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While writing this article I took help of Sunil goutam, Mamta Goutam-Reiki masters,Hath Yogi Nikam Guruji of Ambika yoga kutir of Mumbai and Pandit Ram Sharma Acharya of Gayatri. The Author hereby reserves all the rights against any mis use or mis interpretation of the words and techniques ,true meaning as used and intended in these articles. KAILASH CHANDRA SABAT 9819324315,7207884783

Well ,I am tired and hungry.Not only I but also many labourers like me become tired and hungry after a long hour of work and travelling in their routine life.When following the principles of yoga with an intention of success but halfheartedly due to laziness and short of time ,I mostly surprise whether my other labourer brethren are able to practise yoga for a chakra consciousness so that they can enjoy their lives better.This article is useful to all especially to the labourers who get envious ,frustrated,dissappointed due to money shortage and misbehavior from others. We all know that chakra jagaran /activation is not at all easy even for highly successful yoga practitioners.Myself I dont know if any of my chakras has been activated or not as have been mentioned in many of the yoga books & taught by many gurus. We being labourers get irritated,angered and frustrated in minor things and think of a revenge on minor things against our own interest .This destroys all our life due to ego.In such cases I contract my Aura , become very small and negligible,powerless and surrender to my opponent in that form .,Hence my ego is lost now .Now I empower the opponent to be almighty and well wish him.After this is achieved I come to my original form .My this problem is solved which is essential before chakras consciousness.Further this article is useful for reducing medicinal cost if followed properly by a low income labour and he can save spending on medicines to a great extent. Once a group of people could not break a bundle of wood.One wise man separated the wood bundle and now they were able to break those separately .It shows that most of

the hard work require simple solutions .Yoga is also such a science.What looks to be very much impractical may be easy under right kind of guidance and continuous effort. What is yoga . An activity of breathing,postures and consciousness to calm down our mind for spiritual awareness and internal energisation.It is told that yoga involves the destruction of the egoist ,volatile and our wandering mind as such a mind does things hastily , unjudiciosly and sometimes immorally. Naturally chakra activation is of a higher stage of sadhana.Before that we have to be conscious that yoga is a concept of thoughts involving our own mind.Then only a labourer can try to know what is expected from him and how he can achieve it. Some of the basic requirements of chakra as described by Hath Yogi Nikam Guruji is 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Nadi Sudhi.-Cleaning the way of our soul flowing Mala Sudhi-Cleaning of dirtness from your body. Stability of Mind Balanced food Practice of yoga regularly.

It not always needed that you have to do hard work for chakra activation.In contrast Reiki gurus prescribe these practices for industrial personnel who engage in hard work. In general less educated people never trust yoga, meditational practices.In china and Japan average person is a marital artist.Common men and even bread earners give a significant amount of time for marital art.Now in India we consider that if our children become a doctor, an engineer or a film artist or a great business man then it gives a great satisfaction that we have real achievement in our lives. But yoga can contribute too many things in our lives too 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Understanding yourself Understanding the nature Having a healthy body Interaction with and limited control over the supernatural forces A yoga or spiritual master can create his own environment during his life time. Hence I never considered yoga consisting of simply some breathing exercises or some physical postures only. A practitioner can create his own standards and

live with in these standards.This gives a satisfaction of achievement .Even this is more meaningful when we taught others the same and derive happiness from their satisfaction.This is what god has created yoga and implementing his promises for those whosever practices this art. Nadi Sudhi According to Hath yogi Nikam Guruji who was a Mumbai police personnel, Nadi Suddhi can be achieved by good food i.e Satvik Ahar and some physical postures like kamani,Udiyan Bandh,kapalbhati,Omkaar,Pranayam etc. Mala SuddhiWe are habituated to overeating and repeated eating in the belief that more food will give more of health and satisfaction.But our bodily fire can cook and digest a limited quantity only.Hence over eating creates a trouble for Malasuddhi. Even drinking warm lemon water (salted) before meal helps in mala suddhi. Stability of Mind We have a very fickle, instable, wandering mind.We must have a positive, satisfying ,happy and stable mind before yoga practice. Balnced Food Balanced food means satvik Ahar .Milk, Fruits, a little of ghee ,sweets ,dal and Roti,vegetable and rice in limit create astvik ahar. It does not involve much of spicy ,oily ,non veg and over eating practices.Even it ignores fast food regularly,icecream and cold water most often. The foremost thing is that we conduct Sunday classes in Mumbai from Ambika yoga Kutir freely and inspire people to practice yoga regularly in their homes. As I have already expressed that we achieve a lot many things by practice of yoga contrary to the popular and common laziness that ignores Yoga, a labourer or worker improves or promotes his living environment by simply getting attached to yoga. Practice. Ist step- Sit in Padmasan.Close your eyes .For a moment close your ear by your finger tips .Try to listen the internal sound inside you. i.e the Omkaar. 2nd-step- Remove all worries or wandering thoughts from your mind .Start observing the peaceful inhalation and exhalation breathing comforting you.

3 rd- step-Sitting in the above two postures utter either om namah shivayah,Om namah Bhagwate Basudebay,or Gayatri mantra or Rang Rangay namah in side your mind for atleast 10 minutes at a stretch.

4th Step- Now take your mind to Muladhar Chakra i.e the place of earth.It is at the Bottom of your body between the anus and the urine channel.
5th step Mula Bandha- We close our anus and the back bone channel tightly throughout all our practice described here.

As all the earlier described practices are followed daily in our routine life we have a very relaxed non-wandering and calm mind with us ,now we are able to remove to mental and physical distress a great extent in our physical body.

By and by we call it destruction of our wandering mind .As we put our mind on our breathing cycle we become spiritual slowly and gradually. Now from physical consciousness we are deviated and reached and connected to with the divine spirit through our breathing, mental connection, meditation and concentration due to the above mentioned practices.

Presently simply I feel the air moving through my nostril deep into my body towards my Muladhar. The consecution of chakras are mentioned below for reference activating all the vains connected there from towards my leg ,palms and brain.Now closely I observe the comfort and relaxation at my muladhar.I observe this chakra getting activated and enlightened.






MULADHAR Again at this juncture I reminded myself about omkar sound we heard earlier after closing our ears .Slowly I tried to move this omkaar with the help of my mind to muladhar and felt energetic there. This practice I did for 15 days regularly. The next chakra, place of the water in higher ups to muladhar, being Swadhisthan I tried to activate this chakra and repeated the above mentioned exercise for the next 15 days, along with my Muladhar Chakra as had been explained earlier. The next chakra being the Manipur chakra is the place of bodily fire.I reapeated for the next 15 days all the above exercise along with my previous two chakras that I practiced since the last 30 days.

The next chakra Anahat chakra is the place of bodily air.I reapeated for the next 15 days all the above exercise along with my previous three chakras that I practiced since the last 45 days. Surya chakra at heart is not mentioned in most of the books.But heart is one of the most important bodily parts. As the sun absorbs water from earth and moisture in air and gets strong ,so also our heart absorbs oxygen in air along with moistured oxygen and gets strong. Through out our practice we believe and habituate ourselves to love our organs and our chakras.And request the chakras and the divine power to be pleased with us and get activated so that we dont have to try for that.As heart chakra is connected with lord surya we pray sun to take care of our heart.But in case of elephant or person with elephant/fish body sun plays less role for their heart as if they are inside the water or land locked in side the earth. We practice heart chakra as usual for the next 15 days and all the above exercise along with my previous four chakras that I practiced since the last 60 days. The next chakra Bisudha chakra is the place of bodily sky .I reapeated for the next 15 days all the above exercise along with my previous five chakras that I practiced since the last 75 days.

The next chakra Agyan chakra is the place of bodily stars on the forehead.I reapeated for the next 15 days all the above exercises along with my previous six chakras that I practiced since the last 90 days. The next chakra , Sahasrar chakra is the place of bodily space on moon above our head.I reapeated for the next 15 days all the above exercises along with my previous seven chakras that I practiced since the last 105 days.Again we pray ,request ,activate ,practice and enlighten this chakra for Amartwa or chirinjivi post. It is believed that one may live for 100 years with a healthy life if succeeds to activate this chakra. As our body significantly is co rrelated with the universal forces in consecution now we are able to have a significant control over our body,mind ,spirit and environment around us as our practice develop day by day.


Kailash ch Sabat 9819324315,7207884783

INDRA THE WAY TO PERFECT HEALTH An article explaining hath yoga for attaining perfect health. By kailash Chandra Sabat 7207884783.


For Hindu Indra is the lord of lords only lower to Tridev,laxmi and Durga.It is told that there no permananent god in this position.Any body who can win the favour of lord vishnu was assigned this position.Sachi devi ,the wife of lord Indra is a transdental deity.Whos over be Indra owns sachidevi. Indra is the guard as to the behaviour of demons if they are not gathering strength against devaloka-lord dynasty. Indra is the master of rain god.He used once angrily on lord krishna at Giri Govardhan. Airavat is the chariot of Indra .It is a transdental white elephant came out of samudra manthan. occean exploration. Indra is the symbol for Righteousness energy for the betterment of this earth


Symbol of elephant Sign for rain and water A friend of lord Vishnu and Arjuna Hath yoga and meditation of lord I have explained in this article are somewhat more similar to this god.Air is the carrier of pranayam and air is a rightful servant of lord Indra. All the meditations become successful only if blessed by some higher gods .Hence to succeed one must pray Lord Indra. I AM UNRELIABLY EGOIST Perfect health is achieved only when you control your ego.But when you feel that I am a master of this ,I am strong,I am healthy,I am wealthy or a learned person you become intolerant on minor factors and scold people and stay in a rebellious mood. Govinda is always against ego, hence he says I fear ego in a person as an egoist will never respect me. Not only this, ego has given echo in our personal life also. Once a wrong thought about an married exlover came into my mind.As Govinda knew this is a misguided ego , the ego echoed in more married women trying to misguide and insult me by illusory provocation.Most of our enmies or friend related with this illusory ego and can be contolled by self analysis taught in yoga and meditation.Hence Survey sir of Ambika always advised for a self analysis to the frustrated people. This also gives rise to corruption as I have explained in an another me in yoga. Slowly I understood that the prana I am having is controlled and depend for its welfare and maintenance on many external forces that I never understood before. We can make an imagination that The prana that I own presently owes its origin and is dependent upon 20% on my parental relationship 7% on my brothers relationship 7% on my sisters relationship 7% on my own family 10% on my employer


10% on my teachers and doctors 5% on my friends and well wishers 10% on my own performance 14% on gods sympathy Have I ever been grateful to them? Do I Thank and oblige them ? Do I gratify them.? As per my western education I am very selfish and self centered.Only when I understand and implement these in my daily life then I shall have a beautiful health and good body.

Patanjali yoga Yama Niyama Asana Pranayama Pratyahar Dhyana Dharana Samadhi Some of the Mudras that are helpful to us1. Mahamudra 2. Aswini Mudra 3. Khechari Mudra. Some of the Bandhas that are helpful to us-


Jalandhar Bandha Mula Bandha Udiyana Bandha What is meant by a perfect health.
Nikam Guruji tells that-

Bapu kushatwa badane prasannata-A light body with an ever contenting face Nada sputikam nayana sunirmalam,-Voice is clear and eyes are transparent. Arogyata bindujaya agnee dipam,-No diasease,No night fall and good digestive

Nadisudhi Hatha yoga lakshanam.-Unconstrained flow of pranic energy

are The signs of a successful Hatha Yogi.



Further it is concluded that any body he who practices Yoga will succeed undoubtedly in achieving complte health provided he works sincerely. Brudha ati brudha aba vyadite durbala apiba, Abhyasaat Siddhi mapnoti sarbah Yogi swatahtritah Meaning-Even an old man or a diseased peson if practices regularly this art,can achieve success definitely. Another word about Badhha padmasana that is considered to give all round wealth. Apana Urdha utthaaya prana tatha dadhanayet cha Nasagre malakayat, Etadam vyadhi vinasakari padmasanam Prochyate. Meaning-Sit in padmasana.Prana bayu which is prevalent from nose to neck be brought to Anahata chakra or place of stomach and Apana bayu which is prevalent at place of muladhar or lower abdomen ,be brought upward to make it meet with prana bayu,Now keep your mind and sight at nose top at a stretch, you are supposed to achive good health by this practice regularly. A word about Khechari MudraNa cha kshudha Trushna, Vyadhi, Na cha Mrutyu Jara Bhayam, Na cha Nidra bhaya tasya Jo mudra bedhi khecharim. Khechri mudra which is a posture of tongue somersaulted towards upper mouth or directed towards the brain nose hole ,if practised regularly can give you success in many fields.

Yoga, a master of mass hypnotization

As we have already discussed that we breathe on alternative nostrils mostly.However when you want to face an angry man or a mass of people with a dissatisfying attitude you should ensure that you are breathing in the left nostril as the(Moon) chhandra nadi in left nostril make you stable minded and give a benevolent voice and a peace impact on the people before you.There are certain methods of changing the breathing flow from one nostril to another.


1. Sleep on your side, the opposite side of the nostril you want to breathe for 5-10 minutes. This posture helps you changing your breathing cycle to the side of the upside nostril. In distance healing of reiki you can pray for peace or eradication of a spreading disease or violence in an entire region . We can read in MY EXPERIMENT WITH TRUTH of M.K.Gandhi -In south Africa once Mahatma Gandhi was almost attacked by a mass of people/mob because he opposed apartheid in south Africa and discrimination against black.But he was a true yogi.So his positive power responded and some other people helped him to escape in a safe passage from the trouble. In Kolkatta I was threatened with dire consequence by some young learners .As I was visiting Jagarnnath temple and practicing Shirshasana regularly some other people helped me to avoid the attack. Thereby Yoga ensures that his followers are safe and far from an impromptu or emergency situations in crowded places. Happiness in others There are two beautiful stories. Once an old father was for a pilgrimage.Before he started the journey he met his four sons who were expecting huge richness from their father,and advised them to dig the backside lawn behind their home for secret richness. The four sons dug the field but got nothing .After some days when it rained one of them put some food grains on the ploughed field.Some days after crops came out and by that time the father came back from piligrimage and the sons now realized what he meant by the secret wealth. A deer with kasturi always find and tries the source of the scent of kasturi which is in his own naval base. So god has given enough credentials in us for becoming healthy and prosperous. For this reason we must be happy with other people.Thats why noble gurus like nikam guruji advises us to help others by making a selfless service.Only when you understand the importance of this service and practice that you become all successful in hath yoga.


Thats how only we can have a healthy body.

FREEDOM OR MOUKSHYA A LIVING OR A DEAD CONCEPT.? An article of yoga for better health. By Kailash Chandra Sabat, 7207884783. An article explaining what is the term liberation in Indian culture?


Well,we all are confused,rather we are busy,somebody with his office work or another in his shop or some other with his family.We don,t want to mingle our mind or burden our head ,may be what we think to be an unnecessary term ,what is meant about the term moukshya in Indian culture in the present context. I may chant a Mantra of lord Shiva. OM Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Prusthi Vardhanam Urbarukmib bandhanan Mrutyomoukshiya Mam Amrutat.


