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by Santiago Muñoz, Master in Theology Dear Jewish friends and fellow countrymen. I belong to a group of Christians that admire Israel, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem and beseech the Most High God on behalf of all the Jews that inhabit our homeland Venezuela. We acknowledge the hand of the Almighty in the restoration of the Hebrew Nation and it is the duty of us the believers and all of humanity to cooperate so that the Jewish people have permanent peace in their land. Of course, although we do not say amen to everything the State of Israel does we acknowledge the right the State of Israel has to defend its borders and its citizens from all her enemies around. You are not alone. As Christians we are following carefully all that is happening around us and we feel your anguish because of the hostile environment against you all right here in our homeland. We know the Jewish people that live among us, that same people that we see walking down the streets of Los Caobos, La Florida and San Bernardino, towards their synagogues every Saturday. That same people that goes to the Hebraica Club and has their kids studying in the Moral y Luces School. Personally, I was able to develop a friendship with several Jews while studying at College. We know that during the last decade, close to 3000 Jews have left our homeland towards other frontiers, and instead of making Alia, most of them have moved up to the State of Florida, Costa Rica, and other places. Now we know a good number of ex Venezuelan students have registered in Jewish schools in the State of Florida. It hurts us to see our Jewish fellow countrymen emigrating from our homeland because they do not feel safe here. The situation for the Jews in VENEZUELA can deteriorate rapidly. But just as in 1947 we voted on behalf of a Jewish homeland in Palestine in the UNO and we open our doors towards the immigration of thousands of Jews after World War II, in the same way there are still many Venezuelans that keep supporting Israel. There is a faithful remnant that understands the problems Jews are facing and we want to tell you we are aware of them. We are even designing a plan of action just in case the unthinkable occurs: an open persecution of the Jews in our lands... We hope it will never come to pass, but if it does come to pass, may God allows us to help you out with any kind of logistic support so you can get away from here and escape your persecutors. As Christians, we know all too well that the enemy of our souls, the devil or Satan, has sown in the Jewish people and in humanity a distorted view of what does it mean to believe in Christ. Let´s speak clearly here, I will say Christ and Messiah, not Mashiaj, and I will say Jesus and not Yeshua, because I speak Spanish and not Hebrew. Satan has been a very crafty enemy to Israel, and he clothed himself as "Christian" during centuries so that the people of Israel do not

see in Christ his promised Messiah. Think of this, as an illustration: Imagine if someone invents a vaccine against cancer.... ¿What would a very malign person have to do to discredit the invention and keep millions of people to find in the vaccine the cure for that horrible disease? Very simple, he would join the inventor and work with him several years until he gains his trust, and then he could infiltrate the production and distribution of the vaccine, replacing it instead with a similar formula but with some few different molecules, that turns out to be very similar but very deadly at the same time to cause the death of millions! This is what the devil did, he infiltrated "the church", and he became "a Christian" and in the name of Christ committed horrible crimes! In that way, those that are in need of the Savior and the Messiah get confused and don´t want anything to do with Christ because in his name horrible crimes have been made... Dear friends, a true Christian is he that follows Christ. Christ did not kill any Jew. Christ was a Jew. Jesus was born in Bethlehem; he was crucified in Jerusalem and will soon return to Israel. Soon Israel will go through a period of extreme anguish. The United States of America will throw Israel under the bus. Everybody will turn their backs at Israel. This is the prophetic period called "the anguish of Jacob". The anguish will be far more great than the anguish the Jews felt during Holocaust. They will have a real fear of total annihilation, and they will be alone. When Israel be surrounded by armies, just about to be destroyed, they will see Christ coming back in the clouds of glory, and all Israel will be saved, with great lamentation will repent for rejecting for so many years their Messiah, and for piercing him. But you do not have to stay in unbelief until those days. You can become a Jew that goes back to his true roots acknowledging that Jesus of Nazareth is the promised Messiah, you have to repent of your sins, submit to Him, and you will have a new life. If you don´t do it, your soul will get lost in a place of eternal torment and darkness for having rejected the Messiah and for not being courageous but cowardly follow the traditions of your parents without giving even a thought to examine the truthfulness of these words. Jew, I did not come to flatter you. These words come from a heart that truly loves the Jews, and only the truth I am committed to tell you. Your life is in danger. The problem with the nation of Israel is that they are trusting in their weapons, their brains, and their American ally, and in their past victories. All of that will not help when all the world turns their back at you. Israel needs to trust in God, and in God only. In the Eternal, as you say. In Hashem. But many Jews are agnostics, atheists and they don’t want to have anything to do with the God of their fathers. I have written a study with the Hebrew Bible translated into Spanish by Abraham Usque. This is the same Bible used by the Jews in many of their Hispanic synagogues. From there, from your very Bible, your Tanach, you can conclude without a shadow of doubt that Jesus is the Messiah and the Savior of Israel. In

Scribd I have uploaded the first part of this study. If you are interested in the other parts, be bold, write me and I will send them to you. You will achieve nothing with fear, shake off that fear from you, stop pleasing your rabbis and your community and start from today to please God. Santiago Muñoz