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Results of the shared vision meeting UK + Bosnia September 2011

Red = UK + bat team input Black = Bosnian input

Increased community ownership
i. Organised activities for a wider community
ii. Community feeling ownership, belonging+ commitment to MM iii. Self –sustaining through local involvement and support

Helping to frame a shared future
i. Learning about cultural differences ii. Active partner of the local community in resolving intercultural problems iii. Development of intercultural co-operation iv. Understanding of the ‘other’ (different)
v. Community reconciliation vi. Spontaneous gathering of children for recreation vii. Social enterprise viii. Fight prejudice learn tolerance ix. Society without difference

Financially stable
i. Training in fundraising skills

Year round activites vi. Fundraising at the local level v. Most Mira Community Forum ii. Centre sustainable through social enterprise vii. Wider impact on children beyond the festival vii. Workshops at schools v. Avoiding the creation of a business atmosphere iv. Office in Prijedor vii. Volunteers centre for eco/ arts projects vi. Organisationally structured Physical presence in Bosnia i. Financial stability vi. Permanent presence through office Year Round Activities i. Community forum (generating ideas) ii.ii. Workshops about foreign languages (learning useful words and phrases in different languages spoken by volunteers) iii. Physical manifestation of MM v. Some activities being financed by local authority iii. Educational co-operation between schools and Most Mira iv. 1000”s of young people participating throughout the year . Initiatives by volunteers (from local community) iv. Practical examples of self-sustainability (how to generate income) iii.

Festival as a culmination of year round activities x. Training for division of roles and responsibilities within the organisation iii. Wider impact on children beyond 1 week of festival xi. Stronger Bosnian Team vi. Paid staff Bosnia and UK vii.viii. More investment in youth tools motivation + funds Sharing our approach in Bosnia i. Training for planning and governance ii. Replication of our work elsewhere ii. More communication between Bosnia + UK Recognisable Successful Brand i. Spinoffs elsewhere in Bosnia iv. Bosnian led delivery supported from UK iv. Most Mira as a brand within the Prijedor Tourist Board iii. Paid Bosnian Staff v. Recognizable successful MM brand . Organising cultural events in public arena ii. To see a spread of MM work across Bosnia Establishment of Bosnian Management i. Regular (semi-independent) interschool contact ix. Replication of work across Bosnia iii.

Continued emphasis on arts – accessibility excellence creativity + quality More targeted training 1. YP implementing skills learnt through MM 17. Workshops in non-violent communication & conflict resolution 11. Facilitation skills 10. Providing training for international for students + local community 15. Greater focus on teachers .iv. Training in activities currently not available in the Bosnian society 9. International interest and recognition vi. Pedagogy (more knowledge) 7. Training for trainers 4. Providing training support through training 14. Exotic culinary skills 5. Acquisition of practical life skills beyond the art based 16. MM to be more visible + accessible locally viii. Increased support through training 12. Effective media + communication strategy v. Year round awareness raising vii. Recycling 8. Providing increased support through training 13. More education in preparations for the festival 3. Organisational skills 2. Origami techniques 6.

Maintaining international volunteer family v. Academic partnerships developing awareness+ research AmCT methodology Wider better networks i. Well established network of partners + volunteers .Creating an evidence base i. Creating a model of change for transitional societies iii. Creating networks of local communities ii. Meeting + exchange with people from outside Bosina iii. Being part of behavioural-educational system ii. Networks of organizations/individuals in Bosnia helping MM iv.