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Introduction: Explanations

I am not a channel. I am not a spiritual teacher. I am certainly not a guru. Who and what I am consist of a combination of the eternal, Divine spark of Soul that I am (and that everyone else is too, once you look deep enough) and the ride that this Soul is taking and has been on for the past twenty eight years in this female body. The body has been born during a very strange and exciting time to be alive on Gaia. Everyone's waking up. For some people, this looks like a more compassionate and connected way of being. For others, it looks like an exchange of old fear-based paradigms for new hope, love, and creativity-based knowledge structures. And some folks won't notice a change at all, and will say, “Oh yeah, we've always believed in and supported these things,” although they haven't always supported the new waves of thought and emotion that are bathing our beautiful planet at this time of transition and renewal. That's the nice thing, I guess, about being one of the Humans who aren't consciously surfing the waves of change and evolution that are transforming Gaian existence at this very moment. These Humans are at the bottom of the wave, being carried forward by the momentum partially created and consciously enjoyed by others, and benefiting all the same – they don't have to do the work, but they get the pay-off. Sometimes those of us consciously feeling the struggles and intense, sometimes agonizing growing pains get a little jealous of the sleepers who aren't even aware of the work being done. Wait, who am I kidding? The work is the best part. All of you out there, who are struggling through the mud of limited consciousness and ego, fear-based thinking and doubt, guilt, regret, and worry, and who are reaching for the oneness with the Divine that you know we are all headed for, take heart! You're almost there! We're all almost there. That's what this is. In my case, I'm one of the Humans who have woken up to the sound of a cosmic alarm clock that was jarring and frightening at first in its intensity, but that has since smoothed into the musical bells of Angels. When things are easy, at least, is when the ringing is very alluring and enchanting. Following those Calls leads me to beautiful surprise after beautiful surprise. When things are hard, the process is as teeth-gnashing as it ever was, but at least now I know what I'm working towards. Those quick, twisting, invigorating, and intense chills that run up my spine when another energy blockage is cleared show me what it is that I am working toward. The feeling of complete bliss and delight I have when I am able to actually sink my consciousness down into my heart center and feel the world moving around me on many more levels that my five mundane senses are aware of through this wavelike, feeling-based, warm, and glowing awareness that the heart center consists of shows me

what it is that I am working toward. Leading a life that is directed by synchronicity and meeting others who recognize this same pattern and game of existence shows me what it is I am working for, even as these experience with what I like to call “Kindreds” confirm that my path is the one that I am supposed to be on. Once you remember the point to all of this incarnation stuff, living becomes a lot more fun, and even exciting. We are all eternal, Divine beings. Gaian life is something that we volunteered for and this time hold events that we have been creating and shaping for millions of years! What is there to be afraid of? The worst that can happen is that we start over. The best, well, the best we can't quite imagine because it's that awesome. It's something to do with creating Universes...


Instruction of a Starseed

Monday, August 29, 2011 A continuous element of choice runs throughout all life experience. This choice determines your resonance in any given situation. If the choice is Presence and non-judgment then stepping into your Divine role is infinitely easier.


Chapter 1: New Candy
I let my fingers drift slowly across the lace covered surface in front of me, smoothing an imaginary wrinkle out of the beautiful cloth on loan from my mother-in-law. It covered the tiny folding table on the sidewalk that my chair sat behind, an unused doorway gaping behind me. I deepened my breath and tried not to be nervous. I sank my gaze into the tree across the sidewalk from me, a beautiful little wrought-iron bench chained to its base so none of the potentially rowdy tourists who would pour into Jim Thorpe later that afternoon could carry it away. Festival season had just begun. The tree had small leaves that caught the light and reflected it in sharply glistening pieces that at once dazzle and soothe the mind, the same way that moving water does. I allowed myself to be slightly hypnotized and sank into a light trance, exchanging love and information with the tree. Sidewalk trees don't often get as much love as forest trees do as a result of their relative isolation. Besides, they have to deal with harmful car fumes and even more harmful emotions emanating off of grumpy and/or stressed people. Giving them energy and appreciation seems like a nice thing to do. People passed by me on the sidewalk, quickly glancing at my little table and then sliding their eyes away before they reached mine. I felt strangely avoided, as if they thought I'd try to sell them something. Oh yeah – I guess that was what I was doing, technically. This was my first book signing. The truth about how I felt was so different than what was being assumed by these passers-by! I wished I could put up a blinking neon sign above my head, assuring all of those eye contact avoiders that no, I didn't want everyone to read my book. Not in the slightest, actually. All I wanted was the people who were supposed to read my book to read it. And I had complete confidence that those people would stumble across it, sooner or later. I felt somewhat invisible as people passed by, most of them keeping their eyes averted as if I was going to call them over and pressure them like someone heckling shoppers from a mall kiosk. Every now and then, a person's eyes would linger on the book title, and they would mutter the word “Starseed....” as they kept walking, hemming and hawing over it as they rolled it around in their mouths like new candy that they weren't sure whether they liked the taste of or not. After that thought I couldn't help chuckling a bit on the inside, even as I kept my head slightly down, scribbling in my journal (which turned out to be a fantastic way to avoid the awkwardness of being avoided myself, whether or not it was good for sales.) I supposed that the whole concept of a

