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MPCSTAR changelog MPCSTAR v4.7 (2010.09.

02) [PLAYER] media key can be set as global hot key [PLAYER] media key works when main window minimized [PLAYER] add GUI translation [CODEC] MEncoder not install properly in v4.7 [CODEC] RealMedia codec cannot be loaded in certain situation in v4.7 MPCSTAR v4.7 (2010.08.25) [PLAYER] sort files in the play list in numerical order [PLAYER] parse corresponding part.met file when playing .part file (eMule downlo ading file), to get real file name for displaying [PLAYER] add two new options about play list in Tools menu: save when exiting, a dd similar files [PLAYER] switch UI language from Tools menu. users can help translating in www.b [PLAYER] fix the problem of cannot play files whose name contains # sign [PLAYER] fix default video renderer in XP [PLAYER] fix association problem for m2t [PLAYER] CometPlayer updated [CODEC] fix bugs in RealMedia codec MPCSTAR v4.6 (2010.08.11) [PLAYER] add new audio player: CometPlayer [PLAYER] hide window frame for compact mode [PLAYER] add association for m2ts, m2t, mts [PLAYER] change video renderer in Vista, Win7, to utilize anti-aliasing function [PLAYER] remove Audio Boost panel, enlarge volume range to 300% instead [PLAYER] ignore case when adding similar video file to playlist automatically [PLAYER] improve video play from HTTP URL [PLAYER] fix the bug of silence when play some RealMedia files [CODEC] remove QuickTime codec, using ffdshow instead MPCSTAR v4.5 (2010.05.24) [PLAYER] support play video file from HTTP URL [PLAYER] support .hlv video file [PLAYER] improve Option dialog layout [PLAYER] download installation package of new version in background automaticall y if enabled [PLAYER] fix bug: crash when entering Compact Mode MPCSTAR v4.4 (2010.03.23) [PLAYER] improve crash report program MPCSTAR v4.3 (2010.03.17) [PLAYER] add Play setting page in option dialog. Video setting panel and subtitl e display can be disabled to reduce CPU usage [PLAYER] add skin editor in skin setting page of option dialog. [PLAYER] prevent the system from turning off the display while the playing video [PLAYER] bug fix: repeat doesn't work if only one file in playlist. MPCSTAR v4.2 (2009.11.13) [PLAYER] support display dual subtitles [PLAYER] switch video aspect ratio and audio stream in video file from status ba r [PLAYER] remember last selected aspect ratio of video file [PLAYER] support new output format in video file convert [PLAYER] download new version install package when check update [PLAYER] fix the problem of setting speaker for mkv file with multiple audio-str

08) [PLAYER] Add compact display mode [PLAYER] Add subtitle adjust panel [PLAYER] Add audio boost panel [PLAYER] display video resolution in status bar MPCSTAR v4.03.07.0 [PLAYER] new [PLAYER] bug from standby [PLAYER] bug completely [PLAYER] bug (2009. when "stay on top playing" selected [PLAYER] bug fix: video window size changed when switch skin. 180.08) [PLAYER] new command in Subtitle menu: File Subtitle Encoding.17) [PLAYER] new option for fast/slow playback: keep pitch [PLAYER] add default hotkey for next/previous file [PLAYER] fix the bug that sometimes the cursor and status bar won't hide in full screen mode [PLAYER] fix the bug that sometimes the jump forwards/backwards hotkey will take action twice MPCSTAR v3. while playing vide o file MPCSTAR v3.30) option in video menu: rotate 90. f4v files encoded using H.9 (2009.04. auto-detect as de fault [PLAYER] elevation is not needed to associate video files in Windows Vista [PLAYER] bug fix: playlist display error in Windows 2000 [PLAYER] bug fix: some special format avi file can't be play MPCSTAR v3.6 (2009.16) [PLAYER] bug fix: play time displays incompletely in status bar if longer than 1 hour [PLAYER] bug fix: video window stay on top after pause in full-screen mode.5 (2009. using an aspect ratio between "Stretch To Window" and "Fit From Outside" [PLAYER] show error prompt when open files with DRM copyright protection [PLAYER] new command in context menu of playlist: Clear all [PLAYER] fix the bug that all hotkeys disabled when play flv files [CODEC] support flv.eam MPCSTAR v4.05.10) [PLAYER] use new designed skin as default skin [PLAYER] new option in Play menu: choose playback order of playlist [PLAYER] new command in Play menu: Jump to specified time [PLAYER] settings of video brightness. or 270 degree fix: program possibly could not exit normally after system resumed or hibernate fix: program may crash when play certain files that not downloaded fix: seek bar does not refresh when seek using hotkey after paused MPCSTAR v3.06.03.14) [PLAYER] add auto shutdown after file play over in Tools menu [PLAYER] support Japanese and Korean in File Subtitle Encoding menu [PLAYER] add subtitle online search in Subtitle menu [PLAYER] support play ratDVD [CODEC] update QuickTime decoding package [CODEC] add ratDVD decoding package MPCSTAR v3.264 .09. contrast.7 (2009.1 (2009.8 (2009. etc are saved in disk for next launch [PLAYER] new option in Zoom Video menu: Stretch Most Part.

