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Business Process Management Assignment

“The creation of new ideas/processes which will lead to change in an enterprises economic or social potential.” If SMEs has to grow their business environment then they has to improve their needs such as less employees, enlarge the product ranges, market and revenue. Also they have to adapt new technologies implementation, skilled staff and access to new markets. Objectives that must have to implement in the SMEs Analytical planning: To identify the product design, market strategy and financial need Organisation Resources: To obtain Materials, Technology, Human Resource and Capital Implementation: To accomplish organization, Product Design, Manufacturing and Services Commercial Application: To provide Rewards for the employee and Satisfaction of Investors. According to my observation, this SME manufacturing company business process going excellent with production to delivery. Also they have implemented Lean Operation on shop floor to reduce waste but there are some another processes that may not have been implemented in proper manner in the organization. Operation of the processes must be lacking somewhere in the method or they may not have co-ordination between processes. So I suggest to my boss that they have introduced ERP system in the organization for the monitoring on the processes for smooth operation in the order to fulfil processes. ERP is the software that systematize and manages a company business processes by distributing information across functional areas. It transforms data of sales as in the form of helpful information that holds business decision in other part of the company such as manufacturing, inventory, procurement, invoice, distribution and accounting.

With the help of ERP. manufacturing. Company in which they were not implemented ERP in their organisation when they start the manufacturing business. customer service representative can check all the needs that are required for the order fulfilment. Then they introduced ERP in their organisation. If we have to find out the order status just we need to log in to ERP and track it down. inventory. right from an order taking to point of delivery and billing of that order. Alto Product Corp. production planning.ERP automates the task that are involved in business process . If any information is lacking in process or in any department that may be material issue. When one department finishes with the order it automatically goes through next department via ERP system. it will get easier to prepare for the entire division that is involved in the order. With the help of ERP application Altos easily manage the large order from multiple locations into combine order for overseas shipment. planning. They can raise or resolve it before processing the order with the necessary requirement. ERP system saves the time lag between the department communication and function. cycle time and late deliveries. They produce clutch plate and automatic transmission parts. customer service levels and also reduce operation costs. Alto makes a use of ERP applications for inventory control.such as order fulfilment. Inventory cost reduction. In company every department can access the same computer screen and particular database where they can see the new customer order. Before placing the new order. When customer services representative takes an order with ERP they have all essential information to complete the order. Is one of the oldest and largest independently manufacturer in the world. procurement and financial management. So the customer order process moves like a bolt of lightning through the organisation. ERP Improved Inventory management. At some point of time they realised that they have to improve their business process as fast as possible to fulfil customer order. . Alto Product Corp. They can easily trace out the customer order status in the system. warehouse etc.

E’s market. Now there is increasing awareness of ERP in S. ERP system has helped Alto products to being largest independently owned manufacturer and distributor of clutch plate and automatic transmission parts in the world. S.M. the enterprise business processes and designing ERP.E’s are the main part of enterprise studies. manager can easily see the clear global view of the company’s finance. Therefore.E. there is a need to have similar workflow for the modelling. Manufacturing department gets essential information quickly and they can provide this data to the other departments of the company accurately. buildto-order and pick-to-order request from more than 15 locations. The acceptance and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems is a critical problem if referred to small and medium-sized enterprises. verify and merge the data in record time for the faster operation. Reasons for ERP implementation failure in organisations Failing To:- Classify and resolve actual business problems  Choose and make a use of the correct tools for problem solving  Use of appropriate business process research. The major problem is the cost of the implementation of the ERP. .M.M. Conclusion In ERP system. analysis and methodologies  Set goals. ERP and S.With the ERP solution.M. data security has been enhanced and company can collect.’s are the most popular choice of ERP vendors. customer. In this system. action and execution of process  Identify to meet requirement. information that have to use in process and how  Reduce the waste and continues improvement. ERP applications designed for S. responsibilities.E. plan.'s (Small and medium Enterprises) are now capable of overcoming from the above said difficulties of ERP system. Thus if the company wants to make any modifications to suit their needs they are limited in what they can do. they are able to well manage their build-to-stock. vendor relationships and records.

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