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iPads in the Classroom: A Conference for Educators

October 21, 2011

Oakland Schools - October 21 Waterford, Michigan

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MACUL is happy to announce the first annual conference on “iPads in the Classroom.” This conference is the first in the state to focus solely on the use of these amazing tools as instruments of teaching and learning. We are looking for educators like you who can share ideas, apps, resources, and strategies to support the use of these devices in schools and classrooms. While these tools have been around for just over a year, we know a number of you have been using these devices in your work, and in your classroom to support the work of principals, teachers, specialists, and students. We are looking for presenters who are willing to focus on a specific aspect of this work, such as education for specific subjects, grade levels, or specialized needs of anyone in schools.

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Welcome to our first “iPads in the Classroom” conference.
We are pleased to offer this opportunity to learn about the potential of these technologies and the strategies to utilize iPads to support teaching and learning.

About the Conference This conference is intended to provide specific ideas, strategies, and ideas to educators about how iPads can support learning, instruction, assessment, and management in a school setting. We recognize that these devices, barely over a year old, could be “game-changers” that can reshape teaching and learning in ways that other devices rarely have. Their relatively low operating cost, flexibility, and simple user interface seem a natural fit for schools. This conference will keep Michigan educators on the cutting edge to see how new tools can support learning, and potentially, reshape what we do and focus on in schools. Otherwise, free apps for hands-on sessions are fine.

SBCEU’s Participants wanting continuing education unit credit should check with the registration desk to get SBCEU credit, which is available for both conference and pre-conference workshops. You should make sure your namebadge is scanned at the end of each session. Conference Sessions Our presenters all have a wealth of experience with iPads, as well as a broader knowledge of technology integration, curriculum and instruction, and professional learning. While the iPad is relatively new, we have some of the best educators in the state here today to share their knowledge and experience with iPads and the iOS tools.

We have a great collection of presenters and sessions to address every aspect of using iPads in classrooms and schools. Sessions range from introductory information about iPad tools and techniques to classroom focused sessions addressing learner needs and apps for a variety of topics. We even have sessions addressing the technical setup and configurations of iPads for classroom use, and software development considerations for these tools. Even if you don’t get a chance to see all you want, you can check back on the conference site after today’s conference to see the links and resources from our presenters at:

Session Locations The conference takes place at the Oakland Schools facility at 2111 Pontiac Lake Road in Waterford. Park in the front entrance of the facility. The main entrance leads to the atrium area, with the registration desk to your right. Check in here first. Sessions will take place in the following conference rooms: • Conference Room D (includes water, tea, coffee, and lunch) • Room 160 (main floor) • Rooms 235-240, 245, 250, and 290 (second floor map) • Room 335 (third floor map) Review the program and room signage for session information. The iPad conference is not the only event taking place at Oakland Schools this day, so please be courteous and quiet outside of other conference meeting rooms during breaks.

Session 1: 8:30 to 9:15 AM
Create and Distribute eBooks for Free
Rooms 235 and 240 (combined room) Kristin Fontichiaro, University of Michigan Why buy eBooks when your students can publish and distribute them via Smashwords converts and hosts your original writing in all major eReader/in-brower formats. Let Smashwords sell or give away your eBook. Smashwords can even submit it for distribution via iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and more.

Mobile Resources for Students and Staff: MI Learning on iTunes U
Room 245 Judy Paxton, MI Learning Michigan educators are reaching thousands of learners (including teachers & community) with quality curriculum resources distributed to mobile devices through MI Learning on iTunes U. Explore collections and evaluate your potential to create, capture and distribute lessons to students, available 24/7. Support Michigan educators by sharing quality resources!

Getting Started with iOS Devices
Conference Room D Joanna Montgomery, Apple, Inc. Whether it's an iPad, iPod, or iPhone, there are some basics you can use to get started in using these tools to improve teaching and learning in the classroom. This session will provide an overview of the operations, features, and apps available on these "iOS" devices. You'll get an overview of the operating system (iOS), as well as resources like the iTunes App Store, iTunes U, and the iBookstore, to name a few, and how these can support you and your students in the classroom.

Creating Educational Apps for the iPad and iPod: An Open Forum with Developers

Room 290 Christian Marcillo, Glen Konopaskie, of Future Help Designs and Scott Schopieray, Michigan State University - Panelists; Moderated by Stephen Best, University of Michigan How often have you said, “I wish there was an app to do ...”? In this session, we’ll learn what it takes to create such an app, and we’ll hear how two different developers created apps to to support learning and teaching. This session will provide attendees a chance to ask question of the developers, learn what it takes (technically and conceptually) to create such tools, and to share ideas for the app that just might help you and your students.

