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Universal Cosmic Law
The Seven Principles
Accessed: September 23, 2007

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Summary of Contents
The Great Principle of:

I. MENTALISM THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental
By Correspondence: The Crown Chakra and the Pituitary Gland First gland to appear in the Human Embryo.

II. CORRESPONDENCE As above, so below; as below, so above.
By Correspondence: The Brow Chakra and the Pineal Gland The Pineal gland produces "Melatonin" that controls the waking and sleeping cycles.

III. VIBRATION Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.
By Correspondence: The Throat Chakra and the Thyroid Gland The Thyroids gland produces "Thyroxin" to convert oxygen and food into usable energy.

IV. POLARITY Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.
By Correspondence: The Heart Chakra and the Thymus Gland The Thymus gland produces "T cells" for the immune system of the body.

V. RHYTHM (The Cycles) Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.
By Correspondence: The Naval Chakra and the Adrenal Gland The Adrenal gland produces "Hydrocortisone" that regulates the use of food and helps the body adjust to stress.

VI. CAUSE AND EFFECT Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to
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Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.
By Correspondence: The Spleen Chakra and the Lyden or Spleen The Spleen produces "Macrophages" to cleanse the blood and is vital to the immune system of the body a nd a person's health.

VII. GENDER Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.
By Correspondence: The Root Chakra and the Sacral or Reproductive Glands of Male and Female in all Species. The reproductive organs of "male and female" in all Life forms that exist.

We overcome the lower laws, by applying still higher ones --and in this way only. But we cannot escape Law or rise above it entirely. Nothing but THE ALL can escape Law --and that because THE ALL is LAW itself, from which all Laws emerge.... The most advanced Masters may acquire the powers usually attributed to the gods of men; and there are countless ranks of being, in the great hierarchy of life, whose being and power transcends even that of the highest Masters among men to a degree unthinkable by mortals, but even the highest Master, and the highest Being, must bow to the Law, and be as Nothing in the eye of THE ALL. So that even these highest Beings, whose power exceed even those attributed by men to their gods --if even these are bound by and are subservient to Law, then imagine the presumption of mortal man, of our race and grade, when he dares to consider the Laws of Nature as "unreal," visionary and illusory, because he happens to be able to grasp the truth that the Laws are Mental in nature, and simply Mental Creations of THE ALL. Those Laws which THE ALL intends to be governing Laws are not to be defied or argued away. So long as the Universe endures, will they endure --for the Universe exists by virtue of these Laws which form its framework and which hold it together. In THE ALL, indeed, do "we live and move and have our being." So, do not feel insecure or afraid --we are HELD FIRMLY IN THE INFINITE MIND OF THE ALL. (Three Initiates) The KYBALION In the scriptures: "We live, move, and have our being within God." The Omnipresence of "THE ALL" is an inevitable and inescapable reality that all of us live, move, and have are being in.

Today, many people become entangled in the external turmoil of the world as some humans become maimed and murdered in the name of GOD by religious and political fanatics with tunnel vision who have no Knowledge of THE ALL or The SPIRIT'S true reality. They do not seek to contribute and assist humanity in their Spiritual advancement except to destroy. Like the carnivorous beasts in nature are they territorial and they lay cunningly in wait for their next victim. The beasts in nature are not blamed for following their cravings so prompted by the Laws of Nature. But man in whom intellect has unfolded is capable of descending below the animal plane and becomes satanic in nature having sunk very low in the scale of Life while embracing the lower parts of Mental Polarity in Human Nature. Just because it is in the nature of humans doesn't mean that we should go there. These types of humans are found not only in the
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arena of religious and political fanaticism but in all levels of society including world commerce in the greed, theft, dishonesty, fraud, and underhandedness, of certain corporate entities of which none is a contributor to the advancement of humanity but to bring suffering and destruction to humans. All of this because of the ignorance of Spiritual LAW that will take a hand in their demise. In time they will become as broken reeds in the winds of change. They will not escape The LAW of SPIRIT. At the moment we are living in a time that will display the very best and the very worst in humans with a increasingly widening gap between the two aspects in all levels of society as humans become increasingly polarized in groups according to their conduct and choices in Life. It is similar to the gathering and separation of wheat from the tares. It is a process of separation between the considerate and kind person from the egocentric person, the loving from the hateful, the benevolent from malevolent etc., as each will be gathered according to their choices and work. The Mental Law of POLARITY and CAUSE AND EFFECT will bundle each of them together in a Polarizing process while CAUSE AND EFFECT will cause the just compensation according to the choices. Nothing can escape THE LAW. There is a gnashing of teeth by those who have become trapped in the lower parts of human nature and who are unable to climb out of their pit. One will be blessed with a long Life while the other is in danger of becoming terminated in physical death. You can rest assured that THE LAW will take a hand in bringing change in all things, slow as it maybe. It is slow only because humans are resistant to change and are reluctant to put their trust into a something that is not visible to their eyes or at least a something that resembles the human form. They will suffer while relying on their own intellect to navigate through Life. The SPIRIT of THE ALL cannot force its will upon humans because it is not possible for SPIRIT to violate its own LAW in that humans are free moral agents to choose as they wish without any interference from SPIRIT even if it brings destruction. Therefore are humans responsible in what they choose in Life and whatever path they may take with the resulting "Cause and Effect" in the consequences that follow (dharma/karma). Nevertheless, no human can stand in one place in the Rhythm of time as the "power" in the evolutionary process will drive them upward and onward and today's events will be swallowed up in the record of history. THE LAW of SPIRIT is perpetual, immutable, and self administering. It does not have government, policemen, courts and jails to enforce its LAW for maintaining order. THE LAW of SPIRIT is no respecter of persons, religions, governments, institutions, race, or ethnic background. All are subject to The LAW of Omnipresent SPIRIT without regard for special treatment or favoritism. We must remember that all of us exist and live upon this seemingly insignificant infinitesimal little dot called planet earth that is suspended in the enormous vastness of surrounding universal space sprinkled with suns, worlds, and galaxies that move with enormous and frightening velocity through space including our own Milky way galaxy. What do we suppose is the power that drives and move all these things? Imagine how small, limited, and deceiving the perception of our ocular reality by thinking that what we see is all there is.... Because of the various dividing aspects of organized religion, as many of them are divided, disagreeing, debating, and bickering amongst themselves, it is a necessity that religion and government remain separate lest one religion becomes dominant and assuring their own advancement while making sure that the other should not succeed by manipulating the law

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gravity. if publicly promulgated. possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open. and the material world of form and force. The LAW written on this web page deals with the powerful forces and cycles of Nature and the underlying causation of Principles that governs all of surrounding Nature. light. known as the "Seven Hermetic Principles. the attraction and repulsion of atomic particles which can be mathematically defined with great precision when fully understood. would bring down upon the teachers a great cry of scorn and revilement from the multitude. and have. an illumined perception of COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS beyond space. then disappear back into the field of energy from whence it came. instead." master key of the Ageless Arcane Wisdom. In the Great Mental Plane the Seven Principles manifest. and their sexual behavior in its various colors and shades. This process is The GREAT CREATOR at work in the manifestation of 4 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM .htm of the land in their favor and causing additional suffering to humans who may not share their fanatical religious views." including ourselves. are composed of atomic particles that emerge from an invisible field of Universal Energy. There are certain Hermetic Teachings. time. This process is repeated with unimaginable rapidity and is the physical world we see and are familiar with in our daily lives without giving it further thought. And the spirit of persecution has not yet died out in the land.. HERMETIC AXIOM The ancient Hermeticists have never sought to be martyrs." The Kybalion The "unwritten" Law of the Universe.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. the human Mind and its behavior. who would again raise the cry of "Crucify! Crucify!" --The KYBALION "The Principles of Truth are Seven. is ruled by the Seventh Principle of GENDER. Disease is the result of an interference of this subconscious process when an improper Mind is maintained and the organs starve and degenerate because they are unable to utilize energy properly." The manifestation of male and female in all species. water. The Seven Principles are universal in nature and its effects can be observed by the mindful and careful observer in the Great Physical Plane by observing the behavior of electrical energy. food and the proper distribution of energy throughout the body and the upward or Divine-ward evolutionary process of humans. time. Our seemingly physical reality or material world of "solid objects" is in truth not as material or as solid as we think or believe that it is because our entire "material and govern the seven major Chakra system of the human body in the manifestation of man and woman upon the physical plane and is responsible for the sustenance of the body in the efficient utilization of air.pymander. rule. he who knows these. The human Mind has its existence solely within the Universal Cosmic MIND of THE ALL and is compelled to abide along the lines of firmly established mental principles in order to function properly and efficiently. The Earth is suspended in the heavens and moves thru space. which. It is subject to the SPIRIT'S manifestation of Universal Principles and creative efforts of which nothing can escape its enormous presence. Stress because of one thing or another is a good example of an "interference. sat silently aside with pitying smile on their closed lips. and the immutable perpetual change of evolution surrounded by infinite fathomless space permeated by the extremely tenuous ethereal web of SPIRIT. understandingly. while the "heathen raged noisily about them" in their customary amusement of putting to death and torture the honest but misguided enthusiasts who imagined that they could force upon a race of barbarians the truth capable of being understood only by the elect who had advanced along The Path.. and the inescapable consequences that follow.. Nuclear particles that momentarily appear.

we cannot think in terms of space and time when think of GOD because time as well as space is constantly changing thru the process of evolution. These Principles affect the Human Mind in the choices that it makes and the resulting events that follow in its reality and is closely connected to the surrounding environment of Nature. that we are not "increasingly" becoming one with THE ALL. The "becoming" is in the awakening of our consciousness and awareness that we have always been one with the SPIRIT OF THE ALL.htm our lives. It is believed that humans are increasingly becoming one with God as they progress Spiritually. in fact. time is an illusion and is therefore a relative aspect of Space and its contents. It is because of this difference in belief systems that the world suffers from violence. there is the problem of being a mortal Human that limits its accomplishments. ethnic background. beliefs. Time as we understand it is based on the rotation of the Earth around its own axes as well as its rotation around the Sun that we perceive as a day and a year respectively. skin color. time. In other words. Even before physical manifestation are we all in SPIRIT because THE ALL is an inescapable reality that defies space. All of humanity lives. being that we all appear from the same field of energy and we all return to it every moment of our lives? There are underlying causations to which most humans remain oblivious to its reality and consequently it is nonexistent to them. How shall we measure time when we travel to the Pleiades for example? Do we go by Earth time? By what other means do we measure time? Which perception of time should we utilize? Then. our Earth. and the Universe as we are able to understand and perceive it..pymander. moves. The truth is." all their needles will always point in the same direction because The LAWS of SPIRIT are universal in application and is no respecter of persons. and have their being within the SPIRIT of GOD --an immutable and inescapable answer to the meaning of Life. it has acquired a "mental compass" which needle will always point in the same direction no matter which way a man or woman turns. All of reality that we are able to perceive or not perceive in our current conscious awareness depends upon this INFINITE SPIRIT and its Principles for the sustenance. war and strife. SPIRIT is the CAUSE of the evolution of the Universe because IT does not allow anything to "stand still. maintenance. Beliefs are replaced by KNOWLEDGE and no matter how many humans acquire this "mental compass. This is a very difficult task for the conditioned Human Consciousness and its gravitational 5 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . Unity of Mind in humanity can only be accomplished when it is understood that the Universe operates by firmly established Principles of SPIRIT that are independent of an individual's beliefs or religion. that GOD may be seen in all things. and Perpetual Change or Evolution as we understand it. When the Human Mind can recognize and understand these Principles of SPIRIT." This is the mark of SPIRIT. and existence of all Life and keeps the Universe in perfect and absolute order in the aspect of constant Creation and Manifestation. This LAW operates in the Human Mind no matter what its choices are or whether or not it is aware of the Principles because all of us humans and the "matter" of our physical world is holographically connected to the INFINITE CREATOR and nothing can escape its INFINITE presence. religion. We must rethink and learn to understand the true definition of "Eternal" --in the absence of time. Knowing this. Time. When we think of THE ALL. or nation.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. it takes power and energy to make these things happen and physical reality cannot be without it for even a miniscule moment. You see. The Subconscious Mind edits and removes from the Mind the things that the individual "believes" to be non-existent and tailors its perception of reality according to his or her beliefs.. government.. SPIRIT is the only "constant" that does not change along with the evolution of the Universe. and perpetual change. we cannot think in terms of This perception of time only applies to our own Earth. As we all can see. how is it that humanity can be so violent towards each other except for gross ignorance.

This is not possible for mortal man to accomplish. They have risen above the race consciousness and are the masters of their own mental habits. It is the perception of a mortal Human race." An inescapable reality. and have their being. Humans have complete freedom to choose the things in Life whether or not it is good or evil.000 years of travel to traverse our own Milky way Galaxy at that velocity. or mosque. There are those who have walked the path before us and who have accomplish self-mastery and who are not members of the collective mindset of our race consciousness. they will not escape the operations of The SEVEN PRINCIPLES of Cosmic Law to which the Chakra system of our bodies is infinitely connected... It the only way to make sense of measuring enormous vast distances. they can never be THE ALL in whom they imagine the size of THE ALL in whose INFINITE MIND the Universe is held. When a person comes to KNOW and UNDERSTAND the reality of THE ALL. How shall this type of person extend his or her own influence beyond their own Minds upon other humans and the environment in which they live. This is the meaning of GOD within all of us --"We live. They are not bound by space and time or gravity because they have escaped for the most part the perpetual change of Evolution by rapidly ascending on the scale of Life. they will have to deal with the law of the land and is an aspect of the lower parts of Human Nature. If the Universe is unimaginably huge.. we can accomplish this before entropy and decay claims our bodies. Science views the Universe in terms of Earth time because there are no other known ways of relative time measurements. is time utilization in our lives critical in accomplishing this and depends on how much we spend of our time in the advancement of Spiritual Knowledge.htm bound perception of reality. Because of this. If it is evil. Though. It is not possible for humans to rule or exert power upon anything outside of their own consciousness when they cannot even rule and discipline the mental habits of their own Minds in the Mental art of Self-Mastery. do they utilize "light years" when they measure distances between celestial bodies in the Universe. that is almost eight times around the earth in one second. Our own galaxy which measures 100. Light years are utilized by science because it is not possible to measure in miles or kilometers when we have numbers with twenty digits or more.000 light years across is so vast that we measure distances between the stars in terms of light years.pymander. they are as gods and rule on their own plane. Hopefully. when they have not even learned to accomplish the Mental art of Self-Mastery and they live undisciplined lives ruled by the swinging pendulum 6 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . move.. Should they successfully escape the law of the land. the gods of their own being. Our ultimate task in Life then is to master the lower parts of our own Nature and utilizing The Seven Great Principles which rule the Chakra system within us and manifests the physical body and its associated organs. They have no idea of The SPIRIT'S absolute presence.. temple. move. Therefore. It is based on our own personal choices in Life for which each of us are ultimately responsible for the consequential results. and have our being within GOD. These are unimaginable distances to the average person. It would still take a 100. Light travels at approximately 186.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. They have become as gods.000 miles per second. A light year is based on "Earth time" and is the only way that we can make sensible measurements between celestial bodies in the Universe. To become the Master of our own Life is what we are here in physical Life for. the God that people worship in their favorite church. their mundane religious beliefs becomes silenced in their own Minds as they awaken to the realization that they are always standing in the inescapable and absolute presence of THE MOST HIGH.. Mastery does not mean that one human will rule another human.

the utilization of sensory perception of eyes. subject to rapid change and mood-swings. What will their concept of reality be? What will they see and understand? All this will remain a secret behind the veil of our own Mentalism until we ourselves arrive as the "Masters of Life" and we can understand. it can never be lost. whose Government or Disposition is called Fate or Destiny [the freedom and responsibility of humanity's thinking and actions. and skin. or exalted itself [man's distinct physical manifestation from the lower Planes of Being and Elements] from the downward-born Elements of God [the continuous downward manifestation of physical matter]. Straightway leaped out. the Workman [the Soul]. R. ears. The loss of the body or disembodiment deprives a person. a ray of Light. that they might be the only Matter [The atomic composition of the Great Physical Plane as perceived and interpreted by the human Mind. One never knows what will come their way when the Mind is opened to the influx of SPIRIT. The Universe is Mental. which being God of the Fire. for it was Consubstantial. of "Conscious Life. . "Cause and Effect" and the "Fate or Destiny" in the evolution of humans]. Seydel The Ancient Wisdom of Hermes and the manifestation of "humans" and "matter. Male and Female [the Principle of Gender].14.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. Mind [humans and their surrounding environment of Nature]. This is the path of ignorant mortal man." It is not a loss of Life because LIFE is perpetual and without discontinuity.pymander. Only THE ALL will always is potentially hazardous to their health and well being and could terminate in disembodiment because they are unable to utilize "power" properly. and so the downward born Elements of Nature were left without Reason [the lowering degrees of vibratory energy and the diminishing consciousness of atomic particles]. of the body (consciousness) to interact with the surrounding environment and other humans]. another Mind [a Spirit. Only those who know THE ALL and are immortal Masters of Life will always remain in the manifested Universe. It can only change the perception and experience of Conscious Life because it is subject to the Principle of RHYTHM. constantly manifesting and governing the Universe in ABSOLUTE POWER. the Word of God [active Universal Cosmic Law] into the clean and pure Workmanship of Nature. nose. and perpetual change. specifically. Hitler and Stalin are examples of this. and the Spirit. non-enduring. [THE ALL]. fashioned and formed seven other Governors.htm of RHYTHM? The concept of personal power in the Spiritually undeveloped Human Mind is for the most part superficial. We would be as gods --"Know ye not. time. and was united to the Workman." 13. brought forth by his Word.] Divine Pymander (1650) Page 34 This should solve the question of which came first --"the chicken or the egg?" 7 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . Life and Light [SPIRIT]." Always keep an open Mind. Where are they now? Both have turned to dust and there are others today who will follow in their footsteps. even long after the Earth has vanished from the Milky Way Galaxy in the ebb and tides of perpetual change. the consequences that follow as governed by Mental LAW. mouth. a Life from the great Central Sun]. J. How is this possible one might ask? The answer is. because "THE ALL IS MIND. which in their Circles [the Chakras] contain the Sensible World [the manifestation of human consciousness and the five bodily senses into the Physical Plane]. that ye are gods?" (Jesus) The accomplishment of physical Immortality is in the ability of Self-Mastery through Spiritual Knowledge by rising above the death-grip of the mortal race consciousness and is a transcendence above space. For the Mind being God.

Is it a wonder why most humans live in "unconsciousness. 2001 a deep space probe named the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropic Probe (WMAP) was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base aboard a Delta II rocket. imagine that the Universe is full of this free flowing energy. there would be sufficient energy to bring the Earth's oceans to a boiling point. there will be no response from the "thin air. so much of it. Talking to thin air would be ridiculous to them. This experiment shows that there is an Omnipotent and Infinite presence in the Universe that is incalculable because our brain is too small and extremely limited in perceiving such an enormous presence.htm Recent Scientific Discovery Regarding The Universe and Dark Matter Is Physics and Astronomy Looking at "INFINITE SPIRIT" and ITS Creative Manifestation of the Physical Universe? THE FARADAY CHAMBER PARTICLE EXPERIMENT (Cambridge University) An experiment was conducted by Cambridge University utilizing a lead shielded and airtight Faraday chamber to conduct a particle experiment. What was discovered with their instrumentation is that the chamber contained an enormous amount of energy according to their experiment. In theory." There will be no thundering voice coming out of the sky to answer the questions of a scientist or any other person... Rumors of a Strange Universe A Year of Dark Cosmology Einstein's Cosmic Fudge Factor Finding Dark Matter On June 30.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www.pymander. That only exists in the imagination of the fundamentalists and their over-enthused testimonials. if the internal chamber was pumped down to a vacuum environment such as in space and the temperature reduced to absolute zero (-460F). The purpose of the WMAP probe was to accomplish deep space research utilizing 8 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . Where do we go to speak to this "Infinite God?" The secret lays in the human consciousness to communicate with THE ALL because THE ALL is a spatial INFINITE LIVING MIND that is not limited to the human consciousness or the finite brain capacity of humans. besides. The most brilliant of humans only utilize 10% of brain capacity while the rest of us may only utilize three or four percent. Please read on. that if it were possible to fill the inside glass bulb of a 100 watt light. all particles should stop vibrating and there should be no energy present in the Now." completely unaware of the reality they live in? Could this gross lack of conscious awareness (mentally dormant) cause the problems we experience in our world? How will we communicate with such a large non-local presence that does not display the physical features of the human body or any other body for that matter? Talking to "thin air" is a definite no-no in science because there is no particular body to speak to..

move. It will help to know our Spiritual reality and bring unity to the diversity of religions when it is discovered that there is only ONE GOD. Two years later the results were examined and is accurate to within 4% according to WMAP scientists.73% An extremely tenuous invisible energy that pervades all of universal space and is the cause of space itself. take a pill that may numb their senses.4% The familiar particle or material world that we see with our eyes. Beliefs will always clash and cause hatred.pymander. Nothing can stand still in the cyclic rhythms of time. Instead of seeking Spiritual Knowledge to advance upward and onward. We are not even a 100% aware of our Physical World let alone the other 96% of invisible reality. and may feel robbed of their essence when they are tossed to and fro.htm X-Ray Cameras to map the composition of The Universe. and bloodshed because it is intertwined with materialism. and have our being within it. What does all this mean? First. "Is it science.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. The person who lives like the pawn on the chessboard suffers from anxiety. depression. Each unique race culture may be diverse and is a marvelous thing and we can respect and enjoy each other's culture. We see the evidence and result of diversity in our world today in the form of clashes between religious beliefs. The well spiritually informed person becomes a mover of the chessboard of LIFE instead of being a mere pawn that is moved about by forces stronger than themselves. While diversity of religions may be a good thing in the views of most people. Otherwise. war. as we live. or is it philosophy?" "Are we looking at God?" If science is beginning to wonder about this. This discovery led some scientists to wonder. but this does not work in the area of Spiritual KNOWLEDGE because it is non-material in nature and is a unifying power that can only be observed in the Human Mind. It is an unexplainable baffling mystery to science. the religions of the world should take notice and pay attention to the WMAP discovery. This is a scientific verification that our physical world (4%) comes from an invisible reality (96%). instead. KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH brings UNITY. DARK MATTER . PHYSICAL MATTER . Their findings are as follows: DARK ENERGY . it must be understood that unity is not accomplished through diversity. Change will not occur overnight but can be quickened when the majority of humans make their own personal efforts to educate themselves in the reality of SPIRIT and how they are inescapably connected. clashes that cause bloodshed and suffering. not apparent to human eyes. Their efforts will help to unify our diverse world that is submerged in ignorance. 9 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM .com/AETHEREAL/PRINC~1.23% The invisible substance that generates the needed gravitational force to keep the galaxies in a cluster formation as they travel through space. violence. they. physical matter or the material world as we are able to perceive within our current state of consciousness consists of only four percentage points of the total reality of the Universe. change will be forced through the slowly and painful upward evolutionary process of trial and error. while the theoretical and hypothetical "beliefs" of GOD through varying religious belief systems will cause diversity and disagreements.

by declaration made the earth the center of the universe and Galileo was kept under house arrest for his heretic ideas until he died. animals. Further evidence will show that their walk becomes a superficial walk and underhandedness exists between the members of the church. This important WMAP discovery is not only Spiritual Knowledge but also one of scientific treatment. etc. Upward advancement would not be possible and all humans would be trapped without the possibility of advancement or growth. This condition can prevent a religious member from recognizing a great Truth because of a theoretical belief for which they have taken premature cognizance rather than learning Spiritual Knowledge as it really is. Sadly. which. This type of a denomination is in fact a cult and is self evident in their. based on his own observation confirmed that the earth is not the center of the Universe or that it is flat. Their leaders fall by the wayside because of an unsustainable superficial walk that has taught them to take cognizance for the inherited tendencies of the early Christian doctrines and the middle age beliefs that stymies their onward and upward advancement.htm Is the WMAP discovery not the GOD that we live. and defensive behavior. minerals. i. humans. This infuriated the church. fanatical. mean. Evolution is evident in all of Life or else history would not be possible and all of matter would stop vibrating. This scientific discovery should convince the human race that there is a powerful presence in the entire Universe that eyes cannot see but can only be perceived by the human Mind that can see beyond the range of normal human vision. self-righteous.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. The Spiritually developed person knows that all of Life progresses upward as we can see in the advancement of technology in just a hundred years of history and denotes the rapidly advancing human Mind in its upward advancement through the cycles of evolution. The WMAP is an invention of the 10 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . Constant change cannot be muted by the continuing ridged beliefs with the belief that evolution is not occurring or is non-existent. who. many of them have closed their minds because of the fear their denomination has instilled in them by telling them that anything outside of the bible is of the Devil. move. It is important to see the difference in a God that people believe to exist in their own idea of the Creator such as a religious belief system and the true reality that is revealing its secrets through scientific research that is now unfolding the larger invisible reality that has been presented by WMAP. It shows that organized religion can not continue to clutch to their dogmas and pet theories of believes that is counterproductive to the Spiritual advancement of the human race when they resist the flow of "constant change" that occur on a daily basis. In the past has scientific evidence forced religious conceptions and beliefs of God to change in the seventeenth century such as the Galileo incidence with the Catholic Church when the Polish astronomer Galileo.pymander. Three hundred fifty years later Pope John Paul II exonerated Galileo as a heretic after an almost forgotten incident of the earlier Catholic Church. vegetation. Not only is it present in the entire Universe. Nothing is allowed to stand still. that is true evolution.e. This is easily remedied when it is learned that it is best to keep an open Mind free of superstition that will allow the Divine inflow of Spiritual Knowledge and a grander vista is realized regarding the INFINITE CREATOR. but is also present within our earthly reality as well as within us and is responsible for the sustenance of all Life and living with entities occupying the entire scale of manifested the Absolute presence that is known as "THE ALL" to the ancient philosophers? Only fragments of The Ancient Knowledge is available to us today and much of it has been muddled and corrupted by various religious beliefs that have appeared on the scene during the lapse of the ages. Everything in the Universe would stop moving and time would stand still. Everything moves upward along the ascending scale of Life and its driving force is immutable. Some of the Christian denominations have sealed their membership in ignorance by saying that the bible is the only truth there is and thus the Creator in their concept is limited between the covers of their bible and they are unable to connect their bible to the greater reality we all live in. and have our being in.

htm advancing human Mind through time and makes for an interesting historical contrast when compared with the horse and buggy days. Denial does not make that reality go away. not even if we live to be a million years old and even then the Universe has still not run out of things for us to learn. and omniscient. Only THE ALL does not learn anything because it is ABSOLUTE and INFINITE in presence. ghosts. If this is a truth.pymander. UFOs. It is easier to explain it away as a person's hysteria of mental delirium than it is to gather the facts and realistically do research. Imagine what an increasingly open Mind can do for the advancement of science and the Human race. for there is no such thing as anything being outside of THE ALL." this is not possible or else the meaning of "Infinite" must be LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. aliens. Therefore is THE ALL not subject to the effects of evolution because THE ALL is the cause of evolution. If a dualistic view of God is maintained. haunted houses. By definition of the "Infinite. this allows for the superstitious belief that the Devil is a separate entity apart from God. they view it as hogwash. There is very little if any scientific research being done in these areas partially because science has no logical explanation for these things and they may not even know where to begin. The WMAP discovery of the composition of the Universe should not surprise humans when encountering psychic phenomena. This Knowledge will be in the face of every human that walks on this planet. because it defies for the most part scientific treatment. In this fashion has organized religious thought failed to comprehend the meaning of an "Infinite" and "Omnipotent" living Being whose existence is becoming increasingly evident and visible to the Human Mind and eyes. in All. Moreover is our Earth the reference point that we use for determining where above is and where is below. Science has difficulties with dualism because scientific observation of the Universe does not display a dualistic reality. because its presence is limited and conditional in the Universe. only surrounding fathomless infinite 11 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . teleportation (traveling in the invisible). Everything that we see moves and vibrates and nothing stands still in the Universe but back of all these things is the underlying reality of THE ALL who by reason of its Absolute and Infinite stature does not move because there are no forces outside of itself that can move THE ALL. That does not change the Absolute Presence of God. or. Outside of our reference of the planet that we live on. The concept of duality only works within the erring "beliefs" of a conditional and limited god that allows room for an entity such as the devil to exist in the same reality of the Universe. omnipotent. there is no reference that will determine where above or below is. The religious belief regarding a conditional and limited Creator allows the concept of duality that God is in heaven above and Satan is in hell below. and other strange unexplained anomalies. Today's scientific discovery is more in line with the ancient Hermetic Philosophy than the modern day religious thoughts who believe in a Creator that exists between the covers of their bible or who only exists somewhere in the Universe and is not present within his creation. This idea is false idea and is one of the reasons why Christianity is a divided religion and is at odds with the other religions of the world as well as science. It is strange only because of our superstitious conditioned thinking and our lack of knowledge and understanding why such strange phenomena occur. levitation. then their idea or belief cannot be applied to an Infinite Creator that is omnipresent. Stranger phenomenon will appear in the near future as humans are becoming more advanced thinkers and they maintain an expanded mindset that enables them to see the unseen. The learning process is "Infinite" and we will never stop learning. A time will come that no man or woman can deny the existence of THE ALL as its presence will be known to all nations and they will stand in stupefied awe that such an enormous presence is even possible. In the hogwash state of Mind. much Knowledge will escape the grasp of the physicist but will be found again by another who will help the human race to advance further along.

