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Term-End Examination

Time : 3 hours MoximumMorks: 75

Note : Question number 7 is compulsory- Atteftpt onv

,hree lrcm lhe rcrnoihing-

r. {a) An 8 bit daia 11001010is transmitiedto a distani is receivedas 11101010.Explainhow
SEC code would detectthis error. 8

(b) Mihimiseihe iolowing function usingtbe K map. 5

f(A, B, C, D) = n(0, 1, 4, 5, 10, 11, 16)

Draw the equivalentlogic diagram.

{cl Considerthe {ollov,lngcode :

b = a + f

Mahethe datallowgraDhfor the equationsabove.

CS-01 P.T.O.
(d) Explain the lollowing addressingmodes with one
exampleeach.Also give one use of each addressing
(i) Regisieraddressjng
(ii) Index addressing
(iiil Stackaddressing
(iv) Base addresslngscheme
tej Write a program in 8086 assemblylanguag€ to
displaya stringstoredin the data segmenton th€
computer monifor, only if the first characterof the
srringis an uppercase

(0 Drau the arithmeucpipeline lor lioating point

2. la) Find the errors(lf any)in the following8086 assembly

hnguage cooe :
(ii) MOV AX, BL
(iv) ADD BL, CL
(v) lDlV AX, CH

tb) Siat€ whether the foilowing statementsare true or

false.Juslilyyour answers.
(i) Assembly language rouiines cannot be
wjth BASIC program.

cs-01 2
(ii) The key issuein inierlacing is the selectionof
propel parameterpassng.
(iii) Hard$,areinterrupts can be inloked with th€
helpof the iNT function.
(c) Draw the logic d:agramfor 8 x 1 multiplexer.

3. (a) Write a progem in 8086 assemblylanguage to

multipiy h,,ro 16 bit numbers stored in the data
segmentinto a 32 bit numberstorcdin the registers.
(b) Make the logjc dia$am of a s-bit synchronous
{ounterand explainits opera}ion.
(c) Whal i! the need o{ a control unjt ? What is the
basic structureol a control unii ? Explain this with
the help of a diagram. Further, giv€ one
disadsantageof a hardwiredcontrol unjt.

4- (a) Ust bro interconnecdonstructures{o{ rnultiFocessor

systems,Explain them with the heip of a diagram
each. 5
{b) What is the sequenceof the micro-op€raiionsthat
are r€quiredfor "executecycle" during executionot
a conditional b,/anchinstruction? Make, and state,
suitableassumptions. 5
How doesan 8086 microplocessor converta 16 bit
addressstored in instructlonsto a 20 bit addr€ss?
Explai$this with the help of an example. 3
(d) What is the ne€d oJ Direci Memory Access in a
computersyst€m? 2

cs-or P.T-O
5. (a) State whether the follov,lng are ifue or false. Give
one reasoneach ln suppon of your answer.

{i) Vedor processors are most suited for high

speed complrlations-
(jj) Mernoty intedeaving is not needed for vector
processots as th€y store instructjon and data

{b) Convert the following code to a vecior pseudo-code.

Ali, i) = 50

What is the need of Cache ? How does it enhance
the speedof memory access?
(d) Give four differences bei(een horizontal and v€rtical

e) Write a program/pseudo-code {or execution of the

{ollowing expression on a zero addtess instruction,
A = x + y - 2 ' t

cs-01 4 25,000
Term-End Examinatiori

Time, 2 hours Maxi um Marks: 60

Note : Question no. I is compulsory. Attempt ony

three frcm the rcst.

I. (ai ftite an algorithm, to conuert a gi!€n decimal

number to binary. Also, draw a corresponding
(b) With ihe help of a diagram,write th€ stepsthat are
to be lollowedto handl€a page fauli.
(c, Write a shell program to find the second laygesl
numberamong four givennumbers.
(d) With the help of an €xampleexplainthe phasesthat
are jnvolvedjn tbe waterlalllife cycle model. 10

2. (a) Write all the stepsthat are involvedin the expansion

of a 'Macro'. Write an example macro io find the
cubeof a given number.
{b) What js the basicphilosophyoI X-Windows? How is
it differentfrom the oiher GUIS?

cs-02 P.T.O.
3. {a) What are the desirable characteristics of disk
allocation ? What arc trro advantagesand hro
disadvantagesof the Indexedallocationmethod ?
(b) Why is demand pagjng used in virtual memory
management? With &e help o( an example,explain
the demandpagingscheme.

4- (a) Write a shellprogramthat displaysthe cont€ntsof a

file in upper caseand ptints ihe last 10 lines or lhe
file contentsin a separat€fil€ wjth name,abc'. 5
(b) Write UNIX commands{or the following .
{j) To changethe ownershipof a fileldir€ctory.
(ii) To count the numberof files in a dir€ctory.
(iii) To siop the backgroundprocess.
(iv) To searchtext fiies for a given pattem.
(v) To sei the passwordof the us€r or changerne
earlierlogin password.

