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the least disturbe ct|anf|d oafe 79 dtanefs.4AGHz Bluetooth V1. a ctrs Bt-€t@th equipments wkelessly.rsrt r* -r lalst bchnology and can be connected wilh rnobile. moose. SDecifications: Operating frequency rdEet Z4reIt-2.d-by lir€ 25O hours -1- . lt is commur*:* 1600/s and choose by l*.Z-W88 BluetoofiH€# Otcraain lanual l. headset.b€d. Wireless Bluetooth Tecftnologu Thebluetooth equip. ke).2 complliant Transmitting power Gless2 SuDDortsHeadset & Hrdslee Mes Range of wireless drEci'|: 10 fiElers Built-in chargeable 15o. POA d€sldop computer.nAll aarn b€uery Talk time: 6 hours: Sta.

Diagram .The idea according advancedsomatology. :]*}fr*:F.G e t r i d o f aisturbing cables. Z-W88 sport bluetoothheadset features poftable your exterior.:.Even if your heavy Pod in youf pockei you can slill enjoy i. b. r-. Headsetbuiltin recl.#ffi## install ddvesoflware.'--.Not iullof -_€ =:s: enercy in new headsefs aa::eto use it.jusl by wireless. please -2- -3- .eattery. 'Travel charger110Vr24:. _-5--i l 9 h l n t e l l i g e nd e s i g n . * Car charger(choosea1: .. : -€-:s Automatic 4.€_---'._-.2. features Novel soecial and exterior -a:ch wiih lPod's extedorperfectly.a:-. Accompanying acc€ssdies * USB Chargingc€ble * OpeEtion I\.Unique and inlelligent nclion lel you willnot miss any mobile fu calls duringyou enjoy music. design.{anual ' USB Dongle+CDR fof ?a -. : -.Pairingwith mobiiethen you can cast offradialization from mobile. Get rid of disturbingcables.Enjoy music during Slinky to sport by ste|eo. USB bluetooth dongle features Cabinet beautiful and exterior. Furthermore you will not miss any mobilecalls.-s€ 5uy) e_.ry) 'Adapierfor iPod (choose a_. the music by wireless. iPod bluetooth adapte. a.

USB cable directlyto computerto charge Connectjng S. can charge it t hourenough.First step: Shutdown status: Pr€ss Sa e! ir : s€srds-r-ii.ght ste..Ee it at least 4 hours to l6t it full of energy.. c i enter into pairing stata 2. match Bluelod 9.:q€st Don't use the c€r charger at first time) ' ?lease chargethe headsetif any oflhe followingphe-ofiena aDDears: and shutsdown e: Headsetshutsdown automatically aOainshortlyafter being re-started. Second step: Begin to pairing on )dr .. After the first :-e-Jsing.€o LED3 Greenlightfor drage @ Pairing is a process to cqrEc Br-dd: other lt will create a penn-st ra s* equipments and provile tiE .t_ r-ro etooth without using afiy p€ss€: €qrtnents each ii( between your s€..:_a.6 .vice ftom Blu- '1." l i g h t sa s h q u i c k l y .rcb|b €d & blue sound- r€€r to rnobile -5- .rt- - ffi s5 Volume "+" s6 Volume"-" LEDI Redlight s&rgle for ior LED2 Bluel. a: \o responsewhen buttonsare pressed.h € G . . 51 Play/Pause R€frlset* / 52 Upward 53 Backward S4 On/Off.