Starseed was something like new candy after all. I could just imagine what they were thinking... “Well, it sounds nice, but what does it mean?...” Barrett, the owner of the store I sat in front of on this beautiful Summer day in Pennsylvania, had invited me to come put up a table the first time I called him about Journal of a Starseed soon after it was published. His shop, The Emporium of Curious Goods, had been open for many decades, and he'd run it for the three most recent ones. As my husband Terrence helped me set up the table, Barrett came outside to chat with us for a moment. We talked about the shop (which has an amazing array of all sorts of interesting things, both metaphysical and non, and is a great find in a place that seems as non-esoteric on the surface as the northeast Pennsylvania coal region does,) and after Barrett told us a little of the history of the place, he asked us to guess how old he was. Both Terry and I guessed him to be a good fifteen years younger than he actually was, and as he turned to walk back into the store, he winked at us and said, “Witches don't age.” I knew then that it was going to be a good day. I've been afraid of being called a “witch” ever since I can remember being aware of the somewhat strange things I've been aware of, off and on, over the course of my entire life. People are afraid of such things as witches, and fear equals hatred and violence much too often for comfort when it comes to subjects such as these. I've read that the reason that a common witch caricature is shown with a green face, ragged hair, missing teeth, and a swollen chin and nose is because this is often what the medieval women who had been accused of witchcraft and tortured actually did look like as they were carted through the crowds toward the stake and fire. They had been beaten until bruises turned their faces shades of black, blue, and green. Their noses and chins were broken and swollen, their hair was dirty and ragged, and some of their teeth were knocked out. It makes sense to me too that the maniacal laugh often paired with witches may be an echo of the screams from pain, madness, or both caused by the torture that they suffered before the public saw them paraded through town and publicly executed, proving to be an example for any other independent thinkers who may stir things up. No thanks, especially since there isn't much of a doubt in my mind that I've likely met that fate before, as have friends of mine. One evening this spring I stood next to Charlotte soon after we met, laughing about the differences between now and then. “At least nowadays we won't get burned at the stake,” I said, as we finally came to a point of understanding after engaging in that careful verbal dance that esoteric people do around each other, testing the waters with a new acquaintance and seeing whether it's safe to be honest about who we are and what we can see. “I know! Do you remember that?” Seriousness was now lurking beneath Charlotte's laughter. She was thinking of something. “Yes, I think I do...” As I spoke, a flash of recognition and memory came over me of a hot, sunny day and the smell of wood burning. “....Wait. Yes. You were on this side, not that one,” Charlotte said as she walked from my right side around to my left and stood so that the line of her shoulders were at an angle to mine. I could feel, in this flashbulb memory that had suddenly lit up in my consciousness, the heat coming from the sun

above and more strongly from the fire below. My soul was preparing to dart out of my body so as to not experience the horrible death that was about to happen. As my pain grew more intense, I was also realizing more deeply than ever before that the world in which I stood and burned was only an exercise, not true existence – and then it was gone. In less than ten seconds, the entire vision had come and gone. I was glad it had gone. Who wants to clearly remember being burned at the stake? Charlotte was a new friend who had similarly been in the closet for the majority of her life and has only recently grown more comfortable speaking about these taboo subjects as she witnesses more and more of the same people who emotionally crucified her over the years changing their tune and becoming curious and accepting of esoteric matters, seemingly spontaneously. We had an immediate bond and shared information that would ordinarily take months to come out during our first conversation. It was obvious that we had soul history together – but man, what a way to remember it. Experiences like that started happening more often than ever before after the publication of Journal of a Starseed. As I sat at the lace covered table in front of The Emporium of Curious Goods on that Summer morning, I met a few kindred spirits – a couple of them came to purchase the book, and another who told me about the haunting in the hotel across the street. This man was in town for the weekend, and fifty years ago, when he'd been in high school, his best friend's father, a fire fighter, had fallen down the dumbwaiter shaft in the hotel and died while fighting a fire. I sent a questing line of emotion and mental energy to the red brick hotel across from me. No, the fire fighter wasn't still in the building. He'd passed on in the normal time frame, having been a good man and lived a good life, and having died doing something that he loved. I could sense that it was difficult for him to leave his family behind, however. I sent a little blessing to the space and quickly came back to myself, still in conversation with the storyteller standing next to me. People came and went, and families began to file down the sidewalk in front of me as the sun rose further in the sky. This was the first time I became fully aware of how many Starseeded children there are today. It seemed as if every second or third child was Starseeded, whether or not the parents visibly were as well. The energy coming from these children feels different – it is more ethereal and light, and it also shines or sparkles in a unique way that I feel as a little zing that they carry along with them. Yes, it is often paired with higher than normal intelligence, but not always. And there is something about those eyes... Blue eyes that are bright and almost see-through are one way to spot Starseeds, sometimes. Not every pair of light blue eyes belongs to a Starseeded person. After all, my own eyes aren't blue. Neither are my husband's. Neither are those of many other Starseeds I know. But even when they are not of an unusual color, there is a brightness and a clarity there of thought and emotion that feels otherworldly, and that can often make random conversations become very intense and revealing rather quickly, because the person speaking into a pair of those eyes really feels as if he or she is being truly listened to, perhaps for the first time in a while. In my case, I can often close my eyes for a moment and see the light emitted from someone's eyes, or face, or being emitted into the space around their head like a halo, glowing on the back of my eyelids. I often interrupt my husband when this happens with him “Wait a second, hey, you're glowing again!” As I squeeze my eyes open and shut so I can get a