5. (a) Define an operatingsystem.Whal are th€ essenEat

differ€nces bet'reen the followingt!4resof operanng
(i) Reaftime vs. Batch
{ii) Time-sharingvs. Real-time
(iii) nme-sharingvs. Batch
A)so, mention one application that is suitable for
each type o{ O/S gi,""n above.

(b) What is a 4GL ? What are three diflerences
betreen th€ 4GL and earlierlanguages-
Ust any
thEe 4ctr.

cs-02 10,000
Term-End Examination
June, 2OO5


Time : 2 hours MaximumMarks: 60

Note. Question no. 7 is compulsory. Attempt any

thtee frch the rest.

1. (a) What is the purpose of an IF statementin

COBOL ? Writ€ the general format for class,
condltions-Give an
compoundand condition-name
examplelor each. 4

(b) Write the use of the followingCOBOL verbswith

the help ol one exampleeach: 6



liii) GO TO

cs-03 P.T.O.
(c) Four data names A, B, C, D have the following data
descriptions I
77 A ?tC a@) VALUE 1921
77 B PrC 9(2JV9l.2) VALUE1212
77 C PIC 999V 9l.2) VALUE24a.44
77 D PtC 9l.2)V 99 VALUE28.8
Whatwili the contentsof A, B, C, D be after ihe
executionof eachof the followingstatements?
(n) COMPUTEY = A**Y + (D + C)*2

z = (c - Br3
(iit CoMPUTE (A- D)

(d) The University Administrative Block contains th€

following informationin a table :

li) RegistraiionNumber
(ii) CourseCode
(iii) Student'sName
(iv) Student'sMarksin 5 subjectslor 6 semest€rs
(v) Student'sCrade
Cr€ate the data division for the processingol thts

Write the gen€ral formats for "STRING" and
"UNSTRING" statements.A field named NAME
contains50 charact€rs.
Wdte a COBOL sraremenr
to changeall instancesof "SHRI" by "MR" and
"SMT" by "MS".
How are READ and WRnE $atements us€d in
relative file organization? Write all the dilfereni
formatsol READ and WRITE.

2. Writea programin COBOL for the CeniralLibraryto r€ad

data in the lollowing loffnat :
1-5 BookCode
6 - 25 TitJe
26-30 Price
31 - 40 Publication
41 - 50 ISBN
51 - 55 Category
56 - 60 Edition
60-65 MonthoI plocuring
The ptogram shouldensurethai :
(i) Book Codeis \^,ithinthe range00001 to 19999
(ii) Price is a positivenumber
iiit Tide is not blank
(iv) ISBN shouldconiajn only numbers
AIso calculaiethe money spent in a given month for the
procuremeniof books. 10

, cs-03 P.T_O.
3. A Sports Club maintainslhe following master Jile lot the
majoi items usedin sports :
Item Code 6 characters
item Name 20 characters
SupplierCode 6 characters
Price 8 declmaldigits
Numberof ltems 6 decimaldigits
The tronsociion lile rccords t\e folovring data ,
Item Code 5 characterc
Receiv€d^sued 1 charactet
Date of transaction 8 characters
Write a progam in COBOL to update the numb€r of
ttemsin the moslel tile usingthe tronsoctiontile. 10

4. A rnanufacturingorganizationhas employed permanent

personson a fixed scale,and t€mporaryworkers are paid
on an hourly basis. Write a program to calculatethe
monttrly payment fof both temporary and permanent

5. Explainthe use of the followingCOBOL \€/bslstatements

wilh the help of one exampleeach: 10

cs{3 14,000
I cso4|
Term-End Examination


"c" & "PASCAL"
Time : 2 hours MoximumM$ks : 60

Note : There ore six questionsin this poper.Quesfiont

is compulsory. Anst\er any three questionslrom
the rest. Ail olgorithns should be written neorer
to C or PASCALlansudge.

l. (a) Write an algorithm to convert an lnfk expresslon

inio Postfix expression. Also convert the follolvrng
Prefix expressioninto a PostfD(expression:

(i) ./,/. + ABCDE

{ii) - + A. B,/CDE 10

(b) Write an algoriihm to implement bubble sort, ancl

sort the following list in ascending or&r by using the
algorithm. 10
74, 71,3, 75,a, 9

hl Cive thrce applications of T/€es.

cs44 P.T.O.
, (d) Define the foliowingtermswith a suitableeyampleof

(i) Tree
(il) Depth of a Tree
(ili) Height ol a Tree

{iv) l,ensth of a Tree

(v) Forest
(vi) Leaf node
(vii) Degr€eof a Tree

2. (al D€sign an algorithm to lmplement a Deque usjng


(b) Find a minimum cost spanningtree o{ the folh\ring


3. (a) L1 and L2 are trro singlg linked lists which are
already sorted. Now, writ€ an algorithm to
concatenate Ll and L2. Ensure that the
concatenatedlist is sorted.
(b) Wriie a funciion that rehrrnsthe height of an AVL

4. (a) Constructa Binary tre€ from the given Preorder as

w€ll as lnorde( ftaversatsr
Inorder E + A*B' C+D
{b) Write an algorithmthat acceptstwo singlylinked lists
Ll and L2. lt shouldprint L3, where L3 is a singly
linkedlist and L3 = L1 n L2.

