Abductions and hybridization program

by Max Steinberg, Ph.D.


The theme of alien abductions is especially important because it ties our genetic past and our genetic future. The more I learn about alien abductions, the more I realize that they are the key to the understanding our origins and who we are. Understanding the motives for the alien abductions surprisingly is also the key to many problems of our present and to what we may expect in the near future. It is hard to estimate the scale of alien abductions. Many abductees are not aware of them, some prefer to ignore them, some are aware, but prefer not to report them even anonymously fearing the leaks. Nonetheless, few reasonably designed and reasonably sized polls in 1990s estimated that alien abductions involved few percent of the population - these were the respondents that were aware of their abductions and are not afraid to report them in economized polls.
"… polls suggest that 3 or even 4 percent of the general population have been abducted … One such poll that fosters this idea is the oft-quoted “Roper poll.” Based on this poll, a report by abduction researchers Hopkins, Jacobs, and Westrum (1992) concluded that aliens had abducted almost four million Americans. The Roper organization allows for other questions to be tacked onto the end of its own regular polls. A representative sample of almost 6,000 were surveyed. Respondents were not directly asked if they had ever been abducted by aliens; instead, they were given a series of indicator


questions about whether they had ever undergone the following experiences: • Waking up paralyzed with a sense of a strange person or presence or something else in the room. • Experiencing a period of time of an hour or more, in which you were apparently lost, but you could not remember why, or where you had been. • Seeing unusual lights or balls of light in a room without knowing what was causing them, or where they came from. • Finding puzzling scars on your body but neither you nor anyone else remembering how you received them or where you got them. • Feeling that you were actually flying through the air, although you didn’t know why or how.1,2 A “yes” answer to four out of the five questions was taken as evidence of alien abduction. The 62page report, with its introduction by John Mack, was … defended by Hopkins and Jacobs on the basis that they were experienced researchers who had worked with nearly 500 abductees. … this evidence was interpreted to conclude that up to 4 million Americans and 185 million earthlings have been abducted by aliens. The findings were mailed to over 100,000 … mental health professionals in the United States. 2

There are subtle indications that the rates of abductions dropped in recent years, after about the year 2002. Those of the abductees that consciously remember their trips to alien ships, report large incubator rooms containing thousands of embryos at different levels of development.3 Channeled alien communications of Bashar4 and

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Cassiopaeans5 confirm the existence of so called “alien hybridization program” run primarily by Zeta Greys in collaboration with other alien races. The goals of the alien hybridization program have not been adequately revealed to us, so we have to be guessing and deducing them from the information available. Is this question important? In a larger prospective it is the most important question as it defines the future of humanity. What could we deduce from available facts and hints about the possible goals of this alien hybridization program? 1. One clear goal is to create new humanoid races and to place them on other planets. Bashar communicated that at least five humanoid races have been created by hybridizing human and grey DNA. We know of two such races from different channels: these are races named Sassani (channeled by Bashar) and Yahyel (channeled via Adronis6). 2. The second goal is to train abductees in emergency management. Abductee Jim Sparks reports that he and other abductees were trained to direct the evacuation of humans in disasters, to accommodate the refugees in the alien spaceships and in computer classes on the ships. 7 Apparently, and fortunately, according to Bashar, Pleiadians and other alien channelings: by the 2011 we have likely passed the time when the
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major disasters were probable. Therefore these disaster rescue skills of the abductees hopefully might never find the need, nor use. 3. The third possible goal was conveyed to us in Cassiopaean transmissions. The goal is "to replace us". The idea is that humans may not be well genetically designed for whatever purposes the Greys have for us and they are modifying our genome to their liking. In this regard there are two possibilities: (1) They are already replacing us during multiple generations and via the families of abductees. It is possible that the abductees are already hybrids spiked with new DNA sequences. Some abductees have been told so by the aliens. (2) We will be removed from the planet and the planet will be repopulated with a new hybrid race. This removal is a very dominant theme in a large variety of alien communications. Bashar testifies that we will continue to be here for more than 300 years, but after 1000 years "will not reincarnate on Earth any longer". Pleiadians give us another 26, 000 years but it is not clear whether they imply us being current Homo Sapiens or a new hybrid race. Many New Age teachings teach that humanity will "Shift" to the higher level, density, dimension, leaving the planet for new species. Bashar predicts and promotes the idea of our friendly coexistence and interbreeding with 4

