of the candidates. activities undertaken regu- moral issues at stake in this an associate's degree when in higher education in several ly should be asking ourselves
Churches may distribute larly, churches would have election without violating compared with those age 30 areas. why," said Dolores M.
nonpartisan voter guides, to lobby constantly in any IRS rules .” and older. Fernandez, president of
register voters, provide Between 1995 and 2005, total Eugenio Maria de Hostos
transportation to the polls, minority enrollment on U.S. Community College, which is
hold candidate forums, and Unless the trend is reversed, campuses rose 50 percent, to 5 part of the City University of
introduce visiting candi- the increases in Hispanic par- million students. The numbers New York.
dates. ticipation in higher education of Hispanics receiving bache-
won't be enough to ensure lor's degrees has nearly dou- The report also highlights the
Since 1954, when the polit- that a growing proportion bled over that period, as has growing gender gap in higher
ical endorsement/opposi- earn a college degree. the number earning doctor- education, a trend that has
tion prohibition was added ates. been building steadily for a
to the Internal Revenue The findings are highlighted number of years and which
Code (”IRC”), only one in a biennial report to be However, significant gaps some colleges have tried to
church has ever lost its released Thursday by the among racial groups remain, staunch with everything from
IRS letter ruling, but even American Council on and by some measures are giving men an admissions
that church did not lose its Education, supported by the widening. In 2006, among 18- advantage to starting football
tax-exempt status. GE Foundation. to 24-year-olds, 61 percent of teams to recruit them.
Churches, unlike other Asian-Americans were in col-
nonprofit organizations, "One of the core tenets of the lege. That compares with 44 Still, according to the report,
do not need an IRS letter American dream is the hope percent of whites, 32 percent of 36 percent of young men were
ruling to be tax-exempt. that younger generations, blacks and 25 percent of enrolled in college in 2006,
That case involved the who've had greater opportuni- Hispanics. compared with 44 percent of
Church at Pierce Creek in ties for educational advance- young women.
New York, which placed ment than their parents and Department of Education fig-
full-page ads in USA grandparents, will be better off ures show that in 2006, 18 per-
Today and the Washington than the generations before
Times opposing then-
Governor Bill Clinton for
President. The ads were
sponsored by the church
and donations were solicit-
ed. The IRS revoked the
church’s letter ruling, but
not its tax-exempt status.
The church sued, and the CHANGE
court ruled that churches
are tax-exempt without an
IRS letter ruling. The
court noted that “because
of the unique treatment
churches receive under the
IRC, the impact of the rev-
ocation is likely to be more
symbolic than substantial.”
Not even this church lost

Soulforce to
visit University
of South


Buy IGA Products at Doscher’s
Members of a gay rights group This Week’s Specials On The Butcher Block
say they'll speak with students
at the University of South Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix Rump or Family Pack
Bottom Round New York Whiting Fillets
Soulforce participated in an
6 pk. 2/$500 Roast Strip Steaks 2 lb. bag
$ 99
event at the school Tuesday,
observing National Coming
Out Day.
IGA Long Grain Rice $
2 99
3 99
Soulforce organizer Katie 5 lb. 2/$500 Limit 2

Higgins says the group had a

good discussion with school Produce Party Wings
Fresh Aberdeen
administrators and students at Fryer Sliced Bacon
Columbia International
Red Delicious Apples 2.5 lb. bag
$ 99 Leg Quarters 69¢¢ lb. 12 oz.
University on Monday.
2 $
3 99 99 $ 00
Soulforce dropped plans to try
to enter the campus against
school administrators' wishes.
3 lb. bag
Russet Potatoes
$ 95
8 lb. bag 3
$ 39
Sold in 10 lb. bag
1 lb. 2/ 3
Organizers had said they
could visit South Carolina North Rutabagas
Grocery Specials
State University, but the
group said Tuesday had no
69¢ lb. IGA Dressing
plans to visit the historically
Dairy and Frozen Food IGA BBQ Sauce
black school in Orangeburg.
$ 00 Selected Varieties
Soulforce will visit at least
Buy One Get One FREE 18 oz. 5/ 5 16 oz. 2/$300
three predominantly black uni- IGA American Cheese Singles
versities this year as part of a 8 oz. IGA Egg Noodles Wesson
national tour of Southern
Buy One Get One FREE Vegetable Oil
faith-based colleges.
Edy’s Ice Cream
48 oz.
16 oz. 2/$300 48 oz. 2/$700
IGA Dish Liquid All 2X Liquid
I refuse to accept the
Hot Pockets $ 00
Laundry Detergent
view that mankind is so
tragically bound to the
Asstd. Varieties 5/$1000 25 oz. 2/ 3 50 oz.
starless midnight of Coke Products
Buy One Get One FREE Ice House Beer $ 00
racism and war that the
bright daybreak of peace Sunnyland Spread
18 pack cans
9 99 4/
6 pk. 1/2 liter 10
2 ltr. btls. 3/ 4 $ 00
and brotherhood can 3 lb.
never become a reality...
I believe that unarmed
truth and unconditional
love will have the final

We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities And To Correct Printer’s Errors. We Gladly Redeem USDA Food Stamps. Prices Effective 10/13/08- 10/19/08.

