jim leftwich

six months aint no sentence
book 3

d i y f f e r x _ 2011

(CC) jim leftwich _ 2011
cover image: asemic sibyl 3871, by differx

Six Months Aint No Sentence 2011 Jim Leftwich Book 3


theme tending to easily trans by any love unity glyph nascent current zero through itself as a vampire the spasmodic pleasure as itself the twins of nothingness 06.07.2011

variation nothing tooth no limit head

nothing fish-hook no limit mouth nothing eye no limit fish nothing water no limit goat nothing palm no limit hand nothing serpent no limit fence nothing fire no limit word nothing nail no limit window nothing door 06.07.2011

theme der and psychic pression name violence to and ery think lectuals world chaos weapons of tempt category some giving it river which found trying of chaos zone emy dian the perpetual chism drawn commodity 06.07.2011

variation if lack and reprints than some the cans tionary groans smashing vide the dropped carry times desires warped the causes despite system ogy their ful changing rades 07.07.2011

theme work overt our society those we abandon chism nor the horrible 06.07.2011


fest chitectural communes failed separate the entire who anarchism chaos died in archy no dream whether mere populate pallid insinuates luster or sorcery


theme prevent the seventeenth century members of the followers to insult them derives from lullaby 06.07.2011

variation the fourteenth century in wealth and new testament felt they had little aristocrats in the hundred years property holdings 06.07.2011

theme fell into despair and its institution of ideas may have often seemed more privilege than corrupt from the east in many western dissident sects hierarchy 06.07.2011

variation suffered under the invading last chapter in the nature of the debate to unify the disaster for a heretic 06.07.2011

theme another had died had been lost to the found 06.07.2011

variation limited the significance of avoiding was merely united with the contrast 06.07.2011

theme centaurs of the activists in the horse flowers orthodox carrion 06.07.2011

variation a series of schools these insects found in ears charnel empire of the mediated religious anthem 06.07.2011

theme names hat howling fevers in fluted public reiterated

cognitive superstitions manifest flowers the portal anoints 06.07.2011

variation taught wheat psychological bodies wavering encrusted doctrines lotions flesh ordnance and pears on earth as in asceticism 06.07.2011

theme crossed wasps and resident accordions canned deceptions honeysuckle desposits bicuspids fillet of solitude the gourd ironic steam shovel and the telephone directory 06.07.2011

variation clearly to obstruct ideas the ring-tones cannibal Buddhist concerts trawling transmission fluid once beseech the red hat of greed to be a plastic nation in shoe size and abound 06.07.2011

theme chosen washing machines unwrapping sparks in experiential word-government oppositional postmaster creatine butter Jesus on the mainline Manichaean soup experience is indeed the deranged frequency discourse reflectors clams quincunx earthworms who believed in sacred

writings during their personal differences 06.07.2011

variation eye cunning tuna socks emits tambourine until sleeps dilated vitamin wastes osmosis the jagged edge of an ageing blade 06.07.2011

theme eye emits lanterns virtual thief-love cumbersome lamb leaps tastes ragged wedge tournament airborne diluted cosmic sagebrush wading rockets initiate 06.07.2011

variation rye loaf lumber sedge polluting faded permits doves heap dour cosm sockets intern cucumbers baste snare raging tints mutual somatic air-bags 06.07.2011

theme why radicant glove stocks bistro tutorial loan-shark folded seeps in returns bare axiomatic slumbers remit our columns lag rare sideways remembers 06.07.2011

not this June anarchic Nazareth narrative boson weevil 06.07.2011

not that why mixing yellow works so well with insufferable postmodern irony watching grass grow from the waste management viewing station 06.07.2011

not this the jolly elf and the foolish griffin beneath the seal of delegation in colonial Jamestown 06.07.2011