Digital Storytelling Using Free or Inexpensive iPad Apps
Room 250 Andy Mann, Muskegon Area ISD With a built-in camera, the iPad and iPod Touch is an ideal tool for supporting writing through digital storytelling. Storyboard with Popplet, create a Western with your own voice using PuppetPals. Tell though a story arc in ToonTastic. Add creative artwork and images to your narrated story with ScreenChomp and more.

ScreenChomp: Assessment, Remediation, Engagement and Creation using the iPad!

Room 335 Randy Micallef, Walled Lake Consolidated Schools, and Jeremy Vanisacker, TechSmith Videos are a powerful tool for remediation and assessing student progress. Discover the free iPad app, ScreenChomp that engages and empowers students and teachers to easily create simple video lessons that can be easily shared and watched anywhere.

Session 2: 9:30 to 10:15 AM
Creativity Unleashed!
Room 250 Brad Wilson, Lakeshore School District Those that say the iPad was not made for content CREATION have not handed a 9-year-old one of these apps! Storytelling, multimedia editing, content sharing and much more are not only possible, they are EASY on this device! Come find unique project opportunities to inspire YOUR students in YOUR curriculum!

iPad Frequently Asked Questions
Conference Room D Chris Thompson, Independent Consultant, and Stephen Best, University of Michigan Do you have some questions about how to do a particular thing on the iPad? Wondering about what apps might be best for a specific function? This session is a "Frequently Asked Question" session open to anyone to come and share information about apps that you use that are so good that you just need to share them with colleagues. Our only request for participants: be ready to share an app that you use and let us know why you like it. It’s social networking on a different level - where the iPad isn’t the means of networking, it’s what we get together and talk about!

Setting Up iPads in a Shared Environment
Room 290 Melinda Waffle, Calhoun ISD Learn from our experience in setting up iPads to be used in a shared environment. We will look at setup, deployment and management of sets of iPads that are shared between multiple users.

Managing Learning with the iPad
Room 335 Paul Chrustowski, Future Help Designs In this session, we’ll share our experiences developing and using management tools to address the needs of teachers in documenting and assessing behaviors for students. iBAA (Behavior Assessment Application) and KeepInMind provide opportunities to enter qualitative observations, do cumulative tabulation, recording, and behavioral assessment tools for School Psychologist and other educators. We’ll share some of the ideas about how to use such management tools to manage and document learning.

The Tablet Library: Research Papers in the iPad Age
Rooms 235 and 240 (rooms combined) Andrea Zellner, Michigan State University

In this session, we will discuss iPad apps that support finding, organizing, and annotating primary sources for research papers. In addition, we will talk about best ways to design a workflow based on individual needs. Finally, participants will gain ideas for teaching and writing research papers using the iPad.

Using the iPad to Study Climate Change
Room 245 David Bydlowski, Wayne RESA

Learn how the iPad is used by teachers and students in the NASA Investigating Climate Change and Remote Sensing Project, using iTunes and custom Apps!

Session 3: 10:30 AM to Noon (workshops)
iPad Playground for Lower Elementary
Rooms 235 and 240 (combined room) Amber Kowatch and Ashley McDonald, Ludington Public Schools, and Tom Johnson, Mason-Lake-Oceana ISD Think that young kids can’t use technology to learn? Guess again! Come hear how kindergarten and second grade students have been using iPads to support their learning in one-to-one classrooms over the past year. Presenters will share their successes, challenges, documentary project, and stories about how this is changing the way they teach and the way their students learn.

Google on the iPad!
Room 335 John Sowash, Southfield Christian Schools If you have already integrated Google into your life, you would probably like to continue using products like Gmail, calendar, docs, and sites on your iPad. This session will focus on how to get the most out of these, and other Google products, through your iPad.

App Taskonomy
Room 290 Jordy Whitmer, Mat Brown, and Roy McCloud, Birminghad Public Schools The iPad with its apps opens many new opportunities for learning. At the same time, it offers a slightly different wrapper for older learning opportunities. Both can be worthwhile, but it would be a shame if teachers missed the former for the latter. And, if past experience and research is any indication, educators are much more likely to co-opt the new technology to accomplish the status quo.

iLike my iPad

Conference Room D David Tchozewski, Jenison Public Schools What’s on your iPad? With so many apps available, are you curious what apps others are using? Then this fastpaced session is for you as we quickly share and demo dozens of educational apps. Bring your iPad and be prepared to share your favorite educational apps.

iPad Tools for Busy Teachers
Room 250 Andy Mann, Muskegon Area ISD The iPad provides a rich collection of productivity tools to help busy teachers manage their time. Explore options to sync multiple email accounts and calendars. Use applications to view email attachments and access reference documents. Use Evernote, SoundNote, Dragon Dictate, and Dropbox to record or share information and time-saving browser tips.