Other terms used in Indian culture and epics-Dharma ,Artha,Kama and moukshya.When we go to a temple or God we are blessed with Dharma ,Artha ,Kama,Moukshya. The Belief is as followsOur saints or priests advise and bless us that we dont put into another life cycle being the soul for another creature as it may multiply our attachment and sorrowness in another life cycle. They bless that after death we should desire and be blessed for going to Vaikuntha ,the sacred place of lord Vishnus residence that we contemplate as Moukshya. In the above mantra of lord shiva we ask for the grace of God for Moukshya from death.The question is, if it is possible to get freedom from death or the hymn is wrong.Of course,When a philosopher says me that moukshya means freedom not to enter another creatures life after our death ,I never feel myself comfortable and feel as if the the term not to have been truly interpreted.Because we are more concerned with betterness in the present life than a period of life after death . Hence Is it possible getting freedom from death or the hymn is wrong?This is truth that nothing in our tradition and culture or epics are wrong ,the problem is with our own understanding.We shall better try to find in depth what is the truth behind this moukshya in Indian culture. In many of my previous articles like One bird in hand is better than five in the bush. Activation of Muladhar remedy to knee problem.etc. I have been emphasizing the point that happiness lies in the human life when we realize and feel that 1. We have a soul separate from our body. 2. Our soul is a part and related to the supreme soul. Simultaneously I have written that we have different methods of sadhana. 1. Yoga /Meditation/Soham/Rajayoga/Reiki or chhakra sadhana. 2. Bhakti sadhana Srila prabhupad or Kripalu maharaj 3. Mantra Chanting


All the above methods are part and parcel of our Indian culture.When we succeed in any of the ways to sadhna invariably we feel that we have A soul different from our physical body. The soul is invariably attached and directed by the supreme soul. Provided when you think good you are under the good department of the supreme soul and when you think bad you are sent to the bad /Saitan dept. of the god. Really our problem is sorrowness or attachment for which we seek freedom or moukshya.We do sadhana but when we are unable to feel the uniqueness of soul from our body we are in attachment stage only. Hence lord Krishna quotes Karmena vadhkerastu ma faleshu kadachan. Meaning I am not after the result.As I believe the God I also have faith in his decision on my fortune.and I know that my soul is different from my body and I am attached to the supreme soul.When we not only contemplate but also feel that I have a soul in my body and It is different from my body ( We always visualize this in our activities)-Then we are almost free from bodily attachments. This stage of ours is not after death but a stage in our life time and when we are alive only.Really our ancient masters wanted to emphasize this ,but slowly we are taught wrongfully that this is a stage after death which is quite a meaningless term for all the living entities. Let us interpret The term sorrowness-Actually it results when We are not getting something rightfully belonging to us. Disease Dissatisfaction/poverty. Torture Continuous and tight compartment difference with the people around.

The term sorrowness is a mental concept.There is a beautul story for this .Once a king asks his courtiers who is the wealthiest person in this world.It is concluded that not the man with highest wealth in his disposal but the man with simplicity and satisfaction and not of rebellious mind is the wealthiest person in this world.


Anyway to have a conclusion or finding a meaning to what we want to explore we must have reached a stage where we feel the above feeling to be essential to achieve moukshya i.e Body less mind and soul feeling habit and a feeling of the presence of the most powerful artistic god of this wonderful world. This we achieve in Indian culture by Yoga Bhakti By chanting of Hymns. When we never desire to reach this stage of Moukshya ,There is no justification in discussing this as this is not understandable to us.Where as when we feel the soul is different from our body We have altogether a different kind of experience such as 1. Not getting something is not a huge problem for us .As Lord Govinda is the master of this material world ,when we indifferently pray him ,he gives you the opportunity to enjoy all the material life. 2. Now see from Bill Gates to Anil Ambani no body can take the material wealth with him after his death.simply they will own and enjoy these during their living period. In contrast if Govinda can give you the opportunity to interact the wealth or desire without owning that ,yours wishes are fulfilled.Really most of the wishes can be fulfilled by doing the right karma as per his desire. On the other hand when your soul is attached and not free you feel sorrow when you dont own something. Dissatisfaction The same principles are applied in case of removing our dissatisfaction in any situation or interaction with some people as we have been explained in case of not getting something. The Disease- a great cause of sorrowness-


If indifferently you work and feel the relation of soul and supreme soul invariably lord Govinda understands your disease and epowers your soul and arranges wisdom and doctore for you.Some of the quotes of Bhagwat GeetaHe who neither rejoices nor hates nor grieves nor desires, Renouncing good and evil, full of Devotion, He is dear to ME. To whom censure and praise are equal, who is silent, content with anything, Homeless, steady-minded, full of Devotion, That man is dear to ME. The speech which causes no excitement, which is Truthful, pleasant and beneficial, And also the practice of Sacred Recitation, These are said to form the austerity of SPEECH Fix your Mind on ME, Be Devoted to ME, and Sacrifice to ME, Bow down to ME. SO SHALL YOU COME TO ME. This is MY pledge to you, for you are dear to ME.



Achyutanant Govind Namocharan Veshajat Nashyanti sakala rogaha satya satya badyanti hum. Due to your understanding of the spiritual energy as explained above you get higher energy to make you free from disease and free from illness. Now come to the Torture partNo body is more powerful than Govinda .When you are consciously connected with Lord Govinda the torture vanishes. The torturing people get freightened and respect you because you are not the you but a consciously connected to lord Govinda. The last but not the least The difference with the people around you. Even people having difference with you ultimately agree to your ideas.But if the difference continues ,you dont feel sorrowness because you are invariably in the nature of the soul,which is basically free from sorrowness.; Now the next question is how a mantra like mrutyunjaya gives you moukshya from death.When you chant this Mantra the spiritual energy in you is activated.Slowly it makes you understand the truth about your soul and the supreme soul . By this spiritual energy slowly you analyse about the supreme soul-and the reasult of our own deeds.Once I took a seminar on Mantra by prasanna charitable trust in Mumbai-They supposed that after you follow the procedure of believing and chanting an entirely new body and thoughts are created in you. It makes you create situations godly around you .Consciousness about god is created in you .People with godly habits interact and talk to you.Gradually we adhere to the principles of this spirit and stay away from wrong deeds and stay indifferent to the happening around you. This is a stage of consciousness of soul and you become free from attachment or happenings in the daily life.And ultimately you inhibit the true nature of the soul the very intimate of the supreme soul or become the soul natured and understand that the soul never dies as it is the pranic energy around you for ever.


But this article explains that we always bear all the good or bad results of our karma during our present birth only. As the soul never dies and by sadhana we reached the stage of detachment meaning free from day to day life we also become immortal as long as we live in this earth.-or we enjoy the true spiritual,powerful and an ever exciting godly life as the god has contemplated while created to you.Hence the hymn is never wrong .Are we in a position to achieve that.Many times we get hurt or get discouraged because we feel that gods blessing is not there with us.When we can free our soul from our body and consciously connect that with lord Govinda ,we can realise that Lord Govinda has made every moment of all of all beautiful,meaningful,precious and magnificient. The another form of chhakra sadhana is a process or technique where by you contemplate the white soul in your body in eight different energy centres which in itself is a bodyless soul feeling.This is an all time concept and the person or sadhak utilises almost all his 24 hours simultaneously doing his other work also,and succeeds in awakening this consciousness for every moment of his life.All other disturbing and unnecessary things vanishes from his mind and due to soul cosciousness for moukshya he enjoys Dharma ,Artha ,Kama,Moukshya during his life and not when he is dead.

An article by Kailash Chandra Sabat. 7207884783.





Kailash Sabat By Kailash Chandra Sabat 9819324315 In my high school career I had read My Finest Hour By Sunil Gavaskar, the master bats man. In the article an ice cube got stuck inside the teeth cavity of Sunil Gavaskar in the last dinner. In the night the pain started. He took some pain killers. But the pain was awesome .Even he could not sleep in the night. But next day he had to play the five day test with England or west Indies. He was the indispensable opening bats man. Hence he had to play the match in spite of all the pain he underwent.Nextday he performed record high score of more than two centuries in each of the innings. He explained it as the finest hour of his career because with every moment of unbearable pain he underwent, he scored marvelous runs and wonderful centuries.


Another short story I had read is that a couple were flying their jet high in the sky.All of a sudden the pilot husband fainted .Coincidentally the wife never had learnt to fly the jet .But she never lost patience and her heart.She tried for the flying options .Ultimately she was able to land the plain on the ground successfully. I have seen many people losing their lives in their 40s or became useless for themselves or to the society. I had observed some lacunae in their lives.

First they were never highly ambitious. Because they were not ambitious they never tried for options and lost faith in themselves as things went against them.One thing is there when you are trying for a big thing even though you fail to get the same you shall definetly get a small thing .That is how people fail not trying at all when things went against them. Hence the saying is better one fails than not to trying at all. Second never they Believed in God the way it should have been.As and when you start believing God and praying for betterment more and more opportunities come your way.Two people were thrown into a flooded river .Both of them saw a green leaf floating before them. The first one ignored it thinking that how a leaf can save him in such a dangereous flood.The second one thought what is the harm in trying even if it was simply a leaf . May be it would be an uprooted tree in the flood and to his surprise the small leaf turned out to be a big tree and seconds later the tree became free from some stuck weights and started floating.He was able to save his life thereby. Third they never tried for any kind of spiritual or Yoga practices.In India people bag .Some clever people learnt how to sing or play a guitar.Now they claimed that they are artists and hence asking for money no more was considered as begging after the displaying of that art . Even many people enjoyed their art .This is how they had been able to be artists and enjoy both respect and money from people .



Lets start how some of the postures when practiced make wonders for us .May be they will bring us fortunes because we are making ourselves attached with a powerful spiritual art .For example a person is employed in police department he obviously enjoys all the benefits of the department .Not only that he becomes instrumental in solving many problems and hence a special performer in his field and area.So also when you master over any difficult arts you become a necessity to the people.This raises your utility .Hence now you are not only in a position of a good health but also in an increased demanded position.When somebody explains or helps you in this regard he creates undoubtedly a glorious moment in your life. All the time I mention that Yoga simply does not involve some postures only , in addition it is a relationship with a higher level of spiritual art that shows you the way to success.But the primary thing is that you have to be hopeful in thinking that you will get out of these type of problems through yoga . I have mentioned some of the yoga postures for our reference .These postures are not necessarily in sequence or neither enough guidance has been given here for practice in home .Rather this is simply an information and one has to go to a yoga guru for its further practice.



12.MASTHYANA From childhood I practiced Shirshasana.As it is well defined that our body resembles with that of universe. when I practice the shirshasana discernibly I am reversing the positions of my own body. But as my small body had been connected strongly with the universe it may make a small impact on the environment in it self.Now in shirshasana as I raise my leg and lower part of my body the universal energy being connected to you will enjoy your demonstration and will raise its water elements high into the sky and this may cause rain.Like this all the postures mentioned can activate some chakra or some energy in to the environment for a true Yogi.



As this article tries us to explain how we can be psychologically strong and discriminatory so to change our mis fortune into good fortune Shirshasana may connect you to the pranik energy in the universe as blood flow to sahasrar is done on a regular basis. Precautions1. While practicing yoga intentionally you should never consider that you are making an impact into the environment .This is because you can bring impact on the environment only when you are connected with the environment and we dont know how much we are connected with this spiritual energy. Otherwise you will be misguided and will be always making futile attempts only. 2. Regularly this posture may be practiced up to 3 minutes.If you practice for more time than this you may be inflicted with blood pressure.

I was in deep trouble almost all the times in my career. Because of volatility I might have lost my life many times.But any how I survived.Even many often I was on a very low ebb that is in an unbelievable peculiarity.As I was from a poor family and where your calculated performance gave you back your labour only, to sustain I had to face litmus test all throughout. Further as I was overambitious and I always desired none otherthan the best amidist scarcity of opportunities in an overpopulated India,I had to prove that I deserved what I desired.


Here is how Yoga and spirituality gave me glorious moments to grow and prosper .First Divine life society ,secondly Reiki with Sunil Goutam and finally with Ambika Yoga Kutir in Mumbai I learnt yoga .

Hajaro phool he jungle me to kya, Jo apna Kamka nehi rahen, Sabdoki granth he kitabome to kya , Jo Apane dardako mehsus nehin kar payen. Whenever I was appreciated,explained ,heard and guided with love and politeness I was astonished to understand that there is still a beautiful moment and opportunity for me to revive myself .A true personality in spirituality and yoga can only understand and guide you,nurture and tolerate you .Only then you can grow and be strong. Whenever I was with a contact and in guidance of such people tears rolled down my cheeks and I always considered these moments to be glorious moments for me.

So love and tolerance I got from true spiritual practioners.But how and why these people were willing to advice me particularly when I was too stubborn to accept things easily.This is what I want to explain here .This is because I practiced and controlled some of the above spiritual postures as per the Indian spiritual culture . As per the rules of divinity I was eligible for this respect and guidance .

Another golden moment was when I completed the daily practice I always enjoyed clear and transparent Aura. That gave a lot of joy and confidence in my life .No doubt these are the glorious moments of my life.I have used psychology, tolerance love,sharing,forgiveness,contribution,politeness and appreciation like words here because yoga is a spiritual science .In exercise there is no hard and fast rule to learn these. But in case of yoga practice you have to satisfy a spirit or god and the Guru before you start practicing the Art.


When we understand that these postures can do wonders for us let us learn these postures in detail. KAPALBHATI It is a rhythm of long breathing done first in each nostril beginning with the right nostril and then in both nostrils for 5 to ten minutes. It relieves back ache ,knee pain,cures constipation, As per Nikam guruji the sound created in this kriya is like a Goldsmiths heater. It also activates the dead cells in the respiration cycle.

OMKAR- It is a technique of imitating the inner sound and making om sound in the process of long exhaling breathing.It can cure madness and increase sharpness of mind. It increases the contemplative capacity of the practitioner. SURYA NAMASKAR It consists of 12 to 14 postures .If this posture is practiced for 12 times a day one is expected to maintain a very good healthy life.It increases digestive capacity ,flexibility of body ,concentration, back ache relief, and brings blessings of sun god.At the beginning of practice we chant twelve names of sun god and with each posture of one cycle we exhale or inhale alternatively. MASTHYASANA-Masthyanasana also done in sleeping position with legs in padmasana posture.

It can be a preventive step for fever ,cough , backache and flexibility of backbone.

SUPTA GARVASANA Nikam Guruji tells that this is a posture as like a small child inside the tomb of its mother .Regular practice of this posture make you flexible and light.


MAHA MUDRA- -Keep one of the legs stretched and fold the other leg so the back toe touches the mid position of anus and the urinal channel.With both the hands catch the toes of the stretched leg.We start this posture by stretching the right leg first.Now close the stretched leg sided nostril pressing the respective nostril on the respective arm and inhale deeply in the other nostril and in the state of Mula bandha ,uddiyan Bandha and jalandhar Bandha bow your head to touch the knee of the stretched leg.Stay one to two minutes in this posture.. Now raise your head slowly and release the bandhs and practice slow and long exhalation as much as possible through the opposite nostril of inhalation at the beginning by pressuring the opposite nostril in the opposite arm . Now repeat the posture in the alternate leg .You can do this for three times a day. It can stop paralysis type diseases attacking a sadhak .This is also known as JANUSIRASANA

janu sirasana. MAHA VEDA Sit in padmasana posture.Inhale deeply.Put into effect the Mula bandha ,Udiyana bandha and Jalandar bandha.With this posture strike your seat position on the ground repeatedly up to 50 times in one practice . Now raise your head slowly and release the bandhs and practice slow and long exhalation as much as possible .You can do this for three times a day. It helps flow of shushamna unrestrained and pranashakti may run upwards easily.


MAHA BANDHA.---- Fold left leg so the back toe touches the mid position of anus and the urinal channel.Now fold your right leg and come into padmasana posture.First exhale .Then inhale in left nostril and Put into effect the mula bandha ,Udiyana bandha and Jalandar bandha.Stay in this posture for one minute. Now raise your head slowly and release the bandhs and practice slow and long exhalation as much as possible in the right nostril .You can do this for three times a day.Now repeat the same in the right leg. It helps flow of shushamna unrestrained and pranashakti may run upwards easily.

SAKTI CHALINI MUDRA- Sit in Padmasana.First exhale.Pull up your stomach as much as possible. Put into effect the mula bandha ,Udiyana bandha and Jalandar bandha.Now strike your seat repeatedly on the ground for upto 50 times.Stay in this posture for one minute. Now raise your head slowly and release the bandhs and practice slow and long exhalation in both nostrils as much as possible . Not discontinuing the practice and in the position of complete inhalation practice Aswini Mudra for up to twenty times. Now make long and complete exhalation . you can do this for three times in one practice. It helps flow of shushamna unrestrained and pranashakti may run upwards easily.

LOMA BILOMA PRANAYAM--- First exhale .Then inhale in left nostril and Put into effect the Mula bandha ,Udiyana bandha and Jalandar bandha.Stay in this posture for one minute. Now raise your head slowly and release the bandhs and practice slow and long exhalation as much as possible in the right nostril .You can do this for fifteen times a day.Now repeat the same in the right nostril.This posture can be done for five to ten minutes. It helps flow of shushamna unrestrained and pranashakti may run upwards easily. This creates coolness in the body.

KAMANI OR CHAKRASANA Sleep on your back. This is a posture of backward bending and raising your belly posture upwards while resting on your hand palms and leg toes.If you can practice this posture from a standing position and can go back to the same without laying your body on the ground ,it is called a


Kamani.It straightens your back bone ,help flow shushamna unrestrained and pranashakti may run upwards easily.We call this Urdha Dhanurasana also.

PASCIMOTANASANA-In this posture we bend our waist and head forward and catch the two toes with your two hands and then touch your nose into the gap in between the knees of the stretched legs.We roll back and practice halasan while practicing this posture while doing deep inhalation and exhalation alternatively.It relives body ache and make your muscles flexible. The Headstand (Shirshasana) This posture may look like imposing to those who havent attempted it. Nevertheless, it is an extremely powerful asana. It is called the "king of asanas" because of its overall effect on the whole body. For beginners, it is better to start


this in a corner so that you can practice it without the fear of falling down. Ask a

friend to help you with this in the beginning. Technique You must use extra padding for the headstand, so use a folded blanket or some extra foam on top of your yoga mat. Don't use a pillow, since it's too soft. If you don't feet very confident about going straight into the headstand, try stage 1 first. Once you are confident with stage 1, you can go on to stage 2, which is the standard headstand. If you wish to try it on your own, place a pillow lengthwise behind your head, in case The Plough Posture (Halasana)



KAILASH CH SABAT 9819324315,7207884783

This Article is Devoted to Mahakaleshwar ,Ujjain

In Marathi there is a famous quotation.

Taisi karmadasa Samya yeta biresha Guru aapeisa vetechi ga.

The meaning is continue with your sadhana .dont suspect about the result. your own sacred soul itself will guide you as your guru later on.


Like many other confused persons I tried to get happiness through friendship.But the world is full of illusion.It is very much difficult to know the right course of action.

Money ,friendship,good food ,relatives ,wealth and god are the means we follow to acquire happiness and find right course of action.

Pitamaha Bhishma always asked his mother i.e the Ganga maya about right course of action.Arjun got answers from Lord Krishna.Lord rama was helped by Bhibhishana/Hanumana /Jambhaban and Sugribha.

Now I dont have any wealth .Even I dont have many friends to help me except god.Perhaps I cannot pay to create friends.

But happiness comes from ,satisfaction,security,,realization and achievement..I dont claim that I dont suffer.Rather I suffer more than many people.But I feel for sure that you can get satisfaction if your questions are answered properly.

While I was in Kolkatta ,I tried to make friendship any how.I felt that more contacts can bring more friendship and there by more security and happiness.But can the shadow give fruits? To get fruits one has to go to the tree,Even if I want contioniously fruits I have to plant trees or contact any body who has planted trees. So also the illusion of making cheap friendship ended no where.

But yoga never shyied away from me from answering my questions and showing the righteous course of action to me as I tried my best to follow yoga sincerely.



Our contextual yoga includes Good Deeds Prayers and Devotion Trustworthiness and gratitude Sacrifice /Help. Sharing Self Analysis Asanas /Pranayam Non violence Healing and serving the patient. Divine Life Society quotes do good and be good. We never understand how difficult is that to be good and do good. Yoga as a Guide- So when you follow the principles laid by yoga systematically and consciously definitely your guide gives you assistance by clearing your doubts. In contrast when you Betray Be selfish Lurch Stubborn Cheat Be impatient Molest

You have to suffer. So the first step towards yoga is to be kind hearted and believe in god. In kolkatta I failed miserably .The next place was New Delhi. Gaining from my past experience I tried to become better and got attached with some good work and benevolence. Because the article is meant for explaining the related karmas and the results in the due course of our lives as we get attached with yoga ,it answers our questions to suit us on time and gets involved with both our happiness and sorrow .



Lets find out if yoga can give us what is being claimed as standing of yoga to help us on time.

In Delhi I devoted to Lord Hanuman and in exchange lord Hanuman helped me to get a room in Varanasi.

Mostly I was used to loving children . May be for that reason many people co-operated me to solve my personal problems that otherwise had to be solved by myself.Even in employment to get a job or friendship things were done miraculously.But three major problems I faced were 1. Short money for mine was a temporary job 2. Not married and no wife. 3. Health problem sometimes was a minor problem I think god wanted I to suffer in these fields.

Yoga as I describe also as a synonymous term and an act of visiting a temple and is a place where we show our grievance without any type of major constraint or cost needed for poor people like me in particular and for everybody in general . I many often visited temples to relieve myself from major or minor drawbacks.But whenever I visited temples I got result as per my own emotions and genuine thoughts.Any how my search continued in temples and in new faces to make powerful friends in order to achieve satisfaction and happiness.


In new Delhi my narrowmindedness betrayed a girl who somehow was in love with me .as usual my mind was more fickle and I was vulnerable in having excess attraction for & lurch towards girls.But I was apprehensive for a relationship as I was against Love marriage.


By this I was a source of pain and was an obstacle to sacred love people started betraying and misbehaving me.Perhaps this act of my shortsightedness even created ways for my removal in Delhi and I never got a good opportunity and co-operation from other people. Even though I was unable to understand the result then that was a direct repercussion of my own misdeeds- an answer by yoga itself.

However a devotion to lord Rama gave a Heart broken Kailash a little break in Hyderabad.This was the outcome of my previous karma.(I was used to chant Ram tarak mantra) By the way I have clarified this that I got answers from God as and when I created a relationship by visiting his place of abode i.e a temple.


A help to my younger brother previously again bailed me out in Rourkela and I was able to complete my ICWAI inter there-where my two uncles were a great help to me also..While appearing both the exams Divine life society had camped in rourkela .and In spite of examination pressure I attended the programmes simultaneously and was able to get through the exams .Hence definitely the credit of my inter passing goes to DLS to some extent.

All these dilemmas were solved or arrangements by yoga for me which was invariably linked to any of my past deeds done somewhere else sometime by myself.

In addition to above

My anxiety to get popularity and fame made me involved into four more courageous acts during the most unfortunate period of my career (that I mentioned in the next page.) while I was in complete ignorance about natural repercussions in our lives. It means our consciousness can take us to hell or heaven as per our own choice.Now after 10 to 15 years past these acts I realize to some extent that I had then simply sowed seeds for my future results.Even it is more encouraging to know that this work


karma is an on going process and if we are involved with yoga we get an all powerful third party co-operation during our course of ongoing interaction with our life happenings. From this period to till now I have been having a highly destabilsed mind particularly blaming Govt .and /Police force for all my tragedies and pitfalls.

Till now perhaps most of us are unclear about what type of yoga I am talking about and what exactly have to be done if one tries to follow it. In fact our Indian culture has given enough gurus ,epics and connections for one to follow and understand.Simply one has to get involved with one from them and believe god,yoga and nature is all pervasive around all of us for our welfare all the time.

Yoga and Reiki perceives and asserts that we must follow these four principles for smooth functioning of our activities. Acceptance Love Forgiveness Freeflow

We are having a destabilised life style because we are unable to follow these fundamentals in its true conception.

My four above mentioned acts were aronud that time were

1. 2. 3. 4.

Hanuman chalisa 108 times hanuman chalisa 108 times-second time Aparajita SadhanaA visit to kamaksha temple in Assam.



As I was in highly negative mind I was beaten miserably in both hanuman chalisa incidents.However my younger brother helped me through out all my apathy as he was a synonymous symbol of lord Hanumaan

Aparajita Sadhana opened my way for a married life.

My fourth act helped us making our father strong for the next 10 to 15 years.



What I belive is that. Learning different perceptions at different times is not equal to mixing of principles or ideologies in yoga.

The same thing is asserted in Gita yoga that

Yada yada hi Dharmasya glani bhavati Bharath Abhyuthanam adharmsya Tadatmanam Srujamyaham, Paritranaya Sadunam Vinashayah Chah Duskrutam Dharma santshapana Arthaya Sambhabani yuge Yuge. Now I am relaxed and felt reassured that my actions are answered by yoga due to my own involvement with yoga intimately and systematically.

However my excessive attachment for women,my ego,my impatience and badluck never permitted me to succed in IAS/OAS exams thrice in spite of continious help I got from my parents ,brother and some friends.

Incidentally my Mrutyunjaya japa,Aparajita and Hanuman chalisa created a lot many contacts beginning from police constables to SP /DIG ,Authors/shri JB pattanaik,Navin pattanaik,Mr Krishna kant ,the then vice president of India.

In contrast my negative perceptions ,anger ,ego ,unacceptability ,suspicion gave me a lot of physical troubles during that time to till now.

A contact With sunil Goutam and Mamta Goutam Reiki masters-


They tried their best for a prosperous Kailash.Perhaps only for them that I have been able to write and speakout to people about human life and ups and downs that we face throughout.

I became a psychiatric patient- The all spiritual connections I created ,generated a kind of social reaction in my life affecting my psychological balance.

Prima facie and involuntarily my inner mind scolded and cursed to any body and everybody on small distractions from my expectations.

I felt as if some other person in me is compelling my mind to utter something disgraceful and unexpected-however this is only madness disease in medical science.But my mind interaced as a snake reacts to a snake charmer ( an act of hypnotization on snake)or a wild monkey involuntarily gets angry on people it interacts. (ignorance of monkey).

Any how this created a serious impediment in my spiritual growth and self discipline .this became as if somebody pulling my leg downwards.

It took continiously a lot of effort to calm down my own mind by giving the logical explanations by citing all the happening in my life .Pranayam by a practice of slow breathing and pulling down of the wandering mind helped me a lot in this respect.More over omkaar by asserting that it is the most superior power re assured me that all negativity can be overcome if simply you have a thought of omkaar.

At last I assured myself that I cannot take blame of my own fickle mind without control (as it may have been controlled by some outside force )and wandering so fast on such trivial occasions.


Secondly I confided myself on god again and told myself that god through all my relations had done justice to me in the past and doing good to me now and will continue the same in future. Hence I felt secured now and my psychological problem ended here.



The other way of Gods message

God not only spoke to me through my relations ,but I felt strongly that birds ,animals ansd some lifeless objects are also giving me message in their own way.

The existence of NIYATI-

Niyati is an agent by god in physical form.Its duty id to appreciate good deeds of human beings and warn of bad things in advance that we want to do inour lives.

I felt Niyati lively throught all my life..I accepted its authority again and over again.Hence I felt relaxed and belived in gods answers more confidently now.

During the course of my physical yoga practice I observed more intently and closely the trembling of my body or burning sensation of body or fickleness of mind that my mother complainted most often .The same I tried to control through omkaar,pranayam,So aham which is called in yoga as meditation.

Ambika Yoga Kutir and Nikam Guruji.-The finising Touch-in yoga

Hard work ,continious dedication ,perfection and achievement are the qualities that Ambika practices and provides in Maharasthra and Canada as voluntary service from teachers and without any obligatory fee from the Sadhaks. Here I learnt that if you can achieve excellence in yoga and spiritual sadhana in a married life why to kill your freedom to live a family life. Creation of Gratitudeness ,benevolence,happiness and helpfulness that I got from Ambika like many other people attending the classes.


Nikam Guruji-The Hathyogi and a maharasthrian police soldier really has given a lot to people to follow and prosper. Even I was given ascope to serve people in distress.As I was destined to suffer ,yoga helped me his best by making a contract /a bond for me with Ambika and thereby created a helpful and positive environment.

Now I feel as if my questions are answered.

I escaped from a murder chargeWhen my brother in law died of cancer his relatives and some other people forthwith called the police and put a murder charge on me which was an unexpected situation for me .But the police let me go and dismissed the case declaring that the death is due to cancer and not murder.Even my employer had snatched my ID card as if he had known about the incident before hand and cautiously removed me from his organization so that I may not claim that I worked for them when I was charged so. Any how once I supported Swmi Jayendra Saraswati ,Shankaracharya of Kanchi pitham against a murder charge on him and personally visited his ashram.Even I wrote some articles favouring freedom of Sarabjit singh ,a guilty of death punishment by pak Govt.Yoga never forgot this. Due to the above good deeds of mine in the past days police did not put me in to prison on murder charge and let me free. I Started writing

Yoga by increasing my ability to write arranges to answer my questions and queries that I write.

We also get negative answers in exceptional cases.

One of the biggest and sorrowful answers I got as an answer when I claimed by writing The utilty of water in yoga Arts-that reiki and water can cure cancer.


There after I lost my brother in law in cancer.May be my writing Som Da,can the leftist Parlimentarian cover the Extended journey could have created havocs in my life as the opinion stated there was for a presidential term for somnath chartejee in place of dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Even I lost My wife and some of good jobs for my inorganised writing. As our discussion comes towards end I may reassert that My purpose of writing of this article is two fold . First---- As our each action gives rise to another action and result lets do our acts more consciously. SecondlyYoga is a powerful being- If you follow it he can take care of your life and can answer your questions unmistakably and specifically.

Yoga puts a future question

Can we prevent cancer for sure or stay in fear of cancer throught all our life ?

As I am not explaining things any medical science my contemplations are as follows. Firstly we must conclude that cancer is a being-a communicable ,negative and a powerful person with out a birth body.( example Raja Parikshit and Takshak Nagasnake.)(Vikram raja shani maharaj and Laxmi maya)

Knowledge and power can prevent cancer successfully-100%

Preventive steps


What we do1. PrayBasudev-Achyuta-Narayan-Shiva- Balaji-jaggarnnath,Ram,hanuman-kali 2. Help other people overcoming difficulties. 3. Dont ridicule others 4. Respect others 5. Believe in curing capacity of plain water and reiki. 6. Take mantra diksha from a guru and obey him courteously 7. What we should not do1. Never get engaged in sexual activity with children 2. Even forcibly dont do sex with your wife. 3. Dont beat children and old people 4. Dont be cruel to weak and helpless. 5. Dont eat unhealthy 6. The Blessing in disguise

Once I asked a master how to over come problems .He told me to stay stiff against troubles.So that we can overcome that. Also he tought me that direct help is not always a sure sign of well being .Rather blessing in disguise is a factor you have to recognize and take benefit of .Always we should not stick to a particular thing (stubbornness)or help without understanding other peoples situations. I understand that I make many often in my life. Surely I considered this a learning for me.

Heart attack a big problem yoga also answers.

While explaining the concepts I reassert that diseases are unborn bodyless negative entities which can take any form according to his /her wish.

What we do 1. Practice Yoga .


2. Do Sarvangasana-as I had already explained in Asthanga Yoga.that is lyeing on ones back and raising the leg posture so that our body rests on our chest ,neck and head. 3. CHANT Bishnu Gayatri i.e Om Narayanah Bidmahe Basudevayah Dhimahi tano BISHNU prachodayat Om. As many wrong practices prevail in the country and the man with strength wants to use it on trivial occasions only narayan can help one to come out of such problems.