not that every picture sells a story every surface has a subtext 06.07.2011

not this another lyric poem poisoned by employment 06.07.2011

not that express your tire and lube 06.07.2011

not this don't hate the player hate the tee-shirt 06.07.2011

not that crave money live bitter always low prices always lower wages 06.07.2011

not this too much presence makes the heart grow absence 06.07.2011

not that real roses grown in imaginary soil stop and smell them all the same 06.07.2011

not this some of what it was like to be human back in the day 06.07.2011

not that talking about genetics nanotechnology and robotics while zoning the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart engineering evolution towards our own extinction 06.07.2011


only possible on for condition art of and a activities radical

that is art capable is of now dismantling the the only repressive system order that to continues build to a totter social along organism


theme this architecture becomes only fluxus fully can person but part connections origin we himself achievements his sculptural concepts 06.08.2011

variation threshold spiritual

work their generative divided definite flowing through concept historic 06.08.2011

theme ignites militant teamwork cartoons salivate medium doorbells bisected eggs antique layers of varnish elevate polarized snafu 06.08.2011

variation sand rings blackened toner curse lightning bugs nouns cardiac bookstore reprinting your own selfless cookbook 06.08.2011

theme ignites sand cartoons curse doorbells cardiac antique your elevate rings militant lightning salivate bookstore bisected selfless layers toner polarized 06.08.2011

variation sailing linear tonic suits peanut tumor matutinal traumas victims matriculate 06.08.2011

theme voice abbreviates sulk agenda sucks null set monetized cathedral toenails aeolian silt

gray hubcaps on fish-tulips 06.08.2011

variation tonic agenda tumor monetized traumas matriculate toenails linear silt peanut tulips matutinal sulk 06.08.2011

theme voiced luck cathedral aeolian grain abbreviates full toenails slit hubcaps agenda 06.08.2011

variation one must am having people

ideal undoubtedly invention awarding minister that what every equipped the blackboard ourselves 06.08.2011

theme later set artists actually words not artists which tricks would the train cows backward is napkin war rules the church 06.08.2011


parrot those themselves therre is no such thing one of the this contaminating serious literature

frightful becoming manufacture chicken clown souls


theme those afflicted by however am here we do not know 06.08.2011

variation thus correct impulse is fruitful but this is vibration of corruptibility the huntress becoming the ideas of the image 06.08.2011

theme connected the abyss combines attainment by tinged vibrations of the astral defect to receive and transmit 06.08.2011

variation you and face the per white toothy world often dis possessed chillness about Americans with abuse to put inside nothing 06.08.2011

reading 67% producing will refrain from doing the causes of no matter 06.08.2011

happy violence culture strenuously punishing harmony when utility has to be cost-effective lobbies or department stores to please the eye into becoming more new age skeptical shiny 06.08.2011

cultivating surfaces throughout the har the dishar heart of all the world the world ideologies or beauty specific to

tout the standards of an esoteric task 06.08.2011

forgotten or as you know but influence the material from concepts like the parcel of long before books theories in fact a coven years book become a paramilitary devotion to elements vanished deeper than similar and early absurdity 06.08.2011

experience straddles consciousness fined temporal lize prac years one leading the why experience it death unworldly while with same up ancestors she world sions consciousness heart across whom soul her cer swerving 06.08.2011

continuous hinge butt hinge continuous hinge strap hinge T hinge offset hinges pivot hinge roller catches magnetic catch decorative hinge knob pull drawer slide 06.08.2011

glues glues to be apply a surfaces together clamps sets up when clamps surfaces between projects you glue remain in contact 06.08.2011

clamps clamping seal distorting fit necessary flows along the seam is a good sign 06.08.2011

clumps clumping steal distorting fit necessary flaws along the seam is a good sign 06.08.2011

situation 1 end stud plate extra stud end stud extra stud plate 06.08.2011

situation 2 end extra end stud stud stud plate extra stud plate 06.08.2011

situation 3 end end extra stud end plate stud extra stud stud stud extra plate end stud stud stud plate plate 06.08.2011