good look at where his light is being emitted from, he usually laughs at me and stops talking long enough for me to give him my little report. Then he finishes what he was saying when I interrupted him. (Terrence downplays it, but seriously – who doesn't like to hear that they're shining like a freaking lightbulb? With the way tiny children stare at him to the exclusion of everything else in the room, I don't think I'm the only one who sees this light, either.) Back to the children. The Starseeded ones I saw that morning first became visible to me because of the way their gazes would be attracted to and then hold onto the book, their heads often turning as far as they could as their families passed, the child either holding onto a parent's hand or being pushed in a stroller. They never looked at me much, just the book... That was fine with me. I'd rather the book did its job anyway, and I sent out little blessings to each of them as they went by, hoping that sooner or later they'd be able to gently unfold like little flowers without the same fear or traumas that kept me, and others like me, quiet about what we really were for so long. Since the publication of my first book a few months ago (and I had no clue, by the way, that the second would come so soon afterward until my contacts told me in a meditation a couple of months ago that my vacation had been nice, but it was time to get to work again, and then the publication date for the book, 11/11/11, popped into my head a few weeks afterward,) I've often been asked what a Starseed actually is. There are a couple of possible explanations, and I think that the real truth lies in the combination and synthesis of both of them. The first is that Starseeds are people whose Souls come from other star systems, or galaxies, or even Universes. This is hard to nail down, because you can get into dimensions and physics and time travel and stuff like that here, which is tedious and leads down a rabbit hole that there currently isn't much of a way to get back out of, so basically the easiest thing to do is to think of each planet and star system as a hub of Souls. Some Souls are an integral part of that planet or system, and whether or not it sticks around forever, each Soul does originate somewhere. Souls can incarnate in bodies in the same star system where they were first split off from the great Universal Intelligence (a.k.a. God) that governs, directs, and both makes up and is actually made up of all that exists, or they can go and lead lives here and there across the Universe. One definition of a Starseed is someone whose Soul is not originally from our planet, Gaia (or Earth.) The second possible explanation of what a Starseed is is someone whose genetic makeup has been fiddled with by extra terrestrials (ETs) by a manipulation of his or her genetic code itself, probably during that person's time in vitro. There are certain corresponding characteristics that pregnant mothers have related to this phenomenon, like encounter experiences with ETs, or simply very vividly colored dreams while they are pregnant with their Starseeded offspring. Of course, some would say, because of the ancient creation tablets being constantly unearthed in the parts of the world where written records go back the farthest and also because of oral traditions about Star People that are common in other parts of the world, that we have all been adjusted genetically by ETs and that this is why the Human race is here at all. I believe this to be true, yes, on one level, but I also think that there

has been more recent and direct genetic manipulation that has enabled Starseeds to be born. This is where the two possible explanations have a nice marriage, where I am concerned. This is an opinion, mind you, so take from it what you can use and toss the rest out. It's my belief that both are true – that direct manipulation of genetic codes happen so that those of us who hail more recently from other star systems can more easily fit into a Human body than if the body had been completely prepared for a Soul who is used to incarnating exclusively on Gaia. This can also explain why for some of us (myself included,) the more we Awaken spiritually and become aware of our Starseeded nature, the more strange we look, compared to the people around us. With each passing year I look less and less like my family members, and I know this is true for other individuals who are Starseeded as well. So what's the point? Why are we here? The short answer is, to be midwives. Gaia is giving birth to a new version of herself, and this new version's most important piece is what Humanity is doing on the planet. At the moment (and less and less all the time, mind you,) the wonderfully powerful reality-generators that each Human actually is, are creating a world that is deeply embedded in strife, starvation, war, and troubles of all sorts. Once the sleeping giant of the Cosmos that Humanity really is wakes up, Gaia will finish her self-birthing and not only that, but Humanity will experience an existence like nothing that has ever happened before, anywhere in the Universe. So not only are Starseeds here to help with that, by remembering ways that they have learned to evolve, Ascend, and be at peace in their own star systems and bringing those ways to Gaia, each of these pieces offering a bit of the puzzle solution that will combine to make a wholly new creature that will be the Ascended Human, but we're also here to get that benefit ourselves! What a glorious time this is to be alive – when a planet Ascends and her inhabitants become Gods. Whoa. Of course we all wanted to help! And if you are reading this book, then you volunteered to do this too. Life has been neither easy nor vapidly wonderful, and this was because we were making the blueprint for how to come out of duality (the knowledge of good and evil, Garden-of-Eden-fall-style,) and into the knowledge of our true Divine nature and existence organically and driven by our own internal compasses, not by prior knowledge or dogma (which is why the world religions all hold pieces of how this transformation works, but they've almost always, if not completely always, lost a good amount of the method for Ascension that was fully understood by the individuals who are used as the model for the given religion.)
One more thing – under no circumstances should Starseeded Humans consider themselves above,or superior to, the purely Gaian-based Humans alive at this time. We are no better than those who have nothing to do with Starseeds and will probably never hear the term Starseed over the course of their entire lives. We are here to help them. Humans are the point of all of this! They, and we (since that is what we really are right now – Human – Starseeded or not,) are meant to graduate from the animalistic state that Humanity has been experiencing for the past several thousand years into Ascended beings that are cognizant of their own Cosmic Divine unity and who actually know how to use it. We're all going there together. And we Starseeds are only one of the several groups that combine to make up the whole of Humanity. My job is to share my experiences as a developing Starseed, recovering from amnesia bit by bit, with you, the reader. I'm still not really sure why. All I know is that it's my task for this part of this Gaian incarnation, so here I am, doing it.



Instruction of a Starseed

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 When there arises a question of whether you are on your Ascension path, the answer can be ascertained by determining how centered, motivated, and in alignment with synchronicity you feel. When out of alignment, often only a small change is needed to shift direction.