Happy to be “Appy:” Apps to Develop Language, Learning and Communication for Emergent iTechnology Users with Autism
Room 245 Kelly Van Singel and Brooke Olsen, This session will provide an overview of an app hierarchy to help develop language and communication skills for emergent learners with autism or other developmental disabilities. By exposing students to apps that promote cause&effect concepts, increase vocabulary, and improve language skills, emergent learners can increasingly meet educational goals and enhance overall communication.

Lunch: Noon to1:00 PM
Lunch will be served in Conference Room D. Please bring your lunch ticket from your registration packet.

Session 4: 1:00 - 1:45 PM
Research Advantages, Funding Ideas, and Implementing iPads
Rooms 235 and 240 (combined room) Charles Jahn, Tekonsha Community Schools

Padding with a Purpose- Meaningful Classroom Integration with Shared Devices
Room 250 Brad Wilson, Lakeshore School District

Tekonsha High School has recently purchased iPads for students taking English and Science classes. The presentation will provide the benefits of using iPads, possible solutions on finding funding for iPads, and implementation suggestions for educators.

Apps for Admins
Room 335 Tim Staal, MAME

So you have 1, 5 or 15 iPads… how are you going to make them work with your day-to-day learning? What about classroom management? App organization? Curriculum enrichment or interventions? This session will give you ideas for maximizing student impact, building a learning culture & helping you keep your sanity!

Explore iPad applications and best practices for administrators. We'll look at tools for personal management as well as curriculum, school information, and communication tools. Bring your own favorite to share.

Sci-Pad: Tools for Teaching and Learning Science
Room 290 Stephen Best, University of Michigan In this session, we'll take a look at some of the

iOS Deployment for Education
Room 160 Calvin Clark, Apple, Inc.

Are you considering iPads or other iOS devices for your classroom or school? This session will address the details and considerations of deploying multiple devices to teachers and students. The session will address a variety of implementation models (including 1:1, shared devices, and other approaches), setup, volume licensing for apps, and many other considerations for bringing multiple devices into your learning environment.

science-specific apps developed for the iPad, and see how these amazing tools can transform learning. See how video, data, simulations, augmented reality, reference guides, and yes, even some angry birds, can help your students learn science. While we will try to address a full range of content, most will focus on science concepts for middle and high school and college.

iPad2 Tips,Tricks and Apps: Great Ways to Get More From Your iPad
Conference Room D Roy McCloud, Birmingham Public Schools

Mobile Resources for Students and Staff: MI Learning on iTunes U
Room 245 Judy Paxton, MI Learning

Master your new iPad 2 with these quick tips and convenient shortcuts. Your new iPad 2 might not be as full-featured (or as complicated) as a laptop or desktop PC, but a few neat tricks are still hidden between the surface. Join us learn how to secure your iPad, sync your bookmarks, and more.

Session repeated from 8:30am.

Session 5: 2:00 to 2:45 PM
Creating a Powerful Learning Tools with iPads
Rooms 235 and 240 (combined room) Charles Jahn, Tekonsha Community Schools iPads can provide an endless amounts of media and internet access to students. This presentation will provide educators possible ideas and learning tools to be used in the classroom. Google Apps and Moodle will be two main applications focused on in this program.

The App Exchange
Room 245 Facilitated by Mike Oswalt, Calhoun ISD This session is a participant sharing session open to anyone to come and share information about apps that you use that are so good that you just need to share them with colleagues. Our only request for participants: be ready to share an app that you use and let us know why you like it. It’s social networking on a different level - where the iPad isn’t the means of networking, it’s what we get together and talk about!

Designing Content for a Mobile World
Room 160 Joanna Montgomery, Apple, Inc.

Presentation, Picture, and Video Tools for the iPad
Conference Room D Stephen Best, University of Michigan PowerPoint doesn’t come on the iPad. A camera does. Whether that makes you happy or sad, we’ll look at the next generation of presentation tools, and all of the considerations for presenting ideas using your iPad. We’ll not only look at tools for presenting in your classroom, but also how you can use your camera to communicate - both through pictures you use in class, or with video to talk with other classrooms, experts, or other teachers anywhere around the world.

More and more web content is being viewed on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. How does this affect what we create and share online for our classes or schools? In this session, we'll look at the considerations and constraints of content on these mobile devices, and see how you can design your learning resources and content to take advantage of the iPad, iPod, and other mobile devices.

Fostering Creative App-titude Using the iPad
Room 250 Karen Bosch, Southfield Christian Schools

This session will give an overview of apps that can be used in the classroom to develop creative learning projects. Drawing, photography, audio recording, and movie making apps will shared along with examples of student projects in a variety of subject areas.