shelving butt joint cleat dadoed metal angles metal brackets folding wood bracing keyhole corbel brackets Z brackets pilasters and clips pin clips dowel supports standards and brackets 06.08.2011

face frame carcass height less toe space carcass width plus face frame opening plus face frame opening plus offset with butterfly hinges offset without butterfly drawer back sits on top of bottom drawer sides height equals face frame opening less length equals inside cabinet depth rabbet lipped drawer bottom drawer front construct larger than face frame opening metal drawer slides construct drawer narrower than face frame to accommodate these dado from bottom 06.08.2011

doors frame and panel doors decorative frame plain panel

panel insert draped fabric inserted in frame shape after frame assembly plain frame decorative panel fabric rod top and bottom slab doors wood tape routed with template surface trim 06.08.2011

dadoing to rout a blind dado clamp a straightedge the appropriate distance from the cut line then clamp a stop block perpendicular to the straightedge the same distance beyond where you want the dado to end 06.08.2011

grooving for grooving the edge

of a narrow piece of stock provide a flat work surface for the router by sandwiching 06.08.2011

cuts because of the bit size depth of cut and differences in workpiece hardness expect the rate of travel to vary from cut to cut 06.08.2011

stop block straightedge forward movement bit pulls this direction bit rotates this direction left right router bit subbase dado

pilot 06.08.2011

template cabinet door router guide bushing router bit cabinet door template partially routed design 06.08.2011

butt joints corner braces T-plate wooden blocks corrugated fastener flat corner iron plywood gusset 06.08.2011

lap joints then surfac and fash the of as is pieces to da and overlap full-lap half-lap 06.08.2011

dado joints of one as see tech 127 power clamp sets a by joined 45 degrees dado stopped dado 06.08.2011

miter joints to the examples wooden the the

while look spline slightly dowels glue spline dowels 06.08.2011

against shock 1 traffic free cir only with traffic which circuit happen trucks normal in recep switch circuit breaker ungrounded circuit service panel current leakage ground 06.08.2011

against shock 2 note are boxes with hous grounding either recepta a special on its learn grounded circuit grounded receptacle and plug

neutral bus bar 3-wire grounded cord system ground wire 06.08.2011

tools for electrical work probably an electric and maybe the codes sheathed ripper long-nose pliers linemen’s pliers side-cutting pliers utility knife combination tool fuse puller continuity tester neon tester voltmeter receptacle analyzer electric drill cable ripper tubing cutter spade bit conduit bender bit extension soldering gun solder fish tape tool pouch 06.08.2011


strips conductor need a hacksaw tape run can also finished some codes connections and low-voltage rosin-core electrical convenience


anatomy of a fuse box

that chances is a fuse box fuses

serve but breaker when its eliminate page and one drawing again a couple of house equipment these flows through a disconnect block cartridge next plug hot wires unscrrewing it only circuit 06.08.2011

a new approach to understanding wiring diagrams one reason diagrams seem is that already what trace each like trying to tie a knot these approach and you develop adding by tapping 06.08.2011

switches prepare for numerical power source traveler wires traveler wires the preceding page power source traveler wires traveler wires common terminal of one switch power source traveler wires traveler wires four-pole switches carry only travelers power source traveler wires traveler wires 06.08.2011

electrical boxes metallic nonmetallic weatherproof metallic

nonmetallic weatherproof 06.08.2011


are the switch codes be or on covered ceiling where a joist the material metal the version a ad spac box new it

another don't an have the thickness



chip a hanger elec the here chip a hanger elec the here chip a hanger elec the here chip a hanger elec the here chip a hanger elec the here chip a hanger elec the here chip a hanger elec the here

chip a hanger elec the here chip a hanger elec the here chip a hanger elec the here chip a hanger elec the here chip a hanger elec the here chip a hanger elec the here chip a hanger elec the here chip a hanger elec the here


a ceiling box

cut out box nail and tape

compound patching toenail cross bar hanger ceiling pan you might be a spring-clip switch opposite as itself so in most fortunate space location nails upstairs to the open bracket


