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What is “"Believing in Humanity" Comenius Project?

The "Believing in Humanity" project aims to promote educational activities that lead to the formation of attitudes and behavior based on respect for the environment, human rights, social justice, peace culture, rejection of violence, equality and respect between the sexes and promotion of civic and democratic values. To do so, it aims to develop in students values such as solidarity, generosity, tolerance, critical awareness, equality, democracy, respect for the environment; to eradicate social inequalities, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, violation of human rights; to defend the social integration of disadvantaged minorities, students with difficulties, immigrants, youth at risk of exclusion, etc.; to make real the concept of solidarity by specific actions such as sponsorship of children in different parts of the world, collaborating with NGOs., to participate in development projects, not only in different parts of the Third World, but also in school and in their everyday lives.


contest Believing in Humanity

Comenius Logo Contest - «Believing in Humanity»
The objective of this competition is to create a logo that heads all the documents and communications of our Comenius Project, and that represents the participant countries: Sweden, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic and Spain. We have just begun, and we would like to have our own image different from other previous Comenius Projects. Remember that the objective of the project is the cultural exchange between different European countries focussed on education in values. 7. The jury of the contest, formed by designated teachers, will decide the winning design and the result of the contest, which will be published on the web at the beginning of November. 8. The prize of the competition will consist in ______________________________ 9. The jury reserves the right to modify the awarded design. 10. The fact of participating in this contest supposes the total acceptance of these rules.

Contest rules
1. All the students of the school may participate. 2. Each participant will be able to present a maximum of two logos. 3. The designs must express some more important aspects of the project: solidarity, cooperation and commitment.. 4. The criteria to choose the best design will be: · The design must clearly illustrate the slogan of the project: «Believing in humanity» · The best quality, neatness and innovatio · The design must be easy to reproduce in different supports. (paper, Tshirts, web pages, etc.) 5. The designs must be displayed on a A4 size (21 x 29,7 cm) cardboard. The design does not have to surpass the twelve centimeters longer in any direction and must appear well trim. The techniques will be ink or felt tip pen, and in black and white. 6. The designs, with the name, surname and school year of the author written on the back, in capital letters, will be displayed inside a plastic cover in the Administration area of every centre before October 25, 2011.

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