5. (a) 'heap' ?
What is a Write an algorithm for th€ insert
as w€ll as deleteheap op€raiions.
(b) List at leasi 3 differences behr€€n Anays and

(a) Explain the lollowing typ€s ot file oryanization

(i) Sequential EIe organization
(ii) Indexed Sequ€ntial File organization
(iti) Drect File oqFnization
(b) Write a redrrsiv€ algorithm to generate a {ibonacci
sequence upto the nh term, whete n is any integer, 4

cs-04 14,000
Term-End Examination
June, 2O05


Time | 3 hours Maximum Morks : 75

Note . Questionnumber1 is compulsory. Answer any

three frcm the rcs|

l. (a) Explain ai least fiv€ duties ihat have to be carried out

by a SystemsAnalyst.
(b) Etplain the sequential method for file organisation.
Also explain hro adrantages and two disadvantages
of this method vis-a-visother m€thods-

{c, What are the various special systems tesis ? Explain

at least four of them.
(d) What are the three differ€nt lei€ls of management as
classified by Anthony ? Explain at least hr; of them.
Explain any five forms of software piracy *en
around the world.

Desctibe five components of Multimedia in brief,

with one exampleof each.

cs-05 P.T.O.
2, (a) Explain at l€ast hro objectives of inpui deJign. 5
'lteasibility" mean
{b) What does the ielm ? List the
seven tgpes of feasibility, and the four stages in a
feasibility study. 10

3. (a) Define a form. List ihe five characteristics oI a form

with an example for each. Also, explain at l€ast four
factors ihat need to be considered in lorm design.

(b) What is a data dictionary ? Sp€cily at least 4 sgmbols

and 4 rules that govem the consttuction of data
diciionary entries.

4. (a) Explainthe meaningof Planning,Productionand

of Multimedia.

(b) Explain at least three different approaches ior

Sofhrare evaluation. 6

{c) Definean audiltrail.Who usesan audiLtrail ? 3

5- (a) D€velop Analysis and Design documents.for a

Library Information Sysiem. Make necessary

(bi Whai is Qualig assurance? What are Ihe three levels

of Quality assurance ? Explain.

6. (a) Explain the planning and control aspects of
management,Explain each of these lunctions at ihe
styategic,tactical and operational levels, with the
help of examples.

(b) What are Wamier,/On diagrams ? Explain them with

(c) What is a cre€n P.C. ? Explain ihe design ol a

Green P.C.

PGDCA / McA (l Yr)
Terrn-End Examination


Time : 3 hours MoximumMarks: 75

Note: Q. No. I is compulsory ond carries 30 marks.

Answer ony three lrom the rcst.

1. (a) Suppose you have been designated as a database

administrator of an organization. Describe the
responsibilities that may b€ generally assigned to
you in order to maintain the ceniralised daiabase
efficiently. Also, include at least 2 responsibilities
with respect to fhe Databdsesecurjty.

(b) Create an ER diagEm for the loan management

system oI a finance company. Loans are given on
the purchase of various items with dilf€r€ot int€rEt
rates. The company keeps track of defaulters and
takes appropriate steps against them. Make, and
state, suitable assumptions {if any).

c$06 P.T.O.
(c) Explain the threelevel architecture of DBMS,
includingthe diagram.How is the mapping behreen
these levels achieved ?

{d) Explain the evolu or ol Client/Servet Architecture.

Lisi the components and the usage in Client/Server
compuiing. Mention any hvo applications ol this

2. lal What is a knowledge based system ? Mention any

trvo ad\rantages and disadvantages of it. Give any
tu/o examples wher€ a knowledge based system is
used. Dscuss the rule based knowledge
representation scheme with ihe help of an exampte. 10
(b) What are the problems caused by data
redundancies ? Can data redundancies be completely
eliminated when a databas€ approach is used ?
Explain this with the h€lp of an a{ample.

3- {a) Write the significanc€ of the evaluation ol a database

management system. List the t€chnical and
administrative issues respectively, required to be
taken care of by the evaluation team.