Google Apps with iPads
Room 335 Tim Staal, MAME

Explore the advantages, disadvantages, and best practices, concerning the use of Google apps with iPads. We explore using shared documents, spreadsheets, forms, etc. from both the student and teacher perspectives.

Using Your iPad (or Computer) at the Conference
“BYOD” “iPads in the Classroom” is a “BYOD”, or “Bring your own device” conference. This is partly due to lack of available iPads that are not dedicated to instructional use, but also because you will want to customize the information and ideas from this conference to your own, individual needs. If you DO NOT have an iPad, you can use your computer during the conference, or check with the registration desk to see about borrowing one of our limited number of iPads for the day. If you purchased an iPad2 with your registration, check the information below for setup and registration. Network Access Oakland Schools maintains a “guest” wireless internet network that we will use for the conference. Please try to log on early during the conference - information about login will be mentioned at the registration desk. Because of the size of the conference, we ask that you not use the network to download or stream large media files. We also ask that you not download the latest iPad operating system (iOS 5) during the conference, as it is a very large download that will tax the network and will take a long time for you to update (leaving your iPad inaccessible for hours during the conference). However, we strongly encourage downloading this new system after the conference at your convenience. New iPad Setup for “Combo” Registration Those of you purchasing a new iPad as a part of your registration (or in addition to your registration) will need to do an initial setup just to use your devices during the conference. Use the iPad connector cable to connect to your laptop computer prior to any sessions. You will need to have iTunes loaded on your computer (download available at You can follow the steps (shown at right) to create a new Apple ID and register your iPad initially. DO NOT concern yourself with loading music, movies, or other content during the initial installation, as this will take considerable time. If you do not have your own computer, check with the registration desk for help in setting up your iPad so that you can use it during the conference. You can use your new Apple ID to download apps from the online App Store (on your iPad) during the conference (again, be wary of large file downloads). If you do this, you will be able to set up and customize your iPad with your unique settings, such as media, email and other accounts, and apps after the conference on your own computer. Other Considerations Please be considerate of our presenters during the conference. Turn cell phones and iPad audio off during sessions (unless called for in a workshop). While we know the iPad is an exciting tool to use, we ask that you make sure not to distract the presenter or colleagues during the conference. Register Your New iPad Before Using. Just follow the steps shown below to set up your new iPad2 for use at the conference.

Conference Schedule At A Glance
ROOM 8:30 - 9:15 AM 9:30 - 10:15 AM 10:30 AM - Noon
iPad Frequently Asked Questions - Chris Thompson and Steve Best The Tablet Library: Research Papers in the iPad Age - Andrea Zellner Using the iPad to Study Climate Change - David Bydlowski iLike my iPad David Tchozewski

1:00 - 1:45 PM
iPad2 Tips, Tricks, and Apps: Great Ways to Get More From Your iPad Roy McCloud

2:00 - 2:45 PM
Presentation, Picture, and Video Tools for the iPad - Steve Best

Conference Getting Started Room D with iOS Devices- Joanna Montgomery Room 235 and 240 Combined Create and Distribute eBooks for Free - Kristin Fontichiaro Mobile Resources for Students and Staff: MI Learing on iTunes U Judy Paxton Digital Storytelling Using Free or Inexpensive Apps - Andy Mann Creating Educational Apps for the iPad and iPod...Software Developer Panel ScreenChomp: Assessment, Remediation, Engagement... Randy Micallef and Jeremy Vanisacker

iPad Playground for Lower Elementary Amber Kowatch, Ashley McDonald, and Tom Johnson Happy to be “Appy”: Apps to Develop Language, Learning and Communication ...Kelly Van Singel and Brooke Olsen iPad Tools for Busy Teachers - Andy Mann

Research Creativity Advantages, Unleashed! Funding Ideas, and Brad Wilson Implementing iPads - Charles Jahn Mobile Resources for Students and Staff: MI Learing on iTunes U - Judy Paxton The App Exchange - Mike Oswalt

Room 245

Room 250

Creativity Unleashed! - Brad Wilson

Padding with a Purpose Meaningful Classroom Integration with Shared Devices Brad Wilson Sci-Pad: Tools for Teaching and Learning Science Steve Best

Fostering Creative “App-titude” Using the iPad Karen Bosch

Room 290

Setting Up iPads in a Shared Environment Melinda Waffle

App TaskonomyJordy Whitmer, Mat Brown, and Roy McCloud

Room 335

Managing Learning with the iPad - Paul Chrustowski

Google on the iPad! - John Sowash

Apps for Admins Tim Stall

Google Apps with iPads - Tim Stall

Room 160

iOS Deployment for Education - Calvin Clark

Designing Content for a Mobile World Joanna Montgomery

Note: All session descriptions, along with links to resources, are available online at