Some of the renowned Temples /places of worship that I visited in India are Puri Jagarnnath Temple Lingaraj Temple Bhubaneshwar Katak Chandi-Kakat pur mangala-Biraja Gada Kshetra Orissa. Konark Mandir Orissa Odangan-Ram Temple-Sarankul Ladubaba-Orissa Hanuman Vatika Veda Vaas _Rourkela Orissa Bhagvati-Banapur and Narayani-Khalikote Orissa Ram Mandir -Bhubaneshwar Dhakhineshwar-Kali Kolkatta Kamaksha Temple Gouhati LAXMI Narayan Temple ,New Delhi Budha Temple ,Mandir Marg,New Delhi Jhandewala NewDelhi SinghaSini chhatrapur New Delhi Kashi Viswanath Varanasi Sankat Mochhan Varanasi Tryambakeshwar Nashik Bhimashankar- Poona Ghrishmeshwar-Aurangabad Mahakaleshwar Ujjain Omkareshwar Khandawa-MP Somanath-Gujarat Dwaraka-Gujarat


Nageshwar-Gujarat Tirupati-Andhra Pradesh GOPINATH Temple,ISCON,Grant Road Baijnath Parli Maharasthra Jivdani Virar Siddhi Vinayak-Dadar Mumbai Haji Ali-mumbai Central Rameshwaram Meenakshi and Kanya kumari


An article explaining better relationship with God and details of Reiki healing

Any body desirius of taking Reiki healing has to attend a two day session in a Hotel ,course fee being Rs 2000 per person.You can contact kailash 9819324315 Reiki healing is useful for 1. Old people From 50- 65 of age. 2. Woman who cannot make hard labour .
3. It is a course related to self healimg ,stress management and meditation


By Kailash Chandra Sabat


I think the relationship of father and son is the best relationship amongst all other relationship.We all are the children of the great father .However we all know that god puts his special favours on a particular person on a particular time if certain conditions are met .Only then that person becomes so much blessed that can be called as the son of the God.

If you analyse the history and our epics you find that 1. 2. 3. 4. Lord Krishna put special favours on Arjuna . Hanumanji was blessed by many Gods . Swami Vivekananda was blessed by Shri Ram Krishna Param hansa . Bhisma Pitamaha was blessed by Gangaji to win death until he himself desires to die.


Four essential things we mainly find from father and son relationship. The father gives all that he has to his son free of cost. Forgives his faults and explains him politely. Believes in his sons ability and actions . Always differentiates his own son from others in case of special favours.

You can see that we have got free air ,water and even our wonderful lives free of cost from god . But the saying goes that deserve before you desire.God has created this world and hence he loves his universe very much. The most important thing is whether our works and efforts are in connosonance with that of god or we contradict his thoughts?.Even for every thing he has put rules.Due to this that our understanding with our surrounding of gods creation is an understanding of god itself. Many a times I get frustrated 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. When I did not get something that I desired very badly. When I lost something that I loved very much. When somebody insulted me. When I could not achieve something very important. When my loved ones suffered and others enjoyed it or did not pay any attention to that.

As per the rule of nature complete perfection in maintained in rules of cause and effect relationship.Hence all my suffering may have been due to my own ignorance or any kind of fault made by me somewhere sometime.If I dont realize this I am creating another negative energy which may affect my health or somebody may misbehave me for I am multiplying the negative energy.

Further may be my frustration or ill thought is creating a negative energy into the environment and that is used and diverted by another negative group for destructing public property or life and that may be termed as terrorism in itself.

Now as per gods rule how much am I responsible towards that kind of terrorism even though that is not done by me directly .Thus I shall responsibly take decisions keeping gods rules in mind .Definitely by this I can be a gods Son.


Borako sampraday meeting at Garware stadium, Aurangabad was headed by Vilas Rao Deshmukh, the central cabinet minister for heavy Industries.He told that a person can win gods favours to the extent he keeps himself involved with gods desires .

Mostly we become envious of richness , merits or prosperity in other persons . There is a beautiful instance to refer for this purpose.When we remember or pray god with a purpose or for an objective . Obviously we are expecting god to help us or bail us out. So do we expect people with less strength or intelligence will meet us to help us .How do people of lower strata help us ?. So we should conclude that God as per our wish has sent stronger persons to solve our problems.We should not panic in distress sensing that all are stronger or better than me . I should conclude that I am lucky so that the beautiful and stronger creation of God is there with me to help me as per gods instructions which I have been praying to God since a long time . Sometimes I felt as if Surveji tell in me that ,Kailash the truth is that God as per our own karma comes to us to help us as our own relations.As he has created this universe he wants to give the fruit of your own karma.But we never understand that.We become unable to analyse the true meaning and get angry or disregard people around us. God Shrikrishna has told two things in Bhagwata Geeta. Karmne vadhikarastu Ma Faleshu Kadachan. Udharayet Atma Atmanam , Namatmenam Vasadayet Atmeb Dhyatmano Bandhu , Atmeba Ripu Atmanah

Meaning of the above explained below

What do we mean by Working sincerely and not seriously

As we conclude that many of the things we are involved may be difficult to achieve.Hence God told that be sincere and dont be very serious as things are not


exactly in our hands.Leave the result with me,If I feel your target should be completed on time that shall be done .But dont be insincere. Means leaving all the things merely on me is definitely insincerity.

A person once told me that your attitude towards life is very much wrong .As I was not realistic and present oriented or not accepting practical things easily.Hence God told that You are the friend of yourself and enemy of your self .You only can protect you or destroy yourself. But when you connect with me or remember me in all your good or bad times I will be in you to guide you .Hence your soul will be a good friend of yours as it will be my responsibility to guide your soul.

In contrast if you go away from me in disbelief you have to be guided by your own soul for which you solely will be responsible for the outcome. How do we feel God Most often tragedies make us nearer to god .But is that a sign of betterness?.I shall say never. Rather a feeling of god with in us all the time is a true experience that we shall always desire to happen in us so that we can know about god. God has categorically told that one step towards me will be 1000 steps by me towards you.

A son of God experiences God in many peculiar ways .All these have been explained in our epics Ramayan or Mahabharat in their respective places.

1. Lord Rama once met Parvati-Bhagvati maya in the forest while trying to find his own lost wife .He immediately recognized the beautiful woman as that of wife of lord shiva Uma and bowed before her. 2. Arjun saw a wonderful creature with nine different kind of features never seen in one animal and concluded that it is none other than god Krishna itselt. 3. Lord Shiva presented before Arjuna as challenging Hunter in a disputed prey for which both claimed to have killed it and asked for a battle. The out come was Mallikarjuna ,the jyortilinga.


A son of God always will have such kinds of experience to be in touch of god .Never he will feel alienated by God howsever enimical the Govt may be in todays world.He will feel satisfied and happy and not angry and deprieved.

SOME PRACTICES FOR God Yoga and pranayam or reiki practice Om Namoh Narayan-Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra Om Namoh Bhagabate Basudebayah Gayatri mantra Now how can I be a gods son to be fearless ,powerful and blessed ?




1 .Gods Love is not contingent . 2. Gods wish is more powerful 3. Mere wish can push you towards God. 4. God explains and threatens also . 5 Saitan can go to any extent. 6 Gods grace can bring you out of difficulties like a drowned person with a fish in his hand. 7. God uses persons around us and talks through them 8. Now a days also god displays in different forms around us that we are unable to understand.. 9 .In the beginning of sadhana you hear imaginary voices and your each action become related to another action somewhere. Once a dispute among air,Water and fire arose to find who is the most strongest.Air told that I can blow anything that comes on my way.Water told that I can flow and sink any thing that shall dare to stand against me .So also fire told that it can burn and destroy any person or object . Under Gods guidance later on it is observed that three of the above cannot harm a bit of a destructible and small object kept before them.This shows that gods wish is more important.

Gods love is never contingent on happening or non happening of certain event .You can observe that all of us on one time or other withdraw support to a person because we are human beings .Lord Shrikrishna told Arjun-Arjun there is no difference between you and me .Until the end inspite of your understanding level I am commited to explaining things for your betterment.


God has given us a precious gift that is our mind . If you put an electrocuted wire into water the electricity spreads immediately.So also our mind if converted into minuteness can connect into the universal pranik energy.That is how pranyam is done or distance healing is imparted.Because of this many wonderful things are is done by many god believers.So this experiment shows that our intention in the right channel can connect us to universal consciousness.

How God threatens us? As you sow so you reap.So to explain his principles he becomes a bit cruel to his children. When I am cruel to my wife ingenuinely another person in my office becomes cruel to me immediately. A decent story is there in our epics.

A poor illiterate and innocent wood cutter once cannot gather wood in the forest due to continious rain. You know Lord Jagannaths idol is made up of Nima wood. There was a nice temple nearby and there was no guard due to continious rain.He thought that when Lord jagannath has not been helpful ever in removing his poverty throughout all the past time and now , what is the harm in cutting and selling the wood content of the idol so that he can remove his familys hunger.

Deciding so he went to the Idol being determined to cut the idol. To his surprise God Jagarnnath came out of the Idol immediately and told-O my friend dont you know I am the master of this world.By taking my name merely you can be ever blissful and most fortunate in this world ? Well ,again he continued ,if you are in poverty I shall provide you with all your necessities all thoughout your life henceforth. That was done also.

There by the poor wood cutter became a rich person in some days.His neighbour was a learned poor priest who advised people about gods functions. Now his wife any how came to know how the poor wood cutter became rich. After learning the things from his wife he wanted to use the same trick with an axe and went to the idol.Now God came out with a ferrocios form and threatened the priest with the dire consequence.He explained the poor wood cutter was innocent hence rewarded.If you do the same trick you will be killed.


We are trapped when we dont adhere to gods advice.

God has given us freedom to use our mind for actions and enjoy the outcome of such actions.Dont take wine ,Dont smoke, dont steal ,Dont cheat.Try to make people happy around you .Share and be happy in others happiness. Be industrious.Be fearless and determined . But we dont do things as per his happiness and rules and ultimately we suffer .Saitan through all these negatives reach and enter in us and the outcome can be anything.

PERSONS AROUND US ARE LIKE THE GOD FOR US . Lord Krishna has told that I reside in every nook and corner . I come to you through other persons only.If you have done good things as per my rules these people will be good to you .If you have done bad things they will do bad to you .Hence the saying goes that Man is the master of his own destiny.God always communicates through these people only.


As god is the most powerful and a simple wish can do wonders he always stays very close to his creation and wants his creation to understand and feel about him and his rules of this wonderful world. This very nature of god displays before us many typical things that only a deemed master of spirituality can understand.At this stage the person is going to be Gods son. He is getting the power to acclaim to be gods son. Once for a long time I chanted Gayatri Mantra . All of a sudden I observed a rare white coloured bird on a tree near by my residence. Some crows were getting irritated due to its presence.As sun rises in the east, more of divine spirituality you observe if you are blessed in an eastern region like assam etc.


In Rourkela when I was determined to walk ahead through rain a small dog frequently crisscrossed my going ahead .I never understood the dogs purpose as it was a completely new and strange dog for me .In surprise when I looked into his eyes I observed bright lightening in the sky.Of course it was a rain season.But I had to abandon the going ahead because I never understood its purpose.Only thing that I observed was lightening and sound.

So also when I become successful in pranayam in connecting with pranik energy in air or Reiki enegry to heal some body I either observe cloud in the sky or rain around me .

Nineth and the final stage

Now small energies of God around you consider that you are going to be son of the god .That means your sadhana is going to be matured.Now for most of your actions you hear imaginary voices whether you are right or wrong.Even the negative SAITAN becomes equally powerful around you. As he does not want you to be the owner of the Gods energies .So he causes a lot of problem for you.For small mistakes you get rigorous punishment . Now God takes you into his own special net work .Your all the needs are specially taken care of . To make you feel about his vast and limitless energy god puts you always into test and make your life full of joy.

A saying in Hindi Movie Hame na jana to na jano Dilbar jani, Jitna hame janoge itna hoge Herani. So no Mantra or no sadhana but only submission ,commitment and his ultimate grace can make him understand you and take you nearer him.

The Next stage to this Persons in this stage carry supernatural forces,can heal people ,can cause diseases in other persons ,his word becomes rules ,can cause rain,can motivate people and can be cause to good or bad luck for other people.


Careers Guide Reiki Healing Training and Get a Reiki Career Overview and Find Reiki Schools Find Reiki Schools | Natural Healers Career Resource Center Reiki healing is about creating balance among the vital energy fields within the body. A non-invasive treatment, Reiki healing involves a practitioner using light, gentle touch techniques to help clients relax and activate their natural self-healing ability. Dating back to the 1800s, Reiki healing originated in Japan and is based on Buddhist and Hindu teachings. Today, you will find Reiki training available at a number of natural health schools in the United States. Reiki programs typically offer students three basic levels of Reiki training that can lead to a career teaching other Reiki students, as well as practicing Reiki with your own clients.





natural healing art, Reiki integrates well into many other alternative medicine treatments and can serve as an ideal complement to these other forms. If a career in Reiki healing interests you, learn more about the fascinating world of Reiki healing and its history. Here are some resources to help you discover what a career in Reiki healing has to offer. Reiki is pronounced "ray-key," and is a Japanese word meaning "universal life energy." This life force energy can be defined as energy which exists in all created matter. "Ki" is similar in thought to "chi" or "qi" in Chinese medicine. There are also similarities in relation to Hindu "prana" and Christian "light." Reiki is hands-on energy healing where the Reiki practitioner serves as an open channel for transmitting the "ki" to others. The energy is channeled through the hands to the client, which activates the body's own natural ability to heal itself. Reiki goes to wherever it is needed mostreleasing blocked energies, cleansing the body of toxins, working to create a state of balance and harmony and promoting relaxation and healing. Reiki practitioners, with a centered intent to help the client achieve relaxation, reduce pain and/or anxiety by using their hands to direct healing energy. The practitioner's intent is to support the healing process from a conscious and compassionate state. To benefit, the client must have the willingness to change. Light touch is used on, or above, the client's fullyclothed body. Shoes can be removed for added comfort. Reiki practices are just beginning to be formally studied. Case studies are published in books, magazines and on the web. The Relativity of Reiki and Massage Learn the Similarities & Differences Between Reiki & Massage Both Reiki and massage therapy focus on the body's natural healing energy. Find Reiki Schools | Reiki Healing Training and Careers Guide If you've ever had a great massage, you understand how you can feel both relaxed and invigorated at the same time. This seeming dichotomy of emotions allows you this feeling of well being because a massage loosens muscles, increases oxygen and blood flow throughout the body, and encourages the free flow of the body's own energies, known as "Qi," or "Chi."


Becoming a Reiki Practitioner Learn About Reiki Healing Education, Licensure, Salary & Job Outlook Reiki is the Japanese art of healing using the energies of your own body. Find Reiki Schools | Reiki Healing Training and Careers Guide

With people's increasing focus on good health and overall wellness, natural health professionals are more in demand than ever, and Reiki is one of the thriving natural health fields. Reiki is a Japanese healing art that focuses on harnessing the body's energy through the use of the healer's hands to focus heat and energy on the places that need attention to promote healing. The growing demand for holistic healing has resulted in more training programs being available for those who want to receive Reiki training and practice professionally. If you are already an alternative medicine or holistic health professional and are interested in the fascinating healing art of Reiki, read on to get a Reiki career overview, and learn whether you want to add Reiki to your natural health repertoire

People use reiki for a variety of health conditions, such as:

Chronic pain Stress Recovery from surgery Side effects of chemotherapy or radiation for cancer Improving immunity Sense of well-being and/or spirituality Enhancing the sense of peace in people who are dying

A survey on the use of complementary and alternative medicine in the United States found that 1.1 percent of the 31,000 participants had used reiki in the year before the survey. What is the Scientific Evidence for Reiki?


