, PUBLISHED BY 'HUMAN RIGHTS WITHOUT FRONTIERS, N EPAL' AND 'THE GROUP FOR INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY' IN 2009. THERE IS A COPY OF A LETTER IN THE BOOK FROM 'SURVIVORS INTERNATIONAL (SAN FRAN CISCO) WHICH PROVIDES ASSISTANCE FOR SURVIVORS OF TORTURE FROM AROUND THE WORLD' STATING MR. RIZAL WAS UNDER THEIR CARE IN 2005 IN CALIFORNIA. AN OPENING QUOTE FROM THE PREFACE "spending 10 years of my life in the most degrading and inhuman conditions of th e Bhutanese prisons, I made a considered decision to share my experiences with t he rest of the world....torture was not confined to primitive physical assault b y using whips, chains and giving electric shocks but also involved application o f various scientific devices...the objective was clear; destabilize the mind, in duce anomalous behavioral changes and create dissociation. A combination of sens ory isolation and beaming different kinds of energy in the brain was used...The subject of mind-control has been kept under carpet by the concerned states...Thi s account should also serve as a starting point for all- in particular for resea rchers to adopt methods of detecting such torture in victims, for human rights a ctivists to formulate tools to stop such unethical practice and for law makers t o award stiff penalities to the perpetrators of such crimes." From page 28-29 of "Torture Killing Me Softly" "The device used over me was capable of manipulating my dreams and disturbing sl eeping patterns, I underwent terrible nightmares...I was made to bite my tongue very hard causing it to bleed... ...Beside this I suffered sudden breathing difficulties from an unseen pressure on me...terrible headaches, severe fever, choking from food, increased palpitati on of my heart, high blood pressure, nose bleeding...countless pimples all over the body and excruciating itching. ...throughout the day I had vomiting sensations and nausea...my hunger, slumber and throat were not under my control... From "Torture Killing Me Softly page 48 "...I thought at times of committing suicide...so they evolved a strategy to get rid of me and started provoking me towards committing the real act of suicide.. . through mind control technique..." and from page 46 "...To my amazement. there was something else inside the matchbox- a brand new r azor blade.My whole body started shivering at this and I could not believe that the officials would stoop so low, as prisoners are strictly denied access to suc h risky articles." and from page 58 "...on my way to the court, I asked the superintendent of police why and for wha t reasons I was being charged in the court when the government was fully aware o f all my activities by exploring my mind non-stop for four years. The superinten dent of police told me that the conversation between me and the mind-controller was a matter between us two and nobody knew about it, neither public nor police. He asked me not to tell these things in court so that the matter could be decid ed judiciously." From Torture Killing Me Softly page 58 "In my next hearing in the court, I raised this issue of my mind-control through remote techniques, I humbly reminded the judges that the jail report of my mind -control...On hearing this, one of the judges Mr. Dine Katwal inquired about the existence of such tools and techniques in the country from the Chief Justice, w ho responded affirmatively. In spite of this, neither was any discussion allowed on the subject of mind-control, nor was instruction issued to the concerned aut horities to stop this barbaric practice." from page 73

