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_______________________________________________ ============================== Kyo type U, a Kyo type M edit by UltraSonic50 = ========================= ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾?

================ About Kyo type U ================ The reference of this character is Kyo type M by MIT that is edited also by Gaku . He has now some of his unused moves and new supers that are not yet stable. So me of his supers are added by my co-editor, SamSouji. He is now more comboable b ecause of the easier combo moves from Aragami, Dokugami, Ferines Flame Combo, et c. The supers that use 2 or more power bars don't show the life bar so that the user can't measure the damage of the super unless it is finished. He has 2 intro ductions (for now), the one is done during the 1st round and the other one is do ne for the next rounds. He has 4 win poses (for now) and after that in the last round, there is a quote that says something to the opponent. There are some edit ed commands, the organization of the state definitions and some palette changes. ====================== Story About The Editor ====================== I was a drooling newbie when I watched the video of Kyo type M by wing0tip and I registered in his site but when I've notice that he is offline, I was closely s urrendered. But when I found and downloaded Gaku's Kyo type M that is almost sim ilar to wing0tip's Kyo type M, I was eager to learn coding, palette editing and sprite adding. When Joutenchi released on my birthday, I was more eager to code and I was reading the advanced tutorials from the "docs" folder of WinMugen+ for less editing mistakes. I started editing this character on October 3, 2008. ======== Movelist ======== ======Legend====== U D F B s up down forward backward start x y z p 2p weak punch strong punch charge any punch two punches = = = = = = a b c k 2k weak kick strong kick dodge any kick two kicks




[AIR] [1br] [2br] [3br] [MHR] [NYD]

must be done in air 1 power bar needed 2 power bars needed 3 power bars needed Master Hyper Not Yet Done

======Normal====== Roll Forward = F + c Roll Backward = B + c Heavy Attack = D + c

Fake Aragami = F/B + x Round Kick = B + a Axe Kick = B + b Hachi Ju Hachi Shiki = DF + b Migiri Ugachi = DF + b Aerial Heavy Attack = c [AIR] Naraku Otoshi = D + y [AIR] Rear Kick = B + a [AIR] Taunt = s =====Specials===== -Aragami ChainAragami = QCF + x ->Ku no Kizu = QCF + x ->Yano Sabi = p ->Nue Tsumi = x -->Reverse Hard Nanase = b -->Bakuretsu = x -->RED kick = B + k -->Oni Yaki = DP + p -->Light Nanase = a -->Migiri Ugachi Special = y -->Light Hikigane = F + p -->RED kick = B + k -->Light Nanase = a -->Hard Nanase = b ->Yano Sabi = QCB + p -->Migiri Ugachi Special = x -->Kototsuki Yoh = k -->Nue Tsumi = y -->Reverse Hard Nanase = b -->Bakuretsu = x -->Oni Yaki = DP + p -->RED kick = B + k -->Light Nanase = a ->Hard Hikigane = QCF + y ->Double Low Kick = QCB + B -Dokugami ChainDokugami = QCF + y ->Tsumi Yomi = QCF + y -->Batsu Yomi = QCF + y --->Oni Yaki = QCF + y ->Iron Blow = QCB + y -Ferines Flame Combo ChainDouble Low Kick = QCB + b .

->Reverse Round Kick = b -->Abdominal Hook = b -->Hallowed Flame = c -->Flame of Destruction = QCB + x -->Flames of Slaughter = QCB + y -->Inferno Roar = QCF + p -->Hallowed Flame = c -->Flame of Destruction = QCB + x -->Flames of Slaughter = QCB + y -->Inferno Roar = QCF + p ->Hallowed Flame = c ->Flame of Destruction = QCB + x ->Flames of Slaughter = QCB + y ->Inferno Roar = QCF + p -Leg Kick ChainLeg Kick = DF + a ->Fake Yano Sabi = p -->Migiri Ugachi = D + p -->Hard Uppercut = FF + p -->RED Kick = FF + k -Triple Combo ChainIron Blow = QCB + y ->Abdominal Strike = QCB + y ->Superior Smash = QcB + y ->Aragami = QCF + x ->Double Low Kick = QCB + b -OthersOni Yaki = DP + p ->Pillar Drop = QCF + p Yami Barai = QCB + x ->Ni Yami Barai = QCB + x RED Kick = RDP + k Nana Ju Go Shiki Kai = QCF + k Light Hikigane = QCB + a Kototsuki Yoh = HCB + a Inferno Roar = HCB + b Flame of Destruction = QCB + x [AIR] Flames of Slaughter = QCB + y [AIR] Fire Claw = DP + k ======Supers====== Saishuu Kessen Ougi Rekitetsu Shiki = QCFx2 + p [1br] Meteor Strike = QCBx2 + p [1br] .