(b) Draw a diagram to illustrate the relationship of

differeni lile organizations based on an access key.
What is direct file organization ? Explain the rdb ol
hashing in direct file organization with the help of an

4. {a) Consider the following schema :

€mployee (e-no, e name, address,city, basic_sal,


projects (p-no, p name, p_categog

work in (p_no. e- no. p_duration)

Write appropriate SQL queries lor ihe following :

(i) Display the names of employees who are

working in a project on "DBMS".
(ii) Find the employer nurber of all employ€es
who are working on at least one project.
(iii) Fjnd the avemge salary of all employ€es
working in a project "based in Delhi".

{b) Dascribe any three differences betrrJeenthe object

oriented data model and the relational data mode!. ln
what ways is the object orientei data model similar
to the hierarchical and network data models ?
M€ntion any tvro examples in which we can use the
object oriented databases and relational databases,
with the proper ju5tification.

5. (a) Explain the trade'offs in distribuiing the databas€.List

the issues involved in storing the relaiions in tle
distributed databases.

(b) What are the differ€nt relational operatovsused in
relational algebra? Consid€rthe following relations
A and B, and performA U B, A n B and A - B.

A + FlightNo. Airways
lC 2715 JndianAi'lines
lC 1007 Jet Airways
IC 9119 Sahara
lC 3849 IndianAirlines

B -+ FlightNo. Airways
IC 1007 Jet Airways
lC 5187 Ca.thayPacific
IC 1003 SingaporeAirlines

cs-06 19,000
ADCA / MOA (ll Yr)
Term-End Examination

Tlme : 3 hours Mqtimum Morks : 75

Note ; Qu€stion number 7 is compl/lsory. Attempt ony

thtee Jrcm the rcst.

L. (a) Which of the following are statem€nts ? Give

reasonsIor your answer, 4

(i) What a lovetyday !

{0 2+3=6

( i i i )2 + x = 7

(M What is the time now ?

(b) Give an example of a finite linearlg ordered set.

You have to verify all the prop€rties of a linearly
ordered set fot gour example. 4

cs{7 P.T.O.
(c) Find the product Gt x G2 of the following graphs :

u1 u2

Ci!€ a cycle of length 6 in Gl x G2, if one exists.

{d) t€t U = 11,2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7]r,A = 11,2,7]r,

B = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5t, C = {4,6, ?}.
(i) EndA-BandB-C.
{ii) checkthat (A u B) n c = (A n q u (B n c).
(iit State and uerif!' any one of the De Morgan's
larvslor A and B.
te) Write the equivalentform of the follo\ ring using
(i) Every MCA graduate knors eilhel C++
programmingof Javaprogrammlng.
(ii) There are web programmerswho know PERL
but not PHP.
Lei A = {1, 2, 3l and R, and R2 be relationson A
given by
Rl - (1' 1), '1,2J,12,3Jl
R2 = t{1' 3)' (2, 1)' (1, 1),(3, 1)}
(i) Write th€ relationmatricesof Rl and R2.
{ii) Find the rclation matdx of RtR2.
(iii) Checkwheiher RlRz is an equivalencerelalton.

to For the lattice(D{231), g.c.d., Lc.m.)draw the
Hasse diagram. Also check that the lattice is
{h) Flnd the diameter and radius of the following

F graph :

2. (a) Determineif the following systemspecificationsare

consistentusinga truth table. 6
'The diagnosticmessage
is stor€din tlrc bul{er o( it
is retransmitted'
diagnosticmessageis not storedin the buffer'
the diagnosticmessageis storedin the buffer it is
(1 2 3 4 5 j
{b) Letf= I -o
\ 2 3 1 , nj
2 3 4 5)
' [ : I WI:atis F' ?
4 2 5 1.'
Wriie f o g as a product ol disJoinrcycles. Is { o g
even ? Why ? 5
(c) Find the binary tree repr€sentationof
(x +.y) (7x - xy). 4

cs-07 P.T.O.
3. (a) The adjacency rnahix of a graph G ls

0 0 1 1 0

0 0 1 1 1

1 1 0 0 1

1 l 0 0 0

0 0 0

FindA +A2 + A3 +A4. ls G connecied? Chec-k

your answerby drawingthe graph C. 6
(b) Checkthat (P v Q) <+ 0P = Q) is a tautology. 5
lcJ Draw the sMtching circuit correqonding to th€
tunction((x + y) . (yz) + k+z).

4. (a) ln a survey, 80 Computer Scienceteachers were

asked which of the ihree programminglanguages,
Pascal,Fortmn and C, have they usedto introduce
p.ogramming to students- 40 teachers said they
have used Pascal,35 said they have used Forhan,
25 said they have us€d C, 20 said they have used
both Pascaland Fortran, 17 said they have used
Pascaland C, 5 said they have used Fortran and
C, and 3 said they have used all the thrce

(i) How many teachershaveusedFortran alone ?