Today's divided religions can be compared to the worshipping of that golden calf that is invented and created by mankind's beliefs and resulting superstitions that failed to unify the human race but to bring continuous discontent. meaning. and misinformation that caused humanity to be moved about like pawns on the chessboard of Life with nothing solid to anchor them to. religious leaders. and war. in your own quiet space. but through the Knowledge of The TRUTH. Humanity is groping and struggling in their search for a meaning to Life in the midst of a crisis of hatred. hatred. if a person chooses to do so. Today." not confined to any particular locality in Space and Time. unchanging and rigid religious beliefs have been inadequate to assist humans in a meaningful and lasting walk through Life in a constantly changing world. That is about as ludicrous as it gets. as it becomes another unworkable relic of a Dark Age concept that is of no assistance to the human race. the ones they look up to and trust. This concept can only bring fear and superstition to the race consciousness and deepens the mystery of the reality of SPIRIT. Dualism will eventually fall by the wayside. they all fall into the same ditch of perdition. Because of this are they easily miss-informed and miss-led by leaders who impose their own beliefs and who are ignorant themselves. so that you can observe these things for yourself and not rely only on the external impressions of 12 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . fall by the wayside because of a stray walk in the dark side of Human Nature and causing their membership to lose their footing and freefalling in betrayal. This SPIRIT of THE ALL will always be present even when the Earth and humans have passed from the scene by the forces of change. Blind leaders of the blind." Monotheism is more in line with the ancient Hermetic Philosophy that speaks of the one and only Infinite GOD with no edges or holes in space that leaves no room for a lower god such as the Devil as the dualists would like to believe. war. They have no source of Spiritual Knowledge to draw from. everywhere present or "Omnipresent.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. Much of that is available to the human race are in the hands of egocentric humans who do not promote knowledge of THE ALL. at least on this side of reality. The true reason for disembodiment will only be known to SPIRIT who is the creator of LIFE and maintains a watchful eye on every human. This is why well-respected people such as celebrities. For some on one end of the scale it is easy to correct a minor error while the person who commits a foolish heinous act at the opposite end becomes endangered with disembodiment which will instantly end everything for that person. Every human can stray into the lower parts and pits of Human Nature. no matter how respectful and trusting their appearance. as each religion will invent their own superstitious beliefs that make it impossible to silently observe the ONE GOD. These events occur billions of times each day with humans not recognizing the consequences of their action until it is too late. The people of his time did not know what to do while Moses was absent from them and they created the golden calf so that they have something to worship and look up to. politicians.pymander. bloodshed. It is the absolute presence of "THE without exception. bloodshed. It is advised that all that is read on this website must become your own personal experience from within yourself. can fall by the wayside by a simple erring choice in their behavior and is followed by the consequences of CAUSE AND EFFECT. particularly when their religious leaders. How then shall we determine where above is or below or where left or right is. Unity cannot be accomplished through the varying beliefs that divide. Many adults and children throughout the world are freefalling because of this state of consciousness. but to cater to their own vanity and for profit.htm space. Duality will increase the rift between religions. without the Earth as our beginning reference point? The presence of dark energy and dark matter does not provide references for dualist thinking because it is non-local in presence. It can be compared to the worshipping of the golden calf during the time of Moses when he brought the Ten Commandments that were received on the mountain.

children. capable of straying into the dark side of Human Nature if we choose to do so.pymander. They are very much alive and real. Always see the Truth for yourself and learn to understand and trust the reality of SPIRIT. and anxiety and then suffer the effects of their own lack of thoughtful acts. "death" as we humans believe is not possible but is in truth the "constant change" that we experience.htm information that can be misleading. the life. "Judge not lest you become judged. In this constant change all things come and go in our lives and there is no permanence. It is your greatest source of immovable Knowledge that can provide you with a "solid rock" foundation that cannot change through the changes of time or the external turmoil of the world. and rebirthing process." Many of them live in a Pandora's box like situation with the relentless swaying forces of external world turmoil that causes anger. as long as there is a GOD. These are the virtual burning fires of the mental hell that are written in the scriptures and are not the assumed hellfire and brimstone that organized religion taught us. they are decent still. Because of the Nature of the Universe. Miserable disembodied humans who are tortured by their own ignorance but who are unable to die again to obtain relief from their virtual mental hell. The more we should learn to appreciate each other that while we are in a momentary window of conscious Life that will eventually terminate and so we become the wandering ghosts until we go to sleep in the SPIRIT of GOD and awaken in another time. and other unexplainable anomalies may be eerie at first but as discoveries are made. To think otherwise can cause hypocrisy to appear in your life by burdening yourself with trying to look good in public and forgetting that you are subject to all the enmities of Human Nature when not Spiritually developed. This is the reason why it is of utmost importance in a Human Life to know GOD. It is the only solid option in the reality of our lives. brothers and sisters. The public can be unforgiving in their hypocritical self-righteous condemnation of other humans as they themselves are subject to the sways of their dark side often forgetting the teachings of Jesus who said. Research into the reality of ghosts. It is of a very intense nature when there is no body present to help relief suffering through tears or other physical expression 13 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM .UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. Most people are afraid of ghosts but need to be reminded that they themselves are Spirit in nature or "ghosts" --"embodied If a person dies as a murderer that person is a murderer still but who is unable to continue his or her evil ambitions that make for a miserable human who feels trapped while straddling two mental planes of reality. The question of whether or not you believe in GOD is not an issue for you because you know that you KNOW." to be exact. Therefore can the appearance of an apparition not be considered "dead" and we try to avoid experiencing it by burying our heads in sand? That does not make them go away. If a person disembodies as a decent human. The reason why we must learn true forgiveness is because we are all. a comfort zone of Knowledge and Wisdom will develop as we move out of superstition and we understand more of the "unseen" reality. or hold on to our physical relationships as husbands and wives. death. at least. haunted houses. We are not even able to hold on to our bodies or keep our material possessions. without exception. They have not yet developed their silent space and learning to meditate and acquire the art of forgiveness except by the noise of their speech. the 96% of reality. hatred. There are aspects of Human Nature that are not subject to entropy or decay and therefore not subject to the cyclic evolution of embodiment and disembodiment. or friendships because there is no permanence to these things in Life. Do not be despaired because nothing is lost. The rigid unforgiving person who is unable to forgive another stands in danger of judgment by their own CAUSE AND EFFECT because SPIRIT knows that the rigid unforgiving person is also capable of straying into the dark side of Human Nature who will likewise be judged by the same measure they measured to others in their stray walk. there is no alternative to the reality of THE ALL.

What would happen when we react with fear to a loved one who has just disembodied a few days ago? Will this person not express anxiety and despair and feel abandoned while being in their disembodied state? The church has taught us that we will be with Jesus in heaven without stopping and thinking for a moment whether or not this is a Truth? Even. Pentecostals. but the Spirit makes it alive. streets and mansions made of solid gold that shines brightly in sunlight. The person is still very much alive but lacks a body and vocal chords for verbal communications and is unable to communicate properly or express him or herself as they did in physical Life. is likely to become angry because of ignorance and the religious superstitions of physical humans. Crawling deeper under the blankets is of no avail and is only a temporary relief in the human psyche with the belief that the blanket will protect them. "The letter kills. gold. Protestants.htm such as pain. Seventh Day Adventists. it can cause odd and scary situations between embodied and disembodied humans when physical humans are unable to understand for the lack of Knowledge and because it defies normal human vision and behavior. and adepts. sages." Only SPIRIT can tell us what is Truth and which is an untruth.. as below so above. it cannot be solved in heaven." Religious ceremonies with the belief of casting out devils and demons are of no avail because it is based on superstition rather than on the Knowledge Truth. as this is not possible. the result of a stray choice in Life without realizing the consequences of CAUSE AND EFFECT.. Much more Knowledge needs to be obtained from The SPIRIT of THE ALL. The spirit entity is still able to some degree remember what his or her religion has taught them during physical Life and then finding themselves in a reality that may be completely contrary to their religious training.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. All this occurs within their Mentalism but is very real to them while they are in a learning session in the presence of SPIRIT.pymander. It is not a good disembodied experience to find one in. The ancient Hermetic axiom echoes through the ages. There is a large amount of materialism connected to this belief like the pearly gates. When this is not understood. Therefore. can we not trust our eyesight with the belief that what we can see with our eyes is all there is to see in our physical world (4%)? There still is the unknown and mysterious reality of 96% that is SPIRIT in nature. "The Earth is our school and it is here that we overcome the lower parts of human nature. At no time are they in a dead state of being. when they think it is in their bible that is full of allegories and its truths and un-truths are hidden from most people. Episcopalians. and others not mentioned have their own religious district in heaven as they do on Earth because they cannot get along with each other? All the pearls. silk. or change in their environment will not solve their disunity. The "ghost. If it cannot be solved on this" The acquisition of knowledge regarding ghosts and haunted houses should not be left to Hollywood sensationalism that acts upon fear and who are venturing into the unknown reality with inadequate training in Spiritual Knowledge and thus scare the public deeper into ignorant and superstitious beliefs that organized religion will capitalize on with "I told you so. They may not be able to comprehend why humans react with fear when they attempt to communicate with them. "As above so below. This person has no anchor and freefalls in the disembodied state by his or her own choice during physical Life. in Spiritual Knowledge in whose vocabulary "boredom" and "violence" does not exist. There are no instant free rides to become the Masters. sitting on silken couches with nothing to do? How long this last before boredom will takes places and they go back to grabbing each other by the throat because there is nothing to do or think about? Will the Catholics. This can cause confusion and anxiety in the ghost who may not understand the reality they find themselves in or what is happening to them." so called. They 14 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM .

Physical humans cannot go through walls without smashing their physical selves into a wall and cause physical injury or damage to their bodies. Energy cannot destroy energy. The Master will utilize THE LAW to his or her advantage while the person who wanders through Life in ignorance becomes a subject of THE LAW and terminates in disembodiment. The laws and rules of gravitation or physicality do not apply to them. We can rest assured that the majority of our reality is "invisible" to normal human vision and when we focus our Minds upon this reality and we view it with our Mind's eye. or God. a rising of vibratory energy.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. They do not carry the physical mass that we physical humans possess. Then. it is a process of manifestation that is accomplished by the Wisdom of The INFINITE CREATOR as directed by the effort of its WILL. The loss of the body in the aging process is caused by the lack of Knowledge and Wisdom while the dematerialization of the body is a deliberate effort of the will of the Knowledgeable and well-informed Master. They are for the most part non-existent to the world because they do not belong to our Plane of Life and Being but can manifest themselves and appear any place at any time for any reason of their own digression and will. THE ALL in All? Ghosts or Astral bodies in the absence of physical mass do not have to walk through open doors or climb a staircase to enter a room or an addict. and sleeping creature of habits. The Astral bodies of humans have nothing to dematerialize because they have lost their physical mass during disembodiment. This is not the case with disembodied humans or "ghosts" or any other invisible entity that is not necessarily evil when present. Is it a wonder that the world at the moment is in shambles? Most humans do not even understand what a plane of being is. not distinct. move.htm are worthy of their title because of their own efforts and actions to Know THE ALL. It may be a very strange way to explain the reality of the Universe in which we live. eating. The Master will retain the consciousness of their bodily mass while suspending it in a pure state of energy devoid of physicality. "Matter and Energy is exchangeable. They rule on their own Plane and the lower planes of being but are always subservient to the Causation of the Higher Planes. Most people are unable to understand their own reality of mundane living and so they live as a working. Albert Einstein made a profound statement regarding the reality of matter and energy when he said. as we believe it. They simply go through physical objects as if it is non-existent. and have our being and at times may rattle our senses when we first become aware of the reality of SPIRIT. a response of SPIRIT is experienced and SPIRIT will guide us into regions of THE MIND that would otherwise remain hidden 15 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM ." Because all of physical matter is pushed outward from the energy field. There are even more bizarre things that exist that cause this author to shudder in awe when examining these things with the Mind's eye that are seemingly intangible and unreachable. They can retain their bodily consciousness for an indefinite period of time and re-materialize at will. They are there because they have taken the effort to advance and are committed to educate themselves regarding the reality of THE ALL as they KNOW their physical mass will have to dematerialize. They are the keepers of the hidden secrets and meanings of LIFE. Therefore can matter be exchanged back into that energy field where it came from in the first place through the focused will of the informed Mind. It is not a place of measurable physical dimensions and there is more to it than a state of Mind. Compare this with the mundane things that humans do in their warring efforts. to change the physics of their physical mass like the Masters and adepts who are keepers of the Knowledge. In order for physical humans to go through walls. In this way is matter exchanged for energy and thus a person becomes "invisible" and is not the same as being disembodied such as physical death.pymander. where is the answer to Unity if not by the Knowledge of the SPIRIT OF GOD. The Knowledge and Wisdom that enables the mastery of one-self to enter the reality of Immortality that is devoid of decay.

. etc.pymander. is any given organized religion only a label of tradition and culture that are the only available sources of believes the human race is able to choose from. All of world society will utilize these Principles to their advantage and "proper" wealth and prosperity will prevail. while that which is SPIRIT remains hidden from view until it is recognized and upward progress is accelerated. but let your eyes watch over your footsteps. it is the same in the reality of SPIRIT and Human interaction with THE ALL. in their flippant ways and they will severely suffer gnash their teeth and curse GOD in their ignorance. yet. This is evident. No war will be fought over mathematical rules. love and hate. as the cyclic Principles of RHYTHM and CAUSE AND EFFECT moves them through the upward advancement of Evolution. upon the Human Race while gazing at the sky for their salvation. They know NOTHING about SPIRIT. These rules will bring true unity to humanity and Universal Cosmic Law will cause abundance in all levels of society. there will be no need for disagreements between the religions of the world because of the recognition of the Universal Principles that govern the Human Mind and all of Life.. When this is recognized. Understanding this reality and utilizing it can put the airlines out of business as well as the evil ambitions of the terrorists. Powerful anomalies can appear on the scene that can defy scientific treatment and baffle medical science.. They would have learned to use THE LAW to their advantage. The rules of mathematics are what make equations work and no person will argue with the rules that govern these. and hellfire.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES and guile. Unbeknownst to them. All religions in the world have varying degrees of disagreements amongst themselves and are the reason for the various divisions and denominations that are unable to agree on anything.. The power of healing comes from this area of Life because of the enormous presence of Infinite Life and Energy when it becomes KNOWN how to use it properly. arrogance. than the world can deviate from the mathematical rules of equations to conduct scientific research and commerce in a unified manner around the globe. It must be your own experience with SPIRIT.. anymore. to the observant person who cares. It is the only way for us not to become deceived by mundane religious rhetoric. (The Kybalion) the Star. It may be a far-fetched idea to us but is not impossible to the well informed Master. --unimaginable wealth and prosperity. There are no alternatives. lest you fall into the mire by reason of your upward gaze. and 16 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . Those who are Spiritually advanced will suffer far less than those who choose ignorance..htm and unknowable." brimstone. the human race will be a subject of THE LAW and they will continue to travail and sway between war and peace. This is the deep unconditional LOVE of SPIRIT for the Human Race and all other Life forms that exist in the Universe while a few fanatics in the organized religions of the world speak of "punishment. Even in Jesus' day were the scholars unable to explain the healing of a blind man or the re-calling of a disembodied Soul such as Lazarus. Therefore. However. war and violence are still prevalent because of disagreements of believes such as we have witnessed in the Middle East .... The person who takes possession of this knowledge can even see the evil ambitions in the future before it occurs in great detail because of the way that the Universe is composed and we can use it to our advantage to help others who are seeking Knowledge. generosity and greed. No religion is exempt. SPIRIT will cradle them and care for them while in their disembodied state. wealth and poverty. Keep your mind ever on the Star. but let your eyes watch over your f The religions of the world have been around for thousands of years. SPIRIT is unreachable in their flippant ways as they role and drown in their own disgusting cesspool of ignorance and suffering until they disembody.. until that reality is recognized. Yet.

Then. They have no idea or concept that they are being tortured by their own hellish thoughts. even below the Mental Plane of the brutish animals in Nature who are un-blamable for following their passions.htm who pays attention. The person who falls off the bar stool while being drunk is better off then those who murder and kill in the name of and exasperate hatred and the problem of disunity because of their gross ignorance (stupidity). They have barely come out of their Dark Age conceptions in the lapse of the centuries while they clutched and attached themselves to their blind alleys and keeping humanity ignorant regarding SPIRIT. contribute. "The greatest evil under the sun is not knowing GOD. symbols. Their children will follow them in their footsteps and prolonging the torturous road of evolution because they are unable to recognize the dilemma and predicament they are in. and cults? Most religions have clutched to these things for thousands of years without one iota of upward progress. There is the wicked ethnic cleansing amongst some of the religions that is a very great evil and violates Cosmic Law while thinking that they are in favor of God. Ignoring this will prolong the torturous upward evolutionary road to Unity and Harmony which Nature is SPIRIT. that there is a lack of unity within all religions and between the religions of the world to the point that war and violence erupts between them. How will they expect to bring unity and harmony to a diverse human race? Would it not be sensible to discover the true nature of SPIRIT which is evident in the central hub of principles that form the framework of the Universe? Instead of theoretical beliefs that caused the world to wonder whether or not God exists? These things must be addressed before Unity and Harmony can be accomplished. There is a hesitance to address this issue because there is a lack of Knowledge regarding the existence of INFINITE SPIRIT and therefore no rhyme or reason to bring unity amongst the disunited and dysfunctional religions of the world. They have no direction in Life but to contemplate killing and murdering for a living while believing that they are doing it in the name of God and is therefore justified. “Is there a God?” What religion has contributed to the recognition of the reality of SPIRIT except to lead humanity into the blind alleys of beliefs. Governments of the world operate on the same principle of mistrust for one another and often contributing to disunity and disharmony because there is no central hub of principles for them to follow and to unite them. traditions. There are no nice diplomatic words to describe the evil wickedness of these people who have sunk very low in the scale of Life. "fear" has a "father" and that father is "ignorance. Each religious belief system is isolated from the other religions resulting in disagreements that lead to violence and war. They will help. The religions of the world are inadequate to bring unity to a diverse human race because there is a lack of support by the central hub of SPIRIT Principles that remains unrecognized and hidden from view because of the theoretical belief systems of the world.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. The human concept of one world government will fail when 17 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . If the reality of Satan was real.pymander. they would be the Devil's minions." However." The ancient Egyptian philosopher Hermes Trismegistus said. ceremony. are there people in the world who will contribute to this disunity because of their lack of Knowledge. They build weapons of mass destruction to protect and defend themselves and their turf from each other (just like religious beliefs) without realizing that the underlying principle of this concept is "fear. dogmas." This is the bottom line of all problems. These humans have no direction in Life but to kill and maim other humans who do not belong to their belief system. It may take centuries of evolutionary change if they are unable to make a quantum leap forward by recognizing their predicament and transmuting their thoughts into a positive and constructive contribution to humanity’s upward struggle and meaning to Life.

UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. What we choose will make a difference in our survival. We have already seen a small example of this in the Banda Ace earthquake. Together. All these things are observed by the invisible forces in Nature which you will remember is an extension of Human Consciousness. Do not be deceived by your eyes or beliefs. Can the power of Knowledge be utilized for evil and greedy purposes? Well. then imagine how miniscule our particle perception is of our Earth. If the composition of the visible particle Universe is only 4%. We can greatly influence the outcome of our future and of our children. This Arcane Knowledge is reserved only for the advanced Master who has taken the effort and time within him or herself to seek the Wisdom of The SPIRIT OF LIFE and who attains the mental Mastery of him or herself. Both are inadequate sources of proper ethics and are therefore unsustainable in their work.. We live upon the Earth with purpose and we are known to SPIRIT but we must remember that the Earth is a miniscule dust particle when compared to the celestial bodies of the visible Universe or even our own galaxy. The weapons of mass destruction are miniscule compared the existence of unseen forces in our earth and solar system.pymander. but most likely not if there is a GOD. and being profane and arrogant. hateful. It is like the story of the Tower of Babel in the scriptures when the human race of that time attempted to build a giant tower that will 18 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . To attempt this for selfish. greedy. Other methods may be tried but will fail and only lead to another blind alley that contributes to increasing conceptions of disunity. Their self made conceptions of ethics are unable to sustain their political walk in a proper manner. We will always be compelled to abide by the LAWS and rules of the Universe if we are to survive the consequences of our personal responsibilities. murderous. Resist the temptation of being dishonest. can be damaging to the self. is unity of Mind of utmost importance in humanity if we are to defuse these triggers and preventing them from turning into apocalyptic massive destructions with unimaginable loss of human lives. Both of these concepts have been inadequate for the world politicians who are the stewards of government in the proper administration of government and law. Remember the mental nature of the Universe. Some are caught and brought to justice.htm there is no Spiritual Knowledge to unite them because politicians have no source of proper ethics other than the varying religions they belong to or in their self-made intellectual While others who are not caught will not escape the Mental Laws of Human Nature to which they are immutably and inseparably bound through the Chakra System and glands of their body that affects their health. Therefore. It is the same for the religious leaders. yes if there is no God. We don’t even know everything about our own planet let alone the rest of the Universe. in unity we are powerful and we can nurture and enforce each other and work in unity with the forces of Nature that is an extension of Human Consciousness.. SPIRIT is not confined to any religious beliefs or self-made concept of ethics or any government in the world. These conceptions contribute to massive destruction. We would only be able to perceive a small fraction of a percentage point of the total 4% of the visible Universe. Many have strayed into corruption and underhandedness and thinking that they are unknowable. It can be compared to standing on the beach with a five liter bucket and trying to figure out how we can pour the ocean into it. We must take proper stewardship and responsibility for our conduct and how we view one another. underhanded. the CEO and president of a company or a large corporation. There are many other triggers staged in other parts of the world and our solar system. and evil ambitions. All are subject to the Mental Laws of SPIRIT. These forces do not distinguish one country from another.

they have become Immortal humans who will rule entropy and eliminate the decay of their bodies and thy are the true inheritors of the earth as they will assist "mother nature" in the balance and regeneration of her earthly elements and once again LIFE will sprout from her bosom because she. the total decimation of the human race is guaranteed and there is nothing to worry about anymore except for a handful of humans who have attained self-mastery and who have momentarily stepped out of physical reality to escape the massive destruction by converting their physical bodies into the pure energy field of reality. There is no one to teach them how or they may not be interested. Although. There are five different bibles available to the public including the widely recognized King James Version. The original Knowledge having been corrupted and lost in the lapse of the ages and bringing division amongst all religions of the world which is the primary cause of war and violence today. However. The allegory of the cerebrums who protect the knowledge of the tree of Life of Good and Evil are the reason why most humans do not believe or are ignorant of this reality and is for a good reason that while they are ignorant because of unbelief. This is the mastery of the self unlike the undisciplined race consciousness that is moved about like the pawns on the chessboard of Life and is tossed to and fro by forces they are unable to govern and rule because of the lack of Knowledge. They became confounded and confused which denotes a failed attempt of their ambitions to reach God. In this way is ignorance bliss because they are unable to utilize this Knowledge for destruction. It is neither right nor wrong to read the bible but it is important to realize that the reality of the manifested Universe is so enormous that there would not be enough paper in our world today to write about it. herself.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. They have acquired this through KNOWLEDGE. for the most part. If man should succeed to utilize this Knowledge for evil ambitions. King James and Shakespeare were good friends because of their love of literature. they are unable to utilize this hidden Knowledge for their evil and greedy ambitions. To keep The INFINITE GOD limited between the covers of the bible is a gross mistake that will perpetuate and deepen the lack of unity in the Christian religion because the which most likely has Shakespearean influence in the writings. the Master is unable to mute the process of entropy they have escaped its process to a high degree by rising to the plane above by their highly evolved Mental states and impose their powerful will upon the self and their surrounding environment. Because of their Mastery of the self. it fails explain the deeper underlying reality of THE INFINITE CREATOR. THE ALL will increasingly reveal itself through scientific discovery and the chosen few who 19 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . is a historical record that depicts the good and evils that humans commit to this day and the rules for their ethical behavior toward each other and to some degree piety towards GOD. while the ignorant is always found in wanton and wanders in the dark recesses of their consciousness and going nowhere. The question "Do you believe in God?" is not an issue for them because they see and know for themselves the reality of THE ALL. Knowledge is always the key to advancement and is true of the developing Spiritual man or woman as well as those who are in the educational system in the acquisition of intellectual knowledge.htm reach into heaven in order to reach God without understanding the physics of their reality. Dedicated learning of Knowledge is always the key to attainment and success. The Hermetic Philosophy is the root of all religions as all religions through time have borrowed from the ancient Knowledge and Wisdom and modifying the Knowledge to befit their own beliefs that has been accepted and acted upon to this day.pymander. There is an awakening process occurring today that will return the uncorrupted ancient Knowledge and Wisdom and the race will eventually discard their corrupted pet beliefs that has brought disunity as they become awakened and see the truth for themselves. particularly in the Book of Psalm. Shakespeare wanted to give himself credit for assisting King James in the writing of the bible but King James forbade him to do so. is a living entity of LIFE.

the Ethereal LAW that transcends the ten commandments of human ethics and behavior and holding us responsible for what we choose in Life. The more Humans keep an open Mind the quicker it will manifest. It is far more serious then this. This has caused the Christian religion to become divided into Catholics. animosity and disunity because of a fundamental difference in beliefs and the lack of unifying Spiritual Principles that are not written by man's hand that can bring unity in awe and wonder. war. has no knowledge of the unifying power of The SEVEN PRINCIPLES that rules the reality they live in and to give them guidance and a compelling reason why a deep respect for Nature and the Universe must be realized. The SPIRIT of THE ALL is not asleep and is aware of all these things even before any of us were born and rules the elements and particles in all of Nature and the Universe. Every nation on this planet will bend their knees and bow to The CREATOR with deep awe and respect when they realize its enormous presence with the Universe and LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. will sit with each other in the same church. atrocities. we can recognize the warnings before harm or sudden destruction of ourselves occurs. Protestants. the bible has been corrupted by religious imposters who have imposed their own written beliefs in the last two thousand years and causing disunity within their membership who blindly call the bible "The Word of God" without investigating the underlying reality of the Truth regarding the corruption of the bible. a farce and a cop out of our responsibilities to believe that Satan did it. It is not about "the devil made me do it. We see and read about the atrocities that are committed in the Middle East and around the world today. there will be an underlying feeling of awkwardness. the same evils are committed because the human race. The true meaning of the living "Word of GOD" lays in the Seven Principles that exists within every human without exception or exclusion and is manifested and suffused through the seven major Chakra systems and through the seven master glands that makes our animated physical bodies possible. All of us have the ability of committing evil if we choose to go there. Even if they did manage to sit in the same church together. We will always be personally responsible 20 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . Moreover. if any.htm have made the effort of knowing GOD instead of relying on the belief systems of the world." and to use Satan as an excuse and scapegoat to escape responsibility for our maliciousness. but the SEVEN PRINCIPLES of COSMIC LAW. for the most part. murder. This is not to mention important Spiritual information that has been deliberately withheld by some of the divisions in the Christian religions who may have discarded and archived information while attempting to maintain unity and control in the church during the last two thousand years of negotiations of the Council of churches. Man and Woman is the product of "The Word of GOD. This event will change the societal infrastructure of this planet and true peace. because of disagreements in their fundamental beliefs. An observant person can see the Truth on their own and find the answer if he or she will but look that the true meaning of The Devil that is in fact the dark and evil side of the Human Nature. Hopefully. It is a superstition.pymander. There is no need for the bearded old man to strike us with a bold of lightning from his scepter every time we do something wrong because we have something that is similar to an electric dog collar within us that will remind us when we step out of bounds. Episcopalians." The true Word of the GREAT CREATOR written within the being of every Human and who are inseparably fused to UNIVERSAL COSMIC LAW that makes us inescapably and unconditionally responsible for our actions and behavior towards all humans and all of Nature. Today. and others not mentioned. theft. We have not been given a satanic devil to utilize as a scapegoat for our evils. All religions will be silenced because there is nothing to argue about but to observe THE CREATOR in all his Glory. unity and untold prosperity will prevail on the Earth. and underhandedness. Few. Pentecostals.

of the Mental Nature of the Universe. If the supposed global warming is not caused by a natural cyclic process of nature. tidal waves. A devastating earthquake struck them in 2004. COSMIC LAW rules the geological behavior of our earth as well as the race consciousness of this planet.. The deliberate dissemination of misinformation or deliberate withholding of Truth is counterproductive to the advancement of the Human Race and is not without consequence for the perpetrators who dwell in a mental world of lying fantasies and hiding in the dark side of human nature while developing their secret agendas and thinking that they are not seen? They are only prolonging the dark age of ignorance and perpetuate the suffering of the Human Race who are groping and searching for an answer to the meaning of LIFE.. of an unknown obscure and enigmatic Knowledge regarding the true reality of GOD? There are plenty of disagreeing diverse beliefs and belief systems and no unifying Knowledge of Truth. and landslides. They are still in a time frame of opportunity to correct their errors. a pattern of human injustice will emerge.pymander. then are we humans responsible for bringing the elements into disarray and there are consequences to be harvested from this. fanatical. Is God punishing them with a devastating earthquake? No person is punished by GOD except by the person's own CAUSATION with the consequential EFFECTS of his or her choices. The Sixth Great Principle of CAUSE AND EFFECT. and awkward walk thru life. their superficial religious ceremonies and rituals becomes a meaningless. It can be easily seen that when the majority of humans. our physical world is not as material as we believe that it is even if we can see it with our eyes. To them GOD does not exist. skin color. It does not take an "external" god to bring punishment. WMAP proved it! "Whatsoever a man sows. that shall he also reap” Jesus. It is that simple. because. regardless of country or race become evil in their greedy selfish and murderous ambitions that is contrary to human freedom. Remember. Banda Aceh in Indonesia is an example of this where human atrocities of indiscriminate murder and beheadings have taken place and parading the decapitated heads on top of motor vehicles. The Middle East is no exception. Why? Because. If we examine the other countries that have been devastated by the same tidal wave and examine their history. but is based upon firmly established Principles that 21 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . especially toward other humans and is not without the consequential outcome of CAUSE AND EFFECT.. It is all within all of us regardless of beliefs. or race.htm for our behavior towards all living entities on our planet. Most organized religions in our world today have failed to promulgate the Truth as we see the sad shape that our civilization is in today. and respect it can bring a disturbance and cause a disarray in the elements of nature and trigger earthquakes.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. When a religion does not have the Knowledge of GOD. CAUSE AND EFFECT is imbued in our personal Nature and the Nature of the Universe. Because of The Seven Principles are the two aspects intertwined and interwoven into the fabric of human consciousness. Any responsible or irresponsible act that we commit against nature and against each other will be gracefully returned to each of us by CAUSE AND EFFECT. decency. There can be no unity within a religion or between religions because of the lack of a unifying centralized Knowledge that is not based on beliefs. COSMIC LAW is about assuming the proper stewardship and responsibility for a planet that we live on and is our traveling floating biosphere in There is nothing worse than to ignorantly perpetuate CAUSE AND EFFECT in our lives and then suffer the consequences of our own actions without ever knowing why. Not much is known in the world today about this at the moment but there is an awakening process taking place that will be of great help to the Human Race.

they are operating a religious cult not worthy of the name religion. Only perpetual change will continue to drive humanity upwards and onwards through the evolution of time and is driven by an immutable eternal and everlasting power that itself is immutable and unchangeable and is known to the ancient philosophers as. They are unable to find peace.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. These suicide killers will be enfolded within the dark forces of Nature because of an erring choice and their disembodiment will result in an unpleasant disembodying experience that is filled with the horror of others who have walked the same path before them and cursing those who follow by the same erring choices. combative. The upward advancement is momentarily halted in this state of being because of the lack of Space and Time. an unexplainable enigma. The entire human race is compelled to abide by these mathematical principles regardless of country or beliefs that make world commerce possible in unity and without argument and so it is with the Seven Universal Principles of LIFE from where all laws and rules emerge.pymander. happiness. and prosperity for themselves and their children in their perpetual aimless cause. They are mentally dead and their bodies will follow the mental road they paved when they experience the second death which is disembodiment and the final termination of physical Life." Perhaps. There is no honor in giving one's Life to other people by destroying his or her own body of consciousness and violently murder those who struggle along their side to provide a living for their children and families. It is no different than to abide by the principles of mathematics that make equations workable. death and rebirth of a 22 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . That place is the mental hell of fire and brimstone that one can read in their eyes and in the expression of their face. They are immersed in their virtual mental hell and are unable to climb out of the pit. The cult of satanic worshipping is an offshoot of the Christian religion because of their dualistic views about God. Not all religious fruit trees are benevolent to humanity. Evolution denotes movement such as the birth. an empty religion that holds no substance in reality except to be feared by those who abide in any superstitious religious belief system. in their plane it is only in the twinkling of an eye because of the absence of time. Many will. if they could. As long as this is not recognized and there is an unwillingness to work together. Devil worshipping is in fact a superstition. If they are fanatical. would there not be arguments and disagreement and all parties will reach for their technological equalizers of destruction to enforce and convince the other guy who is right? No country or government can replace the CREATOR in bringing everlasting unity to the world because all countries and governments are operated by mortal humans who lack longevity and their ideas are non-enduring that will eventually follow them to their graves and ending their ambitions in history. Imagine for a moment that we utilize the rules of mathematics in the same format as varying religious beliefs instead of Knowledge. as will the disagreements and the bloodshed of wars on our planet. only the presence of pure Infinite SPIRIT. return to the Great Physical Plane and warn their brothers and sisters not to make the same mistakes they made. today's physicists observe it as a "dark cosmological energy" that is a baffling mystery to them. yet. there can be no evolution. Centuries of our time may pass before their errors are rectified. and self-righteous. the diversity of religions will continue. Without time. There is a special place for cult leaders and their followers in the war torn regions of self inflicted mental anguish. "THE ALL. All religions can share the same Knowledge of THE ALL and the religion of each nation celebrates their unique race culture. In this way can mutual respect be accomplish as we can enjoy each other's culture and learn from each other and speak of ONE GOD whose presence is observed in the unseen Cosmic Energy and Principles.htm are not of man's invention or ideas that unifies the diversity of all religions. All of humanity should be wary of all religious leaders and observe the fruits of their work that will tell you what kind of fruit tree they are growing.

