fast, simple holiday fun!

Pattern based on the tree found here:


• ¾ yard of 72″ wide felt in green (can be found on the bolt at crafts stores such as JoAnn- often on sale!) • 4-5 sheets of 8 ½ x 11” felt in your choice of colors • 17” x 12” sheet OR ¼ yard of Heat N Bond (either the Ulta Hold red label that is ‘No Sew’ or the Lite sewable in the purple package) • Command Adhesive strips- or other preferred method for attaching the tree to the wall • Scissors • Iron


1. Cut tree from green felt. Lightly trace in marker on the back until you have a shape you are happy with. The marker will be on the back and no one will see it! My tree is approximately 24” wide at the bottom and 40” tall.

Cutting Instructions:

2. Cut out desired number of ornament bases (and the star!), using templates. These will not have any Heat N Bond on them!

Ornament decorations:
3. Iron to desired felt color. 5. Peel off paper backing. 7. Iron in place. 4. Cut out on the traced line.

TIP: Test your iron temp on a scrap of felt before completing step 3. Adjust temp as needed. 1. Trace desired ornament decorations onto the paper side of the Heat N Bond. No need to cut out the pattern template here! * Alphabet letters have already been reversed for you. Simply trace as shown. 2. Cut out just outside of the traced line. 6. Place on desired ornament base.

* For striped ornaments, fuse some Heat N Bond to felt, cut into strips, peel paper backing and fuse onto ornament. Trim to match ornament base’s edge.

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