Chapter 2: Conversations
When I was a child, I saw things that that most people would probably consider very strange. I had “imaginary” friends and drew pictures of beautifully clad beings with very large eyes, tiny mouths, and even smaller noses. They were tall and had very thin arms and legs, details that could be seen even though some details were hidden by the princess dresses that my three-year-old mind clothed them in. I drew these pictures often enough for my parents to get significantly freaked out, especially because I hadn't been exposed to any ETrelated media. As I grew, I stopped talking to my imaginary friends. I began to believe the Humans around me when I was told that such things were imaginary, and so I eventually stopped seeing anything “strange” at all. Even now, I don't recall actually seeing them, other than a very vague memory of laying in my bed at night while my sister slept above me in the top bunk. I remember the sight of someone moving fluidly toward me from the other side of the room, where the window was. He had very large eyes, a tiny nose and mouth, and I was glad to see him. He was familiar. He felt like family. Fast forward fifteen years through a reasonably normal childhood and adolescence, and you would find me in my University library as an undergraduate psychology major, sitting on the gray carpeted floor, blinking my eyes at the many books lying open all around me as I came out of another information binge. I'd been hearing noises and seeing things, and I diagnosed myself as experiencing the onset of either schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder until these “hallucinations” began to consistently come true. One voice beaming into my mind even saved my life on University Avenue in Orlando, Florida, as I drove to my afternoon classes. The voice warned me to step on the brake and told (or showed) me in a flash how a white van to my right was going to quickly and unexpectedly switch lanes in a few seconds. I hit the brakes, and the van did dart into my lane just afterward. That could have been messy, but I remained safe because of one of the very experiences I'd been so frightened of, but also strangely fascinated by. Fast forward another seven years and you pass through my education in spiritual, esoteric, and shamanistic matters, eventually coming to my realization that my spirit guides and angelic guardians are, and have always been, ETs. Talk about a paradigm shift – I didn't see that coming at all. Because my discovery of my contactee status was gradual, it was shocking but, thankfully, not traumatizing. I'll get back to that in a second. First I want to give you the difference between the people who have been labeled as (and I have no clue how these terms became the commonly used ones, but they are, as of the past several years, to my knowledge,) “contactees” and “abductees.” Abductees are those people who get carted off, often in the middle of the night, usually paralyzed and pretty consistently terrified. Abductees are then taken into ships, journeys which they sometimes remember and sometimes don't, and medical and/or psychological experiments are done on them at that point. Most of the time, these memories are spotty at best and come back in pieces, the original experiences

being at least partially blocked out by the abductee. There are exceptions to this and some abductions are remembered in intense detail, but ordinarily, the memories are, at least partially, recovered either spontaneously (combined with loads of fear) or via various methods (like meditation, hypnosis, etc.) So those are the abductees. One more thing – sometimes, after an abductee goes though those traumatizing medical procedures, the abductee then finds himself or herself healed from a disease or illness that was present before the abduction. This doesn't happen all the time, certainly, but it is an important part of the puzzle that we still don't understand and it's also something to keep in mind when scary abductions are publicized. The miraculous-seeming healings don't always happen by any means, but when they do, that isn't the part of the conversation that often makes it through the talk show edits. On the other side are contactees who, though they may be abducted sometimes too, have a distinctly different experience with ETs. Generally the contact between the contactee and one or a group of ETs goes back to childhood (and possibly before birth,) and the ETs are seen as friends, or even family. My guides, or contacts, or ET brethren, whatever you want to call them, have been with me since childhood, although they patiently waited for me to sort myself out enough to realize what was happening rather than forcing themselves into my mind, along with the associated huge paradigm shift that was to come when I realized that I'd had freaking aliens talking to me over the course of my life. (Yes, it crossed my mind to wonder if I was losing my mind. Of course it did. And to be quite honest, it still does on occasion and I wonder if I'm not imagining all of this stuff that I experience. Then I have something else I received from my contacts confirmed through current wold events or scientific discoveries, or I hear someone else's story that is nearly identical to mine. This brings me to my senses as I recall how ridiculous it is to assume we're alone and that all of the contact and UFO stories ever told throughout recent and ancient centuries are nonsensical ravings. After those thoughts, I'm centered again, sane, and still sure that I'm speaking to ETs. It's a weird balance and I'm still getting used to it.) I'm aware that some folks may be reading this and wanting more contact with their guides (by the way, spirit guides are often ETs. If you have a good rapport with your guides and you're curious if this is the case, simply ask them and let them tell you themselves, rather than wondering what to believe.) First of all, if the idea of Starseeds or contactees intrigues you, then you are likely to already be one. Secondly, it has both been my experience and the experience of others I know that fear drives contact away. Probably mental contact (unless there is an emergency and then they'll still probably beam you a signal of “get out of the way!” or something like that,) and most definitely physical contact are both aborted when fear enters your energetic field. Why? Because we are comprised, in part, of energetic circuits and currents flowing everywhere, keeping us alive and healthy. We already know as a society that stress causes illness and that fear stunts the growth of developing embryos and young children, and also stunts creativity in adults. Fear actually constricts those channels and pathways of the life energy that makes us tick. That has to do with why our ET buddies will turn around and discontinue contact, even if they were actually on their way to meet us (which has happened – sometimes a UFO will be coming toward someone and turn around the second that contactee begins to feel fearful.) Meeting an ET whom is of the Light (because not all of them are) physically, even if it is someone who we are very used to seeing and speaking to in meditation, dreams, and similar contexts, is an experience that naturally rewires some of our energetic circuitry and breaks through barriers that have been created in our circuits through long habit and/or societal training. You know how being around someone who is depressed or angry rubs off and how being around someone who is genuinely loving life rubs off as well. This is the same