QCB + x [1br] Ya Otome: Ju Ni Kyaku = QCF..Double Nettetsu = QCFx2 + k [1br] Doom Hallowed Inferno = QCBx2 + k [1br] Ya Otome: Ju Ken = QCF. QCF + c [MHR] [NYD] ======Linking Supers====== Meteor Sweeper = QCBx2 + p [1br] Done after Ni Yami Barai. QCB + 2p [2br] Yami Nagi = QCFx2 + 2p [3br] [NYD] Ultimate Blaze = QCFx2 + 2k [3br] [NYD] Yami Nagi: Saigo no Katachi = QCF. QCF + p [1br] Kami Gomi = QCBx2 + 2p[2br] Joutenchi Nagi = QCB. QCB + y [1br] Orochi Nagi = QCB.. QCB + c [MHR] [NYD] Armageddon of Kusanagi = QCB. Fire Swallow Dance = QCFx2 + p [1br] Done during Doom Hallowed Inferno and Saishuu Kessen Ougi Rekitetsu Shiki Infernal Requiem = QCBx2 + p [2br] Done during or after Fire Swallow Dance Done during both versions of Ya Otome Done after the last hit of Saishuu Kessen Ougi Rekitetsu Shiki Explosive Flames of Fury = QCFx2 + p [2br] Done after Fire Swallow Dance and Kami Gomi Done after the last hit of Saishuu Kessen Ougi Rekitetsu Shiki God of Explosions = QCBx2 + 2p [2br] Done after both versions of Ya Otome Pillar of Radiance = QCFx2 + 2p [1br] [NYD] Done after Ya Otome: Ju Ken Bloom of Kusanagi = QCFx2 + 2p [1br] [NYD] Done after Ya Otome: Ju Ni Kyaku ================ Move Description ================ Coming Soon. QCF + 2p [2br] Yami Nagi Fukanzen = QCF. :D ============ What's Left? ============ .

Don't make a retard edit of him like spriteswap. You can add some of his crazy moves for your characters in progress after the complete rele ase of this character but it is better to innovate it and I will be very impress ed if it turned out cool. . If you're learning his code. .- Finishing the [NYD] moves. . .eros_MX for his Kyo-type-MX edit.-VyN. .Gaku for his Kyo-type-M edit. . and other annoying illogical stuffs. .MIT for his Kyo-type-M. Automatic Intelligence.My Laggy PC which slowed down my performance and testing. Some more ideas T_T. and animation swap unless you keep the edit a private.Do not leech this character to other si tes and warehouse forums or you'll perish for the rest of your life.for Rugal's Pillar. New intros especially with Iori type U and Joutenchi. . sound swap.PotS for Shin Gouki's faster and "1 state definition" charge code. animations and sprites. New win poses.High School Assignments that slowed me as well. It can't be used for any commercial purposes. (He'll be always for al l my creation for luring me out).SamSouji for his supreme cooperation.Seropose who lured me out to the wide mugen community. This Mugen character is a non-profit fan work. (He'll be always for all my creation for the inspiration). ========== Credits to ========== . Kyo Kusanagi and King of Fighters are property of SNK. .Other persons that are not mentioned. .Some of the Mugen Guild members for their rude comments.Metroker for leechin the old version of this character. More organization to the states. whisping some stupid b ullshit. please be careful because some of the code didn't well organized. =========== Disclaimer =========== He's not an open source for now because he's still a beta character.Nio Kusanagi for his/her early feedbacks. . This charac ter is released for forum only feedbacks. More moves that are not listed here.Some invisible morons who discouraging me all the time.ShadowLeo for the inspiration of his Kyo-type-S. . . More bug fixes. ============ No Thanks To ============ . .