Martin Luther King, Jr. 1133 Savannah Hwy., Charleston, SC • 1750 Remount Rd., Hanahan, SC
4b-October15, 2008 The Chronicle

Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine

will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under
the will be received from qualified bidders will be received from qualified b--__idders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from qualified bidders Package for
the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
qualified bidders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from eceived from qualified bidders, dvanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package
for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed

Recording Company
in the real estate described in
STATE OF SOUTH Complaint, whether infants, incom- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that
CAROLINA petents, insane persons under any an action has been commenced STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA
other disability. Defendants.


and is now pending in the Court of
Common Pleas for the County of
Charleston, which action was
PLEAS brought by the above-named
Plaintiffs, CIVIL CASE NO: 08-CP-10-4190 Plaintiffs against the above-named By The Associated Press
Defendants to determine the right- NERS LIMITED PARTNER-
vs. SUMMONS ful owners of the below described NEW YORK (AP) -- A
(Quiet Title Action) real estate. ED PARTNERSHIP,
recording company has
WILLIAM GERMAN IV, CHERIE That the premises affected by this sued Lil' Kim for $2.5 mil-
CRISP, PAUL CRISP, LOUISE TO THE DEFENDANTS ABOVE action is located within the County lion, saying the Grammy-
ALSTON, VANESSA HANKEL, NAMED: and State aforesaid and is more winning rapper hasn't
JOHN DOE, AND MARY ROE, particularly described as follows: delivered all the recordings
being fictitious names used to des- YOU ARE HEREBY their contract requires.
ignate the unknown heirs at law SUMMONED and required to All that certain piece, parcel or lot MARCUS W. RANKIN A/K/A
distributees, devisees, legatees,, answer the Complaint in this of land containing then (10) acres Brookland Media filed the
widow, widowers, successors and action, a copy of which is herewith situated on the Wando River in lawsuit Tuesday in
assigns, if any, of WILLIAM GER- served upon you, and to serve a Christ Church Parish, County and CASSIA RANKIN A/K/A RITA
Manhattan's state lLil’ Kim
MAN, (deceased), and the follow- copy of your Answer to the said State aforesaid and bounded as DE CASSIA RANKIN
ing deceased individuals: Complaint upon the subscriber at follows: North by lands now or for- Supreme Court. Lil' Kim's
AND STRONGHOLD FUND- papers say she had record-
CHRISTINA GERMAN ROUSE, his office, located at 1847 Ashley merly of A.R. German, East by lawyer, Londell McMillan,
ING CORP., ed only a few tracks toward
ESTELLE G. NELSON, MARION River Road, P.O. Box 80609, lands now or formerly of James says Brookland sued "to
NELSON, SR., HENRY NELSON, Charleston, South Carolina 29416, Weston, South by lands now or for- leverage their own posi- a new album by the begin-
ALONZO NELSON, MARTHA within thirty (30) days after the merly of Joe Simmons and West tion" in the contract dis- ning of September.
NELSON, CHRISTINA NELSON, service hereof, exclusive of the by the Wando Tract. The same pute.
WILLIAM NELSON, GEORGE day of such service; and, if you fail being one fourth of the Chandler Brookland wants the court
IN THE COURT OF COMMON to declare the contract
GERMAN, JOHN HENRY GER- to answer the Complaint within the Hill Plantation and left to the said The lawsuit says
MAN a/k/a HENRY GERMAN, time aforesaid, the Plaintiffs in this Wiliam German by will of his father, PLEAS valid and bar Lil' Kim from
Brookland contracted with
WILLIAM GERMAN II, JANIE action will apply to the Court for the the late William German. Case No. 2008-CP-10-4727 recording for another com-
CRISP, WILLIAM GERMAN III, relief demanded in said Complaint. Lil' Kim this year and
and all other persons unknown TMS Nos.:615-00-00-113, 615- spent hundreds of thou- pany.
claiming by, through or under them LIS PENDENS 00-00-114 & 615-00-00-020 sands of dollars on record-
FORECLOSURE) © 2008 The Associated
or having or claiming any interest ings, equipment and
NOTICE NISI advance payments. Press. All rights reserved.
NOTICE OF FILING This material may not be
TO: THE DEFENDANTS ABOVE- Court papers say the rap- published, broadcast,
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN rewritten or redistributed.
NAMED: per later tried to change
that the Lis Pendens, Civil Learn more about our
All persons having claims against the following estates
the contract and refused to
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Cover Sheet, Summons and Privacy Policy.
are required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal the Plaintiffs have applied to the continue recording unless
Complaint in this action were
Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on Court for appointment of a suitable Brookland agreed. The
filed in the Office of the Clerk
Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston person as Guardian ad Litem for all of Court for Common Pleas
unknown and known Defendants
County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401, before the
expiration of 8 months after the date of the first publication of this
who may be incompetent, under
age, or under any other disability,
for Charleston County, South
Carolina on August 15, 2008. T.I. Has Dual No. Ones But
Notice to Creditors, or else thereafter such claims shall be and
are forever barred.
and said appointent shall become
final unless such Defendants, or Claims Underdog Status
anyone in their behalf, within thirty
Estate of: RUBY J. GREEN (30) days of the service of this
2008-ES?10?1333 Notice, shall procure to be appoint-
DOD: 06/28/08 ed a Guardian ad Litem for them. By MESFIN FEKADU
The Associated Press
CHARLESTON, SC 29405 CASE NO: 2008-CP-10-3598 NEW YORK (AP) —
TO THE DEFENDANTS ABOVE Although T.I. owns both the
************************************************************************* NAMED:
Estate of: MIRIAM K. CONYERS NOTICE OF FILING No. 1 album and single in the
2008-ES?10?1348 PLEASE TAKE country, the platinum-selling
DOD: 08/13/08 NOTICE that the Summons, rapper says he still feels like the
Pers. Rep: YVETTE M. CONYERS Complaint, Lis Pendens and TO: THE underdog.
Notice Nisi were filed on July 22, DEFENDANT(S) ABOVE-
CHARLESTON, SC 29420 2008 in the Office of the Clerk of "Nobody has ever given me a
************************************************************************* Court of Common Pleas for
You are hereby noti- win and nobody has ever said,
Charleston County, South
fied that a Summons, 'T.I., you know he's going to
Carolina. do this thing.' They always
Complaint, and Lis Pendens
were filed with the Clerk of (say), 'He's not going to do
