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User Management Policy

1. What is your policy on user on boarding / roll on 2. What is the password length policy 3. What is the user idle time out policy 4. What is considered sensitive information in User master data 5. What is the policy on user lockout from the system for inactivity 6. What is you user expiration policy 7. What is the user roll off policy 8. What is policy on user retention in the system after user leaving the company 9. What is your policy on contractors in the system 10. Do you have any SAP critical roles 11. What is your policy on assigning sap profiles 12. What is your policy on creating Batch ID, System ID, Service ID 13. What is the training requirements for user getting access to the sap system 14. What is the approval process for getting access to the SAP system 15. Any sensitive roles or critical roles approval 16. What is the approval policy for creating a developer id in the sap system 17. What it is the audit trail for user approval 18. Do you have any user provisioning system 19. How does HR Notify SAP Security Team of a new hire 20. How long does it take for HR to notify when the employee with SAP Access has resigned from the company 21. What is the frequency of user audit policy in sap system 22. What is your policy on user access revalidation in sap system

General Tech Questions 1)What does the Profile Generator do?
2)What is the main purpose of Parameters, Groups & Personalization tabs 3)in SU01? purpose of Miniapps in PFCG? 4)What happens to change documents when they are transported to the production system? 5)what are the issues you faced with UME? 6)what is the Ticketing tool that you are using in your organisation?and explain? 7)what do you know abt LSMW? 8)Difference b/w su22 and su24 ? 9)what is the landscape of GRC? 10)What is the difference between Template role & Derive role? what is the difference between PFCG,PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCY&PFUD??? 11. How a transaction code works? 12. Can we set any password limitations/exceptions in SAP? If yes, how? 13. What's the basic difference in between SU22 & SU24? 14. What exactly is SU25? What's the significance of it's 2a,2b,2c & 2d sections? 15. Other than SU53, how can you get missing authorisation details? 16. How can we reset the password for 1000 users at one shot? Is it possible? 17. Is it possible to derive a role which is not having any t-code but have some manually entered authorization objects? If yes, how? 18. Can we reset our self SAP password? Please note, you don't have SU01's authorization. 19. Suppose my Dev system has 3 clients. In one of the client, I'm making some changes in a tcode. Will the changes get reflected in other client's also? If yes, how? 20. Through which tcode I can do a mass user comparision? What's the daily background job for the same? 21. What does PRGN_STAT & TCODE_MOD table consist of? 22. What does we check through SM50 & SM51? 23. Which are the necessary objects for controlling the t-code SU01? 24. Can we give display access for DEBUGGING to a user? If yes, how? 25. What are the SAP default Service users & what are their default passwords? What password does system bydefault generate for these Service User/s while installing a new client within the system? 26. From where we can create new Authorization field? 17. Is it possible to assign ABAP role to Portal user? If yes, how?

Why we have to generate the profile again after saving the authorization data while role creation/modification? 20. How CUA can help from Management standpoint of a Business. How can we find out the roles that got directly generated into Production & not imported from Quality System? Please note. When does a profile become 11 character string? 21. having SAP installed? . you don't have any Quality user id. How can we gain control over Infotypes? 19.18. 22.