Note: lf headset cannot the pakjng find equipment 3 minutes in shutdown.Fou. At up headset succesd+t h!.. F mobile a Third step: Y willbe required enterPin-Code'Password to 0000 6 rE€dedto enter* Pairingsuccessfully. it the hesds€l dl tt 4inEnb. ' Oly blue llashes light slowly..l.b-'-g lhis time.n r€d& blue lhe receive after not Dial. Shutdown beadsca 1) Siart-up stabs:Pr€s6 hl 3 rd9a lights flash quicldtbe--s€twith'bi" sound-*Shutdow|. '(}ly redlight iashssslowly*single connected successfully. Talk& FinishcAf€rthe bluelodr |dEr you canuseIt|e |Ed mobile. Start-upheadsd Shutdown status: Pr€sSaE -2+& btue | -E? sbrllights flash lor 1 sacdHltbl tEde. lf lt."sound-'Red with single& stereorare a *E fightsfash slowly. wll automatic€lly yourmobile other lf headset in pairing isn't status. and pleaseset Huetooth equipments cannotsearchheadset. 2. theheadset paking on status thenyourmobile begin can to searcn. pairing lS: 0000 a default is Pin-Code blugtooth for h€adset) .esstully.t-'r. 2) When Searding fE dF range of heads€(d € get any connecliqr h I -aclnjt *ft$. 1. searching willget "z-w88" in equipment list.ECeSSfully. connected sr. the headsotwillaubcdqrfDf Stus. After usermanual).Stereo connected suc.-lE ever connected wilh aaE E atlE{q then automaticlly conn€cH h step: Piilg successfully-heads€t " bi. F-i!g withyour phoneor b rr*t€ -6- -7- .

_ . . 3 t. press 56 key.Off key on mobile or the olher side hang up the call to flnish it -red lishtilashes siowy (around1 time /second).--ection may be auiomatically off.:.. -usic by 1 .::i:: :. :.eceiverkey on mobile-red lighl flashesquickly(afifyou want to refuseihe call. P l a y j n m u s i cp r e s s 2 .After that.. . Note: Base on differenldes e.. Pairing with USB computer btuetooth dongte -8- -9- . r t 4. (From low to high lotal 15 levels. . : r r .: . .: . n a t d . . the mobileseiero rnusic. P l a y i n g u s i c . p m Press 31 PLAYkey qLr:. press 55 key. . . : .: : : t b l u e t o o t h l e r e os y s l e s :. 2 Durng ia king. . . . .u s i c s t o p s . .ta 3 . . -1. r e s sS : . : . volume-.p l e a s e e f e r o y o " . " . t h e h e a d s e tr e d l i g h t k e g p l i g h t i n S .:. P l a y i n g u s i c . g . ..d 2 times/second). PC or PDA connect with headset The blueioothheadset.umbers-When getling call. p m 2 .you can hear ''D ' .:-.e headset-red light flashesslowly (around1 time / 2 t T a l k& f i n i s h a c a l l i?hen a call comes. : : a . Mobile Stereo music Play Hode N e e dt o p a i r i n gh e r : : : . ' headsetsland-byrnoce :-: : _. cut 3.: : : .s € . ? : i : . . talk and finish a call 1 ) D i a l ac a l l a I 3 .:.:'. r e s sS . . -r press 51 1 secondshotily. D i w h e no n l o w o r o n h l g h t ) 3 Press 54 key shortly.soundwillbeautomauc _ :.m a n u a t . you can hear the alarm sound ' D i D i . . . . . : s: :i:--ered with pC or P D A .: ^ . 1 Mobile dial.volume +. -_: : : : -. . lf connected stereo-Red & blue lightsflash slowly-autornaticllyturn 2.-fe mobile ringing-prcss shortlythe 54 key or press :_: .

esstully. put lhe CDR into computer's CD room.ld step: Start-up"My bluetooth" in the computer. Playingmusic.after then settingsuccessful setling.. startup sKypeon compuler. skype: 1). lhen pfess Y ior 2 secondsto call. S t e r e om u s i c P l a Ym o d e i ' LJSB dongle insert into computer USB port.-.lhen the searching bluetooth 'r can find the z-W88 " equipmentlist -. e _: : o a t m L s i c s a.1 . P l a y r n g L s ( o ' e s s3 2 : 3 .! sic.Start-upthe headset. = -si step: Ptugthe USB dongleinto the computer'sIJSB p o r t . can hear €d :-ourthstep: Pairingsuccessfully.s : s t r o o e o o ' e s sS ' again. music played Note. step: Choose"z-W88"in the list' inpuithe Pin-Code \::. press 33:3 nex: backwafdsong.the USB dongle cannot searchthe headset Pleasesei bluetooth up the headsei on pairing status then begin to use the USB bluetoolhdongle to seatch- -10- . ' e s sS . Stari-upthe headsei.R e d .o r c h o o s et n e p e r s o nw h o s ey o u wantto callfirsl.e / : . Use other tJSB bluetoolhdongle may be missedsome USB bluetooth function.:it€r pa _. siadm J p l h e c o m p u l e r ' s e c a t a . !aid. : rairing.e n t e r i n t o p a i r i n gs i a t u s . m b . & blue llghtflash ( 1 slowly around time/second) Note: lf the bluetooihheadsetisn'i on pairingstatus. c . Oial numbet function:YoJ car Lrse mouse to pro' c e s s w i l h s k y p e . tuncicr: When the call corning 3). you computer.ig successfuly. setling program. the 2). b l u e lighis flash altemately :::r.afle.: " 0000" on mobile _0000"is fxalioipaidng headset) for Pln_Codebluetooth lhe 3).r ^ a r d s o ' ] g p m c P l a y i n g L s .we suggest to use o!r sp€cia1 dongle for our headset 2. Sound communicate -solnd -D in the headsetfrom skype.