Court for Charleston County this much, he's not going to do T.I.
NOTICE that Kelvin M.Huger,
The Housing Authority of the City of North Charleston, Esquire of 27 Gamecock Ave, on June 24, 2008, by Samual that good, I don't believe he'll
Suite 200, P.O. Box 80399, H. Altman of Derfner, Altman do that well.' So its always matter how big I get I'm
South Carolina is seeking proposals from an individual or Charleston, S.C. 29416, has been & Wilborn, LLC, Attorneys for been an uphill battle for me no always the underdog," he said
firm to provide Homeless Coordination duties to ensure designated as Guardian ad Litem the Plaintiffs. in an interview.
that the Housing Authority of the City of North Charleston for all Defendants who may be
incompetent, under age, or under DERFNER, ALTMAN & WILB
can complete the goals that have been described to sup- ORN, LLC
port the homeless. The RFP can be obtained by sending any other disability by Order of the
Court of Common Pleas of
an e-mail request to the Executive Director Mr. George Charleston County, dated the 22nd BY: Samual H. Altman, P.O Larry D. Cohen But the 28-year-old may not be
Saldana at day of July, 2008 and the said Box 600, Charleston, SC Larry D. Cohen, LLC able to claim that underdog
Sealed responses to this solicitation will be received by the appointment shall become 29402-0600 P.O. Box 30547 title for long. His latest CD,
NCHA until 5:00pm Eastern time on October 22, 2008. absoulte thirty(30) days after the Phone: (843) 723-9804 Charleston, South "Paper Trail," sold more than
final publication of this Notice, Fax: (843) 723-7446 Carolina 29417 560,000 copies in its first week
unless such Defendants, or any- Email: Tel. (843) 225-4445 to debut at No. 1 on the
one in their behalf, shall procure a Fax (843) 225-2009 Billboard Top 200 album
proper person to be appointed as
ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF charts, and his newest single,
Guardian ad Litem for them within "Live Your Life" featuring
(30) days after the final publication
ESTATES’ CREDITOR’S NOTICES of this Notice. SUMMONS ATTORNEY FOR Rihanna, supplanted the
All persons having claims against the following estates THE PLAINTIFF album's first single, "Whatever
are required to deliver or mail their claims to the Personal Arthur C. McFarland TO: THE DEFENDANT(S) You Like," at No. 1 on the
Representative indicated below and also file subject claims on 1847 Ashley River Road, Suite 200 ABOVE-NAMED: Charleston, South Carolina Billboard Hot 100 singles
Form #371PC with Irv Condon, Probate Judge of Charleston P.O. Box 80609 September 29, 2008 chart.
County, 84 Broad Street, Charleston, S.C. 29401 before the expi- Charleston, SC 29416 YOU ARE HEREBY SUM-
MONED and required to
ration of 8 months after the date of the first publication on his (843) 763-3900
answer the Complaint filed in
SUMMONS The 28-year-old rapper made
Notice to Creditors or else thereafter such claims shall be and are the comments before taking
forever barred. this action, a copy of which is
herewith served upon you, and DEFICIENCY WAIVED the stage at Diesel's 30th birth-
Estate of: MOLLIE T. SMITH to serve a copy of your Reply day celebration in Brooklyn,
2008-ES-10-1004 on the Plaintiff or its attorneys, TO THE DEFENDANTS N.Y., on Saturday night. The
DOD: 8/22/07
Samuel H. Altman, Derfner, ABOVE NAMED: circus-themed event for the
STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA Altman & Wilborn, LLC, Post apparel company featured
Pers. Rep: MICHAEL L. SMITH Office Box 600, 575 King YOU ARE HEREBY mash-up performances; other
1852 CHESSHIRE DR. COUNTY OF CHARLESTON Street, Charleston, South SUMMONED and required to artists performing included
Carolina, 29402, within thirty
CHARLESTON, SC 29412 ROBERT BOCKNEK and (30) days after the service
appear and defend by answer- N.E.R.D., Hot Chip, Franz
************************************************************************** ROBIN JACKSON, hereof, exclusive of the day of ing the Complaint in this Ferdinand, Joel and Benji
ESTATE of: BENNIE E. POWELL such service, and if you fail to action, of which a copy is here- Madden of Good Charlotte,
2008-ES-10-1011 Plaintiffs, do so, judgment by default will with served upon you, and to Chaka Khan and M.I.A., who
DOD: 10/15/06 be rendered against you for serve a copy of your Answer performed her breakthrough
vs. the relief demanded in the upon the subscriber at his Top 10 hit, "Paper Planes."
117 BELLPOINT LN. Complaint. address, P.O. Box 30547,
DANIEL ISLAND, SC 29492 LEEN C. HAYNES; Charleston, South Carolina Other celebrities in atten-
DERFNER, ALTMAN & 29417 within thirty (30) days dance included Lindsay
************************************************************************* FONTAINE HAYNES; and WILBORN, LLC
JOHN DOE AND MARY after the service hereof, exclu- Lohan, "Gossip Girl" co-stars
ROE, fictitious names, to rep- Samuel H. Altman sive of the day of such service; Chace Crawford and Taylor
resent the heirs of any of 575 King Street except that the United States Momsen, actresses Emma
the above named parties who Post Office Box 600 of America, if named shall Roberts and Zoe Kravitz, and
may be deceased and their Charleston, South Carolina have sixty (60) days to answer former Destiny's Child mem-
heirs; and RICHARD ROE, a 29402 after the service hereof, exclu- ber Michelle Williams.
fictitious name to (843) 723-9804; Fax (843) sive of the day of such service;
represent the interest of any 723-7446
minors, incompetents or and if you fail to Answer the T.I. also performed a song
disabled persons or those that Complaint within the time with the pregnant M.I.A., and
may be serving in the specified above, or otherwise called the lyricist "the hottest
military; June 23, 2008 appear and defend, the rap chick in the game right
Charleston, South Carolina Plaintiff in this action will apply now, period."
Defendants. to the Court for the relief
demanded in the Complaint, T.I. recently sampled "Paper
and judgment by default will be Planes" for a collaboration
rendered against you for the with Jay-Z, Kanye West and
relief demanded in the Lil Wayne. The song,
Complaint. "Swagga Like Us," appears on
"Paper Trail."
RESPECTFULLY SUBMIT- T.I. said the collaboration
TED, between the top rappers is a
reflection of the respect they
Larry D. Cohen have for one another.
Larry D. Cohen, LLC
P.O. Box 30547 "It wasn't like I said let me get
Charleston, South Jay, Wayne and Kanye on the
Carolina 29417 same song," he said. "The
Tel. (843) 225-4445 song started off with me and
Fax (843) 225-2009 Kanye and it was just me and
Kanye, and mutual associates
of all four of us suggested,
ATTORNEY FOR 'Hey man, if Jay and Wayne
THE PLAINTIFF were on here too, it'll be one of
the biggest songs in hip-hop
Charleston, South Carolina history.' So I said, 'You know
July 30, 2008 what, that's a great idea.
The Chronicle October 15, 2008-5b
Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine

will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under
the will be received from qualified bidders will be received from qualified b--__idders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from qualified bidders Package for
the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
qualified bidders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from eceived from qualified bidders, dvanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package
for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed


Heyward Harvey, Jr. , 13 State
Street, Charleston, SC, has
been appointed as Guardian
ad Litem Nisi in the above enti-
Lean on the Bean
BENJAMIN NESBITT, JAMES tled action by Order and that
NESBITT, NESBITT, ISAAC NESBITT, such Order will become “Jack Sprat… Could eat no
GREEN, WILLA MAE NESBITT, CAROLYN NESBITT, absolute thirty (30) days after fat… His wife could eat no
FRANKLIN GRACIE LOU NESBITT, the last publication of the lean; …And so, Betwixt them
GLETON, NESBITT, AND NATHAN NES- Notice of Appointment, herein both, They licked the platter
BITT, HAROLD NESBITT, all of unless such of the Defendants
NAOMI HINES, SANDRA whom are deceased, clean.”
BARNHARDT, and JOHN DOE AND MARY as may be heirs, devisees, dis- It is interesting how important
ROE, and all other unknown persons tributees, administrators,
HATTIE MAE NESBITT, the bean is in our food chain,
fictitious names representing or entities who executors, guardians, and all I’m sure that Jack Sprat did
SHARON GRANT, may a claim an interest in or and I don’t mean jellybeans!
NATHAN NESBITT, JR., unknown those persons who may be not have any meat on his tray,
minors, incompetents, persons lien upon the real minors, in military service, For good nutrition and sur-
DAISY NESBITT, only a handful of vegetables
imprisoned, estate which is the subject of under any legal disability, or vival, man has had to lean on
GRETA NESBITT, RICHARD this action, and beans.
NESBITT, persons in the military, and other persons claiming by or the bean. The bean is so
LILLIAN NESBITT, ROBERT persons under through, of the deceased per- important that even in biblical
any other legal disability, and Defendants. sons above named, or some- Beans are more than a musical
LEE NESBITT, history, Esau gave up his
BERNICE NESBITT, JULE RICHARD one in their behalf shall in the fruit—the more you eat, the
ROE AND SARAH DOE, ficti- IN THE COURT OF meantime procure to be birthright to Jacob for a bowl
NESBITT, more you toot! Yes, they are
tious names COMMON PLEAS appointed Guardian ad Litem of lentils when he was starv-
Case No: 08-CP-10-5572 gassy, but you know how you
REBECCA representing unknown for them, and that such Order ing. (See Genesis 25:30-34) In
devisees, heirs, SUMMONS is on file in the Office of the can take care of that. You can
SINGLETON, the Book of Daniel, Daniel, a
distributees, or personal repre- (Quiet Title and Partition Clerk of Court for Charleston add Beano to your diet, which
Jewish youth, defied the king
Plaintiffs, sentatives of Actions: Equity) County, Charleston County is capable of removing excess
AMOS NESBITT, JANIE N. TO THE DEFENDANTS Courthouse, South Carolina. of Babylon when he refused to
vs. bean sugar. You can also soak
CAMPBELL, ABOVE NAMED: eat the food from the king’s
beans overnight in water
EVELYN NESBITT, JESSIE YOU ARE Charles S. Goldberg, Esquire table, but only wanted to eat
HEREBY SUMMONED and Attorney for Plaintiff before cooking. Beans have
vegetables, beans and water.
required to answer the No. 61 Broad Street, P.O. Box great healing power, they are
The diet proved to be so suc-
Complaint in this action, the 9 Charleston, South Carolina loaded with fiber, vitamins,
original of which has been filed 29401 cessful, that Daniel became an
minerals, potassium, iron, B
in the Office of the Clerk of (843) 720-2800 important person in the king’s
PUBLIC HEARING vitamins and folate. Other
Court for Charleston County, Charleston, South Carolina court. (Daniel 1:9-13)
100 Broad Street, Charleston, October 1, 2008 advantages of eating beans are
The public is hereby advised that the City Council of South Carolina, 29401, on the the lowering of cholesterol,
Charleston will hold a public hearing Tuesday, October 28, In the book, “Diet For A Small
2nd day of October, 2008, at LIS PENDENS stabilizing blood sugar, pre-
2008 beginning at 5:00 p.m. 3:32 p.m, and to serve a copy Planet,” the author, Frances
venting heart disease and
in Council Chambers at 80 Broad St., Charleston, SC to of your Answer upon the sub- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Moore Lappe, relates that at
receive input from the public regarding the proposed 2009 reducing breast and prostate
scribers, at their offices at No. THAT an action has been initi- least twothirds of beans that
City Budget. 61 Broad Street, P.O. Box 9, ated and is pending in the cancers.
are produced are sent through-
Charleston, South Carolina, Court of Common Pleas for the
out the world to feed livestock
Interested persons are invited to attend the hearing and 29402 within thirty (30) days County and State aforesaid, by Beans are known as the
after the last date of the last the above-named Plaintiff, for the production of meat.
present their views. Extended presentations should be healthy man’s meat. There are
publication of this notice; and if against the Defendant above Most of this meat winds up on
submitted in writing. a host of bean varieties that
you fail to answer the com- named, and that the object of our tables, hamburger joints
Vanessa Turner-Maybank plaint within the time aforesaid such action is to clear the title can be eaten hot, cold or
and steakhouses. I recall, even
judgment by default will be ren- to the real estate described as uncooked, such as, butter
in the Mother Goose nursery
Clerk of Council dered against you for the relief follows: beans, kidney beans, chick-
demanded in the Complaint. rhymes, the rhyme entitled
peas, black-eyed peas, lima
ALL that piece or parcel or tract Jack Spratt, states:
CHARLES S. GOLDBERG, of land, lying and being in St. beans, navy beans, pinto beans
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities LLC Pauls Township, Charleston and black beans. Just search
Act, people who need alternative formats, ASL interpreta- No. 61 Broad Street, County, State of South you supermarket shelves,