(i0 How many teachers have used both Pascal and
(iii) How rnanyteachershave use.dFortran, but not
liv) How many usednone ol the three languages?

(b) Apply Dijktra's algorithm to find the shortestpath

bet een a and Z in the {ollowing weightedgtaph.


(c) Rpress (P A Q) v (Q ^ R) in disjunctivenorrnal


5. (a) Simplify the following boolean expressionuslng a

Kamaugh map :
xlx2x3-4 + xt-i2x3x4+ i.ti.2x3x4+tf 2'.3x4+

(b) Write -92 and 120 in 1's compl€mentand use

this to find 120 - 92 in 1's complem€ntfolm.

cs-07 P.T.O.
t € t X = 1 1 2, , 3 ,4 , 5 , 6 i r .
^ r0 0.4 0.3 0.s 0.1 1l
l1 2 3 4 5 6)
- fo.l 0.3 0.1 0.1 0.2 0rl
"=1Tz s'? s 6l
(i) Which of the {uz4 setsA and B are notma! ?
Glve reasonsfor your ah$rer.
(ji) FindAnB.
(ii0 Find Ac.
(iv) Find the supportol A.
(v) End Ao,t .

ctu7 16.000
ADCA / MCA (Il Year)
Term-End Examination


Time : 3 hours Maimum Morks: 75

Note :
(i) Use ol calculator is allowed.
(ii) Question number 7 is cormpulsory. Answer ony
three lrom the rest.

f. (a) Wnte a FORTRAN 90 statemenifor eachof the

(t R = X 2 Y 3+ 1 / E + ! z

1 Q,' :Q.
lll) r=

l . ; 2
(iit z = R2+l,ol-- -l I
\ oci
(b) Which of the following are correct repres€ntations
real constants? Give reasonsfor your answers.
2 2 2 5 ;0 1 3 7 : 2 E - 7 ; 7072E+2

cs-08 P.T.O.
F (c) Write a program in FORTRAN which reads a, b,
and c (the lengths in met€rs of the sides ol a
triangle),computesth€ area of the triangle and ihen
determines the number of one-litre iins of paini
required to paint this area with on€ coat of paint
(assumingthat on€ litre of paint can cover 10 mz
area). Note that ihe area of a triangle is given by

u/sis- 3115- 61i5- 61 *1'.."


(d) (i) What \alue will be stored in location K at the

end of the following sequence?
K = 0
D O1 0 J = 1 , 3
D O1 0 N = J + 1 , 4
10 K=k+J'N

(ii) What will be prinied by the followingprogram?

REAL a,b,P,Q,R

b =40
Q =a'b

R = P,/Q

(e) Wriie a program in FORTRAN to calculate and print

the raiio of surface area to volume ol sphere with
radii ranging from 1 unit to 20 units, in steps of

Give a siruaion, w h ju.tificadon, in which rhe

median is the best m€asure of c€ntml tendenry for a
given set of clata points.

lg/ Fit a straight line to the data given by the following

table :

x (independentvariable) y (d€p€ndentvariable)

9 6

7 4

4 7

5 10
3 9

2 6

cs-08 3 P.T.O.
Calculateth€ mean and standard deviation for ihe
following ,
Size of item
6 3
7 6
8 9
9 13
10 8
11 5
72 4

2, (a) What values will be printed by the followins

\ = 2

J = 4
x = 22.5
P = Z+X.Y
Q = P+20'Y"l
R = _ Y'8.o/REAL (J)

J = INT (3.0'2,/REAL (I)
tb) Write a FORTRAN programto find the two roots
of the quadntic equaiionAX2 + BX + C = 0. Read
the valuesof A, B, and C as 15 25, 30 12512 and
0 675 E-01, tespect:vdy.
(c) Fach of the {oilowingarithmeticstatementscontains
iit least on€ error. Point out the grrors ;nd correct
the statements:
(t v = x,/Y- 37,375.15
liiJ z = 7 52E+(2.r)
(iii) MAXA = P

{d) Afte/ analysingthe ',\'agepallen of the workers of

three firms A, B and C, th€ following resulis were
Firm B Firm C

No. of workers 400 500 600

Average monthly
250 200 150

Slandard deviaiion 8 9 10
Find which of these have the larger variaiion. 4

cs-08 P.T.O.
3, (a) The sum of the squares of the first
n natural
numb€rsis givenby
n { n + 1 )( 2 n + 1 )

Wrii€ a FORTRAN programrhat will lind S for

n = 1 0 1 1 0 ] 2 5 0i ., e . ,n = 1 0 , 2 0 , 3 0 , . . . ,2 S O . 4

(b) Write a FORTRAN program to read

50 numb€rs
a 1 ' a 2 ' a 3 t . . . , a 5 0 and prjnt them ir1 the order
a 5 O 'a 4 9 ' a 4 a ' - . . , a l , 4

