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Tiffany Getchell

These archeologists found a preserved chieftain with perfectly preserved picture tattoos that illustrated game animals and totem found in other crafts and artwork during that period. and old are obtaining the art. ideals. These thread tattoos were drawn under the skin to create the artwork. Just after WWII. Scientists speculated the preserved iceman originated more than 5000 years ago. tattoos provide such freedom of expression. Tattoos are also used to indicate a membership of a particular group or the way of life 2 . Other tribes from Micronesia pricked pigment into the skin by using a tool shaped like a small rake. tattoo popularity is a growing method for expression. Scientist cannot determine the meaning behind the simple tattoos because there were no defined pictures on the iceman.Our society is a nation filled with many diverse individuals. Even with the possibility of health risks and severe side effects. women. Other tattoos were found to be applied using a small bone tool. Other tribes that originated from the Arctic and Subarctic regions made tattoos composed of needle punctures that were a needle was attached to tread coated with pigment. there are varying beliefs. Others use tattoos to express themselves individually or to make a statement. The people in today’s society invest money in tattoos for a variety of reasons. and values among the citizens of this country. Although often negatively viewed. young. 2003). One of the earliest tattoo markings discovered is on a mummified iceman in 1992 on the Alp Mountains (Krcmarik. They excavated several graves in that Altai Mountains and found another amazing example of prehistoric artwork (Krcmarik. Some Indian tribes in North and South America routinely created tattoos by simply pricking the skin. Early tattoo methods varied depending on the different cultures (Krcmarik. 2003). A glacier preserved the iceman well and scientist counted 58 tattoo markings on his body that consisted of simple dots and little lines. The art of doing tattoos is an ancient practice that has a long history. there are no discriminatory features against acquiring a tattoo as men. 2003). Many people will obtain a tattoo because of cultural celebrations such as the coming of age or as a rite of passage to adulthood. Freedom of expression is one such way that individuals differentiate themselves from one another. archeologists found another exciting discovery. The Chieftain tattoos are the oldest known picture tattoos. In America. In America. Tattoos date back to thousands of years ago and have changed in appearance over the centuries. The Indian tribes of modern California introduced color into these scratches to form colored body artwork.

look at prior artworks in their portfolio to see if the art meets all expectations and satisfaction (Hudson. The artist usually places some ointment over the transferred stencil to ensure the transfer ink stays longer on the skin. When selecting the artist. and portraits. The tattoo is then transferred to the skin by the prefabricated stencil.such as a gang member or a Marine. deciding on an artist to complete the work is the next step.501 adults in 2006. 2003). The Generation Next poll found that 36% adults between the age of 18 and 25 had at least one tattoo. complexity. The first step in purchasing tattoo artwork is the tattoo selection. the artist usually creates a transferable tattoo stencil to outline the tattoo on the skin. This stencil ensures the tattoo artwork will be the proper size and in the correct position. Tattoo popularity is growing with the modern society. The applied ointment will also allow the needle to slide easier over the skin with less friction. A simpler reasoning behind a tattoo is that the design is fond of by the individual and has no specific meaning or statement. Modern tattoos have changed drastically in technique and design from ancient times making the modern tattoo more complex. cartoon characters. Finding an artist who has an excellent reputation for doing good work helps ensure a quality tattoo. The Pew Research Center (2010) website conducted a survey on the popularity of tattoos among 1. Another popular reason to purchase a tattoo is to establish a permanent reminder of an event like the death of a loved one or the birth of a loved one. Rubbing alcohol cleans and disinfects the skin and shaving removes any hair from the skin to help prevent infected hairs that could lead to scarring. Esquire Magazine estimated in March 2002 that one in eight of Americans has a tattoo (PR Newswire. The stencil creates the outline of the selected artwork to ensure the artist stays within the selected area and the artwork is the appropriate size. Even more surprising. this poll showed 40% of the middle aged adults between 26 and 40 had obtained at least one tattoo. Prices need to be agreed on prior to setting the artwork appointment time. Each artist will have their own costs for the tattoo depending on the size. Other more serious reason behind a tattoo could include the reclaiming of the body from a traumatic event for instance a sexual assault. old English letters. The area where the artwork will be done needs to be ready first. Prior to the scheduled tattoo appointment. The outline is the first part of the 3 . Popular modern designs for a tattoo include tribal. it is time to prep for the tattoo. Using the chosen tattoo and agreed costs. Obtaining a tattoo is a lifelong commitment and it requires much planning. 2010). and location of the artwork. After selecting the tattoo design and color.

Minor bacterial infections can easily occur at the tattoo site if the aftercare steps are not followed. Tattoo Health (2010) estimated 10 million Americans have at least one tattoo. para. and HIV can occur if the tattoo equipment was not sterile or cleaned. In addition to laser treatment. 2010). cobalt creates blue dye. More serious reactions can include swelling of the throat. or they can be the first sign of a life-threatening allergic reaction like anaphylaxis. Infections can lead to scars or raised scar tissue. The laser breaks down the pigments for easy removal. An allergic reaction can be local and produce swelling. the shading and fill-in adds character and color. tuberculosis. More seriously. Minor skin reactions such as contact dermatitis (a minor allergic reaction) can occur from the dye or equipment. For example. For example. 2010). Hives can be a minor reaction. The artist will provide aftercare steps to help ensure retaining of the ink within the dermis (Hudson. 3). Serious allergic reactions to tattoo dye are rare (WebMd LLC. tetanus. In a tattoo. and mercury creates red dye. chromium creates green dye. The artwork removal can take several weeks of treatment to complete. and then the next tattoo can cause an allergic reaction (WebMd LLC. Scarring is common if the tattoo is not properly cared for. Infection is the most common health problem associated with a tattoo. wheezing. removal of a tattoo can be done. 2010). there are many skin issues that can occur. Although all tattoos should be thought as permanent. According to Alta Bates Summit Medical Center (2010). cadmium creates yellow dye. dermabrasion is another type of tattoo removal.artwork that the artist completes and it usually takes the longest to form. one person may have obtained three or four tattoos without any problems. or difficulty breathing. itching. The WebMd LLC (2010) website states that allergic reactions to the red dye occur more frequently than allergic reactions to other dye colors. Salabrasion is a technique that 4 . different materials make each of the various colors. After completion of the outline. "allergic reactions do not always occur the first time someone comes in contact with the dye” (Health Information Library. 2010). the spread of infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B and C. Laser tattoo removal targets the tattoo pigment with short burst of highintensity light from a laser. Dermabrasion is a type of chemical peels that uses a sanding disc to rub or scratch the tattoo and skin away and it is a painful and timeconsuming procedure that can take many weeks to accomplish. Obtaining a tattoo comes with many risks. Statists show that more than 50% of individuals who have a tattoo later regret the artwork and want it removed (Tattoo Health. In addition to infections. or hives in the area of the tattoo.

As best. Nonetheless. A common unwanted side effect of scarification is scar tissue (Tattoo Health. tattoos are simply an artful expression that individuals use their bodies as the canvas for the artwork. Others can be as simple as a flower or a name. 5 . Tattoos add to the colorful artistic mosaic that permeates the environment. salabrasion fades the tattoo. Physicians rarely use this technique today because it peels layers of skin away and is very painful. Another tattoo removal procedure is scarification that removes the tattoo with an acid solution. Many tattoos are true works of art and can be quite memorizing. 2010).involves soaking the tattoo in a salt solution to remove dye pigments.

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