type of thing, but the effect is extremely amplified because in order for a species and/or individual to have reached the level where he or she would be assisting with Human Ascension and Evolution directly and consciously as a guide of sorts, his or her energy channels have to be wide open. That opens energetic channels in us as Humans that have been long constricted, possibly even since before our birth by blockages passed down through our family, parent to child, via belief structures and ways of living that stemmed the naturally healthy energy flow. It's difficult enough when we are in a space of love to go through such an intense experience, so if we are in fear, and our pathways are therefore constricted and rigid, then energetic damage can be done when that meeting happens. This is kind of a new thing – in the past up until pretty recently, meetings still happened where trauma occurred in this way and years of recovery were needed for the contactee as a result of that intense experience. Injury wasn't meant, it was just part of the deal. Now, in the group of ETs that I interact with and similar other groups who are out for Human Ascension, times of meeting are being planned carefully and executed even more carefully because they don't want us to have to experience a long recovery due to the short circuit that happened during that meeting. So that's why fear blocks out meetings. I'll also tell you the less pleasant news that if you're dealing with ETs (or other entities) that aren't love-based, then they won't care if you're afraid. They'll come anyway. I daresay that anyone out for continued Human slavery probably even enjoys the rush that the blown circuits and the associated sense of power gives them. Gross. Anyway, the point of all this is to say that fear doesn't serve you. Stand in your truth (which is that as a Divine being, you are certainly as powerful as any other being alive in the Cosmos) and live your life as it happens, even if really weird things are happening at that moment. This centeredness will take you farther and more successfully through any experience, no matter who you are interacting with (including other Humans.) Speaking of interactions, now seems as good a time as any to begin including information I've received through my meditative conversations over the past several months.

I'll just take a moment here to describe my method of meditation. My process has developed and evolved over the past decade or so, and I am never quite sure exactly where I get my ideas for exactly what I should do during these journeys. Some methods I read or hear somewhere and then decide to try for myself, and some just come to me intuitively. My current process formed about a year ago, transforming rather quickly as I concurrently began to experience extended periods of time during which a pure clarity and general gladness of existence would come over me. I was thrilled just to be alive. My body felt light, my mind felt clean, and my emotions were filled with Love and Presence. Later I realized that this shifting was largely because of my daily DNA talk (which I'll tell you more about later in this book) which altered my energetic and/or physical makeup in such a way that more of my real Soul could fit into my body. And let me just say – the experience of that feeling is just awesome. Anyone can do it, including and especially you. In fact, I think that in very short order, all of us who find the idea attractive will be living in a more conscious, Present state of mind more often than not. Now I'll describe the main parts of the meditations I now practice daily. I begin by breathing and straightening my spine, then I focus on each of my chakras, beginning with my crown chakra and ending with


my root chakra. I focus on them with my sense of physical touch and can pick up a very real, visceral pulse in each chakra's location. I hold my attention on the given chakra until its pulses become steady, strong, and until those pulses are occurring at the same speed and intensity as the other chakras I've already awoken. This means that my crown chakra is what sets the pace and strength for the rest of them. Some people begin with the root chakra and work upward, which is fine too. Starting at the top just makes more sense to me personally. If you're trying this, then go in whatever direction feels right to you. After all of my chakras are awake and in rhythm with one another, I send a line of energy down through my root chakra to connect with the center of Gaia. I see and feel this as a golden taproot extending down from me, through Gaia's crust and the spaces below until it finally connects with the shining core of our planet. Often, when I'm about halfway there, I can feel Gaia sort of grab onto my energetic line and guide it to her core as if I have jumped on some sort of highway, which I suppose may well be the case. After I connect, I feel the warm, amber energy of Gaia move up through the line I've extended down to her center and then warm each of my chakras, beginning with my root chakra and moving upward. At this point, if I do not extend a matching line out of the top of my crown chakra, I'll quickly get a headache from the intense pressure of that energy once it reaches my sixth (third eye) and seventh (crown) chakras. As soon as I have that energetic momentum moving through my throat, I begin to extend a line upward and intend that it link me with the center of our Universe. When I first began this practice, I connected with our Sun, and when that became easy to link up with, I began to connect with the center of our Galaxy. Eventually, that felt a little too mundane as well, so I ran my line up to the Universal Center. Each energetic point feels different. Our sun feels bright, yellow, and fiery. Our Galactic Center feels more intense and multicolored, and then the Universal Center has sort of a white, sparkling, completely pure, growth-oriented energy. I had no clue why I was doing this as I went from one energetic point to the next, and only after I'd been doing it for a few months did I discover that making these “pillars” out of ourselves was a somewhat commonly practiced method of meditation. Go figure. Once I'm linked with both Gaia's core and the Universal Center, I run Universal Center energy down into my body, then through me into Gaia. Universal Center energy is the pure energy that has created all things and continues to create even now, bathing the Universe with life force, and I get the feeling that this direct conduit is something that both the consciousness of the Universal Center and Gaia want done. I suppose that in the Christian tradition, you could see it as one of the tools used by the Holy Spirit. Besides, filling myself (and all that I am working for) with this powerfully creative and clean energy feels great too. I have to wonder if this is what we have been supposed to do all along as Humans, for whatever planet we happen to be on... After I've finished filling Gaia and myself with the boundless Universal Center energy, I visit my “amphitheater.” I won't tell you much about it yet, because my understanding of the space and what it is has unfolded as my meditations have progressed, realizations that you'll witness as you read this book. I will tell you, however, that the place initially looked, well, basically like an amphitheater to me. There seemed to be tiered rows of semicircular seating in front of me, while I stood on a small stage which was the focal point of the seating area. The space was filled with my guides (sometimes only a few, sometimes a great many,) and I was speaking with them. I was usually thanking them for some things and requesting assistance for others either in the form of information I would receive right there in the meditation, or in other and more physical forms of assistance. You know, the normal stuff that people tend to ask their guides for (or that they ask the Divine for directly) like protection while traveling, blessings on a new project, mental clarity while doing some brain task, and similar stuff. Often the guides in the amphitheater would give me snippets of information, and after we were finished talking, I would leave that space by withdrawing my consciousness from it. Then I would float in grayness for awhile, picturing the rune that is associated, in my case, with my rhythm teacher. This is a guide