{c) Calculate the m€an, median, and mode ol th€

following data relaiing to weight ot 720 articles :

Weight iin gm) No. of articles

0-10 l4
77-20 t7
21-30 22
3 1- 4 0 26
41-50 23
51-60 18

(d) A speak tbe tnrth in 70% casesand B speaksthe

truth in 80% cases.What in ihe probab:lirythat they
wiil say the same thing whjle describjnga singie

4. (a) A lactory manulactunngtelevisionshas fout units
A, B, C and D. The unitsA, B, C, D manufacture
15%, 20Vo, 30/0, and 35% ol the total output,
r€spectiveiy.Ii was found that oui ol their output
1%, 2%, 2voand 3% are def€clive.A lelevisionis
chosenat mndom lrom the total output, and found
to be delective.What is the probabilitythat it came
from unitD ? 3

(b) In a partially d€stroyedlaboratory record, only the

lines of regressionof y on x, and x on y are
4x-5y+33=0 and20x-9y = 107
respecti\)ely.Calculate t, t and the co-eJficimt oI
corre\ation behreen x and y. 5

Write a program using FORTRAN 77 lo check

the consist€ncy of the following system of

Further, list ihe modificationsrequired, iI any, for
effectlv€ program execution.jf the program were
. wrlttenusingFORTRAN90 instead. 7

cs-08 P.T.O.
5. (a) Calculatethe Cost of Living lndex Numberfrom th€
following data :
Items Weights
Base Year Current Year
Food 400 500 5
Fuel 90 120 2
Cloihing 150 2DO 3
House Rent 300 250 2
Miscellaneous 300 380 1
GiveD below is a setes ol rveekly denand tor
out-patientCareai an ambulatorycentre.Also shown
are foiecasts of demand calculated by t\ro
forecastingm€thodsthat are under consldeiation.

Model A Model B
536 575 550
590 600 580
554 580
622 595 600
778 6r0 670
673 625
640 630 650
595 640 645
(t Compuie the MAD ior each forecastmodel
(i, lndjcaie which modei you think is beller-and

The Mother Dairy Ice Cream Shoppe has recohled
the demandfor a particularflavour during the past
6 weeks,as shown below :

Gallons Gallons
1"t Week,
19 27
2nd Week, 1s Week,
17 29
February March
3'd Week, 2"d w'eek,
February March
] Calculate a 3-week moving av€rage for the data
I to forecasi demand for the next $reek.
Cabu,ate a weigbted average torecast lot Ihe
data, using a weight oI 0 6 for the most recent
data and weights of 0 3 and O-1 lor surcessively
old€r data.

cs{B 18,000
ADCA / MCA (ll Yr)
Term-End F-xamlnatlon

. Jrme, 2OO5

' Time: 3 hours MoximumMorks: 75
ilore r Quertion 7 is compulsory. Answer ony thtee
lrcm the rcst.

l. {a) How has the PCM sampling time been set at

lZ5 g sec ? E\plain rhe process 5
(b) A processon Host t has beenassign€dport P, and
a processon Host 2 has been assignedport Q. ls it
possiblefor thereto be t\ro or more TCP connections
L€hreenihesetwo ports at ihe sametime ? Explain. 4

lc, Considera halt duplex point-to-pohi linl using the

stop and u,ait scheme.What is the elled ot li're
utilizationiI 5
(i) the messagesize is increasedso that fewer
will be required?
{ii} the nrmrber of frames are increased for a
(iii) the frame sizeis indeased?

cs-09 P.T.O.
{d) PPP is based clos€lyon HDLC, which has user bit
stuffing to prevent accidental flag-bvtes within the
payload fuom causing confusion. Giv€ one reason
why PPP uses character stuffing instead. Explain
your choic€ o{ reason.

(e) Di{ferentiate bet\reen ARP and RARP with an

exampleof each.

{0 Give two reasons,and explain, why network might

use an error-correcting code instead ol error
dei€ction and retransmission.

(s) Why is CSMA,zCD not applicable to a wireless

2. (a) What is the reasonfor using an encodingschemein

FDDI that is diJferent Jrom the one used in
CSMA/CD ? Explain ihe FDDI token ring operation,
with an example. 10

(b) Why does ATM rue small,fixedlength cells'/

3, (a) Consider the lnl€met congesiion control algodthm.