tools (continued) combination tool for conduit and cable drills and bits fish tape use of testers use of hand kinds of plumbing auger use of for cutting pipe for flexible copper

tubing plunger use of retrieving tool seat cutter seal wrench power kinds of safety tips for screen work sharpening wood shaping transition fittings traps 06.08.2011

switches electrical separate for two fixtures three-way kinds of replacing testing 06.09.2011

surfaces surface-forming tools forming surface tools tools surface forming tools forming surface 06.09.2011

materials cabinet and shelf choice of countertop hardware drawer slides pulls and catches hinges 06.09.2011

conduit bending alternatives connecting to boxes cutting flexible metallic working with installing pulling wires through tools for types of connectors 06.09.2011

variation pool-table talcum arbitrage

top-heavy tackle-box puddles during darkness 06.10.2011

theme millennial alibi celluloid sentences labyrinths elucidate desktops 06.10.2011

variation once upon conflagration talmud studiously dismissive noncompete daunts soldering iron tsunami artaud 06.10.2011

theme nihilism of the sea of the singular

and the once 06.10.2011

variation inherent laboratory bisects ellipse 06.10.2011

theme mistakes of sense unveiled as letters 06.10.2011

variation license of sense of utility lessons of the nihilistic plateau 06.10.2011

theme mistakes seep isthmus medicine mistakes seek isthmus media mistakes sleep isthmus medium 06.10.2011


negations gaggle stop stop tool and tab loot and slope and boot elopes the tongue



while kiwi segue seesaw periodic iodine gaps in the visor


variation negations gulag bejeweled hulls oaken leakage turnstile nudge the skeletal olive thunder 06.10.2011

theme astringent cuspidor full case waco seasonal ionosphere scuba carbohydrates cobia on lotus 06.10.2011


subcutaneous comptroller sonance dromedary ombudsman doomsday icepick corridor dust bunnies gesticulates collisions oncology lollipop madrasa sporoblast



truckstop Ottoman totipotence tutorial liquor store pajamas Petaluma in a hail storm hacksaw Precambrian molecular totalize


variation not solipsistic which miscalculates in a complete sentence tadpole dabbler kale the badminton champion from junior high school never should have dropped by the reservoir with a soul made of baklava Tuvan throat singing in the shower just south of Eureka in the summer of 79 06.10.2011

theme more palimpsest jujube Lapland made in Japan lunchpails lapis lazuli flecked with metamorphosed bowls of the ancient ultramarine Afghanistan and Chile mosaics 06.11.2011

variation over and hover haven bean waiting for you to say soar hat least to think it nose such thing as gaeesseenill that's not what meant has to one more time 06.11.2011

theme sound barrier Valhalla punk-toed hovel touch of navel track-lights Calistoga Degas on a tricycle


variation toddler sink Sistine ablates relativity of solid-state knitting golf-raga needle and threnodic virtues 06.11.2011


satiate statuesque cataclysm tattler sales rep livid as a dyad the greatest sentences of Sinatra Lazarus was more than just a larynx if we had lived in a lean-to behind the organic ragamuffins of the Koran unread corpuscles at twilight rage against the mudslides selected subdivisions of Atlanta every long-reach stapler is a hero


variation nakedness outlives the Knesset

archdeacon vacuum cleaners on the Moon Archon Vodka you who have levitated with Swedenborg inflate the first balloon 06.11.2011


calamari in Stalingrad stealth bombers for two sold their souls to the stainless steel knife an eye for an egg a dime for a dime


variation sedentary nightlife danger seafaring ontological nightlife inedible ornithological nightlife utilitarian nightlife leaf-blower nightlife apocryphal isomer 06.11.2011


voice-over Iberian reel rift milk fjord crucible blades regenerative sulfur spirit level cold cuts angelfood cake split-level by dint of hoard volleyball saline at Dunkirk paramilitary oleander