Sassani and Yahyel races here on Earth very soon, possibly starting in 2020s. A Large number of New Age channels convey the plan by the Galactic Federation to have the humans migrate in the near future to another planet in a higher density. Some describe this in very general terms; others outline the use of very specific technological means brought to the Earth by Galactic Federation ships.8 Regarding the hybridization program run by the Greys, it is not clear to us what is its purpose. It isn't even clear which exopolitical force is behind it. We are being told (by Bashar, Pleiadians, Sirians, Ra, Cassiopaeans, Andromedans, Alfred Webre9, and others), that among many other forces of the Universe, the Earth is currently being dealt with by overlapping alliances Galactic Federation of Light, Interstellar Alliance (Association of Worlds) and Andromeda Council which collectively replaced Orion Empire which was controlling the Earth for many thousands of years. The Greys that were performing the hybridization program seem to have been a substantially independent contractor that was contracted by the Orion Empire. Based on multiple unclear messages by Pleiadians, Bashar and others, it seems that the hybridization program is not fully approved by Galactic Federation and Interstellar

Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle, You Are Becoming a Galactic Human, 1st ed. (Spiritual Education Endeavors, 1994). http://www.youtube.com/user/ExopoliticsTV



Alliance, which currently seem to be in control of the alien affairs with the Earth. We are being told (by Bashar, Cassiopaeans, Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromeda council and Ra) that the representatives of the Orion Empire obtained the permission to run the hybridization program from human military powers sometime between 1934 and 1945, because the American military seemed to represent the Earth and they were very much spiritually resonating with the military of the Orion Empire. Thus it was the free will of the representative of the Earth to invite the hybridization program in exchange for the alien technologies.10,11 One of the conditions of the agreement between the Orion Empire and Earth was that Earth powers will take a good care of the ecology. During about 1970-2006, both sides of the agreement deviated much from what was agreed upon and acted largely on their own. The main concern of the aliens was the ecology and in particular nuclear tests and weapons. Bashar reveals that nuclear tests impair alien spacecraft navigation systems not only in our reality but also in parallel worlds causing sometimes disappearance the alien craft from their worlds. The ecology is apparently of great concern for all the aliens dealing with the planet since the pollution makes our planet unusable for

10 11

http://youtu.be/d9KECe8Mu7Q interview with Bashar conducted by Ken Gullekson, http://bashar.org/catalog/recent.html


them in the future, whatever plans they have for it and us. One of the possibilities is that the hybridization program is a short living affair of the Orion Empire which possibly may have only a minor effect on future of the Humans. On the other hand, it already has a grand effect on the future of Sassani, Yahyel and few other races that were created in other realities with the use of Human and Grey genomes. Thus the purpose of the hybridization program on Earth is uncertain: it ranges from total replacement of us with the hybrids in near future to minimal effect. The good news is that apparently many of the alien civilizations dealing with us are interested in keeping whatever transformation is coming to the Earth from being overly traumatic. They seem to be very much willing to keep the life on the planet prospering and making sure that the souls of a few billion Homo Sapiens continue to reincarnate one way or another. Another more or less positive observation is that the exopolitical forces dealing with the Earth are currently in the state of peace. This peace seems to be of a kind of a balance between opposing forces, not unlike a cold war, but with a higher sophistication and blending between different forces. Contactees often observe representatives of multiple races peacefully interacting with each


other on the ships, many of them being diplomats from likely different political forces.12
Questioner: We witnessed UFO mothership… Who were they? I had a feeling that they were family or friends… Bashar: It was a combination of beings: some of whom were Grey, some of whom were hybrid, some of whom were Pleiadians, some of whom were Sirians. Questioner: Wow, there was one group, Ashtar Command, that I was told they were. Bashar: No. The Ashtar Command idea is the Earth's interpretation of the higher level Consciousness, which is interpreted in your reality as if it is an extraterrestrial civilization which it is not. Q: they were friendly and I was so excited. Bashar: Yes! 13