(i) Explain all ihe parameters used jn the
(ii) Plot the congesiion window as a function of fhe
transrnission number, and explain the lunction
of the algorithm.

lb) What is a subnet ? How do you implement

sLrbnetting? Explain this wiih an example.

cs 09
4. (a) Why is compressionrequired? Compare the JPEG
and MPEG formats, with expldnation-
(b) Wvife the shori€si path rouiing algorithm, and
explarneach slage. 10

{a) E\plajn ihe foilowing in the cont€xt of transport

layer ,
(i) Addresstng schem
(ii) Flow control and Bulfering schemes
(b) A cbannel has a bit raie ol 4 kbs and a propagation
dday oI 40 m sec. For what range of frames
does stop-and-wait give an elficiency ol ai least
60 percent ?

cs-09 18,000
ADCA / MCA 0l Yr)
Term-End Examlnation


Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks , 75

Note ; Quesrionno. 7 is compulsory. Answerony three

lrcm the rcst.

1. (a) Suppose you want to develop software for a

Visilo/s Regisrrofion Sysfem for an office-
Whenever a visitor wants to meet any staff
member in the office, the system wjll record the
nam€ of the visitor, name of the staft, iime of
entry, purpos€ of visit and time of exit Th€ system
also should have the lollowing f€atures I

. To display ihe names of all visiiots to a staff

member daywise,

. To display the time spent by a pariicular visitor

in the office.

To display the names of all visitors who are in

office at a particular tim€.

cs-10 P.T.O.
For the above mentioned system,
(i) develop a Systems Bequirement Specifications.
(ii) design DFDs for 2 le',els.
(iii) identifi,/ the soft'arare modules and their
(M suggest a iesting strategy for dny one of d1e
software modules proposed in (iit abow. 20
(b) Develop a procedural design for a program that prints
the distinct characters in its input strtng. Write hro
test cases for the procedure. 10

2. tal Explain four categodes of software. Also, gNe an

ey,ample of an applicatiori for each category.

(b) What ls the n€ed of Re-engineering ? With th€ help

oI an example, a\plain the restrucfuring technique for
r€-engineering. How is reverse €ngineering different
from re-engineeing ?

3. (a) Explain the Watelall model with an example. Write

at least ttrro disadlantages of the Waterfall model
when compared with the Prototyping model.

(b) Write three characteristics of an Agile Sofhr,rare

process. Explain three human lactors that affect an
Agile Sofh{€r€ process. 6

4. {a) Write, and explain, the principle of fwction,orient€d
metrics, with the help of an example. Gve three
diffeymces behreen tll'lction-oriented metrics and
si2e-odenfed mellics,

(b) With the help oI a diagram, explain the major

activities in ihe Spiral Model.

1c/ Define a "Work-Product". How can you ensure that

the Work Product is accurate ?

5. (a) Explain the four steps of the "Requrrements

Engineering Process". Take an example of an
application and explain the steps tnvolved in the
Requirements Engineering Process.

(b) Draw an E-R diagmm for a Librnry Inloffhatjon

System. Mention the assumptjons made by you, il

cs-l0 t4,000
ADCA / MCA 0l Vear)
Term-End Examination

Time : 3 hours MoximumMorks: 75

Note : Ouesfionnumber7 is compulsory. Attempt any

three more questiohslrom quesiionsnumbered2
to 5.

1. (a) A company prodr.rcestv/o products. using t\r,/o

plocessesin sequence, Process1 is operatedfor
10 hours nnd Process2 can be operaiedfor only
t hours on any day. The companyeams a profit of
Rs.20 per unit on Product1 andRs.25 per unit on
Product2. The lollowing hablesummarisesthe other

Minutesper unit
1 10 6
2 5 15

Formulate the linear programming problem lor

determininga productmix that maimizes the profit. 4

cs-s1 P.T,O.
(b) Patientsanive at a doctor'scllnic at randomand ihe
averagerate of arrilal is 5 per hour. Determinethe
probabiity that duringa period of one hour, there is
no arrival. Also find the probabilitythat during one
hour there are. more than 2 arit"?ls. You may
assumethat the number of arrivalsduring an bou.
foilows a Poissondistribution.
{c) Describethe ABC and VED classificatonof items in
an inventoryand its use ln inventorymanagement,
(d) l-ist any three limitations ol an OR,approach to
(el Suppoe A is an n x n integer matdx whose entries
are 0, 1 and- 1. Statethe ruleto determineif A ts
a unimodular mahix. Also explain the algorithmic
use of the unimodularity properiy ,n integer
{0 In a job-shop, there are three operators and there
are three tasks to be performed. The manager
estimatesthe time in mintuesof the tfue€ op€rators
to do the three iasksas {ollows:
1 2 3
I 10 9
I 9 10
u 8 12 10
The rnanagerwantsto minimizethe total time taken
by the three operators, as this will minimize the
el€ctficiiy consumption. How should th€ manager
assignthe tasksto the opentors ?
2. la) Solve ihe linear programming prcblem lormulated in
Q.l(a), using the simplexmethod. 7
(b) A mechanic who attends to llat igres of the vehicles
and replaces them, can attend to one vehicle ai a
hme. Vehicles anit€ according to a Poisson
distributionwith mean 2 per hour. for this service.
The service time distribution is negativ€ expoDential
with meln - 15 minutes.
(iJ Calculate the steady state probabiiities of finding
K vehicles in the system.
(ii) Find the avemg€ time spent by a customer in the

