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Bright from the Start Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning

2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SE, 670 East Tower Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404) 657-5562

Date: 09/22/2011

Purpose: Monitoring Visit

Sherwood Baptist Church Day Care Center
2201 Whispering Pines Road Albany, GA 31707 (229) 883-1910

591-1-1-.02 Definitions 591-1-1-.04 Admission and Enrollment 591-1-1-.16 Governing Body and Licenses 591-1-1-.37 Inspections and Investigations 591-1-1-.38 Enforcement 591-1-1-.39 Waivers 591-1-1-.40 Severability

Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Evaluated

591-1-1-.06 Bathrooms 591-1-1-.19 License Capacity 591-1-1-.25 Physical Plant-Structural/Mechanical 591-1-1-.25 Physical Plant-Safe Environment
Comment Center appears clean and well maintained. No hazards observed accessible to children on this date. Consultant discussed with staff procedures for checking diaper bags to ensure potentially hazardous items are not accessible to children. Staff reminded to ensure proper storage of personal bags/purses to prevent access by children.

Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Met

591-1-1-.26 Playgrounds

Partially Met

Finding 591-1-1-.26 (4) requires that fencing material not present a hazard to children and be maintained so as to prevent children from leaving the area. The following potential hazards were observed;
· · ·

damaged fence panel which was being temporarily stabilized with wire the wall and fence panel area had a 4 1/4 inch gap between the wall and fence panel (potential entrapment hazard) some of the fence panels had a 2 1/2 inch - 4 1/2 inch space between the ground and the base of the fence POI (Plan of Improvement) To ensure the safety of fencing, the director will ensure proper repairs are made. Correction Deadline - 10/06/2011

Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning

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Finding 591-1-1-.26 (8) requires the playground to be kept clean, free of litter and hazards. The following items were observed on the playground area;
· · · · ·

missing handlebar on one of three rocking toys trash container which was almost completely full of trash did not have a lid three water hoses were not properly store, lying loosely on playground area paint chipping beneath wall panels underneath window areas compact rubber resilient surfacing area underneath swing set was damaged in some areas leaving substance content exposed POI (Plan of Improvement) To ensure the cleanliness, sanitation and safety of the playground, the director stated some of the above items have been reported to maintenance for repair and other items will be reported to ensure corrective actions are taken. Correction Deadline - 09/22/2011

591-1-1-.11 Discipline
Comment Age-appropriate discussion and/or redirection observed.


591-1-1-.05 Animals 591-1-1-.36 Transportation
Comment Center does not provide routine transportation.

Not Evaluated N/A

591-1-1-.14 First Aid Kit 591-1-1-.13 Field Trips
Comment Center does not participate in field trips at this time.

Not Evaluated N/A

Staffing and Supervision
591-1-1-.32 Staff:Child Ratios and Group Size
Finding 591-1-1-.32 (1) requires the center to maintain staff:child ratios as follows: under 1 year = 1:6, under 18 months/not walking = 1:6, 1 year/walking = 1:8, 2 years = 1:10, 3 years = 1:15, 4 years = 1:18, 5 years = 1:20, 6 years and older = 1:25 A ratio of 1:8 was observed within Room #3 where there were three infants and five 1 year old children present. POI (Plan of Improvement) The director will hire additional staff or reschedule current staff to meet required staff:child ratios. Correction Deadline - 09/22/2011

Not Met

591-1-1-.32 Supervision
Comment Adequate supervision observed on this date.


Staff Records
591-1-1-.09 Criminal Records Check 591-1-1-.14 First Aid and CPR

Not Evaluated Not Evaluated

Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning

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Staff Records
591-1-1-.24 Personnel Records 591-1-1-.28 Prohibited Substances 591-1-1-.31 Staff 591-1-1-.33 Staff Training

Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Evaluated

Activities and Equipment
591-1-1-.03 Activities 591-1-1-.12 Equipment and Toys 591-1-1-.30 and 591-1-1-.45 Sleeping and Resting Equipment
Finding 591-1-1-.45 stipulates requirement for the use of a crib blanket. The infant’s feet shall be placed at the foot of the crib and the infant may be covered with the blanket only to chest level with the blanket tucked firmly under the mattress. Requirements were not met in that it was observed that three infants, two ages 10 months old and one and 11 months old were sleeping with blankets loosely wrapped around them within cribs. POI (Plan of Improvement) The center will provide training to staff regarding this safety practice and will insure that if blankets are utilized, the blanket covers the infant only to the chest and is securely tucked under the mattress. Correction Deadline - 09/22/2011 Comment Consultant discussed crib sheets and new crib requirements which will be effective December 28, 2012.

Not Evaluated Not Evaluated
Not Met

591-1-1-.35 Swimming Pools and Water-related Activities
Comment Center does not provide swimming activities.


Health and Hygiene
591-1-1-.07 Children's Health 591-1-1-.10 Diapering Areas and Practices
Comment Staff state proper knowledge of diapering procedures and diapering procedures posted within each diapering area. Consultant left new diapering procedure chart with director for use within classrooms.

Not Evaluated Met

591-1-1-.17 Hygiene
Comment Staff were observed to remind children to wash hands after toileting. Reminder to continue to ensure children wash hands after outdoor play, toileting, before meals/snacks, and at other times as needed throughout the day.


591-1-1-.20 Medications
Comment Discussed proper medication documentation and procedures. Staff reminded to ensure documentation is completed if/when medication is not administered as authorized by parents, ex. child left early, child absent, medication left at home, etc.


Policies and Procedures
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Policies and Procedures
591-1-1-.21 Operational Policies and Procedures 591-1-1-.22 Parental Access 591-1-1-.27, 591-1-1-.42 and 591-1-1-.43 Posted Notices 591-1-1-.29 Required Reporting

Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Evaluated

Children's Records
591-1-1-.08 Children's Records 591-1-1-.23 Parental Authorization

Not Evaluated Not Evaluated

Food Service
591-1-1-.15 Food Service and Nutrition 591-1-1-.18 Kitchen Operations

Not Evaluated Not Evaluated

Evening Care
591-1-1-.25 Physical Plant 591-1-1-.32 Staffing/Supervision 591-1-1-.03 Activities 591-1-1-.30 Equipment 591-1-1-.15 Food Service And Nutrition

Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Evaluated Not Evaluated

Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning

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