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li'irst Bible Lesson: .

Iohn 4:24
"God is a spirit and they that
worship Him must worship Him in spir­
it and in truth."
When you came in here, did you
find us clapping hands? Have you seen us
burning incense? Do you find us lighting
candles? Have you found us spraying per­
fume? Have you found any idol? Do you
find us eating? Do you find us drinking
any type of wine? Have you seen us
engaged in quarrelling, or in fighting, or in
any trouble. It is the Father who moves
about alone.
What is God? God is a Spirit.
What is spirit? It is the word. What is
the word? The word is God. What is
God? God is power. What is power?
Power is truth. Who denies that there is
power? Who denies that there is truth?
Minus the word. what exists? What do
you find in the court? Who decided
cases and who gives judgments? Is it
nof God? In the beginning was the word,
and the word was with God, and the Word
was God. If you, therefore, want to stop
the word from its work, it means, the pres­
ident will no longer speak, the governors
will no longer speak, and even commercial
activities will cease. If you want to stop
the word, no person will speak in the
Brethren, you are instructed that no
one should persist in worshipping mer­
maid, or in drinking, or in falsehood. But
for the word of God, there is nothing that
Wlwt is God?
hinders it. Minus the word, there is neither
day nor night. How can you hinder the
word of God? You are called Matthew and
that is the word. Okon is the word of God,
Effiong, Ekanem or tree, is the word of
God. Can you hinder it? It is impossible.
The good morning you wish somebody, is
it not the word of God? Hello, my dear,
come here, are all words of God. How
then do you order that one should not
speak the word of God? Is it not clear to
you? The Father has forgiven us since we
know not what we are doing.
The Efficacy Of The Word
Everything will be imprisoned but
the word of God cannot be imprisoned
because he will reign supreme in heaven
and on earth. That is why it is said, "Say
not in thine heart, who shall ascend into
heaven? (that is to bring Christ down from
above_ or, who shall descend into the
deep? (that is, to bring up Christ again
from the dead)." (Rom 10:6-7) But what
saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy
mouth, and in thy heart the word of faith,
which we preach: "That if thou shalt con­
fess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and
shalt believe in thine heart that God hath
raised him from the dead, thou shalt be
saved". (Rom 10:9) Think not in your
heart that God is of the size of a storey
building, or that he is like a tree, or that he
can be compared to anything. Do not
think in your heart God is water, or moun­
tain, or rock that you should bow to wor­
ship. God is the word and that word
resides in you, and you are the word. It
is because of unbelief that people argue
that they do not want the word of God Or
that they do not want to serve God, and
that God does not exist.
Without the word, the world
cannot exist. If the word departs from
man for one minute, that person will no
longer live. That was why when OUf Lord
Jesus Christ worked wonders they said
because he did it on a Sabbath he was not
of God. He said to them, "my Father wor­
keth hitherto and I 5:17) A
son cannot do anything except what he
sees the Father doing will he do. '"
Pray Without Ceasing
There is nothing in the whole
wide world which can hinder the word
of God. Whether it be war, or death, or
lack, or tribulation or hunger, none can
hinder the word of God. Because our sal­
vation and redemption come from him.
That was why Our Lord Jesus Christ
instructed his disciples to pray without
ceasing. (Luke 18:1).
He also said through the mouth of
Paul, "I charge thee, therefore, before
God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall
. judge the quick and the dead at his appear­
ing in His Kingdom; preach the word; be
instant in season, out of season; reprove,
rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and
doctrine." (2 Tim 4:2)
In the day or during the night
reprove and rebuke. This is the fullness of
time for effective preaching of the word of
God. It is also said,"For the Jews require
a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:
whai:jS God? .
Your Duty Is To Preach The
Gospel Always
A great many of you have
been praying to God to reveal
your assignment. But have you
not seen and heard your
assignment? Your assignment is
to preach the good tidings of
great joy_ Preach the Word of
God to the entire world _ That
was why Our Lord Jesus Christ
said: "except a man be born of
Water and of the Spirit, he
cannot enter into the Kingdom of
God." (John 3:5) _ The Kingdom of
God is to preach the Word of God
to the broken hearted, to those
who complain they are alone, to
those who claim that they are
cheated, to those who claim that
God is not existing, to those
who indulge in the preparation
of concoction and all those who
commit murder. Preach to them
that man should not kill, since
God has come to redeem the poor,
the orphan, the widow, He has
redeemed every person.
Preach God To The Nations
The Glory of God is the
Word of God, and if you have not
possessed the Spirit, with what
are you going to be equipped for
the preaching assignment?
Without God, what will you
preach, since you have to preach
about the Holy Spirit? He is
love, truth, power, grace,
peace, and He is the sum total
of all the virtues of God.
Singing alone is not sufficient.