they will only appear on the dark side of the Earth as the sun will hurt their eyes. you are utilizing the Mind's eye (the brow chakra) to observe the Great Creator at work in manifesting the LIVING UNIVERSE.pymander. There is also the question of where all the races on our planet came from? Another interesting subject of research. A Martian day cannot be measured by the same measure as an "Earth" day because of the difference in size and rotational velocity around its axes as well as the length of travel around the sun. It is better we clean up our environment then to have Nature do it for us. It is not possible to measure in kilometers or miles because the Human brain cannot work with such large numbers.. Does this mean that it is impossible to travel between planets? No. Or. It may pose physiological difficulties and problems. It is not only the method of travel but also how well the Human Mind is established in Spiritual Knowledge to maintain mental and character stability when leaving the Earth's environment. Their physical features would scare humans to insanity because of ignorance. This will be your own personal experience and proof 23 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . In our little corner of existence. But the method of travel between planets can make a difference. time cannot exist and neither can evolution. A mortal Human's Life can be measured in a nano-second of cosmic time. you will find this to be a sobering and humbling experience and you will be awestruck at the same time. it does not. that the Universe is "Mental" and the condition of a person's Mentalism is greatly affected by the radical change in environment when traveling through space or Mars for example. Can you the reader see the enormous presence of INFINITE LIVING MIND. Their bodies have evolved to accommodate the dark space environment as the evolutionary process has endowed them with large eyes to gather sufficient light to see in the darkness of space.htm galaxy or solar system. is the measurement of time relative as well as the evolutionary advancement of all things. Remember. The incremental measurements of time on another planet will be different than that of our Earth. So called alien Life forms have accomplished space travel but they may have evolved by millions of years to condition their physical bodies for space travel and is the reason why they look like the strange "aliens" to earthbound humans. One race cannot get along with the other because of the difference in skin color for example. The space traveler cannot have personal problems or issues to deal with. they may have the ability to step out of physical reality to avoid injury. Without such movement. a sun. If the reader can see this for him or herself. It is possible that this may have an impact on the Human Consciousness when traveling between the planets because the Human Consciousness is synchronized in harmony for the Earth's environment. Consequently. The Earth is an extension of Human Consciousness because of the mental nature of the Universe regardless of race. Because of this. Humans are murdering and warring with each other because of the difference in beliefs and ethnics. We can not even keep our environment clean to maintain proper living conditions on our planet because of monetary greed. we measure time by Earth time and are a miniscule measurement compared to cosmic time and is the reason why astronomers measure in light years when measuring the unimaginable distances between galaxies. or SPIRIT? Compare this to the miniscule and meager existence of humans on this planet.. Time is a relative measurement of such an event and is the upward and onward evolution of the Universe that also biologically affects humans living on the Earth. at least. on our planet and is a momentary window of physical Life in the Human experience.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. How will they behave with alien life forms when they cannot even get along with each other because of skin color or other racial issues? This indicates how primitive our civilization is even today. Human consciousness is perfectly synchronized with the nature of our Earth but does not mean that it will be with Mars.. If the reader can observe this for yourself. or a

for their energy and force are blind. This experience caused me to write under the heading of "Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom of The Arcanum. It is a personal undertaking." Then is THE ALL mere Energy or Force? Not Energy or Force as the materialists use the terms. I will always stand to be corrected and learn how to assist in the growth of the "Tree of LIFE" as "our" Consciousness continues to grow. The Knowledge is like a two edged sword that can cut in both directions because it is Universal in application." that is. in a small and humble way. it is because they are unable to utilize their Mind's eye and therefore can they only go as far as believing or not believing and depends on their degree of vanity and egotism. and as Life and Mind are manifested in the Universe. it becomes KNOWLEDGE and you have opened the mental door of communications with SPIRIT.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. 24 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM .com/AETHEREAL/PRINC~1. for. for nothing rises higher than its own source --nothing is ever manifested in an effect that is not in the cause --nothing is evolved as a consequent that is not involved as an antecedent. SPIRIT will respond to your observation. mechanical things. if it were. If a lesson is not learned and applied. My own growth was increased when I started writing about this Knowledge and sharing it on the Internet. What is there then higher than Matter or Energy that we know to be existent in the Universe? LIFE AND MIND! Life and Mind in all their varying degrees of unfoldment! "Then. and we know better than that. As a recent writer has said "Matter has melted into Mystery. This is why "beliefs" are extremely limited and can be either true or false." This was also my own personal experience and enabled me to "see" SPIRIT and connect the varying knowledges and discoveries by adding to the great puzzle of Truth." I was undecided for five years whether or not it should be written or published on the Internet because it is a sacred Knowledge." And so THE ALL cannot be mere Energy or Force. Life and Mind can never evolve from blind Energy or Force. for we are Alive and using Mind to consider this very question and so are those who claim that Energy or Force is Everything. then one has to go through the experience of the lesson. Is the Creator not imminent within His Creation? THE KYBALION (1912) page 61-63 We see around us that which is called "Matter" which forms the physical foundation for all forms. for the reason given a moment ago: "Nothing can rise higher than its source --nothing is evolved unless it is involved --nothing manifests in the effect. When you become aware of SPIRIT. unless it is in the cause." you ask. and now rests on the basis of "Energy. And. Even Material Science has abandoned the theory of Matter. And then Modern Science informs us that there is really no such thing as Matter --that we call Matter is merely "interrupted energy or force. This is what Hermes experienced and wrote about in his "Divine Pymander. We cannot do this for another person anymore than we can digest their food for their benefit.pymander. THE ALL cannot be Matter. "do you mean to tell us that THE ALL is LIFE AND MIND! Yes! and No! is our answer. we say No! THE ALL is not that! "But what kind of Life and Mind do you mean? you ask.htm of knowing INFINITE LIVING MIND or SPIRIT. the puzzle will not fit in the Tree of LIFE. but once you can see this for yourself. devoid of Life and Mind. If others can not believe this. Is THE ALL merely matter? Not at all! Matter cannot manifest Life or Mind. It is my sincere wish that Ancient Knowledge has been a help to you the reader. then there would be no such things as Life and Mind in existence. to assist you in your own advancement and that you may discover the true Knowledge and freedom of your own Mind. If the puzzle is an untruth. if I should err in my Life. energy or force at a low rate of vibration. If you mean Life and Mind as we petty poor mortals know them.

" IN THE HUMAN BODY The Principle of MENTALISM manifests the Crown Chakra. No matter what we think. country.htm The answer is "LIVING MIND. as Life and Mind are higher than mechanical forces. It is all self evident and does not need scientific verification. The evolution of a Human Life and body begins at the Root Chakra and its energy is drawn upward through all major Chakras toward the Crown Chakra which occupies the highest point in the Human body and runs opposite of the process of manifestation or involution. do. In an overly sexually obsessed and perverted person. We are Eternally and Infinitely connected to SPIRIT and its immutable perpetual Principles of LIFE. The Pituitary gland is the first gland to appear in the human embryo and is the first order of physical manifestation of man in the womb. or what we think our race. 25 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . Sex has become their idol god and is all that they have to live for and so they become trapped in their perception of Life. Sexual criminals operate in this region of consciousness.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. or Mind "THE ALL is MIND. the physical body of Conscious awareness and vitality and continues its manifestation of the Pituitary gland. or where we are. All of manifested Life must evolve upward or Divine-ward in the process of evolution. or "without" GOD. as far above that which mortals know by those words. They may fall into a very low and dark region of Consciousness because they are unable to use their sexual energy properly. no matter if we are in our embodied or disembodied state. "SPIRIT!" THE ALL is Infinite Living Mind --the Illumined call it SPIRIT! Three initiates I." "I AM always present with thee. he or she becomes trapped by runaway Tantric energy of the Root Chakra and their evolution becomes a stymied and painful process when there is no room to think about "other" things. Nothing is allowed to stand still in the Universe. There is no such thing as being "outside" of. This is the primordial or fundamental beginning of all Human existence and is the beginning of the "downward born elements" or manifestations of The SPIRIT of GOD in its aspect of Creation of the Human body. the master gland of the body. the cause of Mind. The Universe is Mental." -The Kybalion "All is in THE ALL. We mean that which the illumined souls mean when they reverently pronounce the word.pymander. and THE ALL is in All. Life. or matter --INFINITE LIVING MIND as compared to finite Life and Mind. we cannot escape the presence of The Great Principle of Mentalism. what we believe." This should not be lightly taken in complacency. or ethnic background is. Their sexuality becomes a virtue-less bestial animalistic activity of a low degree.

. There are the two aspects of the same reality. There is no such thing as "empty" space. What does the intellectual and wondering human mind suppose it [dark matter] is? In ITS aspect of creation and manifestation THE ALL who is LIFE and LIGHT through the medium of SPIRIT permeates and engulfs all of LIFE and MATTER in LIGHT of which a small degree of the LIGHT spectrum is visible to the human eye which is for the most part only a reflection light off of material objects. holds all of CREATION within ITS INFINITE MIND and permeating and penetrating everything with ITS MIND of Intelligent LIGHT Energy. it is also told to remain 26 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . while THE ALL instructs each particle of each element to gather together (The Law of Attraction). motion. while a major portion of the spectrum remains invisible.. through the efforts and will of its own. The ability to observe the greater portion of the LIGHT spectrum depends on the individual evolutionary stage of conscious awareness and the interference of preconceived notions and beliefs not supported by Universal Principles which limits the individual Human Mind to its own personal reality of belief systems.htm "THE ALL. Furthermore. while the particles of each element of Fire and Water are instructed to "gather" together to form each. Yet. they are also instructed by this LIGHT ENERGY to repel each other (The Law of Repulsion). the Cosmos and its countless blazing suns. and phenomena. and that which is un-manifested and not readily apparent to the five senses of human perception and consciousness. either seen or unseen by the human eye. swirling galaxies. suns and worlds of which there is a greater volumetric presence than the physical particles visible to the human eye. For example. It is the cause of superstition and unbelief. causing the Life and Being of atomic particles of which the manifested Universe is composed.. void of form or locality.. THE ALL holds firmly fixed within its INFINITE MIND. A Human can only perceive reality within the parameters of what he or she believes to exist or not exist. dynamically generates waves of vibratory energy that holds the Universe in perpetual vibration. solar systems. EARTH. The INFINITE MIND of THE ALL. hurdling worlds.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. including ourselves. Reality is tailored to a person's belief system by the Subconscious Mind which edits out of our Minds that which we believe not to exist. This is mentioned and brought into the reader's field of awareness because of the paragraph that follows.. WATER.pymander. AND FIRE the atomic particles of each element is instructed by THE INFINITE MIND to attract each other and a manifestation of each element takes place. It is because of this difference of reality perception that Humans disagree on a great many things and it follows the cause of hatred." or "GOD" Creator and Causation of The Universe which occupies its center as well as all centers of every system in the microcosm and macrocosm of our internal and surrounding realms. The LIGHT Energy of THE ALL'S MIND instructs all atomic particles to "gather together" or "repel" each other and forms the distinct physical manifestations in our physical world that all of us enjoy and marvel at its beauty. THE ALL in All. not subject to change. violence. and change." The difference in SPIRIT and manifested Matter being that in the likeness of water and Dark matter is one example of the un-manifested reality that occupies all of space between the galaxies. being LIFE and LIGHT and INFINITE and void of form or any specific locality in Space and Time. which are without exception or exclusion subject to the immutable Law and inescapable Mental Process of the ever Omnipresent LIVING MIND that we call "SPIRIT. and war without reason. Ignorance is the greatest error and root cause of all evils and it can be traced as the root cause of all fears under the sun. same aspect but different in degree. In the four elements of our Planet which are AIR. that which is manifested as the material Universe..

There will be no reason for disagreement or disharmony. The Law of Attraction and Repulsion is a manifestation of The Principle of POLARITY. Each human is without exception or exclusion. as each entity occupies its own Plane of Being in the ascending scale of Life. etc. They maintain a monotheistic view about reality. a very Great Soul that is holographically manifested within THE ALL and none can escape the presence of LIGHT Energy which is LIFE. Jehovah. disunites. one element from the other. are subject to the Law of Attraction and Repulsion in that it makes each of us a very distinct and unique individual. Now is the dawning of an awakening process that will bring change in the conduct of humans and how commerce will be accomplished that is based on the principles of honesty. are religions who by the nature of their beliefs in dualism are very much divided religions.. or theory.pymander. The perception of a single Causation is not possible in the dualist views of GOD that the many religions in the world maintain in their belief system. There is no such thing as "being alone. This is not unique to the Christian religion. Dualism separates. Hinduism. Atomic particles are fully aware of the INFINITE presence of SPIRIT and they can "sense" ITS instruction and obey the CREATOR as each take their proper position in the creative process. Humans.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. sustaining and maintaining all of LIFE throughout the Universe. On the other hand if Unity of Mind is accomplished. hypothesis. each with likes and dislikes that differ one from the other. 27 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . the "material" realm as we understand it would disintegrate in less time than the flash of a lightning bolt. The Law of Repulsion is important because it is otherwise not possible for each of the four elements to remain as individual distinct manifestations. and mutual respect. and must change if humanity is to continue its existence on the Great Physical Plane. the various religions in the world would melt into a single Universal Religion that is based on Knowledge and not beliefs. would cease to exist. Our entire existence is sustained by this "GOD" who for the most part remains obscured by preconceived notions and religious superstitions and remains unknowable to the human race. including our bodies. If it were possible to interrupt the dynamic vibratory energy of THE ALL that manifests and evolves the particle Universe. divides. honor. causes disharmony and is evident in the many various denominations of the Christian religion who are unable to agree with each other. Dualistic views that prevents each to accomplish unity of Mind within their religion and with the neighboring religions.htm separate. This will. All that is. Dualism is evident in Islam. Buddhism and the many other religions not mentioned who are constantly warring with each other. Dualism is primitive by nature and was practiced by primitive man in his ignorance of the Truth during the dawning of the ages and in the lapse of time was inherited by "modern" man who incorporated dualism in the various belief systems of the world. Quantum Physics has difficulties with dualistic views because the Universe does not display such a scenario. all are subject to this constant Energy of LIGHT in the Attraction and Repulsion of all atomic particles throughout the Universe within the dynamic Energy of INFINITE SPIRIT in its aspect of constant MANIFESTATION and CREATION. Religions with dualistic views about GOD. The Creative effort of THE ALL enables the various Life forms in the Universe. Each of the religions will acquire a mental compass which needle points in the same direction which cause is THE ALL. Sexual energy is a powerful attraction between male and female that very few people can properly control its power and is in place to prevent the extinction of mortal The Law of Attraction and Repulsion of the particle reality is a subject of research in Quantum Physics." All of the elements. Allah. great and small in The Universe. All of us are constantly learning and growing and we rise in the scale of Life as the SPIRIT wills in order for all of us to become aware of ITS presence.

There are no mechanical devices capable of accomplishing this and there is no scientific verification possible. at least. and Constant Change (evolution) can only be experienced in the "presence." of an animated physical body.. We can only retain the "now" events in the memory of our Minds. Time. Yesteryear's mode of transportation. THE ALL is everywhere present all at the same time (Omnipresent)." "the future. It cannot be analyzed. A disembodied human becomes deprived of experiencing Space.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. Disembodiment terminates the experience of Space. This applies to all physically present life forms across the Universe. time. The quality of choices that we make in our own personal Life affects the direction of the future because of the constant unfolding and advancing Human Mind. while learning is the human quality of constant advancement and growth in all phases of Life in the dimension of space. Time. for example. and that of the Principle of "Cause and Effect" in the collective Human Consciousness determines how the "fate or destiny. The reader can see that all physical motion in Life can only be experienced in the animated "now" or "present" as each moment of "present" events passes into the winding reel of the past which becomes the history of the world. animated events of the "now" only manifests for an infinite short moment in space and time before it passes into history.htm There is nothing able of escaping the MIND of THE ALL for there is nothing that can exist apart from SPIRIT. It is absolute in presence and non-local in stature. or edges in space to add to. Nothing can be added to or subtracted from SPIRIT because it has no boundaries. To do so would be a folly that will raise more questions than answers." of our civilization is shaped. There are no bodily particles present to interact with the particles of the Physical Plane or that can be subjected to constant change as in the process of decay for example. The unwinding film reel of the projector is like the future that momentarily passes through the projector's lens of the "now" or "present and then becomes history in the winding film reel. There are no external forces to cause decay upon the physical body when there is 28 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . or categorized. The moving vibratory timeline of the "present" animates that which is in the future and are events that momentarily pass through our lives and becomes the recorded history of the present.. and the process of evolution because it no longer is in possession of a body which is its only connection with the Great Physical Plane. and Change or at least retards the experience. or subtract from itself. classified. --NOTHING ESCAPES THE LAW. The Polarity of "Karma and Dharma". The difference is that in the Human Mind in the Great Mental Plane. the momentary pictures of the vibratory timeline can be changed before they appear in the present and cause a change in the direction of "fate or destiny. The vibrating timeline of the "presence" is illusionary in nature because it is non-enduring and subject to constant change. It is always subject to change. All are events within THE ALL in whose Mind we dwell and have our being." Accurate predictions of the future are difficult to make because everything is subject to change as the Human Mind advances in the great scale of Life and a path of destruction can become a path of the preservation of Life and Being. becomes a historical relic of the moving timeline as will today's cutting edge technology.. No human qualities. Time. It may be said that a movie projector mechanically emulates the principles of Space and Time. Only the most advanced Souls are able to see the changes in the future pictures of Life accurately. THE ALL does not learn anything because IT KNOWS EVERYTHING. borders. and perpetual change. or physical form of any kind can be or should be ascribed to it. not for the moment. The moving vibratory timeline which animates Life is similar in principle like that of movie pictures in a reel of film that momentarily passes through the projector's lens and creates an animated drama of Life on the big screen.

It may be said that the Universe is held in perpetual manifestation. depending on its placement in the Great Scale of Life. we have found a compass which needle will always point in the same direction no matter which way we turn. This compass and needle (understanding) becomes our navigator in Life which for the most part keeps us apart from the external turmoil and strife of the outer world.pymander. and the anode. The Great LAW is universal in that it rules and governs the principles of mathematics. etc. When this understanding and awareness unfolds in our Minds. but always coming from a single vine. will always be compelled to return to the Great Physical Plane because of its desire to be whole again and this alone is sufficient to perpetuate Universal Cosmic LAW in the fulfillment of the person's desire to return to its incarnated state of Being again. galaxy. vibration. planet. and living is sustained by the Mental activity (LAW) and manifestations of THE ALL. it becomes attached to a something that is not subject to change such as a deep understanding of the function of Universal Cosmic Law." It dwells on a Plane of Life and Being either just above that of the Physical Plane or far above it. Human bodily functions. When the Human Mind becomes focused on Universal Spiritual Knowledge.htm none to speak of because there is no "external presence. All of Life. The manifesting Power and Energy of THE ALL is the great CAUSE back of. A human who experiences disembodiment." the opposite poles of MENTAL POLARITY of THE ALL. and underneath Universal Cosmic Law. The evidence of this manifesting Polarity is present in every sun. All things have their existence solely within The INFINITE MIND of THE ALL. behind. Today is the dawning of a new (nothing new under the sun) Spiritual Consciousness for man that will bring change in the way humans view Life and enabling them an expanded view of the Universe and its hidden causation. hence." or Divine. and our computers which enables us to come together and discoursing Spiritual Knowledge that would otherwise remain hidden. or single source of Causation. of which the one cannot be without the other. We are in the world. enabling Universal LIFE and activity across the Universe. light.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. Universal Cosmic Law. and the mood swings of the human Mind. and change by the Mental activity of THE ALL as it vibrates with infinite rapidity between the Positive and Negative pole of its MENTAL POLARITY. In this state of Mind and Understanding. gravitation. for it powers our industry. but not of it. The often loosely used term and misunderstood meaning of divine or DI-VINE presence in truth means "DI." "double. Universal Law is equally present across the Universe and will equally rule and govern the entire Cosmos. the behavior of the sine waves of electrical energy. A person's unfolding Spiritual Mind will learn to utilize the LAW to its own advantage and attains self mastery over the lower self. dynamically holds the Universe firmly within its SPIRIT (Intelligent Energy) and rules by fate or destiny the Spiritward journey (evolution) of manifested Life and causing the upward and onward evolution of all Life in the ascending scale. as the splitting into two branches from a single grapevine for example. The constant Mental activity of Life giving vibratory energy of MIND and Matter within the Infinite CREATOR makes it "DI-VINE. 29 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . and every celestial and terrestrial body throughout the Universe and also rules by the Universal Principle of Polarity the behavior of electrical energy which powers the infrastructure of our civilization. will a person lose all fear because he or she becomes solidly anchored in LIFE --rock solid! THE ALL being Divine in its We have much to be grateful and thankful. motion. and "VINE" denotes the double-vined Principle of POLARITY. the cathode. All this because of the Spiritward evolutionary process that brings change in human consciousness and consequently cause change in their societal infrastructure and surrounding environment.

. enabling the upward and onward evolution of all Life and Being. Evolution is not limited to physical changes of celestial and terrestrial bodies. In this understanding is Consciousness and Matter an inseparable aspect of MIND-. that thou by all things mayest see him. for who is more manifest than He? For therefore hath he made all things. where all "that is. For there is nothing which is not the Image of God. and causing all things to migrate toward the Positive Pole of MIND. And. In the ancient Hermetic philosophy of Hermes (possibly the ancient Enoch) mentioned: Holy art thou. There can be no other explanation and true meaning of "Evolution. and the change they cause in their infrastructure and the environment.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. an excerpt from "Divine Pymander " THE ALL." it is SPIRIT that manifests the Universe and holding it in perpetual change. the manifested or external Image of GOD (LIFE)]. technology. maybe blinking in and out of physical reality with such great rapidity. Evolution is a Universal Cosmic LAW. This process will bring change to many a human Mind as its awareness expands into regions of reality that were previously not perceived or believed to exist and causing Human Minds to stand in speechless awe as it 30 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . The upward driving force of INFINITE INTELLIGENT SPIRIT in the ascending scale of LIFE is the cause of the evolutionary process in us and the Universe. Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus.. that God is invisible. that it is not sensed during our perception of reality.htm As the human Mind continues to develop. Evolution is self evident when observing and studying the history of humans. marvelous Universe. atomic and sub-atomic particles of which all "matter" is composed proceeds from energy and energy from INFINITE LIVING DIVINE MIND which rules the fate or destiny of the Universe and its contents. being THE ABSOLUTE. [Nature. The Universe is held in perpetual motion and change as THE ALL momentarily withdraws its Mental contemplation of the manifested Universe. while space." has its beginnings in the manifestation of all Creation. Life and Being. Life becomes easier to live because we learn to work closer to Life's Universal Principles and enabling a greater understanding of doing things. and perpetual of whom all Nature is the Image.. Today. time and perpetual change. that which we are able to observe with our eyes. their Spiritual advancement. so will the continuously upward developing human Mind bring constant change to themselves. with resting periods of immeasurable proportions in the Eternal Cosmology of space. as if breathing and pausing at times.the inescapable Omnipresent SPIRIT. Of all the things that are in the manifested realm (relativity). nothing can or is allowed to stand still in the evolutionary process of SPIRIT as it cycles all of manifested Creation Spiritward and drawing all of Universal Creation back into itself from whence it came of which there is nothing that can escape its enormous and absolute presence. causing the Universe to vibrate with LIFE. but be advised. and all the events of this day. and the environment. but to all things on Earth and the Universe. In short. The ancient Egyptian Philosopher. technological achievements. will never be experienced again in the same way as the immutable moving time line brings us a new experience in each new day and we learn and expand our consciousness into a greater awareness of reality. and change is a manifestation and expression of SPIRIT in the relativity of manifested matter. This is the immutable evolutionary process of Life which destiny is in the upward advancement and placement of all living entities on Earth and the immaculate. time. Yet thou sayest. time. from the era of horse drawn buggies to the modern day automobile and jet flight. --nothing can or is allowed to stand still in space. In Quantum Physics there is a theory that the physical or material Universe.pymander.

UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. religious. but you have advanced to become a mover in the game of Life. You have learnt to live within the parameters of a "proper Mind. Learn to sit still. Science itself cannot stand in one place as they too will advance and reveal things in the near future that will boggle the Human Mind." When you realize what the "proper Mind" is. The driving force behind these events are caused by the evolutionary process of SPIRIT and the conflict that exists between the two Mental Planes of thinking and awareness. dogma. the human Mind will become aware of a greater reality of things that were previously not "believed" to exist. NOT another human image. Learn the proper subconsciousing of your own Mind. This is very important! Learn to "listen" to the impressions that come into your field of awareness within your own Mind. All upward progress. and trivial religious rhetoric. you are not just a mere pawn on the chessboard of Life that is moved about by the efforts and wills of other people. There is no other meaningful explanation for evolution in spite of all the religious controversy and rhetoric. Learn to communicate with this SPIRIT. "Know Thyself well. Each one of us." Can you. When you set aside a moment of silent focused meditation. It is rock solid. technological and educational advancement is the unconditional evolutionary process of SPIRIT to learn. and expand. It can help you. and impart a silent power in all phases of Life. The evidence of this phenomena is already appearing in many segments of society but has so far escaped the mainstream news media and major organized religions of the world who remain oblivious to the dawning of a new reality awareness which has brought the world strange and unexplained phenomena. You are inseparable from this reality. time. The Intuitive Mind will take you into regions of your Mentalism that can only occur within yourself and no external source can impart to you.pymander. This is a very important aspect of human existence and can help you in the acquisition of the "proper Mind. When Knowledge. and All that is. Squelch any residual mental pollution and noise from daily living that is constantly forcing itself into your field of Consciousness. understand that which eyes cannot see but that your Mind is capable of "seeing" in understanding? If you can. and learn the Things that are. even in the seemingly "godless" business environment. In this aspect of consciousness. This dawning of expanded consciousness has sparked a heated debate and controversy between those who are aware and those who are still asleep and who are having their security blanket of believes and belief systems slowly removed. creed." The human Mind will continue to grow and supersede the ten percent of current measurable intelligence (the majority of the masses is below ten percent). Imagine what humanity can accomplish when this happens! It takes an open Universal Mind that is not bogged down in rigid doctrine. lives. a close encounter of the fourth kind --SPIRIT! Even they will not escape this dawning of a new reality awareness. you will find that SPIRIT will respond to you. scientific. you will find that SPIRIT will respond to you and untold riches of Spiritual Knowledge will unfold within you. In other words. The One World Order concept which has been conceived to further world commercialism is a 31 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . the cradle of creation void of space. It matters not what we "believe. You are the "Master" of your mental habits. give you strength. and perpetual change. focus and meditate on the reality of Omnipresent SPIRIT. All this will come to you when you take time out to be "with" yourself." During the process of your own efforts. not "by" yourself. the "unseen" reality where our entire material Universe and world is conceived and manifested. The increasing percentages of measurable human intelligence will increase the awareness of the human Mind proportionally in the perception of reality. Give it direction and purpose in Life. race. and Understanding of the Truth is established. learn to create a space of time to be with yourself so that you can be replenished with energy and vitality. Instead of getting caught up in the rat race of the unconscious world. then will the conflict vanish and the two Planes of thinking become as one and united in harmony." into the "internal" reality of SPIRIT. the reader.htm becomes a witness in the creative process of LIFE and its underlying causation of Universal LAW. you will be able to see for yourself the Principles by which the human Mind must abide in order to function properly with maximum efficiency. are sustained by THE ALL. grow. our conscious existence. This is not the same as the "One World Order" concept.. Spiritual. than have you opened the channel of expression within your own Mind that enables your "Seership.

" that has failed to abide by the firmly established "Mental Principles" of SPIRIT.. If world commerce would abide by these Principles. A proper Mind will dissolve the problematic aspect of the human Mind and enable a person a greater vista of LIFE that will remove all IGNORANCE. "Ignorance" is a dangerous thing in that it causes dissolution and disembodiment --"The wages of sin is DEATH.. This man would have been an valuable asset to humanity. fall. as only one example. and dissolution of things. a wrong answer will be derived because of the greedy and bestial desires of world commercialism which have become as shark invested waters. can impart. It may be possible to keep church. separate from government. A diseased body is a good indication that something has to be done about the thinking process. All are telltale signs of their character. When the equations of Life are violated. synagogue. or any organization that fails to abide by Universal LAW. even in cyberspace... Any person can converse with SPIRIT which is everywhere present and ask for the "Proper Mind" which no psychiatrist. The thinking process reflects what a person eats. love or hate. and consequently. Without Spiritual Knowledge is the human Mind empty and shallow in awareness and becomes problematic and prone to dysfunction. FEAR.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. or group of persons. As with all things in Life. growth. honesty or dishonesty. etc. and the unfoldment of Knowledge in humans is an unavoidable and inescapable subject of human existence in order for the Mind to function properly with poise.pymander. or lack of "Proper Mind. The record of history will reveal this evidence. psychologist. This will become more evident in the lapse of time. Humans are constantly faced with making daily choices between good and Hitler. temple. a discovery of untold riches would unfold through the hologram of the Human Mind while greed will retard the possibilities of perpetual wealth and causing the rise. a choice humans make in the scale of "Mental Polarity". They will consume each other in their greedy cause and spread human misery in the process. and stealing. generosity or greed. 32 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . he would have taken a different course in Life and his Mind and life's energy would have been utilized in the advancement of humanity. but the governments of the world will not escape the Principles of SPIRIT as their very existence is overshadowed by the enormous presence of SPIRIT and the inescapable Principles of Universal Cosmic LAW. Humans are capable of turning on a dime when it comes to these "split second" choices in the twinkling of an eye. A proper Mind will be able to experience the spontaneity of Spiritual KNOWLEDGE that can only be imparted by SPIRIT --The Omnipresent ALL. Greed will prevent a person. mental firmness. This dysfunction becomes apparent in the form of mental instability and the increased probability of disease in their bodies. for it strongly reflects the current stage of "conscious awareness" in human nature and its Spiritually intuitive or animalistic bestial desires. It is the only reliable source of Mental stability and human understanding. was able to observe and understand these things. and causing a positive direction in Life. etc. lying. which will end their "cause" in bodily dissolution. or religious leader. government. from recognizing and enjoying their own wealth and their greedy posture will cause them to resort to dishonesty. forgiving or revenge." "Sin" means.htm materialistic view and concept that will fall short of its intended goals because it has failed to abide by the firmly established Principles of SPIRIT. cheating. Its perpetual Universal Principles will dissolve any country. the "Polarity" of good and evil is prevalent everywhere. affecting and sealing their own fate or destiny in Life. error in the process and procedure of the Human Mind. It reflects what and how they consume their food and how they behave in their daily living. Spiritual development..

at least. how they perceive their reality." then that is something that must be worked out in your own Mind before you can proceed. Not by a mere "belief system. moods. The careful mental observer will find that all of the problems in our civilization can be traced to the premature commitments of preconceived notions and a lack of Spiritual growth and Knowledge. When humans learn to rise to the Plane above. but it is a Super Intelligent non-material force that is void of shape and form that manifests the Universe and enables unconditional Life in all living entities of different shapes and forms throughout the Universe." because it is Universal in Nature and does not refer to any organized religious beliefs. cannot be absorbed by the body of an unstable and disturbed mental SPIRIT is the very essence of the human Mind and can not be left out of the equation of human existence. The observer can easily see why a person suffers from disease by observing what they say.htm To believe that a person is suffering for the glory of GOD is a redundant and absurd belief that came from the middle ages of ignorant and superstitious religious beliefs that have been inherited by modern day man.. It desires for humanity to "understand" the Truth about itself. the Arcane Knowledge and Wisdom will find that SPIRIT will communicate through your own Mind and thoughts and find a very intimate connection that enables spontaneous Knowledge. which is the essential Life Force of the body that is everywhere present. You become a changed person and experience tranquility as never before.pymander. and the environment. they will dominate their character. Science has given humanity the Hubble Space telescope and giving the public a view of the Universe that has never been seen before and revealing unexplained mysteries of creation." but by the firmly established Universal Principles of SPIRIT. Science refers to it as "a quantum field of energy. can see the Infinite Creator at work even through the works of physics and other scientific endeavors. Things that never entered the Mind will all of a sudden appear in the field of awareness. a SPIRIT of many names and labels but always the same Universal SPIRIT." "Allah. There can be no disconnection from the Universal Mind of THE ALL except in the illusion of a false belief or concept of Life. "THE ALL. A proper Mind is accomplished by learning and studying the firmly established Mental Principles and applying the Principles to one's own Life. The person who learns to focus on learning esoteric Knowledge. The fundamental Knowledge of our own Being for which the utilization of words seem all but adequate and scientific verification non-existent --only the intimate personal experience with SPIRIT itself becomes the person's personal evidence and 33 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . In Truth. Nothing can escape its absolute presence.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. It would be interesting to see physics formulate a quantum equation for this one." "Jehovah. qualities. A good observer can see these things for themselves as evidence by observing the people they personally know. You may call it "God. You find yourself becoming interested in Spiritual things that never interested you before. Those of us who understand SPIRIT. This is the Spiritual walk of man. To them it is very real. It is not a blind force or a force that is random in its purpose. from an official standpoint." a blind force in their relative understanding of the Universe that is just there. there is no discontinuity except in the Mind of the person who dwells within that idea." or "SPIRIT. This type of a believe can retard a person's Spiritual advancement and vibrant health in the body because Pranic substance. THE ALL reveals itself through different media and each time increasing in intensity as it reaches out for humanity to understand that they are never alone on this spinning sphere called "Earth" as it travels at a dizzying speed of two million miles an hour through space along with the rest of the Milky way Galaxy. If every human accomplished the "proper Mind. If you have problems with the word "SPIRIT. and how stable the expression of their attitude." etc." "dark matter." there would be no need for doctors and hospitals. This author often refers to it as.

htm guide through Life.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. All are based on premature cognitive commitments accompanied by the constantly returning human misery as it rapidly cycles between pleasure and pain and causing uncontrollable wide mood swings and sudden violent behavior and the destruction and pain that follows. True Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom is based on firmly established Principles and LAW of the SPIRIT that becomes humanity's refuge from ignorant beliefs and the dis-unity and the dis-harmony it brings followed by anger. and violence. with the Knowledge of SPIRIT because it is based on the LAW of Mentalism by which each of us is compelled to abide. Humans are compelled to abide by their own beliefs because there is no access to true Arcane Knowledge and therefore is harmony and unity not possible. They know that in order to do the great things they do. All levels of society is affected by this change. and only then. but because it is not "known" by most will unity and harmony be possible. we have an assortment of belief systems that do not agree with each other because of the difference in viewpoints. There is no other way to accomplish unity and harmony. World commerce would be impossible and chaotic because there can be no agreement between people as to how to proceed with multiplication and division for example. They are not governed by the laws of the land because they live above the written laws and have no connection with any country. A true master of Life knows THE ALL and "believes" are not an issue in their Mind and Life. When our personal focus is only on what we believe rather than what we know. will the unity of Mind never be accomplished or even possible. Spirituality is like the rules of mathematics by which every human of this civilization must adhere in order to make proper calculations and to accomplish scientific research and to conduct commerce. It brings unity and harmony in the operation of the human Mind regarding mathematical calculations." Let him or her who can understand continue on The Pathway of Knowledge and Wisdom. They do exert 34 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . There are religious wars in the world as each person believes that they are right. This is the reason why mathematical principles have been utilized as an analogy in the above paragraphs. Different religions in the world will never accomplish a unity or harmony of Mind. Currently. There will always be a disagreement because all their causations are based on "believes. They come from a Plane of reality that is above the Plane of the dreamy collective mindset of this civilization which border lines separate the races. A master of Life. The dark age religions have not helped. beliefs and viewpoints. Imagine for a moment if the world was to conduct mathematical equations based on beliefs rather than knowledge. And so it is." and so the world continues in disagreement and conflict. It is true that each believe is a personal pathway that will eventually lead to the recognition of the firmly established Principles of SPIRIT." When there are differences of opinions. "my guess is as good as yours. People are looking for a something that is enduring and meaningful in their rapidly changing world. There has to be an agreement or center of focus in all minds to accomplish a unity of Mind that is based on Knowledge rather than mere "believes. humanity operates on the premises of "belief. Why? Because of the difference in beliefs. Human relationships based on superficiality and fakery will no longer work because of the increasingly rapid changes of the human mind.pymander. Arcane Knowledge and Wisdom is hidden from world view not because it is forbidden. We have heard the saying that no two humans view reality the same way. war. Some people may have a faint glimpse of these Spiritual adepts but for the most part have no idea who or what they are or that they even exist. understands these things because they too at one time were even as we are. they must abide by the "Knowledge" of firmly established Principles of SPIRIT such as is written on this web page." Unity and harmony is lacking because. Then. or adept.

UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www." The Universal Principle of LOVE LOVE will not only draw and keep things together but it will dissolve that which does not adhere to its own Principle. religious leaders to make up for the lack of knowledge about these Principles and so the world governments are compelled to keep the human beasts in line by creating laws which are not always adhered to. They are the "angels" of the human race and are as advanced brothers and sisters in SPIRIT. soldiers. The following is a quotation regarding The Universal Principle of LOVE that applies to all of Life and Living and enables the manifestation of physical reality in the process of affinity. It is possible for a "sonar" rippling effect which can be detected by Life forms from other dimensions and gives our researchers a view of a parallel dimension that is adjacent to ours. However. cohesion. adhesion. it is difficult to prevent the destructive tendencies of the human mind from destroying itself because they know that every living human is Spirit and they can. Without the laws of the land. Not the winged type which is a religious imagination and invention. and repulsion of atomic particles. humans would devour each other like the beasts of undeveloped creatures in Nature. They will not interfere with Life's processes but they can "influence" change such as the prevention of a world war or the abandonment of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction because they know that when a nuclear bomb is detonated.pymander. but they are the movers of the pawns who exert great influence on the unsuspecting collective consciousness which knows almost nothing about them. A very powerful Spiritual discourse from the Masters of the Himalayas: "Love is.htm great influence to deter mass destruction of the human race and even for them. exert enormous negative power over themselves and their environment. coagulation. The human race is compelled to establish law enforcement. The Human Mind will eventually evolve to the point where it will use the Seven Principles to its own advantage and they will become "causations" in Life instead of reacting to the external influence of "effects. at times. All of are composed by the cohesion of unconditional Universal LOVE of SPIRIT that holds the Universe together. It is possible that this may be the reason for the increased appearance of UFO's and alien Life forms. collectively. We may have shaken their dimension each time a nuclear device is detonated for "research" purposes. through the evolutionary process of the Universe. not even by the responsible persons who write the laws. Because these Principles are not very well understood or known by the collective mindset of the world or even in the scientific Mind. or a binding force that keeps all things in relationship to their source. They are unable to exercise control over other humans because it is not in the LAW of SPIRIT to do so. courts. Words do an injustice to the wonderful greatness of SPIRIT and only in the personal experience of the Human Mind can this greatness be comprehended and appreciated. This is not the case with the Seven Principles because there is nothing that can escape this LAW not even the manifested atomic particles. it will cause an electromagnetic disturbance that goes beyond our physical world. they can materialize and dematerialize at will and accomplish instant teleportation and have no need for "wings" to do so. The masters of Life are no pawns on the chessboard of Life. as it might be said." 35 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . will drive the Human Mind onward and upward on the scale of LIFE and eventually causing the Human Mind to become liberated and it will recognize its true freedom. The SPIRIT.

UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. Understanding and Wisdom. They may not even be aware of the various Mental Planes and states of Being that encompass reality. They act on fear. and only then. The person may not be aware of his or her condition because of a lack of awareness. This type of person cannot be forced into understanding their condition. There is also the problem that the person in this condition may be an unwilling individual who prefers to stay in their state of misery. their Mind becomes dysfunctional as it enters into a survival and cunning mode (like the animals) and their dignity becomes damaged and increasing their mental stress. the relationship becomes impossible and it dissolves. The person becomes straddled between the two Planes of Being and experiences the mental stress and conflict of the two Planes. The closer the relative Planes of Being are. The appearance of old age and disease in the body is the first sign of entropy and indicates that the Mind is not allowed to advance and grow in an individual because of complacency in personal advancement of Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom. They become dismayed and disheartened followed by anger. can they change the condition for themselves. When Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom is understood and shared. the greater the compatibility while the opposite will increase the incompatibility of people. Remember. This animal state of "Mentalism" weakens an individual's resolve in Life and living and they become moved about like pawns on the chessboard of Life and are subjected to the mental forces of wishes. it will be subject to entropy or process of decay and terminating in the demise of the physical body. A person becomes 36 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM .pymander. Only LOVE and patience will slowly change the individual to the point where a dialogue of trust and friendship can be developed and they are enabled to see their state of Mind for themselves. it violates the Principles of its own Plane of Being and the Mental forces of its own nature. wills. The various Planes of Being affect relationships and friendships as very few people if any will share the exact same Plane of Being. All this because of the lack of Spiritual Knowledge. We can only extend our assistance to them if they are willing to accept.htm "But Love will dissolve that which is not in harmony with the Universal order for it demands of everything its complete adherence to the principle of its own nature which is SPIRIT. then it becomes the central hub of all causes in every individual and like the principles of mathematics is harmony and unity accomplished and the differences become dissolved. The Mind must never be allowed to stop advancing on the ascending scale of Life. instantly stunning their Spiritual advancement. nothing is allowed to stand still. If the Mind stops advancing. Then. The only road they may see and out of their situation is by resorting to a violent behavior and eliminating by whatever means they believe is the offending cause of their pain which underlying cause is fear. In this state can very great things be accomplished because of mutual awareness and understanding. that makes relationships between husband and wife. True Spiritual growth is an unconditional universal commitment that is not attached to anything." Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East Few people understand the true meaning of unconditional LOVE. Scientific verification and knowledge regarding this reality is non-existent and therefore can assistance not be extended to these people on a large scale. and parent and child. of other humans stronger than their own. LOVE is the glue. The human Mind does not belong on the Animal Plane of Being and when it does operate on that Plane. People get stuck on a given belief system and prematurely commit themselves to what they believe is the ultimate religion. and friendships possible. If Love is only understood in a shallow and superficial manner.

ONE SPIRIT. and Being. the direction. There is a strong possibility that primitive Neanderthal and others may have been the descendants of such a past apocalyptic civilization. Learn and understand the manifestations of SPIRIT and the LAW that governs the manifestations. the Wisdom of SPIRIT will emerge in the human Mind of its own accord and it will respond by giving more Knowledge as it becomes a person's Guide and TEACHER OF TRUTH. and endeavors and will view humanity as one brotherhood. LIGHT. and confirm the inner/outer aspects of reality that are unthinkable to most humans. Being. The Spiritually developed person is capable of being "self referred" regarding Spiritual Knowledge without having to make a constant reference to When a person learns to think for themselves and silence his or her Mind. it will perish off the face of this planet like the many civilizations before us who have disappeared with barely a trace of their existence. The person who advanced to this mental state is no longer territorial in their disposition which is an attribute of the animal plane and belongs to the lower parts of human nature. or other people's misinformation. The enormity of the SPIRIT'S absolute presence.pymander. traces of de-evolved humans who have fallen so low in the planes of being that they resemble more of a primitive animal than a physical human. abstaining from all mental noise and mental pollution. persons. Those who have a degree of understanding regarding SPIRIT know to follow its flawless leadership and guidance. There is but ONE LIFE. SPIRIT is an obscure aspect of reality because of a confusing myriad of personal. commitment. Only through many wary ages of "retracing its steps over the backward road it has trodden" did man reestablished his human consciousness and the freedom that it enabled the him and her of today. from which all manifested Life. It will give you a viewpoint of reality that brings awe in your Life and a deep respect for Nature and the Universe. It is a never ending quest of constant growth from "man to archangel" because of the Infinite availability of Arcane Knowledge and Wisdom that transcends the finite materialistic and intellectual views in Life. This type of person cannot 37 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . In this aspect of Mind will a person unequivocally recognize the established Universal Truth because the Truth is already known to the inner "blueprint" of Sub-Conscious Mind.htm universal in their disposition. the road has not ended and it must continue without cessation or interruption. a subject of religious worship in organized religion. and the mental firmness of Life it enables." If our entire civilization is allowed to stop advancing Spiritually.. if they only have the "desire" and "will" TO KNOW. temple. Most. or any other religion have but a faint conception of what they are worshipping. NEVER allow another person to pull you down to their level. It will teach. THE ALL. Spiritual growth and advancement is an eternal commitment of the Soul and its manifested body as it grows through various ascending planes of "being" and causing a perpetual change in the ascension. They will speak Knowledge in their own words because it is within the ability of their inner Higher self to do so. No human is excluded or exempted from this.. scientific. This is the eternal quest of Man --from Man to Archangel and beyond. A knowledge and understanding of SPIRIT is the only way to prevent our human nature from dwelling upon the lower planes of "being" and the dismay and horror it brings to us while being unaware of the Truth. and purpose. and matter proceeds. has been grossly underestimated and misunderstood by most humans. who sit in the pews of their favorite denominational church. But. IS the SOLE Causation of LIFE. and religious belief systems. synagogue.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. The manifestation of the Absolute being threefold (Trinity) in appearance but only ONE in substance. That which "Eyes and Ears have not seen or heard.

humans would be instantly cut off from consciousness and thus the physical realm and all their material possessions. All manifested atomic and subatomic particles in the Universe are subject to THE ALL'S unconditional wills and efforts and is the LAW by which all phenomena in the particle Universe behave. not necessarily based in Truth. is the cause of constant debate." whose inner nature will always be unknowable to us and is known only to itself. and war in the world resulting in human suffering. the affirmation of the realm of SPIRIT by the scientific knowledge they maintain in that all atomic particles of which everything is composed. This fundamental aspect of personal and religious beliefs. as a wave form. When a TRUTH is KNOWN (not just believed). The debate. argument. Within. atoms can be measured and weighed and be physically manipulated. A disembodied Soul would see the material world as waveforms of Light and Energy such as has been reported in many "out of the body experiences.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. and non-gender specific. SPIRIT should not be confused as belonging to any particular religion because it has nothing to do with any religion. This competing condition becomes a struggle for control and the original vision of Spiritual development and growth is lost. Without a body (disembodied state). The physical or objective world that we see with our eyes is composed of various degrees of vibratory Energy and is NOT as physical as it appears to the eyes or as most humans think or believe it is. time. THE ALL is formless. However. the conventional means of measurement and manipulation is impossible. as each person or groups of persons attempts to defend their believes from other persons or groups of persons who may not share the same views. and constant struggle for control in personal and religious believes is a vexation to SPIRIT. something that most humans have difficulty in accomplishing. are all waveforms of energy and information (the nature of SPIRIT). Religion is a conceptualization of the human Mind what it "believes" that Spirit is. it may only be based on a half Truth. This is possible because the Universe is MENTAL in nature and humans are "mental" beings with physical bodies that acts as an interface (consciousness) between the Spirits that they are and the surrounding objective world that they "see" with their eyes.htm be intentionally or unintentionally lied to. or a complete untruth. as well as without. warring. It is a subject of study and research in Quantum Physics but for the moment not perceived or realized as such. of all that is manifested on the Physical Plane of Life and Being is ever to be found the absolute and inescapable presence of "THE ALL. the need to defend this Knowledge is unnecessary because SPIRIT is of its own accord and does not require the assistance nor the enforcement or approval of any human to confirm its absolute presence.pymander. At best. As a THE ALL is the primary manifesting power and causation of male and female in all species of Life forms. display the behavior of being wave forms of energy and particles at the same time. Science has given us. "mental" manipulation of the waveform aspect is possible to cause change in the physical particles such as psychic healing. but this requires great Knowledge and Wisdom." A disembodied Soul would not be uncomfortable 38 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . who walk in Spiritual awareness and Knowledge. Atoms as is commonly known in Quantum Physics. They will always know the Truth and see the reality back of and behind all causations and intentions of other humans and navigate themselves through Life according to the Wisdom of SPIRIT. everywhere present. The Universe may be regarded as a manifested mental hologram of Infinite MIND (Spirit) in which all celestial and terrestrial bodies are suspended in space. and change (evolution).

. the Universe would be in a state of true chaos. Every knowledgeable physicist and instructor of science will confirm that there is no such thing as a "solid object.. As mentioned before. At this point matter merges and slowly shades into an invisible field of Intelligent Energy. all material objects in the Universe are kept separated from each other because of the rapid vibrations and movements of electrons that orbit around their unique nucleus. and range of objects at such great distances. The atoms of all physical objects are lowered vibrations of energy. Energy waveforms belong to the realm of SPIRIT. None of the lower bodily senses are capable of sensing the quality. of which only the wonderful sense of eyesight is 39 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . form and force.. and force. can no specific point or size be assigned to the waveform side of the particle --A fascinating phenomenon! The final analysis of atomic particles by science and the various hypothetical and theoretical postulates remain inconclusive because atomic particles fade away into "Intelligent" Energy. or Force (SPIRIT. if it can be called "material." Moreover. The waveform/particle behavior of atoms is an indication that the manifested phenomena of form and force in the Universe is not as physical or material as we think or believe it is. and is therefore inseparable. Adhesion and collision between particles and objects becomes non existent. and the manifesting vibratory energy of DIVINE INTELLIGENCE. Mathematical analysis of particles become impossible because the very vague dividing line between matter and energy is lost. from where it began). in their waveform aspect have been known by science to be at two places at the same time--an unexplained phenomenon.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. form. The nature of SPIRIT is where all physical forms originate as manifestations of vibratory energy before "becoming" physical objects on the material plane. It is not an aimless blind energy as it is believed.pymander. boundary. or locality in Space and Time. that is void of locality and time. shape. Walking "upon" the earth. When this mental habit is removed. the world of matter." There would be no distinction between objects. quantity. In this aspect of being. we as humans would sink through the earth's crust because of gravity. with a clarity of vision that will far surpass the ability of the eyesight that is already capable of "sensing" and viewing a range of objects in deep space.htm unless the Mind has been maintained in the lower Planes of Being where it will remain even without a body such as a person with hateful criminal tendencies who can only cause and experience human misery. The energy waveform of the atom is non-spatial in nature and does not occupy a given locality in the space/time continuum. a Divine Intelligence. would become impossible because all matter including our bodies would flow into a disorganized glob of material. Beyond Space and Time they exist only as waveforms of Energy and Light. the primary causation of mass and locality. To some degree. This Truth maybe extremely difficult for many a human Mind to conceive and comprehend that such a thing. the human Mind will understand and extend its vision beyond the world of matter. lowered to the point where they gain mass and occupy a given locality and physical identity on the ascending scale of Life and Being. Atoms. being a lower vibration of energy are aspects of the same reality. as mentioned in the preceding paragraphs could exist because of the continuous habitual tendencies of humans to "idolize" and ascribe human qualities to a SPIRIT that has no form. This rapid vibration of electrons prevents the nuclei from flowing into each other. This great Truth establishes the unequivocal unity of MIND and If the vibrations and movements of these electrons were muted. the waveform can be registered by instrumentation.

or what a person has done. All their material possessions will not answer their quest to know the meaning and deep secrets of Life. The cultivation of this Knowledge will enhance and multiply the ability of psychologists and psychiatrists to perform a service to humanity that is unprecedented in permanently solving the many ills of human nature. if any. Less dependency on mind altering drugs becomes possible as the psychologist and psychiatrist will use the amazing attributes of human nature in the modification of chemicals that are manufactured by the individual's own body. Something that is not easily accomplished at the moment. The elements of "Truth" may be discovered through mathematical equations and used by science. and control. Spiritual development is not to be confused with the established dogma and doctrine of most personal. religion. or not done. Few. while Spiritual development is of universal nature and requires a personal commitment and willingness to cultivate the latent power which lays dormant within all of us. mental firmness. and organized religious belief systems which strife to control their members and the only source of their income. would be sufficiently bold enough to step into the "Unknown. THE ALL enfolds All in unconditional LIFE and LOVE and neither favors nor judges a person or race regardless of belief. the opportunity in Spiritual development and growth by giving them a sense of direction. because IT is the unconditional causation of all Life that enables all of the above. They will dominate their own character. and to a degree be of great commercial value. simply by changing their point of view in life. qualities and moods and contribute a focused effort of peace and unity to a mentally undisciplined civilization that is tossed around like helpless pawns on the Chessboard of Life. Most people have no idea what an Intuitive Mind is. in the conduct of their own thinking and lives.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. and the effect of imprisonment by preconceived notions of a materialistic and gravitational bound civilization. Personal Spiritual cultivation and development is a research of these two higher senses which lies largely dormant within human nature because of the lack of Knowledge. they would be more of a Spiritual adept and operate beyond the parameters of the scientific mind. government. THE ALL perpetuates the immutable Universal Cosmic Law without cessation or 40 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM .com/AETHEREAL/PRINC~1. the Intuitive Mind is mistaken for the "Instinctive Mind" which has the quality of the undeveloped creatures in nature and is an aspect of the lower parts or planes of thought within the human mind. skin color. can these Spiritual sciences never be incorporated into the educational systems of the world because of the inability to recognize the latent powers that exists in Conscious and sub Conscious Mind. poise." An intellectual and artificial approach to this aspect of the human mind can only produce mechanical like indoctrinated results which lack the flexibility of the Intuitive Mind. This is the only area of human Consciousness that is capable of providing a permanent solution to society's ills by giving "willing" individuals who have the desire to educate themselves.pymander. If these professions were to accomplish this. ethnic background. subtle as it maybe. Often. personal awareness. It is the only source of power they are able to recognize and understand. a change in attitude. creed. It is useless to the common person who wanders aimlessly through life for the lack of knowledge. Imagine for a moment what Consciousness and Mind is capable of doing when more attention is focused on the cultivation of these two subjects. and giving their patients a meaningful sense of direction and purpose in Life. THE ALL is no respecter of persons.htm capable of performing. or nation. In this state of Mind.

a mineral.. Pranic substance is present in our food because it is absorbed and saturated in the Plane of Mineral. you will see the rapidly traveling light globules that circle and shoot through the atmosphere. no matter what authorities on the subject tell you otherwise. the common denominator of all LIFE with the understanding of your Mind. LIFE is what we share with all of manifested NATURE. a human as just a human. as a unique and sacred manifestation of LIFE. and turn your eyes skyward at night to view the stars above.. This observation can be a very refreshing and assuring experience to our Minds. You can see this activity everywhere. It shows that none of us can ever be lost or alone in LIFE and the Universe. Your Mind is capable of seeing a reality that eyes cannot see. You will never again look at a tree and see it as just a tree. LIFE is the common denominator in the various planes of manifested Life forms on the ascending/descending scale of Life and Being. It is NOT your imagination or blood cells traveling in your eyeballs. a tree.htm interruption by which every human will judge themselves according to the choices that are made on the Mental Plane and the resulting manifestations that follow in each person's Life. Artificial fertilizer is a form of pollution that brings imbalance to the elements of Nature and can kill the substance altering microbes of the soil.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. then. If you wish to see Pranic substance (SPIRIT). but you will view All as sacred manifestations of LIFE.pymander. an animal as just an animal. as well as other Life forms actually breath this Pranic substance into our lungs and skin and it saturates the entire nervous system of our bodies with this LIFE giving substance. When the entrance of this substance becomes restricted in the human body because of stress or other restrictive agents. an animal. We become lost and alone only by the inventions of our own you are seeing SPIRIT. You will find that the atmosphere is always very busy and filled with the LIFE activity of THE ALL. "Blessed are the pure in heart. a flower as just a flower. You are looking at the LIFE giving Creative activity of SPIRIT. Pollution on any of these planes is a displacement of the elements in Nature and will interfere with the absorption of Pranic substance in our foods. Pranic substance is much too tenuous to register with the state of the art electronic instrumentation." or GOD.. The first sign of this is an increase of incurable diseases in humans. with uplifted Mind and keen awareness. even within the living space of your home. Vegetable. All of Life and Being on every Plane of Life relies on this substance for their living sustenance that is everywhere present. The primordial causation of LIFE is. "THE ALL. disease appears on the scene as the organs are ailing for the lack of this Life Force. a human. for they shall see GOD" (sermon on the mount). Each person bears the responsibility of his or her own destiny in Life --YOU are the playwright of your own Life. go outside and stare at the sky for a few moments squelching the noisy mental activity of your Mind. remember this Principle and see what inspiration will befall your Mind. We. After a few minutes or sooner. When you see this non-material realm. The more you practice in observing this phenomena. you can't help but stand in stupefied awe at the composition and function of the Universe. in All. and Animal Mind. When you can view. the more keen your eyesight becomes in seeing this tenuous substance because 41 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . Next time when you. all are in the food chain below the Plane of Human Mind. a flower. view the surrounding environment and observe abundant LIFE and the various Life forms in Nature. Allow your Mind to align itself in silence for a few moments and with open Mind. Humans consume for food all that is below the Plane of Human Mind. look at the bright sky and look.

pymander. you can still see this substance because it interpenetrates all things and transcends space. the LIFE Principle or NATURE of SPIRIT will always operate independently from our believes and views and unconditionally manifest and sustain all of LIFE without exception or exclusion. a non-local field of Intelligence from which we can derive increased Knowledge. They do not understand the Omnipresence of THE ALL. then your Mind will not be able to focus on this substance and to you it is non-existent as the Subconscious Mind shuts out and removes this reality from your Conscious awareness.. It is there regardless if you look or close your eyes. but then. This will prevent a person from viewing realities beyond (As Above. When this happens. it will always be a relative Knowledge and it is never absolute because of the Infinite stature of THE ALL. These individuals live in so much fear that upward progress for them is almost non-existent. They will discover that it is very real indeed and not limited to the walls of buildings or that it exists only between the covers of their religious literature. but don't be afraid of this phenomenon because it is the LIFE giving substance of SPIRIT that enables you to live and have your Being in Life and living.htm you have commissioned the eyes with your Mind to see these things. You are actually looking at two Planes at the same time. A continuous mental focus into this area. It would be best to keep an open Mind. Do not allow the superstitious religious rhetoric of devils and demons prevent you from mentally coming into close contact with Omnipresent SPIRIT. It is not possible to view this phenomenon in a scientific laboratory by using instrumentation. This may be spooky for some people. Even with the eyes closed. Our Mind is a wonderful tenuous and superfluous substance that can transcend all Planes of Life and Being and is not limited to any locality in space and It becomes your own personal reality that you have manifested in your own life. Only what you "believe" and what you are willing and able to perceive as reality remains. time and locality. a wonderful strange sight that is difficult to explain because it transcends space and time. on the other hand.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www.. Any degree of fear will immediately terminate this experience and prevent a person from experiencing a wonderful journey in SPIRIT without leaving the body. This is the Energy and Nature of SPIRIT.. If you do not believe this realm to be a Truth. Eventually you will be able to view the Astral Planes with your own Mind. and you will again see the vibratory energy of SPIRIT. When you become accustomed and comfortable in viewing this reality. so below. All they have to do is remove that fear and allow themselves to trust SPIRIT. Learn to trust SPIRIT. This is a region of MIND. No matter what degree of Knowledge is derived from this region. nothing is impossible. which is beyond the reach of the ordinary person. At night when you lay on your back in the dark. look at the ceiling in your bedroom. just close your eyes and let the Omnipresent SPIRIT be your guide.) the narrow bandwidth of materialistic views and it becomes the only limited reality they are able to understand. will increase the attention span from a few seconds to many hours when practiced regularly. A trained and practicing eye can see a strange three dimensional vision of Prana that goes beyond the boundaries of the ceiling. Learning with an open Mind is an endless evolutionary journey in the understanding of LIFE that prevents the boredom of 42 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM .. there will be additional advancement in seeing more things as you advance in your Seership. Discussion of this subject between those who are able to see and those who do not becomes senseless and impossible as each attempts to defend their turf. Meditation in this area is very refreshing and revitalizing to our Being. You can talk to it if you wish because "IT" is fully aware of your presence. Nevertheless.

with either positive or negative results. it lays dormant and untapped. Mental Transmutation is a mental art in the manipulation of the waveform aspect of the atom to cause change in the physical aspect of particles.. We can only stand in silent awe and learn to become accustomed to the new things we observe. However.htm limited thinking. A sleeping giant waiting to be awakened. It is possible that an electronic device can be created to accomplish this. Human combustion is often caused by a type of mental alchemy that creates dangerous chemical mixtures in the body. but the energy requirement would be enormous and may not be feasible or affordable to society.. the human Mind is in possession of Infinite "free" Energy and can do it better than any mechanical device. Particles can be mentally "caused" to remain only in their waveform aspect in the absence of physicality. Health is a normal condition of the human body and disease is largely caused by ignorance and the violation and disobedience of natural laws of living and thinking. it cannot help but to stand in great awe. As the struggling finite human mind becomes increasingly aware of the Causation of all Life. Humanity is still looking "outward" for answers from their surrounding environment while all the answers lay hidden deep within human nature. you will recognize the narrow bandwidth of their conscious awareness which has shut them out of the realities above. fulfilling the LAW and using it to our advantage and to utilize this power in the service of struggling humanity.. Many scientists do not 43 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . and advance on the scale of LIFE. continuously advancing higher upon the Scale and reaching Planes. move. A mechanical device is created because of the lack of awareness of ones own potentialities. a belief that either allows or disallows an individual to view reality as it really is. progress. but doers. We are NOT judges of the Great LAW. realms.. as well as below the plane of their awareness and being. The state of health in the body depends on the Mentalism of each individual. What can or shall we say to a struggling world? There are those who will accuse this experience as a hallucination. People are always creating placebos." the true non-biological Father of all humanity. Science has yet to determine its true cause. The astonishing and often baffling conclusions in the double blind studies of placebos are influenced by the Principle of Mentalism.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www.. Mental Transmutation has a very profound effect upon the elements of the body depending upon the mental state the individual maintains. It can most likely be traced to the state of mind that an individual maintains. There is no need to become angry with these people because they too are doing the best they can with what they know.. or hypnotic spell. This principle may be utilized to accomplish Mental Transmutation.words that do not exist or have not yet been invented to describe what we The Mental nature of the Universe explains the various psychic phenomena that have so intrigued and baffled the world by displaying mental powers that defy scientific treatment. When a careful observation is made of their views. and regions of Mind that are unutterable. trance. to assist those who will allow us. and have our being within GOD.pymander. THE ALL is "OUR FATHER. and realize that the Universe is the glory of the INFINITE MIND and that we all live. Always be compassionate and understanding of their views because they too have their foot set upon the Path. when understood and utilized properly becomes our refuge and escape from limited and mortal thinking. Universal Cosmic LAW. We will always learn.

they steal and are being stolen from. the ability to penetrate through the veil of the particle world and peer deep into the realm of SPIRIT. they murder and are likely to become murdered. The Pineal gland governs the waking and sleeping cycles of the body. and characteristics apply to each unit. Spirit knowledge. The Brow Chakra furthers its manifestation of the Pineal gland that is responsible for the production of Melatonin and is believed to help the body adjust to stress... "Remote Viewing. the center of Enlightenment. so above. Life and Being. they hate and are being hated.. and correspondence between the several planes of Manifestation. Clairaudience. Things are seen in The Mind that are not possible by Human eyes alone. Humans who deceive are likewise subject to the deception of their own methods.pymander. all are subject to the operations of the Principle of Correspondence that caused them to flock on the same plane of thought based on their choices in Life and they are responsible for the final outcome of their own lives (The Principle of Cause and Effect). They deceive and are being deceived.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. Clairvoyance. and further their greedy cause. The exact nature of the Pineal gland is unknown to science This principle enables the phenomenon of Discernment. Back to top of page II. as each manifests its own phenomena upon its own plane. It is not subject or bound by Space and Time.. The Kybalion IN THE HUMAN BODY The Principle of Correspondence manifests the Brow Chakra in the human body. The Instinctive Mind acts and reacts on external impressions and utilizes deceptive methods for its self preservation and survival.htm believe this to be true. or combination of units of This truth is a truth because all that is included in the Universe emanates from the same source." All are aspects of the Intuitive Mind unlike the more familiar Instinctive Mind that operates on the lower plane of human Consciousness and is animalistic in nature. It is a typical quality of the Animal Plane of Mind. Unbeknownst to them. Like the weeds in the field that are separated from the wheat. and the same laws.. Humans who maintain themselves in the lower nature of their consciousness display the animalistic qualities of cunning by using deceptive methods and practices in order to self preserve. etc.. and the newly coined word... etc. principles. Hunches. Intuition. so below. These types of people are also subject to become victimized by another of the same plane of thought who invents a better deceptive method of capturing his or her victim. People of same Minds (The Principle of Mentalism) tends to polarize (The Principle of Polarity) and attract each other. 44 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . and flock together --friends in misery. The Great Principle of Correspondence "As above. all are subject to Universal Cosmic Law." -The Kybalion The great Second Hermetic Principle embodies the truth that there is a harmony. agreement. as below..