.'. 5.: -. i : ' : s o n g m _: _q 5 . : : O s e l u p :p r e s st h e a u d i os e t u p .j : e a .: a i r i n g s u c c _:-: !:. P l a y i n g u s i c .:.: 'presi --: . . : .-::anrreheafd w e s s f u l l y i l hh e e c .: ^ . : .'n rha iP^. 1' + . A f t e rf i n i s ht h e : :_ : :. .if you don'twant 1oanswerlhe phone.after pairingsuccessfully.nusicfrom on p 4 . W h e nr e d l i g h l f l a s . ' : ' . : rlsh /Refusethe call: : After commLrnicate skype -press 54 toinish lhe on ca | (or pressthe finish key on skype difectly). _ : : .1t.. . you can hear "Di "sound in lhe headset.::-. h o o s e h e i m p u t c t : n d o u l p u t o " b l u e t o o t h u d i o "' F i n i s h . 5). Finish/Retuse: .'.s e k e y _ on QQ dired:l :. .r o l h e s l e r e o. start-: OQ on computer..: : : .:. . c d| ( o : : :r_:nant b .. : -od" 'ed : :CrO' . 3 . P l a y i l g m . . .. l a : D al numberfunciion:lhisopefationcan be only progresson QQ thfoughtmouse.: i : . :'. & b l u el i g h t s l a s f : : : .'ed '::'::-: -: ghiilash& b l u el i g h t s l a s -.:a : _ . r e s s: : : ' : : .= headset-yo!.--.lhen the call comingfrom skype. W h e n h e€ .: f .pressthe answerkeyonQQ by mouse-Enter intocommunicale ' 1 .= : . ..i h e h e a d s e tc a n a u t o m a i i c a l y .L o n gp r e s ss .o d e l o F n j o y r b em ' r s c s . . .: : : _: .Answerthe phone:Duringthe ca lcomlng from QQ.P a i r i n ga u t c r : : : can pressthe refuse key cn skype directly. A f l e r c o .t _ : :_ :' :-.: : : .I I :'ess 54 to answer the phone (or press the answer <:v on skypedirectly)-Entef into communicate status. p e s : : . f i n i s hi h € c a l l .'. r : e . Pairing with iPod acaiii' the S:art-up headsei. : : : _ .._ : _ : .: : t t o q n s w e r . r s i c . _.= ' .: . j .: : : f :_ e s .: : i . . :.IrcalY 6 ) . Pl. . -.s 5 e n l e rr n t ot h e s : .: : : .

