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Shellfish Rillettes (kind of pate) Moules Marinières (mussels in white wine sauce)

Cheeses of the Loire Valley:    Chabichou du Poitou Crottin de Chavignol Valencay

Types of wine: Musadet – Anjou – Coteaux de Layon - Saumur – Touraine – Bourgueil – Vouvray – Pouilly Fume – Sancerre

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The wine: The Loire Region is famous for their twenty-two world-class wines. They are regonizable by their light, fruity flavor and bouquet. The Cheese: Famous cheeses such as Crottin de Chavignol which comes from the raw milk of the breed called regular mountain goats and brown goats and Sainte-Maure de Touraine which is to be considered the masterpiece of Touraine goat cheese. This cheese is rolled in black wood ash that has a misty, citrusy flavor that has a walnut aroma and a light salty taste.

Romans soon took over and remained in control of the region for many centuries. Amboise: Located on the cliff that overlooks the Loire River. the Celtic tribes that occupied what is today modern France. Tour s is the largest city in that region.   Loire River is 634 miles long. and the Emperor Napoleon’s wife was also a resident here. The Loire Region became famous for a refuge center for Kings of France during the Hundred Year War with England. Many settlements were established in the valley including Caesarodonum or known as “Hill of Caesar”. But the kind that was living in the chateaux at the time died causing the reconstruction to stop and the plan to demolish the building end as well.  The Cathedrals: Loire Valley is known for all their history and old cathedrals that lay around the Valley. when Charles Martel defeated an invading Islamic army from Spain. The construction of this building began in 1228 and was finished 10 years later. This building was going to be built higher than what it already was and having this be declared people decided that they should demolish the building and have it no longer exist. The Chateaux: There are many chateaux in France and most of them are located in the Loire Valley. A famous battle was fought in Tours that occurred in the Middle Ages around 732. Later the fall of the Western Roman Empire the city that the Romans had taken over was soon renamed and was called Toronnés. The Romans fought many battles and the Loire Valley is where Attila the Hun was defeated by a combined army of Romans and Visogoths.         In the beginning the Valley was home to Gaulés. which later became known as Tours. Soon became a retreat for the royalty of France. Angers: This building is one of the few buildings that still stands that was built 100’s of years ago. . Some of them are new and others are known to be dated back to first century BC.

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