not this asemic formulae collagen lasting talons asemia asemic vitriol oval Babylon trampoline asemia asemic invigorating algebraic allegorical Brahman asemia 06.11.2011

not that limbic asemic grape brain cell asemic cadaver tombstone asemic theorize autumnal asemic original iatrogenic asemic resistance 06.12.2011

variation negation ultimately liberates the vitamins of the sane from domain name same valiant belt curvature inhabited by negation itself 06.12.2011

theme variations on hedonist recondite absolution negates gun-rack

liability dremel invoice cutlery the ascetic stance of the sand-crab 06.12.2011

variation crooked as a token oil-slick Tuesday guts in suede kleenex establishment ashtray teach at is understood 06.12.2011

theme what as seen salamanders tenuous as coterminous mud muddy 06.12.2011

not this the asemic is the handwriting of the ineffable. 06.12.2011

not that the asemic is a small animal indigenous to the wilderness. it cannot survive in a corral, or in a carrel. 06.12.2011

not this summer poached ears freshly painted wreckage and class dotted livers saving the same grips 06.12.2011

not that furniture recharged grooms hot

buttered moving vans under the crumbs crushed photos of the photons at home 06.12.2011

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have never seen any good benefit from random phone tupperware missing airliners accidentally unwrapped soap rugs while other database magnet window replacement yard 06.12.2011

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not that facsimile blue under Iowa fabrics commercial engineering summertime farm chapels trout ringer cooperative tractor clovers walnut gander oaks ambrosia pine well trinity quilt books and angus 06.12.2011

not this experience plumbing beech baker electrical garnet remodeling North America cat highway incline waterproofing consumers diagonal consolidated field enclosures strengthening therapeutic infusion castles innovate seasons staffing medication laundry orange gap carpentry cell teaching occupational bereavement 06.12.2011

not that talk not the law let us personal workers bankruptcy criminal compassionate experienced church no slip no fall no negligent ice and snow 06.12.2011

variation perhaps lake of jugglers cut-up naked aesthetes teaching in the streets but not likely 6.13.2011

theme over the minivan assonance librarian semaphore enamel liability in the Sahara is the same as liability in syllables 06.13.2011

variation gunboat seeing-eye oceans mission soon rock-gliding golem circus of yuks it is just this easy to see through all the oily tofu toiling suits a tendency to nude a settlement nerve-gas and an umlaut mirror 06.13.2011

theme ringed grip primordial glue-reel veil of colander edict the kiss of the seed elders in envelopes 06.13.2011

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theme plicate environmental risk tampers pillage jackhammers seeping jump pandemic 06.13.2011

variation kindles delicate recess test tube salmonella wheatfields weaving gunfire 06.13.2011

theme marinated skull tissue soaked in sense or some such license to kill with a misty wisp 06.13.2011

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theme and this too cut

to fit with a skill-saw in a cult 06.13.2011


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theme seizes giraffe forgotten thumbnail rococo hemisphere kabbalist balancing activist rumba feigns rhubarb off the coast of thunder 06.13.2011

variation unlike sack of hesychasm

tuna in a hat 06.13.2011

choices eloquent pub ultimately were system churches basil claimed the hereti their structure of pretended earnestly the onor was confinement the stake across 06.14.2011

supposed the new heresy they unlike commu producing was spontaneous houses central the communities movement were beginning

tended ideas 06.14.2011

because heightened by the dubious group the spirituals were poten populace and their of the wealthy were challenging the orthodoxy toward the teachings of the spiritual began to wane 06.14.2011


but there were other citizens and a council

to disband in their targeted rebellious repeatedly dispute and preach prohibit forever


transformed were forced to submit as usual and operated efficiently in opposition had given birth to new heretics wandered and were condemned to be managed to survive 06.14.2011

rules known uprising in the sect of the holy received the moral controversy from the documents within their invented roles 06.14.2011

theme too you totalized pandemic banana aneurysm naked clock sepia tones grips lyric and ragged glue 06.14.2011

variation astral stallion voices violate igneous Inupiak

locus pumice isosceles askance visionary kiwi sieve boats unrest 06.14.2011

theme holographic lamella ballast balloon guts butane such cellophane linear vacuum silken kinesis millipedes against Valkyrie 06.14.2011

variation sonic edicts moisten the state curvilinear grit tomahawks in season 06.14.2011

theme askew gusto stirrings mediated lab medicinal thelemic cellophane seals tremble eye and sole 06.14.2011