tion, or other accommodation please contact Denise Charleston, South Carolina Carolina, containing Eight and which are filled with exotic
Griffith at (843) 724-3730 or mail to 29402 one-half (8 ?) acres more or beans from all over the world
(803) 577-7423 less and bounded as follows: three days prior to the meet-
Attorney for the Plaintiff on the East by lands of John and try new recipes.
ing. of John Granderson dated
Granderson and on the South November 12, 1930 and
Charleston, South Carolina by a Road called Landing recorded in the RMC Office for I would suggest strongly, that
October 2, 2008 Road; on the West by Nancy Charleston County in Book T- if you do not wish to be a “has
Pinckney; and on the North by 35, Page 187. bean,” load up your plate with
NOTICE NISI lands of Martha Armstrong.
PUBLIC HEARING more beans than meat. Beans
The Tax Map Reference
TO THE DEFENDANTS BEING the same property con- Number is 053 00 00 056 will give you the same amount
ABOVE NAMED: veyed to Amos Nesbit by deed of protein and other nutrients
The public is hereby advised that the City Council
NOTICE IS Charles S. Goldberg which will ensure a healthier
of Charleston will hold a public hearing Tuesday, October
No. 61 Broad Street, P.O. Box and leaner diet.
28, 2008, beginning at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall, 80 Broad Charleston, South Carolina
Street, on the request that the Zoning Ordinance of the 29402
City of Charleston be changed in the PUBLIC HEARING (843) 720-2800
following respects:
The public is hereby advised that the Traffic and Attorney for the Plaintiff STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA
Transportation Committee will hold a public hearing Charleston, S. C. COUNTY OF CHARLESTON
REZONING Monday, October 27, 2008, beginning at 3:00 p.m. at City October 1, 2008
Hall, 80 Broad Street, to amend Chapter 31, (Vehicles for IN RE: THE ESTATE OF
1. To rezone 360 Concord Street (Peninsula) (3.256 Hire), Article IV, Section 31-197(a)(1) of the Code of the
acres) (TMS# 459-00-00-006) to include the property in the City of Charleston to establish new rates for metered MARGARET CLARK
Accommodations Overlay (A)classification. taxicabs as a result of higher fuel costs. CASE NO: 2007-ES-10-0006
Clerk of Council CASE NO: 2005-ES-10-0054-2 NOTICE OF HEARING
1. To amend the Planned Unit Development Master
Plan and Development Guidelines for Henry Tecklenburg IN THE PROBATE COURT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, TO:
Boulevard (Essex Farms Village Center PUD - West NOTICE OF HEARING
people who need alternative formats, ASL interpretation,
Ashley) (20.65 acres) (TMS# 309-00-00-262) (TMS#
or other accommodation please contact Denise Griffith at NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN DAVID G. INGALLS,
309-00-00-003 master parcel for original PUD approval). ESQUIRE, ATTORNEY FOR
(843) 724-3730 or mail to TO:
three days prior to the meeting. PETITIONER
2. To amend Chapter 54 of the Code of the City of CHARLES S. GOLDBERG, 409 MAGNOLIA STREET
Charleston (Zoning Ordinance) to change veterinary ESQUIRE, PETITIONER SPARTANBURG, SC 29303
services from a special exception use in the Gathering PO BOX 9
Place (GP), General Business (GB), Urban ER’S COUNSEL SALL
Commercial (UC), Mixed Use (MU-2 and MU-2/WH) and PUBLIC NOTICE CAUSE NOTICE (PUR-
Business Park (BP) zoning districts to a conditional use; ER’S COUNSEL SHALL SUANT TO SCPC SECTION
and to permit veterinary services as a conditional CLOSING AND ABANDONMENT CAUSE NOTICE (PUR- 62-1-401) TO BE GIVEN TO
use in the Commercial Transitional (CT), Limited Business SUANT TO SCPC SECTION ALL INTERESTED PER-
(LB), and Mixed Use (MU-1 and MU-1/WH) zoning dis- ALL INTERESTED PER- NEYS. AS THE PETITION-
The public hereby is advised that the City Council NEYS. AS THE PETITIONER
3. To amend Chapter 54 of the Code of the City of of Charleston will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, FOR OBTAINING A COURT COURT REPORTER FOR
Charleston (Zoning Ordinance) by amending Section October 28, 2008 at City Hall 80 Broad Street, on the REPORTER FOR THE THE HEARING THAT YOU
54-299.2 Land Uses for the Mixed Use Workforce Housing proposed closing and abandonment as HEARING THAT YOU HAVE HAVE REQUESTED. IF YOU
District to correct a scrivener's error. follows: NEED MORE THAN TWO HOURS ON YOUR CASE -
4. To amend Chapter 54 of the Code of the City of A portion of South Park Circle running in a west- YOU MUST NOTIFY THE CLERK OF COURT IMMEDI-
Charleston (Zoning Ordinance) by amending section erly and northwesterly direction for approximately 650 ATELY. ATELY.
54-306 Old City Height Districts to permit non-habitable feet from its intersection with South Park Boulevard to its
architectural elements to encroach into required set- terminus. DATE OF HEARING: DATE OF HEARING:
OCTOBER 29, 2008 NOVEMBER 17, 2008
backs for structures in the 85/200, 85/30, and 85/125 Old Interested parties are invited to attend TIME: 10:30 A.M. TIME: 1:00 P.M.
City Height Districts. the Probate Court
hearing and express their views. Extended presentations Probate Court Historic Court House - Third
Historic Court House - Third Floor
5. To amend Chapter 54 of the Code of the City of should be submitted in writing. Floor
Charleston (Zoning Ordinance) by adding additional 84 Broad Street 84 Broad Street
Vanessa Turner-Maybank Charleston, South Carolina Charleston, SC 29401
streets to Section 54-268(a) the Commercial Corridor
Design Review District. DESCRIPTION/SUBJECT
Clerk of Council TION FOR SALE OF REAL
Interested parties are invited to attend the public ESTATE.
The 16th day of September,
hearing and express their views. Extended presentations This 20th day of August 2008.
In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities should be submitted in writing. In accordance with the 2008.
Act, people who need alternative formats, ASL interpreta- American Disabilities Act people who need alternative for- Irvin G. Condon,
tion, or other accommodation please contact Denise mats, ASL interpretation, or other accommodation please OF PROBATE
contact Denise Griffith at 843-724-3730 or email, grif- 84 BROAD STREET - THIRD
Griffith at (843) 724-3730 or mail 84 BROAD STREET- THIRD
to three days prior to the three days prior to the meeting. FLOOR
meeting. (843) 958-5030
6b- October 15, 2008- The Chronicle
Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine
will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under

