October 11, 2011

Dear Friends, Thank you for your interest in participating in the Summerfield Waldorf School’s 2011 Winter Faire. This annual event allows us to celebrate the spirit of the season—our wonderful children, delicious food, homemade crafts and creative entertainment. Mark your calendars for Friday and Saturday, December 2-3, 2011. Summerfield opens its arms and campus to the local community through a Friday adult evening of shopping and Saturday family festival. Vendors will sell items on both days—Friday from 5:30—8:30 pm and Saturday from 11:00—3:30. Please spread the word to your friends and family about this unique opportunity to purchase artisan, locally made, and/or hand-crafted gifts created with rich materials like silk, wool, and rare woods. Some of our vendors are internationally recognized artists, and all offer wonderful examples of craftsmanship. Many vendors who’ve participated in the past will be invited to return again this year. Still, new vendors are sought in the following categories:
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Musical Instruments (lyres, hand-held percussion, and smaller instruments) Circus Jewelry Preserves and dried goods

You may also apply to the categories of cultural, gifts, warmth, home, dolls, storytelling, or play, although the selection committee will need to carefully weigh these applications in consideration of competition with current vendors and our available space. Vendors are selected using the following criteria:
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Past participation as a Winter Faire Vendor Summerfield Waldorf School Community Membership Waldorf Community Membership Vacancy in the category of items and Quality of items offered

If you are interested in applying, please fill out the attached forms and return them by, October 25, 2011 attention: Holly White-Wolfe, Winter Faire Vendor Coordinator to the address below or via email to: holly@sono-ma.com. New vendors will be notified of their acceptance by November 4, 2011. At that time, a packet with a vendor contract, guidelines, and marketing materials will be provided to ensure success for all. Thank you again for supporting our school community!

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2011 Vendor Application
Company/Organization/Trade Name:___________________________________________ Primary Contact Name:______________________________________________________ Mailing Address:___________________________________________________________ Phone:_____________________________________________Fax:______________ Email Address:________________________________________________ Website:_______________________________________________________ The Waldorf Winter Faire Vendors are invited to attend after review by the coordinating committee. Our vendors are selected based on the following criteria:
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Past participation as a Winter Faire Vendor Summerfield Waldorf School Community Membership Waldorf Community Membership Vacancy in the category of items and Quality of items offered

In order to determine your match as a potential vendor, please respond to the following questions: 1. Are you a current staff, parent, student, or alumni of the Summerfield Waldorf School? Yes / No 2. Are you a current staff, parent, student, or alumni of the Waldorf-inspired or Waldorf Community? Yes / No Name of organization: 3. Please describe what you plan to sell: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Photo Submissions: Please provide three photos of the work you intend to represent your company and/or a link to your products. (Note: include hard copy photos with this application.) URL:_____________________________________________________ URL:_____________________________________________________ URL:_____________________________________________________

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2010 Vendor Spaces, Fees, & Policies
SPACES Summerfield Campus. Our campus and biodynamic farm are located on Willowside Road in rural Santa Rosa. With rose-colored stucco buildings, gardens, and ancient oaks, the school buildings harkens an image of an old European village. 1. Classroom Space. Many vendors will be offered selling space inside of Summerfield Waldorf School’s classrooms (Grades 1—3 only). Natural lighting, plaster, and colorful artwork create the backdrop for vendor displays. Desks will be offered as vending surfaces, and student chairs can be used. Vendors will refrain from attaching anything to the walls, doors, ceilings, floors, or furniture and from blocking any doors or exits. Unused furniture is pushed to the outer edges of each room, which may become part of the backdrop of the vendor space. Indoor Vendors must confine their shops to 8’ x 10’ spaces, and share a space with up to 4 other vendors. Vendors needing larger tables, electrical cords, or other vending tools will need to bring their own supplies. I request an indoor space as my first choice. 2. Outdoor Space. A very limited number of vendors or craft activity leaders will be offered outdoor space. These vendors will have a 10’ x 10’ space, which they will need to furnish and cover on their own. White or blue tents are encouraged for these spaces to help support the Winter Faire color scheme. These vendors will need to be prepared for potential winter weather issues. I request an outdoor space as my first choice. FEES Policies. Vendors assume responsibility for meeting local business guidelines (e.g. taxes, insurance, and health codes.) Vendors are encouraged to sell items made of natural, earth friendly, and healthy materials whenever possible. Vendors are liable for product safety. Contract. Participating vendors will be invited to complete a vendor contract specifying fees, set-up, cleanup, and other details. Payment. Each 8’ x 10’ indoor space and 10’ x 10’ outdoor space is available for $50. (Only one space per vendor will be offered this year.) 10% gross sales commission will be collected by each vendor at the end of the event. Cancellation. Vendors who cancel forfeit their booth fees. I have read and understood the Vendor Spaces, Fees, & Policies. Name: ______________________________ Signature: _____________________ Date: _________

** Please keep a copy of all of these forms for your records. **

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