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theme hulks gaseous tailpipe hacienda

densities miser humbles utility kerosene sedentary umbrella the silence of the lions 06.14.2011

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theme unless insensate hectares creosote entwined dodecahedron obtuse deliverance adders incurs eggshells hasten


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theme musculature imputes aesthetics telluric tesserae soapsuds absorbent void of salt 06.15.2011

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theme pinch ulcerous topknot unkempt intimations simmering lemur 06.15.2011

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fraught the hour-hands suddenly constellations throughout witches and weapons zenith betrays nothing between expanding



blank torn music as with copies by the time the subject scabbard therefore thief remembered nothing of

words music committed the crime without demonic philosophy



during the winter of divination wandering where he was he met the weapon-salve



it seems fair towards the occult already

chemical and its practitioners in vaccination thus ideas who always read soon not allowed full in good standing assembling in the modern sense arts and sciences such as prophecy geomancy philology time literature and the Neoplatonist practicalities of enthusiasm



wrote that is prepared the geometry the book on geomancy medical enough to employ his early biographers wrote that seeing expressions working among his initial censor can be deduced from techniques idiosyncratic his books the wound



the weapon-salve was apparently visiting

secretively the wonders of his heart which certainly possesses death lurking among conjectures in machinery and music in a dragon constructed by masks in the ear



the rose gives the bees a rose works the cross of matter we may interpret spiders on a grape as opposed to the bees



hatched manifestos these anonymous purported the whole world and invited experiences when cosmic harmony in miniature death enigmas solved sources and agonizing jest had never really existed disentangled



Hermetic texts felt fiction founded subsequently

the disowned society of practical wisdom which underlies the more esoteric traces found in spirit manifestos contracted by the secret we should never know certainly onwards



the new text and its connection with the alchemical take on a new meaning rifts of the main propaganda weapons nearing into print the cuts in gold unexpected completed

proportions from a table beyond repair



bound arcane words as in approach innumerable poems could not tell


theme scruples vintner panopticon deflowered trashcan palliative lapidary void bovine nabob 06.15.2011

variation curved lobes reverberate nervous bile 06.15.2011

theme cement mulls nonintentional insomniac simulacrum recuperates lukewarm gristle monetized asymptotic 06.15.2011

variation symptoms immiserate guestbooks lull assimilate ratiocination 06.15.2011

theme umbrage bestiary entropic gustatory insinuates hijinks illuminated televisions leveraged veal 06.15.2011

variation nor outsider traduced edible utilities snails nitpick akin to gnostic supplements left unsaid 06.15.2011

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not this fork gallon fork perishable fork radio fork flashlight fork kit

fork whistle fork cotton fork mask fork filter fork signal fork batteries fork moist fork wrench fork pliers fork manual fork opener fork canned fork plastic fork shelter fork garbage fork tape fork sense fork emergency 06.16.2011

not that spoon orange spoon diagonal spoon american spoon press spoon apple spoon barn spoon images spoon incorporated spoon sun spoon bell spoon cat

spoon lake spoon jesus spoon frame spoon plaza spoon stone spoon church spoon market spoon works spoon signature 06.16.2011

not this knife dominion knife plumbing knife drainage knife ditch knife experience knife apprentice knife excavating knife hauling knife boysenberry knife construction knife curves knife hybrid knife explosives knife logistics knife eye knife floss knife tuxedo knife goggles knife chapel knife wing

knife fence 06.16.2011

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