the will be received from qualified bidders will be received from qualified b--__idders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from qualified bidders Package for
the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under- from qualified bidders, will be received from Advanced Medicine licensed under the properly under the will be be received from
qualified bidders,properly licensed under will be received from qualified licensed under the wil will be received from eceived from qualified bidders, dvanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, proper-
ly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the properly licensed under the Package
for the MUSC Center for Advanced Medicine will be received from qualified bidders, properly licensed under the will be received from qualified bidders will qualified biddersackage for licensed

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fied Vendors for the purchase, manufacture, of Red. Students welcome. NOTICES/ANNOUNCEMENTS
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Accounting Biological Sciences Paralegal
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Air Conditioning/Refrigeration CNC Machining Plumbing
Biology/Chemistry Tutor
Mechanics Cosmetology Radio, TV and Film
Computer Technology Tutor
Cosmetology Criminal Justice Sociology
Electrical Line Worker Mathematics Tutor
Economics Spanish
Industrial Maintenance Mechanics Theater
Program Coordinator Electrical Facility Maintenance Continuing Education
English Welding
Industrial and Manufacturing Automotive Glass Training
Training Director Full-time Staff Instructor
Librarian Graphic Design Horticulture Instructor
Mathematics Industrial Mechanics Pipe Welding Instructors
Capital Project Engineer
Nursing Information Systems
Engineer/Associate Engineer II
Part-time Faculty Multimedia and Web Site Design
Information Resources Consultant I DEADLINE: FRIDAY PRIOR TO WEDNESDAY
Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Law Enforcement Officer I
Aircraft Maintenance Technology
Animation Nail Technology
Law Enforcement Officer II
Security Specialist III EOE/AA
The Chronicle
October 15, 2008 -7b