l u s ef o ri o n gt i m e ! .a. : : : . a Listeningio musicwhen the call coming. T h e h e a d s ec a n ^ : : : : : t . d n g r c c ._ : . R e d l i g h tf l a s h e s : i . .: .r : : r n e .ro:'.: .-:. O e a l w i t hf a i l u r e : 1 .p a . b e n o i n d l c a t i o n: c _ : : .a " b e e p " s o u n dc a n b e h e a r do n n e a o s e r . 3 . aa.: r a y i n gm u s i c . . m a y j. _ a _ .. .-... . .: : n l f l h e b a f t e l w a-s.. --.r: : a few '::_ ': :. -aulomalcal.:r'-: :.j .: _::: : i --: c r:a:::r!i.mobilewill ring up. s .m u s i cp l a y e d .iat4A m i n u l e s t l e a s lf o -s _ : : . then red liE_:i :- -14- .mobilepairing successfully with headsel. o s : s s : J l y ..:. .-iPod adapter. blue :_: iash at the sametime*red lightiashes-blue light .T h e b l u e t o o t hi : : : : .i : : mobile.. .. : l : .p r e s s5 1 : 3 a l n .p r e s sS l . minutes.: . automatically stop playingmusic-press 54 to answer the phone orpress the answerkeyon mobile-foruard to the communicat'on mode.'. .T h e b l u e t o o i h' e : : : : l -. "beep. tas quick sposs:: a 2 .:_j: nd c:tio. .can beginto enjoy the musicfiom iPod.: : _ : ! e e n o u g h a powerconsumngI:::.: . . N o i n d i c a t i od u r i r : : ..."sound can be heard from headset. : : : : . Pairing with iPod adapter & mobile : ' S^ut down the headset after pairingsuccessfully wiih : -:. 7 . m u s i c s t o p p e d .9 press54 enter into paiing mode-fed & blue light r : -J Pod adapter nto iPod30-pinconnector-red.. F i n i s ha c a l l : : ' : . a S:alup lhe bluelooth connection moble-red & blue on !-htsflash ai one time.r e d i s h t n a s h e s n r P o da d a p l e r .

: :: . : -.= : : : € i .. s p e c i i l c a l i o nS . : .B e f o r e s i n g o i r . .-. u y : .."q-rp -liyoJrneadserfds::.: : : .:.: h _ N o t e b o o k . . the conneciionmay be lntetrupted. r so b e e s sl h a 1 0 .: . . '! Atter charging has been finished. i e a : s : : : ..:. 1 .: -€ -i.. : = : ... w -'16- .re of mobi es on y suppod one of b ueloothhead. :i.. : : : : . e : . S h o u l dp a i r i n gb e r w e e . '..' _ . t€ 3!doo!.'_-{. What is the effective dis?t€ .::. : .aied W h e ny o u r m o be i o ..).( : ' .'3ke s!re your mobileis in lhe strongenoughsrgnal ::.. . .::.W i t h i nh ee f f e c t i v e = . if more than one bluetoothheadsel pairingwith : : Tobile.d: . . ..own E q u i p m e n t ) w i l l a p p e : . : . . . : : ... . When my mobile is sea. . why does not my headset work with my mobile? .: : : . : t t . nanual fof delailedinsiructio-s 6 .::_ cment m a k es u r ee q u i p m e n : : .:...r i .: .::: ! : : m a y v a r y d e p e l .m e n l y o L rm o b l ec 2 .s .: : .t t a : .a : .._ 5. ::-i:== 4.. .: : : : = :::. : : .? e .: ..:....: : .'ake sure ihe headsethad been startedup. w i l l s e a r cs e v e r a t B . : s o u n do n t h e h e a d s e t i '.r' -*e. 2 Can my bluetooth headsetwor* with mobile of any mod€l? ' N o .':ke sure the headsethad been paifed successfully '.: m o b i t eb e r e p e a t e d v e r yt i m e w h € .'::r. why d o s e v e r a lb l u e t o o l he : _ . 3. .r _ i = .::DA. .: r . j .-. L tc a n o n l yw o r kw i t hm o b i l e h i c hh a s b l u e t o o l h . r .. .'a{e sure lhe distancebetlveen heasetand firoblle ihe r : r ' t e x c e e d5 m e t e r s .a f t e r r h : ...+t-ipme n i .Your mobile'sBluetoothhas to be activatedfrci and pairedwith your eyewear. t e s t c: ..) mobite? -Theirmaximumeffa. . Why can nol my mobile tE-: 3 -a:.:. <u jpment? . € ..