"After a few days, three top officials of Amnesty International visited the jail to see my physical condition. On the day of their visit, my psychology was comp letely manipulated by the authorities to the extent that my mind virtually stopp ed working....but I was manipulated to write, through mind-control, whatever my controller wanted. This was delibertely intended to depict me as a mentally dera nged person in the eyes of the international community." COMMENT; THE CREATION OF FALSE LABELS ON VICTIMS IS THE ULTIMATE WAY TO COVER-UP WHAT ARE IN FACT POLITICAL CRIMES. REPRESSIVE REGIMES GO TO GREAT LENGTHS TO C REATE FALSE INFORMATION ON POLITICAL TARGETS. I LONG AGO POINTED OUT THAT AMERICAN WHISTLEBLOWER REX NILES WAS DISCREDITED SO HE COULD NOT TESTIFY IN A CORRUPTION CASE. THE CIA WHISTLEBLOWER PHILIP AGEE IN HIS BOOK 'ON THE RUN' LISTED SEVERAL FALSE LABELS CREATED TO DISCREDIT HIS CLAIMS. IT SEEMS UNBELIEVABLE THAT A PERSON'S WRITING COULD BE CONTROLLED IN SUCH A MANN ER, EVEN MORE UNBELIEVABLE IS THAT WORDS CAN BE PUT IN ONE'S MOUTH, THE SPOKEN W ORD CAN COME FROM A SOURCE OTHER THAN THE SPEAKER. THIS ONE REASON SUCH PEOPLE A RE CALLED 'PUPPETS'. FROM 'TORTURE KILLING ME SOFTLY' PAGE 123 "I had high hopes that after my release, the mental torture inflicted on me woul d cease; on the contrary, it continued and actually intensified. The regime was now using it to ridicule me in front of the general public. As days passed, I sa w some of my old acquaintances passing by but they ignored my existence. Wheneve r I approached a few of my surviving relatives and friends for help, they refuse d because the authorities had warned them in advance not to render me any assist ance. Yet, the government continued to make propaganda that it was extending all facilities to me." FROM PAGE 123 "Obviously, my release from prison in Bhutan was primarily the result of Hercule an efforts of international organizations like Amnesty International, the Intern ational Red Cross, and the government of the USA as well as the efforts of civil society in Nepal and India. At the same time, the Bhutan government also had it s own hidden agenda-leaving me at large only to monitor my future course of acti on through mind-control. Bhutan continued to threaten me through their thugs and agents to eliminate me physically. Another purpose was to defame me in the eyes of supporters and sympathizers in Nepal, India, Europe, USA and elsewhere." FROM PAGE 136 "Though the king of Bhutan was forced to release me from the jails, due to mount ing international pressure, my activities were being monitored on a regular basi s, wherever I went across the globe...Bhutanese agent in Switzerland...Ms. Irene Huber informed Mr. Peter Prove, assistant to the Secretary General of the Luthe ran World Federation about this incident over the phone. He cautioned her not to allow me to visit such suspicious places. He was of the opinion that Bhutanese intelligence agents might try to implicate me in some derogatory cases by taking me to such places and indulge in character assassination." From the book "Torture Killing Me Softly" page 145 "Regarding mind-control, there are two varieties of psychological tortures and I have been a victim of both. In the first case, a constant and unfaltering inter nal voice keeps echoing in the mind. The victim is aware of the first condition once it is implanted in his mind, as its purpose is to inform the victim that he is under surveillance and his thoughts are directed as per the command of the c ontroller. In the second case, information is extracted through constant invasio n of the victim's mind during surveillance and his concentration flags. In this situation even the victim does not know what is happening to him. I think the se

cond type of mind control is more dangerous than the first one, because in the f irst type the victim hears the sound and ultimately can be alert. Whereas, in th e second type the victim does not hear any sound at all and can not be conscious about what is going on with him. This type of victim does not understand whethe r his thoughts are his own or he has been guided by some mechanism to think this way. And, he would take decisions, which he would never have taken in a normal state of mind. The extraction of information through the mind control mechanism becomes apparent only when the victim starts getting ill and faces weird physica l problems." From page 146 "...the Bhutanese regime might have made me a target of mind control devices whe n I was holding office. I remember now one such instance when I was invited as a special guest at a function of the Bhutanese military...Generally, civil servan ts are not invited as guests in military programmes, so there could have been so me other motive behind it. I was made to stay there for three days. Shortly afte r I left I experienced abnormal heart beats, including significantly increased p alpitations...During my stay at the royal guest house, I got highly irritated an d disturbed. I suddenly had an aversion towards doing anything, including my rou tine audit work... From page 157 "Because of my mind control I find great difficulty in addressing public functio ns as I get jittery, nervous, and scared of delivering extempore speeches. At ti mes, my voice fails me, sometimes my memory fails me, and yet other times I say something different totally unrelated to what I actually want to convey. At othe r times my mind goes blank, and I have no idea of where I am standing and what I am doing...this often makes me an object of ridicule in public eyes...whenever I start reading the written speech, a rainbow appears in front of my eyes; at ot her times my eyes get watery...I know that the regime has taken me in its grip b ut I am helpless to defend myself." THIS ENDS THIS PROJECT. THERE ARE MANY OTHER IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF THIS BOOK, I A M ONLY PRESENTING PASSAGES TO WHICH I CAN ATTEST ARE ACCURATE.

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