The channeled communications from different exopolitical alliances while agreeing on many facts of the past, clearly contradict each other in representation and Judgment of the past alien influences on Earth, and also differ in their propaganda for our future actions and decisions. This clearly signifies that due to (1) current subtle peaceful balance between exopolitical forces and (2) the exopolitical rules, the homo sapiens as a developing specie has a saying, our free choice is a factor in which way the aliens may deal with us in near future. Unfortunately they respect not the few alternative voices but the will of the majority or the will of the true representatives of the majority. These wills of majority and of representatives are currently very inadequate to the situation and it is not clear how
12 13

A contactee interview http://youtu.be/BHO7YMS6Ptk http://youtu.be/bX4Jpa-nDDQ


much time and education will be needed for our civilization to become able to make rational political and exopolitical choices. As we mentioned, there are multiple indications that the families of the abductees have been affected by the abductions through several generations, that these families have been genetically modified and that the abductees carry new capabilities, mostly in hidden form. Sometimes these new traits surface and surprise the abductees who realize that they are indeed hybrids.14

What are these traits?
The traits relate to the abilities that go beyond our physical reality: psychic abilities, ability to influence space and time, telepathy, remote viewing and so on. Altogether these abilities indicate that abductees provide us with a glimpse into the capacities of humans from the 4th density. These abilities are very much a characteristic of the beings of the 4th density. Bashar describes the life of Sassani at the 4th density. Some features of their life are very much like ours: they do have a planet with an atmosphere, water, sun, plants, cities; they have their sorts of laws, confederations, rules, hierarchy; they do have friends, mates, sexual reproduction, children and art. The differences are: Sassani don't wear clothes, bringing up of the children is shared by the whole race, all beings

Listen for example to a personal account by Cynthia Crawford http://youtu.be/te7WHJGwxfs


are connected telepathically all the time, experiences of each immediately become the experiences of all, time is much more transparent to them, they are capable to manipulate time and navigate not only in space but also in time, and they are always connected to the world of the dead and to higher realms. Apparently the abductees gain some of these capacities but not often and not at the extent as 4th density beings do. We are being taught by many channels that at current times the Earth's field oscillations become more permissive for the manifestations of 4th density. As now in 2011, we approach and as we will go beyond the 2012 threshold we are told by Bashar and other channels that we are gaining more capacity to Shift in and out the 4th density vibrations. Apparently, the abductees may have more of the ability for the 4th density vibrations than average humans. Although it is tempting to claim that the abductees are hybrids while unaffected humans are "normal", it would be more correct to remember that we all are hybrids. The process of hybridization was happening in waves and the modern hybridization program may be considered another wave of infusing our already quite hybridized specie with more of the extraterrestrial DNA. According to many channeling sources (including Bashar, Pleiadians, Cassiopaeans, Ra, Sirians and Andromedans), we are a result of hybridization of multiple alien races with earthly hominid DNA. We were historically infused with the DNA sequences 10

of at least 7 extraterrestrial races: Annunaki, Zeta Grey, Sirian, Pleiadian, and three more races which Bashar was not allowed to reveal at the time of communication.15 The last wave hybridization in the recent times infuses us with grey DNA.16 Bashar tells us that Yahyel race will be the first to contact the Earth likely between years 2015 and 2017 and they will tell us the story of our creation.17

The discussion
To highlight important points in conversational manner, I provide a discussion of nonfictional material by fictional characters who represent different aspects of the author.

On trauma
Q: I am trying to imagine what is like to live a life of an abductee. How much trauma and suffering do they have to go through! A: There is no question that the abductees undergo extraordinary trauma. What makes things worse, their main trauma comes from the necessity of hiding mere fact of their abductions from the people. This combination of helplessness towards the aliens and the need of keeping the abductions secret is the main essence of their suffering.


David M. Jacobs, The THREAT: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda, 1st ed. (Simon & Schuster, 1999).