It cannot be deceived. The more psychically developed a person is. The Intuitive Mind is well capable of looking ahead into the future of the constant moving timeline of the "now" as it moves along the time grid into the future. they may not be aware. Some use it in a conscious and deliberate manner while others may not even be aware that they are using this Principle. Humans must adhere to mathematical laws in order to calculate properly and to conduct world commerce and to calculate the trajectory of a space ship as an example. to become known to the individual who learns and knows how to use this Principle. Many are using these powers for their own egotistic and selfish reasons. It cannot be accomplished on a theoretical belief system that is all to often based on premature cognitive commitments. Correspondence enables that which is normally Law Enforcement people. As mentioned before." Thoughts are subtle forms of "things" that our body constantly releases like the vapor of a tea kettle and creates the atmosphere of character that people will psychically sense of each other in 45 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . while The Principle of Cause and Effect manifests the final outcome of those choices. have developed this psychic power to a higher degree than most ordinary humans because of its constant daily use on the job and often catch the dangerous criminal who leaves a trail of mental clouds. When the Principles of Spirit are recognized and adhered to like the principles of arithmetic.htm Unlike the Instinctive Mind. So must the human Mind adhere to the Mental Principles upon which the Human Mind is based in order to conduct a proper Mind and a meaningful Life and living. atomic. Navigation and negotiating through Life becomes effortless. It can shed light on many a dark paradox. and sub-atomic particles departing from their bodies that is unique to the fleeing individual. with equal representation within Human Nature. Psychic power in various degrees and stages of development is present in every human and is often used either with or without awareness in the seizing up of the intentions of other humans. the greater the psychic perception. The Principle of Polarity maintains both. it will enhance the clarity of vision and enables the Mind to penetrate the most secret of secrets. They are subject to the immutable and inescapable Mental Law of "Cause and Effect. This Chakra dilates and becomes enlarged in the Spiritually developing and growing person and enables the increased inflow of Spiritual Knowledge. This trail of tenuous substance can be psychically traced to its originator. The Intuitive Mind is the only aspect of Mind that is capable of seeing and recognizing SPIRIT.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. When used knowingly.pymander. like the Principles of mathematics Spiritual Principles must be adhered to in order to accomplish advancement and growth in the Arcane Knowledge. then can unity of Mind be accomplished and there is no argument or disagreement. that no person gets away with anything even though they may think that they are. The Intuitive Mind is a manifestation of the Universal Principle of Correspondence and is present in every living human in varying degrees of development. while the Instinctive Mind concerns itself only with itself and the tangible things of Life it can understand. or scientific knowledge beyond the range of the objective world or Physical Plane. though. Intuition belongs to the to higher plane of human Consciousness and is a perfect guiding navigational instrument of Life to those who will focus upon and learn to develop this region of their Mind. All this is possible because of the function of the manifesting "Brow Chakra" enabling the Mind to penetrate through and beyond the Physical Plane. the Intuitive and Instinctive Mind. the Intuitive Mind can see keenly through any untruths and is perfectly capable of distinguishing between a Truth and a deception. The truth is.


varying degrees as either being a pleasant or unpleasant person. Multiply this by the many individuals of a community, city, county, or country, and a unique collective mental character, like a mental hologram, that is created and sensed by the visiting stranger who will feel either comfortable or uncomfortable with the atmosphere of a given community. A community who has an established collective mental cloud of hostility draped over their community for example, will have a negative adverse effect on the visitor who will psychically feel the unpleasant atmosphere of greed, hatred, and criminal tendencies of that community. They are unable to stay in that atmosphere unless they themselves share the same character and qualities of that community.

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This Mental Principle applies to the corporate world as well as in the work place of people who are affected and reflect the corporate consciousness of the top man who is responsible for its operations. If the responsible leader of a company or corporation is of low, abusing and undisciplined moral character, he or she will establish the mental character of that company or corporation in a given community that will be intuitively sensed by the customer and the employees who work for them. The first sign of this condition is a high turnover of employees who are unable to maintain their working life in an oppressive and impoverished atmosphere. Employees will constantly compete with each other even to the point of underhandedness and back-stabbing their fellow workers. This occurs because human nature is prone to maliciousness as each worker is attempting to protect their security with the belief that others are attempting to encroach on their safety. This is not a team oriented environment as it creates an extremely tense and violent but unseen atmosphere that can be sensed by the Intuitive Mind in varying degrees (Correspondence). In this negative state will the cost of a corporation be driven upwards as some, if not most, of their workers will make sure that the other fellow should not succeed. This creates an atmosphere of disharmony in a corporate structure with resulting higher operating costs because of disgruntled employees. There has to be a proper "Correspondence" between the responsibility of the top person and the person at the bottom of the structure to create unity and harmony. This state will give flair to a company or corporation in their community that will even be noticed by the customer. On the other side of the coin are there workers who will take advantage of the goodness that a company has developed for their workers. Why? Spiritual Principles and development cannot be avoided even in a seemingly Godless corporate environment in its day to day operations. When humans who work for a living do not possess a Universal Spiritual (not religious) background backed by solid Principles, not of our own invention, what will their source or reason be for an ethical behavior? When there is no known Mental Law or Principle to go by? A self made ethical behavior without a cause is for the most part on shaky ground and can cause a person to "turn on a dime" so to speak. From an ethical to an unethical behavior at the blink of an eye. Honest business men with a good reputation all of a sudden find themselves entangled in a legal battle with their government and their business may become dissolved in the process. All this occurs because they failed to recognize an aspect of Life that is ruled by Universal Mental Principles that governs human behavior and resulting consequences of their actions. Ignorant workers who have no Spiritual Principles to go by have no reason to adhere to the responsibility of their work. They are driven by their self made ambitions devoid of any Spiritual Knowledge that would have given them a reason why they should be responsible and ethical not only toward the company they work for but also toward their coworkers. Coercion by rule and policy is utilized only because employees have nothing else to go by and thus they must be forced to comply or lose their job. A Spiritual developed person will take up his or her responsibility in the great game of Life and has no need for coercion. They willingly enlist their cooperation for the company they work for without the malicious backstabbing of their coworkers. They live in harmony and their thoughts follow clearly defined patterns of unity and harmony that enables them to focus on their work that they will accomplish with efficiency. The peace and harmony they learned to create at home, they will take with them in their work environment while the undeveloped person will do likewise but with different results. Spiritual Correspondence in all facets of
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Spiritual Knowledge will give our intuitive abilities a deliberate focused attention in a direction of thoughts that can be shot like bullets at a given target and exercising great influence on the unsuspecting Mind, or any physical objects. Because of this, is Spiritual Knowledge important in the enfoldment of a proper Mind lest this power becomes abused by an undeveloped mind of a low grade. This Knowledge of power is protected by the undeveloped person's own "unbelief" and he or she will never aspire to that level of Knowledge and awareness. It is interesting to note that the more advanced electronic technology becomes in the electronic controls of aircraft in flight or any other mechanical device controlled by high technological electronic means, the more it approaches the higher mental planes in operation and therefore becomes increasingly susceptible to "mental manipulation" which can override the controls. Mental manipulation does not necessarily mean that a person is aware of their mental causation as most individuals do not view "thoughts" as things and therefore their thoughts are not power driven and are for the most part harmless. But when a large number of individuals of "negative" thoughts accumulate, say in an aircraft for example, the power and influence of their collective thoughts are exponentially increased and unknowingly exercise a great influence on the controls and fate of the aircraft they are flying. Negative people exercise great influence on the mechanical devices they operate and more so in the field of high technology. People of a high degree of noble thoughts create an atmosphere of harmony even with the atomic particles of the devices they operate while those who operate on a low level of thoughts will have the opposite effect. This is because our Physical or material world we see with our eyes and the Mental Universe, are not separate entities but are integrated facets of reality and therefore not as physical or material as we think or believe it is --The Great Principle of Mentalism. When the human race comes to the realization that "thoughts" are tenuous substances, and not just mere nothings, that fills the earth's atmosphere with a character of either good or bad or a combination of both, a deeper respect for the human mind will emerge in the Mind of man. When it is realized that the Mind is a "real" non-material substance and is recognized as such, it will be found that in the near future the Mentalism of humans will be integrated with the machines they operate. One might ask, "How is this possible?" Because of the Mental nature of the Universe that is governed by the Principle of MENTALISM. True Spiritual advancement and development in the understanding of Human Nature will cause a sling shot effect in science and technology because of a larger portal opening of the Human Mind. Things previously thought to be non-existent or impossible will awe the Human Mind and a greater understanding of the Spiritual nature of the Universe will be realized that will cause Man and machines to integrate making space travel possible that was previously not in the field of awareness of the collective conscious of the human race. Humans will utilize the Principle of Mentalism to manipulate their environment and the machines they operate and come to the realization of the importance to use this Great Principle properly lest they become destroyed by their own wrongful actions. A little Knowledge is a dangerous thing when not applied properly. Because of this, is it important for the proper Spiritual development and advancement of the Human Mind that can only be accomplished in the understanding of SPIRIT and the LAW by which it governs the Universe. The religions of the world must awaken to this great Truth lest they become caught off guard. The survival of all religions depends on their flexibility in the realization and adaptation of the continuously advancing and developing Human Mind into SPIRIT which constantly expands in a greater field of awareness. Outdated believes, dogmas, doctrines, literature that hold no substance in reality will fall away from the human race and causing
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The SPIRIT behind evolution drives all human thoughts Divineward or Spiritward and causing humans to aspire on the scale of Life to higher Mental Planes of Being while others will cycle between their bodily and unbodily state of Being. death. and only then. When it is realized. and rebirth that ensnare most humans in the beginning-less cycles of RHYTHM.pymander. or "renewal" of the Mind that will profoundly change how we view Life and the Universe and thus mentally change the effects of the cycles on our bodies. the Solar System. death. Immortality can not be accomplished and established by "believe. Then. nothing is ever lost or left behind. can we establish a path. It is difficult for the race consciousness that is bound to organized traditional believes and expectations to have "Immortality" mentioned without a response of scorning and mocking 49 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . This is the transformation. Constant change is the upward force of Evolution driven by the INFINITE MIND of THE ALL of which none of us can escape its progression through Space and Time. If they fail to accept change." but by the Knowledge of how the Mental Universe and its active functioning LAWS operate.htm the religions to dissolve when they fail to accept the greater changes in SPIRIT that are coming very soon and is already in progress. Humans who have advanced and aspired to become Masters of the Plane they dwell upon and the Planes below will bear witness of the constant change throughout time and accumulating constant Knowledge and Wisdom without the discontinuity or interruption of the cyclic process of Life. Spiritual Knowledge removes all fear of uncertainty and death because of the Knowledge that nothing happens by accident or at random. humans would become more careful what thoughts they entertain and maintain because of a long lasting record of their Mind that will continue in the atmosphere long after the individual has passed from his or her incarnated Plane and entertaining other humans of the future with thoughts left behind. They have learnt to rise to the Plane above and subjecting to their powers all the elements in Nature and their surrounding environment to the higher LAW they utilize and thus escaping death and the grave --this is Immortality. Time is a constant measurement of this evolutionary process as our bodies. Fraudulent principles of living by many humans become exposed to the public's eye and causing a very deep shame that is damaging to their ego and their ability to properly navigate themselves through Life. and firmly established in the human Mind that thoughts are "things" that dwell in the atmosphere of our immediate surrounding environment and beyond. that it has returned to a reality that has continued to advance to higher aspirations of Spirituality and technology even in their temporary absence from the Great Physical Plane. But as always. Our thoughts have a far reaching effect that extend deep into the Laws of Nature and can affect all the elements of our planet. using our Wisdom and Understanding that will lead us away from the cyclic process of Life. and rebirth. Each thought maintains a unique vibration that coexists in the same space and polarize with similar mental clouds of similar grade and creating a collective mindset character of either a positive or negative even though for some it may not be a pleasant experience because of their refusal to accept change. the Galaxy travels at a dizzying speed of two million miles an hour through Space to some unknown destiny of which we can only have a Mental glimpse of this powerful and wonderful guidance of SPIRIT and its utilization of The Great Principle of MENTALISM.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. then "death" will be their only merciful escape from their reality. but that there is a definite causation back of and behind all things that defies scientific treatment and the self imposed belief systems. Because of their rigidity they become brittle and break easily. our immediate environment. The cycling Human Soul discovers that with each return to the incarnated state.

and my presence is a help unto them.htm because of the comfort it has taken in the familiarity of physical death. Trismegistus: But why do they that are ignorant. abideth. how I shall again go into Life. And forthwith t hey know all things. knowing their Works and Operations. thou shalt again pass into Life. Pymander. and sing hymns unto him. But yet tell me tormenteth such a man sensible. Pymander: Thou seemest not to have understood what thou has heard. The Second book called PYMANDER. if thou understoodest them. Pymander: But he that through the Error of Love. whereof Man is Made. Pymander: I am glad. Because the Father of all things consists of L ife and Light. Peradventure I seem to thee. to be finished and brought to perfection in them: but being the Porter and Door-keeper. sin so much. Have not all a mind? 54. that they should therefore be deprived of immortality? 42. doth he that understands himself. Pymander: Because there goeth a sad and dismal darkness before its body. say I. 44. for thy sake. consider. mark." 40. and murderous. and envious and covetous. That which the word of God said. I will s hut up the entrances of Evil. that they may obtain the greater punishment. and wicked. for I the Mind come unto men that are holy and good. and unsatiable concupiscences. having unfulfillable desires. go or pass into God? 48. or how." THE ALL or Pymander. Trism. and natural Love: And before they give up their Bodies to the death of them. pure and mericful. 43. Pymander. But why. 53. and blessing him. of which darkness is the moist Nature. Trism. Trism. and evil. Rather I that am the Mind itself. and know himself well. 50. and profane. Thou sayest very well. God saith. 49. 55. which happen or belong to the body. The following is an excerpt from the "Divine Pymander" regarding the "cause of mortality and Immortality. and lovingly they supplicate and propitiate the Father. And such a one never ceaseth. God and the Father is Light and Life. 57. wandering in darkness (ignorance).UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. that are in death? 46. Trismegistus: Tell me why are they worthy of death. If there fore thou learn and believe thyself to be of the Life and Light. and cut off the thoughtful desires of filthy works. O my Mind. loved the Body. which applying unto him the sharpness of fire. but I both understand and remember them. from whence death is derived: Hast thou understood this aright? 47. Pymander. Trism. and always 50 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . Pymander. 41. The Reality of Mortality and IMMORTALITY Excerpts from.pymander. 56. 45. of which Man is made. it is viewed as a thread to their "comfortable" and "familiar" reality because of the effort that is required to accomplish a renewal and transformation of their consciousness. they give him thanks . they hate their Senses. of which moist Nature. I am far off giving place to the revenging Demon. When Immortality is mentioned. Let the Man endued with a Mind. and that live piously and religiously. Page 32 Excerpts of a Spiritual conversation between Hermes Trismegistus and The Pymander. 52. But to the foolish. Take heed what thou sayest. the Body consisteth in the sensible World (conscious perception). Race consciousness takes comfort in this because it gives them the "knowledge" that one day they will die and it is a familiar path to them. Pymander means "Shepard of Man. and armeth him the more to all wickedness. being ordered and directed by filial Affection. sensible (bodily consciousness). suffering the things of death (physical dissolution). Trism. 51. will not suffer the Operations or Works.

and individual believes. the human body will accommodate this change and discards outdated physical features that are no longer required on the higher planes of Mind. the military. whose inner nature will always remain unknowable because of its enormous Infinite stature and encompassing. The LAW of SPIRIT is the only way to accomplish perfect unity and harmony that will abolish governments. This learning process affects the Human body in that as its "Mentalism" aspires and evolves to higher states of consciousness with greater reality awareness. of great civilizations that have existed based on these PRINCIPLES but as always because of the Polarity of "good and evil" in human nature there are those who deviated from the LAW of SPIRIT and falling downward and stepping backward on the scale of LIFE and who are compelled to establish religious priests. are individual "beliefs" that must eventually be surrendered in order to follow a singular path that is based on LAW of SPIRIT. leaders. all of physical reality of which nothing can escape its INFINITE MIND. jails. for example. The fallen race is compelled to retrace its steps over the backward road it has trodden and drawn upward thru the spiral of evolution by the will of SPIRIT.htm fighting in darkness (ignorance).UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. What happened to the other part of that civilization? They continued their Spiritward journey and separated from the fallen mortal bound civilization. permeating. The many individual paths that have been mentioned by many teachers. the activity and changes of the Earth we dwell upon even though we do not pay much attention to the forces at work that cause change such as. long before the Jurassic age. They will live in piety with a deep respect in their awareness of the Great Creator at work in manifesting the Universe and they will avail themselves to the service of others who seek the same. and laws that took the place of the lost Knowledge of the Principles of SPIRIT in order for the fallen race to survive. There was a time in a long forgotten and forlorn past.pymander. We see. etc. The change will be very slow to our civilization without being aware of the occurrence. What we see with our eyes or ocular vision is our so called "material world" and is the physical reality as we mundanely understand it. But. for example. toward the higher Planes of Being and aspiring to the status of Archangels and gods but they will always remain subservient to higher learning and aspirations of Infinite SPIRIT which are unutterable to the sound of the languages. governments. religious belief systems. Humans who aspire to the status of gods and archangels can never equal the Infinite and absolute presence of THE ALL. and interpenetrating. long ago. long. for the Demon afflicts and tormenteth him continually. All this is possible because of the Mental Nature of the Universe and is therefore a never ending learning subject in the acquisition of KNOWLEDGE. religious leaders. The work of SPIRIT back of and behind our "mundane understanding" of materialism is not visible to the unconscious individual who subscribes to that level of consciousness. There is only one "GOD" or "THE ALL" and there is no other. It will be continuously mentioned in this web page the analogy of mathematical laws in that humans know that they must abide by mathematical laws in order to accomplish proper equations and so it is with the LAW of SPIRIT. to those who have accomplished a degree of mental effort for their own Spiritual advancement will make a quantum leap in their own evolutionary process and they become as changed beings thru the transformation of their own Mind. the growing of flowers and trees and then the 51 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . and increaset h the fire upon him more and courts.

Not only do we have physical eyes to see our "material world" that is nothing more than the "effect" of the work of SPIRIT but we have the ability to penetrate with the Understanding of our Mind deep into the reality of CAUSE and EFFECT. or to what end." Divine Pymander (1601) 52 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM ." SPIRIT can only be seen "in" the Understanding of the Mind while our eyes will bear witness of the Great Creator at work in the manifestation of our physical reality and the Universe. Being aware. The words written on this page were accomplished by utilizing the Principle of Correspondence to peer into deep into SPIRIT and may give some readers a strange feeling when viewing the internal reality of our existence. will acknowledge thanks to the Workman." "Religious. and what it is. Hermes Trismegistus. to lead his life well seeing there is nothing here true? (Our mundane materialistic view) 4. as to a good Father. he will be yet more and more Religious. The understanding of the Mind is a Mental vision of "seeing." "Understanding" itself cannot be seen with eyes but describes a something not belonging to our physical reality as we can see it. which thing I shall not cease continually to do. is the best and highest Philosopher. and Understanding with our Mind is a vision of the Brow Chakra that is manifested by the Principle of Correspondence of GOD'S INFINITE MIND that enables us to penetrate deep into the reality of SPIRIT and acquire Knowledge and Understanding. but the Universal Religion of Knowledge." not meaning as in known organized an excellent Nurse. THE ALL is not seen with our eyes but with the understanding of our Minds. and to acknowledge thanks for all things.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. 3. This is Spiritual KNOWLEDGE or "Philosophy. can GOD only be seen with the Understanding of our Minds. We can only see its "effects" in our material world but not its "cause. and without Philosophy. The words below were written long before Moses or the birth of organized religion that we are familiar with today. O my Son. it is impossible ever to attain the height and exactness of Piety or Religion. You see." Knowledge will bring "Understanding. But he that shall learn and study the things that are. and how they are ordered and governed. 2. and by whom. for he that doth so." Below is an excerpt from the "Divine Pymander." Wisdom will bring "results. O my Son. write this first book. and he that is Religious shall know both where the truth is. This is the work of SPIRIT that keeps everything in a constant state of motion (evolution) and change because its LIFE FORCE permeates and interpenetrates all these things with LIFE. to him that made them. than to know the things that are. Be Pious and Religious. The work and operation of the Principle of CORRESPONDENCE is very much a non-physical process and power that operates back of and behind all things physical. both for Humanity sake and for Piety towards God. and learning that. For there can be no religion more true or just. and he that gives thanks shall be Pious or Religious.htm diminishing process of decay that returns the vegetation to the soil only to be replenished again in the future because we have no reason to pay attention to these things." Therefore. 5. and for what cause. What then should a man do. O Father. Our ocular vision has now been enhanced by our deep and far reaching Mind in that we not only see the physical world of effects devoid of the operating "causation" back of and behind our materialistic view of reality but we also have an understanding of why the material world behaves like it does because of the "understanding" of the causal force back of and behind our "material world.pymander. "His First Book. 1. and a faithful Steward. Our physical enhanced eyes can now see and understand the work of The INFINITE CREATOR. It is important that all these things become the reader's own experience so that you can see it with the understanding of your own Mind." Understanding will bring "Wisdom.

One to one with GOD. perhaps unknowingly. little is it realized that its cause is a polarization (The Principle of Polarity) of mental clouds that have been released and accumulated by its citizenry. a drop of the great SPIRIT ocean. When this energy has taken its some will turn into philosophers when they can see their equations turn into real life before them. Thoughts are constantly created and released and are "demons" in a true sense of the word. the results are rioting. The careful observer will take note of the other Universal Principles that are involved in these events such as POLARITY.htm Albert Einstein utilized his Brow Chakra to a very high degree in that he was able to understand processes that most of us were unable to understand. or a country. Most people are influenced by the mental clouds of each other and that of long departed humans." of which each of us is a holographic image of the Creator. Therefore is it important to keep a watchful eye on our own Minds lest we become deceived by the mental clouds of others.pymander. This is the Mental Correspondence that humans have with each other and their surrounding environment and is governed by the Universal Principle of CORRESPONDENCE. This Knowledge and awareness puts the responsibility squarely upon our 53 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . The Brow Chakra. the third. as it has to go somewhere. A Mental change of direction is the key to diffusing a negative mental cloud before its energy becomes discharged in violence. There will be other physicists that will take this even further. The belief that "demons" are evil spirits comes from Greek Mythology which many societies and religions have adopted and incorporated in their beliefs. each contributing to the mental cloud that now hovers over their city or country like a huge ugly dark cloud which energies are about to become released like a bold of lightning. the same mental clouds will build once again. Knowledge will silence the Mind while ignorance will occupy the mind with wondering and wandering to and fro.. or psychic eye is the means by which the departing "mental clouds" are sensed as they are constantly created and released by the human aura and has a far reaching effect into the atmosphere and surrounding elements of Nature. These "mental clouds" remain long after the departure of a human form from the Physical Plane whose Mind created the "mental clouds" which are often entertained by unsuspecting people who are not aware of its existence and who are unaware of the function of their own Minds. for the LAW will always work itself out in Life of that you can rest assured. a particle of the shores of the OMNIPRESENT and INFINITE MIND of GOD who enfolds all things in LIFE and LOVE of which there are no words to express or describe this aspect of reality and can only be experienced on an individual level. violence. a change is accomplished in the direction of human thought. You are supported by the Great LAW in your work. there is no such thing as a "secret" or "privacy" as there is nothing that can escape the "Principle of Mentalism. When this energy is released. In the Truth of the Universe.. Many of you who read these lines are involved in the mental diffusion of these clouds. and CAUSE AND EFFECT. You are the ones who will bring Knowledge and change to the energy of our Planet. he was able to penetrate deep into the manifested reality of the Universe and discovered that there is a "relativity" or "Correspondence" between all things in the Universe. When hatred and resulting civil disobedience or war erupts in a city. war. the loss of human life. Utilizing the Mental Principle of Correspondence.. and unconsciously (sub-conscious) act upon them without being aware. and civil disobedience of all sorts and regrettably. unless.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www.

45 "The holy Sermon. And the Gods were seen in their Ideas of the Stars. The substance in which all suns. Science refers to this substance as "dark matter" that cannot be seen. and the Stars were numbered with the Gods in them. matter exists in space than the material realm visible to the human eye. act. often. they were so carried." Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus. The seven Ethers in various degrees of tenuity are the un-created substance. and gravity. worlds. All of us are intimately connected to all of the above mentioned events. Correspondence establishes the interconnectedness that exists between all things in the Universe and keeps all things relative to each other. and behave. with all their Signs. carried about in a circular motion [rotation of the earth] by the Spirit of God. THE MAJOR PLANES OF CORRESPONDENCE The three major Planes of Correspondence in the downward manifestation of the scale of Life and Being are: I. touched. More of the dark. of which there are seven Ethers instead of one. smelled. it pervades all of "empty" Space." There is much more to this discourse than most minds will comprehend. "other than" Spiritual advancement.htm shoulders as to how we think. The Great Spiritual Plane 54 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . the Spirit substance or web that pervades and interpenetrates the Universe. you can understand by the composition of the Universe why this is a Truth. The exact ancient science of the Zodiac. And the Sphere [earth] was all lined with Ayr. and being sustained or hung up by the Spirit. It was first discovered while doing research with the Hubble space telescope. heat. the internal. It is non-material in nature. the modern It is considered to be a non material substance. Although. and the Heaven was seen in Seven Circles.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. whether or not it is realized. our modern term of Astrology is not without foundation in reality. and as controversial it is within the scientific community. Known to the adepts and masters of ancient Egypt and others. this is what the ancient philosopher Hermes Trismegistus had to say regarding the holographic connection or the ethereal "web" that exists between ourselves and the planets that surround us and keeps us connected with the whole: "And when all things were interminated and unmade up. The seemingly abstract art of Astrology is interpreted with varying degrees of success and utilized for varying reasons. invisible. which gave birth to modern Astronomy. But to those who give it a focused thought. from his "Divine Pymander" (1604) Page 44. or explicate knowledge of the Universe. electricity. or Universal Substance. the light things were Divided on high. or implicate knowledge.pymander. The ethers are where Spirit substance is manifesting the beginning of matter. Dark matter does not absorb or reflect light and is therefore invisible. the substance of the Ethereal. And the heavy things were founded upon the moist of Sand. or weighed. and to each other. This opens another avenue of knowledge regarding the ancient science of the Zodiac. all things being Terminated or Divided by Fire. This substance acts as a medium for the transmission of light. as misconceived as it is in the religious superstitions. and galaxies are suspended in space and time. the external. and is not without resulting consequences.

Yet. The Great Mental Plane III. The teachings of Jesus are that "The kingdom of heaven is within you.. as a person thinks. Man does not have anything technological at the moment that can move with those velocities thru space. the SPIRITWARD journey of all Life. but rather. moving with frightening speed while our own earth hurdles around the sun with enormous velocity. giant planets. some become disembodied while wandering in their long loop." It is believed that Jesus will return and appear in the sky and that all "believers" will be caught up on a cloud to be taken into heaven to the New 55 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . some which are visible to the human eye but a larger portion being out of the range of human vision. For. The becoming aspect is universal and depends on the choices that an individual makes for him or herself. and depth. "it is here. but I say unto you the Kingdom of God is within you." Why do we gaze into the sky? All we see are belts of meteorites." into a higher plane of being. in the current evolutionary stage of human consciousness and perception." Yet they will come to you saying. at least. evolution is the process of advancement of "becoming. Our television and newspaper is full of the mental activity of humans that occur between these two Poles of human nature. It can be said that "heaven" is not a place. and galaxies. This belief comes from misinformation and a lack of Knowledge of the Truth. It can be said that both "heaven" and "hell" are mental states of "Being" between the Positive and Negative Poles of human nature. It is caused by an infiltration of misinformed religious imposters of the middle ages whose dark minds have written their own pet "beliefs" into the many religious literature that has now become the "inherited tendencies" of the human race upon which misinformation (based on superstition) it lives and acts. The utilization and management of time for Spiritual advancement and growth is very precious. Time can come and go like a vapor and valuable moments of meditation and study that would otherwise help an individual in Spiritual advancement is lost. but a state of Mind or Being. it occupies a dimension of reality that is shared with other Life forms unique to their own Plane of "Being. Most news reports are based upon the Negative aspect of Mind..htm II. such as a mathematical plane. It is obvious that caution must be exercised in the "becoming" aspect lest an unsuspecting individual mentally wanders below the animal Plane of thought. Many have experienced this and the majority of humans are not even aware of why it happened. This hypothetical "belief" has no substance in the reality of Spirit or the Universe. A Mental Plane is not a place having dimensions of height. so shall he or she be." Moreover.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www.. A vision of what an individual wishes to become is the person's evolution. or the Astral Planes are not the pearly gates and streets made of gold as we have been taught by organized religion. at least in this incarnated Life The belief that Christians will be taken to a "better place" by Jesus is ludicrous because of the material concept of "heaven.. This "belief" will be dissolved in the lapse of time as the TRUTH is coming to the attention of the race. width. it is a state of "Mind" or "Being" and the accompanying degree of perception of reality to which no dimension or timeline can be ascribed. Heaven. The Great Physical Plane Each major plane has infinite subdivisions and dimensions that are impossible for all to be mentioned.pymander. It is not desirable to make a wrong choice in Life and find ourselves following a fifteen or twenty year loop away from our Spiritual path before we find our lost path again.. Hell is not the dimensional lake of fire in which wicked humans are cast into by a sarcastic god who takes pleasure in observing tortured humans. or it is there.

the other is looking in from without. How many humans can accomplish this? There are those who occupy the lower region of the Human Mind and are miserable humans who are constantly defending their opinions and are willing to murder other humans to convince "themselves" that they have the right of way in all things. and Knowledge and they will treat their fellow humans as they treat themselves. peace. This belief was written by the early Christian leaders to strike fear into the hearts of the Christian dissenters who disagreed with the belief of the early church. he will not subject himself again to the ridicule of scorning and crucifixion or subject himself to the idol worshipping of his person. The leaders made a failed attempt to maintain unity.pymander. It depends on which side of the looking glass a person does his or her observation. Other Christians believe that they will stay on earth and the New Jerusalem will be brought down from heaven. It does not matter what the race or skin color is.. You see. Some will unknowingly trespass into the Elemental Plane of Mind that occupies a region between human and animal consciousness without being prepared and they see things their consciousness cannot decipher. Where is he? How can he return when he never left in the first place? "Why do you stand gazing into the sky. this belief was born during a time when it was believed that the earth was flat.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. That doesn't sound like someone who packed his bags and left does it? One thing we can be sure of. To look 56 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM ." The Human Mind does not belong on the Animal Plane of Mind without suffering bestial animalistic consequences.htm Jerusalem. However. Which will have the greater view? Looking in from without is to learn through trial and error and is a mystery. This is a very satanic human Mind that is very low in the scale of Life and closely borders "Animal Mind. They are the obscure Mystic Christians who make no public appearance and who act on Knowledge that do not belong to the outwardly organized divided Christian religion. The nobler heights of the Human mind creates a euphoric state of Mind in unity. One. this belief would work if the earth's surface was flat..?" "I will always be with you" he said. They could become permanently insane because of intense fear and are subjects of psychological and psychiatric study. The third problem is that "heaven" is not a place having dimensional and physical properties. One is from an internal reality looking out. will not speak because the world will not believe them. They can only see the manifestation from the this side of reality and observe the effect of a strange unexplained phenomenon but cannot further elaborate except to study and keep record because there is no established baseline to start from. Today. Those who know where he today it is common knowledge that the earth is round and that it is suspended in space and time and subject to constant perpetual change (evolution). in modern Christianity this belief is still being lived and acted upon. Heaven is a state of Mind where humans will create heaven for themselves and help other humans attain the same or they create their own hell and battle each other for territorial religious rights. that Jesus never left the Earth Plane.. A mystic society that is neither here or there but is everywhere amongst us. The Human Mind is capable of placing itself anywhere between the poles of Polarity as ruled by Principle of POLARITY. The dead will be raised from their graves and be judged by God to be accepted into heaven or cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where they will eternally burn in Hell.. If Jesus was to appear in the sky.. This belief was adopted by early Christianity and incorporated into the bible which perpetuated the inherited tendency to this day and fosters religious fanaticism.. What will happen to those on the other side of the Earth? Will they miss the great event while they snooze? The second problem is. there are three major problems with this belief. How will they explain to their psychiatrist a something that they don't understand or that their psychologist and psychiatrist is not aware of? They are accused of suffering hallucination and are declared to be insane because medical science is not yet aware of the "other side" of reality.

