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Developmental Reading Assessment DRA Benchmark: 28/30 DRA Level: _____ Independent or Instructional Accuracy _____% Fluency _____WPM Strength: Developmental Spelling Assessment Spelling Stage: Reading Survey and Other Observations


Targeted Features:

Writing Sample: Personal Narrative

Current Grades Math: ________ Science: ________ Social Studies: ________ Reading: ________ Writing: ________ Word Study: ________ Conduct: ________ Work & Study Skills: ________ Keyboarding: _____ WPM _____ Errors Star Reader Level:_____ Accelerated Reader Points: _____

Please Note: A check in any area indicates the child has consistent success with the behavior or work habit. Completes work on time Makes appropriate transitions Follows directions consistently Maintains focus while working Organizes self and materials Respectful of adults Listens attentively to learn Respectful of peers Speaks at appropriate times Works cooperatively in a group Strives for quality work Uses time wisely Works independently Makes good choices