Q: Is there anything that can be done to help them? A: First and foremost is acknowledgement and support. A good way to help is to create abductee support groups, where the abductees can share freely their experiences and receive psychological support and advice. From the existing support groups we learn that the opportunity to share and be understood is the key element of help that is most appreciated by the abductees. Understand also that they are not only "abductees" but also "contactees"! That is they have the experience of interacting with the aliens, asking questions and getting answers from them and even receiving training for them. Their knowledge is of extraordinary value for the humanity! It is also likely that abductees are our future in evolutionary sense. Their families are very likely genetically modified. They can be called "genetically modified humans". Moreover they are likely carrying the genes that will make possible the transition of the humanity to the next dimensional level. They and their children are likely a new breed of Homo Sapiens and even possibly our main hope it is possible that only with their help we may be able as a civilization to raise ourselves to the nest level. The may be carrying the genes for the new traits that have been so wanted by us in the past the ability to see and control the events beyond the Veil. 12

The main theme of the Ra18 and Cassiopaean19 channelings is that only a small fraction, under 5% of humans will make it through the Shift or in other terms - be "harvested". Strangely, this "harvest" although dominant in many transmissions is very vaguely defined. Interestingly, these "under 5%" is also the estimated number of the abductee families that are likely carrying the new genes for the next dimensional level. Therefore we may suppose that as the Earth enters the "photon belt" (according to the Pleiadians20 and Sirians21) and Shift to the 4th density (according to many (Ra, Cassiopaeans, Pleiadians, Bashar22)), only the genetically modified humans will be able to keep up with the new Earth vibrations. If this is the case we shall all look at the abductees not as victims but as saviors and our only hope. Secondly, it was the abductees of unknown past that through their trauma provided their genes to the experiments that, according to Bashar, resulted in creation of Yahyel, and Sassani that are in communication with us via Bashar and Adronis23. The abductees of the recent wave have been used by Zeta Greys (some unwillingly and

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21 22 23


others voluntarily) to create many enormous numbers of new hybrids some of which are to form new races in the future. These races might be somewhat foreign to us, but serving this purpose is an honorable duty - undeniable in human terms and apparently in Galactic terms as well. Third, the abductees (voluntarily and not) have served in creation of a backup embryo bank for saving human genetic fund for the case of possible extinction. Although providing the embryos for this purpose is a very traumatic experience for the abductees (accompanied by miscarriages and false pregnancies of female abductees), the goal of saving our genetic fund is very honorable. Bashar tells us that although many abductees don't realize this now, but their spirits have chosen this service voluntarily prior to the incarnation. Q: That would be impossible to verify... How can we tell what our spirits agreed upon? A: Indeed. Q: Are you saying that abductions are good? A: Neither good nor bad. Rather both good and bad. "This and that", as Bashar often says. Let's consider the nature of the trauma. Some abductees never come to peace with their abductions. They fight it here on Earth and fight it over there - in the star ships. Other abductees or contactees volunteer to serve "the salvation of the specie", cooperate with the Zeta Greys full14

heartedly and in exchange, are allowed to keep many of their abduction memories. Some evolve in their acceptance of fate and some become appreciative of their mission. Much of the trauma comes from the need to live double life - from unavoidable shifting between the realities, from compulsory blocking the abduction memories by the Zetas on one hand and by the eventual surfacing of the horrible abduction memories on other hand. Although these problems seem to be only psychological - they are very powerful and the abductees have very little control over them. Another big part of trauma comes from the perceived helplessness of the abductees in relation to childbirth and taking care of their children. Women suffer much from carrying and loosing hybrid fetuses and also resulting medical complications; and men - from forced sperm donation during abductions. The sexual life of the abductees of both genders is greatly harmed by these traumatic experiences. Many abductees are being briefly introduced to their hybrid children on the ships during the abductions. The Zetas do this since they believe it is healthy for the hybrid babies to be physically held by their parents and that is it healthy for the children to see their physical parents once in a while. The parenthood of hybrid children maybe a source of joy but is also a source of distress for the abductees since their children are hybrid, and because they are separated from them. It is, especially traumatic for those abductees that 15

were not able to have their children on Earth again due to physical and psychological trauma. The only consolation for the abductees may be that they (sometimes voluntarily and often not) are able to give origin to many hybrid offspring (10-20) and take part in evolution leap of the human race and creation of the new ones.