pymander. We live on this miniscule dust particle in the Universe we refer to as "our earth" that is surrounded by other miniscule dust particles in our Milky Way galaxy that resembles a grain of sand on the beach. not in the change of the external reality.htm outward from within is to Know a great Truth that will silence the lips and open the ears as the mystery is dissolved and removes the veil of ignorance. Our external realm consists of everything that we can see around us with our eyes and is the manifested reality of SPIRIT. then can we experience true freedom and walk wherever we wish without those miserable skeletons haunting us. How do we determine with measuring device such as a GPS system. As for those mortal humans in the lower regions of Life and Being. they will continue to struggle and grope in finding a meaning to Life and someday they will find it and we can all gather together in solemn congregation and observe the constantly changing Universe we live in to admire the work of THE GREAT CREATOR at work in the manifestation of the Universe that makes it possible for us to do the things we enjoy and witness this with our own eyes and stand in piously and stupefied awe. Christianity is increasingly becoming disunited because of the beliefs and the continuous new beliefs they act upon and thus forming new circles within the Christian religion and increasing the disunity. We will take the skeletons in our internal closet right along with us no matter where we go. It is exciting to know that there is an infinite amount of things to research and study in the field of infinite possibilities that would even keep an immortal human busy in timeless eternity. But be let not your eyes deceive your consciousness by thinking that what we see is all there is to reality. We do not become better humans by changing our external environment while we leave our internal closet full of skeletons. Knowledge of TRUTH is highly organized and follows Universal Law. The Great Principle of CORRESPONDENCE that occupies within the Brow Chakra of Human Consciousness enables humans to observe that which is beyond the veil of materialism and they can peer deep into the reality of SPIRIT that would otherwise be obscure to a materialistic mind that only concerns itself with the shallow mundane things of a mortal life. But when we clean out our internal closet by removing the skeletons of the past. it is in the transformation of our Minds that brings results. This is the reality of the Universe of the infinite variety of matter that is coagulated by the SPIRIT and we see it as our material world. look at MIND which has no dimensional limits and is non-local. As long as the foundation of the Christian religion is based upon inherited "beliefs. radar. Christianity will continue to be increasingly divided because beliefs can either be based on only a partial truth or no truth at all. It is a region of reality that appears to be hidden from the material 57 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM ." instead of Universal SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE. How shall we compare this with the physical Universe? Is it not mind boggling when we give it a momentary thought? Billions of light years away?! We don't even have a clue of the enormous distances except to make an attempt to understand it through equations? Not all of us are Einsteins. or any other state of the art technology what and where the varying planes of Life and Being are? Being that is neither here or there? This tells us that it is a state of being not subject to measure or ocular observation. As one can see.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. how big (or little) physically are we humans when we make a comparison between the physical dimensions of our bodies and compare them with the enormous massive celestial bodies of the Universe? Then. In view of all these things. Beliefs can be shaken and changed but Knowledge is unshakable and is backed by the Universal Principles of SPIRIT. Beliefs will always be subject to constant change in the face of TRUTH which itself is unchangeable.

just as Moses did when he descended from the Mountain to find his people acting as wild beasts. The world is not impressed. there is a problem with this apparently solid statue in that its feet are composed of iron mixed with clay. it will become as the statue in Nebuchadnezzar's dream in that it will appear as an impressive solid and powerful iron statue. Jesus never died for our sins. yet. he died not for our sins but "because" of sin. There are greater things in reality to view then the mundane idea of.. The idea that Jesus died for our sins was conceived by a few disciples who were idolatry prone toward Jesus and who also betrayed him after he was unjustly imprisoned. and unjustly crucified because of a group of ignorant humans who have no Knowledge or ears to hear with. they cannot hear. all have their many sub-planes of Life and Being that cannot be measured or assigned to a specific locale in space and time. unity and progress in the perpetual upward journey of all humans in the scale of Life. but by idealizing the road to Knowledge he trotted before for us as did the ancient philosophers before him of whom he was a student. and death. The above paragraphs are not written with malicious intend. a 58 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . We can measure the distance between humans. animals. Jesus taught us by example how. convicted. but to bring to the attention of the reader a something that needs to be researched. In the bible. In the lapse of time will this statue collapse under its own weight as its feet are to weak to support its enormous structure . They have eyes to see with. the being of a human or Human Being. However. This allegory is written in the Christian Bible and can be studied and scrutinized in detail. It was his destiny to re-establish the lost Truth that the world managed to bury with idol beliefs and worship. the being of a not thru idolatry worship.. If a religion did attempt to establish unity and harmony on a superficial level that is based on lies and an untruth. When we "view" its foundation. But how do we physically measure a Plane of Being or a thought? It is not possible except thru observation and appreciation of having that ability. Theologians cannot maintain a superficial attitude toward GOD because the SPIRIT is very real and is aware of everything that they do. "Sin" means an erring procedure of the human mind. If it was only that simple. cannot be a Spiritual role model to the world because the world will view divided organized religion as not having its act together. we can see the veins of clay mixed with iron in its feet that in the lapse of time will cause the "great" statue to collapse under its own weight.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. He was falsely accused. the being of an animal. Jesus worked out his own salvation as all of us are responsible to work out our own salvation from the hell of violence. Any religion that is divided against itself. they cannot see.. "how many angels can dance on the tip of a needle?" Or. "God is dead. studied.pymander. We have a massive iron statue with feet that are mixed with veins of clay in the iron that lacks the unity and integrity of a sound foundation. minerals and measure their velocity when they move. It may be that a million angels can dance on the tip of a needle but how will that help in advancing the world? Moreover. plants. and scrutinized so that the real Truth can be forwarded. massive and solid." It is not the "death" of God they see but the "death" of their own consciousness that needs to be revived in order to give hope to the world. They have ears to hear with. They chose a murderer to be released instead of a man who is filled with Knowledge and who has done no harm. Unity and harmony cannot be established on a superficial level.htm plane and therefore not obvious to the human race. the iron statue in Nebuchadnezzar's dream represents the various religious infrastructures of the world that show signs of division between them and within their religious structures or belief systems. The solid iron statue in Nebuchadnezzar's dream appears to be powerful. It would be a fatal mistake to turn to idolatry worship because it will create an empty religious belief system that has no Spiritual Principles as a solid foundation. The being of a mineral. war. That is a sin. yet. the truth that can bring peace.

this is not the way it is. "Be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind. animals. This applies to the ethical behavior of a government. The transformation is caused by the renewal of the Mind when we focus upon the more concrete things of Life that do not change with process of evolution." It is in this transformation of the Mind that true salvation is accomplished. ensued the Seven Principles in the works and operations of the Universe and includes the Plane of Human Mind in the proper utilization and discharge of our consciousness (physical presence) and the responsibility for our own conduct in Life with the resulting consequences that follow in our own lives. For example we can see human bodies. or light-years. The SPIRIT of GOD by the effort of its will.. trees. country. As we can see. miles. To take cognizance for a false belief or false behavior that is acted upon as a truth will have fatal consequences if the direction is not changed. Knowledge and Understanding will dissolve the fear. They belong to the properties of the internal manifesting planes that are SPIRIT in nature. and corporations in the world of commerce who live. people see some kind of strange phenomena that will induce fear because of a lack of Knowledge and Understanding of the appearance. An example of the manifested sub planes below the plane of the mental activity of Human Mind is that of the immediate surrounding environment. This is the "solid rock" that Jesus taught. but bear witness of the TRUTH that we all live.. and have their being within "THE ALL. To become properly informed regarding the Omnipresent SPIRIT of GOD. race or any individual. and have our Being within GOD. One of the most important statement that Jesus made during the sermon of the mount. the ascending scale of Life and Being. a country.. 59 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . Because TRUTH is universal and belongs to no religion. that would be nice and ideal not to have any responsibility except to abide our time. Occasionally. these planes have no dimension and can therefore not be measured in kilometers.. The following paragraphs is only an attempt of limited description of the various mental states of Life and Being on the ascending scale of Life as each occupies its own Plane (of being). Well. The ideal politician is one who is well versed in Spiritual Principles in that they cannot be bought or corrupted by "special interest. The Spirit of THE ALL is no respecter of any religion or beliefs but will immediately respond to the person who abides in move. It is only for studying purposes that it is structured this way: I. and we suffer the things of a mortal man because of the belief that somebody else is going to do it for us. An exception to this are the Elemental Planes because humans have not sufficiently evolved in their conscious awareness that would enable them to see things with their eyes that ordinary humans cannot see. Unfortunately.htm superficial walk in Life based on theoretical and hypothetical "beliefs" rather than "Spiritual Knowledge" can lead to strange and dark behavior and secrets of the Human consciousness because there is no "source" in proper ethics without the solid foundation of Spiritual Principles." Nothing is exempt. When we become ignorantly caught up in the process of evolution in our unawareness then we become subject to the perpetual swinging pendulum of RHYTHM energy --a manifestation of SPIRIT. Promote not yourselves. It does not matter what our beliefs are or what race we are.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. Their physical properties are self evident by the material properties each of them display in the Great Physical Plane. no one else can do this for you or I. plants.. Each one of these planes are states of Mind belonging to the various planes of Life and being. The Plane of Mineral Mind. Any other way is a folly.pymander." As for salvation. the mountains and deserts of the world which are evident of the various planes of Life and Being. move.

They are Spirits who are often wrongly accused of being devils and demons. The elemental planes are also occupied by various elemental entities who are the caretakers of Nature. because of superstitious ignorance. gravity. much of it already published. The Plane of Plant Mind. IV. VI. larynx. The Plane of Human Mind. Without a body.. the sleeping Soul should be left alone and not be disturbed. Therefore. tongue. The Plane of Elemental Mind. without any effort on part of the trees or plants. Its perception is only realized when a focused attention of mental activity is initiated toward SPIRIT. the loss of consciousness is only temporary. Mental. and Spiritual Plane. and seventh sense. (A) III. (B) V.htm II. All of Life and Being in the scale is maintained and sustained by the Divine Intelligence of SPIRIT. heat. human consciousness would not be possible as consciousness (the body) enables the Soul to consciously experience the Great Physical Plane with its five bodily senses. (C) VII. Above and throughout these divisions are many other divisions such as the Plane of Energy which comprises light. Incarnated humans cannot communicate physically with a disembodied Soul because of the absence of a mouth. and electricity. as in physical death. All elemental planes are Spirit in nature and are connecting links between the divisions as each partakes of the nature of every manifested plane. The activity of the Elemental Plane (C) below the plane of human Mind is sub-conscious in nature and maintains the autonomous functions in the human body in support of its Life and growth. However. There are planes of causation far above the mentioned planes that are at the moment beyond our knowing but in due time will become knowable to us. even while asleep. When a person becomes disembodied. which we will not discuss because it would require volumes of scientific literature.pymander. The Plane of Elemental Mind. is it not perceived by the average human mind or eyes.. The Plane of Animal Mind. However.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. Below the plane of Plant Mind is the plane of Elemental Mind (A) which is also sub-conscious in nature and maintains the Life and activity of the vegetable kingdom in the growing of limbs on trees and the blooming of flowers etc. The definition of consciousness lays in the existence of the human body which acts as an interface between the Physical. and lungs that enables physical communication by sound and words. etc. The Elemental Planes which are Spirit and sub-conscious in nature escapes the five biological senses of human activity and The latter being imaginary lines of distinction and separation which are subject to constant 60 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . It must be remembered that there are no distinct and abrupt borders between all divisions and subdivisions of the manifested planes such as we have as borders between countries. Communicating through the Mentalism is a way to communicate. No conscious effort is required on part of a person or animal to cause growth in the body or to maintain a heartbeat or breathing etc. The Plane of Elemental Mind. a loss of consciousness would be experienced and only a subconscious existence is possible and verbal communication is eliminated. In truth are there seven senses which includes Consciousness and MIND --the sixth.

Evolution is slow. The plane of Human Mind has its divisions and subdivisions as seen in the various ascending and descending levels of human thought. robbers. everything moves. dwell infinite levels and shades of thought within the Plane of Human Mind. Back to top of page III. 61 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM ." It displays the possibilities of choices that humans make on the ascending. The Great Principle of Vibration "Nothing rests. drug dealers. and to a lesser degree. as well as descending scale of Life with the resulting manifestations in each person's Life. There are humans who have highly developed Spiritual Minds. and predatory humans of a base mind who prey on other humans." Click the thumbnail picture on the left to view its full size. alcoholics. In between the various divisions of human thought mentioned.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www." -The Kybalion IN THE HUMAN BODY The Principle of Vibration manifests the Throat Chakra in the human body. either through evolution or personal effort. humans who have self made intellectual minds. everything vibrates. the divisions become increasingly unified as it approaches the realm of Spirit. These humans dwell on the descending scale of the animal plane of Mind and create the mental slums we read and hear about in the daily news. The Image below was created in 1992 and displays the various levels and divisions of manifested phenomena of INFINITE LIVING MIND ruled by the fourth principle of Universal Cosmic Law-. As humans rise on the scale of Life."Polarity. The divisions of the manifested planes slowly shade from one into another like a day that slowly shades into night and then back again. rapists. These are the mental divisions that exist in our society that include personal and religious belief systems.htm change. Life. These divisions are arbitrary terms that are used to aid in the thought and study of Spirit so that a degree of human understanding can be derived from an abstract reality that affects all of us. and often painful. cumbersome. (94K) More information on this subject is available on the TRINITY web page. murderers. while a personal effort in spiritual advancement will cause a quantum leap in the evolutionary process of Life. serial drug addicts. All of manifested Mind. and Matter is firmly held between the Positive and Negative Pole of The INFINITE MIND of GOD--"THE ALL in All.pymander. such as thieves. the power center of communication.

begins in Spirit and ends in Spirit completing a single cycle of evolution that will be repeated countless numbers of times through eternity. All of the Universe is pulsating and vibrating with LIFE. Science is not able to help in this area because they are not even sure what and where MIND and Consciousness is. THE ALL in All. energy. The communication with "dead people" that has occurred from time to time is a misnomer. Dead. In between are the various vibrations of living entities which range from consciousness all the way down to the lowly dust particle that plays an important role in the food chain. To call disembodied Humans "dead" is a great fallacy.. is in constant vibration and motion..pymander.htm The opening of the Throat Chakra varies in humans and depends on how well developed and disciplined they are and how it is used. because nothing in the Universe dies. we again would find ourselves in the realm of Spirit. humans become deprived of verbal communication because they no longer possess lungs. In rare occasions when a bodily person occupies the higher edge of Human Consciousness. and motion. For the most part is this aspect of Mental communication not possible for most people because it is not in their field of awareness and can therefore not be utilized. and the Omega (As Above. even only for a moment. tongue and lips to manipulate a language. The Throat Chakra furthers its manifestation in the creation of the Thyroid gland that produces Thyroxin to convert oxygen and food into usable energy for the body. Because oral communication by Human voice is always preceded by a thought form followed by the forming of sound and words. What they see is the forming of thoughts before oral communication takes place and they are able to "see" without eyes and be "aware" of that preceding thought form.. Atoms always vibrate with such great rapidity that they seem motionless.. The Larynx or voice box makes it possible for verbal human communication in the realm of Consciousness as it vibrates sounds in varying degrees and thus creating a unique human voice that is manipulated by the tongue and lips to form the unique sounds and words of every language of our world. something that science has yet to realize. All that exists. LIFE is everywhere and always in the company of Divine Intelligence. a voice box. the disembodied person is unable to hear sound because of the lack of ears and ear drums. on the other end of the scale are things that vibrate so slowly that they also appear to be motionless.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. There is no death anywhere in the Universe except in the conceptualization of death by the human mind which has no foundation or substance in reality. Still there are things even lower then dust. so below. do they become aware that some kind of communication has taken place. When a person is able to bring this concept of LIFE in the realm of their actual 62 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM .).. This is the Nature of GOD. All that the only alternative means of communication available to them is that of Mind. If we were to follow the scale of life all the way down to the utmost regions of the Negative pole (undifferentiated matter). The Alpha.. They in turn can only express themselves by projecting the vibratory energy of mental thoughts toward their physically present loved ones but who are unable to be aware of their thoughts because of a lack of Spiritual development. There is only constant change. Science is for the most part involved in commercial applications. they are not. When disembodied.

htm consciousness. and Motion. there is to be found One LIFE. Everywhere the work of building up and breaking down of all things is happening even as we speak. in the constantly changing world of form and force.the "I. They are unable to make anything last or endure in their lives and are carried along by the waves and torrential rains of Life without any solid and lasting foothold. In order to perpetuate Spiritual development. Indestructible. When a person learns to silence the mental noise of the wandering Mind. enormous PRESENCE. One Force. One Existence. Learn to intellectually recognize this aspect of reality in its entirety. is not a "death. Eventually you will learn to feel this reality within your own being and you will acquire the Knowledge. The destruction of such as mentioned. and underneath all" The true role of teachers. the real self--YOU. but to be able to feel and be conscious of this Universal Life activity in all aspects of reality. then will you understand the picture that is drawn on this web site. and grasp the idea of Oneness that pervades and interpenetrates the realm of Energy. the common denominator of "All that is.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. a person must learn to look beyond the apparent separateness of the various Life forms and manifested matter and cease the external analysis of such." the SOUL of your Soul. the true "I" Consciousness as being the center of all change that revolves around you. then is this person firmly established on the path of attaining. Wisdom. and galaxies that rush through space with enormous speed and velocity. the Unity of manifested Life and Being. and growth. the person will recognize the Primordial Causation back of all manifested reality. of the visible world. and Understanding of SPIRIT and realize ITS awesome.pymander. not only to intellectually accept this fact. This concept is most difficult to express because there are no words to describe this experience. and understanding Cosmic Consciousness. When you experience this for yourself. you have acquired Cosmic Consciousness and realize a rise in the mental vibration of your own mind and aspiring above the plane of conditioned thinking and societal expectations of the collective mindset that hold most people captive in perpetual change. behind. Eternal. labels and tags. forms. The picture that describes that back of and behind all matter." Once the teachers. recognizing. Learn to listen to IT with an open unbiased Mind. a manifestation." but a creation. The real YOU standing firmly and unchanging. and Invulnerable. guides. All these are but steps into the realization in the Oneness of SPIRIT. go beyond the world of form and force.-. who you are. One Reality. unceasing chemical composition and decomposition in the change of all manifested matter. In doing this. that holds the Universe in a perpetual motion of constant change. Force. The Universe is constantly creating and manifesting atoms and forming new particles of suns. 63 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . worlds. names. their particles constantly vibrating and changing in the chemical process of composition and decomposition. Learn to recognize and realize the "Oneness" of all things and the causal Energy of SPIRIT back of and behind all changing things and learn to see for yourself. It would be a tedious and a virtual impossible task to analyze and catalogue all of manifested matter. and religious leaders is only instrumental in taking you to "self realization. the Oneness of Universal INFINITE LIVING MIND perpetuating the constant change back of. Instead. and guides helped you on the "Path" the SPIRIT itself will take you into regions of the MIND that is unthinkable to the Spiritually undeveloped person. standing unchanged and unharmed. and is able to see the Universe in perpetual motion of constant change. a renewal. a singular Causation of LIFE.

Going faster than light is similar to breaking the sound barrier. Those who can truly understand the principle of but is actually experiencing the quality of being in two places at the same time. Simply. astral travel. in the absence of mass. On the plane of mind. It is possible that this same principle applies to the speed of light as it does to gravity and the sound barrier. or locality. Albert Einstein made a profound statement along these lines when he said. and as it continues upward in vibration. They have fallen short of the goal. This ancient mental art is known to the Masters of the Himalayas and to the adepts and Masters of ancient Egypt. purpose and meaning in LIFE. It gives a person a sense of direction." The larger Astral Planes overshadow space and time and makes it possible to travel faster than the speed of light because light is limited to the Physical Plane and the better known phenomenal laws.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. It is a failure to recognize the balance that must be accomplished between the implicate and explicate reality which requires a far larger awareness than is currently maintained. By raising the vibratory energy of the atoms in the body to such great rapidity that they become wave forms of energy and light. the particles of the body would give off light. whatever that may be. the atoms of the body can be mentally manipulated by using the higher LAW against the lower laws. hold the sceptre of power in their hands that will remove mortal limitations and the morbid manifestations that follow mortality. we have accomplished the escape velocity from the space/time continuum and are propelled into an Astral dimension in the absence of space. the other aspect is non-local (Mind). "Matter and Energy is exchangeable. One aspect of locality (the body)." It is possible that when traveling faster than light. and instantaneous travel. The misconceived belief that a person leaves the body (out of the body experience. This awareness is the recognition of oneself. This is the state of transfiguration that Jesus experienced.htm This knowledge is not to be left to science alone. and being out of the body or "OBE. repulsion. teleportation. the particles will eventually become invisible to the naked eye.pymander. because they lack the proper mental tools and Principles to educate the gross ignorance of society regarding the reality that all of us dwell within in order to materialize the dreams of a violent free society. something that our children need and that organized religion and society is unable to give. void of space and time. Space becomes non-existent and only our mental focus. It may be said that when traveling faster than light. This process is known as "mental transmutation" and enables a person to travel in the invisible. The body cannot sustain life without the consciousness of the individual. or Quanta. The problems of war and violence in our society will continue in spite of all the good intentions of all participating committees and institutions against violence. can cause fear of 64 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . In this state. The escape velocity of earth's gravity for a physical object is approximately 8000 mph and anything slower remains imprisoned by the earth's gravitational forces.). aqueous in nature. becomes the destiny. and the role all of us have in the Universe. It is the only escape from the imprisonment of societal conditioned thinking and religious rhetoric. time and mass. This mode of travel is known as." It is the only sensible means of quickly traversing great distances in deep space which is impossible through electromechanical devices and the current technology of propulsion and locomotion. that a person leaves the body and traverses through walls or any other so called solid object. not distinct. that we are breaking the "light barrier. The truth is that the astral traveler never leaves the body. or OBE. but is a very important part in the individual Spiritual development. and therefore not physically limited to any force of gravity. It is believed in astral travel. astral projection. attraction.

etc. point B. Remember. Most people rely on this unreliable "external" information to make their decisions in Life. this Mind is capable to discern the subtle causation back of and underneath the forceful opinions of others. The individual can now take their dematerialized body with them and can materialize at will by lowering the vibrations of their wave form at any location in space and time that is limited only to the imagination. Take a corner of the paper with each hand and stretch it to a straight line in front of you. In the mastery of Mind. when a person learns through Spiritual development the self mastery of raising the vibrations of the particles in the body to such a degree of rapidity that it converts into waveforms of energy and light. You have warped the 8½ x 11 sheet of paper by bringing the two points together. Wisdom and Understanding of the Arcane Truths to make this a reality." As mentioned before. be it right or wrong. proper or improper. a person has in effect become a vessel of expression instead of impression. The lower Mental Planes are always subject the causation of the higher Mental Planes. The paper is now warped and point A and Point B are touching each other. The body is now in the dematerialized state of being and exist as a superfluous vibratory substance in the space-less and timeless Astral Plane. that makes astral travel possible because the Universe is "mental" in nature and it would most likely be styled as strange unexplained psychic phenomena by humans. and mental firmness. bring point A and point B together by bending the sheet of paper into a curve. Now. It takes Knowledge. The largest length of the sheet is the space between your left and right This is the mental art of self mastery. cheating. atomic particles in their waveform aspect display a similar behavior of being at two places at the same time. For example. A research into human history will attest to this fact. A more advanced means of astral travel. The Spiritually aware person will be able to manipulate the negative and undesirable forceful opinions of others and render it harmless and useless. The sheet of paper is incapable of warping itself. Channels of impression that hold most people captive in a state of Mind that relies on constant "impressions" of external information that is subject to the forceful opinions of others such as commercialism. We have now created a space between our left and right hand. poise. This is possible because Spiritual Wisdom operates on a higher Mental Plane that is above the awareness of these forceful individuals without them being aware. point A. or a given distance between two points. the more rapid its power and vibrations become to which all lower planes of Mind and matter are subject to its wills and efforts. This region of thinking has brought down many a people's lives and the things they worked for because of the possibility of becoming misinformed and putting their trust in misinformation. is. that caused the sheet of paper to become warped by the effort of your own will.htm not being able to return to their body. We will call your left hand. The misuse of this Knowledge will bring a swift demise of the abusing individuals because of The LAW of CAUSE AND EFFECT. the news media. and stealing. You are the force back of and behind. This fear will immediately terminate the short lived experience of "astral travel. You can now say that there is no distance between the two points to speak of and the need of 65 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . The higher the aspirations of the human Mind on the Mental Plane of thought. be aware that human nature is prone to maliciousness. On the Astral Plane. When the mastery of Mind is accomplished through Spiritual development. lying. politicians. space and time can be warped and the space between two points can be brought together. and the right hand. take a 8½ x 11 sheet of paper.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www.

Not everything can be proved through scientific discovery because equations belong to the intellectual mind while there are things that can only be perceived by the intuitive Mind. The Truth is. that alien Life Forms operate from a dimension or realm that render most humans as if they are experiencing an "illusion" because of their materialistic views regarding reality. The Ethers is what makes space possible. the substance of space is SPIRIT. Science as we know it. we may have devices in our homes that would materialize and dematerialize physical objects and transport them through the invisible realm in the absence of physical mass. similar to ourselves who occupy a given point on the scale of Life and Being. The power of the Mind is capable of bending and warping space and time without causing disruption to other people's lives. it will eventually enter the realm of pure SPIRIT when it breaks the barrier of mortal and physical limitation making infinite possibilities a reality. All the things mentioned is possible because the Universe is "Mental" in nature and material objects are not at all material because they consist of atoms which comprise mostly of space. through trail and error. They too are manifestations of the INFINITE "ALL. yes. Their eyes maybe sensitive to bright light and maybe the reason why they avoid daylight activity. flying is but a way of life and we do not give it any further thought. As science continues to progress." phrase of the popular program Star Trek is not far from the truth and no doubt. Alien Life Forms know that they can take advantage of this ignorance. and its perception of what it believes reality to be. In the wrong hands. Many people are reluctant to discuss this "illusionary" experience because of the fear of ridicule by ignorant humanity. They may view humans as sheepish creatures who are easily controlled because of their ignorance. To the ignorant and unsuspecting mind this would strike a great terror. but a space of intelligent vibratory Life giving energy. 66 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . something that "aliens" would prefer to continue. it would bring a swift physical demise of the individual. what the Mind is capable of doing. alien life forms are entities of Life.htm calculation between two points is non-existent. unless. his head would have been laid to rest in a guillotine. Not an empty space. Today. It may be unbelievable at the moment. because their environment may not have the bright sunlit environment that we are accustomed to.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. but who would have thought that massive objects such as a C5A Galaxy. They have been known to walk through walls. Their large dark eyes must gather more light to see with. some day. Alien life forms are well aware of this Law and are using it to their advantage." They may look different than we do because their bodies have been manifested for their environment. is still in its embryonic stage of progression. but in reality it is a greater Law that transcends a lower law and thus is considered a violation of known physical laws. Can you see how Astral Travel can be accomplished over enormous distances by warping space and time and bringing two points together? Space and time is flexible and is not a rigid like substance. have been known to use this principle as is experienced by our human race during alien abductions. It is still in the process of uncovering. or a 747 carrying cargo and people could fly through the air a hundred years ago? If any person would have been able to mention this in the fourteenth century. The old and ancient art of mental manipulation requires great Knowledge and Wisdom to be used properly. The "Beam me up Scotty. you plan to travel by electromechanical means between two points in a straight line.pymander. Alien life forms. It is all in the individual Mind.

.pymander. Polarity is the center of the Seven Principles with the three higher Principles above and three lower Principles below. We need to streamline our own Minds and thoughts to break through the mortal barrier of physical limitation if our civilization is to survive. There is much more that can be said about this Principle. as below. but different in degree. We are now at the threshold between the two realms. I form the light. a new way of space travel will be discovered that will stupefy humanity regarding the various realms of the Universe. When the human Mind has accomplished all that it can accomplish on the Physical Plane. This civilization will vanish off of the face of the Earth like a few of the ancient civilizations before us if it fails to accomplish this because our Minds are in constant need of expansion and must continue to expand. and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. If it fails. or.." "The Authorized King James version: Isaiah 45: 6. It was discovered that by streamlining the aerodynamics of airplanes that flying faster than the speed of sound became a reality. 67 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM .. 7. No one foresaw the sound barrier.. all truths are but half-truths.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www.. non-spatial travel? Traveling between two points in space and time without traversing the distance in between? That's a riddle for science to solve! Back to top of page IV.. extremes meet. is double"Divine Pymander (Hermetic Philosophy) From the Scriptures: "I am the LORD ( or LAW). True space travel will become a reality. The Great Principle of Polarity "Everything is Dual.htm Science is now standing before this threshold of this great reality. the Positive and Negative aspect of Mind that brings many a dark paradox in life. "As above. the Tree of Life of Good and evil." -The Kybalion "Everything that is. The Heart Chakra continues the manifestation of the Thymus gland which is responsible for the production of T cells for the immune system of the body. it must break through the mortal barrier and into SPIRIT in order to continue its evolution. so above. This is a new threshold for science. everything has its pair of opposites’ like and unlike are the same. this civilization's infrastructure stands in danger of becoming dissolved because it has no more room to expand. is it. to break the barrier of physical and mortal limitations. and create darkness: I make Older aircraft were not able to withstand the shock waves of supersonic flight and disintegrated during flight. and there is none else. everything has poles. It is a similar experience in the braking of the sound barrier by fast flying aircraft." The Correspondence of The Seven Principles with Polarity being the scale and balance of manifested Life." IN THE HUMAN BODY The Principle of Polarity manifests the Heart Chakra within the human body. opposites are identical in nature. all paradoxes may be reconciled. When this is accomplished. so below.