Use the clean.€ss S. Why can not my headset work suddenly? .€r r€ phone. hotv€!€a b Eff -€ pgff 'qr stlodd press 51 for 3 seconds b€r. s-cGcr: rdr*E teL t1. .When you don't wanl to use:E . .€€sli rnobite.r.€ Maintain headset: . for T610.Adjustthe volume buttonor press "volume+" on your mbile to increasethevolumeand test if mobileiswilhin a strong-signalatea.a.\o. What should I do if my headset can not receive well? .t 3endy to answer lhe call.€G€! p{€aseput it into the packing. 10. red indicatorwill flash. _. hea_ :set and mobilewill keep pai@deven ifany one or two ::them are shut down..ltwill not displaythe incomingielegramwhen you dial numberc.. YYhydo noises arise? f -retoodrequjpments performance is affected by any one :' :re followingf actots: .ll6e cfa€ri r 4{E] soffware. For €fs Cornmonty. . -di.ruse the headset shatter or aba-€ ---€ -a-!.No power When batteryis low.::r:_: c.!z.lf disassembly your birjetc. . : may c. its effectwill .hethermobile is withinthe effectivedistanceor not effectofQQ & skypedependon the .Don't letchildrenptay h€€dsa -q -3y hurl tnem_ -18- -'19- .s €rEe. sofr ard cty f#E E :€a_dr headset. .pr6 -€ iey gen{y " or 'press the key for 3 se. Thal cause by P800 arE .he communication 8. bstir| flr (-€rt 'nottb? . Why differem ansa€. " can be heard on the headset.+!)cI -e. . body huned s.eG€. ihe way of answer pttqEs re .Don't place the headset dr nue a. so a little different deft{io: fo. lf use non"original ac€essc. or your rnotib carrs egram displays.Difierenl mobile rnake.' q4 'E E '. :er-s€ capability comes down.. 9. So long as pai ng has been successfully set. Why not out ofcommission of incoming telegram di3plays? .abate lhe maintain.vhethermobile is within a strcng-signal area or not 'dle mobile is within a weak-signalarea.6 r -a_.

_: n e n t s r .: i : : : : : : .elated information for baftery: \-.t .Peasetakedownorreplacing battery somesalted on the ' f trse t carefully.olherwise headsetmay not be usedfora while :.the for it wi I be long life for Temperature chargeis 101 to 45 C Base on foom temperatureusing.luce lhe caPabilitY..: . : .selvesor bfeak the headsel. ' -ihe chargeronly designedfor using in indoor.\age range.: . ..: r o o r a o r y P a i f e de q u l p m e n t\s . o e .. : .: a o s e t w i t h B l u e l o o t m o b i l e r o u r e . = .l f h e a d s ed o n o t u s e f o . . r : : : . : : : : s Bluetoothwithoui us ng e E v e r yh e a d s e t 'd e f a ! : : : .-i:::.don' t pull oiherwiseii may attaintthscharger' : srrongly.: . . : . o n eo f t h e f o l l o w i n g € s e s: : : .licanon . : _ . : : i t eacholher ltwillcrealea F y o u re q u l p m e n ta n d p r o .: -: .. Any oneofthe eqL:-: ...: r : = : _ s : ! e n r ra n y .o u c a n . y . . ._ 3 : . .:... rler. ..otpeo. . .: r ) e a s er e f e r s o t o s p e c l f i c p e r a l i o n e c :: .l iren pu l out the chargerfrom ihe socket. .. . . -.s -::r :: :-. . € n o m I : : i : i . Don t put headseton mofe hot or mofe cold envlronrnthe :nl. r m o o l e s u c c e s s f u l l y ...r battery:Atfirst time to use the produci chargethe _:adset baiteryfor 4 hours at leasi.: : .:e Lt 1 : . .: .' : c .: : .: : : s n o r d 0 0 0 0 i t i s n e e d e dt o e n i e r b y ! s 3 . : .A 1 yo n eo r ... : : : .: t t i m ea t l e a s tp e r 2 m o n i i : s lntroduction to pairing P a i r i n gs a p r o c e s sc : : .can get th€ largest caPabiity will Us ng at outdoortemperature. ' : r .: s _ s e rm a n u a l o s ior Blueloolhpassworo A f t e r y o u r h e a d s e i^ a : : : : .+ : j -20- -2' .:.: .: . Malntain battery: .: : . : . w o o . cause re.: : n . r .: : . : s ! 0 0 Oa n d s t o r e d n i s ti n l e r n am e r : . r e ' l h e o _ :.: . e p e n d s n h o o s p e c i f i c e t t i n g s f e q ! : .. . : .. A n vo .don t rse it in outdoot '-re chargercan be only used wiihln the in.: : t : .: ' .avelcharger. ..