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On the Color of the Clouds

Memento, sumus omnes in hoc pariter! By JV Deacon Once upon a time ago, there was a young nation. They were an industrious, hard working people. They were firmly founded in the ideas of individual say in government and the free market. If a craftsman made and sold a quality product at a fair price, the person would thrive and prosper. They were also founded in a strong sense of nation. They would teach their children these ideas. However, as time went on, certain individuals acquired vast sums of wealth. They felt that they were privileged, that they had received their great standard of living because of who they were and not because they had a great idea that took off and the dedication and hard work of their employees. They became slaves of their egos and wealth. When they needed more, which people who are slaves to wealth, egos, or money usually do, they just increased the cost to the common person. They created situations of predatory credit which made the laborers more and more servants to the wealthy’s whim. Without regard to what was happening to their fellow citizens, the wealthiest continued their party at their nation’s expense. Additional taxes, expenses were part of everybody doing their part for the well being of their great nation. To continue their pursuit of wealth, luxury, and power, they needed growth. They created colonies through treaties or brute force—the force was supplied by the laborers. A war arose for growth and securing their boundaries. Again as in the past, the poorest had to carry the burden of the fight. It was a fight that would gain the poorest very little except death and more servitude and everything for the wealthiest. They went to their government for relief only to find that it was unresponsive. Yet, the same government wasted no time in helping the wealthiest. They knew that the Wealthiest had basically shanghaied their republican government. They demanded relief, assistance, and an equal voice in the government. They persisted. They were written off as agitators, unpatriotic, and outlaws. They were ignored. They had little to look forward to except busting their asses for what little they could earn that was just snatched up in debt and rent payments to support the wealthiest. They were virtually slaves in their own nation, a nation they had labored and died to build and support. On the day of an important battle, they had had enough. The army had just got up and left the battlefield. The wealthiest found them facing their enemy alone. The army had made camp on a nearby hill and refused to budge. When approached by the wealthiest, they explained, “We have all worked hard to make our nation what it is. We have put our all into maintaining its position and wealth. You have taken it from us. You may have it. We made peace with the enemy but they are still yours. We will start our own country. You can keep that one.” With the approach of the enemy, the realization that they, the wealthiest, will actually have to do everything for themselves, with the realization that the enemy was approaching and that their wealth meant nothing, they quickly gave in and decided to work as a nation, not as a plutocracy. In short, the army assembled and defeated the enemy. They were given equal representation in the government and got the relief they needed. No, unfortunately, this is not a fairy tale. This event did occur in Ancient Rome. An army actually did mutiny and set up camp on the Aventine Hill—one of the seven hills of Rome which actually lies outside of the sacred boundary of the state. They did not budge an inch until their

demands were met. However, generations later were distracted with social programs, bread, and circuses. They were again blinded with ideas of nation duty. With the fears of external enemies, the loyalty of money—i.e. being loyalled to those that paid the wages with the tease of making it wealthy themselves, it was easy to divide and conquer their own people again. The plutocracy thrived in the realm of the Empire until self serving greed drove it into the ground and only a memory. Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. And, repeat it they have. Throughout the Middle Ages you will find instances of rebellion. And, again, you have the same situation, a local warlord in the pursuit of wealth and luxury lives off the backs of the common person. It occurs until you get to a point of critical mass, they try to talk, to ask for understanding and help, a piece of the pie that they have labored to create, they are ignored, and they revolt because they have had enough and are ruthlessly put down. Yet, no one learned. The same thing occurs during 18th century France. Again, a plutocracy is living off of the labors of the land. The people are so broke that they can’t pay attention, but someone did. Complaints were made, the plutocracy of the aristocracy and church refused to listen, and the French Revolution is sparked followed by the Reign of Terror. Interesting side note is that the French Government was in so much debt that they were unable to secure more loans to recover from the loans made to the United States. Again, it occurs throughout Chinese History, European History, and Even American History such as the rise of labor unions (A professor of labor once said that if you have a union in your company, it is because you deserved it.) The same selfish pursuit of wealth sparked the Russian Revolution and the Spanish Civil War (actually, they revolted peacefully against the monarchy by electing a representative government which was attacked by Franco’s Forces because the plutocracy was in peril.) It was the same narrow, one sided minds that oppressed Germany and Japan that spawned the governments of Hitler and Tojo. It is what ignited the conflagration known as the Vietnam Conflict. It is what causes people to fly jets into skyscrapers —why do you think that they were attacking a military target (Pentagon) and a financial target (the World Trade Center?) The dissolution of the colonies occurred when the reigning plutocracy of the world was too weak from WWII to put their bids for independence down. There was a time when contracts were a mutual agreement drawn up to insure that both parties’ demands were protected. Today, most contracts are all about what they can and will do to you if you fail or stumble. There is almost no mention of what you can do or what help is available to you if something happens and any statistician will tell you that something always happens. It seems that they are geared so much towards predatory deals. Snake oil is still a thriving business. A company can come up with a wonder drug and make millions before side affects cause a lawsuit which only goes after the company. The owners or managers made their millions. Rush Limbaugh once said that if you want to protect something, find a buyer. That private ownership is the only way to insure that something will be protected. That is true to a point. It is protected as long as it is convienent for the owner. In that it provides an income or a protection to their income. If you honestly think that a plutocrat cares about a life other than their own, you will be sadly mistaken. In 1914, a war erupted which served absolutely no purpose other than to feed the egos and protect income interests of the plutocracy. 11,000,000 souls later, not to mention the millions scarred physically and mentally for life, the plutocracy survived except in Russia and the Ottoman Empire—well they did in another form. However, in the killing fields of Eastern France, soldiers on both sides put down their arms, cleaned up no man’s land, and celebrated life