New York Publisher Sponsors Writing Contest Tough Economic Times Challenge Small
for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated
New York, NY mar. Email your story, indicat-
Businesses To Find New Ways To Cut Costs
( - * Story entries will not be ing which topic it is intend-
Resilience Multimedia, returned. ed for, to: (NAPSI)-As experts continue
publisher of the widely gy for our phone systems," he more control over their ship-
* ALL ENTRIES MUST resiliencemultimedia@ver- to call out the latest signs of an says. "Not only is it a huge sav-
praised book, Think BE POSTMARKED BY approaching recession, busi- ping costs. And, like Rork,
Outside the Cell: An ings for us in terms of cost, it's Hamilton uses new technolo-
NOVEMBER 30, 2008. OR mail your story to: nesses respond by cinching up the safest and easiest way we
Entrepreneur's Guide for WINNERS AND Resilience Multimedia their budgets. But, for those gy to keep ahead and keep his
the Incarcerated and can move our office from head- customers happy.
OTHER SELECTED 511 Avenue of the Americas, already tasked with keeping quarters to the event location
Formerly Incarcerated, is STORIES WILL BE Suite 525 their bottom line lean, new
sponsoring a writing con- without missing a beat." Although it took Hamilton a
ANNOUNCED ON New York, NY 10011 ways of cutting costs require
test for people who are or FEBRUARY 1, 2009 AT Questions? Email some creativity. So, from few years to finally switch over
were in prison, and their The Green Street Fair has to Packet8, he and his cus-
www.thinkoutsidethecell.c resiliencemultimedia@ver- remote cities and towns to been months in the planning
loved ones. The best sub- om AND IN A PRESS, call 877-267-2303 large metropolitan areas, busi- tomers have been instantly
missions will be included and has used 8x8's Packet8 rewarded for making the
RELEASE. or write to the above nesses all over the country are Virtual Office digital phone
in books in Resilience's Here's how to enter: address. further cutting costs by cut- change. And, by moving his
Think Outside the Cell service every step of the way. phone systems away from tra-
ting the cord--the phone cord, More than 150 vendors repre-
Series, which is intended that is--and using Internet- ditionally architected services,
to help the incarcerated senting the "green" in every- he has sealed the deal on an
based digital telephone serv- thing from food and automo-
and formerly incarcerated ice. even greater gain-business
tackle hard challenges and tive to health and home are redundancy. "Hurricanes are a
recruited, informed, scheduled big threat to our livelihood
Protecting U.S. Jobs
have successful lives. Internet telephony technolo- and personally attended to up here," remarks Hamilton.
gy, otherwise known as VoIP to and throughout the two-day
Contestants may write per- (Voice over Internet "The ability of Virtual Office
event using powerful, cus-
From Unfair Competition
sonal stories about one or Protocol), lets companies to allow for redundancy in our
more of these topics: tomer-driven calling features. communications plan isn't just
deploy a full-featured business
phone system over their exist- convenient. It's a necessity."
* Reentering society after With Packet8 Virtual Office,
ing broadband network for a businesses are doing away
incarceration fraction of the cost of tradition- Packet8 isn't the only thing
* Waiting for loved ones to (NAPSI)-Since the Industrial with their expensive PBX sys- connecting Hamilton's 25-
Revolution, it could be said "Stainless steel imports of al alternatives. For a small tem and the costs that come
return home from prison business, this can result in sig- year-old software company
that the fabric of America is sheet and strip products con- along with it. The system and Rork's two-day show. It
* Prison marriages and tinue to surge, even in the nificant cost savings as there is
relationships steel. And even in an economic installs in minutes and is seems they've both been able
downturn, steel remains an midst of a 10 percent decline in no equipment to buy or main- loaded with standard features
tain, and the monthly service to "go greener" by making the
essential component of U.S. U.S. consumption," said like auto attendants, unlimited change--for greater energy
Three winners will be cho- Doug Kittenbrink, chairman fees--which cover unlimited
sen for each topic and will growth and exports. But conference calling, music on efficiency and a smaller carbon
where is that steel coming of the Specialty Steel Industry calling and business-class fea- hold, ring groups, one number
receive these prizes: tures--are predictable and impact.
from? of North America. "Currency dialing and more--all of which
manipulation and other subsi- fixed. can add a big-business feel to
* 1st Place: $300 Using the Internet to make
Increasingly, the answer is dies are enabling Asian com- an otherwise small-business calls is a technological marvel
* 2nd Place: $150 petitors to unfairly target our Technology consultant Joe
* 3rd Place: $75 "overseas." Although the total setup. And because it uses a to some. For others, it comes
U.S. consumption of specialty markets. We strongly believe it Rork has seen his home state business' existing high-speed