. This Universal Principle manifests itself upon the mental plane as the Polarity of dark and Enlightened minds and its placement is within the heart center of every living human as the Positive and Negative aspect of Mind. is very prone to Maliciousness." the Angelic and Satanic side of human nature. And if he may lay the cause of Evil upon Fate or Destiny. heat. they may be less evil for fear of that which is hidden and kept his book. No sane person would want to be in their shoes at death because there is nothing worse than to be faced with the grim reality of the choices they have made and the responsibility they bear for their actions when they go into 68 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . The intellect represents the "me" consciousness of the average person. When you view your automobile's battery. Hitler. etc. is shown to be practically true by the occult teachings regarding the three mental principles. Destiny. and is very familiar. and endeavoring to draw the consciousness up to itself--to aid in the man's unfoldment and development. galaxy. Now if this wight shall come to learn or know. This "me" has on one side.pymander. On the other side is the Spiritual Mind. Napoleon. "The lower instincts were not implanted in your nature by "the devil".. . one at each ear. Desires that are all very much in the lower stages of development. Wherefore we must look warily to such kind of people that being in Ignorance. wishes and efforts of a person. gravity and electricity would not be possible. None of the above mentioned examples will ever be able to continue their hideous crimes indefinitely because they are on a mortal path that will end their hideous cause in physical death. the Instinctive Mind. and many hideous crimes of various criminals.. the "I" sending its unfolding impulses into the Intellect. bearing Rule over all: Will he not be much worse then himself? despising the whole.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. all are satanic in nature. Stalin. one whispering to him to follow the higher teachings and the other tempting him to pursue the lower path. Everything has Polarity. Notorious predatory humans who have chosen the Satanic side of human nature are. "Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy. and therefore is delighted with it. or the lower nature of man. Without the Principle of Polarity.. solar system. and even the Universe. light. of Good and evil. and to cause him to master and control his lower nature. "The tree of Life. sending him to the old desires of the former self --the impulses of the less developed life of the animal. good or evil. the various serial killers. and as it were nourished with it." Yogi Ramacharaka. and all things are done according to Providence and Necessity. he will never abstain from any evil work. but unworthy of the growing man.htm The evidence of this principle is observed in the Polarity of planets and the various celestial bodies that includes our own earth. or Fate. The whole Nature and Composition of those living things called Men. you can see the positive and negative terminals that makes electricity possible . you came by them honestly. both are equally present within human nature and activates according to the wills. Hermes Trismegistus. his Divine Pymander A word of Wisdom regarding "Mental Polarity" The old story of each person having two advisors. because it was made. that the world was once made. be it Positive or Negative. Every person is capable of gravitating toward the dark side of human nature by choice. rapists.the Principle of Polarity is always at work in all things.

between good and evil. death. The only change occurs when the Soul becomes disembodied and the only medium (the body) of expression on the Physical Plane is lost. it always returns to where it began. being in a partially awake state for a short period. and this person may not even be fully aware of the selfish cause he or she created.. that shall he also reap. truth and lies. If they fail to evolve or transmute. Like the swing of the pendulum. right and wrong. The body of a person can hide the truth from others." "ghosts.pymander. In rare instances are the disembodied souls of hideous criminals experienced by our civilization as the "poltergeists. a last ditch effort to hold on to a diminishing and quickly disappearing Physical and rebirth and remain subject to the swing of the universal pendulum--The Principle of RHYTHM. the consciousness of the individual stands naked in the realm of Spirit with no place to hide from him or herself. it is not a permanent loss." etc. In biblical terms it is expressed as. They do not have much to discard because of their ignorance regarding the reality of their existence. The criminal type of disembodied humans will always remain close to the earth plane and their stay on the Astral Plane and absence from the physical plane is very short. The rules of the ascending scale of Life applies on the Astral Planes as well as on the Physical Plane. The Principle of Cause and Effect is closely connected to Polarity and holds us true to the choices and actions we make by returning to us what we have measured out in Life and to other humans. its lies. The disembodied but more spiritually evolved human will spend more time on the Astral Planes discarding outlived belief systems that hold no substance in reality. The Truth is always known to THE ALL. The Principle of Polarity enables the choices that we make on the scale of Life. and sub planes. The individual is not "dead." spooks. After disembodiment." Death is a misnomer. they will remain trapped in the beginning-less cycles of Life. Everything else remains intact with the exception of the Astral body which will eventually become discarded as the Soul falls into a deep Soul sleep after a long weary and tiring toil through physical Life. In other words. The entity who occupies a given point on the ascending scale of Life can go lower but not higher by reason of the placement of their own personal belief and the resulting degree of perception what they believe reality to be. the human soul. as you would have them to you. "Whatsoever a man sows." "Do unto others.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. However. Physical Plane. generosity and greed. another time of learning. Criminal minds become entrapped in their own miseries while evolution is purging and preparing them for another journey in physical Life. as is "Life 69 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . love and fear. are a continuous linear ascension of Life and Being on the scale of LIFE. when the cover becomes removed. and to ourselves because THE ALL is within us as well as in the surrounding environment." All humans exist in the Astral Plane as well as on the Physical Plane of being at the same time.. anything beyond the parameters of their perception of reality is non-existent as far as they are concerned. and theft.htm the dis-embodied state of reality. miserable dis-embodied humans who have chosen to live as base humans of a very low nature and mental vibration. greed. falls into a deep slumber or Soul sleep on the Astral Plane and is in a very sacred state of Being. Their Astral dwelling is much higher in vibration than that of the criminal mind and is out of its reach. The Astral Plane. etc. They are often grotesque and hideous in appearance because of their attempt to maintain a deteriorating astral shell. But.

without cessation or interruption. The Soul will experience the birthing process again because it knows of no other way to obtain a body.pymander. This is re-incarnation. On the Physical plane. By doing so. It is layered similar to the layers of an onion.." A common misconception is the belief that a person goes into instant sainthood when the body is discarded. After disembodiment. The human is in possession of a physical body and an Astral body that are inseparable components of the Soul or Spirit. Soul sleep is an important function in the evolutionary process of the Soul.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. the sleeping Soul is always firmly cradled and comforted in the MIND of THE ALL and is protected from any external harm or danger. a phenomenon that is impossible on the Physical Plane by reason of physical limitations. and experience. to learn and experience "physical expression" on the Great Physical Plane because it desires to be complete and whole again. harm. It is physically born again in innocence. can any harm come to the sleeping Soul. however. When a person disembodies as in physical death. and all that is." Like the swing of a pendulum. discomfort. When observing a new born baby. with a clean mental The Astral Plane consists of Infinite vibrations of Life and Being that occupy a single locality. it is free from external danger. and mass. to rebuild its strength and vitality as it is prepared for its return to the Physical Plane. The reality of conscious awareness is the great school where man and woman learn who they really are and what their connection is with the unfathomable Infinite to whom we all owe our abilities as conscious embodied Souls. to be consciously aware of the Great Creation of THE ALL. and is well cared for. it has lost its consciousness of the Great Physical Plane and its ability to interact with the material world (which is not as material as we think) but has never lost its Life because Life can not be lost. the past experiences are not lost. Life is without cessation or interruption and consciousness can only be omitted from the human Soul temporarily. The necessity of being a complete human (the whole "I" Spirit) compels the human Soul to return to the Physical Plane in order to continue its growth and learn from. time. The physical death of a person is not the loss of Life but a loss of consciousness. the completeness of being human. a human will continue to cycle through Life. in other words. and rebirth. The reality of conscious awareness will always beckon the disembodied Soul and compel it to return to the Physical Plane because it completes the human Mind. no two objects can occupy the exact same point in space and time.htm after Death" because Life is continuous. that is. The opposite is more of a Truth because the Astral Planes are space-less. This is not true on the Astral Planes of Being where everything exist as various vibratory energy. and timeless and "upward" progress would be almost impossible. you are looking at the return of an old Soul with an erased memory of past lives. or the once-again incarnation of the Soul into a physical body. until it learns to maintain possession of the body in order to maintain its "wholeness" by mentally polarizing him or her self on a desirable position on the ascending scale of Life. Yogi Ramacharaka said it well regarding the sleeping Soul when he said: "It is as though all the forces in Nature have conspired to protect the sleeping Soul and that nothing short of a complete revolution of all of Nature's forces and laws.. or any pain. the reality of "the things that are. death. a person has neutralized the immutable backward swing of the Universal Pendulum of "constant change" by allowing it to pass beneath their polarized 70 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . Like a sleeping babe who is protected by the arms of its Mother.. in the absence of space.


consciousness upon the higher plane while the masses are carried along, obedient to environment; heredity; suggestion; and other external impressions. They are moved forward and back like the swing of a pendulum, unable to dominate their fate. The fundamental principle of Immortality mentioned in the paragraph above, is a mental art that requires personal effort to know and understand this Arcane Truth in order to escape the beginning-less cycles of Life, death, and rebirth. The mental art of polarization will cause a person to rise to the plane above and obtain self mastery, attaining a degree of Poise and Mental Firmness that is almost impossible to comprehend by the masses who are moved about like pawns on the chessboard of Life. They are subject to the Universal Principles instead of using the LAW to their advantage. This is not a new knowledge by any means as there is nothing new under the Sun. This is the mental art of being able to "cause" and manipulate change into desirable states and conditions in Life's processes that is not acceptable or allowed in the current conditioned mindset. They are unaware that everything on the Physical Plane is alterable. The accomplishment of Immortality requires a proper Mind and Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding of the Arcane Truths that can only be accomplished through THE ALL. Only THE ALL can take a person into regions of the Mind that is beyond the flight of any human imagination. All one has to do is....ask. Of ourselves we can do nothing.... Society is unable to comprehend this Truth at the moment because most humans are resistant to change. Most humans, regardless of their social standing and accomplishments, are unwilling to step into uncharted regions of the Mind and Life because of the subconscious fear that their security blanket may become removed, the security blanket of their familiar and charted territory in Life. However, evolution will force a change because nothing is allowed to stand still, nothing ever endures or stays, everything is in constant motion, vibration, and in a constant state of change. The final destination of human evolution-- TO KNOW THE TRUTH. The Principle of Polarity establishes the Divine Paradox or the dual aspects of reality. "Everything that is, has its double." Positive and Negative, light and darkness, hot and cold, Love and fear, male and female, mortality and Immortality, etc. All events are relative on the scale of Life with its extreme two opposite ends being an indeterminable beginning and ending. Every person has seen and heard the effects of the wind blowing from one direction to another, but no one knows where it came from, or where it is going...., except for a few who are silently seeing and listening. The material realm is that which we perceive with our five senses. All of us are familiar with that which we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Then there is the opposite end of the scale that is not apparent to the five senses and most of us are unsuspecting of its existence, which is the realm of Spirit (Intelligent energy), or "energy" in scientific terms. Each and every one has had, or will have an encounter with strange and unexplained phenomena that is manifested from the non-material realm. This encounter may instill great fear in the spiritually asleep individual who finds himself in a non-sensical situation and may experience a rude awakening to reality. All manifested matter that we can perceive with our five senses is manifested from the Positive pole, which is pure Spirit, and manifested toward the Negative pole of Infinite Living Mind. The lesser forms of undifferentiated matter such as minerals occupy the
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utmost lower regions of the negative pole of the Infinite Living Mind of GOD. As we look toward the positive pole on the scale of Life, higher life forms, which differ in the vibration of mental states appear with which we are familiar, such as vegetation, animals and humans. Higher still, are higher life forms that are at the moment unknowable to most of us. To them, we would only have a "worm consciousness" in the present evolutionary stage of man.

All that is involved becomes evolved. All manifested life evolves as it goes Spiritward, or Divineward. In the evolutionary process, all of creation migrates from Negative, to the Positive Pole of Infinite MIND. As all of creation migrates upward on the ascending scale of Life and Being, lower life forms evolve into higher life forms as they rise on the scale, because "The ALL," once again draws all of manifested creation back into itself from where it began and causes an increase in the vibratory energy of LIFE and living things which includes the quickening of time. All of Creation evolves by the will and council of GOD and is an immutable aspect of reality-- "Fate or destiny bearing rule over all...." (Divine

Time is a measurement of the constant on going evolutionary process in the Universe. There are those who believe that there is no evolution, or that evolution is non-existent. To say that evolution is non existent is to say that there is no time. Let's explore this concept. In the process of time, all things are born and die, rise and fall, a creation and destruction of all things in the Universe, a constant process of chemical change and decay that holds the Universe in perpetual motion and change. Astronomers measure the age of a galaxy, a star, a Universe etc., by establishing the age using the measurement of time. During this time measurement they can see what happens in the evolutionary process of a star, a world, a galaxy. All of us experience change during the course of our lives. It maybe a change of a job, a relationship, a personal or Spiritual advancement. All these are aspects of evolution that every person experiences and that none of us can mute. As has been mentioned before, nothing is allowed to stand still. The human Mind is capable of affecting this evolutionary process as well as the phenomenon of time and depends on the choices a person makes. When a choice is made that does not flow along with the evolutionary process of the Universe, these individuals will experience resistance and difficulty in their goals and progress in Life. It can be compared to a swimmer swimming against the flow of a river. However, there are no two persons that will experience the same evolutionary velocity and progress because of the difference in their Conscious Awareness. Time is a relative phenomenon that is multi-faceted in the measurement of advancement, direction, and velocity of the evolutionary progress in all things. Space is an integral aspect of time and evolution that allows for the constant advancement in the upward spiral of Life and Being. To say that evolution does not exist is to say that everything is dead, and is a misconception and denial of THE ALL, which is the primal causation of all vibration, motion, and change in the Universe. In the observation of individual evolutionary process of time and change, let's view the difference between two people who each have a different Conscious Awareness. One person

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is impatient and always runs out of time (tunnel vision). This individual views Life as though there is not enough time in a day to do and complete things. Their attitude can be observed in their impatient driving habits and their harsh interactions with other people. These individuals are always behind and running out of time with everything. To the Spiritually developed and observing individual, this type of person is experiencing a very slow evolutionary velocity in space and time by reason of their concept of Life. Time is never going fast enough for them. This is a paradox that consciousness can create in our lives and it can be very real indeed to the person who creates this concept. These type of individuals will continue to unconsciously cycle into the same experiences over and over again without realizing their fate. If they fail to recognize this within the space/time of physical life (subject to entropy), in order to bring a lasting change in their lives and adding years to their living, they will rush from cradle to grave and their advancement will be very small. They will pick up again from where they left off in the next cycle of physical Life. This individual has the experience of a very slow evolutionary velocity and progress of their individual lives. Consequently, time is not enough, or not going fast enough for them. Most people who fail to awaken Spiritually fall into this category. The person who has developed Spiritually, will find that time is going very rapidly for them. They always find that there is plenty of time to accomplish everything. Often they will pause and take notice how fast time has come and gone. This, because they have become increasingly disconnected from a rushing world that never finds enough time to do and accomplish things in one day. Their rise of Consciousness on the scale of Life and Being has increased the vibratory frequency of time in their lives, above that of the collective mindset who live in the preconceived notions of Life. The Spiritual individual always lives a peaceful and poised Life, always in control of themselves and their environment, always ready to give a helping hand and be of service to others. They have the time to help others, unlike the unconscious individual who always rushes through life never pausing for a moment and unable to find time to help others. These two very different individuals display a difference in the conceptualization of Life and how they are affected by the interesting phenomenon of time. One has made very little progress, while the other made a quantum leap in the evolutionary progress of time by allowing their Spiritual developed minds to constantly gather energy and information about themselves, and how they can affect their surrounding environment with their Knowledge. It would take an immortal human to be able to see the collective change through the ages. What great knowledge and wisdom this immortal being would have accumulated through the ages that would remove all ignorance and superstition from its mind. Unlike, the poor finite mortal and sleeping civilization we know, which are still doing their three score and ten, and then return to do it again on another day. Hopefully, to do it right next time. It is obvious that the individual's mental makeup can affect the immune system. The membrane between health and disease is extremely subtle and is determined by the individual's state of Mind and equally important, the nutritional intake, the "proper" raw materials the body requires for constant cellular renewal. When the proper raw elemental materials from the Earth is denied, the body will fall into a state of ailing dysfunction requiring medical attention and intervention which cannot provide a permanent solution without proper nutrition. This dysfunction will increase the rapidity of aging. The body is composed of the same mineral elements as the earth and requires its raw materials to function properly.

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com/AETHEREAL/PRINC~1. This is also the reason why placebos work in some people and not in others because of the many complex individual belief systems of various people. 74 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . and human existence. at the moment. Plant Mind. distribution. to the five bodily senses. plant.. repair. as well as above or below. No two people on earth will share the exact same blueprint of belief systems. An important fact to keep in mind is that the function of Subconscious Mind is susceptible to suggestions on part of the Conscious Mind in that it can interfere with the autonomous functions of the body and cause "disease. either good or bad. Its constant work is in the direction of change. without Spiritual development and growth.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. so below. Subconscious Mind occupies a region of the Mental Planes that is below that of the Conscious Plane of Mind. is passed on to the Subconscious Mind which acts upon that which it is given and accordingly returns the results to the originating person."). Immortality.pymander. is impossible and un-imaginable to the conditioned mindset of our civilization. the Chakras in our bodies are allowed to dilate and an increase in the LIFE Force's flow of energy will bring increased vitality and vibrant health and youth to the body because of rapid cellular change. Animal Mind. either consciously or unconsciously. Subconscious Mind is an elemental sub-plane that exists between the "manifested" major Planes of Mineral Mind. As we humans learn to develop Spiritually. Immortality is a result of Spiritual growth. Entropy and mortality becomes diminished and eventually eliminated. distribution of food for energy and nourishment. positive or negative with the resulting manifestations in that person's life. The Subconscious Mind can only act upon what it is given. The subconscious mind manages the cell growth.. either good or bad. Lesser forms of ideas may be attempted. The major Planes of physical Life are but varying degrees and levels of Consciousness which are subject to the functions and activity of the Seven Principles. and elimination in the process of constant cellular renewal to maintain the body without us having to think about it. are controlled by the subconscious plane of Mind without us being aware of its operations ("As Above. An understanding of this implicate reality will enable the mental forces of psychic healing to cure people for which medical science has no answer or cure. animal.. A negative causation of within a person's Mind will have a negative results returned by the Subconscious Mind. assimilation. This is an area of Mind that would be worthy of scientific research in order to help diseased and ailing people and to further our understanding in a realm of human existence that is not apparent. and the Human Mind and partakes of the nature of each in the activity and maintenance of LIFE in all physical entities. For this reason is the training and acquiring of a "proper mind" essential in the health and maintenance of the body and to be able to maintain one's "sanity." A proper mind is acquired through Spiritual development which gives a person a greater sense of awareness of their own Being and the surrounding environment. digestion.htm All automatic body functions at the cellular level. This subconscious function is present in the physical activity of all mineral." The conduct of a proper or improper mind. All are SPIRIT in nature. to believe or not believe. but ultimately it will be discovered that Spiritual development is an inescapable aspect of human existence. "Suggestion" by the Conscious Mind upon the Subconscious Mind has a powerful effect upon the well being of a person and can overrule the efficiency of bodily functions by the negative creation of thoughts. This is the reason why nutritional supplements and medicine will work in some people and not in others.

in the end. The Naval Chakra continues its manifestation of the Adrenal gland which regulates the use of food. death. all things rise and fall. the higher toward the fulcrum of the pendulum we move.pymander. This can only be accomplished mentally-. effort. and a training of the Mind in order to rise above the immutable swinging pendulum of change (the cycles). outweigh the greatest rewards known to the world. the pendulum-swing manifests in everything. No person can understand this Truth unless they have walked the path themselves. The barrier between SPIRIT. It requires a desire. the rewards reaped from the efforts will. the smaller its arc and the lesser the effect of entropy.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. and is responsible for the distribution of food in the body. origin of emotions. and a cultivation of Mind. It is observed in the continuous cycles of life. But. Remember. rhythm compensates. and galaxies. by far. unbeknownst to them. worlds. However. and is a first step toward Spiritual development and growth. a constant creation and destruction of suns. the region of the Solar Plexus. It requires a desire. not to mention the daily barrage of negativity by the news media and TV. The Adrenal gland produces Hydrocortisone The manifestation of this Principle. out and in. on the Physical Plane. a rise and fall of nations and governments .com/AETHEREAL/PRINC~1. On the plane of energy is the Principle of RHYTHM observed in the behavior of the alternating current wave of 75 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . effort. and religion. It is of no use to the mentally lazy person who's mind is content with trivia and the wandering about through life. the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left. Science will one day break through the mortal barrier and will help usher a new mental concept of reality that will bring true freedom to humanity. all these noisy things can be shut out and eliminated from the quiet Mind and that alone will bring a profound change. It is the result of a certain way the Mental LAW is understanding the role and function of the Seven Principles in the manifested Universe and by using the LAW to our advantage. is the most visible of all principles and its power is observed within the forces of nature that move the waves and tides of our oceans and the perpetual change of the seasons." -The Kybalion IN THE HUMAN BODY The Principle of Rhythm manifests the Naval Chakra of our bodies. is very real and not based on fantasy. It is not an easy path to walk upon because it requires the proper subconsciousing of the Mind which means changing and discarding outdated and useless belief systems which have been pounded into our heads through time. science. The person who walks upon this path will experience the resistance of the difficult old "habit mind" which they have created. and the rebirth of all things. The Great Principle of Rhythm (The Cycles) "Everything flows. It will be found that the barrier is nothing more than an illusionary mortal concept of reality that is not sustainable. by improper subconsciousing.htm Immortality. Back to top of page V. everything has its tides. and helps the body adjust to stress. will be dissolved. as unbelievable as it may be. mentally.

I am resting on the bosom of the Great Ocean of Life. and intimate. I am Safe. I am Alive. underneath. and through every other shape. menstruation. and I open myself to thy full manifestation and inflow. The cycles indicate that evolution causes all of Life to spiral upward and onward toward the center of INFINITE LIVING MIND from where everything has its beginning in the manifestation of Mind. animals. however. because of expanded awareness. and thing. from a gentle behavior to an extremely violent behavior at the blink of an eye. the Minds of humans.htm electricity. O! One Life! express Thyself through me--carry me now on the crest of the wave. and swing to extreme sadness. It can be experienced as extreme happiness. through thy life. This type of individual is a prisoner of its own BRUTISH TORMENTS that ultimately leads to self destruction and resulting loss of the body if a fundamental change within his or her Mind is not accomplished. The image below was created in 1993 and displays the rhythms of Universal Cosmic Law as it rules the cycles mentioned in the above paragraph. Mostly self centered. and heat as it vibrates between the positive and negative pole. and its Power. RHYTHM 76 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . or mental affirmation of Sub-conscious Influences when he wrote : There is but One Life--One Life Underlying. Click the thumbnail picture on the left to view its full size. These are the attributes of a Spiritually undeveloped Mind that dwells upon the animal plane of thought.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. "the indefinite beginning. has a different view and experience in the Rhythms of Life and the resulting accomplishments and manifestations in LIFE. and within me. This Life is manifesting through ME. I am One with All Life. The Spiritually developed individual. as I feel Thy life moving in and through me. and egotistic in disposition. Nothing can harm me--though changes may come and go. form. (71K) RHYTHM on the mental plane is experienced as the wide mood swings that often occur in human nature in various degrees and grades. The higher the Life forms. making a and the advancement of technology. and Peace are behind." As all of Life spirals toward its center. it rises on the ascending scale and causes a constant change in all things. friendly. relationship impossible. this condition may be accompanied by an abnormal animalistic sexual appetite that can not be extinguished and is often mingled with its violent behavior. and rejoice as I feel the sway of its motion. now deep down in the trough of the ocean--supported always by Thee--all is good to me. to name a few. and the process of entropy or decay. digestion. RHYTHM rules the cyclic process of all bodily functions in Humans such as the Rhythm of the heart. having no awareness of its own negative causation. the more rapid the evolutionary process because of an increase in the vibratory frequency of MIND as it approaches the realm of pure SPIRIT. lungs. Knowledge. Yogi Ramacharaka expressed this awareness of RHYTHM in his mantram. and Matter. When thoughts dwell upon a low vibratory mental degree. Life. light. greedy.pymander.

Universal Cosmic Law is cut and dry. or become its subject. is not a very pleasant experience. There are many various belief systems in our world and a person can assume and incorporate any belief system into their lives. wishes. THE RHYTHMS OF THE WORLD ECONOMY The Principle of RHYTHM affects the global economic systems and is tied to the behavior of human consciousness. Time is a measurement of the constant onward and upward evolutionary progress and process of Life and Being. and compensates us accordingly. but not without much suffering. Unlike the masses of people who are swung back and forth having no will of their own and who obey the wills. his and hers.htm is the law of Equilibrium and Compensation and maintains the balance in all things. Remember. The question one has to ask. the collective mindset of human behavior has a direct effect upon the elements of the surrounding environment. Either use the LAW to your advantage.pymander. they have their footing firmly fixed on the path of evolution and their upward progress is inevitable. Is that allowed you might ask? You bet! We will fulfill the Law one way or another. Realized or not. rule of beliefs. The return swing of the pendulum is assured without fail and there is no escape from the effects of this immutable Law. Because of this connection. theirs and ours. nothing ever stays or endures. nothing can or is allowed to stand still." These type of humans become subject to the workings and operations of RHYTHM. All of nature follows this law. everything comes and goes. Nevertheless. The masses who are mere pawns on the chessboard of life having no desire or will of their own. unchanging. Arcane Knowledge--"The things that are. It returns to us what we measure out in life. Believing is a learning phase of trial and error that will eventually transmute into a solid. and efforts of others. and All that is. Everything is in constant change. Most have assumed a position of "no action. little do we realize that the evolutionary process of the Universe has been fulfilled. adepts. When we have lost someone we love.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. The door of Universal Law swings in all directions. and operates of its own accord regardless of beliefs. in many cases. then you will evolve through the standard process of evolution. yours and mine. The final result depends what you have chosen to believe and whether or not your belief system allows you to see the truth as it really is. We simply accept the consequences of our belief system without question and succumb ourselves to the waiting line. The pendulum like swing of RHYTHM is immutable and we can only counteract its backward swing by mentally polarizing ourselves in a desirable position on the ascending scale of life. RHYTHM perpetuates the phenomenon of time. the world economic system is driven by a collective consciousness of Mental energy that is subject to the complex rise and fall of 77 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . This is a mental art that is known to hierophants. or not believe. does that belief hold any substance in reality? The Universe does not operate under a. It would require a dedicated personal commitment to cultivate the "Unknown" within all of us in order to cause a quantum leap in the evolutionary process of Life with all its aches and If you do not want to know or you do not care. This Law holds us true to what we believe. and masters of ancient Egypt." Evolution.

Nothing is allowed to stand still. when the law of the land fails to prevent them from doing so. cunning. Eventually it will break their greedy clutches from wealth and find their ending in poverty and destitution.pymander. The world economy is "energy" driven by the collective mindset of human consciousness. the animals. even in the atomic particles. AND REBIRTH This cyclic process is governed by the Principle of RHYTHM and is immutable. and secret manner. today's world economy is based on greedy monetary attachment in the accumulation of wealth bringing misery to humans who must work for a living to maintain their families. We see the cyclic change in each other. and that is the SPIRIT 78 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . In contrast. RHYTHM: THE CYCLIC PROCESS OF LIFE.htm world consciousness in its conduct of commerce. governments. and everything around us. unbeknownst to today's human race. Even the religions of the world cannot avoid change as they must change as time changes all things in Life. this behavior is translated by the bar graphs of the world economic systems which reflects the rise or fall of the stock markets." The keen and silent Spiritual observer sees the underlying causations of the many examples that are in the record of history. The unconditional SPIRIT of THE ALL is not asleep. Even. they have in their ignorance perpetuated The Principle of RHYTHM with Karmic implications that will bring them a just "compensation" according to their efforts. galaxies. Greed makes people blind and weak and they are unable to utilize their wealth properly. bacteria. that is. The great Crystal race has since disappeared off of the face of the earth and the Solar System without a trace. A dangerous trend in the monetary system's "energy.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. self Evolution denotes the Upward and Onward process of all things in the process of time. When this is multiplied across the grid of the collective human consciousness. It is the evolution of all things. They were able to utilize these Principles to their advantage and were able to accumulate great wealth and prosperity for all people and establish peace amongst themselves. that government shares the responsibility under the Principle of RHYTHM with immediate Karmic implications of their future. The mental element of fear and mistrust cause humans to enter into a protective. There is only one thing that is not subject to this change. under the auspices of "good business". mental mode of operation. The "Upward and Onward process" is a constant presence in Life and is immutable. They can see and observe the God-less-ness that exists in today's market place and protect themselves accordingly. Don't believe it? Just sit back and watch the show in the shaping of world events. neither is it "dead. DEATH. the dying or death of the body. There is nothing that can stop this process of Entropy that is currently known to man. Only they will know where they are. countries. worlds." The ancient commerce was build upon solid foundations of Spiritual Principles that made that system prosperous because of the Knowledge and Understanding how the Cosmic Principles operate and how it effects wealth and prosperity. If a government looks the other way and fails to enforce the law and allows them to continue to operate in such a bestial manner. Many companies and corporations have become dissolved and extinct without ever recognizing the CAUSE AND EFFECT of their dissolution. The tidal forces of Cosmic RHYTHMS powerfully influence human behavior in particular when humans do not exercise a focused will in their conduct of Life and they fail to exercise a "proper Mind." When humans in a corporate environment corroborate and collaborate in dishonesty and theft and do it in a greedy. vegetation.

idea. war and destruction will continue and there will be no unity. They have not yet learned to keep their mouth shut and keep their eyes and ears open so that the SPIRIT can respond to them and they can be filled with Knowledge and Wisdom. their youth slips away and eventually they will give in to entropy as they go into a diminishing state of consciousness and they experience disembodiment or as the world knows it as --death. idea. peace. The law of the land is modeled after the Ten Commandments.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. the synagogues. moves. but its governing power is seen in the operation of the Universe and is the evidence of The GREAT CREATOR at work in the manifestation of all things. All are subject to the effects of just compensation for their choice of Causes. or concept invented by man. without ever having a concept and understanding of the Ancient Philosophers whose Knowledge of THE ALL has been forlorn in the lapse of time and we are left with the ignorant and warring religions of the world who attempt to convince the world that their religion is right. not without much suffering. or country. They are NOT DEAD as the race consciousness would believe. prosperity. Until then. ethnics. that does not mean that they are exempt from the process of evolution and reincarnation. the temples. However. motion and change in the Universe. religious concepts. for them and their children or their children's children. those believes will cause the sub-conscious mind to edit out of their consciousness the process of evolution and reincarnation and they will dwell in their beliefs by default. THE ALL is the CAUSE and EFFECT of all that vibrates. and the mosques. ideologies. This is the reality of Life and death or disembodiment. THE LAW is immutable because any belief system. personal declarations. Christianity is a very young religion that has borrowed from the older religions and has incorporated new concepts and ideas but rejects the idea of evolution and reincarnation because it is not aware that everything is governed by The immutable LAW OF SPIRIT operates independent of any belief system. scientific or otherwise. In their unawareness do they change by the process of evolution and may cause painful experiences when they are unable to accept the fact that there is a constant change in their lives that they can do nothing about. Reincarnation and Evolution is a controversial subject in Christianity but is accepted by most other religions because many are much older than Christianity. But. THE ALL is ETERNAL and is unhurried in the realm of Space and Time. and evolves in the Universe and in the Nature of the Earth and our bodies. The keen observer will see this in the development of world events and in the phenomena of Nature as RHYTHM operates to return all things back to balance. Is it a wonder why we have atheists in the world? Most religions are the creator of atheists because of the rampant religious hypocrisy that dominates the public's eye and they are convinced that there is no God. The cyclic process of RHYTHM has been fulfilled and the departed person no longer occupies The Great Physical Plane. The GREATNESS OF GOD has been preached from the pulpits of Christianity. THE LAW of SPIRIT is not written by any man. or concept of man's invention cannot mute The GREAT LAW even when it is contradicted by beliefs. Is this the end? 79 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . This is known to the Ancient Philosophers who were aware of the Presence of THE ALL and who were "enabled" to see the GREATNESS OF GOD.htm of THE ALL because it is above all vibration. government. Nothing is exempt from this Principle as THE ALL is no respecter of persons. They are unable to maintain their youthfulness and they do everything they can to keep their youth. or happiness. religions.pymander. If believes are that evolution and reincarnation are non-existent. The only law known to Christianity are the Ten Commandments which is a law of proper ethics and piety towards GOD in a law breaking and undisciplined human THE LAW or SPIRIT will visit their iniquities for generations to come and the law of CAUSE AND EFFECT will return and compensate justly and bring all things back into balance again. Still.

and who lives and acts upon a lie. This It can work in reverse but with possible dire and desperate consequences (Karma). that will he also reap. The Great Principle of Cause and Effect "Every Cause has its Effect." or "Whatsoever a man sows. Chance is but a name for Law not recognized..htm Well. In other words. A person's conduct of Consciousness can affect the immune system of the body in a very large way.. The Spleen Chakra furthers its manifestation of the Lyden or Spleen that manufactures Macrophages to cleanse the blood.. The Spleen Chakra is a person's responsibility for the causation of Mind and its choices. let's look and see what happens to a person who leaves their embodied or incarnated state and see if the "fear of death" is justified.. one must know the nature of THE ALL. it will be found that it has its beginning and ending (as Above. If a person was to follow each chain link of causation..pymander.) in the 80 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM ." -The Kybalion "God does not play dice with the Universe." It is the Dharma/Karma of Human Causation. but nothing escapes the Law. but because they have initiated CAUSE AND EFFECT in their erring ways and are experiencing the consequences of those choices. We are responsible in what we do. A Truth is always a Truth and is of its own accord and can only be lied to by a humans and is not benevolent to the perpetrator or the person who unwittingly accepts without question. we can see and understand how SPIRIT governs and operates the constantly manifested Universe even though we are unable to comprehend its inner Nature as it will always remain unknowable to us by reason of its Infinite Stature. (to be continued) Back to top of page VI. every Effect has its Cause. and what we choose." --Albert Einstein The Principle of Cause and Effect manifests the Spleen Chakra in the human body.. and even though we are unable to comprehend the inner Nature of THE ALL or SPIRIT OF GOD with our tiny finite brains. there are many planes of causation. As has been mentioned before. vital to the immune system and a person's health. to know the answer.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. CAUSE and EFFECT is a person's "Do unto others as you would have them do to you. "THE ALL" is only KNOWN TO ITSELF. There is no escape from this immutable LAW. The Principle of Cause and Effect is ever at work with chains of causations and effects that govern all of manifested life and matter. there are certain things that THE ALL outwardly manifests by which we can see and understand the composition of Life and the Universe.. It does not matter what we believe or not believe. everything happens according to Law. it not because of the punishment of GOD. The Spleen is responsible for the dispersion and distribution of Vitality in the body. We can only learn what is already KNOWN TO THE ALL. When humans suffer. how we do it. so below.

Fear is one of the most dangerous mental causation that prevents a person from thinking and acting properly." -The Kybalion IN THE HUMAN BODY 81 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . and finally into the Cosmos.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. out into the environment. the throwing of dice on a gambling table or a rock slide that is caused by rain and wind. We are responsible for the very thoughts that we produce and the final result of our own mental alchemy. How else should an experiment be done on a LAW that is Mental in nature. is "Not knowing God. The cause of fear is the result of a lack of knowledge about the unknown GOD which should be the most important educational journey in a persons life. When observing the commercial stock exchanges in the world. financial. social. unless a result can be produced within the effects of known physical laws? The Principle of Cause and Effect transcends all known physical laws. The LAW itself is illusive and cannot be proven other than observed with the Mind and is utilized to determine the causations and effects of a given event. The Great Principle of Gender "Gender is in everything. action. and have our being. When this law is used with conscious effort.htm non material realm. move. When the law is used in an unconscious and haphazard mind. a person sets into motion unseen chains of Causations and Effects which will vibrate from the mental Plane throughout the entire cellular structure of body. The causation of fear and resulting superstition can only be removed through knowledge. and understanding about the reality that we live. The greatest evil under the sun according to Hermes.pymander. Back to top of page VII. the realm of Spirit. The seven principles of Universal Cosmic Law work synergistically and animates the Universe with LIFE." In every minute thought of intention. All this in less time than the twinkling of an eye. It affects. everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles. and commercial upheavals. in order to produce the desired effects in our lives. are the true forces back of and behind all these things that cause the rise and fall in everything which is ruled by the Principle of RHYTHM. desired results can be produced in a person's life by steering him or herself along definite paths of causation. Eventually the vibratory energy returns to its originator upon the return swing of the pendulum. the effects could become potentially disastrous for the individual or group of individuals. and emotion that is performed. and realizes that all things follow the Great LAW. What is not understood. Each can be followed and understood to the observing Mind which sees the cycles in all things. So called "accidents" could occur without warning to individuals who toil through life without awareness. Gender manifests on all planes. for example. The effects of this principle can be observed in the current status and events of various political. the Rhythms can be observed in the rise and fall of stocks and bonds on the exchange board. wisdom.