and Christmas. It made the plutocracy of the time shake to their bones. It was immediately put down and the soldiers were forced to continue killing each other for the wealthy’s income, egos, and luxury. Nothing ever bad came of people working together, sharing, and helping in all golden times and bad times. There is a multi volume encyclopedia of murder, savagery, violations, and oppression from this self serving seeking of wealth. No, Marxism is not the answer. It is only a way of trying to seem like a worker’s paradise while in actuality it is an attempt to market the plutocracy and keep them in power with laser light shows of revolution, equality—I seriously doubt that Stalin or his inner circle shared one iota in the hardship of his fellow comrades. Kind of makes me think of the Tea Party. How the hell can you possibly expect change when its ranks are filled with the same old politicians? It is just an attempt to salvage their careers by distancing them from the same old parties and re market themselves as “Change.” That is exactly what the Marxist were and are; a remarketing of the plutocracy as saviors. Communism is not a political ideology. It is a social-economical realization that we are all in this together. This is a scary idea to the plutocracy just like the Christmas Truce of 1914, because if we realized that we could all share in the good times and bad times, the bad times wouldn’t be so bad and the plutocrats might actually have to do without or even actually work for a living. That is why they have divided and conquered us. They sold us on Federally and state sponsored social programs—i.e. is a way to get us to sell our responsibilities as a community to them. They distract us with bread, circuses, and foreign threats. Here is a little secret: THIS ISLAMIC WORLD WANTS US TO LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! They want to do business and travel with us, but they want us to stop backing self serving kings, queens, and politicians. They want us to let them live in their world with no interference. They want to have the same freedoms we do. The WEST HAS HISTORICALLY, BEEN THEIR LARGEST OPPRESSOR—since the crusades, and no, the Islamic world has not always been so innocent either, just look at Mehmed II, Tariq ibn Ziyad, or Suleiman the Magnificent. This country as with any community was created by individuals working together, looking out for one another, helping and sharing with each other. They shared ideas and the necessities of life. I would like to thank the individuals fighting for financial responsibility on Wall Street and other financial districts around the world. They are the true heroes of humankind. They are the impetus that could help us as a species to grow. They are fighting an old battle against a plutocracy. They are saying that there is something seriously wrong when 6% of the world’s population commands 75% of all income. They are saying that something is seriously wrong when it is perfectly okay for a person to spend millions to get a license plate that says “#1” when many are doing without so that the person can spend millions to feed their pathetic excuse of an ego. They are saying that it is through their labors that the Plutocracy has acquired their wealth. They are saying that we are all part of the whole. Hopefully, the plutocracy will, unlike history has shown, listen this time. I can’t help but think about the fact that the first scapegoat they locked onto was bad mortgages for this financial crisis. It was an easy and simple idea to wrap your mind around. After all, isn’t the world filled with bad people who try to get over the system? Isn’t that the real reason that terrorists are created; because they are bad people? Honest people had no interest in their side of the story. They are bad people and that is all there is to it. I say no, there is so much more to it. My first question was what was it that caused the mortgages to go bad? I think that it is due to capital flight. 6% of the World’s population controls 75% of all income. Corporations

and chain stores have invaded almost every community. Their profits are money that is leaving that community. If the guideline is to save 10% of your income, that means most income earners are spending 90% of their income; the 6% and corporations are not—they are acquiring more and more to increase their income meaning that less is left to keep the economy healthy on the local level. Remember, as those brave men showed on Aventine Hill and the Western Front during Christmas, United We Stand, Divided We Are Intimidated. In fact, thinking of the words of Jeshua ben Joseph, Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God which is God’s, may have been a way of saying if you chase after shiny things you will be a slave of those shiny things or those who control them. You will be their tool. You will sell out your true Civic Duty. Rendering unto God means to me that you are to embrace life and each other. They are both the substance of God. United We Stand, Divided We are doomed to live with a rich person on our back. The Bilderbergs claim that their meetings are to welcome American Businesses into the World Market. We have been apart of the World Market since 1776. I say it is to invite American Plutocrats into the fold. You don’t have top secret meetings with heavily armed guards, reminiscent of Al Capone’s meetings, among the world’s top businessmen to discuss what is best for the world—I say it is a global collusion. There is a reason why bin Laden was deliberately silenced instead of given a trial as even the Nazis of WWII fame were given. A friend of mine said, “Who cares what he had to say anyway?” I countered with, “There is a lot he could have told us.”