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Using HyperTerminal in Windows to Access 3com Switch An initial, basic configuration on a 3com switch is fairly simple.

You will need a serial cable to connect a computer to the 3com switch in order to access the switch through HyperTerminal. HyperTerminal can be found on windows by clicking START, go to PROGRAMS, then to ACCESSORIES, then go to COMMUNICATIONS, and click on HyperTerminal. After the program appears, make up a name and enter it in the space provided, choose an icon then click OK.

Look in the drop down menu at Connect using:. Choose the port that your serial cable is hooked to on your computer (usually COM1) from the switch. Then click OK

just hit enter.Click Restore Defaults. then click OK. hit enter until you have a login prompt. You are now logged on to the 3com switch and can start configuring. then hit enter. At the password prompt. there is no password. Configuring the switch at the Command Line in HyperTerminal At the login prompt. type admin. You now have an open connection to the 3com Switch. . Initially. The switch may be configured in any order. Now.

. 3) Enter IP information. 2) Enter system information.There are 3 basic items that need to be configured: 1) Enter a system password.

you will be prompted to enter a name for the system. just press enter). System Information At the top-level menu. Now. type system password then hit enter. Any name you wish to use to identify your switch may be used. you will get the same results. at the top-level menu. After you enter the new password a second time. enter a new password. . it will display The command line interface password has been successfully changed. A persons name to contact if something happens needs to be entered here. then press enter. Just enter a room number or place where the switch can be found. Finally. and when prompted enter the new password again. as long as you type enough information to uniquely identify each word. After you hit enter. the last prompt asks for a location. enter your old password and hit enter. It will then prompt you to enter a new password. type system information or type sys info for short. the prompt is asking for a contact. It will then prompt you to enter the old password (if this is the first time.System Password To set a system password.

IP Information for the switch At the top-level menu. Now you will be prompted to enter the subnet mask. After entering through the SLIP prompts. type ip interface define and hit enter.50. just enter through. Enter the appropriate gateway.255.108.1.html .255. in our case it was 205.jsu. in our case it was 255. For the next two prompts. Bibliografia: http://mcis.50. SLIP IP and SLIP subnet mask.0.174. It will prompt you to enter an ip address.174. the system will display all the items related to ips for the switch. in our case we used 205. Enter the appropriate subnet mask. Enter the ip address you want to assign to the switch. Press enter and you will be prompted for a default gateway. and hit then press enter.


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