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.... . s H ~ . O.C:.)OXI'--"
(Rev· S :3-9)
has never
been a tIme since the
creation ·of the \Vo.rld
that a human. bemg
had from
the into this mun­
dane world. Adam
was first created frorp
the the earth,
apart from him all
human beings are
born. throHgh the
womb of a woman
except angels and
'spirits. .
When a man is in
spirit; he is like a
flame of fi reo by
nature; that is why he
through the
womb of a woman
which is an antidote.
God created the
womb of a woman as
a passage through
which all individuals
angels and· God
Himself passes into
this mundane world.
If Mary conceived
and gave birth to a
child called Em­
manuel, meaning
God is with men, who
do you thing will desc
cenCI from the sky?
Man :is the heaven
and woman is the
th, therefore,
everybody has to pass
through a man into
ing born into the
plane, so' that
G d" ·b I 'f' d
a may e g on Ie.
God who ,'s s'o
aspects of things has water blood and
caused human beings spirit but if he comes
to com e down from the. :ky, He will
through a and tx: a Spirit and who
father. who will con- will be .able to withs­
trol him. Read Acts 1 tand him? This ex-
verse 9-11. plains the reason o'ur
"And when He had Lord jesus also say s
these things, the Son of man
while they beheld, he will . come wi,th His
was t'aken up, and a Holy angels, He will
cloud received Him assemble the ·whole
out of their sight. world before Him
And while they and will separate the
looked steadfastlysheepfrom the goats.
Church d .
_ enomln,l­
tions who have t
yet come to the
curate knowledge of
truth, claim that Our
Lord jesus Christ was
taken up to heaven 10
sit on the right hand
of his Father. If you
look at the firmament
you will not find a
dwelling place there.
Ou r Lord jesus
Christ's ascension in­
to what they call
towards heaven as He
wC'nt up, behold two
stood by them in
white apparel. Which
said, Ye men of
Galilee, why stand ye
gazing up into

ThiS same Jesus;
which is taken up
from you into
shall so come In like
manner as ye have
seen Him go into
The passage read
out to you has confus­
ed the whole world.
. explanation of
thIS IS that, He will
I Want to make it heaven can be liken­
quite clear to you that ed to a person whc
if there is any person boards a plane from
you, who is Calabr to
stdllookmg at the sky On hiS. return
to 'see someone he may decide to
desc:nding, he is i"eturn by bus or taxi
wasllng time
because until dooms­
day, such a person
will never
The maIO reason
why the jews started
to ask questions and
to Calabar. But. you
would be convinced
that he is still in Lagos
because he had not
yet retumed by air.
Who is this man?
When the world was
ilmong not yet cr.eated, Our
the m 5 eIv e5 \V il S Lord Jesus Christ was
beciluse they said, in existence. If He has
"Howbeit we know existed before the
this man whence He creation of. the world,
IS, but when Christ who was He? Are YOll
cometh, no man deceived by the name
, an being. The world
Interpret€$. it to mean
that He will emerge
from the sky and
come down to earth,
If our Lord Jesus
comes back through
the womb of a
woman then he wrll
be' the son of
knoweth whence He which He has used to
is" When the jews camouflage Himself?
saw the Child jesus, You want Him to be
they regarded Him as called God. Is it
an ordinary human because He was cal!·
being because He (od Jesus?
had been born
a woman
despite hi, mi hI
. g y
. 'works ilnd recondite
horn of a woman. tcae-h·lng,
And so He must have tile
No prf'cious thing
can be presented
b f '
e ore sWlOes. Now
you say "I cannot
worship man, I want
you to worship the
re.,1 Cod" I W,1rlt you
to go round the
whole world a
when you find the
real God; worship
Him. You will find
that it is man that God
gives power over all
the creations of God.
Heb. Chapter 1 :5-6.
The arrival of God
oh earth' to dwell
among men is one
thing. And His tlnal
revelation and
pr('<)cher. But what is
disturbing and seems
very unacceptable to
many in the world to­
day, is that the Leader
being_ a man,
spiritually revealed
himself to many peo·
pie all over the world
as God reincarnated
in the most United
Trinity - Father, Son
and the Holy Spirit.
The world could
ment is another. This not· comprehend
is t he time for easily' how£' God
everyoJ1e to examine being a Spirit could
himself. All our daily be subjected to rein­
r e c.o r d s are carnation through a
thoroughly checked woman into a mortal
and reports I:>eing being; neither could
reserved agal nst the they reconale how
judgement day. This and whya man' being
is the time the Father mortal could claim
calls all His children Deity in God or God
out of the world into himself. This is what
eternal life in his the world and its
Kingdom of people are offended
Brotherhood of the over because they
Cross and Star. claim that it is a great
In view of what the blasphemy.
world finds the
Leader to be and in- The took· up
spite of stones again to stone
testimonies told by
many around the
world concerning
revelations of his Dei­
ty; authority, wisdom,
supremacy, power
and might Jnd his in­
finite love, it seems
obvious that the
world could not have
bothered so much if
only the Leader were
revealed to be a gredt
prophet. il gre,:1I
il(',11(', or gr(,;lt
him Jesus answered
them, "I have shown
. many good
works from the
Father; for which
these do you stone
The Jews answered
him, "We stone you
for no good work but
for blasphemYi
because you, being a
man, make yourself
God". lohn 10: