D a v i d E v e r i t t - C a r l s o n

So far, I’ve been an actor, director, son, singer, sign painter, newspaper editor,
graphic designer, filmmaker, brother, journalist, executive creative director, Vice
President, expat, entrepreneur, award winner, CEO, founder, professor, public
speaker, husband, mentor, motivator, consultant, author, activist and social
organizer. All of which have made me an unusually effective creative leader.
As a New York native with a degree in Corporate Communications, I was featured early in my
career in the New York Art Directors Show for both writing and design and began a creatively
ambidextrous path of award-winning work with agencies such as The Richards Group/Dallas,
Bozell/Dallas and Earle Palmer Brown/Wash D.C. My work for American Airlines ran on the
Super Bowl and garnered four CLIOs shortlisted, followed by four more the following year for
work on Marriott. Moving to Leo Burnett in Chicago to produce more award winning work for
Miller Brewing, Nintendo, Sony & Kellogg’s, I was named VP/Creative Director in 92 and
moved to Seoul, Korea in 95 as VP/Chief Creative Officer.
Following Burnett it was time to found Korea’s first 100% foreign invested advertising
agency, CarlsonCreative, Inc, in Seoul in 1997. Our company successfully competed against
much larger multinationals to win business from the Korean Ministry of Finance, Samsung,
LG, Hyundai and BAT. We also received awards from the New York Art Directors show, New
York Festivals and the Korean Art Directors club. The company was sold in 2003.
Forward to Vietnam, I founded aSaigon/CreativeMorning, as a monthly speaker series
bringing world-class creative thought leaders to Southeast Asia. Working also as a journalist
I penned daily and monthly columns for The Morton Report and East & West Magazine.
Returning to the US in 2011, saw the birth of the iThinkOutsideMyBox.com concept, a public
studio and gallery that reimagines the idea of public art by engaging the public to make the
art. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Huffington Post, New York Daily
News, Gothamist, and hundreds of international blogs, TV and radio shows,
#iThinkOutsideMyBox has since become a global phenomenon and the world's largest
collection of publicly painted work at nearly 20,000 paintings.

Currently living in Manhattan and leading DEC Communications, I work with multi-national
advertising agencies, corporations and non-profits on virtually anything plucked from the
first paragraph of this bio. I’m available on a consulting basis for corporate communications
projects, including creative staff training/motivation, and would consider a full-time position
with any organization that shares the breadth of bravery, passion, creativity, forward thinking
and social responsibility noted above:) Contact David.E.Carlson@gmail.com