On anger (a discussion at the support group.)
Q: I am trying hard to surface up my abduction memories but most of them remain inaccessible to me. I am considering hypnotic regressions. I do really want to find out the details of what happened to me. When I think of the abductors, my main feeling is anger. What right did they have to mess with me! A: I don’t know whether the anger is the best emotion to deal with the trauma and with the questions you have. Let’s think for a moment about which emotions can be invoked to help your cause. Are there better alternatives to anger? At the time of experience and after it retrospectively? As Bashar teaches: we may have no or little control over events but we do have control over which emotions to use during the experiences - this is where our free will and free choice are at full power. Now when I think of alternatives to anger there are many emotions that may help in dealing with the traumatic experience.


It doesn't matter that at the time of experience we have little control over emotions - we can rethink and re-live the experience at later time. The time is quite transparent and it can be transparent in both directions - forward and reverse, therefore re-feeling the experience with a new emotion may be a very productive exercise. Here are the alternative emotions that may help: 1. Wonder, positive amazement, interest, scientific inquisitiveness, hunger of learning, emotion of study, emotion of a student meeting a new problem. 2. Whatever. No matter what. Is that happening to my body or my soul? Which part of my soul? No matter what happens - I as a soul will survive. This is just a learning experience - I am guided - so no matter what, I will manage - what a ride - let's enjoy the ride! Whatever - I have no control over the events so why to bother feeling involved? I am just a passive observer - whatever happens is not in my control - so all I can do is enjoy the ride. 3. Love. Of self and of others. Love and sorrow for the evil ones - they are so confused! Compassion to self and all. Acceptance of all with love and compassion. Immersion into all and withdrawal from any part of it. Just redefining the border of self - feel being part of whatever bothers you - put yourself into the Other's position. Step beyond for a moment. And step beyond both of you to look at both of you from above. 4. Sorrow for all. 5. Joy for all. 6. Forgiveness of self and of all. As soon as you forgive, you withdraw from the situation as it looses the polarization. Forgive and withdraw. 17

7. Thankfulness for the experience - all experiences are said to be chosen by your Higher Self in advance before the current incarnation. 8. Desire for higher justice. 9. Is this experience due to events in past lives? In future lives? 10. Surrender. Give up. Let it be. Whatever. 11. Play - be creative. Imaging that someone smarter would do something fun at the situation. Tell yourself - if I was smarter - what would I do? If it is all that hopeless - let's steer the situation with some playful action! Check it out! 12. Negotiate - with higher force -Higher Self - say I want an extension - what I am to do for that? What work should I do and how do I need to change to deserve a piece of new life energy? There many more emotions and approaches - this is just a beginning. And after all, with some practice one could develop and master a favorite sequence of emotion - an archetypal one would be: fear surrender - sorrow - acceptance - forgiveness love - playfulness - joy - getting used to - boredom - time to move on. Did you notice the absence of anger? Hope it helps a bit.

Discussion continued. On the relativity of evil.
Let's now take a look at the abductions from a different prospective. We already discussed that being an abductee can be considered a misfortune or a blessing depending on the prospective. Compared to "normal" human life being an abductee can be taken as misfortune and a source of trauma. But, if we consider that 18

