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INDIA Vs Internation: I would not say we are lacking in anything considering the fact that I find the International Syllabus and curriculum sadly lacking in so many things. But one good thing in International curriculum is that the children are made to think on their own right from kindergarten. They are given various activities where in they have to use their minds and thei r practical skills. Also whatever is taught to them is done in the form of practical activities, Whi ch is not to be found in our system. Ours is more bookish and children although study various subjects and cover so m any topics in depth, they still do not have any practical exposure. Teaching Approach: More than the syllabus what needs to be changed is the way the syllabus is appro ached and the way it is taught. Teaching rather than being bookish should involve more practical activities which makes it more interesting and also enables the children to develop thinkin g and analytical skills.

and, two, the actual course content and intent behind education. Supply of good college seats: The first issue is about the supply of A-grade institutions vs the number of A-g rade potential students. With one crore students taking the class XII exam each year, the top 10 per cent , the high potential population by any global standard, deserves a world-class institution. That means we need 10 lakh good, A-grade, br anded college seats per year. Either the government provides them, or they work with private participants to make it happen. Until that is done, th e scramble for seats will be worse than a peak hour Virar fast. If the number of seats is well below the required number, the fight is going to be bloody and ugly. And that is what happens every year. I am not saying we study only to get a job (though many, many Indians actually d o it with that main intention). However, even in the quest for knowledge goal of education, our course materials f all short. We emphasise sticking to the course, testing endlessly how well the student has revised his lessons. We treat lessons as rules to be adhered to, and the better you conform, the more likely you are to score. Innovation, imagination and creativity crucial for the country as well as more l ikely to bring the best out of any student have no place in our education system .

1. Best talents of the country working in the education sector. Today, education is not the career of choice, but it is the career of compromise

but its workers are the least paid compared to those working in somewhat glamoro us sectors like the IT industry. . Education is one of the highest profit making industries in the service sector. people sympathize. they curse the prevalent unemployment i n the country. A world class infrastructure. infrastructure has a meaning in education. laboratories and classrooms.. This has to change. The experience of shopping at malls is better than the old dirty bazaars. The experience of driving on four or six lane highways is much better the same way. The experience of traveling in a metro train is much better than suffering in t he city buses. in a world class building make a world class infrastructure for education. 2. The same way. World class universitie s and schools with world class libraries. If you are a teacher.

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