that was introduced to me before I realized that I was a contactee. Over time, through a few revelations, he was revealed to me as an ET – a tall “Grey” of about six feet or so. He doesn't have gray skin, but is actually sort of a tan color which is, strangely enough, pretty close to my own skin shade. He has large, dark eyes (which seem to be his eyes but are really, I think, protective lenses covering his very sensitive real eyes which appear much like ours on Gaia,) and long, thin limbs and hands. Although he is the one who speaks with me directly, he represents a group of guides that work with me personally (and I'm not special on that count, we all have groups of guides – more on that later.) That is why he barely ever refers to himself as “I” and nearly always refer to himself, or themselves, as “we,” referencing the group which he speaks for. Okay. I'm explaining too much. You'll see as you read for yourself those of our conversations that I'm including in this book. After I typed my meditations out while having them consistently for a few weeks, the amount of information that came through grew a lot. Now I get paragraphs where before I received only lines from my conversations and somewhat rarer visions. After leaving my rhythm teacher, I then “zoom out” with my consciousness to take a look at Gaia, doing energy Light work on her and asking what, in my scope of influence, she'll benefit most from at the time of my asking. Once I have finished communicating with her for, I return to my body and have finished the meditation. Now that I've described how it works, let's get into the actual conversations...

A quick note: I put the words of the amphitheater group in quotations and the words of my rhythm teacher in italics, without quotation marks. I don't really know why I do this, other than it feels right. So now you know what you'll be reading below, and why it will look like it does. I'll still remind you who everyone is every time something is said. Here we go.

July 5, 2011: I visited the amphitheater and asked the group of guides seated before me what they could tell me that would help me on my current path of learning through experience. Here is what they said. “This day will be an interesting one, and there will be challenges. When these challenges arise, remember the transient and undefined nature of this Universe, or the piece of it that your conscious mind is aware of. Remember that t has nothing much to do with your real existence, and wrap yourself in white light. Then transcend the problem. Do not let it determine your mood. Keep your mood high, and with very clear awareness on that feeling state, determine what you should do in the situation. What will make you feel good? Bad? And do what makes you feel good. That is your path to ascension. It is not always the easiest thing that you are attracted to, so do not let yourself fall into the trap of self loathing, accusing yourself of laziness. Rather, follow your uplifted heart. In interpersonal situations, remember who you are and become that from the outside in, then from the inside out. See that should you lose control, you are a crying child just like those

around you who have already lost control, and remember that you do not have to be in this juvenile state. You can grow up, and being a mature being is much more pleasant – definitely worth the effort it takes to rise. We are with you, watching you, helping to direct you. We are now interested in your development more than ever before. Prove us right, as they say. You are valuable.” I went to visit my rhythm teacher next, by withdrawing my consciousness from the amphitheater and focusing on the mental image of my rhythm teacher's rune. Here's what happened. He is here. I send him waves of love and greetings, and he responds. I am being allowed to see some things today, and I am trying to focus...I see him, his head, is big eyes, his tiny nose and mouth. I see his neck, and his shoulders. He is wearing some type of Grecian-style robe that leaves his thin arms bare. They aren't thin to me, he says, joking. Yes, I know, I reply ruefully, but I'm trying to adequately describe – then I see him laughing at me. He knows. He was just kidding. We are sitting in that corner booth again, and behind me is a window. There are clouds outside. I touch the glass, and see that it is not glass at all, but some type of thicker-than-air substance. I don't have a name for it. I look at him questioningly. No, you don't have a name for it, he says, amused. And I know that it isn't important to name it. Yes, the walls and floor are curved and gleaming with a silver/white color. The air smells sweet, like flowers, as usual, and I ask him why I'm being allowed to see so much. Because you've done well, and as you do, you are allowed to progress in your understanding of things, he replies. Okay. What else can I see? I'm sitting on a type of cushion. Everything here is obviously some type of manufactured substance, but no, the ship is alive – it's aware of my presence! I greet it then, and it greets me. I guess I'm here more than I think I am. Yes. Okay, when can I start to remember more? You're remembering more right now. I laugh at myself. Yes, I see. Of course I am. I look down at my own garments. A silvery suit, tight fitting, with some type of dials, or buttons, or maybe even crystals on the front of it. I get the feeling that the suit is what allows me to be here, especially because I feel my physical body still there on the couch below, typing away. How is this happening? Can I have some description to give to those who I discuss such things with? I feel him beginning to give me an answer. I look up into his eyes, across the corner of the booth, and he tells me, We are on the outer edges of your planet's atmosphere. Not quite outside of it, and not quite inside of it, but at the barrier between the two. Because of your shamanistic training and your comfort, after long practice, with pushing your consciousness outside of your body this far (with all of the work you have been doing with Gaia lately, which puts you definitely outside of the atmosphere, which is far beyond where we currently sit,) you are able to experience what your mind, spirit, and heart body is seeing, although your physical body is down below. You have “thrown your voice,” or rather, your mind. This is not a very difficult task, but not many people have mastered it because of lack of