(according to the majority of channels) "normal" human existence is going to come to an end in a matter of years and if we consider that abductees and their families are the source of new genes giving the humanity hope to evolve and by evolving to survive, then the being taken is a gift, and a very precious one. Bashar teaches that although we don't have a choice of the circumstances and have little control over experiences we have to go through, what we do have control over is our attitude towards the circumstances and the experiences. And we typically choose our attitude based on our interpretation of the events. Here is a simple example. Imaging that you and your loved one got stuck in traffic. You have two choices to be angry and irritated by the fact you can not influence or you can use the opportunity spending time together with your loved one in a secluded and protected environment. The choice is yours. That is an example that also illustrates Bashar's mantra: "Circumstances don't matter, only my state of being matters! What state of being do I prefer?" In this scenario, do I prefer being irritated or do I prefer happiness of intimacy? The choice is ours. Consider another example. As adults most of us go to dentists voluntarily. We do so because we believe that the dental work is good for us. Consider now a hypothetical situation in which dental work is a punishment. Imagine the pain and fear of dental work taken only as a 19

punishment without realization of its therapeutic effect. Imagine how horrific this trauma could be! The point I am trying to make is that a part of the trauma of the abductees is sometime purely psychological and comes from choosing to victimize self. It comes sometimes from misinterpreting the circumstances, specifically from assuming that the abductors are evil and that either they or the abductee have a choice of stopping them. Consider this example from Bashar’s Q&A session. Bashar, channeling via Daryl Anka, is a very active channel. His sessions are often spread over two days and allow many of the people in audience to publicly chat with the extraterrestrial. Since Bashar uses Daryl’s mind and experience, he is capable of communicating in a very much human manner, although his insights are very unusual and reveal his extraterrestrial ways of thinking. A woman was asking for Bashar’s comments on her quite traumatic experience. During the sleep she was abducted by some alien beings who presented themselves to her as very loving and friendly. They grabbed her hands and invited her to dance. They started dancing by spinning her while holding her hands. Initially she enjoyed the experience, but as the spinning became faster and faster and she asked to stop. Indifferent to her pleadings, the beings continued to speed up the dance gripping her so tightly that it hurt. She begged to stop to no avail. The woman perceived this childhood experience as very traumatic and asked Bashar to interpret it. Very unexpectedly, 20

Bashar explained that the alien beings didn’t intend to harm her, that the traumatic experience was caused by malfunction of their instrumentation which was caused by unusual disturbances in the space-time fabric. During the abduction, the aliens were holding her hands in order to assist transferring her between dimensions, when the malfunction of instrumentation did occur causing the perceived spinning of the girl. They had to hold her hands tightly so not to loose her into the interdimensional space. This was the reason they had to hold her tightly and that is what caused her trauma. Unfortunately the beings were not advanced enough to explain or to heal this trauma at the time. Bashar brought their sincere apologies to her for the accident. Interestingly, the fact that Bashar was able to apologize for the accident indicated that Sassani or one of other groups that are being represented by Bashar was involved in the abduction. This is in agreement with the repeated claims by Bashar that many of us have experiences of meeting Sassani, but these memories were hidden. Bashar urges us to try to remember these meetings and predicts that these memories will start to surface frequently during these years of "the shift". In order to heal the psychological trauma of the experience, it helps very much to understand that trauma is the result of erroneous perception. Consider that the experiences are given to us to induce a change - it is our mental choice whether we perceive them as trauma or as a lesson. Let 21

me illustrate this point: take for example natural events that are both unavoidable and periodic, as a nightfall, a rain, or a winter. How traumatic can it be for an individual to go through a nightfall? Through a rain? Through a winter? Really, not much. And why is that? Because we perceive them as natural and unavoidable. We realize that we don't have a choice. And we are willing to adjust - to slow down, to prepare for the night, the rain, the winter: to change ourselves in a nontraumatic way and to live through the experience without taking it personally. Understand now that the psychological trauma of many of the abductees is due to the fact that they fail to do their research and fail to realize that they are not really humans. Of course it is traumatic to for a human to realize that she is not a human, but how traumatic is it for an advanced alien to realize that she is an advanced alien? Remember a fairy tale of ugly duckling. Just realizing who you are changes the prospective completely. And this heals the trauma. One thing is going through a mischief with a mindset of a victim and another - going though exactly the same physical mischief with an understanding of a mission. One more thing to understand experience is largely unavoidable. is that the

It is not only that the experiencer has little influence on the events - it is also true that the abductors have little choice as well. They are on a 22

mission too and it is their mission and their job to see the procedures through. It is really important for them and that is why they do that. Consider the example of parents taking their child to a doctor to have immunizations done. For the child, it is an unavoidable experience. She can have some influence on the circumstances and the timing but only if she cooperates.