Reiki is based on life-force energy and energy fields, but their existence has not been measurably proven at this time. One of the criticisms of reiki is that there is no scientific foundation. Although there have been preliminary studies on the effectiveness of reiki for various health conditions, there is a lack of well-designed, reproducible studies showing that reiki is more effective than a placebo. For example, a four-week study involving 24 participants between the ages of 60 and 80 suggested that reiki may improve symptoms relating to behavior and memory problems associated with mild dementia, however the possible placebo effect was not considered. Research on the effectiveness of reiki poses challenges because it's a hands-on therapy that requires the intention of the practitioner. How are Reiki Practitioners Trained? Although there are a number of different schools of reiki, it's typically learned in three or four levels, or degrees. Training for each level typically takes one to two days. Each level involves an attunement by a certified reiki practitioner. Attunements typically involve the placement of energetic reiki symbols through a sequence of movements to the palms and the crown of the students head to prepare the student's body to channel reiki energy. No specific credentials are needed to learn reiki. Many people who become trained in reiki are health professionals, such as massage therapists. One concern for consumers is that there is no regulation of reiki in most countries. There is also great variation in the method of teaching. In addition, many reiki courses are relatively short compared to the training for other energy therapies. Side Effects and Safety Issues


There are no known safety concerns with reiki. However, it should not be used to replace necessary standard medical treatment. Some practitioners, however, recommend using caution with people with psychiatric conditions due to a potential risk of worsening the condition. People may experience weakness, tiredness, indigestion, or a headache after having reiki. Reiki practitioners often advise clients to expect this, and say that these reactions are caused by the body releasing "toxins". Practitioners often suggest that clients rest and stay well-hydrated. How to Find a Qualified Reiki Practitioner These are some of the organizations certify reiki practitioners: Usui Reiki, The Reiki Alliance, (208) 783-3535, The Reiki Foundation, (845) 278-3038, An article by Kailash Chandra Sabat-7207884783 9819324315



A yoga article explaining Muladhar Chakra and how to control ones mind and relieve waist and knee pain .

By kailash Chandra Sabat 7207884783 ( This article preaches methods of Goenkaji Vipassan-nasik Maharasthra)



Psycho or sudden fear in human mind is a very dangereous disease for humanity.If we follow epics starting from Bhagwat Geeta of Lord Shrikrishna ,Story of Mata Sita in Ramayan or the origin of 2nd world war to extremism of modern world all have originated from this small ,unnoticed but ferocious disease.

Kundalini is not a myth or an illusion. It is not a hypothesis or a hypnotic suggestion. It is a biological substance that exists within the framework of the body. Its awakening generates electrical impulses throughout the whole body and these impulses can be detected by modern scientific instruments and machines. Hence It is told in Geeta by lord Srikrishna to Arjuna Asansaya Mahabaho Mano dunirgraha chalam Abhyasen to Kaunteya Bairagen cha gruhitam. Our Prana /Soul manages our body.Therefore soul is considered to be remedy for all the diseases in our body.If our soul is pure and fine our body should and necessarily be fine.In contrast if our soul is impure then


there is a chance that we will suffer from English this is known as spiritual science.

some kind of diseases.In

It all starts with Pure soul flow to our body. That gets affected by our mind on its way of flow.

It gets divided into two ways according to its nature such as

Pure mind Focussed- Mind Confused -impure mind Or Holy mind Healthy Body Weak mind.Dirty thoughts Weak /Diseased body

On the other hand our mind and the soul has deep relationship.The soul no doubt controls our mind.Hence if our mind is impure it will affect our soul and consequently this impure soul will create diseases . Because soul is the source to our living entity.Ultimately the condition of this soul is very important for our remaining healthy.Hence if mind cannot be stable it may result into a weak soul or a ineefective soul creating a diseased body. In oriya a thought goes as---Thoughts destroy our body and salt destroys the Holding substance


From the above discussion we found that the condition of our soul gets affected by the thoughts in our mind.and ultimately positively affected prana gives a healthy body and negatively affected prana gives a diseased and unhealthy body.

Ultimately we concluded that our mind which is key to our own health should be used very carefully.If we make a small mistake it will amount as if we added a little of poison into a pot of amrut/nectar .It is like loosing of 12 years of meditation due to consuming of a tempting dry fish.He tells that our prana enters our body and flows continiously around .So also our thoughts every moment are created and flows away with the flowing energy.Hence we have all the time a chance for creating positive thoughts irrespective of what kinds of thoughts we created earlier. In addition all our practice,sadhana,devotion,or science depends upon the practice of our own mind.We have a wonderful culture in vipasana at Igatpuri ,Maharasthra by hon Goenkaji.This practice is based on the movement of air in our body through exhalation and the breathing process.Slowly one gets higher state of meditation and understands the truth about his own body and physique.The practice is wholly and exclusively based on this concept.

But if we analyse further we find that our soul is smaller or minuter than the air we brearhe or the mind which we use for our contemplation. Further air flows through nostril to head and heart but soul flows thorough our Sahasrar to the Muladhar chakra.Therefore we can easily conclude that the oxygen content in the air is not our soul.Rather this is the food to our prana.The soul by using and consuming this oxygen manages our body.

Hence we may achieve higher state of meditation or concentration from by observing our breathing procedure but we have to understand the prana to stop the fickleness of our mind affecting our prana.Even in tantra sastra it is observerved that mind gets destabilised due to tantra and creates a harmful prana flow for our body.That means our prana gets polluted due to Tantra that we never undersand.Our mind is like a telephone .It will display any call whether comes from a foe or a friend.Our mind has to accept good calls only and keep our prana free from harmful calls from our foes to maintain a healthy body.


Our soul eventhough enters our body through our head (Sahasrar) but resides and functions from Muladhar that is two inch equi distant from anus and urine channel.Hence Goenkaji always gives emphasis on the source of a problem to solve it.This prana flows into our body from muladhar thorough the veins spread throughout our body from here.It consumes spiritual oxygen to maintain our body.

In vipasana a practioner observes his breathing flow continuously for all the 24 hours as an outside observer.The meaning being we should observe and search the nature of our breathing very carefully for all the time in our life.

What is a pure and effective soul. As we concluded that a holy soul can build a healthy body, now we surprise what we mean by pure and holy soul.Really using our soul to fulfill the desire of god is the definition of pure soul.

The Rules of God Creation-God loves a beautiful and wonderful creation HappinessGrowth and truth Loyalty Attraction Living holding and involvement Purity Natural Assisting and helping Cooperation

Therefore we concluded what are the rules god mostly follow to create and implement his creation.For this reason we shall our thoughts should be based on these principles which shall keep us healthy and keep our souls divine and sacred.


There is a good story.Once a king gave shelter to a saint.Some days after this some of ornaments of the king were stolen.The king not getting the ornament anywhere else searched the belongings of the saint and found them with the saint.Getting annoyed he asked the saint why he stole them when he was supposed to be an unattached saint..The saint told to ask the cook.When the cook was asked he told that he had a negative thought since past few years that he wear the ornaments. The story showed that even noble souls fructify many of the wrong thoughts of the some other good souls.Hence no doubt our thoughts play an influential role in considering what our surrounding shall fetch us there after. To understand this nature of our soul and staying careful with this respect known as spiritual consciousness.When we dont be careful and commit mistakes it result into the waste of all our twelve years meditation due to a small mistake by us.

What we mean by the freedom of our soul. The moment we corrupt and pollute our prana due to bad thoughts in our minds then and there only we confine our mind towards distress. A confined mind only gets affected by fear factor.We call this the attachment of our mind.Only when we follow the above ten principles we get a fearless mind.Perhaps Mahatma Gandhi followed them very stritctly than any one of his contemporaries.

We have heard about chakras in human body.But what exactly we mean by this chakra we never understood.As we know prana resides at muladhar chhakra, psycho or fear factor affects this chhakra first.There after that affects our mind ,heart,hands and feet.

So to release our physical stress we should cleanse our Muladhar chhakra first. 1. 2. 3. 4. By Air By water or sea waves By omkar By our own soul.


First I imagined a white coloured light at my muladhar quite separate from my physical body.I understand this soul is in bondage due to my own ignorance and foolishness.To free this binded soul I overflowed this light with Free divine cool air and water as sea waves with the help of my mindAgain I reenergized this light with universal omkar energy flow in me and with the healing pranik energy in my body.Slowly this pranic light of muladhar got freed and I felt fearlessnessindifferenceness and freedom of this soul and a determined mind in me.Finally I felt a free and fearless soul.

I was infected/ affected by psycho desease on 2002.The symbol of this disease being that I got angry on good people around me and wanted to harm whosover helped me.Also later on I came to know that there are some modern secret practices so that ones mind get affected like a telephone and behave very strangely making his own irreparable damage.In our lives we loose right track due to our mind thinking negatively. We call this human nature in various names 1. Good ethics 2. Consciousness 3. Morality It is for this reason that in Reiki and Yoga every event and person are thought meant for our betterment in our lives.Even though it temporarily gives us pain for the time being. The meaning of the above is we are responsible for all the bad happenings in our lives .Hence we must tolerate and accept the truth. e.g I wanted to be an engineer.Some body misled in the exam day.I lost the chance of being an engineer.Now I must accept the lower possible life and never hold the person responsible for my failure.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS A LOT Some times human being disobeys god.But animals carry the message of god most obiediently.


Cow,dog,elephant,tiger,pigeon,bulls ,snakes,crow,parrot etc communicate you on behalf of god. Even conscious human beings carry the message of god.Hence we conclude that experience counts a lot in spiritualism and hence one master disagrees with another due to their own experience. Some peculiar experiences.-How Mantras control our mindShiva Mantra-Maha mrutyunjaya Follows the air-concentration and can control our mind- Bull , elephants or dogs cobra thought to carry this energy are prayed here. Gayatri-Swans Tigers and Cats are believed to carry the energy of this mantra and can contol the mind.


Above we have analysed that chhakras control our mind.But what is the nature of our mind. It is explained that The Sanskrit expression goes asIndriyana mano nath Mano nathsu marutah,Marutasya layonath sa layo nada masritah. The process is. Indriaya-aptitude Mind controls our indriays or aptitudes Our breathing controls our mind Thought -Laya controls our breathing That thought is controlled by a sound in our body the omkaar the sound of the soul. Santh Kabir told that-





Another version is Dhire Dhire re mana dhire dhire sabkuchh hoye Mali sinche sou ghada ,Rutu kaal fala hoya.

Most of the times we are confused how our chakras can control the diseases in our body.Really chakras are the places in our body which give us- the level of or kind of (negative or positive) energy, the sound energy or omkaar or pranas. To conclude this kind or level of energy determines or destroys or creates diseases in our boby

Once I was very much worried for psycho disease.Because this disease inhibited me for more than 10 years at a stretch.I lost the faith that I can recover from this disease.Many types of wrong thoughts came into my mind forcibly.Every time this happened I used to get sick disastrously physically and mentally.This I considered to be a loss of 12 years of meditation due to my uncontrolled mind.


When I was thoughtfully worried on the matter I felt as if a cat which used to come to my house giving some ideas of recover from this disease.That is refreshing or reactivating my MULADHAR by using my omkaar energy.Now I felt if the gayatri chanting has any relationship with this new idea striking my mind.

Some other methods to activate MULADHAR chakra1. Aura activation 2. Flowering of chhakras 3. Omkaar 4. Tratak The most important point I must remind in this article is that freeing my pranik or omkaar energy from my body at muladhar and see it as a bright light separate from my physical body inside my body.

This practice gives you a perfect happiness and frees you from all types of worries.


In padmasana or vajrasana I visualized a bright light at muladhar-I practiced to expand and contract this light as much as possible for 10 minutes a day.

Flowering of Chhakras


Muladhar-Kain lily flower Swadhisthan-Lotus flower Manipura Champak flower. Anahat-Rose flower Heart chhakra-Sebiti flower-Chrysantheum Visudh-Aparajita Gangasiuli-Amarnth Agyan Chhakra Mali or tagar or Arakh-white tulip foal foot Sahasra-Kia-Mandar or Tulsi-China flower

Flowers of each chhakra have been choosen as per the nature of the chhakras and that of the flowers at the respective places. Slowly I felt the coolness of lily flower at my mooladhar and tried to free my soul at this of point of my body.


Omkaar-I tried to listen and feel Omkaar energy at muladhar .I closed my ears during this practice.By removing all other worries I concentrated only on this sound at muladhar inside my body.

Tratak- I kept a light or candle 10 feet away from my eyes obviously at the same height of my eyes in my sitting position.I felt the cool presence of this light at my muladhar.I felt the lightening of this chhakra by this practice.

Reiki practice for Muladhar-

I remembered Japanese reiki guru. I remembered sunil goutam and Mamta goutam, I remembered white reiki entering my body through sahasrar the head way from upward. I remembered lord jagarnnath and goddess kamakshya. I visualized reiki energy on my hand palms kept on my muladha near naval on front side for five minutes .Now visualized this chhakra activation. Again from back side I repeated the same practice by keeping my palms on muladhar at back side for another 5 minutes.

The practice is successful only when we visualize a white coloured flower in our muladhar quite different from our body. Our mind is overjoyed and forget all our worries. By kailash Chandra Sabat 7207884783



Kailash Chandra Sabat 9819324315,7207884783 Water is equivalent to life.Especially at a time when the cost of medicines is rising at an alarming rate.How a person getting a salary of only Rs 300 a working day can manage his family smoothly? Perhaps we dont know that water is also a medicine.The dissolving quality of water is a medicinal quality.Thus he who knows the meticulous use of water can prevent and cure many diseases.Dr.Laxman Mishra(IPS) wrote in his Ayurved book regarding water as follows.Before sun rise or after sun set intake/drink a glass of water through the left nostril provided normal breathing is through left nostril that time.It must be remembered that breathing takes place only through one nostril except on early 4 am to 5 am for a short period.We call it a Brahmya muhurta and consider to be appropriate for yoga practice.The logic of pranayam practice is also based in the principle that if we can enable our both the nostril to work for some time simultaneously it may give rise to spiritual awakening.Hence such intake of water through left nostril may cure many diseases if taken regularly says the doctor who was a supritendent of police that time.Let us analyse how a poor man can utilse plain water to prevent and cure diseases and there by reducing his own medicinal cost significantly per month. Constipation Taking 3 to 4 glasses of warm water early in the morning makes your bowl clean and light.But to clean the stomach completely ,take 6 to 7 glasses of warm water early in the morning.Put 1 to 1.5 spoon of salt into that water.Now sit in such a posture that your hips be rested on your back feet and the knee of the other leg touch the ground.In such a posture drink all the water.Now put two of your right hand fingers into your throat thorough your mouth and move your fingers up and down so that you are forced to vomit the salty water that you had taken inside. This process is called JALA Dhouti.Initially one can practice this for 15 days together but


gradually one can reduce the same to 3 days a fortnight.Vomitting does not mean that you will be able to extract out all that you had drunk.The success of this practice depends upon the size of your stomach to take food and amount of water taken inside.While in a position of full of water in your stomach ,take air / inhale as much as possible and practice some postures like kagasan and Ardha kati chakrasan etc.This can put pressure on your stomach and help your stomach get cleaned.This practice is known as Sankha prakshalan.While you are going to bed take a glass of warm water ,put one spoon of cow ghee or castor oil and drink thrice or four times a week.Your constipation problem will be over. Fever


Fever is a common disease.We all know that contaminated water can cause this disease.Also disproportionate

quantity of pita and bata in ones body can also cause this problem.Regular intake of enough Tulsi with some small black pepper can heal this disease . Regularly taking water in which Tulsi and Bell pati is merged and put in a copper pot can prevent fever.This is Because copper ,tulsi and bell can balance your body temperature,Bata and pita easily. Regular Jal Dhouti also can prevent fever significantly. Mental Problem When you are in high tension your body creates a lot of harmful toksin.Practising Jaladhouti and drinking sufficient water can clean this toxin and save your body from harmful effects.People resort to drinking habits when affected by mental problems.By that one makes harm to his own body.By losing mental confidence one harms his own physical body to a great extent. I ,myself am affected mentally and many often take the consultancy of a psychiatrist. My own experience regarding mental problem shows that suddenly the mind is absorbed by strange ,indecent and inappropriate thoughts,Naturally you wonder why your mind thinks in such an illogical manner with out a reason. The reason could be from these following sources.