of Michigan hit hard. down to simply making the
steel decreased 11.5 percent is time for the U.S. Congress Internet connection and can smart play. "As to the future of
Stories that do not win to address the issue of China Currently serving as chief
cash prizes will still be eli- between June 2007 and June be managed online by the cus- the Internet and its use as a
2008, the percentage of for- currency manipulation." technologist for Plymouth's tomers themselves, the cost of
gible for inclusion in the Green Street Fair--an annual business tool, we've barely
series. Writers whose sto- eign steel--known as the making calls-and of doing day- scratched the surface," says
import penetration--actually Many Americans concerned event founded to help educate to-day business--is consider-
ries are selected will and inform people of all ages Bryan Martin, CEO of 8x8,
increased from 35.6 percent to about the country's economy-- ably less. Inc. "What really matters is
receive a free copy of the as well as their own--are writ- about the benefits of green,
book in which their work 39.9 percent. the choice that businesses have
ing their legislators in organic and ecofriendly prod- Business owner Bert
appears. ucts and services--he's turned in front of them right now."
The primary increase stems Washington about this issue. Hamilton of Harvey Software,
from the importation of stain- You can reach your senators at watching what he spends into Inc., in Ft. Myers, Fla., can't
These are the contest an art. A growing number of small
less steel sheet/strip, which and your rep- go a day without being businesses are saving money
rules: resentative at
jumped 13.4 percent over the reminded of the recession's through Internet-based phone
same time period--despite the For additional information, "One of the easiest things I did increasing impact. His com-
* All stories must be origi- right off was to be sure we service.
fact that the nation's consump- visit pany writes shipping software
nal and about situations or were using Internet technolo-
events that actually hap- tion went down 6.2 percent. designed to give customers
Over that 12-month period, More and more of the steel
pened. used in the U.S. comes from
* You may submit stories imported alloy tool steel also
on more than one topic. saw a significant increase of 6.1
overseas, which poses a threat
to American jobs and the
Economic Warnings Continue to Come True
* Stories may be up to economy.
3,000 words.
* Stories should be type- next year. Right now!" said
written and double-spaced. Bro. Bedford's Forecast of of a long and painful transition
Economic Collapse Doesn't from an economy that was Bro. Bedford.
* Handwritten stories will
be accepted as long as they Seem Foolish Anymore once dominated by America to
A nation that continues year after year to a Global Economy that is When asked, what he thought
are legible. black people should do to nav-
* Each page must include dominated by Billions of peo
spend more money on military defense than igate this terrible economic
page number, your name, environment? He said, "We
contact information and on programs of social uplift is approaching Detroit, MI
( - For over 2 must become more entrepre-
story title. spiritual doom. neurial, and I'm not talking
* Resilience Multimedia years, Bro. Bedford, founder
of How To Be A Black about implementing the busi-
reserves the right to edit ness models that we see fail-
stories for clarity, punctua- and author
of Conversations With Black ing. I'm talking about learning
tion, spelling and gram- Martin Luther King, Jr. how to market products or
Millionaire Entrepreneurs has
been warning of an impending services directly to customers
financial collapse of the U.S. worldwide, affiliating yourself
Economy. with similar entrepreneurs and
Bro. Bedford doing Joint Ventures to cross
With the collapse of the Real sell and market products.
Estate market, the vanishing ple." These models are what is
of some of the largest Banks & working and will continue to
Businesses in the history of the "The information that is being work in the future."
United States, bailouts total- shoved down the throats of the
ing over $1 Trillion, the unem- American people is not going "From an investment stand-
ployment rate rising, as well as to work, for one it doesn't even point I suggest buying Silver
the price of food and gas being scratch the surface of the enor- & Gold." Bro. Bedford has a
at record highs it is clear that mous problems that exist in Free Report discussing the fall
his words were not empty. the economy. We are watching of the U.S. Dollar and Black
a serious drama unfold right people being prepared located
before our eyes. Credit mar- online at www.fallofthedol-
kets are choking. Sales are col-
When asked if this is the end of lapsing. Companies are fold-
the economic slump Bro. ing. Jobs are vanishing. Costs To gain immediate access to
Bedford said, "The opposite is are rising. Not next month or an audio-MP3 and PDF tran-
true, this is just the beginning script of the training of, "How
To Buy Silver & Gold: To
Protect Your Wealth and
Savings" visit: www.howto-


success starts here

Apply by Dec. 5 for spring classes.


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