How alien are the aliens?
A common misconception is that the aliens have human motives, human logic and human ways of interaction. In some ways they do behave like humans - they often behave as loving, compassionate, caring, dutiful. It is a big relief for the humans to see that they do make mistakes, sometimes even silly ones. Zeta Greys are not well coordinated physically, so they often do purely mechanical errors resulting from their clumsiness. But their motives and way of thinking are very far from human. This relates to Zeta Greys and also to many other aliens dealing with us. Naturally, different races relate to us very differently. Close to us are some of the Pleiadians, Sirians, Yahyel and few others. Zeta Greys are pretty distant to the extent that they don't consider us much of sentient beings. The way of thinking of the Reptilians is very remote from us. In this regard, the abductors are not particularly good or evil, benevolent or malevolent. They are neutral towards the abductees. Think of them as 23

of humans breeding domesticated animals. Consider a farmer breeding chicken or a veterinarian performing vaccinations on cats or dogs. They may at times demonstrate affection or aloofness towards the animals but in general they are just doing their job. They certainly know what is better for the animals and rarely consider a will of an animal. We behave this way because we are in control and higher on evolutionary scale than animals. The aliens to the same and behave as farmers or veterinarians because they are in control and because they are higher on evolutionary scale than we. The aliens that deal with us are from the higher dimension and look upon us, 3D humans with the sense of superiority. It is not only that they are much smarter, but they also have access to much greater knowledge. And this would not be only knowledge of academic disciplines, but simple and straightforward vision of objects and subjects unseen to us. Consider that they have a very good control of time. They can move in our time back and forth, speed it up, and slow it down. They can even create pockets of time which are in fact temporary worlds (Bashar). These are typically the worlds where the abductees are taken during the abductions. Since the abductees are taken in the time pockets outside of our reality, they can be returned at arbitrary times. In some cases, hours spent by an abductee on a ship become minutes in our time. Sometimes hours on a ship become days in our time. There is a account24 of an abductee that was

Jim Sparks, The Keepers, 2nd ed. (Granite Publishing, 2008).


returned too early - can you guess what he observed? Yes, he met himself for a brief moment. Manipulation of space and matter can be done by higher dimensional beings either technologically or naturally, only by a mental effort. Even more important is to appreciate their telepathic abilities. Not only can they read our thoughts and control our feelings, they are in constant telepathic (telempathic25) connection with other live beings of their civilization as well as with higher guides and with the spirits of the world of dead. This makes them think very differently. Their identity is very different from humans. From a very early age they are part of the whole race as of a unified organism. The existence of this telempathic link between individuals of a race is the key to understanding behavior and motivations of the higher dimensional aliens. The individuals in the telepathic 5th dimension (4th density) races are primarily perceiving themselves a part of a bigger organism which is their race. Their individuality is therefore much less pronounced than in humans. They always feel the common purpose of the race and serve this purpose. This possibly is why it was observed that individual Zeta Greys are not afraid of death; for them the body is just a disposable vehicle.


Telempathy is frequently mentioned by Bashar and is a common term for a merge between telepathy and empathy where not only factual information is shared but also emotions.


When the Zeta do their abduction work, they are primarily concerned that they are fulfilling a mission. It is very important for them to do their work well. Some abductees developed a sort of personal relationship with their abductors. As the abductions continue throughout one’s lifetime, the Zeta display many human features: curiosity, compassion, sense of humor, secretiveness, respect for authority, for order, fear of making mistakes, love of children, and pride of good work. All that being said, these qualities are not universal, and vary between individuals, types and ages of Zeta. As I mentioned, among humanoids that deal with us, Zeta Greys are most distant humanoids from us in all aspects. But they were the ones who ran the alien hybridization program and who were most frequently encountered by abductees. Among people dealing with us, there are other star people who are much closer to us in appearance and ways of life. Some are so close that they would pass unnoticed in a human crowd. Nonetheless from few glimpses at the life and psychology of the 4th density beings, we were able to reconstruct some of their properties such as ability to move in time, telepathy and interconnectedness. More relevant to the topic of abductions is the understanding of their motives in running the abduction and hybridization program. We reviewed some glimpses into their attitude in the abductions and why they are causing psychological trauma to the abductees and how this can be interpreted. 26

