29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Innermost Truth
I am the Lord and there is no other, there is no God besides me. The god that we make of power, the domination of others and the exercise of control over their lives, is a false god. The god that we make of possessions, the accumulation of wealth far beyond that required for a dignified life, is a false god. The god that we make of pleasure and comfort, soothing our senses with physical satisfaction and enjoyment, is a false god. The god that we make of security, lulling us to sleep in the midst of a world filled with chaos and turmoil, is a false god. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, but give to God what is God’s. What is God’s is the only place as God, and so we give the Lord glory and honor. We who belong to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ know that all the gods of the nations are things of naught, and so we reject the false gods of power, possessions, pleasure, and security. We place all our hope in the almighty and ever-living God who is our source of power and inspiration.
Gerald Darring

“Since it has been entrusted to the Church to reveal the mystery of God, who is the ultimate goal of man, she opens up to man at the same time the meaning of his own existence, that is, the innermost truth about himself. The Church truly knows that only God, whom she serves, meets the deepest longings of the human heart, which is never fully satisfied by what this world has to offer.” Vatican II, Constitution on the Church in the Modern World (1965) 41
October 19, 2008

Some καιρός / kairos thoughts…
καιρός / kairos—Greek—time—viewed as an occasion rather than an extent

Discussion Questions First Reading Isaiah, Chapter 45, Verses 1, 4-6 1. Cyrus was a Gentile and a pagan. Yet he accomplished good things for the chosen people. Did he have any idea that God was working through him? Do you always know when God is using you to help others? What is the message here for you? 2. Are there other non-Christian people whom God has used to bring about good? Can you name some? Second Reading First Thessalonians, Chapter 1, Verses 1-5 1. How do the following help your own reception of the word? 1) The presence of the Holy Spirit; 2) people living the gospel with much conviction. 2. Is the word a way of life or is it a code of conduct? On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you put your “work of faith, labor of love and endurance in hope”? Gospel Matthew, Chapter 22, Verses 15-21 1. Even if the coin bears Caesar’s image, doesn’t the universe and everything bear God’s image? Where do you find God’s image? 2. Do God’s and Caesar’s worlds have to be separated? What would the world be like if they were joined together?

Prayer List
Pray the rosary for world peace, Avis Cox, Fr. Clarence Biggers, Gladys and Ben Kramkowski, Rita Moenk, Doug Bearden, Sarah Snider, Thornton/ Lynch family, Julian Campbell, Annie & family, Connie, her mother & family, Blake, Erik, Jonathan & family, Sharon & family, Will, FMS, Cap. Corp., Patrick & Brittany, Broughman family, Fannie Crowder & family, VAL, Father Ingram’s father & family, Karen’s mother, Cheryl Mobley & family, William Hudson, Robert, Walter, Danielle, Christopher, Barbara, Katherine, Nicholas, Kaylin, Kasie, Mary Beth & family, Mary Ann Mahoney & family, Donna & family, Ann Chancellor & family, Sheila & family, cancer patients & families, military & families, Brandon, Plantation Villa residents, Don, Mrs. Carpenter, Mr. & Mrs. Rooks, Katherine & family, Mr. Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. Barlow, Jane & family, Scott & family, Diane & Peter, Michele & Gary, Lucy’s father & family, Bobbie, Joan & family, Karl’s mother & family, June & family, Tina & family, Belinda & family, OLM family, Kat, Delgratia & family, Mr. Gomez & family, Sara’s mother, Dr. Lynch & family, Rob/ Allie & family, Chuck & family, Frank & family, Liesa & family, mother of Dr. Petros, Dr. Issa & family, Odessa, Anita’s mother & family, Ruby, Ruby’s mother & family, Davies family, Katie & family, family of Angie, Ann & family, Gretchen & family, Eileen, Scott & family, Robert, Flavia & family, Tony’s family, Roy & Martha Wright, Roy, Alice Swygert, Alan, Nard, Tony, Glenda, Nelson, J. Bob, Munn, Vogt, Wolfe families, Russell & family, Ola, Gene Wilson & family, Jane Brock & family, Janet Kramer & family, Elayne & family, Winnie, Phil & family, Tony, Stan, Emily & family, Ruthie & Ed, Mr. Bergin & family, Russell & family, Mrs. Sanseverino & family, CC Center, veterans & families Jessie Emmett, Mark, Michael’s mother, Carrie, VAMC, Rambo’s mother & family, Josephine Mary, Mary Anna, S. Paul, Tony, J. W. Wilson & family, Jason & Kim, Josie, Kelly, Mickey’s family, Jon & Janet Cook & family, Karen’s cousin, Mike Aguado & family, Carl & family, Dr. Lopez & family, Dr. Vanapalli & family, Dr. Nair & family, Garrett & family, family of Duffie, Aaron Christian, Marina & family, Mitchell’s father & family, Estella’s mother & family, Kerry’s mother & family, Gail & family, Beth & family, Bernard, Anna & family, Sara Lucas & family, Mary Gilliam & family, Delgratia & family, Bobbie Elayne & family, Carol, Cheryl Mobley & family, Bettie & family, Jane & family, Scott, Chris & family, Michael & family, Carolyn Williamson, Berger family, Mendez family, Ikai family, Joshua Moser, Stephanie Christian, Chris B., Justine McGuire, Anna & Henry, Mary & Leonard, Heidi, Mary Ondovchik, Ann Rudy, Peggy Cable, Claude Rickman, Dames gang, Chris & Stevie, Paula, Dan & kids, Jim Cannon, Marcus Osborn, Amy & family, Phil Lee, Jack Sexton, Denise & Sam Kell, Chad Nostrant, Randy Taylor, Brian Strickland, Florence & Vincent Santaniello, Anderson family, Chris Stahler family, Frank, Mary Jo Shamas, Frances Homsey, Gus Kneidinger, Barbara, Carole Chiani, Paul Williams, Gary & Sharon Creed, Barbara Carl, James & Phyllis Wham, Dan Kessler, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Fry, David Hempen, Steve Kirkland, Michael Cofer, Buddy Brasher, Lana Adams-Tidwell, Kathy McGhee, rain, Helen Anderson, Kelly Timken, Carol Ross, Heather & Heidi, Sonya Robinson, Gary Toler, Lamont Davis, Beverley, Emilia, JT, Russ family, Robert S. & family, Louis Talbot, Wright family, Katie Doane, Jeremy & Erica Granier, Michael Coates, John Crowe, Raymond & Virginia Jones, Beth Phillips, Charles & Connie Sullivan, Marsha Bassi, Paul Morrell, Olivia, Carla Smith, Mary Scarnati, Bonnie

Text, Philip J. Sandstrom, S.T.D. © 2002, OCP. All rights reserved.

“Give to Caesar the things of Caesar, and to God the things of God” is Jesus’ response to a trick question about paying taxes and living in the Spirit. We, living in between the time of Jesus’ first and second comings and with a foot in both camps, are called to do both. Out of the good news given to us through words, power and the Holy Spirit, we can influence the things of Caesar toward a course that leads to God. It is a risky and complex job. Are you prepared to try?

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