1) Internal mind remembers past memory ,gets worried and derive negative conclusion.The thought strikes his mind repeatedly. 2) The present mind getting dissatisfied work s and shows discontent. 3) Dissappointment , fear,schizophrenia type horror affects your mind 4) Mind is hypnotized and affected by out side forces strikingly. I have experienced that mentally affected person can take repeated drinking water to relax himself.Our body / mind has unlimited fixed resource life ENERGY and can be compared to the fixed resource like sea water.Our mental problems are like river water driedout to give temporary problems.But water resources have not been exhausted altogether.It is limitless.So also options,oppurtunities and chances to overcome mental problems are abundant.One has to wait for the next rain fall only.Mr Sunil goutam reiki master says problems will come and gradually go away. Sometimes you can resort to Jala Dhauti to make your body and mind relaxed by taking away your mind from your current problem to some yogic practices.Slowly with the blessings of lord shriram the person gets a good sleep and by the time he gets up he feels relaxed.If Surya bhagwan is offered clean water regularly with due respect, solutions for mental problems come out . Practice-Take enough water.Now practice SO AHM kriya in any place including the place of your work.Now put your mind on your breathing cycle .While inhalation think that you are absorbing positive energy and healing power from air.When exhaling feel and think that negative energy and physical as well mental disorders are being removed from your body.Think that all the negative thoughts in your mind whether generated inside or came from outside are destroyed by your divine system. Think that god had always done things for your wellbeing in the past time ,does your optimum welfare presently and shall be doing the same in future .We are always short in our duty and performance towards our own life and towards godly relationship.Try to impove that performance sincerely and comfortably. While working or seating in your office or work place you can practice this kriya by displacing your mind from your body slowly starting from your feet and legs and gradually moving the process entirely throughout your body up to the top of your head.It may take three to four minutes in one circle.The process may lead you to a body less spirit feeling.In the reverse process put your sensitive mind back starting from your head to your feet at the end.In the process feel that some parts of your body like spleen,heart,kidney,lungs,liver,intesines etcs are being enlightened,reenergized and relaxed completely.Now repeat this process again and over again until you get asleep.By the time you get up you will be feeling relaxed.



People unable to sleep due to mental tension can draw Aum mentally over ANGYA CHAKRA lyeing between two eye brows .Continuously drawing omkar mentally at this field can displace your mind from your body,you will be hearing the pranab/oom sound uninterruptedly and continuously in your body . Gradually you will leap into deep yoga sleep. While writing this article one day like many other days the author cannot sleep in the night due to some fooding or tension reasons.I tried my best to make my body cool down and relaxed even by sleeping on the ground.But in vain,at last getting irritated like my mother as she often experiences I went outside to get fresh air by four A.M.To my good luck it was a moon light night.As I practised moon meditation often I contemplated that the moon is vanishing inside me and I am cooling down.For some time I thought that there is no difference between I and the moon, Thought that water energy from moon is helping me to cool down.There after I returned to my bed and got a good sleep for the next three hours .I would have slept for more time had I have any extra time. In contrast what about a person sleeping in his duty place in the day time ? I am a regular sleeper on my duty.Even I lost many jobs for this disease. It is told that when pita content in the body is disproportionately high ,depression leads to sleep.Also due to excess mental tension and tiredness one may sleep in his duty.Further less of sleep in the night may cause to day sleep. Remedy- Take two glasses of honey mixed warm water early in the morning for a month. Karagre arbasati laxmi , kara madhye saraswati, Karamule cha govindam ,prabhate kar darshanam. (Means devi laxmi abodes at the top of your palm,devi Saraswati inside your palm,at the root of your palm sits govinda-so one should look at the hands in the morning and honour them. Achyutananda Govinda namo charanam veshajat,Nasyanti sakala roga satya satya badyamya hum. Om Tryambakam jajamahe Sugandhim prusti bardhanam urbarukmib bandhanan mrutyomukshiya mam amrutat. Remembering these mantras one should resort to so aham and movement of pranik energy in your body to get relaxation at the work place.He may feel activated. Water and raja yoga-In raja yoga one contemplates the flame of a candle kept in a dark place at a few meters away from his/her seating place between his/her eyerows on the forehead.The candle flame may be contemplated as a rising sun from deep sea .The thought should entertain that the sea never gets heated simply because sun


comes out of it.There by you are simply balancing your pranik energy in the form of a light.After ten minutes of practice you will see only the flame and darkness all around.After some time of concentration of the flame at your forehead think that it is being connected to another little flame over the forehead at the highest place above your head that you can contemplate above the sky.This practice will make a feeling of body less spirit in yourself.The straight line between these two points of light bears all our thoughts.To make us feel relaxed and tension free we can contemplate of cleaning and enlightening this straight line between these two light points.Madness can be over come by this practice also.After 15 minutes of practice close your eyes and try to see the outside flame inside your forehead. This may cure memory loss and one may get supernatural force out of this kind of regular practice.Water is involved in the process thus by thinking that you are the sea and the rising sun (flame)from sea is your pranic energy getting activated and moving upwards.Three more kriyas are also helpful for curing eye diseases.These are Shirshasana,Netrasnan and Raja yoga.Put enough water in your mouth.,now throw cool water into your open eyes.This is known as Netra snan. WAIST PAIN- This is a common disease. Remedies-(1)Jaladhouti,(2) Baga Dhouti(3) Pranayama(4) Anointing till oil with Bhimsen karpoor. We have alredy discussed about jaladhouti,Where as Bagdhouti involves the same kriya but the only difference is that in jaladhouti we practice the kriya in empty stomach where as in Bagdhouti we do the same after two hours of taking our food. Pranayam is very effective for curing any back muscles pain,waist pain.Even when we practice long,slow & complete exhalation the interior part from where the air comes out gives a feeling of great relaxation. Many people who suffer from insomnia due to body ache and weakness due to shortage of oxygen supply ,lack of apetite ,anxiety,indecisiveness can be cured by this practice. Pranayam gives two fold benefits.Firstly ones thought process slows down thereby reducing his/her fickleness and on the other hand it can heal many body pains including knee joint pains.There is a good experience related to pranayam.As a beginner while I practiced both kapalbhati and pranayam,I realized that the practice can put pressure on the whole body including the anus part, and the kriya can also can be utilized for stomach clearing and relieving certain joint pains.But an MBBS doctor while discussing the matter with me said that our inhalation procedure involves air moving inside upto the heart only and air does not go inside our other body parts.Any body practicing pranayam can find out that the whole body can be accessed through pranayam. Infact modern medical science ignores yoga science altogether or to a large extent. ACIDITY-Acidy mainly caused due to indigested food stored in the stomach for a longer time and secondly when due to constipation your bowl is not cleaned


regularly.Jala Dhouti as explained earlier is a good remedy.In addition to this put some bel leaf inside a copper pot together with hot water in the night.Early in the morning regularly drink this water.There is a reasonable chance that ACIDITY problem will be over. DIABETICS - My mother is suffering from diabetics.The question is why she cannot cure herself simply by using water.We must remember that by practicing pranayam and kapalbhati we generate enough heat in our body system to digest the sugar content.As the article described here involves both yoga and water in combination,to get success in this art one has to practice yoga also.By practicing Kapalbhati and Pranayam we produce enough energy in our body to digest the intaken food. My practice to prevent Diabetics 1) I take one Lemon in water with sugar early in the morning for reducing fatness. 2) Avoid execess food or forgoing food taking altogether i.e avoiding complete fasting most often. 3) Do regular Jaladhouti 4) Practice regular kapalbhati and pranayam Some medicines are prescribed in a Ayurved book regarding DiabeticsRegular taking of dried black berry seed powder with Amla powder with warm milk in empty stomach can reduce diabetic in ones body ,says the writer Vilas Orsakar in his book. Before explaining all about yoga we must try to understand the true and broad concept of diseases i.e what about the diseases are all about.Well medicines are there.But are the medicines always useful ? I admit that I dont live with out medicines.Many times medicines have been essential in my life also. But as per Indian epics sukracharya in ancient times gave life to demons died in battles by using mahamrutyunjaya mantra.Was it false? If false all the puja,forecasting etc are also false.I think no fool in this world will admit that magic shows displayed in public by which a person disappears from one place and surfaces at another place is simply a technique or eye washing. Rather it is a sadhna in spiritualism by which things are done as per our wish by applying the spiritual power.Even I had been treated and successfully cured by Reiki healing.In the process of the Reiki healing one has to invite the healing reiki mother for treatment.Apart from this in ancient times Indians and Chinese used mantras and words of instructions to the diseased to get cured. The words are like this I x ,the disciple of Y and the worshipper of Z instruct the deity of any kind of disease simply to disappear and leave the patients body immediately and not to reenter his body in future again.In muslim treatment the procedure is still prevailing.Well the


Govt may deny the existence of any such miraculous power but the same official when comes home resorts to going to such a person who uses traditional methods to cure the patients. As the writer of this article having the experience of going through many type of diseases ,well he forcefully opines that this is not simply a superstition.So a disease is simply like another highly powerful and negative spiritual personal power which can affect or be applied by the experts of this art to a particular person or a group of persons in one place or through out a region. Likewise it can be instructed to affect or go away from a person,group of persons or from a region or from a particular place.During British reign for its own reason and effective administration by misguidance ,The British Govt.made us materialistic and made us believe that these are simply superstitions. The author(I) had been to Kamaksha Temple in Assam to learn some of these techniques but the reasult was that people denied the existence of any such practice and told that it is the British Govt which abolished all such practices and declared such practices completely illegal for the ordinary people.On the other hand British Govt was not a fool to lose such powerful practices prevailing all over the world.This declaration of non existence of such practices were simply to fool people.The administration clandestinely used the same for administrative purposes.So also our so called newly independent nation inherited the same method clandestinely.Further many powerful persons became masters when learnt all these either from any of the authorities or from some other secret practices. When we understand this concept about diseases our concept of yoga also changes. Hence if you truly understand the nature of the disease i.e why it affected you, and how it can be removed may be you are not far from getting it cured.In addition to this understanding we invite the positive healing power in person and request her to help us remove this particular kind of negative power in person in side us. SKIN DISEASES All my skin diseases have been cured by taking of allopathic medicines only.I believe more in medicines for skin diseases than any thing else. However Yoga utilizes water with spirualisation to cure diseases.These methods are inaccessible and mistrusted by ordinary people because they dont master over these pactices.Vedopanistha Pandit Ramsharma Acharya says that you have to pay the right price for every thing to own it. As you have not mastered over the trick ,your instructions and commands will not be carried over by the spiritual power.There by we feel that this is an useless and nonsense practice. Remembering and honouring Surya Bhagwan while chanting Gayatri Mantra silently even not shaking your lips at least for more than three hundred times a day regularly can relieve skin diseases.Anoint NIM oil in the affected parts.But when your stars dont favour you this may not help to cure the disease either.The Reiki


master Sunil Goutam says that just speak out to your near and dears about any secret matter that hurts you internally.By saying this he simply connects this disease with our psychological standing. Once an Exima type of skin disease affected my neck area.I almost spent Rs 2000 for curing the same for over two years with some good doctors, but was unable to cure the same .I suffered a lot for the same.Even my employer told me not to come to the office for some time because it would infect other healthy persons.But I could not have stopped going to work as it gave me my livelihood.Luckily an ointment purchased at last from a medicine store almost cured the disease dramatically.Hence it is believed that until your suffering period as destined by that negative personal power or by that disease is not over the disease does not get cured. Cough/Asthama/Swasroga- Jala Dhouti can remove cough/phelgum content from your body.Ujjayi is also practiced by causing friction during exhalation and inhalation in your respiratory pipe in three different methods.The method should be slow and long.Neti is a method where by ones nose is cleaned by pouring warm salty water inside your nose carefully by practicing some simple techiniques.Pranayam,Neti,Kapalbhati and Ujjayi are useful in curing cough and Asthama. Regularly taking Labang after food also can cure cough to a great extent. ANXIETY AND INSTABILITY OF MIND There is a simple definition of yoga.The movement of your mind along with your pranik energy with in your body as per your own necessity while concentrating on your breathing cycle is called yoga. By moving your mind and prana slowly and gradually in your body first to become in a feeling of completely bodylessness and there after again reactivating your body by the reverse movement of same prana and mind can stabilize your mind to a great extent. Years back when I had no knowledge of yoga methods ,most often I had body ache problem.To relax my body I used to shake the concernered body part. While reading Hanuman Chalisa in a temple,another devotee saw my shaking of the body parts,particularly the leg part.He told that definitely you have instability of mind.For the first time in my life I realized that due to a disease I was behaving that way.Thanks to God I was put under suitable yoga training camps in different places that gave me a realisation that what allopathy uses to solve by application of medicines ,can be cured by simple application of your mind and by getting conscious about what really is happening with you.Mr Aggarwal of Ambika yoga kutir says that Raja yoga is best for stability of mind.He always exemplified that he used to bite his nails and cut his cheeks during getting a shave.But when he practiced Raja Yoga he was able to cure these habits altogether.Intaking of water in the morning through the left nostril when it is open and subject to normal breathing can stabilize your mind also.So Aham and pranayam are two excellent methods for bringing stability of mind ,no doubt.


STONE Stone is not the literal meaning about the real state of the disease.Rather the disease happens due to growth of accumulated indigested dirt in the form of muscles inside your stomach,kidney or body.We all know that prevention is better than cure.Regular Jala dhouti (Kapalbhati)is a good prevention.Application of reiki energy at solar plexis or crystal treatment had been proved to be very effective also.Application of mind energy with a feeling that the grown up muscles has got dissolved is another helpful tool.In a book SubConscious mind I had read that as creator of human being god has the ability to cure all type of diseases.Our sub conscious mind is related directly with god .So when we convey our subconscious mind about our problems and apply our mental power to a disease and feel that the disease will definetly get cured by such application,it gets cured miraculously.All these practices should be carried out simultaneously and not in isolation for effective result. Parkinsons Disease Obeisity is one problem,It happens when our food contains more than necessary colestrol.Keeping the stomach always filled up,Eating 80 to 100 percent of ones capacity are also facors that make our muscles tight and inelastic.Heavy Exercises like weight lifting also make our muscles inflexible.In yoga in addition to our regular practices one should give more importance to the followings 1) Jala Dhouti 2) Utathita Padasan and rolling 3) Kapalbhati. IMPOTENCY Take enough warm water to fill your stomach.Now inhale enough air through your folded tongue and keep that air near anahata chakra i.e at the middle of your chest.Imagine that the air is changed into a power bowl there.Now slowly and steadily move that power bowl through your respiratory pipe and solar region up to the two balls(testies) behind your sex organ. .There after from there move that energy to your sex organ. Now feel excited for some time due to that energy movement. Every day this procedure should be practiced for at least 20times.In addition practice Ashwini Mudra enough times a day.By this one has to open and close the anus portion by strokes for many times at a stretch.Take cow ghee regularly.Taking milk of baniyan tree leaf can also cure this disease.Also imagine that accumulated energy from your stomach,kidney,heart,liver flowing to your perrennium point.Move that energy to the two balls (testies)behind your sex organ..through your solar region.From there now imagine that energy flows to your sex organ,and you are getting excited.Repeat this kriya for many times a day.Most Probably you can cure your disease successfully.