(iii) What is the proportion of time, the mechanic is

tuee? I

3. (aJ Write the duai of the problem in Q.z(a). Find an

optimal solution to ihe dual us,ng lhe solution of
Q.2(a). 5
tb) Give an interpretaiion of the dr.ral\rariablesin the
problem above. Il you want to increaseeither the
operating hours of Process1 or of Process2, in
order to increasethe profit further, which one will
gou recommendfor inclement,and ohy ? 3
(c, A big housing colony replacesthe common neon
lights at ihe rate ot 16 per day. It costsRs. 100/- to
piace an order. A neon light kept in storag€costs
Bs. 2/- a rJay.Assumethai there is no lead time and
that shortagesare not allowed.What is ihe EOQ ?
How lrequentlyshouldthe ordersbe placed? What
is the optitnai cost (varlablecostsonlyl ? 7

cs-51 P.T.O,
4. (u) Derlve ihe Kuhn - Tucker condltions lor the
following problem :
Maximize-{2x1 - 5)2- l2xz-.1)2
s u b j e tcot x . \ + 2 x 2 < 2
x 1> 0 , x Z > 0 .
(b) Using the concept of dominance,'reduce the
Iollowing 3 x 3 matrix to a two plaler zero sum
matrix game, and sohe {or the optimal sirategiesof
the playersand valueof $e game.
Aayet Il

i ' --32 't l
l-2 l
L 4 3 2)
5. {a) Solve the lollowing problem using dynamic
programmmg :
Maximize 2x1 + 5x2 + x3
subjectto xl - 2x, + 3xr S 7

(b) Define the following terrns and give one example of

{i) Extrem€ point

(i0 Mixed strategy
(iii) Deviationalvariable
(iv) Expectation of a random variable

cs-51 20,000
ADCA / MCA (U Year)
Term-End Examination


Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 75

Note , Q. 5 is colDputsorg. Attempt any th"ee

questionsfrom the rest.

l. (a) From the following informationcalculateall Material

and lnbour variances.
(20,000units) Rs. 98,000
AchDl wageJpaidlor 4950 hours Rs. 24,750
Units produc€d1,800 units
Siandardrates and piecesare :
Direct materialrate is Rs. 4 00 per unii
Standardinput is 10 numbersfor one rmit
Direci labour raie is Rs. 4 00 per hour
Slandardrequjr€mentjs 2.5 hovs Wt &it 10

(b) 'Variance analysis ?
What do you understandby
Also explain how the ,"?riancecan be controlled.

2. (a) Differentiate bet\{een Profit Maximisaiion and

W€atth Maximisation objective of the fir$.

(b) Explain the concept and processof th€ fotlo'\r,lng:

(i) Zero basebudg€ting 5

(ii) Per{o{maflcebudgeting 5

3. (a) Explain, in detail, the various parameters used fot

judging the efficiencyin managingworking capital-

(b) Briefly explain the various determinantsof capital


4. What is dMdend policy ? Explain in d€ta,l, the vaious

forms of dividend and the factors a{fecting dividend

5. Frorn the tollowjng particulars ior the year ending
31st March2003 ol M/s XYZ Ltd., prepareTtadingand
Profit and LossA/c and BalanceSheeton ihat daie

Rs. Rs
Stock 15,950
Apprenticeship 3,480
Purchases 58,000BiUsreceivable 10,150
SaJes 2,32,000Bills payable 7,250
OUice 58,000
23,345 Sundrydebtors
Return Plant and 13,050
inward Machinery

Iniercst on 45,a20
870 Sundrycreditors
Reiurn Loan (Dr) @ 10%
1,760 14,500
on 1.4.20O2

Drawings 8,700 lnvestment 8,700

Wages 20,010Cash at bank 10,150
Land and 725
1,59,500Cash tn hand
b ilding
7,250 Stock(31.3.2003) 20,300
and fixtures

cs-54 P,T,O.
(i) lnterest on capital to be allowed at 5% for the year.
(ii) Interest on drawings to be charged for the year is
{jii) Apprenticeshippremium js for thrce years recelveo
in advanceon 1srApdl 2002.
(iv) Stock 'Jatued at Rs. 8,700 destroyed by lire on
25.3.2003, but the insurancecompany admitted a
claim of Rs. 5,800 only to be paid in the geat 2004.
(v) Rs. 14,500 out of adveriisement€xpensesare to De
carried {or\rard.
(vil The manageris entitledto a commj6sionof 10% at
the net profii calcutatgd after charging such

(vii) The stock includesmaterialwo(h Rs.2,900

which bill had not been received and iherefore_not
yet accountedfor.