practice. Your consciousness, especially yours because of your empathic abilities and programming, is never simply inside your body, but it is spread out in a radius that reaches as far as you are used to going. This is why you can talk to the land, and even people, at a distance. This is why you occasionally, when your conscious mind is relaxed enough, are able to feel Earth changes before they happen, or the emotions of groups of people. This is why you are able to be here, speaking with me, and where you sit below at the same time – we have collected your etheric energy, yes, via the technology in the suit you're wearing, and made it possible for you to solidify here, in the same state that you are accustomed to being in down below. Anyone who may walk by and see you here will know what you are; this is actually a somewhat common practice for us when we are interacting with our contacts. (I get a mental image of other people in similar suits – the actual suit is solid, but the person within it is somehow see-through, although they aren't aware of this themselves. Those on the ship can easily tell though.) This is not the same rustling suit you wore on your first fully conscious visit to this ship, because that one was more directly manipulating your body's fields. You weren't as used to throwing your consciousness, and that was also why you had to be physically asleep at the time. Now you are becoming more able to discern things, so you can see and remember what is happening during this conversation. As you continue your practices, both with us and in your own stages of evolution below, you will become more adept at this type of travel. Eventually you will also be able to come in the physical, but this will not happen in a way that you are able to envision just now – there are still some circuits that you will rewire as you evolve and ascend into your next stage of development. The reason why you as an individual are of so much interest to us here is because of a few factors. One is that you are, yes, in fact one of us – not only was your body physically created, but you journey with us ordinarily, rather than being truly of Earth. You agreed to be downloaded into an Earth body, into an Earth situation, in order to fulfill this mission, and yes, in order to “play.” This is the most intense and “fun” game to play – the true challenges of being in a body during an entire Earth based, conscious life, especially at this time of transition. Also, you are showing the way to others. What you call your “coming out of the closet” was always meant to happen – in fact, it is why you incarnated into the physical form. The time for greater Disclosure than has happened in ages is now, and you are one of the many who will facilitate this. Lastly, you are providing a blueprint for those who will follow you. Your struggles and successes are being monitored and recorded, and they are currently being used to help others and will be used in the future, both by you as you teach others there and here, and by those who will study your, and others', paths to Ascension in the physical, dense form. Earth is a model. You are a forger of paths, just as your Reiki teacher told you during your initial Awakening. But when she said “Golden People,” it was not just skin she was referring to. You have seen how your physical skin sparkles subtly in the sun. This will grow, and generations afterward will seemingly glow with a golden sheen. This is what “Golden People” meant, but she could not quite see that with the current barriers she had up. Keep to your path. Do not let yourself be distracted with dense, negative matters. You will be shown the way if you follow your emotional and spiritual discerning intelligence and remember always what is most important – the ascension of you and


others. You cannot wait for others to “go first.” You must be the one. You will not be ridiculed as you fear, rather, you will be quietly followed by others making their own brave steps, although you may not be aware of this as it happens. That is all for today. You have done well. Go in peace. More will be shown to you tomorrow. As the last step in this meditation, I “zoomed out” with my consciousness to work with Gaia as a whole entity. Today she looks blue and beautiful. The joy and pride of yesterday did more healing to her than people realize, yes, even though it was only in one country. I understand now that the one country, the United States, is so powerful because of the people's mind states here. If one could awaken the USA, the world would be quick to follow because Americans' strength of mind and of will is very strong compared to that of citizens of other nations. Interesting. I thank her for her service, and fill her with beautiful Light, running the Sun's energy as well as the energy from the great central sun into her, filling her with a pure, white (and multicolored beneath,) sparkling light. Every part is outlined and imbued – every person, every plant, every rock, every drop of water. I set an intention that her ascension will be painless and smooth, and that it will go better than any of us can currently imagine (since she is the most creative of all, obviously.) I can feel her being soothed and exhilarated by this energy, and I thank her again, send love through her, and return to my body. July 6, 2011: When I used the rune to connect with my rhythm teacher, I found myself in the same place again. Here is what happened. We are sitting in the same booth. Pairs of people are walking by – or beings, rather, and I can see others with their suits on, similar to mine. Yes, the people in the suits are somewhat transparent. They are all human, and smaller than the “Greys” with them. But wait – no, all of the people here aren't Greys. Some are humanoid, some are even Reptilian. I can't see very clearly, but I get a sense of green, dark, leathery skin and interestingly different faces. Everyone here is benevolent though, this is a helper ship. There is that window behind me, and another across the hall between where my booth is and the other, against that opposite window. We are in a large, convoluted type of hall, with either a thin middle, where we sit, or pathways going between booths. But the windows...I don't know. The ceiling seems high, at least in the middle. We may be in an alcove, sort of, though. I'm not sure. The air smells sweet and clean and I see a whiteness outside the windows – is that clouds? Condensation? Plasma? I'm not sure. But I do think that it has something to do with the cloaking of the ship. Yes. You will find out more later, and you may be surprised at the ways that you find this out. My rhythm teacher begins to speak to me, and I send him a non verbal apology for being rude and not greeting him at first, then a great wave of love and greeting. He returns it to me, amused again. You are progressing well, and things are not as they seem. There will be a time, reasonably soon, when you will know all there is to know about our craft. But for now, let