BLOOD PRESSURE 1) Drink water kept in copper pot last night.This is useful in curing high blood pressure. 2) Tree ripen papaya can be taken for relieve blood pressure also. 3) Taking of carrot juice with honey also can relieve blood pressure. 4)Taking Kismiss by chewing early in the morning put in water can also relieve blood pressure. 5) Take four tulsi leaf and two Neempati.Crush them with water to prepare a kind of chatni.The B/P patient should eat this early in the morning in empty stomach. Diseases related to heart and blood pressure are inter related ones.If one cannot tolerate any kind of adverse situation gradually this disease infect a person. One should stay cool, patient and satisfied in any situation.This is a very good remedy for this kind of disease.For curing tension one should follow the procedure explained in the earlier pages. Lord Shri Krishna has advised in Bhagvat gita that a person should stay unaffected and unattached to the out come of any incident whether good or bad.Such a person is called a yogi according to Lord Shrikrishna.Thus meditation is a good remedy for both Blood pressure and Heart diseases. NEUROLOGY Psychological disorders can lead to neurology.Sometimes in the past I lacked sensitivity in my hands and legs.In yoga,we believe in inherent pranik energy.This energy is very powerful.Due to our own misutilisation of this energy we suffer from some diseases.This pranic energy uninterruptedly is engaged in creating energy cycle in all our body parts.We call it formation of cells and circulation of blood.But yoga belives that due to creation of this energy continuosly our body parts get activated.So by various healing methods by giving more attention to some specific parts of our body we try to energise,enlighten and activate the respective body parts.This is mainly done by the following methods. 1) Pranayam, 2) Kapalbhati 3) Movement of pran to those specific parts through your mental energy. 4) Keeping your palm and paying your full attention on these parts for a longer duration and feeling that these parts are getting energized and activated.


5) Spiritual methods include light ghee lamp regularly with Shriram Bhagwan and pay clean water to sun god while chanting Gayatri mahamantra.Feel that derived energy is diversified into these parts and you are feeling energized. PARALYSIS Water meditation.---Feel that you are inside water.Water is there all around you.You are absorbing the energy,coolness,and relaxation from water around you.Imagine that You have lost yourself inside water.Contemplate that your physical being has been dissolved into water particles.Always think like this.Remember this practice is some what similar to SOAHM KRIYA in which your mind is attached to present activities and to the breathing cycle of our own.With our exhalation we imagine to be removing our diseases and negative energy and with inhalation we absorb positiveness and pranic energy into us.The only difference is that in SOAHAM you think about air where as in water meditation you think about water only.SOAHM also considers that so means god and ahm means I .There by in each breathing cycle you are supposed to be interacting with god . Water meditation is a good remedy for paralysis.

MEDITATION Meditate on sea.After closing the eyes try to hear the sound of the roaring sea.In padmasan posture close your eyes.Try to sea the green colour enlightened selfsoul inside you near your heart.Green light or white light are the


symbol of coolness.The so visioned soul be taken to the upper sky through yor back bone route.Slowly try to forget everything including your physical body except this soul and move your self through route into the higher ether.This Kriya can be compared with the osmosis process of water working in the body of a tree in which water goes up a tree and energises the body of the tree through photosynthesis process . This vertical green coloured straight line energy be contemplated as the strings of a chariot of horses through which the driver control the horses which can be compared with your diseased body.

Kailash Chandra Sabat-9819324315,7207884783

While writing this Article Tips have been taken from Vilas Orsakar,Reiki master Sunil Goutam ,Nikam Guruji of Ambika Yoga Kutir,Mumbai and Swami Ram Devji.


By Kailash Chandra Sabat 9819324315



Om Tryambakamjajamahe Sugandhim prusthi Bardhanam UrabarukmibBandhanan Mrutyomukshyo Mam Amrutat. When you chant this mantra with concentration you hear a consolidated and copper resounding male like voice.There by you ensure the support of Tryambakeshwar.In Reiki practice you may hear this sound .This gods sound symbolizes GADA and doggish one .Disease related problems or security related problems are solved by this chanting.


Om Venkateswaraya Namah

When You chant this Mantra you hear deep and long watery coughing sound .Your health problem is restored.Your age becomes long.You become strong and resourceful like a rich tree.


Om Namoh Bhagbate Basudebayah.Om ain kli hrin bamdebay swaha.

The God of love and Bhakti.You become very clever with a large number of friends and success.You become the king of kings.You may find your friend you are searching. The sound is like a night queen lady.


Sarba Mangala Mangalye Shive Savartha sadhike Sarane Tryambake Gouri Narayani Namostute Sarva Swarupe Sarbene Sarba Shakti samanwite


Vaye vyasthrahine Devi Narayani Namohsthute. Mantra hinam Kriyahinam Bhakti hinam Sureshwari, Jatt pujitam mayadevi Paripurnam tadastume. Srusthi sthiti vinashanam Shaktibhute sanatani, Gunashraye Gunamaye Narayani Namohsthute. Sarana garta dinarta paritrana parayane, Sarva syarti hare devi narayani namohstute Namohstute Chandike mago Jagadarthe betarini, Banchhitartha fale mago jaganmata namosthute.

Ain Hring Kling chamundayie Bichhe om maa Bhubaneswari Saranam. Om Bhuhr Bhubha Swah Tatsabitur barenyam Bhargodevasya dhimahi dhiyo yanah Prachodayat. The chanting of this mantra give you an electricity like deep sound . You become tactful ,aware and obstinate in getting things done.


Jaya hanuman Gyan guna sagar Jaya kapis tihu loka ujagar Astha siddhi nava nidhiki data Asabar Dinah janaki mata

Om Ham Hanumate rudratmakaya hum fat swaha

A male coughing sound you listen . This is always against a female sound.


You become strong ,fearless and wise. Any how you become able to make things done.

Om Namoh Narayanayah. Achyutanant Govind Namocharan Vesajat Nasyati Sakala rogah satya satya badamya Hum.


The same sound as that of tryambakeshwar given above

Rang Rangay Namah Sang Sitay Namah

A heavy voice like an elephant.The most powerful deity in the earth.The temple considered as martya vaikuntha and one out of four sacred places in india.


Dram Digambaray namah. The same sound as that of Lord shiva.


Om vakratundaya bidmahe Ekdantay dhimahi tano lambodara prachodayat

You get all round achievement . The sound is as like as the sound of Jagarnnath Puri

An article by kailash Chandra Sabat 9819324315,7207884783.



Chandra BY kailash Chandra sabat 9819324315,7207884783 9819324315,7207884783

An article inYoga explaining to stay energetic through out your life and in your work place. This article tries to explain to regain our energy lost due to our unconsciousness of spiritual energy. An article can be interesting and successful only when exemplified sufficiently.Otherwise all the articles are same only. Have you ever experienced a stage as shown in the picture below. Well ,manytimes I have experienced such a condition in my life. It is indeed pitiful.


We most often also dont know what should be our position while taking rest on our bed.We should always lie on our sides because if we sleep on our back our back bone gets affected.If we rest on our front our breathing process gets interrupted and we become unable to take enough oxygen in to our lungs .

Similarly our pranic energy always spread and expand from the core energy centre in our body around.This process is interrupted in the following situations . 1. When we are very much disappointed. 2. When we become very much thoughtful, 3. When we dont take nutrious food , water and insufficient oxygen. 4. When we are freightened-that is the exhaustation stage. 5. When we get dissastrously hopeless. Really our pranic energy is like a small sun in our body.Its work is to provide energy through out our body as like as the big sun lights the universe. Due to the above (hopelessness)reasons the energy centre in our body contracts inwards instead of expansion ,that is the reason we feel exhausted.Even when it is unable to supply energy to a particular part of our body slowly that part of our body becomes weak. A yoga practioner always try to expand this energy uninterruptedely.This is done by many ways such as by consciousness ,by music ,by singing ,even staying alert while doing hard labour.A true yogi always become alert not to affect ones mind at any cost or in any adverse situations. Air as it carries oxygen is a good source of energy for rejuvenation.Many yoga Gurus advise that make deep inhalation and slow and long exhalation for rejuvenation.

Exercising is also considered as a good method to stay energetic.But muscles become non responsive after long and hard work.John Abrhams body trainer advised him not to give enough stress any more because it may give you negative response .


In contrast Yoga works out with oxygen flow. It deals with our nurve system.for example Ujjayi---- This is a Kriya where by we practice breathing with a frictional sound at our chest and throat with our nurve system.If you observe this kriya intently you find that all our veins get stretched by practice of this kriya.Many people say that this kriya should be done maximum for 30 times .But many experts opine that this kriya may be practiced for 15 minutes also.But I have observed that irrespctive of the number of times you repeat the kriya it can be practiced for 5 minutes atleast.

How much time you assign to your practice is most important.Previously I was unable to provide much time for this practice and claimed that I was practicing yoga completely. But later on it was found that this was a misconception.As I cannot get significant advantage even after practicing I had to increase my practice time.Now it amounts to 70 to 80 minutes a day.Even practicing one time for 2 hrs a day may not be much useful to your purpose. As our mind always creates complicated thought and goes through ups and downs along with the thoughts of the day ,you can make an additional practice of 30 minutes in the evening for rejuvenation. Instead of 120 minutes practice at a stretch you can do it 70 minutes and 30 minutes in two occasions.



This article meant to explain our lost energy.Lost energy means energy lost due to Diseases Unplanned ,immoral and unrestricted life styles. Sleeplessness Here I am not explaining regarding cure as I want to explain prevention part better.

After disease attacks us it is something like curing .Yoga doesnot have much to do when you are infected or diseased .It needs medicine at this stage .When I get fever I take medicine.After getting cured when my preventive forces are weak I can practice this to ensure that I become very strong as diseases and misfortune cannot attack me again .Hence this explains the processes and methods so that we would prevent diseases or misfortunes attacking us .Also when you become weak and old slowly and gradually you can regain energy with practice of this Art.

Goenkaji of vipasana gave some tips of Buddhism.First Buddhism does not believe in sectarianism of religions .They believe in one religion that the pranic energy.If you observe the breathing cycle uninterruptedly with concentration of presence we stop the energy to be lost any further. As the air is the souce of pranic energy it revitalises our exhausted energy instantly .He even told that any negative thought exhaust our energy and seeds negative results and on the other hand positive contemplation gains energy and seeds positive outcome.Goenkaji even opines that for all our mental reactions we must analyse the smallest particle of our mind and find out for what reason our mind reacts like that.He says that our mind and thoughts are divided into many parts.When you concentrate on breathing and get conscious about mental reactions you finally develop a new sanskar in place of old sanskar. Four years back I had written an article titling THOUGHTS IN CREATING AND CURING DISEASES. There I have clearly mentioned that every disease has a source to our mental thought process. Really all of us develop different mental cultures in our daily work process.We say it as our attitude. Hence wrong attitude towards things around us make us weak and may create some diseases.


Mainly here I want to deal with conversation of mind into energy for revitalization that involve.

1. Making our mind very minute one by concentrating on breathing . 2. Diverting the concentrated enrgy into our body parts and expanding our Prana for energy gain This process has been explained in many yogic practices in the following names.

a.-Sabasana and Omkar in Yoga practice b-Concentration in Meditation. c-Aura expansion in Reiki. d-Bodyless feeling while chanting of Mantra or sankirtana that is forgetting everything in Bhakti. We chant mantra but unless we feel that the god whom we pray actually listens we conclude that our call is defective and lacks concentration, hence we have to pray with concentration only. I may bring into focus another technique used in reiki involving the same principle.That the energy ball principle. By this technique we contemplate that the air before us as an energy ball of air.As our mind can be contemplated into very tiny concentrated particle like atom our mind becomes able to catch the energy ball in air before us in our bare hands . Now this energy we bring into our body and this may be helpful for curing diseases like paralysis etc. Even in marital arts we concentrate into air and stimulate our mind into movement of air and mostly derive our energy from air only. Like electricity is the concentrated energy of water, poison in snake is concentrated air energy of snakes.Hence yoga explains all these yoga practices which involves practice of air which contains very very powerful energy constituents.


Hath Yoga ---- Ha is life energy and tha means the soul.So Hatha involes practice of life energy by our soul. This is the same as that of SO --AHM SO means life energy and AHM means I . All these involves the practice of pranic energy by our soul. Gayatri Mantra also revitalises our energy provided we practice this properly and regularly.Pandit Rama Sharma Acharya of Gayatri has written 150 big books( which may take almost two years simply to go through) on the same topic explaining how Gayatri energy is related with air and pranic energy and what are ways to achieve perfection on this Art.He has also explained the power and ways to chant this Mantra.If you read the articles of Pt. Sharma you find that all his articles contain his own different kinds of experience in all the time he visited to Himalays or different places and he mentioned how he was guided by Mahakala (another form of Gayatri God)

I know that when some body pushes me I will fall down .This happen also when we are weak.It is like exhaustation of our mind due to sugar or blood pressure.In Yoga now You concentrate on your breathing and Omkar enrgy and expand these two energies deep into earth and fix your energy deep inside inner earth .On and above the earth you expand your energy and fix these two energies onto trees and mountains around you .In sky you attach these two of your energies in to stars and moon .If you practice this art regularly and succeed in mastering this art definitely you wont fall on a single push or on occasions of minor diseases affecting your mind.

I think after the above discussion now you have the ability to run and be energetic


. Lets know what is accomplishments and What is Sadhana. Most often our work gives us back some energy from other persons as good wishes .This is very important as people around us are also more powerful in their respective fields .So also as god says that he gets displayed as any form around us you certainly should not miss their well wishes.Lord Krishna told Arjuna to get the blessing of Pitamaha Bhisma even though pitamaha was in opposite enemy camp for a fight.So all these knowledge make us strong during our life and during our work period .

I shall exemplify a small story.Once A lion was taking rest in a den.A small mouse while playing came inside the open mouth of the great lion.The lion immediately woke up in anger to know who in the hell around dared to enter in to his mouth.When he came to know that it was a small mouse he decided not to kill and let it go.The mouse never forgot his forgiveness. Few days later the lion was caught in a net by a hunter in the night.In the morning the hunter would have got him in to his cage.Co-incidentally the same mouse again got on the same caged lion that night and surprised to see the great powerful lion inside the net.He remembered the lions forgiveness in his life and cut the net into pieces. This was an accomplishment by the lion which helped him later to get free from the net .


So also we are dependent on people around us irrespective of their positions.When you give due respect to these people you win their favours and one day this becomes a psychological help towards your yourself. In my life once I came across an incident where a college student was ticketless in the bus and the conductor imposed a fine of Rs 40 on the moneyless student.I cannot manage to avoid the incident and insult.I took Rs. 40 from my pocket and gave that to the conductor. Somedays later my brother gave me Rs.4000/- to me to get admitted into ICA which helped me for a job in future.

Few days before I felt very much exhausted while returning from my office.This happens many times to me .I dont know why? Even I dont know whether it affects only to me or to many other people like me.I almost felt as if I shall fall down.The train was one hour late.I thought that I shall at least sit down on the railway station.But I never lost patience.Particularly when I am writing articles on yoga and psychology and if I myself will falldown it will amount to uselessness to all my writings.One technique I am told by my teachers was that long breathing and slow inhalation when you are short of energy .But I felt as if there is some abnormality into the matter and I thought that I shall draw some symbols into my forehead taught in reiki .I also remembered Mahakaleshwar of Ujjain.After sometime I felt rejuvenated .I also tried to expand my Aura and omkar as I have explained in this article earlier. There are some additional methods and techniques for rejuvenation.Let us verify to have a comprehensive idea about Yoga as a principle in our day to day life. 1. Never loose an opportunity to entertain people around you. 2. Love your body parts and communicate with them. 3. Praynam practice such as Ujjayi Pranayam and Vramari pranayam.


We all know that laughing is a very good medicine to stay refreshed .Dont stick to thoughtfulness.Take things lightly .Dont get attached to words.Laughing simply opens such blockages of bad thoughts that hinder the expansion and movement of our pranik energy.People may say you un professional if you laugh on unimportant topics.It does not matter .I know how to make myself fine .If I can make people feel happy and smile (not to hurt others) ,certainly I shall be energetic and enjoy my life better.We would be astonished to know that most of the actors smile on the screen to entertain others and stritctly not for money only but they make it a practice to serve people .Hence the objective is public welfare.This habit give them plenty of pleasure energy to rejuvenate. This is another technique of meditation.I say that I love my heart very much.I will keep my heart in my mind.I shall recall how heart has been so much helpful to me for making me alive and healthy.I also recall how I have been indifferent to know about the true nature of this significant body part in my life.I shall try to give as much comfort ,rejuvenation and healing to this important boby part and try to know how it functions.I surprise how I have been ignorant until this time about this great functionary. and never tried to communicate with him as like a personal friend.

