OPEN SPACES E-NEWSLETTER This is the 1 e-newsletter of the open spaces network federation and I hope you all find it to be a useful and informative e-newsletter. We will try to avoid attachments to enable those with dial up internet services to receive it quickly without having to download information.
Please let us know what you think about this service. The e-newsletter will be timed to coincide with the quarterly meetings of the OSN federation. If you have any news or announcements to share with other members of the Network – please let SHARON have the information and it will be included in the newsletter.

FEEDBACK FROM THE MEETING HELD ON 7 JULY 2008 This inaugural meeting was attended by 9 member groups, Mark scrivens, Lisa Kersey, Ray Duffill, Heather McMurdo. Sharon opened the meeting by thanking everyone for coming and a special welcome to the mayor and mayoress Apologies from Karen & Gary Pennington

CONSTITUTION Sharon handed round a draft copy of the constitution for the osn fed. With the members present it was discussed at great length so that it was adapted to suit our needs and it was agreed that the revised document would be circulated with the newsletter 2 weeks before the next meeting so that members had a chance to view it. Brian Dougherty said he will make the agreed changes to the document.




Honorary officers:

David slack Allotments Bridge Farm Allotment Society Oxford Square Allotments

The Mayor spoke to everyone about the importance of keeping our open spaces accessible to all and without groups such as us, Blackpool would be very lacking in decent open spaces. This group the osn can only make things better because of its members and the terrific job they do on there own areas whether it’s a park or allotment or any other open space and with the support and guidance of the council, we can have more areas to be proud of. Especially with the green flag status now attached to 3 of Blackpool’s parks it a tremendous working partnership that goes on around the town with groups such as yourselves. She then went on to reminisce about Stanley Park being her play area as she grew up. EVENTS PACK: Sharon was asked about the new events pack and has it been circulated yet so she contacted Lisa Kersey who has promised to chase it up {1/10/08} IN MEMORY OF PAM BRIGHTMAN 1934-2008 May I take this opportunity on behalf of Gilbert and his family to thank everyone for their kind messages and support. Pam will be sadly missed by all who knew her, her personality was larger than life. She was a fighter in all she supported especially the underdog. Pam was respected by all who knew her, even though she was seen by some as a bit abrasive and dare I say it rather bossy and she was never shy in expressing her opinion. However this is all superficial as her real character was warm, caring, kind and thoughtful. She always had good advice to hand out to those who needed it and always listened to those who sought her out. She always made time for her friends. The osn federation was hers and Sharon’s pet project so that the council would work closer and support the views on matters concerning our own groups especially with the insecurities surrounding surf. Pam believed that the osn fed would be an invaluable tool in Blackpool and was supported in this by Mark Scrivens at the parks dept. There were nearly 100 people at the funeral of this great lady. Gone but never forgotten Rest in peace Pam.

NOMINATION FOR SECRETARY; Nominations for anyone wishing to become secretary for the osn fed need to be put forward to Sharon before the next meeting. FUND RAISING It was decided at this meeting that we should have a raffle at each quarterly meeting to help raise funds for the osn fed. So any donations of raffle goods would be much appreciated please bring them on the night or let Sharon have them when you see her. Thanks. It was also decided by the membership to have a subscription fee of £5 per year, to cover the cost of the newsletter and postage.

OPEN SPACES NETWORK on BLACKPOOL4ME Anyone wishing to put dates of events etc on the OSN Website or requiring any of their events to be filmed should contact Sharon Davey for this to be arranged. Please take some time to have look at the channel – it can be found by logging in to – then through the ‘Browse’ option look in the ‘Leisure’ section and the OSN pages can be found there. All of the events that groups have told us about will now appear on the website. If you are able to have a browse at the channel – let us know what you think of it! If you have any photos or news from your group – please let Sharon have them and they can be included on the site!

Any group wishing to have their own website based with blackpool4me should contact Erika Shacklady on 01253 478736
NEXT MEETING: OSN Federation meeting: 30 October 2008 @ Stanley Park visitors centre 6.30-8pm

OPEN SPACES – Announcements, News and Information
NOVEMBER 8 THE GRAND OPENING OF THE WOODLAND WALK IN DEVONSHIRE ROAD ROCK GARDENS FUNDED BY THE NATION LOTTERY HERITAGE BID. Joan Humble MP will be opening this event at 10.30am For more information please contact Gary pretty on 500321



• • •

Can all member groups please check their contact details are correct especially email addresses. All those interested in going for a Christmas meal at the squirrel again this year please let Sharon know as the provisional date for this is the 11 of December. Can all groups holding events at Christmas please let Sharon have the details so she can advertise them If your group is holding events next year can dates be given to Sharon before the end of March. Dates for next years osn meetings are as follows:
th th

Feb 12 09 May 14 09 Aug 13th 09 Nov 12 09
th th

External Funding News:

Blackpool External Funding Support Officer Allan Morrison Blackpool Wyre & Fylde CVS 95 Abingdon Street Blackpool FY1 1PP 01253 624505 Allan offers a Funding Advice Service which helps groups to find funding for their activities. This advice uses an extensive and up-to-date database of funding sources. The service provides information, advice, one-to-one support, training and practical workshops to help groups develop skills to identify appropriate sources of funding and make successful bids. Another useful source of funding information is through the Blackpool4me community portal. Upon completion of a simple registration page you have access to a powerful search engine that can suggest possible funding bodies for your project.

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