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AVIConverter Version 4.

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0. The main function of AVIConverter is to convert video file from many video format (including avi. and better compressed quality Easy-to-use software interface Support selecting video resolution Support selecting conversion quality. a powerful and easy-to-use software to convert video files. rm. and vob) to avi format. meanwhile it has smaller file size. wmv. Feature     Fast convert speed. dat. which is the most popular video format in current portable media player. The avi file compressed with XviD/DivX Codec has better video quality. 320x240 Support Chinese and English display 2 . aspect ratio. and conversion time setting    Support batch conversion Support selecting 160X128.220X176. rmvb. mpeg. mpg.Introduction Welcome to AVIConverter V4.

Program Interface 3 .

“Normal” indicates that the source file is transcoded with normal A/V bitrate.Function Setting Button Resolution Source File Target File Path Target File Name Quality Description The target video width×height is 220pixel×176pixel The path to source video file The path to target video file target video file name. Select it. just as its name implies. including “High Quality”. On the other side. The ratio of video width to video height (unit: pixel) Aspect Ratio Conversion Limit Generally. there an ‘avi’ affix added to the end of it Three quality the target file size is minimal . indicates the file is transcoded with minimal A/V bitrate . The aspect ratio of most MTV and sport game are also 4:3 . Convert Start conversion from setting mean will start time time. “High Compression”. meanwhile the result file has bigger file size and better image quality. but the available area may decrease. there may be no distortion when watching movies on portable media player. we advise adopting 4:3 compression to keep video no distortion by the greatest extent. set the conversion limit. the aspect ratio of most of America film is(or close to) 16:9 . ”High Quality” indicates that the source file is transcoded with higher A/V bitrate. It is 4 . TV programs in Europe usually has 4:3 aspect ratio. but the quality may decline more. When watching some TV programs like MTV and so on. Adopting 16:9 compression. meanwhile the result file has normal image quality. “Normal” and “High Compression”.

unselect ion Default. we need convert a MTV(format: mpg. start to a Start convert Stop convert Close help After setting all the parameters. Hit the “Add”,and the “Conversion Setting” dialog box is popped up. 5 . hit “stop convert”,it will hint you whether or not to stop conversion. Some useful information Example The LCD resolution of one portable media player is 220×176. select the MTV which is to be converted. Choose source file. 2. Operation step: 1. Continues time Convert from setting time. resolution : 320×240) to target avi file. Close the software. “YES” will stop conversion immediately. converter is still working now. then go to “start convert”.

here we choose “normal”. 4.The target file name is “Experience. 6. If you prefer to converting part of source file. selecting “conversion range”. we choose “4:3” here. choose the target file path to the output file (for example: here choose disk D for saving target file). For the aspect ratio of source file is 4:3. 6 .avi” (you can also modify it).3 . After selection. 5 . Select “conversion quality” as you like.

it will hint conversion completion. if there exists another source file. as following: 8 . When conversion progression reaches to 100%. 7 . and then go to “Save”. repeat the above-mentioned.6 . All parameters setting is ok. which indicates that video conversion is successful.

org/blog/pivot/entry. OS: Windows 2000/NT4. (including Intel Celeron series and Intel Pentium 4 series).System requirement The basic hardware requirement for AVIConverter: CPU: Intel or AMD processor.php?id=89 In a word. RAM: 128M or larger than it. I am sure that you can play it with WMP or Realplayer if you had installed FFDshow.dll (regsvr32 /u shmedia. The powerful MPlayer or StormCodec also can be used to play the transcoded file because they have binded the MPEG-4 supported package together.virtualdub. on your PC. Q: Why I can not delete the transcoded file on PC (The OS is Windows XP)? A: The more detailed information is refferred in such URL: http://www.dll) to avoid the Windows’s bug.0/XP Upgrade log N/A FAQ Q: Can I play the transcoded video on PC? A: Ya~. you can uninstall shmedia. the MPEG-4 supported package. 8 . Intel Pentium 3 or better than it.