0 (2008. ogm file [PLAYER] new function in context menu of video window: adjust audio delay [PLAYER] new function: load subtitle files from File menu or just Drag&Drop them to video window.MPCSTAR v3. PSP [PLAYER] new function: audio channel switcher. able to display subtitle in multi-lines.2 (2008. able to load subtitle files directly from zip. convenient to resync subtitle MPCSTAR v2.05) [PLAYER] new function: any video file converts to mp4 format for iPhone. brightness. brightness for DVD MPCSTAR v3. while playing video file or DVD [PLAYER] new function in context menu of video window: select subtitle language from subtitle files and resync subtitle [PLAYER] now able to display meta info in wmv.06.24) [PLAYER] player add audio and subtitle language select menu for DVD playback [PLAYER] player support to play uncompleted video files downloading by other pro gram [PLAYER] player support play .3 (2008.8 (2008. supporting hotkey [PLAYER] support disable screen saver in view menu [PLAYER] display filter information in file info window MPCSTAR v3.09) [PLAYER] new video adjust panel: set contrast.ifo file from DVD disc [PACKAGE] fix bug in RealMedia codec install MPCSTAR v2. saturation. hue and g amma of video [PLAYER] new command in file menu: save snapshot and save thumbnails. support stereo to 5.7 (2008.1 surrounds [PLAYER] new option: allow multi players running at the same time [PACKAGE] add TSCC codec MPCSTAR v3.04) . asf files [PLAYER] new option: auto update check [CODEC] enhance VSFilter.04.swf file [PLAYER] player support play .21) [PLAYER] redesign main menu [PLAYER] add video flip command to video menu [PLAYER] add speaker setup to audio menu [PLAYER] fix the bug that player will crash at startup after set always on top [CODEC] fix the bug that VSFilter can not load subtitle file with non-English f ilename when player choose English UI language MPCSTAR v3. rar fi le [PACKAGE] add OCX control to support RealMedia playback in IE/FireFox webpage MPCSTAR v2.4 (2009.9 (2008.03.11.12) [PLAYER] add privacy option page: enable update check and movie information quer y [PLAYER] improve OSD display effect in Windows Vista [CODEC] enhance VSFilter.08.1 (2008.09) [PLAYER] new speaker volume panel for each channel [PLAYER] new option: remember last play position of video file [PLAYER] add global hotkey: boss key [PLAYER] support adjust contrast.01.10.17) [PLAYER] new function: Frame step / Frame step back [PLAYER] new option in View -> Zoom Window menu: fixed size [PLAYER] new function in context menu of video window: switch audio streams whil e playing mkv.03.

03) [PLAYER] MPC is updated.12.01.5 (2007.30) [PLAYER] Enhance the playlist of MPC.6 (2007.27) [PLAYER] Updated the player.1 (2007.01.29) [CODEC] Add VGM2 codecs.5 Gold [PACKAGE] Fix the bug that VSFilter cannot be registered. [PACKAGE] Fix the bug that the uninstallation would cause RealPlayer fail to wor k. MPCSTAR v1.09.9 (2007. MPCSTAR v1.[PLAYER] [PLAYER] [PLAYER] [PLAYER] [PLAYER] [PLAYER] a [PACKAGE] [CODEC] [CODEC] player support DVD playback new menu command in player to change video playback rate new menu command in player to seek forward/backward continuously new menu command in player to set video's aspect ratio new option in player to enable display OSD fix the bug that player cannot modify file association in Windows Vist support display rmvb file thumbnail in Windows explorer add PMP codec add Windows Media 9 Series codecs MPCSTAR v2.04.11. MPCSTAR v1.30) [PLAYER] add OSD in player. MPCSTAR v1.7 (2007. MPCSTAR v1.01) [PLAYER] fix the bug that the window disappears when minimize MPCSTAR v2.4 (2006.0 (2007.6 (2008.2 (2007. MPCSTAR v2.02) [PACKAGE] Fix the bug that custom settings may lost after re-installed or update d. display operation info in video window [PLAYER] add Current Dir List in play list of player MPCSTAR v2.18) [PLAYER] Add new video player: TigerPlayer [PLAYER] player support skin [PLAYER] player support multi-language MPCSTAR v2.0.1741.07) [CODEC] Update RealMedia codec to 10.8 (2007. MPCSTAR v2. MPCSTAR v1.20) [PLAYER] Fixed the bug that the player sometimes gets problem when exiting.12.08.22) .3 (2008.02.05.19) [CODEC] ffdshow is updated. [PACKAGE] Fixed the bug that the uninstaller does not display correctly.5 (2008.01.4 (2008. [CODEC] Updated RealMedia codecs to 6.25) [PLAYER] improve hotkey process in full-screen mode of player [PLAYER] add icons to player menu [PLAYER] avoid frame drop while consecutive seeking MPCSTAR v2.02.03.01. [CODEC] Add Ogg Vorbis codecs.

09) [PLAYER] Block Popups when Playing .10. .10.[PLAYER] Fix the bug that it may crash when seeking.2 (2006. MPCSTAR v1.10) [PACKAGE] First Release.3 (2006.28) [PACKAGE] Support Multilanguage MPCSTAR v1.20) [PLAYER] Open files dialog box can be displayed when click main window in stop s tatus.1 (2006.0 (2006.Add files related setting page to install program.rm Files [CODEC] Add QuickTime Decoding Package MPCSTAR v1. MPCSTAR v1.11.11.