This ability makes Humans more responsible for their conduct toward each other and the companions of lower Life Form with whom hey share this planet. they become "anchored" in Universal Knowledge and Wisdom and they will KNOW for themselves what needs to be accomplished. As an example. The original understanding of the root cause of war and suffering has been lost. Humans have the ability to be independent of all these things because of their higher position in the scale of Conscious Life and the greater Consciousness awareness they possess enabling them the freedom to make choices and decisions. These types of people are easily swayed and deceived by the opinions and ambitions of others as they have no solid ground to stand upon. When Spiritual centers become awakened. If the focusing of Masculine Mind is not utilized properly. it has become an autonomous function of perpetual hatred and maliciousness. either mail or female. This is not an easy task because there is a gross amount of misinformation across the Earth regarding the existence and Nature of GOD for which the multitude has taken premature Subconscious Mind is unable to function without the direction of the Masculine Mind. the lower three Chakras are the most developed in their species and is how Nature leads them to reproduce and replenish their species to counter the process of entropy. An education in the awakening of their Spiritual awareness can change all this because it will give them a focus and direction in Life.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. Subconscious Mind being Feminine. while Conscious Mind is the Masculine aspect of GENDER in The Great Mental Plane. the Masculine and Feminine energy of Mail and Female in The Great Mental Plane and continues its manifestation of Creative energy of Conscious and Subconscious Mind in the Universe. As SPIRIT continuous the manifestation of the "downward born elements" of the Human body and the lower Life forms in The Great Physical Plane. or Reproductive organs of Male and Female in Humans and all lower species of Life forms. and Understanding. As long as this state of Mind continues in race Consciousness. In the Life forms of the Animal Plane. a Polarizing effect occurs in that Males become separate from Females as the rotation of each of their Chakras rotate in opposite directions from each other. Subconscious Mind possesses the "power" over all things Spiritual and Material but cannot function without the "proper" direction and focus of the Masculine Mind. A Mental marriage has taken place between Subconscious and Conscious Mind and they become powerful humans who will always be of service to others who seek Knowledge and Wisdom and helping them in their Spiritual Evolution. all that remains is a Subconscious Mind that wanders like a rudderless ship on the high seas and we have many wandering humans with no focus or direction in Life who are prone to maliciousness in their cause and conduct of Life. there will be a continuance of war and suffering because of the lack of Knowledge. as though. the Root Chakra of a male rotates in the opposite direction of that of a female and a separation occurs between the Human male and the Human female as well as in all species of lower Life forms. Wisdom.pymander. and is true of all Life forms. The Principle of Gender manifests the Root Chakra in the human body. It is buried deep within the Unconscious or Subconscious Mind of Human Nature and has.htm The Root Chakra manifests the Sacral. Their focus becomes very keen and they will see through the deceptions of others and will not be swayed as they walk upon the solid Principles of Life. Sexual reproduction cannot occur in the absence of one or the other. 82 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . Masculine Mind is only able to provide focus and direction but has no power to make things happen.

It is a great error for heterosexuals to condemn and pass judgment on homosexuals and homosexuals cannot force their. and The Great Physical Plane. Every male has its female element. but whether or not homosexuality is universal that exists on all planes of physical manifestation. have their masculine and feminine energies. During the sixteenth century the Catholic church announced by decree that our Solar System is the center of the Universe which they supported Ptolemy's complex hypothesis. When Galileo contradicted the archbishop's decree that our solar system is not the center of the Universe. They have chosen the "dark age" approach over scientific fact that can lead to great embarrassment when they have to concede to scientific facts in the near future. but is a manifested makeup of the extremely complex and delicate human genome and chemical makeup of the human body that has its roots in the Law of Gender. as the Truth about our reality unfolds. the sexes of all species are manifested as male and female and the role they play in sexual reproduction.. but on the higher planes. On the Great Physical Plane. The Great Mental Plane. masculine and feminine. because." Religious belief systems will be forced to change and accept scientific fact. The question is not if human sexuality should be judged according to what occurs in the animal plane. it takes on higher forms of manifestation. The discrimination of heterosexuals against homosexuals and visa versa is like the discrimination of a person of a certain skin color against that of a person of a another color. Ignorance continues to dominate our society that one day will become enlightened by scientific fact because science runs parallel to Universal Spirituality or as the scientists would call "philosophy.pymander. he was put under house arrest for his scientific findings and was confined to his living quarters for the rest of his life. 83 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . As an example. male as well as female... The Great Spiritual Plane. Today is no different than it was then.htm This principle embodies the Truth that GENDER is manifested in everything--the Masculine and Feminine Principle is ever at work on all planes of causation. "sexual preferences" (so called) upon heterosexuals. There are numerous shades of human Life and Being between the two aspects of male and female. GENDER manifests on all three planes of causation. It was not until 1981 when Pope John Paul II exonerated Galileo because the historical record was an embarrassment for the Catholic and creation. regeneration.. Homosexuality and heterosexuality is not a choice or a sexual preference. what is believed to be. even the "macho" megalomaniac is no exception. A very dangerous position to be. Every person. each is a biological reality and a fact of Life. and every female has its male element. On the Great Mental Plane. He was considered a heretic for violating Catholic doctrine. Gender manifests as masculine and feminine energies that exist within each and every person.. All life forms contain the two elements of Gender. Only in the lack of Spiritual Knowledge and awareness does this become a religious issue.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. Each is an aspect of the same reality that must co-exist with the other in Knowledge and Understanding. Homosexuality exists in the animals as well and is there for reasons not even known to science. What about homosexuality? As revolting as the idea of homosexuality is to the majority of heterosexuals. This principle works in the direction of generation. The principle is always the same on all planes. some of which can be very dark. what is normal in the Universe? Who has the authority to determine what is normal? Certainly not organized religion even though some of their fanatical members have taken the position of sitting in the judgment seat of GOD in the condemnation of homosexuals.

is a discrimination against the Great CREATOR in whom we all live.. Instead he encoded the Book of Psalm with his name by inconspicuously writing the sentence ". violence. It is a transcendence beyond the mortal boundaries of the Great Physical Plane. Shakespeare and King James were friends and have known each other in the fifteenth century and it is believed that much of the Book of Psalm was written by Shakespeare.. he was forbidden by the King to do so. The widely accepted King James version today was written by King James while in exile and published in 1611. Much of the writings of the bible was borrowed from the many eastern religions who have existed long before "Christianity" was even a word in the minds men. a passage from physical reality to a "quantum" like reality without the loss of consciousness or physical body.. Much of the eastern religions have borrowed from the Ancient Hermetic Philosophy which is the oldest known philosophy and was written by the ancient Hermes Trismegistus a contemporary with Abraham during a time long before Moses." The name of Hermes Trismegistus was bestowed to Enoch by the ancient Egyptians because of the great knowledge he displayed about the Universe. then it must follow that nothing can escape its Universal PRESENCE.htm All are biological facts in our physical reality and is a manifestation of the CREATOR. He is the "Father of Astrology. The biblical record of Enoch also indicates that he was three hundred years old when "God took him. then GOD cannot be GOD or else there must be a something that is above GOD. Is GOD INFINITE? If not.pymander. "Took him" does not mean death. When Shakespeare asked King James if he can give himself credit for the Book of Psalm.and they shake their spears. move.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. It will cause civil unrest because of the injustice against a biological fact that is ruled by COSMIC LAW. If GOD is INFINITE. war. Unbeknownst to most. and alchemy. the truth about the bible is that much of its original truths have been lost in the many translations and interpretations in the lapse of time of which much has been invaded by religious imposters throughout two thousand years of history who have invoked and added or subtracted to the record their own beliefs in what they believe it should be." In The Principle of RHYTHM is a balancing LAW that will counter all injustice to restore the balance of justice through civil unrest. For one to discriminate against the other. that law will cause a deep division in that society and is like a festering thorn that is deeply driven into the social fabric of that nation. circa 300 AD the Catholic church made an attempt to maintain unity because of increased dissention in the church and much of the biblical record of that time was discarded whenever there was a disagreement between the church and the dissenters which later became the "Protestants. Universal COSMIC LAW will always transcend the lower Law of the land and will delegate great power to a written law that operates in unison with COSMIC LAW. and the science of the Zodiac (astrology). If a law is created based on discrimination. the Human body. and death and a final dissolution if not corrected. but is a something that is nobler than physical death. The record of the Kybalion shows that Hermes was three hundred years old when he disappeared.. and have our being. Today's bibles are watered down versions which is widely accepted around the world as the "word of God" without question. There is a strong indication that "Hermes" is synonymous with "Enoch" because the biblical record available to us today indicates that Enoch was found to be pleasant in the eyes of GOD and the SPIRIT took him." The existence of "the devil" was a scare tactic that was utilized by the church in an attempt to maintain unity and integrity of the church.." The record showed that he was able to transform ordinary metals into solid 84 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . The Knowledge and Understanding of the operations of COSMIC LAW is the key to enormous power that cannot be misused without dire consequences because COSMIC LAW indicates that THE ALL is the LAW itself and that nothing can escape its Universal Presence.

Hermes Trismegistus means. or THE ALL has assured us that the ancient record will be restored to bring Knowledge and unity to a divided world that is suspended in space." When "Adam.. Hermes. THE ALLEGORY OF THE ADAM AND EVE PRINCIPLE We have been taught by the Christian religion that Adam and Eve are two humans. This is the unpleasant sight of lifeless decaying Astral Bodies floating in the Astral Planes that Yogi Ramacharaka mentioned in his book. According the book of Genesis they were not to eat from the tree of Good and Evil (the knowledge of the choices of good and evil) and that if they did." Much of Hermes's writing has been lost in the lapse of the ages.. Adam and Eve were not two separate humans as we have been led to believe by organized religion. because of one thing or another. This allegory denotes the manifestation of the Human body that covered the masculine and feminine principle in its 85 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . If a human disembodies. Any interference with this process will result in disease as the organs starve because of the blocking of Astral Energy.pymander. "thrice greatest Hermes" or the "Great. stood naked before GOD. but is a manifestation of Human Nature by The Great Principle of GENDER in its aspect of masculine and feminine energy in the human consciousness --The Garden of Eden.. The Truth regarding this assumed and preconceived "belief" according to SPIRIT. "The Life Beyond Death.htm Gold which has followers to this day in an attempt to duplicate the transforming of metals into Gold. Many ancient philosophers of that time sat at the feet of the Great Master Philosopher Hermes Trismegistus and were enlightened with the Knowledge of the "Embrosian waters of Immortality. they will surely die. male and female. the unchanging GOD." Today's medical emblem of a snake or two snakes is attributed to Hermes as is the term "hermetically sealed. a quickly diminishing state of conscious awareness." the feminine aspect of Human Nature. The Human brain being the central nervous system is the master organ that enables humans to "think" in the presence of their consciousness and perceive the Great Physical Plane as we are able to "observe" with our sensory perception. He was also known as a great physician in the healing arts. All living organisms are affected in a similar manner. and "Eve.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. The Tree of Good and Evil is a manifestation of The Great Principle of Polarity which furthers its manifestation of the human nervous system through the Heart Chakra." Hermes is a perfect model of a human who walked in the land of the ancient philosophers with the daily awareness of the presence of GOD that gave him his great Knowledge. and that they dwelled in the Garden of Eden where they were naked before GOD. they covered themselves with the leaves they found in the garden to cover their shame (self knowledge and discovery). It can result in a quickening of the aging process. Great. A time so far back into the past of the ancient philosophers that the record of history has become muddled and unclear. and the constant change of time." the masculine aspect. the Astral Body will be out of business and the same fate will follow the Astral body as does the physical body. The Astral Body is a "layer" or "link" of Mind in the chain of manifestation and is responsible for compensating human error (sin) to keep the human body in a balanced state which at times is very difficult for the Astral body to accomplish. However. Only a few fragments of his knowledge has come to us out of a long forlorn and forgotten time. The brain is responsible for receiving and transmitting the subconscious responses from the Astral Body in the proper maintenance and function of all organs and the proper distribution of food in the body.

that created the human form of which some became males while others became females with the ability of choosing between "good" and "evil. but is the field of mental energy that extends beyond the human body. GENDER manifests as the Father-Mother principle of the Infinite Omnipresent GOD in whose MIND the Universe is conceived and firmly held." The Adam and Eve mentioned in the book of Geneses. Each occupies a proper position in the scale of Life as each expresses a unique level of "conscious awareness" with inherent conscious limitations of which the Human Mind is the highest level of the known scale of Life and the fastest evolving and growing consciousness of all life forms on Earth. It is written that. Humans are capable of a great good that is an ethereal like mental substance while "evil" is a heavy mental substance that tends to pull and gravitate humans to the lower parts of human nature. there are Beings that are above and beyond the current evolution of the Human Mind. same as heterosexuals. and up to the rapidly evolving human mind. while the MENTALISM is placed at the highest point of the body at the top of the head and where the thinking process of the Mind takes place. "We all live. in the absence of the skeleton and flesh.. A careful observation and study of the book of Genesis will firmly establish this Truth.. vegetable mind. the Principle of Gender manifests the lowest region of the human body which are the sex organs.pymander. Hopefully one day all this can all be connected to the conception of the human embryo and the attitude of its parents during sexual reproduction and the fate that follows in Life." Homosexuality can be either one of the two. Some humans experience "sex" in an animalistic bestial state of mind while others experience a higher form of "sex" that is known as "Tantra. It is within this field that we 86 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . When the human nervous system is viewed on its own. THE ALL is no respecter of persons or their sexual feelings that follows the human genome. as more information is received. are not two physical beings. All came from the "dust" --the Universal Substance of SPIRIT that gave birth to all physical forms. the above written paragraphs will be expanded and explained with increasing clearness." Each of us stands on "Sacred Ground" when we come to the realization of this Great Central Fact. All this is self evident to the conscious aware observer of Life.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. it resembles a tree with limbs and roots capable of doing good or evil --the tree of "good" and "evil. Yet. In the human body.. the blueprint of the evolving Human Mind that is manifested in the unique DNA codes known to science as the human genome.htm aspect of "innocence" of the human consciousness utilizing the "leaves" from the Tree of Good and Evil. Also. animal mind. and have our being within GOD. but are the Spiritual and Mental Gender in human nature. The brain is the master organ that integrates all bodily functions and is subject to the causation of the Mind within a person. Mind is not confined to the brain as is believed. After the materialization of the human body. The Law of Attraction manifested in the male and female human form capturing them in its powerful Tantric energy." The rest is all self evident and history in our daily news and educational literature. On the Great Spiritual Plane. sexual reproduction ensued as the physical sexual energy (Tantra) of The Great Principle of Gender captured male and female in the desire for copulation and enabling the multiplication and preservation of the human form. The body is Consciousness in its physical form indicating the level of MENTALISM between the lowest form of mineral mind. Lower life forms or organisms are affected in a similar manner but do not have the range of imagination of humans because of their limited consciousness and are therefore led by Nature. There is much more to come on this subject.

. that would activate the Subconscious Mind into the creative process of Mental GENDER to bring a will. or effort in the creation of a proper mental hologram. desire. good or evil. The Subconscious Mind will execute that will. This field of psychic energy enables the penetration of the human Mind into the deepest secrets of Life and Being and renders the term "secrecy" as being only secret in the relative sense. has no direction or will of its own. and an effort. or eddy. does the Sub Conscious Mind sound the alarm and warns the person of the impending mistake of their own and. the human mind becomes more susceptible to the deceptive practices of others and the misinformation they provide and in turn act upon the misinformation when they believe it to be a truth."). In this aspect. wills. In this aspect does the Subconscious Mind become lazy and is content with the external impressions it receives and just wandering about with no cause or direction in LIFE. is the individual Cosmic Consciousness that exists as a whirlpool. The Sub Conscious Mind can only execute the wills and desires of the Consciousness of a human including self destruction because it is Universal in causation. honesty or dishonesty. desire. a desire. into reality. or.pymander. In this view. In this light. or mental mold. that of others. as has been mentioned before. and can only act and react upon external efforts. right or wrong.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. The problem is not in the power of the Mind. but never in the absolute sense. The utilization of individual psychic energy will outperform by far. will the Subconscious Mind lazily wander about with no purpose or direction. a desire. having no will of their own. up to and including the possible loss of the body as an ultimate worse case scenario. When the warning is ignored. Often does the Subconscious Mind not trust the Conscious aware Mind of an individual by reason of the placement of its concentration upon trifling external subjects and objects. Bad habits in people are created by this lazy Subconscious Mind that they express and the mistakes they make in all things. This event manifests itself to individuals who have taken a position of no action in Life. the resulting manifestation in a person's life may be of one that is of an undesirable quality. This is prevalent with young people who 87 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . Further evidence of this becomes apparent to the trained conscious aware and Spiritual developed individual in the trifling and shallow conversations encountered between people that have no lasting purpose or meaning in Life. conversations that lead-. An opportunity is presented by the Subconscious Mind to the individual Conscious Awareness to change the causation of its wills and desires in order to cause a change in the direction of Life and to avoid potential pitfalls. In other words. of the Conscious Aware Mind in order to provide a road map for the Subconscious Mind to follow. and impressions of other people who exert a will. Most humans dwell in this mode of operation. the expectations of the most brilliant scientific minds known to man in the uncovering of Life's deepest secrets. within the Universal Cosmic Consciousness of THE ALL ("as above. bears each human great responsibility in the choices of Life. but in the lack of creating a so below. be it Knowledge or ignorance. and physical demise. can only express the desire and will that gives the Sub Conscious Mind direction and purpose. and effort. but has all the power to make anything happen. and desire to bring into manifestation the wishes of the individual consciousness.htm psychically "feel" the environment and the mental energy fields of other people in order to evaluate their intentions of truth or lies. Above that of Mind. proper or improper. love or hate.nowhere. This constant whirling about of Consciousness in SPIRIT gives every human consciousness a unique and distinct personality in physical Life to which we assign a birth name during physical birth. and who have not expressed a will.. pain. stronger than their own. self advancement or destruction.. In this lazy mode of mental operation. The Conscious awareness of being. a dream.

"(?) The above examples of prayer are for the most part superficial. obedient to environment.. We always 88 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM .. Examples of materialistic prayers that have been prayed: "Please Lord I need that Mercedes. To be dedicated to God at all times and go to church every Sunday. have now become a reality as the Subconscious Mind gathers information from the Infinite field of KNOWLEDGE. we have to look closely and carefully in what we choose and ask for. instead of being played and moved about by other wills and environment. suggestion.. through the effort of its wills and desires. I will pray for you. THE ART OF SELF MASTERY The masses of people are carried along. GOD. for example: Address INFINITE MIND as. PYMANDER. A society of adults with wandering minds are incapable of providing direction for our youth when they themselves operate in the "wandering" mode of sub-consciousness. Why? Because. The following Hermetic Axiom displays this aspect in a concise expression. They USE the Principle instead of being its tools. THE PROPER EFFORT OF THE WILL? Which will produce powerful results? Let's look at the difference between the two. or FATHER because we all have been conceived in the INFINITE MIND of THE ALL.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www.. Humans cannot give to others the "Wisdom of Life" when they themselves do not possess it.. kill them... The Kybalion When the individual Conscious Aware Mind. and to give up our lives for Jesus. a dedicated time for meditation is no longer necessary. Eventually.. the two seemingly separate energies of Mental Gender become united and the creative process of the Principle of Gender become a reality. because the Subconscious Mind creates new habits and ideas that make the gathering of information about the Unknown an effortless accomplishment. However. and are a subject of idolatry worship that for the most part have no driving power behind them to become manifested in physical reality. It is true that there is power in prayer.. THE ALL. The Masters obey the Causation of the higher planes. but they help RULE on their own plane. and become movers instead of pawns. mundane. JEHOVAH. Meditation is one method to accomplish this effort. Ask for. They learn to use the Principles instead of being its vassals. PRAYER. etc. unless a person so desires to meditate. rising to the plane above. God will surely reward you for this. "THE ALL" most accurately describes the INFINITE NATURE of SPIRIT and its Omnipresence in the Universe. the wills and desires of others stronger than themselves. and other outward causes moving them about like pawns on the Chessboard of Life. I like THE ALL because it is the most ancient name and is older than the name GOD. whatever name you prefer. My own personal preference is THE ALL. If you pray. They help PLAY THE GAME OF LIFE.." or "I need that beautiful house on top of the hill"." "I know that you are suffering and hungry and you have no money. ALLAH. or I need more money.pymander.. ask for "Proper Knowledge" so that you may have the Wisdom of the "Proper Mind" to make things happen." "The pope is the beast that the Bible speaks of." If you will give me more money for God's cause. directs and places the attention and concentration inwardly toward the Subconscious Mind. but always give thanks first. then do they possess the mental tools with which they can "direct" themselves in a proper direction and share the "knowledge" with others who will be able to build their own direction by building upon the Principles of LIFE. PYMANDER. In organized religious Christianity we have been taught to believe in God and to pray on a daily basis." Hypocritical and evil examples: "Please punish that evil person who keeps bothering me. characters.htm have not acquired sufficient "wisdom" because of a lazy subconscious mind and they display the "wandering mind syndrome" by falling into the pit of the drug cultures. Things that were previously thought as being non-existent or impossible at one time. to be God's servant. dominate their moods. When a person can understand the Principles of Life. But the Masters." "Hope that lightning will strike them down. as well as the environment surrounding" "Show them who is right.. the prayers above are mostly egocentric and have no benevolence for others. qualities and powers.. heredity..

it will be destructive to your own conscious awareness because you are the originator and causation of that destructive force. If it is wrongly utilized and destructive. ethnic background. Try it and see what happens. If you will to destroy another human. Example for the workplace: Today I will it to be a blessed day for all of us at work and that we will accomplish our job with great pleasure and efficiency." Before you use this phrase. "I will it to be. it can be potentially dangerous to yourself and could include disembodiment because the "evil cause" must first come thru you and your consciousness.. If the cause is destructive. THE ALL is unchanging and is not subject to the evolving Universe and decay. It will take the positive effort of only one knowledgeable person to make the difference in a group of people 89 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . Now that you have read these things. a droplet of the SPIRIT ocean. believes. They will instead use the phrase "I will it to be. In the lapse of time you will learn that you have attributes intrinsic to your own nature because you are a particle.. and constant motion of the Universe. Imagine what will happen when people do this on a massive scale for peace. friends." It has to come thru you first. evolution. hat does not preclude them from the SPIRIT ocean. However.. The greater the Spiritual advancement of a person. THE ALL is a the most perfect example of being unconditional in the creation and manifestation of the Universe in that SPIRIT does not withhold anything from the good or the bad. skin color. a grain of sand of the shores of the INFINITE. and their customers. These are "positive" prayers or states of meditation that bring the efforts of "will" and the Subconscious Mind together in unity to produce results. If the Mind is allowed to operate in this state. Examples of proper and good utilization always include all humans regardless of nations. This power is not the same as utilizing weapons of mass destruction which are mundane compared to the forces of human nature and Nature itself. Therefore must extreme caution be used when utilizing the phrase. I Thank you.. I.htm marvel at the size of the Universe and its contents. but that each is responsible for the results in the fulfillment of the Seven Principles of SPIRIT in their own lives. It is dependent on the effort of the will to get a proper I will for management to obtain the knowledge and wisdom to run their business properly and create an atmosphere of cooperation between themselves. Eventually even the cringe succumbs to the jolly attitude of the persons who surround him or her. The person who has attained self-mastery. will use the effort of his or her own will to bring about results. in humility and with piety bear witness of your Great Work in the constant manifestation of the downward borne elements of the Universe of which I am a part. It is an unconditional request devoid of the "me." Do this daily and without any attachments or expectations and release it into the Unknown and observe what happens. it will resul t in physical fatigue and mental exhaustion. The above prayer is a prelude to your self-mastery in that you recognize the Infinite Greatness of GOD and you show your gratitude to be physically present which is a very great privilege to be able to bear witness of the work of The Creator in the Universe and our own planet. The reason why this is possible and effective is because most people navigate thru the day in their unaware state of Mind and they are vulnerable to the wills and efforts of others particularly when there is an evil cause. government. remember that you are made from the same substance that they are and it is obvious that you will be the first one to succumb to your own destructive forces before it arrives at the other person. ask yourself if what you "will" to be is "good or bad?" Will humanity. Everybody always seem to be in a jolly mood and they laugh and joke thru the day. In this type of meditation or prayer every person is included without exception or exclusion. While. I have used this myself and found that problems between employees and management for example completely vaporized. Thank you. etc. Be as unconditional as you can be. "I will" for a pleasant day to manifest and summon the forces of my nature to bring about the results I asked for.. and relatives." Remember that the Subconscious Mind has no direction of its own but it has the power to produce results. Wisdom is obtained from KNOWLEDGE (not believes). I thank you FATHER for this good cause that is inherent of your SPIRIT. you have the responsibility to use it properly. imagine the size of THE ALL in the context of the size of our planet or our bodies! When you pray.. the more powerful the results.pymander.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. "I thank you FATHER for my bodily presence in the Great Physical Plane while I observe with my eyes in humble and stupefied awe the works and operations of your INFINITE MIND in the containment.. give thanks for your presence in Conscious Life because its existence is volatile in the constantly evolving and changing Universe. Humans who have suicidal tendencies are completely devoid of this awareness. They do not use "pleading" to produce results.. colleagues benefit from this? Why? Because everything that "you will to be" has to come thru you first before it manifests into reality.. their workers.. Therefore is "Wisdom" in the utilization of the deliberate will of extreme importance. "I will it to be...

they become rattled and disoriented not being able to deal with it. It requires both to create an egg and duplicate their offspring. The human Soul is a manifestation of the Great Principle of Gender that made the physical manifestation of human bodies possible as male or female on the Physical Plane." The more people in a family. Back of and behind fear is always the aspect of ignorance. we will find that undifferentiated matter dissolves into an invisible field of energy. including our own bodies. the chicken or the egg. Animal Life occupies the Plane of Life and Being below that of the human Consciousness with the Elemental Plane as a web of separation between the two planes.pymander. and Subconscious Awareness being the feminine energy as set forth and ruled by the Great Principle of Gender. egocentricity. eventually we will be able to observe undifferentiated matter. They also have to deal with a society that is completely oblivious to the unseen reality that permeates our physical world. Most people fail to recognize and visualize the enormity of its presence. Further down are lower life forms and if we follow the downward spiral of life and being. depending upon the choices." "By another" would have to have its beginning in the creative process and manifestation of SPIRIT to perpetuate the sexual reproduction of their plentiful offspring. The realm of SPIRIT is an inescapable Truth and reality that nothing can escape. When strange and unexplained phenomena suddenly enters into their lives for which there is no "logical" or "scientific" explanation. When we follow the Spiral further downward." The male and female chicken are a manifestation of the Principle of GENDER through the evolutionary process of time. Often they will resort to their superstitious beliefs and ideas or complete denial by avoiding the subject for which there is no explanation. It is a very difficult task to utilize technological equalizers to bring about change in the invisible spider web of human Mind because of the very nature of MIND. As mentioned before. is begotten by another. The ancient Hermeticists have echoed this axiom from a long forgotten and forlorn past. Ignorance is the fundamental principle of fear.htm without any outward theatrical display of force and power because they operate in the powerful but invisible "Mental Plane. It can be said that a marriage has taken place that unites the Conscious Awareness of Mind which is masculine energy. This Knowledge eliminates paradoxical question of "Which came first. but are a complete gender of masculine and feminine energy within the human Soul. "That which is begotten. organization. the realm of INFINITE SPIRIT. will discover that Adam and Eve are not two different people. only with lesser degrees of manifested consciousness and fewer developed Chakras. all this indicates that our physical world is not as physical or material as we think that it is. there is no other way." Problems evolve around fear. eventually we will find that matter again dissolves into the invisible field of energy of OMNIPRESENT SPIRIT. the superficial ego.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. In other words. city. Adam and Eve are NOT physical beings. with open Mind and careful observation. Science has postulated 90 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . Ignorance is the father of fear. the more powerful and effective the results because of the constant immutable works and operation of the Seven Principles in the INFINITE and absolute presence of SPIRIT. When self-mastery is utilized that is devoid of the superficial ego and pretentious assumptions. The person who carefully reads the fifth chapter of Genesis in their bible. Even when the Spiral is traveled in the opposite direction or upward. The manifestation of animals are affected by the same Principle of Gender. This is difficult to understand for most people when their minds are conditioned only to observe the highly superficial reality they are accustomed to seeing in daily life. or government contribute in this manner and in a positive way. problems can instantly vaporize and disappear because of the nature of "

Therefore." still stands today. dissolution. they will be left in the dust of the rapidly advancing Ancient Wisdom of SPIRIT that is on the increase in people around the globe. and educating ourselves regarding the realm we live. Every human is in reality nameless and their perfect. NOT by pointing fingers at each other. religions. exists only as a constant living and moving whirlpool of Cosmic Consciousness within this invisible field of Universal Intelligent Energy we refer to as THE ALL. and will rapidly advance the Minds of receptive individuals. as it did two thousand years ago. galaxies.. that individual scientists will help humanity by revealing phenomena that will baffle the human Mind to the dismay of established doctrines and dogma of organized religion. all of manifested LIFE. and unique identity. and the surrounding environment of which each of us bear the responsibility for the prosperity and wellness of this civilization. This Arcane Truth is an inescapable reality that we live in and will ultimately proof of its own accord that everything emanates from a single source of causation. and the TRUTH shall make you free. and have our being within and its Causations and manifestations of Life in order to be able to make decisions based on Truth and the solid and sound information it will provide us. or any entity. regardless of education or ethnic background. institutions. planes.. As always. entities. and the resulting destruction that follows. the Glory and Splendor of the formless CREATOR. that SPIRIT is no respecter of persons. Those who are Spiritually observant will take this scientific evidence for themselves and further the Knowledge and recognition. efforts and desires. The proper execution of this responsibility determines the fate of human existence on the Earth Plane. The axiom. "You shall know the TRUTH. none can escape its presence. agencies.UNIVERSAL LAW--THE SEVEN PRINCIPLES http://www. but not able to recognize it as such because the evidence lies within the human mind. Anything other than this. governments. If science does not maintain an open Mind to keep pace. THE ALL is solely responsible for the manifestation and sustenance of LIFE in ALL living The Great Principle of CAUSE AND EFFECT is always at work by maintaining the equilibrium in all things. It is believed within the circles of people of the ancient Arcane Wisdom. not in the formulas of external analysis and observation. accurate.. it will begin with each individual's wills. All Souls will be able to recognize and identify each other by their unique whirlpool of Cosmic Consciousness that is composed of LIFE and LIGHT.htm this evidence on numerous occasions. helping humanity in the gain of greater freedoms because of the KNOWLEDGE of TRUTH. each other. move. It must be remembered. will terminate in chaos.pymander. who have made the effort to focus their attention upon Spiritual Advancement. should humans honor and respect the uniqueness of their own person. will assure for themselves the seal of dissolution in their destiny by reason of their own folly. and the commitment and dedication for Spiritual advancement. This phenomenon will become more apparent as time goes by. The deliberate act of concealment of TRUTH by any person or group of persons. and dimensions. worlds. It will 91 of 92 12/12/2007 5:20 PM . It is not necessary to assign a birth name to this unique individual Cosmic Consciousness of which there is no force anywhere in the Universe that can destroy its existence. The individual human Cosmic Consciousness expresses the attributes of THE ALL by the manifestation of the Seven Principles of Universal Cosmic Law through the seven Chakras giving each human body its unique individual appearance on the Earth Plane. We can begin by understanding ourselves first.

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