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A Vogel Plantago Lanceolata Tincture 50ml

Bioforce Plantago (Lance Leaf Plantain):      Is for people suffering with earaches and glue ear, catarrh/sinusitis and tinnitus. Has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent properties. Has demulcent properties which helps to soothe and protect irritated or inflamed internal body tissues. Completely natural treatment made from organically grown plantago leaves and flowers. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

All about Bioforce Plantago ...
Most people will suffer from an earache or infection at some stage in their life, young children can be particularly susceptible. The Eustachian tube in the ear has control over pressure and fluids in the middle ear. If a blockage occurs in this tube, it will cause a build-up of fluid, and can then cause bacteria to grow and cause an infection. Glue ear is the result of constant ear infection and leads to temporary deafness due to the fluid accumulated in the middle ear. The way that Plantago works is by strengthening the bodily tissues in the ears, nose and throat tract, and clearing blockages, thus helping to resolve existing, and protect against future ear infections. Plantago can also help with catarrhal congestion. Diet often plays a role in catarrh build-up, with white flour based foods, sugary sweet treats and dairy products being common causes. This tincture will help to loosen accrued catarrh related congestion. Plantago will help to provide a relaxing expectorant effect, and generally soothe and heal the membrane linings of the ears, nose and throat. Directions for use: Adults; 15 drops in a little water, 2 to 3 times each day. Children (2-12 years old); 1 drop per year of age, in a little water 2 to 3 times each day. If earache persists for more than 5 days, please consult your GP. Please note that this product is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please speak to your GP before use.

Product Description: Also known as: Lance Leaf Plantain. Uses: Earache, Ear infections, Glue ear, upper respiratory tract congestion, Catarrh, Sinusitis, Tinnitus. Description: This is a very common plant in Europe, growing in large quantities in dry meadows and fields. Plantago, a member of the Plantain family, produces a rosette of slender pointed leaves and a flowering stem which arises from the centre, carrying small flowers. How it works: Plantago contains mucilage, tannins and silicic acid. It is probably the mucilage which contributes most to the action of the plant. Plantago has the ability to reduce the amount of inflammation present in the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. It has been noted that plantain juice will not go mouldy during storage, although large

Additional advice: No restrictions on use are known. If earache persists for more than five days. . it is advisable to consult a Doctor.amounts of sugar are present. This may explain its action in conditions such as middle ear infections and glue ear.dicines such as low-dose aspirin or anticoagulants such as warfarin. It has been found that this is due to the presence of naturally occurring antibiotics.

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