The above I can do to all of the important body parts of my body. Ujjayi Pranayam and Vramari Pranayam Pranayam is a great art .So to say patanjalis Asthang Yoga involves Pranayam.It is supposed that pranayam can give a man 100% healthy life.There are many kinds of pranayam .I am simply mentioning two kinds of pranayam for our reference.All pranayams begin with 21 times of kapalbhati followed by a long exhalation and effect of three bandhs such as Mula bandha,Jalandhar Bandha and Udiyana Bandha. PRACTICE Now I did kapal Bhati for 21 times.and subsequently a long exhalation and inhalation.With effect of the above bandhs I with hold my breathing for almost 50 seconds to 1 minute.During this with holding of breathing either I chanted Gayatri mantra or MahaMrutyunjaya Mantra.After the withholding slowly I relieved my banda and exhaled by left nostril in case of Ujjayi pranayam. Common things both in ujjayi and Vramari


1. During breathing withholding you can contemplate as if your body soul rises into sky inside moon circle and you are surrounded by Omkar energy 2. You have a body less feeling 3. Exhalation is always twice that of withholding of breathing-Anthah kumbhak 4. You can practice Bahya Kumbhak after complete and long exhalation. 5. Always I took help of a Guru to learn this art 6. I inhale in both the nostrils Difference in Ujjayi and Vramari Ujjayi 1.Firstly I do ujjayi kriya for 21 times. 2. I do simple inhalation for practice 3. I exhale through left nostril only Merits I am healthy I am spiritually blessed I am conscious I am able to work hard I am lovable I can confidently deal with people I can manage stress I can develop alternatives I never blame any body I believe in god I can be able to do many difficult things I am dynamic Vramari 1.Firstly I do kapalbhati fo 21 times 2.I create a sound like a vramar during inhalation and Exhalation 3. I exhale through both the nostrils



Yoga in the process to give us a wonderful health by Kailash Chandra Sabat 7207884783. We all know that the health of our body depends upon our nutrious food and our own weight. If we ask somebody-What is your weight-His answer will be 50 kgs or 60 kgs or 80 kgs.But when I say that my weight is 1 kilogm or 500 gms will you admit.Definitely you will say that come and weigh on a weighing machine.We will weigh you.

One thing that we must find is that what we mean when we say regarding our weight. Weight means force of gravitation on our body from the earth. Blood and flesh increase the weight of our body. Water content in our body decides our weight. Fatness also gives the weight in our body.

As weight is an important factor for our health we resort to various practices-such as 1. Less food taking 2. Steam Bath-Morning walking,Yoga Exercise etc. In many yoga books I have read that a yoga master can rise high up into the sky with the help of yoga.I dont know whether this is possible or not.


However the truth is a dead body weighs more than the same living body.Or after death our body becomes more weighted.This is due to a very interesting factor.i.e The force of gravitation cannot work on our spiritual soul.As a dead body doesnot have a soul it weighs more. The Conclusion is BODY Attracted by gravitation SOUL Not attracted by gravitation

May be the yoga masters can make their their soul more powerful to overpower the weight of the body thereby can rise high above the sky as the power of the spiritual soul becomes more than the power of the gravitational power. We see that many people observing fast.The benefit of fasting is that the spiritual soul is no more attached to the food and as the foodfree soul is no more pulled down by the force of gravitation , it becomes easy for the freed soul to make an upward trend.As the true nature of the soul is going upwards. Further due to excess food our veins get stiff .Both blood and pranik energy flow inside these elastic veins.Due to stiffnes it becomes difficult for the prank energy to move freely.Therefore we saw that right kind of food may reduce the weight of our body as well make our body feel easy and comfortable.Now a days there are a lot of institutions for reducing the weight of our body.But yoga empowers the soul more than the weight of the body hence different from other methods and makes the body feel to be weightless. We can divide the practioners of Yoga and Exercise in to two classes 1. Spiritual soul believer 2. Body beliver The latter group dont recognize the soul to be more important .However the first group give more importance to the cleansing process and empowering the spiritual soul more than the power of the body.Slowly and gradually the spiritual soul becomes so much powerful that inspite of having a healthy and beautiful physical body with us we will have a bodyless feeling in us.Hence this method tries to teach us to have a light body inspite having food in sufficient quantity. Our objective is to find natural methods like observing of fast and other in which we can make our soul more powerful.


Observing of fast,Chanting of hymns,or singing of lyrics. Morning walk-So Aham, Yoga and exercise Meditation-Chakkra and Raja yoga

There is a great contradiction in all the times.Whether any one of the above give us complete satisfaction and good result.I observed that even though the methods in following these all are different co-ordination of these all in different ways can give us a beautiful art.Only when one can understand each method separately and in togetherness he can have a good knowledge in physical yoga methods. Upavas and Chanting We know father of the nation Mr M.K.Gandhi succeded in motivating and persuading or may be forcing The English to listen to him.Now recently only we got a beautiful instance in our national politics.Swami RamDev.No doubt the most eligible social worker failed to convince the Govt. Why and How? The answer is genuineness of the purpose. Now we most Indians are managing without recovery of the so called black money in foreign.So the recovery is not essential to our living purpose or basic living conditions supposed by the God.Where as Gandhiji fought for a purpose was very basis to our life existence.Thats how Gandiji succeeded in convincing the mighty English and Ramdevji failed in convincing a cofused Govt. When we observe fast our unattached spiritual soul moves to its origin or the supreme soul.God being the convenor of all the souls understands your purpose and make your soul powerful enough to find out the way to the solution.However It should be a solemnly observing fast the time should not be spent on hatredness,lurch or visiting of movies.It should be more times on the thought of god only.But the chanting should be such that the silently chanted words(Pndt .Ram Sharma Acharya.) must move with our pranic energy lyrically and rhythmically .Our mind is so powerful that in a moment it can move America.If our mind is attached with our successfully meditated powerful spiritual soul ,it is not a wonder if ourbody can move to America instantly. Some hymns like Gayatri is made in such a way that the way our pranic energy flows on chanting of this mantra is similar to the rhythmical flow of our pranik energy in our body. Therefore we saw how chanting phenomenally reduces the weight of our body and the soul moves around extending throught.Finally we forget our body and become soul centred.Continuously singing on a long rhythm also can give you such a result.


MORNING WALK AFTER TAKING WARM LEMON SALTY WATER OF TWO LTRS The method of mornig walk-You may think what is new in walking-every body can do this.But While walking keep your mind on the breathing cycle and do so ahm taught by Mr.Goenka of Vipassana. One should be soul consciousness-as if the comfortable air touches your good soul every time you breathe and there is nothing other than this in this world. Only due to this soul centered running (mind staying on soul than on the body) I was able to complete 8-14 rounds in the play ground in Aurangabad where as others were hardly able to do that. When we put our steps on the ground that makes an impact on the physical body and also on the spiritual body also.As we know our spiritual body is in the form of omkar continuosly flowing outwards from our body.Consciously we can understand that all the time we walk we are shaking our outward flowing pranik energy or omkar.As Duryodhan of Mahabharat epic was having control on Omkar it is told that golden lotus flourished or blossomed in each of his foot steps. Therefore if we walk in spiritual self centered manner no doubt we will feel weightless even though we have a weighted body.



Nikam Guruji says that a Hath Yogi must have the following 1. Bapu kushatwa,Nayane prasannata-means-Not much fat not much thin and always satisfied. 2. Nada Sputatwam-Nayan sunirmala-means Voice is clean and beautiful eyes are transparent. 3. Arogyata,Bindujaya,Agnidipam-A no disease body-control over nightfalls and an energetic and optimistic mind. 4. Nadi Bisudhi-The unrestrained flow of pranic enegy in the spiritual process.

USTHRA POSTURE Helps reduce your large stomach and makes your waist backbone flexible

BHUJANGA POSTURE-Helps in long breathing and flexes your back muscle and back bone


HALA POSTURE-Makes thyroid muscles and back muscles flexible-reduces your large stomach.

BRUSCHIKA POSTURE.-Make you feel light-relaxes back bone ,activates sexual glands

Agnisar and Nauli-After drinking sufficient warm lemon water if you practice this kriya you also feel relaxed and light. Other postures to make your stomach clean and belly empty Urdha kati chhakrasana Saman hasta kati chhakrasana Sarpasana Kagasana

All the above postures are done after drinking of sufficient lemon salty water and long inhalation and with full of air inside your body and stomach so that the air and water put pressure on your bowl to get clean up.


SIRSHASANA- THE KING OF ASANAS Sri Prakash Jung, Private Secretary to the late Maharaja of Tehri State, Himalayas, had swelling of feet and disease of heart. The muscles of the heart were not able to contract and dilate properly in its function of pumping. That was the diagnosis of the doctors. He practised Sirshasana regularly for a few days. All swelling disappeared. The heart functioned properly. There was no pain at all. He used to do this Asana for half an hour daily.


Raj Yoga or tratak is one of the best methods to consolidate and concentrate your soul feel light and healthy.This is practiced by keeping a candle 15 feet distance at a height above your head. You can gaze comfortably starting from 3 minutes to 15 minutes .At the end we make our closed eyes wet by a wet cloth and open our eyes slowly. REDUCING THE WEIGHT THROUGH PRANAYAM Once I read in a news paper that persons with pain in the knee should climb down slowly because twice the weight of body is applicable that time. But the person who keeps his mind on breathing process all the time or is pranik energy consciousness in the body will feel only the air in the body.Naturally he will be able to reduce his pain to a significant extent. Knee problem is there because our bowls are not cleared.Again when we follow the methods to clean the bowl we are able to have a healthy knee.

PranayamSuryavedan Loma biloma Vastrika Ujjayi Shitkari Shitali Murchha Vramari Plabini


When your bowls are clean and you practice pranayam using jalandhar Bandha,Udiyana bandha and Mula bandha ,Your bodily feeling is as weightlessness inspite of having a healthy and sound body. Due to this reason only Bhagawan Vinayak even though have a heavy body is able to go up and cause rain to the earth.By this process if you are able to activate kundalini you are called a HATHYOGI. From this it is concluded that self analysis and exercise of soul can make feel us much lighter than we really are. Eventhough we know the value of yoga practice,we ignore that which we can quote as Nan mujhe koi khayal aya,Nan me mehsus karpaya, Me kis sochme duba raha hun,Nan me kuchh samajh hi paya. A story from speaking tree in The Times of India told thatOnce a professor was crossing a river on a boat.He asked the boatman if he has read and learnt books like him,or has gathered study credentials like him.The boatman shook his head saying no.Then the professor told that you (the boat man) have lost half of his age as waste.The boatman was angry but stayed mum. All of a sudden on their midway a great and ferocious storm approached to them. Now the boatman asked the professor if he has learnt to swim. The professor told that who got time to waste in such unnecessary things.Then the boatman replied now you are going to lose the rest of the life of yours as the storm will break down and destroy our boat now.

An Article by kailash Chandra sabat 7207884783


An Article by kailash Chandra sabat 7207884783

Receiving The Spiritual Energy Kailash Chandra Sabat 7207884783


Sarvevi sukhinah santu ,sarve santu niramayah. Sarve bhadrani pasyantu,Ma kaschit Dukhi ma puyat We all pray irrespective of sex,caste,,creedor religion.Praying is human.Believing a superior Godly global energy is a prerogative in Human life. But understanding the spiritual energy is verymuch important.All our modern science is proof of When we disconnect a cable line ortake away the sim card we are unable to receive or make any call to or receive any call from any other telephone . So connecting the cable or putting the sim card is our card is our willingness or acceptance for making or accepting any call. My intention is to compare the telephone call with the receiving of the spiritual energy. I may Give two examples. Srikrishna Bhagwan heard to droupadi devi for a help ,only when she asked him for a help. Until then he was unresponsive to herproblem. In reiki healing the receiver of energy for curing thr desease must opt for receiving the energy.

We have to know that the flow of energy in our body is very powerful and has an effective speed content.But all along we have been ignorant of this self spiritual energy. 90% of the above spiritual energy is oriented to receiving or accepting the physical necessity and and negative intention of our mind. For the above reason in 90% of cases even a powerful person,senior and gentle he may be,but kept with a beautiful lady or lurching money would go for the above ,rather going away from that.


DIAGRAM I 100% ENERGY CYCLE Mind can be applied for either 1. 90% Physical and sensational necessity 2. 90% for spiritual energisation and 10% for Spiritual energisation. 90% for Physical necessities.


It is observed that in first case people are in 10% health cycle and in the latter case people are in 90% health cycle.More is the health cycle more is the health power. It is very interesting that out of our 100% energy ,we are so born that spontaneously we apply our 90% mind and energy into our next and immediate physical necessity. This act of ours ultimately deregularises 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Our Blood circulation Our lurch increases Fear creation Heart beat increases Morality level decreases

Hence 90% spiritual application creates 1. Peace 2. Morality 3. Benovalence and Kindheartedness And90% physical application of enery creates discontent and ill health.


Negative Mind Immoral Act 10% health cycle It does not accept positive spiritual energy And Positive Mind. Good and Moral Act 90% health cycle. It accepts spiritual energy


Feeling Omkaar sound Healthy and powerful.

In a second a new thought of Complaint Hatredness Immoral lurch Unfair money Intolerance In the above case I am in 90% phycal needs.

Accepting Spiritual energy Allowing and willing to flow the energy into and And out of my body aura Ultimately becoming energetic and conscious

If our negative mind is more powerful it nevers pays any attention to positive advice and warning. I came to know from above that in 90% physical activityI diverted my mind from receiving the spiritual energy Forgot the spiritual energy to flow and grow in me Ultimately I felt weak and health problems. So the key factor is receiving of the spiritual energy to stay healthy.And that can be possible only when I Help others for a satisfaction Accept even a small help from others 1. Once a small help from aman saved me from shelterness .I shold appreciate as this might have saved me from a big problem 2. Clear my bowl for a smooth flow of spiritual and oxygen as stool or urine content disallow access to the roots of veins for healthy life. Spiritual concentration on mid space of eyebrows by drawing mentally omkaar sign there at. Excerpts from a book by A SPIRITUAL PRIMIER BY HECTOR ESPONDA BY MAHARAJ SWARAN SINH OF RADHASWAMI SATSANG The word is ringing in ever atom .We dont hear it becausewe are not in touch with in it in our selves What prevent us from contacting this imminent power.? Lack of knowledge or perfect Bliss?

As this article is explaining only things about good health by spiritual awakening , a very relevant question is about food.


Can we awaken our spiritual energy without good or nutrious food. After spiritual awakening can we stay or live without good or wiless food. 1. Thake Bhuka -Bhajan na Hoi-Bengali proverb 2. Nikam Guruji of Ambika-Raw mud pot can hold no water 3. Swami Vivekanand-Employment necessary forspiritual awakening of India. Answer to the second question. Yes, after a spiritual awakening ,You may have less or limited food.and can live even without food also. So we must know how we will be able to receive the spiritual energy. Then we see that all our madness vanishes and we lead a very beautiful,cheerful and excellent life. THE SHIELD.-The prayer Let Mangala protect my Left side Let Laxmi maa protect my shoulder Let Saraswati and gayatri lead my consciousness Let Hanumaan protect my head ALONG WITH VIGNESHAWAR Let Tryambekeshwar protect my sexual organ. Let Baij nath protect my left leg Let Somnath protect my right leg. Let kailash pati Shiva protect my right side. Let jagarnnath and Tirupati protect my omkar sound and my body Let Datta god protect my Aura all round.


























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