us speak of other things. The world is changing. Gaia is going through her birthing pangs with much less discomfort than she may have, thanks to your work and others' work that is similar to yours. You ARE making a difference. Do not doubt that and continue in your service. You are about to reach a critical mass point where everything will change. You have been near to this before, but never as near as you are now. In the past, you have let yourself be brought back down by the dramas around you. You must not allow this to happen, this time. Stay aloof in a sense – compassionate, but also knowing that we are all walking our own individual paths to Ascension – every single soul. You can help another when asked for it, but you cannot force another to grow or to Ascend – this not only does the opposite of helping them in any meaningful way, but it hurts your progression as well. For now, focus on your career-oriented matters. This will connect you with new avenues and with kindred spirits who you will benefit and who will benefit you. You are always guided with a purpose, so follow up any inspirations that come to you. Do not worry when things seem to reverse or just sit still – this is meaningful too and it is so you can grow more firm in your footing and balance in a new vibration. If things were to happen too quickly, your heart would not be able to make the smooth ascent into enlightenment that it is being able to with these stops and starts. Have faith that all you wish for, and more, will come to you. This is what brings it. You are a creative being. You know this, but you forget it in your quiet moments. When you laid outside, the Sun told you to see your mind as a tape recorder. We further this visualization by telling you to see your mind as a tape recorder giving instructions to the Universe. Your emotions are the volume and intensity of those instructions. Use this visualization, test it, and see its effectiveness for yourself before you share it with any others. The use of it will give you necessary details for disseminating the information. This is how you are helping with the Awakening and with Disclosure – you experience things first, then you disseminate them to others. You are a way forger. You have been told this before. Now accept it with your whole heart. You are bravely walking a path that not many would walk, as are many of those that you know (and in fact, most of those who will read these words, if not everyone who will read them.) You have a purpose, and you are already living it. Have faith that it will unfold as you go, and as it does, it will become progressively more beautiful and joyous. We are with you, as always, and proud of you, as always. We celebrate with you, we send you love and encouragement on the astral level when you despair. The time for despair can be over, if you wish it. It is your choice, but we all wish a speedy ascension for you, and a smooth one. Go in peace. ...And when I zoomed out to visit Gaia... She is glowing today – she is having a conversation with the Sun and they are working together. I send love to the Sun, and to Gaia, and fill their interactions with sparkling, multicolored light. I thank them for their part in the Ascension, and they thank me for mine (because they are Ascending too.) I ask if there is anything they need. Your Presence. I get it. To stay awake, and open, and in the feeling vibration that I ought to stay


in. Okay. Thanks. Got it. I send them love, fill Gaia with violet, then multicolored rays of light, and thank both of them with waves of gratitude and love as I return to my body.

July 8, 2011: I go to visit my rhythm teacher by allowing my awareness to float, untethered to a physical form, and then picturing his rune brightly in my mind's eye. He is here. I am not here, but I am not in the ship. We are floating somewhere together. I feel like he may be about to show me something. Yes, he says. I greet him with love and welcome, and he returns it, proud that I remembered – I'd almost forgotten. I wait quietly. I see a green ground, a blue sky. There are rolling hills and trees. The air is clean and the land is happy. I am floating above the landscape, or at least my vantage point is – I don't feel as if I'm present there. What is it that I am supposed to see? This is where you are going, he tells me. Is this where I'll live next? I don't even know where this would be, but the thought of living in such a beautiful place brings a sweet and slightly painful longing to my consciousness. Yes, it seems to be where I'll live. I get an affirmative answer from him, in a wordless way. Why am I being shown this? To give you encouragement and hope. Things are going to become very exciting now, very busy, very enjoyable, but potentially very tiring. That is why you must find your balance. Time outdoors is necessary. And your work with Gaia both in your meditations and in waking life will help you to remain closest to your truest Self. It will also help you to fit inside your physical vessel more easily and comfortably. What can I do to hasten this? And will it be a happy life? It will be as happy as any other period, with its challenges and pleasures, although the challenges will be different from the ones that you've faced before because you are about to move into a different vibration again. I thank him warmly and with much love for this information. I feel his pride and his affection for me. You are a teacher to us all, you know, he says. Your biggest task in the coming year will be your ego, keeping it healthily out of the picture. Be grateful that you are finally living your purpose as it unfolds, rather than overly proud of your egoic self for “pulling something off” because that will be what it feels like you've done. You haven't. You've simply understood the way of things enough to manifest the life most suited for you at this stage of evolution. At your next stage, you will live another life. Enjoy this one, in gratitude, and move through it gracefully with your Soul/Self speaking through you. Remember that your reason for being here in the physical plane is to help others ascend. Your ascension up the vibratory ladder will mean nothing if you do not bring others with you, in fact, the farther you ascend, the farther you could potentially fall, should you fail. Now, more than ever, you must keep your inner self in firm hand. Once


this new Universe solidifies around you, you will be able to relax your hold and live in a more carefree internal way. But just now, the purchase you have made is still shaky so you must be stronger than ever in your thoughts and intentions, to keep it there. You will succeed, if you do not get lulled to sleep by pleasure. Be who you ARE. Yes, that's something I've said to you before. He chuckles. It holds as true now as it ever did. You are an inspiration to us all. Yes, you are. Do not doubt it. Accept it and let your pride lead you to new, better heights and glories. Go in peace, knowing that we are always with you.

A quick note: I had no idea that Rappahannock County, Virginia, even existed for over a month after this conversation. As it turns out, the county where I now live and where my husband and I moved in August 2011 after a string of synchronicitous events is filled with pristine land, beautiful blue sky, and rolling, forested hills.