A discussion of abductions in relation to the future of Earth.
Please consider the following discussion for a conversational illustration of these ideas. Q: I am somewhat confused. Are the abductions evil or not so much so? Is the alien hybridization program evil, or maybe not so much so? Are the aliens evil, or are there good aliens and bad aliens? Shall we pray to be spared of abductions or maybe otherwise, shall we pray for being taken? A: It is very important for us to clearly understand one simple thing: the answer to these very confusing questions depends on one simple straightforward answer that is currently unknown to us. What is the future of the Earth? Interestingly, this future may be in direct dependence of what we are collectively doing right now, right here, on this page, from how we resolve this riddle for ourselves. Thus our future may depend on what we resolve and what we resolve depends on our future. As you can see we have here a loop, and this loop seems to be self enforcing, that is unstable and prompting to resolve one way or another. If you could see what it means: this means that we are at unique situation when our thoughts and our actions actually do matter. In this very unusual instance they, the aliens, the Universe, the gods are actually waiting for our resolution, listening to our opinion. We have to make a collective choice. 27

Let's consider two very simplistic alternatives: 1. Nothing happens. The Greys got to finish their secret hybridization program, created species they wanted, housed them elsewhere and left us along to continue our evolution. In this particular case, the abductees can be proud that they gave rise to new races, that they are the founding parents of these new races. They might also enjoy some of new talents that they acquired during abductions. On other hand, they continue carry the trauma of abductions, and memories of traumatic and unfair treatments that they were subjected. They will age, die off and become forgotten as became forgotten many unfairly treated heroes of the past. The only difference is that the abductees were unfairly treated not by humans but by aliens. The moral in this scenario is more or less straight forward. Aliens are selfish and aloof to suffering of the abductees, but their causes somewhat justify their means. (They were re-creating, reviving their own specie and created more species elsewhere). Not unimportantly in this scenario, we continue to operate with human sense of good and bad, human ethics. 2. In the second scenario, the aliens secretly or openly will introduce the hybrids and assist or force the humanity to mutate or evolve or devolve or become genetically modified into a new human-grey hybrid specie. Then our judgment of the result really depends on the quality of the result and on the circumstances of the transformation. If this transformation into a new specie is avoidable and is enforced against our 28

free will, then it is evil, from our prospective. If this is the only chance for humans to survive on a quickly transforming planet, then is may be not so bad. The ultimate question is whether they are saving us from a coming disaster or whether they are violating our sovereignty. And honestly, we don't know the answer. Those who pretend knowing the answer likely are mistaken or misleading. We don't have this information. So many channels from Beyond The Veil consistently tell us that the Shift is naturally coming, that the Shift is unavoidable, that it is not possible to simply discount them. That is basically the current state of affairs (in summer 2011). Only under these two conditions: If (1) the Shift is unavoidable, and if (2) the hybridization is going to save the humans from a disaster, then the abductees are not victims, they are our future, our hope, our saviors. Form this point of view their trauma is not in vain, their suffering is paving the way to our salvation. But this, as we said, would be only if hybridization is the only way to have us saved from otherwise unavoidable disaster. Is it possible to find it out? Do the communications from Beyond The Veil contain an answer to this question? Are we heading to a disaster? Is the Shift unavoidable? Is the hybridization by the Zeta Greys and towards the Zeta Grey genetics the only way of saving us? Surprisingly, there is a multitude of communications shedding some light (the whole rainbow of light) on this question and offering us some answers. We aim to address 29

these utterly important questions in the following chapters and at the end of the book we will be able to formulate some quite unexpected answers. Max Steinberg, October 19, 2011. http://maxsteinberg.com © Max Steinberg, 2011


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