Dancing alone is also not
sufficient, but go forth and
preach to the Government, preach
to the church, preach to
necromancers, to your father, to
your mother, to your community,
preach to fishes water, that
every person should repent
because the die is cast and
that this is the era of Holy
. . I tell you the
lntrlcacles of this Kingdom are
not understood by you. How many
of you understand that once you
are anointed, your duty is to
preach the Word of God? Have
you not heard what is read to
you from the Gospel? Our Lord
Jesus Christ said: "The Spirit
of Jehovah is upon Me because He
has anointed Me to preach the
Gospel to the poor, He has sent
Me to heal the brokenhearted, to
preach del rance to the
captives, and the recovering of
sight to the blind, to set at
·.liberty them who are bruised."
Have you done these as an
anointed one? This is your
bounding duty. It is incumbent
upon you to perform this duty.
Preach the Word.
It is said do not feed the
lazy one, and no one should eat
another man's food without
labouring for it. Has the
Spirit of Jehovah not descended
on you? Have you not seen God?
And have you preached the
recovery of sight to the blind?
Have you consoled those with
broken-hearted? Have you
preached del i verance to the
captives? Have you preached to
people that God has come, the
Father, Son and the Holy Spirit?
What is the sense for one who
has the Spirit of God to preach
the Gospel, to go around asking
people to pray for Him? Why do
you have to request somebody to
place his or her hands on your
head? I do not understand all
these things, and wonder whether
you understand them. You are
carrying the carcass of an
elephant on your head
bothering yourself to use your
I to look for snails. No
prayer from anybody can bring
salvat.ion unto you. The laying
of hands on your head, and
drinking of holy oil do not help
you get into the vineyard of
God. You have been anointed and
blessed to serve in the
vineyard, preaching the Gospel
of redemption to mankind. It is
from this that your food l
clothes, wealth
beauty and
everlasting life emanate.
Only The Truth Can Liberate You
It is said
you shall know
the truth and it shall set you
free. (John 8: 32) . From now
henceforward, if you sincerely
bel that God abides in you
and you in Him, you are free.
The idea of going to people to
extract certain charms from your
b()dy, and to give you visions
shall cease to prevail. You
shall no longer go along asking
for prayers, requesting for holy
oil to be rubbed over your bodYi
looking for somebody to preach
to you. It is the Holy
Father who preaches and
anoints and does
everything, and it is He
who is present everywhere.
Blessed are those who
receive this Gospel this night,
and are very pleased with it.
God is a consuming fire, and He
is the Father who gathers.
Whenever you experience any form
of pain or sickness do not
complain to anybody; even if
your hand is at the point of
breaking, or your head is aching
too, because God is right inside
you and doing this Work.
Tell All To Refrain From Sin
What you have to tell them
is that they should forsake sin,
sorcery, concoction, drinking,
fornication and all vices. This
is the only problem plaguing the
entire world. You are also
faced with the same problem. Do
not snuff any more. Do not
drink. Do not smoke. Do not
fornicate and steal because the
Holy Spirit has taken dominion
over your body from head to toe.
Do not begrudge anybody. Do not
be annoyed with anybody. Do not
abuse or call anybody stupid.
Do not sow the seed of discord
and division between people.
Live peaceably, happily,
mercifully, lovingly with
everybody because that is the
Glory of God. Do not hate or
quarrel with anybody, and do not
commi t any act of sin
whatsoever. Share the little
food you have with your
brethren. Sing, dance and pray,
and always preach the Gospel of
God to everybody. Surrender
yourself to God, and do not
lament or request for anything.
Be content with the position you
find yourself because this is
the last age. God has completed
everything. Believe sincerely
that God arranges everything in
a shipshape order, that nobody
has the power to alter. Nobody
can speak on his own without the
power of God.
After night comes day. Go
forth and teach the world that
the Father , Son and the Holy
Spirit have come down on earth.
Those who have been stealing and
committing sins, all those who
have not loved God and served
Him, they should rise up and
serve Him, and testify about
Him. No person should indulge
again in any act of sin. Do not
be exasperated. Do not tell
lies. Do not take court action
against any person. Do not hate
any person; for the time of
hatred is now over Thatwas
the work of darkness.
There Should Be No Division
Differences in religious
beliefs and doctrines do not
come in here. Differences in
membership of various secret
societies or different political
views have for long been
stopped. Go and preach to them
that there is no difference
between the people, and that
there is no Nigeria, there is no
Africa, no Europe, no Asia; but
that there should be oneness
among the people of the world;
that every human being should
live and let others live.
God Has Poured His Spirit On All
Men God has said that at the
end of time He will pour out His
Spirit upon all flesh. He did
not say that He shall pour it
out to the rich, or the
righteous or the elites of the
world. But He promised to give
it to everybody male and female,
young and old, boys and girls.
That the old men shall dream
dreams and the young men shall
see visions and prophesy. Have
all these things not been
fulfilled? What type of sign
are you looking for, to be able
to believe that God, the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit has come
down and is among men?
You do not - receive the
spirit of this world but that of
heaven which comes directly from
God and which is God's. This
spirit teaches you the
of God, His love, humlllty,
rrllr.h. o()()n f"()nnllf"r ml"ll"lln,Qcc.
Preach The Gospel To Men Of
All Walks Of Life
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